Jeff Garlin fired from ‘The Goldbergs’ for his toxic, abusive, bullying behavior

Jeff Garlin

Jeff Garlin is an actor and comedian, mostly famous for Curb Your Enthusiasm (he’s a series regular) and The Goldbergs, which has been airing on network television since 2013. Garlin has just been fired from The Goldbergs for cause. A few weeks ago, Vanity Fair revealed that there had long been rumors of Garlin’s toxic, bullying and abusive manner on the set of The Goldbergs. VF did an interview with Garlin in which he tried to minimize the rumors and reports. He played it like it was all just a series of misunderstandings, like crew members didn’t “get” his “humor.” Humor like holding a crew member’s face and repeatedly yelling “vagina” at her. Humor like humiliating a senior lady stand-in. Apparently, Sony Pictures Television did an in-house investigation and they just fired him on Thursday:

ABC’s long-running comedy The Goldbergs lost a series regular when George Segal died earlier this year. Now another original star who plays a member of the Goldbergs clan, Jeff Garlin, is departing following multiple misconduct allegations and HR investigations. According to sources, a mutual agreement was reached today that Garlin will not be returning to the show. His exit is effective immediately. Reps for Sony Pictures Television, which produces the comedy, had no comment.

Garlin was believed to have had one more day of shooting left from the original 18-episode Season 9 order after his schedule had been reduced. No decision has been made yet on a potential 10th season of The Goldbergs, which remains one of ABC’s strongest comedy series.

The veteran comedian addressed some of the accusations and confirmed that he had been the subject of HR probes in an extensive interview with Vanity Fair‘s Maureen Ryan this month, in which he also denied speculation that he has been fired from the show. Following the VF interview, Deadline was contacted by a number of current and former co-workers of Garlin. Speaking on condition of anonymity over fear of retribution, they spoke of a great work environment on the show, which would change dramatically on the days Garlin is on set.

“He is extremely verbally and emotionally abusive,” a Goldbergs employee told Deadline. According to a source on the show, a camera assistant made a complaint to her department head about Garlin’s use of the word (“vagina”). After the actor found out, he reportedly put his hands around her and kept saying “vagina” in her face over and over again. Overall, Garlin’s go-to jokes that a number of people on the show found offensive were talking about grandma’s vagina, balls and brassier, a co-worker said. Additionally, he would not address some longtime female crew members by name, using instead nicknames that some also considered offensive.

The VF interview addresses an incident involving Garlin and two longtime stand-ins on the show, a married couple who are beloved by the cast and crew. Garlin referred to it as “a joke that was completely missed — because I like this guy. I like his wife. I’ve worked with them for years.” According to an eyewitness of the incident, Garlin did not appear to be joking as he walked behind the female stand-in. “He screamed at her, ‘Why are you always in my way? Get the f*ck out of my way’ as she was walking down the ramp on the set after they had done blocking for a scene. She was confused and looked around.” Garlin then turned to the woman’s husband, saying, “Tell your wife to get the f*ck out of my way.”

According to sources, cast and crew were appalled, and “this was the straw that broke the camel’s back” in terms of their tolerance for Garlin’s antics, leading to new HR complaints. “Not just would he intimidate that woman, he would then turn around and belittle and embarrass her husband,” the witness said. “This is just the grossest abuse of power.”

[From Deadline]

Deadline goes on to say that his toxic, abusive behavior apparently got so much worse about two months ago (including these incidents), and after that, producers began limiting his role and basically writing his character out of as many scenes as possible. Garlin has apparently only been on the set a couple of times in the past two months. For the character’s final scenes, producers are reportedly just going to use Garlin’s stand-in and they’ll CGI Garlin’s face onto the stand-in’s face. When producers announced to the cast and crew this week that Garlin wouldn’t return, some people cheered. Basically, Garlin sounds like a pig. An unfunny pig who screamed at people constantly and said “vagina” a lot because he thinks that’s “funny.”

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37 Responses to “Jeff Garlin fired from ‘The Goldbergs’ for his toxic, abusive, bullying behavior”

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    Glad they FINALLY took action. It took way too long. I’m sorry for all those who felt unsafe and uncomfortable on that set.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      It has been too long, right? I mean, he’s been like that since the beginning. Assistants have QUIT over it. For some reason it was okay for eighty trillion seasons, but on the eighty trillionth and oneth, they decide to act. Probably because they already decided not to renew the show. For all those listening, Disney SUCKS!

      • Jennifer says:

        It was fine for 9 years until an article came out….

      • lucy2 says:

        An article I read previously stated that there had been investigations for three years. I don’t know how it took so long. And I too would assume the behavior was that way from the beginning.

  2. Jezz says:

    I am so happy that after generations of this behaviour men and being called to account. My blessings to the next generation! You lucky girls who will speak up, and boys who will behave themselves!

  3. equality says:

    Doesn’t putting your arms round somebody to hold them there while you yell, go beyond “verbal and emotional” abuse?

  4. Watson says:

    This is going to sound terrible but this man looks like he’d say and do exactly what is claimed he’s done.

    • original_kellybean says:

      I completely agree. As soon as I read the headline, I thought “that seems about right.”

  5. North of Boston says:

    Glad he’s out of that job. People shouldn’t have to put up with jerk losers like him to keep their jobs.

    That last paragraph in the quoted section though. The way the piece reads is he abused female co-workers right and left, and people didn’t like it so producers minimized his time on set. But then, finally, the straw that broke the camel’s back was that not only was he bullying and obnoxious to a beloved woman but he (OMG! Gasps in horror!) belittled Her HUSBAND! A MAN! How dare he!

    That’s probably not how it went down, but the way it’s written is weird.

    • Sue Denim says:

      that’s a good point, like when Hannibal Buress said what so many women had been saying about Cosby, it was like, oh, why haven’t we heard about this…? On a related note, I watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm regrettably recently and this guy’s character is married but supposedly got another woman pregnant and the yuk yuks ensued… So gross, how did we not see this all for so long…

      • Jennifer says:

        People only pay attention when it’s the “right” people saying it. Cyrano had a Christian for a reason. Some will only hear if it’s the right messenger. Which isn’t usually a woman. Unless a woman writing the article counts this time.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That’s how I read it, too. They let it go as long as it was women, but when it affected a man, then they acted.

    • E says:

      So true. Now I’m glad I never watched Curb.

  6. Merricat says:

    He’s a pig. And it really makes me wonder about Larry David, who recently gave Horatio Sanz a guest shot on Curb.

  7. GordonCatalano says:

    I’ve watched both Curb and the Goldbergs for years and while I enjoyed Garlin’s characters, if you watch Curb, you can tell Jeff Green is a fucking asshole. (I mean Larry’s character is an asshole, too but Jeff’s was consistently grosser and worse especially pertaining to women.)

    His character constantly cheats on Suzie, with increasingly unbelievable partners (mostly much much younger women 🙄) yet won’t get a divorce bc he’s greedy and lazy and she puts up with his shit. Just during this last episode of Curb I told my bf I needed to watch Goldberg’s again to make me like Jeff bc on Curb he leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. Then I read ab how he has treated his coworkers and the fact that for three years he’s been dealing with HR complaints. I’m glad he got fired.
    Basically what I think it comes down to is he’s very much like his douchey character on Curb especially when you take into consideration it’s basically improv.

    Someone else on Twitter said it perfectly, Suzie has been calling him a sick fuck all these years and she was right god damnit!

  8. GordonCatalano says:

    Re: Merricat
    I 100% agree ab Larry. I feel like I ignored obv signs before but then when the season where they make jokes ab MeToo and Harvey Weinstein it felt like he was being purposefully obtuse. And I get it, he’s old as fuck but just bc you’re an old white guy who’s mad “you can’t say anything anymore” doesn’t mean you should make a show re enforcing that and making light of a serious issue.
    The biggest Larry David red flag I chose to ignore was when he used Curb to rehabilitate Michael Richards’ racist ass. I remember side eyeing the fuck out of that season but since I never rewatch that one I’d forgotten about it. Very pertinent nowadays, though. I bet next season (if there is one) will be trying to rehabilitate Jeff and gaslight the crew members he’s abused. Fuck that noise

    • Magick Wanda says:

      I had forgotten about the Michael Richards rehab attempt, too. Thank you for reminding me. I think I’m done with Larry David and his miscreant friends. They are all just gross.

  9. manda says:

    I did not realize this show was still on!

  10. ME says:

    I watch the show…so that explains why he hasn’t been on it that much. I wonder if they will kill off his character? It’s a comedy show so I don’t know how they’d do it. Maybe they’ll pull an “Aunt Viv” on us lol.

    • Rose says:

      I think that the IRL Murray died relatively early (at least he’s no longer with us). I would imagine they’ll just kill off his Goldbergs character.

      For me the show went in free fall when the real Adam left Goldbergs as is no longer associated with it.

  11. koko says:

    I read this and thought about the “kids” on the show. Hopefully they have amazing parents who tell them every day that this is not how you “act”. Not how decent people behave.

  12. GordonCatalano says:

    Ewww just looked up what Horatio Sanz was accused of and my god, Larry David is not doing himself any favors with the guys he chooses to work with.
    Also side note on the Horatio Sanz thing, part of the accusation happened at an SNL party and she mentions it being in front of Jimmy Fallon which totally tracks bc he seems really awful. SNL seems like a cesspit of male privilege and covering for creepy friends.

  13. Margo says:

    The smug arrogance of some people. Seriously, did this guy really think this behavior would be tolerated? Dude, READ THE ROOM.

  14. NEENA ZEE says:

    I look at him and I see… Harvey Weinstein.

    • E.D says:

      Omg you are right and I can’t unsee it now!

      • AppleCart says:

        They even had an episode of Curb him being screamed at when the person thought he was Harvey Weinstein. It’s creepy the resemblance also mimics the behavior.

  15. E.D says:

    I had no idea he was a jerk IRL.
    What a rubbish thing to have gone on for so long.
    I’ve always loved The Goldberg’s.
    Maybe now that George Segal has passed, they might just finish it up?
    As much as I enjoy the show and all the 80’s nostalgia, it has the exact same formula for every episode so I’m kind of amazed it lasted 9 seasons.

  16. Mimi says:

    Wow… what about curb then? Cause I rly like curb. Suzie Greene is boss

  17. Gabby Rumplebottom says:

    He sits in a chair and plays make-believe. He’s paid handsomely to do so. Why is that industry so incompetent and dysfunctional? It shouldn’t take 3 years to get a man to behave and learn how to work well with others. Actors seem very spoiled. I’m sure there are millions of middle-aged white men who would be happy to do his job in a heartbeat. Tens of thousands of comedians and actors work their entire lives to land a role like his. He obviously has poor perception. His failure to appreciate what he had will be something he hopefully reflects upon moving forward. Why does anyone watch television anymore? Society shouldn’t even know these people yet their names and faces are constantly shoved down our throats.