Tristan Thompson had ‘sporadic’ relations with Maralee Nichols for months

Tristan Thompson has lunch with the boys at The Ivy

Is Tristan Thompson dumb or careless or both? I think it’s both! Tristan is still dealing with this paternity suit from Maralee Nichols, the personal trainer who recently gave birth to a baby boy. Tristan and Maralee had sex multiple times over the course of four months, from December 2020 through March 2021. During that time, he was with Khloe Kardashian. During that time, there were also widespread rumors and reports that he was f–king around on Khloe with other women besides Maralee. As part of the legal filings in this paternity suit, Tristan admitted that yes, he had been having sex with Maralee “sporadically” for months around the time of conception. He also revealed that he communicated with Maralee solely through Snapchat, and his Snapchat username is blkjesus00.

Tristan Thompson admitted to having a “sporadic,” ongoing sexual relationship with Maralee Nichols, the woman who is suing him for child support and pregnancy-related fees after she said they conceived a child together.

In a court document filed earlier this month and published by the Daily Mail, the NBA star — who has disputed the paternity of the child, born Dec. 1 — recalled meeting Nichols in late November or early December 2020 at someone’s home. At the time, he said he “was very cautious” and “did not foresee that she and I could have any type of relationship.”

He also denied having sex with her in California around that time, claiming that the “only” possible date of conception for the child is March 13, 2021, Thompson’s birthday. Nichols has said the child was conceived in April, per the document. Thompson, 30, also repeatedly asserted that his relationship with Nichols was “based on sex only.”

“We did not have a serious ongoing relationship. We saw each other sporadically between December 2020 and March 13, 2021,” he wrote. “[Nichols] told me that she had been involved with other athletes and understood the limitations of our relationship; to wit, that we might see each other on a sporadic basis for consensual sex only.”

“We did not have any dates in the traditional sense at any time; there were no dining at restaurants, going to movies, traveling or any other indicia of a normalized relationship,” he later added. “There was only Snapchats of ‘where’ and ‘what time’ we would hook up and what hotels would be used.”

Thompson denied sending the Snapchat messages between him and Nichols that have been made public via other court documents, claiming that they were fabricated. He also said they only communicated via the Snapchat application and that they never “exchange[d] text messages.” One of the alleged messages Nichols referenced in her filings said he would soon be retiring from his NBA career and thus be unable to pay ample support, while another allegedly suggested Nichols get an abortion.

During the time that Thompson admits to having a sexual relationship with Nichols, he was publicly dating Khloé Kardashian, with whom he shares 3-year-old daughter True. (He also has a son, Prince, 4, with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig.)

[From People]

Again, I’m no math genius but if Maralee carried to term (there’s no indication she gave birth prematurely), and she gave birth in early December, the math on that is that the child was most likely conceived in late February/early March. Isn’t it more likely that BOTH Maralee and Tristan are having trouble with math? That’s what it sounds like. Anyway, the baby is here and I assume that the DNA test has already been done. Tristan successfully got a gag order on Maralee, so who knows if we’ll even get a public confirmation on anything. Also, here’s a little sex education for the youths: you can still get pregnant even if you’re having sex with someone sporadically! You can also still get pregnant even if you don’t have real dates or your sexual partner’s phone number. Tristan’s emphasis on how he barely knows Maralee doesn’t have much bearing on the actual issue of child support and paternity!

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  1. Ariel says:

    He is who he is. At this point, expecting him to be someone else is just delusional.

  2. Murphy says:

    They were “sporadic” with Maralee because that’s what he had time for–he’s banging a different girl every day of the week.

  3. AndaPanda says:

    He’s trash and also not very smart.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    He’s an idiot. So is any woman who goes near him. And I maintain the “relationship” with the Kardashian was never anything more to him than FWB.

    • ME says:

      He could have had that with any girl though, why Khloe? I think it has more to do with securing his future. He wants a wealthy woman…the rest of the girls he sleeps with are far from that. At the end of the day, he’s probably worried all the child support is going to make him broke and Khloe will take care of him.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        This sounds right.
        And if those rumors about the Ks all wanting multiple kids by the same dads are true then Khloe needs Tristan to stick around.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        He also wanted to be real famous, and not just sports famous. It was well known in Cleveland. He got that with Khloe.

      • ME says:

        @ Brandy Alexander

        That actually explains a lot. Khloe isn’t even his type (based on the women he cheats with). I can only see money and fame as the reason he begs Khloe to take him back every single time. Khloe just wants another baby it seems.

      • Sinead says:

        Khloe is a stage 5 clinger though… always has been and u can’t blame men for that. He probably liked her well enough (when his very pregnant girlfriend was at home) but I’d say he had NO IDEA she would go on with this ‘belief’ she has that they were are in an exclusive relationship. That’s not his fault. He’s a prick because of what he did to his 1st & 3rd baby momma but I truly think Khloe sees herself as such a wealthy , famous and beautiful catch that if she pushes she can make these men want her (or just appear to want her) long term. (And yes she’s loaded so why would he piss her off by walking away completely like with baby momma 3?) Khloe and True won’t ever cost him anything and Khloe knows that as does Tristan. Ugh horrible they’re 2 horrible people and the only good people in this whole situation are baby momma 1&3 plus their kids

    • Christina says:

      Nice how the attorneys are romancing Khloe for Tristan. This is about maintaining that relationship for as long as possible; those lawyers do not want to write that shit, I assure you. He needs the specific timeline of when he did or didn’t do Maralee documented so that he can mansplain it to keep Khloe on the hook with a heavy sprinkling of plausible deniability, lol. I mean, she needs to hear that she is number 1 even when he steps out, and he’s telling her that in this filing in blaring lights. She is the one he needs now to keep himself feeling important. And Khloe has always had low self esteem. It’s sad.

