Sarah Palin on the Covid vaccine: ‘It’ll be over my dead body that I get a shot’

Sarah Palin Speaks at CPAC

The autumn was full of people dying from the Delta variant, and now the holiday season is full of people getting sick from the Omicron variant. Delta is deadly, Omicron is highly contagious, and literally the best recourse for every single person out there is to get fully vaccinated and get your booster shots and continue to mask up constantly. It’s hard to believe that there are still conservative morons who are clinging to their anti-vaxx bullsh-t, but here we are. Sarah Palin said, months ago, that she’s anti-vaccine because she “believes in the science.” She already had Covid once, and now she says she will not be forced into getting the vaccine. Okay.

Sarah Palin has said “over my dead body” will she allow authorities to force her to get a Covid-19 vaccine. The Republican firebrand made the remarks at “Americafest”, a three-day event in Phoenix, Arizona organized by Turning Point USA, a youth conservative student movement for “freedom, free markets and limited government”.

Ms Palin took to the stage early on Sunday and began by launching into an attack on the US’s top health official Dr Anthony Fauci who has spoken of his support for vaccine mandates. She did so as figures collated by Johns Hopkins University suggest at least 806,000 people have lost their lives to the disease. She called the infectious disease expert “the most inconsistent talking head”.

“Do you remember he said that if you had Covid, you would be naturally immune?” she asked. “So at the time we were led to believe we wouldn’t need to have the shot. Well, then they changed their tune. Those of us who have had Covid, they’re telling us that even though we’ve had it – we have natural immunity – now that we still have to get a shot.”

She added: “And it’ll be over my dead body that I get a shot. I will not. I won’t do it and they better not touch my kids either.”

While Dr Fauci and other experts have previously talked of a degree of natural immunity for those who have had Covid, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that people get vaccinated to better protect themselves.

[From The Independent]

As far as I remember, Dr. Fauci never said that people who had Covid once should never be vaccinated. He said that if you survived one bout of Covid, you should still get vaccinated when you can, when you’ve recovered and are no longer considered contagious. In May he said that vaccines were better than the response from natural immunity and that everyone should get vaccinated. Besides, if Palin believes some misremembered advice from Fauci, why not believe everything else he’s f–king said? Anyway, I don’t have patience for this a–hole or the people who still cling to their dipsh-t anti-vaxx stance. You’re all idiots, you’re all f–king around and you’ll all find out.

SNL 40th Anniversary Special - 2015

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  1. Becks1 says:

    Well Sarah, you might get your wish.

    (that’s not wishing death on her or anything, just that these people who are insisting that they will never get the shot….end up getting sick, surprise surprise. )

    • I was going to say… I mean it literally will be if she refuses to get the vax lol.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Long Covid will probably make a very extended stay with her at some point, if Death doesn’t visit first.

      I just can’t with these idiots anymore. I haven’t ONE IOTA of compassion or empathy left for them. Their stupidity and blind loyalty to the Cult of TFG/RepubliTHUGs should mean they opt out of all medical care if they get sick with Covid. If they truly feel this way, they shouldn’t be allowed to show up at the ER for care when they get sick with Covid. Drs and nurses shouldn’t waste their lagging energies trying to save them, precious resources like ICU beds/ vents shouldn’t be wasted on them (we’ve ALL heard the reports of people who have died because they couldn’t get care for heart attacks, car accidents etc because of lack of space in ICU).

      What I truly still do *not* understand is WHY the Rs are killing off their base with this idiocy. Do they think gerrymandering and voter suppression alone will keep them in power?? I just don’t get it.

      • Watching A Trainwreck says:

        The question of why the Republicans are killing off their own base is easily answered…they don’t care about them in the least, they are using them as a means to an end. They are being used to overthrow Democracy, putting the wealthy & corrupt at the top of an autocratic government and then they’ll be cut loose and the autocrats that they put into government will trod over their civil rights & take away their voice as citizens. The irony being that they will have have to live under a cruel regime knowing they were the tool used to do it to themselves just so they could “own the libs.”

      • Jaded says:

        The Rs are being selective about who they kill off – POC, Latinos, and the underprivileged who can’t afford medical care.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Jan90067, I stand in solidarity with you!!

