Video shows Joe Francis’ attack from behind on Playboy model Jayde Nicole

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The feud between “Girls Gone Wild” scumbag Joe Francis and Playboy model Jayde Nicole continues to rage on. We told you about the L.A. nightclub incident in which Jayde poured a drink on Francis after she saw him aggressively hitting on her friend. Joe retaliated by grabbing the model from behind by the hair, throwing her to the ground and kicking her. Now, there is video that supports Jayde’s claims, taken from the club where the incident occurred. The video clearly shows Francis coming up behind Jayde while her back is turned and viciously dragging her through a crowd of people by the hair.

“He can’t lie anymore!” Jayde Nicole speaks out for the first time since the attack, describing her nightmare experience at the hands of Joe Francis while watching’s explosive never-before-seen security video of the incident.

Early in the morning on Friday, August 28, Jayde, her boyfriend Brody Jenner and a group of friends were at Hollywood hot spot Guys and Dolls when Jayde spotted Joe and said he was grabbing her friend and trying to kiss her. Jayde reached through a crowd and dumped her shot-glass drink on Joe’s shoulder. She then turned back to the bar.

That’s when the violence started. Joe pushed bar patrons aside, reached through the crowd and grabbed Jayde by the hair, viciously yanking her to the floor and dragging her through the crowd. A melee ensued, with Brody and others chasing Francis through the bar.

As she stood up barefoot and sat at the bar Jayde said she had no idea what had just happened to her. “I was traumatized at this point,” the former Playboy model told Conflicting reports from Jenner and Francis say that the two got into a fist fight outside the club and Brody was tasered by someone.

Jayde’s lawyer, Ronald Richards, defended his client and slammed Francis’ violent reaction and the defense he’s been using – “This was not any self defense by Mr. Francis.”

[From Radar]

Radar has the video exclusively, so we can’t post it here. But the footage, while black and white and kind of grainy, clearly shows what happened in the club. Unfortunately there’s no video of the fight that happened outside the club, but my theory is that Francis unleashed a couple of thugs on Brody Jenner because he didn’t want to mess up his hair.

Brody Jenner and girlfriend Jayde Nicole have dinner at Nobu in Malibu

Brody Jenner and girlfriend Jayde Nicole have dinner at Nobu in Malibu

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    clearly, the guy has hatred and some kind of vendetta against women in general.

    there’s no other reason for him to treat a woman this way, and do what he does for a living.

    He is a misogynistic, creepy, lying rapist who needs to be put away.

    or just be given a merciless beatdown.

  2. YoMomma says:

    What ever happened to him as a kid from a woman? She was wrong pouring the glass on him but it didn’t call for him pulling her across the room by her hair. Please oh Please take this to court Jayde and let them use this video as evidence. Has he had other female battery charges on him?

  3. crash2GO2 says:

    Oh nice. Twist and shout Brody et., al.

  4. Salina says:

    The skank was at fault for pouring the drink on him and thinking no back lash was to come of it, and he’s an ass for just being himself.

    Their both a-holes and they both look like retarded monkeys……. my apologies to any real monkeys I may have insulted

  5. Sudini says:

    I’ve often wondered how Joe Francis must have been raised or what mother issues he has. Its so clear that he hates women.

    According to the following from Wikipedia, he has a history of aggression towards women:

    “Claire Hoffman reported in an article in the Los Angeles Times that Francis had pinned her against a car and twisted her arm when he was reenacting an incident he had with police in Panama City. Police had to separate Francis from Hoffman.[8]

    Other controversies include allegations of conspiracy to use minors in sexual performances. A 2006 Los Angeles Times interview mentions accusations of aggression toward women including repeated harassment and referring to them by epithets for the female genitalia, a death threat, and a rape accusation that Francis contested.[8]

    Francis has been criticized by third wave feminist Ariel Levy for perpetuating what some consider “the new double standard,” which equates the objectification of women with sexual liberation.[9]” (

  6. Mari says:

    Did he forget he’s OUT of prison. The “attack-from-behind-sneak-creep” (yup, thats what they call it in the big house) is NOT ok outside of the bars. Well, maybe since he was IN one he got confused.

  7. Scotty MikeL says:

    Unbelievable….super rediculous he could do something so mean to a girl like that…shame on him and hope he gets jail time!


  8. crash2GO2 says:

    Salina, are you serious? One little shot glass of alcohol and she was at fault? For what?

