Insecure is getting a ‘making of’ documentary special & it looks so heartwarming

It will be the end of an awkward Black girl awesomeness era when Insecure’s final episode airs December 26. Issa Rae is now a mover and shaker and is is moving on to other projects. HBO is sending the show off with a bang after five seasons. They’re releasing a behind the scenes documentary, Insecure: The End, on December 26th. The trailer dropped on Monday and it showed Issa breaking down while telling the cast and crew how blessed she has been to work with such talented people. Issa also said in the trailer that HBO was attracted to the storyline for Insecure because it was about her life. Several cast members and showrunner Prentice Penny are shown speaking about their experiences filming. The trailer showed a heartwarming camaraderie between cast and crew. Below are a few more details from People:

A sneak peak of Insecure: The End opens with a tearful Rae (Insecure creator, who plays Issa Dee) as she speaks about Insecure’s impact on her life. “I am just incredibly humbled, blessed,” Rae, 36, says to the cast and crew on set.

“You aspire and you dream. I never imagined I would get to work with so many amazing and talented people. You guys have elevated me.”

The realness of Rae comes through. In the trailer, she noted the series is based on her true life story, which won HBO over quickly. “I put in all elements of my life so I can say this is rooted in authenticity, and they were like ‘Okay, green light!'”

The Black experience is a leading focus of the show, from the cast led by people of color to Insecure’s storylines. Showrunner Prentice Penny speaks to the beauty of the show’s diversity and Black focus in the trailer.

“Working in television for a long time and not being able to see people that looked like me,” he says. “To be able to do a show like that now sets the groundwork that people want to make more shows like us is just really special.”

The trailer captures other moments of gratitude between cast and crew. From personal interviews to wrapping production, all show members have something positive to say about the experience.

“It’s rare to go to work every day and love every single person we’ve had on our production,” Jay Ellis (who plays Lawrence) says. “It’s all you can dream for.”

[From People]

I haven’t been able to watch this season’s episodes yet because I am so sad that the show is ending. I feel that Insecure is ending at a great time, but I am still sad that I won’t get to watch this quirky bunch of Black women anymore. I enjoyed Insecure because Issa was willing to show the messiest parts of life and friendship. Despite not being a millennial, I felt connected to some of the characters. I will probably watch the documentary before I watch the final season to help me accept that Insecure is ending. I am also looking forward to seeing how the cast and crew work together. It has always been my dream to work in television behind the scenes. I am sure there will be some funny moments. The cast and crew seem tight. That is surely natural when you work with a group of people over a five year period. As Issa Rae moves on to other projects, I hope that she will be able to bring some cast and crew to her new gigs. I am happy that HBO and Issa decided to do this documentary. Insecure: The End will be a great way to send off such an amazing show.

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  1. BothSidesNow says:

    Issa Rae has brought something special that many WOC haven’t been able to do. Issa is a GOAT with her passion, her vision and her ability to bring an awareness to the masses of what the lives of POC experience everyday. The fact that she brought Insecure into our homes and out to the world based on her life experiences was an amazing and scary process for anyone. But the fact that she is a WOC and had the passion and determination to bring her story out for all to see is extraordinary and we are all the better for it.

    Issa Rae is just getting started and I can’t wait to see where she takes us next. Hopefully she will be taking us on another journey soon!!

  2. Lucy2 says:

    I’m glad there’s a behind the scenes special to watch when the show is done! This season has been good so far. The whole show is, and it’s been interesting to watch Issa’s character figure herself out and grow and change.

  3. TQ says:

    Insecure is everything. A great show showing such authenticity in representing complicated, multi-layered Black women. Groundbreaking stuff. So sad it’s ending, but so pleased for Issa that she’s got lots in the works.

  4. Monette says:

    I’m white, east-european to be exact. I love love this show and saw myself in the story and in the characters.
    They are amazing, both Issa and Molly. Lawrence makes me feel things, hot, nasty things, but I’m Team Nathan. I am on the edge of my seat, I want to know who Issa chooses.

  5. minime says:

    I love insecure and I’m having the same problem to start with the new episodes ’cause I know they will be the last :/ I’m anyway looking forward to what Rae will do next! She’s crazily talented!

  6. Runaway says:

    Love that it’s getting the Schitts creek experience. It deserves a big send off, it is a beautifully done show with real and relatable characters and problems.
    I’m gonna miss it