        If you haven’t been vaccinated and you contract coronavirus, too f’ing bad!!!! Go home, here are some pills and get your nasty, infectious ass out of here!!!!

        Hospitals have been locked out for so many that have life/death health issues but can’t be treated because of these f’ers!! I am sick of it.

        Guess what Sarah, you may one day find yourself dead due to your stupidity!!!

        “I can see Alaska from my house!!”
        Thank you SNL and Tina Fey!!

    • observer says:

      mte, i’m not the kind to wish death upon anyone ACTIVELY, even her (there are people far more deserving of death wishes if i’m going to give them……..)

      but if we were living in a tv show that statement would be FORESHADOWING.

    • Bevvie says:

      Okay, I’ll say it. Her not getting the shot might not be the worst thing.

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      Becks1 I totally hear ya it doesn’t sound like wishing at all. Like Sarah…dear…the vaccine is supposed to reduce the chance of you becoming a dead body…oh never mind.

    • Anne Call says:

      As someone said on Twitter, “now we need the CVS pharmacist to come forward who gave her a shot” because would not be surprised if she lying about not being vaccinated. There’s money to be grifted off the anti vaxxer base and Sarah is all about the cash money. There’s a reason why 40% of Republicans are not vaxxed. The gop elite (who are all vaxxed) spread misinformation to undermine Biden and every democrat who urges people to get vaccinated.

    • Moxylady says:

      This is one of those quotes fated to age poorly

    • Lea Ann Macrery says:

      Oh please god make it so. I can’t stand these morons.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    Well, bye.

  3. BayTampaBay says:

    I am willing to bet that this anti-vaxxer, Ms. Sarah Palin person, is FULLY vaccinated.

    • lucy2 says:

      I am too.

    • Julia K says:

      My first thought as well. Can anyone believe what comes out of her mouth? Sure she’s vaccinated x3. Just braying for attention.

    • Mac says:

      I bet she was one of the first people to get the jab.

    • observer says:

      entirely possible lol

      it’s a coin flip for me, she could be that stupid, but republican “”politicians”” (quotes for her) lie all the time about their vaccinations

    • Emma says:

      I mean she really is very stupid and very religious. But the vast majority of the Republican bigwigs who rail against the vaccine are fully vaccinated and boostered, so yeah.

      • Indywom says:

        She is stupid but not at all religious. Religious people don’t do and say the things she does. She is at best a fake Christian.

      • North of Boston says:

        Oh she *might* be religious, it just seems from her behavior that the gods, the trinity SHE worships are ignorance, stupidity and BS.

        Why, John McCain, why did you ever foist this mean spirited loud mouth dope onto the nation?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ North of Boston, I am certain that McCain asked himself that very question until the end of his life.

      • Dashen’ka says:

        You do know that many very religious people are actually brilliant, right. The smugness of acting like the two go together is incredibly elitist and ignorant.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Yup! It’s not as if she’s ever been truthful on record anyway. Must be exhausting to always lie like that

    • FeedMeChips says:

      I was going to say the same thing.

    • josephine says:

      yup, far too selfish to not take care of herself. but she has no problem with giving death advice to other people i guess. she keeps attempting to be relevant again with these stupid statements. guess she’s angling for a fox deal but she’s too inarticulate and tacky for even fox.

    • The Truth Piper says:

      Sarah Palin is vaccinated just like Donald Trump. It’s called “self-preservation” as evil people are afraid of dying.

      Palin excels in morally obscene grifting.

  4. Kaya says:

    We can only hope she does get it and die and no I’m not sorry

    • caitlinsmom says:

      yup. great, she’s anti vaxx. Cool. Now just take yourself and all the other antivaxxers with you to some remote island and give each other covid and stay there so the rest of can live our lives in peace and free of fear and infection. Thank you.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      Right there with you

    • Izzy says:

      Came right here to say this. One can only hope.

    • loras says:

      Hate to disappoint you but she has been fully vaccinated with the booster.She is lying.

  5. Sue says:

    Oh doncha know, ol’ Sarah and her brood of Hillbillies are at it again. I’m sure some Moose stew, a ride on the snow machine and another one of her spawn getting arrested for domestic disturbance will keep the Covid out.

