Kim Cattrall liked tweets complimenting her career vs. AJLT


Mild spoilers for And Just Like That

Having not watched Sex and the City, I have not felt any pull to watch And Just Like That. I have, however, been rather caught up in all the drama surrounding the show and its sequel. And because of Twitter, I know what happened to some of the main characters. For anyone who has successfully avoided the entire conversation so far, Kim Cattrall, Samantha from SATC, declined to return for AJLT. She said there were no good storylines for her character Samantha, but she also publicly responded to the show’s lead, Sarah Jessica Parker, feuding with her. So, she washed her hands of the mess. The show was left to find a plausible exit for Samantha and to field endless questions about how and why they’d written her out the way they did. The fact that they kept asking about why Kim left was just kind of a fun by-product of the whole thing. But Kim’s kept her opinions about the controversy and the new show to herself since its premiere. Or has she? She’s been paying attention, at least. Kim has quietly liked a series of tweets that sent love to her and her career while mildly shading AJLT.

Kim Cattrall — who played the beloved Samantha Jones in (Sex and the City) and its two subsequent movies — made the call not to appear in this year’s reboot following a decade-spanning feud with her costars, namely Sarah Jessica Parker.

And in spite of fans’ concerns that her character would be killed off in the new script, viewers were relieved to hear that Samantha hasn’t died, but instead has simply relocated to London after a dispute with her friend, Carrie Bradshaw — who, funnily enough, is played by Sarah Jessica.

So, despite not appearing in the show, Kim wound up being the biggest talking point of the reboot. And it seems that she’s been keeping a close eye on the commentary.

Marking the first time she has addressed her lack of involvement in the new project, Kim sneakily liked several tweets which suggest that she has absolutely no regrets about not returning to the show.

The actor began by liking two seemingly shady comments from fans who hinted that they were boycotting the new spinoff in favor of Kim’s other acting work.

“And just like that…I find myself only wanting to watch anything @KimCattrall is in. This is a Kim appreciation tweet,” one liked tweet read.

“And just like that…I want to rewatch the 2014 HBO Canada prestige Toronto-set dramedy Sensitive Skin starring Kim Cattrall,” echoed another.

But most interestingly of all, Kim also liked a tweet from a fan who applauded her for “making choices that are right for [her],” in light of her decision not to reprise the role.

“@KimCattrall I am such a fan. With the #SATC reboot happening, they keep bringing you up,” the tweet began, making reference to Samantha’s various mentions in the new script.

“I applaud you for making choices that are right for you. You are not required to do anything you don’t want to do or that won’t make you happy. Looking forward to you on #QAF happy holidays!” the fan concluded.

[From Buzzfeed]

I’m all for Kim’s approach: light the flint and let the wind carry the spark to the tinder. This is going to get under the cast’s skin, especially SJP. I don’t have a particular grudge against anyone in the show, past or present, but I love a good shady queen. As I understand it, Kim said she didn’t want to do the third film and the filmmakers, including SJP, put words in her mouth as to why. In that case, Kim’s allowed this moment to gloat about those who miss her. Plus, something big went down between Kim and SJP. I know a lot has been said in the press, but I’ll bet there’s even more to it. We’ll get a Behind the Show about SATC one day.

Eh, Kim’s living her best life in Italy, currently. I don’t actually believe she’s scrolling through Twitter looking for ways to stick it to SJP, I just don’t think she or the show occupies Kim’s mind enough. I’m sure someone sent her the tweets and told her to check out all the love coming her way. But I do love that Kim took the time to twist the knife as she was passing by.



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  1. CherHorowitz says:

    Kim Cattrall is an absolute bad bass babe and she was absolutely right to steer clear of this total mess. Shoulda said no to SATC2 as well but better late than never

    • minx says:

      Kim looks relaxed, happy and content in those pictures. She’s older than the other women but you wouldn’t know it because she seems as if she knows herself well and is comfortable with her choices. And it shows.

  2. Noki says:

    SJP hides behind the cast to do her dirty work as to maintain this sweet persona. And it was painfully obvious when they were discussing ‘Samantha’ that it was really directed at Kim. Cynthia, Kristin and the late Willie( especially Andy Cohen) are/were blindly loyal to SJP you would think she has something on them.

    • Eleonor says:

      The script about Samantha is petty enough to confirm everything Kim has said.
      She has made the right choice to stay away from this.
      The show is awful.

      • minx says:

        Exactly! SJP and Michael Patrick King just had to get in their shots towards Kim. They showed that Kim was right all along.