  9. TwinkleToes says:

    He’s a pussy for that reaction, especially from behind but I’m sure she now understands, never, ever assault anyone with drinks, words or actions in a place where the liquor is flowing because some people will go into a blind rage when provoked while under the influence and it can be deadly if they have nothing to lose. She learned the hard way.

  10. GatsbyGal says:

    Salina, I don’t think she’s at fault at all. I think any woman worth her salt would come to her friend’s defense if they saw Joe Francis, the King of Douches, trying to force himself on her. I hope he ends up going to prison again, and maybe this time he’ll get shanked in both his kidneys and die. The world would be better for it.

  11. *Lee* says:

    I really fail to see how spilling a drink on somebody constitutes pulling them across a room by their hair and kicking them.

  12. TommyJ says:

    You pour a drink on a drunk douchebag, don’t act surprised by his reaction. She got lucky he didn’t hit her in the face. “Don’t bite off more than you chew” would apply to her in this situation. If I went up some huge dude and threw my drink at him and say “you can’t hit me because I weight 100 less than you.”? No, he’s gonna beat my ass right, wrong or indifferent!

    Oh, and I believe throwing a drink on someone IS constituted as assault. Therefore she began the altercation, so he won’t be at fault for his reaction.

  13. the original kate says:

    wow – that was ugly.

  14. jule says:

    I wish I could start a celebrity jail, this guy would be one of my first admissions with Chris Brown and Polanski.

  15. ssdffs says:

    @ Tommyj, Salina
    So you guys are saying it’s ok for a man to hit a woman? She did not throw her drink at him. She POURED it on him. I believe by his violent reactions he was being overly aggressive with her friend and she was trying to stand up for her friend.

    He deserves to go prison for beating that woman in public. It’s quite scary to see that awful man beat a woman in public. Makes you think what he does behind closed doors when a woman doesn’t have a group of males protecting her from a guy like Joe.

  16. TommyJ says:


    Its definitely NOT ok to hit a woman clearly. I would NEVER hit a girl.

    But when I’ve seen girls get away with everything short of murder with no repercussions in a bar, it doesn’t make me want to feel bad for Jayde whatsoever.

  17. hatsumomo says:

    ssdffs, I think you have some major comprehension issues. Clearly you’re not reading the comments clearly.
    So I ask, Why the hell are you going to start a fight in a bar with a bunch of drunk douches? For what? Just cause some guy is hitting on your friend? I saw the clip and it didn’t look like she was sticking up for the girl. She just went up behind someone and threw a drink on him. Why not tap him on the shoulder and tell him she’s married? Or a lesbian and not interested? I do that for my girlfriends when we;re at the bar. I mean, what kinda half-ass does that? And she’s suing for a million. Go figure.
    While I do not condone what Francis did, there is a simple yet effective strategy for not getting your ass beat by a drunk ape. Ready?…Here it is…Don’t pick fights with them! Avoid at all costs! If not for your safety then your health. Who knows what diseases that man is incubating….
    In fact, avoid all breeding grounds for these nasty douches. They hang at the same bars with the same hoes on their nuts trying to get a free drink. You will never catch me and my man at some ugly bar like that, paying $10 for a drink. I mean C’mon!

  18. ! says:

    Spilling a drink= everything short of murder?

    Tell me, what DO these insipid bar skanks do to warrant that comment?

  19. Lizzard says:

    I saw this video yesterday and was completely shocked and outraged. I thought the footage looked more like she was walking away from the bar with a drink and spilled it on him when she went to walk away. When the video shows her at the bar with the shot, he’s not in front of her and then she walks over to him with the shot glass raised from what it looked like like maybe she didn’t want to intentionally spill it on anyone.

    His reaction was beyond harsh! Even if what I thought it looked like wasn’t true and she did intentionally spill a shot on him, there is NO REASON for that type of an outburst! JF should have tried to be the bigger person and walk away. He’s been in jail and is still in trouble with the law. Dragging a person by their hair and pushing them down to the floor in a crowded bar is heinous. I hope he gets his and his ego soon deflates. His whole eplanation of events in the aftermath of this wasn’t even close to being accurate. I hope Brody kicked the crap out of him, he deserved it!

  20. Meg says:

    “He deserves to go to jail for beating that woman in public”-???

    #1, She started it by pouring a drink on him and all he really did was pull her hair for a few seconds. #2, Out-of-control mothers hit their kids in the supermarket everyday and probably do worse at home. Double standards???