  6. skittlebrau says:

    It’s especially sad and sick considering her son has Downs Syndrome and they are amongst the highest risk groups for severe infection and/or death.

    • JHo says:

      I was going to comment that too. It is my understanding that people with Down syndrome can have severe respiratory issues, I’d be absolutely shocked if she and her children aren’t vaccinated. It’s all a show

  7. Ann says:

    She’s vaccinated. Her dumbass followers might not be, but she is. I wish she wasn’t so this kind of dangerous hubris could be met with the consequences it deserves, but sadly she really is following the science cause this dumb bitch is 100% vaxed.

    • CQ says:

      Ann ,you are the reason I enjoy celebitchy! The comments make my day and put the right words to nonsense! Keep it coming.

    • Lucy says:

      100%. I had dinner with some big Trump supporting businessmen the other night (although they don’t talk about him anymore). They were vaxxed to the max and shocked to hear that I knew two 38 year old guys who have died from covid in the past 3 months. The young guys were conservative but not vocal anti vaxx, and left behind 5 little kids between the two of them.

      They didn’t realize ppl were still taking the con seriously, basically. It’s like fox having stringent testing and vaccine policies, while the talking heads spend hours convincing listeners that saying no to the vaccine is a win fur trump against Biden and Fauci.

    • Anne Call says:

      I agree. She’s vaxxed, just grifting off the base.

  8. olliesmom says:

    Ok, then, so be it. Buh bye.

    This dipsh*t was one step away from the presidency.

    • BecauseOfCourse says:

      No, she wasn’t. But McCain picking her showed his poor judgement, and frankly Alaska’s too. (I’m from a state with similarly poor judgement.)

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        A comedian described Palin as America’s gateway idiot. It showed how many people in the USA would accept an idiot in the highest offices, and opened the door for Trump, alt-right nuts, etc.

      • North of Boston says:

        I thought George W Bush was the gateway idiot… even though, as Jon Stewart rightly observed: “He’s not stupid, but he thinks we are”

      • Lyds says:

        @ ms krabapple wow is that accurate. She was the harbinger for the Republican implosion into lunacy and miseducation. They all make Bush Jr seem absolutely level-headed…just don’t know how an entire party morphed into a confederacy of dunces.

  9. Ariel says:

    Suicide by dumb*ssery is not a tragedy.
    The 600,000 who died before a vaccine was available- that is a tragedy.

  10. Jenny says:

    Gearing up to be Trumps next running partner?

  11. Jais says:

    I just found out that my cousin’s wife had to quickly go home bc both of her parents have Covid and are not expected to make it. Both her brother and her brother in law have already died from covid. They are all anti-vaxers. I’m deeply baffled by peoples’ choices.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      I can’t imagine having that many family members die and still believing that the vaccine is more dangerous. Like, what in gods name could the vaccine do that is worse than death?

    • josephine says:

      My most recent vaccine story: Friends of the family both just died of Covid, both in their 90’s. They were vaccinated, but their adult (in their late 50s) children were not. Of the two adult kids, one died, one went to the hosital but lived. The kids gave Covid to their elderly and infirm parents and killed them. The surviving child is now telling everyone that her parents died of heart issues (within a day of each other), and that the doctors don’t know what her brother died of.

      Garbage. She’s just garbage, not sorry at all to say it. Covid has defniitely made me eralize that there are people that I never, ever have to see or think of again.

  12. Twin falls says:

    WA Senator Doug Ericksen, 52, has died one month after announcing he was in El Salvador and sick with Covid-19. Ericksen co-sponsored a bill at the beginning of the year to prevent government bodies or employers in Washington from mandating coronavirus vaccines.