      Kaiser hit the nail on the head: all the verbiage doesn’t matter in terms of paternity and child support.

  5. Cait says:

    As long as the Khartrashian name is in the press they are happy. This also istracts from Travis Scott and Astraworld

  6. Abby says:

    Someone on the radio this morning said the court documents say he offered her 750k to have an abortion. Yikes. So messy. (As a side note, I can’t even imagine the disease Khloe has been exposed to from the combo of Tristan & Lamar. Shudder.)

  7. Noki says:

    Kanye must look like a walk in the park compared to Tristan and Travis now. PMK is smashing her crystals in her mansion.

    • ME says:

      Nah, I think Scott is the golden ex Kris likes to keep around. He’s the only one who’s been able to keep a relationship with the family. Must be some reason why. I heard Pete is invited to the Kardashian Christmas Party this year, which makes me believe that Kanye is not. It’s a White Boy Christmas in the Kardashian Klan this year lol.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Kanye is a megalomaniac with Bipolar disorder. He is by far the worst. Kim doesn’t actually let much about her life leak out and if it does it never stays around long as any significant scandal. I do think it’s likely Kanye was abusive and controlling in some forms and Kim was happy to live apart from him or fine with him traveling for months and months. And with distance it’s easier to deal with people like that.

  8. Sam the Pink says:

    You’d be truly surprised by how many people (read: mostly men) who are SHOCKED by the fact that you can get pregnant from a one night stand, or casual sex! My husband’s cousin is an OB/GYN who often has to break pregnancy news and some people will exclaim “it was a one night stand!” or “it was just a hookup!” He has held many, many “one night stands” and “hookups” in his hands over the years!

    • ME says:

      I wonder how many of those one night stands used protection? Do people not care about diseases? This is what I don’t understand. People seem to forget that HIV is still a thing.

      • Sam the Pink says:

        Having taught some classes on sex ed, sadly, I do get the impression that STIs are not being taken as seriously now – especially by young people. Many STIs are now curable via antibiotics (although resistant strains do exist and are becoming more common now). Even HIV is less feared – we now have drugs that can turn what was once a death sentence into a chronic, manageable condition. But the downside of that is that people fear it less. I have had young people openly state that they aren’t really scared of STIs now because they are far more manageable/curable then they were years ago. I was born in 1986, and I grew up in the shadow of AIDS and in the 90s, safe sex was drilled into you. There is definitely a shift among the youth today.

    • Andrea says:

      I believe it. I have a friend who got pregnant with the 2 boyfriends she has had because as she described, men don’t like to wrap in up. She had two abortions with the first guy and married the second guy after being stunned she got pregnant only after 6 months of dating. She was convinced shed have a hard time having kids since she had previously had two abortions.

      Every bf I had gave me hell when I asked them to use a condom because I was on birth control and it was thus less effective. They did so, but with lots of complaints and protests. Most men think it can’t happen to them until it does.

  9. ML says:

    I have nothing to say about Tristan, Maralee, or Khloe.
    Warning: you can, even though this is rare, get pregnant using birth control. My first kind was discontinued, then I reacted poorly to the first two replacements I was prescribed. The third turned out to not be strong enough for me and I found out the hard way.
    Also regarding birth control: antibiotics weakens it and you need to use other protection for a few days.

    • rrabbit says:

      Correct. Not only do antibiotics weaken hormonal birth control, various anti-depressives also weaken hormonal birth control.

    • molly says:

      Yep, and people can lie. That’s why, as a sexually active adult, you need to be responsible for your own birth control and protection. You do something secure, he does something secure, and y’all do a backup if circumstances may be lowering the effectiveness of one of the first two. Especially if it’s outside a committed relationship that would wish for a pregnancy, and ESPECIALLY if either party is sexually active with other people.
      It’s almost 2022. Be more responsible.

      • Hello Kitty says:

        I’m here for this comment. It boggles my mind that people are still accidentally getting pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy outside of marriage or a stable committed relationship. There’s birth control, condoms, ovulation tracking, even the pull out method for Pete’s sakes! Heck, after my first daughter was born I refused to get back on birth control and managed to prevent pregnancy from a trio of tracking ovulation, pull out method, and then injecting spermicide after intercourse. It’s just not that hard.

      • Andrea says:

        It shouldn’t. If this pandemic taught us anything, it is that people are generally irresponsible and think only about themselves. This is why we are having such outbreaks still. People feel entitled to do what they want and the hell with the consequences on others. Same goes for unprotected sex.

    • observer says:

      this is why i have a copper IUD

  10. toodle says:

    Why was his gag order successful?! Ugh. Also guys like him really should just get a vasectomy.

  11. The other one says:

    Pretty sure I know who paid for his attorneys and the gag order….what a waste

  12. Wrin says:

    In the words of the great sage Forest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  13. why? says:

    Tristan put the gag order on the wrong person. He should have insisted that the courts prevent Kris, Kim, and Khloe from leaking details of the case and court documents to the press. The source leaked to People, the same People magazine that was running the “Kim doesn’t want to reconcile with Kayne” narrative. Kris and Khloe must think that these court documents prove that Khloe isn’t just one of Tristan’s many sidechicks. The court documents playing down his relationship with Nichols while playing up his relationship with Khloe sounds like they were constructed by Kris, Kim, and Khloe.

  14. PoppedBubble says:

    I don’t believe for a second he said, “…to wit…”

  15. Mimi says:

    I’m sick of hearing about this douche bag and the woman is an idiot

  16. Ms Petit says:

    I was at the Warriors vs Kings game tonight where Tristan was playing. He was on the free throw line for 2 shots and the crowd started yelling “KHLOOOOOOEEEEE”. He ended up smoking the free throws. I just about died laughing along with everyone else in the stadium.