  21. Skizz says:

    He should probably get in trouble for assaulting her, but jail? He pulled her hair. Besides, if a guy poured a drink on another guy he would get beat down.

    However if he gets in trouble shouldn’t she? She poured a drink on him (harassment), originally told police he punched and kicked her (filing a false report), and told the tabloids and twitter the same (slander). She may have changed her story now, but earlier actions magnified this story 10x.

    Lock them both up, two less fame whores.

  22. crash2GO2 says:

    Oh, come on Meg, he did a lot more than just pull her hair for a few seconds. And I have YET to see one mother ‘hit’ their child in the supermarket.

    I have to wonder at all the yahoos jumping to the defense of this Neanderthal (no offense to Neanderthals intended) – ‘Well, SHE started it…’ Sound like a bunch of Kindergartners.

  23. fizXgirl314 says:

    this whole discussion about double standards is real fresh considering men have been getting away with beating women for centures… how is it that doesn’t make you angry but a girl getting away with pouring a drink on a guy does?


  24. nesha86 says:

    From what I’ve been reading all over the web, the video on radar isn’t the whole incident. They say that not only did she pour her drink on him, but she pushed him from behind first and when she didn’t get a reaction from him she resorted to the shot glass. Say what you want about Joe Francis, but that skank came at him twice. She’s totally at fault here, female or not. Who goes after someone like that?

  25. lin234 says:

    @ Lizzard: I agree with you!

    No woman deserves to have some guy yank her hair so hard she practically flies off to the other side of a crowded bar, beaten, and trampled after that! From other accounts it seems that the hand that came out to push Joe’s head could not have been from her hand and she only poured a shot on his shoulder. If he needed revenge, he could have spilled an entire drink on her if necessary.

    Instead that subhuman attacks her from behind. What kind of man does that? Certainly not a real one.

    I normally would not take the side of a Playboy model who is one step above a prostitute but it has been stated she was standing up for her friend Joe had been hitting on and trying to kiss.

    “Jayde spotted Joe and said he was grabbing her friend and trying to kiss her. Jayde reached through a crowd and dumped her shot-glass drink on Joe’s shoulder. She then turned back to the bar.”

    There is always one of those sleazy guys who won’t take no for an answer.

    It doesn’t exactly make a girl comfortable when some jackass won’t leave her alone and is trying to force himself on her. He should have taken NO as NO and left the girl alone. I think that what Jayde did was a bit childish, but it was nothing compared to what that low-life put the girls through. And it definitely did not warrant that violent reaction. He deserves to go to jail for assault and battery. Not to mention he LIED about the incidence and tried to downplay it like he only tapped her on the shoulder.

    In what world is heaving a girl across the room by her hair a tap? What an animal.

    On radar online, Jayde also said so many women have been supporting her and so many have had incidences with Joe but no money to hire a lawyer for justice. Joe deserves to go back to prison.

  26. lin234 says:

    @ Meg
    He ONLY pulled her hair for a few seconds? Yea, it was so gentle she flew across the room. The video shows he did not stop after pulling her hair: he got a few punches and kicks in.

    “Jenner says Francis then pulled Jayde’s hair, punched her in the face and threw her to the ground and began kicking her. Security broke it up and Francis got dragged away — Brody followed.”

    “Jayde has a black and blue cheek, her face is swollen, she has a bruised left rib and her lower abdomen is sore. Some of her hair also got pulled out.”

    He beat the crap out of her in public! How is that not assault and battery? At most pour a drink on her, yell at her… DO NOT HIT HER.

    There are no double standards here. In regards to your #2 example, that’s why CPS is in place. And no one is saying out of control mothers hitting their children is right.

    So yes, he deserves time in prison.

  27. Lita says:

    Selina, TwinkleTroll and like-minded’s say she should have realised that there would be an overwhelming reaction and restrained herself accordingly. By this argument, JF should similarly have realised there would be an overwhelming reaction (hopefully legal, if not just public) and restrained himself – but you don’t take your “logic” to that end do you. It just stops with her being responsible for what happened. This rational is analogous to the “look how she was dressed, she was asking for it” rape defense. Is this the standard you hold your society to? I guess you guys were in the Chris Brown defender camp – same thing.