  13. ML says:

    The Netherlands, where I live has gone into a total lockdown days before Christmas. We’ve just started to recover from the latest Delta spike (which has sent less critical people home from the hospital early in order to make room for covid/ other emergency patients). Omicron is depressingly contagious, and while no one is exactly certain how it will develop, it does NOT seem to be milder than the delta variant based on data out of Scandinavia and the UK. I have not seen my parents in 2 years (my family even longer), and I just canceled our flight to the US. I feel sick not seeing my parents, but they’re elderly, immunocompromised and very vulnerable; I couldn’t live with myself if I inadvertently gave them an invisible, deadly virus and killed them.
    People like Sarah Palin frustrate me! It’s less of big deal for a lot of healthier, younger people to follow her for themselves, but that is so risky for other people. I wish her media access would effectively be muzzled.

    • BlueToile says:

      So sorry, ML. You are doing the right thing, but it must still be very hard on you and your family. I live in the US Intermountain West and almost no one wears masks here. Last night in the hews I saw the Lions Club held their annual dinner. The video showed only one man wearing a mask out of about 40 people at one long table. People here still believe that mask are for the wearer and their not using a mask will not hurt someone wearing one. It is extremely frustrating. Until a few weeks ago our hospitals were forced to follow critical care standards! Less than 50% of my state is vaccinated. Be safe and be glad you live in a country willing to make the hard decision to lock down.

  14. Eurydice says:

    Well, it’s true that Dr. Fauci has said different things at different times, but that’s because scientific research is going at the same time as public policy. We know a lot more than we did last year and, at the same time, we know less because of this new mutation. So, pointing to “the science” depends on where you want to look on the timeline. I prefer to look at what we know today, after almost 2 years of experience, rather than fixating on something that was said in the past.

  15. Honey says:

    Other than her special needs child, aren’t her “kids” now adults who can make their own decisions about the vaccine? She was quoted above that it “better not touch my kids.” Hope they have some sense now that they are grown.

  16. Lolo86lf says:

    Where did she get those shoes? Aghh.

  17. Twinkle says:

    We should be so fortunate.

  18. Sophie says:

    Is it me, or is her head freakishly big in that white dress shot…

  19. Chaine says:

    This omicron is super contagious so she might find herself in the position she describes. My partner and multiple others got infected at a small gathering where everyone who attended was vaccinated and some boosted. Still having symptoms and testing positive almost two weeks later.

  20. Bryn says:

    Lol ok, Sarah. Someone hasn’t gotten smarter in the last few years.

  21. Gigi says:

    One thing I will never forgive John McCain about.

    • North of Boston says:

      That one decision was reason alone to note vote for him for POTUS.

      Little did we know how far the bar would fall less than a decade later, and JM’s running mate choice made that all the more likely.

  22. Teddy says:

    Another genius.

  23. Surly Gale says:

    Lord, hear her prayer…..

  24. Jay says:

    Well, Sarah, you might just get your wish! Just a shame your friends and family might get it, too.

  25. Mia4s says:

    “ it’ll be over my dead body that I get a shot”

    Oh don’t threaten me with a good time Sarah. 🙄

  26. Amy Bee says:

    Her doctor would have told her to get the vaccine to protect her immuno-compromised son. Anybody who believes anything she says is a fool.

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      @Amy Bee I bet you’re right. She’s vaccinated and pandering and dooming those who will follow her (fake) lead.

  27. Soni says:

    Fingers crossed.

  28. SnarcasmQueen says:

    Does anyone else remember the Disney version of The Three Musketeers?

    Somebody said over my dead body and Tim Curry thunders, THAT CAN BE ARRANGED.

    So COVID is Tim Curry

  29. Traveler says:

    Your wish is the universe’s command.

  30. MY3CENTS says:

    SF: over my dead body
    Covid virus: Ok

  31. cassandra says:

    Whyyyyyyy would you tempt fate like that?

  32. Plums says:

    I’ll never not see her and be struck by the notion that her nomination as VP was the true beginning of the endgame for this country. Easily the worst thing John McCain ever did was to inflict her on the national stage and normalize her combination of wingnut religiosity and overt trashiness.

  33. Redheadwriter says:

    Either way is a win-win, I guess.

  34. Marjorie says:

    We are slowly culling the herd through the Darwinian principles of the strong and the adaptable survive. All of us who adapted by getting vaccinated will survive. It’s natural selection. Let Nature decide who’s right in this fight. I for one an sick to death of attempting to reason with these people. Unfortunately, it’ll be too late when they realized they have killed themselves.
    Sorry – it’s been over a year. No more sympathy for ignorant, selfish people from this quarter…

    • Marjorie says:

      FYI, I myself am currently at risk of losing 2 grown children and both of their life partners. But I just can’t have this fight any more.