    • Emily says:

      The script discussing Samantha’s departure was such a petty move. The writers/producers chose not to kill Samantha, but to stab her in the back instead. If anyone was looking for confirmation that Kim made the right decision, this was it.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I don’t think the other actors have careers outside of the show, so they HAVE to be loyal to stay employed/make money.

      • Eleonor says:

        Chris Noth and David Eigenberg have solid careers.

      • RoyalAssassin says:

        Eleonor, precisely, which is why Chris Noth so swiftly agreed to being killed off in episode 1, so he could permanently distance himself from this trainwreck of a series…

    • superashes says:

      I’m delighted that I’ve stayed far enough away from this latest iteration that I don’t even know how they wrote around her.

  3. Watson says:

    Kim was done dirty on so many levels. The remake is a dud, the writing and character development abysmal… a continuation of bad writing from the movies. And that’s not even touching on the reported bullying that she experienced from SJP in the past. She is NOT obligated to return and did the right thing. Samantha will forever be an iconic character, untainted by this shitty remake.

  4. Becks1 says:

    The second movie was so embarrassing, especially for Samantha, that I’m not surprised at all she passed on the third movie or this revival, and I’m not surprised that SJP is being petty and vengeful about it.

    I was just listening to a FB live (from yesterday) from Luvvie Ajayi Jones where she was talking about this and she just hit the nail on the head – Samantha wouldn’t leave NYC bc she was mad at Carrie. samantha wouldn’t cut off the other women in the circle. That just wasn’t Samantha’s character. They spent years building her up and making her to be a certain way – yes, somewhat selfish and self-centered like all the characters but honestly she’s the one I would have counted on to have my back if they were real people.

    So not having her in this follow-up- fine – but making it so petty and like she had a grudge against Carrie? That was just petty and that was pure SJP.

    and I haven’t seen it yet and have no plans to mainly bc of this so maybe I’m missing something about it.

    • Noki says:

      Exactly Samantha was many things but some kind of grudge holder she wasnt. She was always there for her friends even when they would make fun or sometimes question her lifestyle. She would always shake it off and all was well. We are now suppose to believe she dropped 40 year old friendships because she was fired? A professional that understands the ups and downs of the business?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, let’s face it, in the series, and the subsequent two awful movies, Samanthas character brilliantly executed what needed to be done. Plus her character was selfless and went to bat for everyone, in addition to being selfless and stood up for everyone.
        They way they handled her lack of presence in this disaster of a unnecessary or unwanted series, was handled purely as a reflection of pettiness and spite.

    • FHMom says:

      The storyline about Samantha not being there is just stupid. Why couldn’t they have said Samantha got a great job offer in London (as people do get great job offers and relocate) and misses the hell out of her best friends? It seemed like a deliberate jab at Kim and was so petty and ridiculous. The writing on the show is awful. I’m hate watching.

    • HandforthParish says:

      Not to mention they made the grudge about money??? With a really shitty comment about Carrie pointing out she was ‘dumped’ for not being her ATM anymore?
      Samantha always had wealthy clients and represented A listers (Smith). She even worked for Carrie for free, asking for a lunch in return.
      It is so out of character and rather pathetic- clearly a dig at Kim when initials stories about a reboot mentioned something about her asking for too much money.

      Not to mention Carrie had one book and now a rather useless podcast so she can’t exactly be making that much money.

      • FHMom says:

        Carrie never really made money. She was living way beyond her means.

      • Noki says:

        @HANDFORTHPARISH by the end of the series she had one book but in the movies it goes to show that she wrote a few more and even got a bad review for one of them.

      • milliemollie says:

        Carrie couldn’t even buy tomatoes. Aiden, Big and Charlotte gave her money or bought something for her. Has she ever paid Charlotte back or did Carrie see the engagement ring as a gift? Carrie views her friends as ATMs, not Samantha.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’ll never forget Carrie getting pissed bc Charlotte wouldn’t offer her the money for a DP for her apartment. That was one of the worst storylines and just said so much about Carrie’s character.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Carrie was a parasite, she fed off every character is different ways – emotionally and otherwise. Carrie pretty much became SJP.It was obvious that Carrie lived far beyond her means, even in her rent control apartment.

      • superashes says:

        Yeah, Carrie’s whole character was about being bad with money. When she was losing her apartment and marveling that she had so many shoes, and that she would literally be the woman living in a shoe.

        I haven’t watched this latest iteration, I just refuse, basically. If that is what they wrote, its just terrible writing. Samantha was in general the most well off of them all, just randomly buying places in the meatpacking district, etc. I think she was only ever outmoneyed when Charlotte was with that rich guy with the sex issues, until they divorced and she ended up with her divorce attorney.