  28. Tom says:

    you know, if I , “A Male” Dumped a
    drink on another male, and he grabbed
    me and pulled me to the floor, I would
    think it to be an expected reaction to
    what I just did to him… what is it
    with these “assault like a man” but
    “get out of it like a girl” chicks ?
    who think they can innitiate a fight
    situation like a male, buit with out
    any consequences ?

  29. Annabelle says:

    So, if you saw your girl friend being harrassed by a man you wouldn’t try stand up for her? The playboy chick did what any good friend would do. I know if my friends were almost being forced, I would help them out anyway I could. Joe Francis is a rapist.

  30. lin234 says:

    @ Lita: I’m loving your line of reasoning! Well said!

    I honestly don’t understand the people who are saying “if a man threw his drink at another man, he would expect a fight, therefore she got what she deserved”. That’s comparing the situation to apples and oranges. There is a reason why the Olympics is segregated by male and female competitions still: men TEND to be physically stronger than women.

    The bottom line is: Joe Francis beat that woman up. He should be held accountable for his overreaction. He didn’t even have the guts to confront her face to face. What she did may not have been right, but in no way did it warrant a beating by a man.

    I normally don’t even care to comment but seeing that video made me wince and I find it loathsome people are saying she got what she deserved because she started it. A lot of male abusers use that same excuse to justify beating their spouses, girlfriends, etc. It doesn’t matter. Men shouldn’t hit women.

  31. birdie says:

    Tom you are probably the same commenter as tommyj because you both have the same asinine point to prove. It sounds like women don’t really like you, and probably often do things like this to you and you would love to react like this. Maybe you should stop drinking and get a grip on reality.

    That kind of attack is NEVER okay. Male or Female, I would never expect to be attacked like that for pouring or spilling a drink on someone. I am glad most of the commentators are on this side of the fence, because honestly these “males” defending violence against a woman because “she deserved it” are making me sick to my stomach.

    The fact of the matter is pouring a drink on someone, whether or not you feel this way in Tom/Tommyj’s self-righteous and ridiculous code of bar ethics, is NOT the equivalent of dragging a woman across a room by her hair and punching and kicking her.

    She poured, she didn’t throw, there was NO INJURY to Joe Francis except to his already damaged Ego. Pouring a drink on someone is not a crime. People do it accidentally all the time. But what Joe Francis did is absolutely assault and battery. He makes me sick, that video made me sick.

    If someone were to stand on a street corner and shout obscenities at you Tom and you were to come at them pull their hair and punch and kick them, you would be spending time in jail, and no judge would care that you had been incited. There will always be people/things/situations that incite anger in all of us, but what makes most people functioning members of society is that they don’t fly into a rage at the drop of a pin.

    Someone like Joe Francis is a loose canon, he is an assault and battery waiting to happen. This video just proves to me that he is a total scumbag and should spend the rest of his life alienated, blacklisted, and hopefully imprisoned.

  32. Allie says:

    Joe Francis is a digusting excuse for a human being. Of course, everyone is allowed to defend themselves. If she was continuing to come at him with mace or throwing alcohol in his eyes for no reason and wasn’t backing away, he would have needed to respond strongly to protect himself. His response was a complete douchebag overreaction to having to walk around with a wet shoulder for 30 minutes. He deserves every bad thing that happens to him.

  33. gg says:

    Oh, come ON Salina … she poured one ounce of liquid on his shoulder. That doesn’t warrant reaching through a crowd and dragging somebody backwards by the hair. And what if he’d grabbed the wrong person?? Also, good on her for sticking up for her friend. Joe Francis is misogynist trash.

    He wooks wike he’s having twouble cawwying his picnic basket in the header photo too. He must’ve lost all that fatness while being a prison bitch.

  34. Rani7 says:

    lin 234 – women should not hit men to start with. If someone (anyone) hits a person or provokes them, they are clearly asking for trouble. They need to be prepared for the consequences. It really bothers me that women think that they can do whatever they want to men and that men should just stand there and take it because “its a woman”! What should of JF done? Gone and told the bouncers? Thrown a drink back at her and then given her a slap? I watched the video on Radar and she slapped him first and then poured the drink. He was just walking through the crowd minding his own business.

    Sorry Jayde, but if you want to act like a man be prepared to fight like one. Keep your hands to yourself! Just because you got K.O.’d in the first round, you cant whine like a baby. Once you enter the ring, its game on.