      • Twin falls says:

        I’m so sorry. I have a friend in the same boat with one of her adult children.

      • Jaded says:

        Very sorry for you Marjorie, a close friend of mine is completely estranged from her son and daughter, who won’t get vaxxed and are ardent Trump-humpers. They have both raged at her, other family members, and her friends (including me) when we tried to talk sense into them. Sometimes you have to take the higher road and walk away.

      • Helle says:

        FYI, I lost my last remaining relative when she – who never had a heart problem in her life – died of a heart attack ten days after getting her vaccine.
        (Or should I say “vaccine”? You see, in the old days vaccines used to PROTECT from contagion.)

        I will never get this “vaccine”. I haven’t had a common cold in more than 20 years. I respect my body. I use my mind to great profit in all other areas of my life. I am grateful for my mens sana in corpore sano.

        Good luck with culling your (most appropriately named) HERD. Pfizer $ Co. love you.

      • Helle says:

        FYI, I lost my last remaining relative when she – who never had a heart problem in her life – died of a heart attack ten days after getting her vaccine.
        (Or should I say “vaccine”? You see, in the old days vaccines used to PROTECT from contagion.)

        I will never get this “vaccine”. I haven’t had a common cold in more than 20 years. I respect my body. I use my mind to great profit in all other areas of my life. I am grateful for my mens sana in corpore sano.

        Good luck with culling your (most appropriately named) HERD. Pfizer $ Co. love you.

      • Becks1 says:

        Oh look, another person who has no idea how vaccines work, now or “in the old days” or how their immune system works.

    • Nope says:

      I have a lot of the same feelings, but it’s not that simple–for one, no kids under 5 can be vaccinated yet. For two, we have immunocompromised people.

      Take my MIL. She’s vaxxed and boosted and masks diligently and is very careful and limited where she goes, and she’s the world’s kindest, warmest, most enthusiastic grandma and a wonderful teacher with endless patience. I really want to keep her alive.

      But she’s obese, diabetic, has severe asthma and is immunocompromised from a well-managed, low-grade leukemia that is not likely to be the thing that kills her. She just got out of the hospital for difficulty breathing from A COLD. Not Covid! And it’s not the first time, even during the pandemic. If she catches Omicron and the hospitals are full it will be extraordinary if she doesn’t die.

      So please, please do not be cavalier about the Darwin thing. Plenty of wonderful people are not “the fittest” by any definition, and through no fault of their own.

  35. souperkay says:

    I wish the messaging from the medical community and public health experts would shift on “natural” immunity. Natural immunity is not natural, it is hard won by your body’s immune system. My preferred term is virus attained immunity.

    Virus attained immunity is like learning how to swim by being thrown into the deep end of the pool, no lifeguards, no lessons, no life rings.

  36. Kaye says:

    The jokes just write themselves.

  37. Erica says:

    Covid “likes” this

  38. FrontPorchSittin says:

    Reading this two days before the one year anniversary of my mother’s passing due to Covid and I just can’t. How many times do we have to tell these people? How many people have to die before they get a freaking clue? Because as much as she says “over my dead body”, it’s rarely them. They’re not the ones who die – they’re the vector that gives it to someone who was vulnerable.

  39. Sparkles says:

    If a person does not get the vaccine, does that automatically make them ‘an anti-vax conservative moron’? Just trying to understand the logic. I personally got vaccinated, but have friends and family who have not (nor are they conservative). The politicization of the vaccine is beyond ridiculous at this point. Also, have people forgotten human decency? Expressing delight when an unvaccinated person becomes very sick with the virus just because it feeds your smug ego and allows you to say “told ya so!” is, quite frankly, inhumane.

    (All this said as person who cannot stand Sarah Palin and thinks she is a moron, for the record)

    • olliesmom says:

      No. I know a couple of democrats who are kind of still hippies and are into natural, homeopathic, food is medicine (he’s a chiropractor) and they won’t get the vax. So there is that side of it too.