      • EBS says:

        Miranda was a partner in a law firm, she would have had more money than anyone other than Big (or possibly Charlotte’s husband, he seemed like a solid divorce sole practitioner).

    • ElleV says:

      my head cannon is that samatha got sick of carrie’s nonsense and dumping her as a publicist (and possibly *how* carrie dumped her) was the straw that broke the camel’s back

      like it’s totally possible for sam to fall out with the group for one reason, and for carrie to reframe it as poor me, I’ve been dumped out of nowhere because money …

      talk about life imitating art lol

  5. josephine says:

    What happened in the second movie to Samantha’s character? I never saw the movies but always thought that Samantha was the most interesting character. It’s too bad the show messed it up — hers was the one storyline I would have actually watched the show for.

    • Becks1 says:

      Oh man, I only saw the movie once….it was so bad. I thought the first one was pretty bad, but the second one was one of the worst movies I’ have ever seen.

      they go to a city in the Middle East….I think it was Dubai but that could be wrong….and basically everyone has an awful plot but Samantha’s is that she has sex a lot so they get kicked out of the country. Or something. I blocked a lot of it out. But they basically reduce Samantha to just a sex fiend.

      • Deering24 says:

        Ah, yes—the “Lawrence of my labia” plotline. 🤣🤣🤣🤮🤮🤮 I avoided this flick like the plague and still heard about that brilliant dialogue.

      • josephine says:

        Thanks – glad I didn’t waste my time, and I’m definitely not wasting my time with this new series. There are so few tv shows that focus on women this age in a real way – what a lost opportunity because women in their 50s kick-butt, and for many, it’s the first time they are getting the chance to really be themselves.

      • RoyalAssassin says:

        I never watched SATC, nor the two movies, and I’m loving the reboot in a hate-watching mood lol 🙂 Seriously, it’s so bad it’s fantastic…!! But I wouldn’t be able to view it that way had I watched SATC or the movies….

    • superashes says:

      In a nutshell, for a show that is supposed to be about four women with differing characters, the writers seemed to really struggle with anything approximating a storyline for someone sex positive in Dubai. I couldn’t even get through the movie once. And I’ve watched some shitty films my friend.

    • Amy Too says:

      They also had her going through menopause (because she’s SO OLD) in the grossest way where all of her symptoms and side effects were ramped up to 100 and played for laughs, but the hormonal changes were also making her super horny. So she vacillated between these over the top hot flashes that would lead to her stripping off her clothes and head covering in super conservative Muslim places which led to them always getting in trouble, and being so horny she tried to get with everyone which led to them getting in trouble, it was all over the place.

  6. Ines says:

    What drink is she having in that instagram picture? Looks delicious and I want one!

  7. Digital Unicorn says:

    I haven’t watched any episodes but from my friends have told me its truly awful and Samantha is missed, that KC was quite right to run from the show.

    I LOVE KC and I loved Samantha – for me she made the show bearable and I will admit that she was the only reason I watched it. Carrie is an awful character who turned me off the show and Charlotte was just annoying AF. I didn’t mind Miranda but she became as whiney as the other 2 towards the end.

    It burned/burns SJP no end that Samantha was/is more popular than Carrie.

    • minx says:

      Yes to all of this. To me Samantha WAS the show, she was sexy and confident. Carrie was a selfish brat, taking responsibility for nothing, Her whole fiasco with Aiden, the apartment and getting the money from Charlotte drove me crazy. Samantha owned her choices and looked great as well!

  8. Monica says:

    None of those likes were shady or “sneaky.” We know where she stands. It’s not a secret.

  9. Lucy2 says:

    I am not watching the new series, but I did see a clip where they have a few scenes talking about Samantha. They could’ve just said “oh she moved to London and is doing great“ but instead there was this scene of Carrie whining about how Sam cut her off and was unreasonable, which came off totally as SJP whining about Kim. Subtle.

    • Sophia’s Side Eye says:

      The type of pettiness, like having the writers say “Sam” was using “Carrie” for money, is exactly the type of bullying Kim was talking about. One of the first rumors about this stinker of a show not going forward was that Kim was demanding too much money. Kim came out and shut that $hit down. Kim said SJP used the press to spread lies about her to bully her into coming back to the show. SJP proved Kim’s point for her, and all Kim had to do was say no.

  10. Annie says:

    Kim has always asked for better plot lines and they never listened to her. I find it interesting that the first time she spoke with the show about her character needing more development and complexities other than “I’m so horny!!” they gave Samantha breast cancer. It feels like a warning to me. “Look how easily we can write you off the show.” That was cruel.