  35. Jen says:

    The video shows him walking through the crowd before she popped him, then poured the drink on him. I don’t see any “defense” of her friend going on, just her acting like an a$$. And not that I’m condoning his behavior, but he grabbed her hair, then was pushed away. Jayde made it sound like he pounded on her with his fists and feet for a while. He is a jerk, but she’s an idiot, too.

  36. Rani7 says:

    and I forgot to add that they deserve each other. One thinks she is famous for showing her snatch to the world and the other one exploits women for money.

  37. TS says:

    Hard to say which one of them is more of a douche.

  38. Yae says:


    If a mother pulled her child down in a supermarket like that by her hair she would GO TO JAIL.

    Getting a splash of liquid on the shoulder isn’t a permission slip to physically attack someone.

    It was also clear by the video that Joe has done this to women before. He pulled her down by her hair with ease and obvious experience.

  39. Kristin says:

    Hey “Sudini,” don’t forget the time when this jackass re-enacted Rihanna getting beat up with one of the Kardashians on a street corner for a bunch of photographers, all while laughing hysterically. Because you know it’s hilarious her getting her face bashed in like that.

    Oh, and “Tommy?” Sorry dude, but your legal conclusions are completely off base. Yes, pouring a drink on him is considered assault, but he is only allowed to defend himself with REASONABLE force. As a prosecutor, I can assure you that no judge on the planet would consider dragging a girl to the ground by her hair and dragging her on the floor, while kicking the ever-loving crap out of her, a reasonable response to having a drink poured on you. If this response seriously seems reasonable to you, well then that’s a whole different issue that you might want to discuss with your therapist.

  40. Mango_Pickle says:

    Oh Kristin, do us a favour and STFU. Speak only when your mouth is attached to your brain.

  41. Sudini says:

    @Kristin – I didn’t know about the Rhianna thing. Wow, what a total and complete a**hole this guy is.

    But it’s like “gilding the lily” at this point, you know? I mean, how much more evidence does there need to be put out there before he’s finally called out on his sh*t? He’s made it so clear from the beginning how little respect he has for women. He needs to be neutered and taught some manners. In that order.

  42. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “women should not hit men to start with. If someone (anyone) hits a person or provokes them, they are clearly asking for trouble.”

    she didn’t hit him.

    “What should of JF done? Gone and told the bouncers?”

    Yes, that’s EXACTLY what he should have done. A much more reasonable reaction to someone pouring a drink on you. Happened to a friend of mine and the person who poured the drink was thrown out.

  43. Mango_pickle says:

    Praise St. Angie – go and watch the video on Radar Online before you comment! Jayde DID hit him first.

    Damn, I hate ignorant people who comment before they know THE FACTS.

  44. hatsumomo says:

    Mango_pickle, can you do us a favor and stfu? Srsly, no one likes an asshole.

    And Damn, i hate when another person tries telling when someone can speak….

  45. GatsbyGal says:

    So she slapped him and poured a shot glass on him…and this means it’s okay that he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her? That somehow she was asking for it, or should have expected it? Legally, Joe Francis doesn’t have a leg to stand on. What’s he going to claim, self defense? This woman posed no physical threat to him beyond a slap on the face. He should not have retaliated the way he did, it was completely out of proportion.

  46. Hieronyus Grex says:

    The term scumf*ck gets tossed around so often today, but here’s a person who deserves it.

  47. Praise St. Angie! says:

    egad, take a chill-pill.

    the only vid I saw was the one posted here. and in that vid, she didn’t hit him.

    regardless of whether or not she did hit him, my comment stands. the best course of action for him would have been to walk away, tell the bouncers or management, and have her tossed.

    even if she did hit him, his reaction was way over the top. any person who actually defends what he did with “she asked for it” is just as sick as he is.

  48. BlogHawg says:

    hatsumomo, go eat your sushi and STFU! Who was talking to you? Mind your own business u ass wipe.

  49. snowball says:

    Isn’t douchebag Joe so slimy and greasy that any liquid poured on him would just slide off?

    ITA with Kristin – was about to say you can only respond with REASONABLE force to stop the attack. You can’t shoot someone because they punched you then walked away. And you can’t grab someone by the hair, drag them a handful of feet, then get in a couple of smacks and kicks because you had some liquid dumped on your shoulder.

    He should have just dumped a glass of something on her head and called it even. Instead, he overreacted like the immature misogynist scum sucker he is.

    I hope she sues his ass off, not that I condone that kind of thing normally. But really, he needs someone to sue his ass off.