      • Valerie says:

        Everyone I know who has gone to a rally here in Canada is a white-girl-with-dreads type. They crow about the importance of natural immunity and the avoidance of poisons. Most of them literally bathe once a week and have Instagram feeds littered with pictures of their dirty feet and pastel pleas to save the children.

        They claim to be the most compassionate of all and like to tell you that they love you and support your decision even if they don’t agree with you, much like that tight-mouthed Christian lady down the street who tells you every day that she’ll keep praying for you to come to Christ. If they supported my decision, they wouldn’t be out in the streets with their signs, now would they?

    • North of Boston says:

      No, not automatically.
      But if someone is a known far right ignorant loony from the former Tea Party tribe and speaks at a public engagement spouting anti-vax anti-science nonsense, spreading dangerous propaganda about a deadly pandemic and public health measures to try to contain it, “anti-vax conservative moron” would be an appropriate description IMO.

      I do not know your friends or their reasons for choosing to not get vaccinated against COVID, so I have no idea where their heads are and what decision making process they used to wind up where they’re at.

      • Tx_mom says:

        I personally know people with a medically fragile child who will not vaccinate him or themselves. So I can believe Sarah hasn’t.

        my neighbors used to mask their kid in public before the vaccine, even before the pandemic, but all the crazy talk changed their minds on that. Now whenever he gets sick they blame the literal devil. I feel like if there *is* a devil, he’s behind all this rabid anti-vax stuff.

    • Lucy says:

      I dunno, but they totally die to prove a point. I know two 38 year old men who have died in the past 3 months from covid, one owned a cross fit gym, the other was a pastor. Neither was vocally anti vaxx, one had a medically fragile daughter and he died on her first birthday.

      Between the two of them they left behind five little girls. I feel so so sorry for their kids, but I can’t really offer much sympathy for the dad’s, they clearly made their choice and thought they were really doing something.

      When the girls are old enough, what will it mean when they realize they could’ve had their fathers with them longer, except for choices that were made out of spite? I would never mock these ppl specifically, but what the hell. FAFO

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      I’ve long thought that long before the Q nonsense, the first major disinformation campaign that went around the internet was the lie that vaccines caused autism. It targeted mothers–generally the strongest influence on medical decisions for their kids–at their most vulnerable (keeping their kids healthy). It primed many families, regardless of political persuasion, to be vaccine skeptical. This caused outbreaks of measles & other preventable diseases, but it *also* caused lots of conflict & division. Then the pandemic happened & people who already might have been wary of vaccines were again targeted with disinformation (it’s not safe, hasn’t been out long enough to know about side effects, is a secret plan by Bill Gates to put chips in everyone).

      It’s a way to divide people & keep the pandemic going to weaken the fabric of society. I can be sympathetic to people who have been targeted by fairly sophisticated, years-long psychological ops. And I can also think that the world wouldn’t lose much if Sarah Palin gets COVID.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s a good people, and I think in general the internet has just taught people that they can “do their own research.” No, your half hour watching Plandemic or whatever the hell that stupid FB thing was in 2020 is not the same as someone who has spent their entire career researching immunology, running vaccine trials, studying infectious diseases, etc. But we have convinced ourselves that the two are interchangeable. I can read reviews on Amazon and decide if I want to buy a suitcase or not. healthcare decisions don’t work like that.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “If a person does not get the vaccine, does that automatically make them ‘an anti-vax conservative moron’?”

      No…it simply makes them an anti-vax. There can be these types of people on all sides of the political spectrum.

      But if you are preaching to the PUBLIC that they should not get vaccinated because you think you are smarter than Dr. Fauci, then you are absolutely anti-vax and you are absolutely a moron. This moron in particular does happen to be conservative, she ran on the GOP ticket as a party head.

    • Fanciful says:

      Well said, Sparkles. It’s beyond gross. I know 5 people with advanced (to phd level} science /bio /immunology degrees who are not vaccinated. Plus two in the medical profession. They are probably the only unvx people I know. The politicisation of vaccination is how this divide was created, it’s not stupid dumb arse republicans are the only ones unvx. So much smugness.