    Kim understood that Samantha was more than her sexuality and she didn’t want to play a one dimensional character anymore. What woman in her sixties talks nonstop about sex? What woman of any age talks nonstop about sex and nothing else? They wrote Kim like a woman who didn’t want to grow up when she was pushing 60. It’s just so insulting to women. Samantha was supposed to be sophisticated, worldly, hard working, successful, a rich woman who started at the very bottom and she knew she deserved better stories, not just a middle aged tramp. The second SATC movie painted her like a sex addict who ruins a vacation for everyone.

  11. Lala11_7 says:

    Didn’t miss Kim at all …looking forward to the next episodes❣

  12. Sasha says:

    I love Kim. Even though I appreciate that she felt Samantha was not given many good storylines, I still love her comedic performance as Sam and she really brings some heart and sass to the show. Appalled how dreadful Carrie was towards Sam in later seasons, especially the delivery guy episode! Carrie was so despicable and Sam so gracious in how she handled that.

    Anyway I totally support Kim and think that anyone who walks away from a huge show must have a damn good reason. And if the series was so desperate to have her back then I just don’t believe it was all Kim being the problem.

    I like SJP’s performance as Carrie and SATC will always have a place in my heart but I don’t have any trouble believing SJ is a thorny person. I know she has her staunch defenders but people are complex and someone who is awful to one person may not be awful across the board. Clever people collect their allies right?

    Team Kim. I hope she’s happy.

  13. Slippers4life says:

    They came off as so petty with this plot line. Samantha was a great friend to all of them. They could have, at least, explored some dimensions around the ending of a friendship. They didn’t have to throw Samantha, who was wonderful to all of them, full tilt under the bus with no exploration of everyone’s side. It just comes off as mean and one sided. The audience loved Samantha and don’t believe, after all the history, that this would go down this way. Friendships end and it’d painful. I’d be here for an exploratory story around this, but the way they fully blamed her just made Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte come off as immature mean girls who can’t explore their own behavior and be reasonable.

  14. Rapunzel says:

    Sam was not only written as petty enough to write off all 3 ladies due a grudge with Carrie, but also petty enough to only send flowers when Big died. Sam would totally have been there at Big’s funeral no matter what.

    They wrote it this way to have an opening for Kim to return and have a “Sam apologizes to Carrie and admits it’s all her fault” storyline.

    They should’ve just killed her off from cancer. It would’ve made sense and added to the grief of Big dying….plus Big’s death would’ve been a bigger surprise.

  15. Skwinkee says:

    Sensitive Skin is a GREAT show!! Everyone should watch that for some great Kim viewing!

  16. Teddy says:

    Just tried watching the first eposide and oof, it’s bad. An avalanch of exposition, and it’s hard to look at all of the filler in one particular face. The only interesting story is about young Rose. The rest is kind of depressing. imho of course. Smart move, Kim.

    • HandforthParish says:

      I agree on all counts.

      I don’t understand how these women, who used to be sharp and witty and streetmart, are now so… lost. Since when are 50 something new yorkers so uncouth?

      There were so many ridiculous moments.
      Carrie giggles like a schoolgirl and refuses to talk about masturbation on her podcast- WTF?

      And lawyer Miranda turning into a dense, white saviour-y character, all the while allowing her 17 year old to have very loud sex feet away from her?
      And Steve literally turning into a deaf old man???

      The fan service was also laughable. The ‘hello lovers’ line was funny back in the day but felt slightly deranged this time round.

      I’m firmly hate-watching though. 😀

  17. Haylie says:

    Destroying Samantha to prop up Carrie was a mistake. The only likeable person in this reboot cast is Susan Sharon. Who we probably won’t see again since she told some ugly truths about Big and Carrie. Maybe Natasha will lay a smack down on Carrie and her bullshit. Again.

  18. vesper nite says:

    This whole reboot is a just a vanity project for SJP. Case in point, Samantha and Mr. Big, two characters that were as popular, if not more popular, than Carrie; interesting that she ran one off by being a toxic co-worker and killed off the other. Now all the focus is solely on Carrie again. She is the ultimate mean girl! Her facial expressions in the scenes where they mention Samantha spoke volumes, it is cringey how petty she actually is as a person.

  19. Rose says:

    I keep seeing how one of the Kim storylines that was supposed to be AJLT involved Brady sending Samantha a d*ck pic. If I were Kim this would have been the absolute last straw. You know they would have written her to go for it and then set up a huge Samantha/Miranda beef while making Sam look like a delusional 60 year old sex fiend. Kim made the right choice and so did Big by getting out in the first episode.

  20. Kim Cattrall is a legend and I’m glad she said “screw this noise” to SJP & company’s nonsense.

    Also, a song in tribute: