TSU officials say Megan Thee Stallion inspired students to finish their degrees

Megan Thee Stallion has not slowed down all year. Megan went back on tour during the summer and just recently Megan became Thee Graduate when she graduated from Texas Southern University with her bachelor’s in health administration. Megan also became Thee Producer when she inked a multi-picture deal to develop content for Netflix. Now Megan can add Thee Inspiration to all of her titles. Since Megan revealed she was studying at Texas Southern University, the health administration department has seen an increase in drop out students calling to either re-enroll or learn what they can do to get back into the program. The program director, Dr. Monica Rasmus, also said that the department is getting interest from undergrad and grad students. Below are a few more details from TMZ:

Dr. Monica Rasmus, program director for Texas Southern University’s Health Administration program, tells TMZ there’s been an influx of one-time dropouts — who used to study in her wing of the school — steadily finding their way back and getting re-enrolled.

She says this is a direct result of Meg, in many cases, as she tells us former TSU students started reaching out to discuss returning after Meg went public in 2020 about completing her studies there.

She didn’t have hard numbers, but Dr. Rasmus says there’s certainly been a trend of interest — and that intrigue goes beyond just former pupils, she says current students came flocking too. Rasmus says TSU undergrads and grad students started to hit up her department out of curiosity, and in many cases … a genuine desire to pursue a degree in HA.

Perhaps the biggest way Meg has helped … the $25k donation she made via Fashion Nova, which Dr. Rasmus says went a long way to helping students who need the dough. The feeling of appreciation is mutual, BTW — MTS has shouted out Dr. Rasmus in recent interviews.

[From TMZ]

I knew that Megan would drive traffic to whichever school she attended. I wonder if Prairie View received more interest in their programs when Megan was there. TSU is a big deal in these Houston streets, but mostly for their band and drum line and the Thurgood Marshall law school. So it warms my cold back heart that Megan is influencing her followers and fans to do good deeds and things with their lives, particularly enrolling into an HBCU to pursue their academic endeavors. I am sure watching Megan navigate being a celebrity while going to school has encouraged others to try innovative ways to overcome their obstacles. And I am also sure that Megan’s $25,000 donation through Fashion Nova Cares to TSU helped a few students. Good on Megan for being an inspiration as she builds her queendom. I hope all HBCUs continue to receive higher than normal enrollment and that TSU in particular continue to receive interest for their health administration program. We need more BIPOC working in the medical fields at all levels.

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  1. ML says:

    This is such a feel-good story! Way to go MTS<3

  2. Lena says:

    This is such a wonderful story! It’s a local school and I’m happy for them and especially the students who are going back. I left school to work for several years and a friend encouraged me to go back by making me realize I’d wind up the same older age but I could be 29 without a degree or 29 with one. If M3S went back to finish when heck she doesn’t “need to” with her success that is a powerful motivator.

  3. outoftheshadows says:

    I love her. Role model.

  4. phlyfiremama says:

    Htown REPRESENT!! #HTX #HoustonStrong Any of my fellow Houstonians on this forum?? Oak Forest/Mangum Manor here.

  5. Green Desert says:

    What a wonderful story. Megan is truly just getting started!

  6. TIFFANY says:

    If you are gonna use your celebrity out here, this would be it.

    Congrats to all the graduates out there. These past couple of years have been hard but y’all persevered.

  7. Scrambled Eggs says:

    I don’t listen to her music at all but I’ve followed her career a little bit recently for this reason–that she continued her education despite her massive success and stardom–not even as like, a backup plan but to both honor her mother and grandmother and to want to open up care centers that will hire graduates from her own program and other WOC to run it. Like, really inspirational and thought out! It made me tear up a bit reading this to hear how she inspired others to return to school too.

  8. ME says:

    Good for her and good for them. The rapper Saweetie attended USC and was just recently offered a job to teach there…which she is ! She’ll be teaching business students.

  9. lucy2 says:

    That’s awesome! Great to hear she’s an inspiration to others, and I hope people continue to pay that forward, and encourage and help and inspire others.

  10. Coco says:

    That’s really awesome, I.hope she inspires more people.