      • Becks1 says:

        those people are stupid. The overwhelming majority of immunologists, vaccine experts, and medical professionals say to get vaccinated. So sure, its not only stupid dumb arse Republicans who aren’t vaccinated, but it is stupid dumb arse people in general (excluding those with a legitimate medical condition obviously.)

        Do people understand the kind of work that Fauci has been doing for his entire career? He’s not just going out on TV and winging it. I can guarantee whatever your friend with an “advanced immunology degree” knows, Fauci knows more and has more experience in this area.

        I dont feel delight when an unvaccinated person gets sick, I feel sorry for our health system that is stretched to the breaking point in many areas. but, I do think “told you so.”

        The hospitals in my area are slammed right now with COVID cases and something like 95% of those cases are unvaccinated people. Get the damn vaccine.

  40. Sal says:

    We aren’t that lucky.

  41. EliseM says:

    Sarah who?

  42. Super Fan says:

    She’s making these statements for the publicity. She just wants to be relevant, & the quickest way to get back onto the cable news chyrons & Facebook feeds is to bray loudly like this.

    Or, she ends up like winning A Herman Cain Award. But it’s doubtful she’s unvaxxed.

  43. Lonnietinks says:

    From her mouth to God’s ears.

  44. Jaded says:

    No wonder Todd divorced her, he’s lucky to be away from that grifting bunch of trailer trash, and yes — she’s very likely vaccinated but still thinks she’s relevant enough to lie about it in order to rile up the uber-conservative knuckleheads.

  45. NotSoSocialB says:

    Can we please not give this dangerous loon any spotlight? We have enough loons in the GQP trying to turn us into an autocracy . Also she is infuriatingly annoying.

  46. Mask4mask says:

    This ding dong is chasing the virus as it becomes more contagious and deadlier. This thing has killed many who think like her. Too bad she is doesn’t care.

  47. Rose says:

    Fine with me. Die on a vent.

    Anti vaxxers have become such a problem where I live that when my friend wrote a huge Facebook rant when he got it, endangering his three week old newborn (one of his coworkers who knows he has a baby actually told him she was glad that he had Covid because “it’s not nearly as dangerous as getting the vaccine”), anti vaxxers not only called the school district he worked for trying to get him fired, they also called the school district where his wife works trying to get HER fired.

    I don’t care about being kind or nice anymore. These idiots need to go, the faster the better, by any means possible.

    • Valerie says:

      Agreed. I know that the right loves to seize upon comments like this and hold them up as examples of “the tolerant left,” but they haven’t a compassionate bone in their body and are as hypocritical as the day is long. F them.

    • Tangerinetree says:

      Yep! Mozel tov, Sarah!

  48. Valerie says:

    Close, honey: It’ll be over your dead body that they sprinkle holy water that will sizzle and burn off. The vaccine will go to someone who actually wants it.

  49. Sean says:

    Hey, this is America! It’s every persons inalienable right to get a shot over their dead body! Just, sayin”.

  50. waitwhat says:

    What did she scribble on her hand in red ink (header pic)? Thank goodness Kamala is our first female vice president and not this nincompoop.

  51. Molly says:

    There’s really only one retort to that, and it writes itself.

  52. Annetommy says:

    Trump said at one of the stops on his ‘ancient se*x offenders tour’ with O’Reilly that he – trump – had gotten the booster. The MAGA crowd booed. People still say if trump urged vaccinations the numbers would rise but I think it’s way too late for that. It needed to happen a year ago and that ship has sailed.

    • Valerie says:

      They’ll still vote for him in 2024, provided he’s able to run again. You can’t expect sense or consistency from these people!

  53. Marigold says:

    These nasty antivaxxers are the reason my immunocompromised mother has been suffering from long Covid. Their ignorant republican azzes can rot in hell.

  54. Bella says:

    My brother-in-law said the same thing.

    He’s dead now.

    No, not kidding.

  55. Serena says:

    Well, how do I say it..

  56. phlyfiremama says:

    *crosses fingers

  57. Sarah says:

    Covid: “Challenge accepted”.

  58. Jo73c says:

    Fingers crossed