Beyonce might fire her dad-manager over his paternity suit

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Last week, news broke of some baby-daddy drama from an unexpected place. A woman named Alexsandra Wright (or, as some sources have it, AlexSandra Wright) filed a paternity case against 58-year-old Mathew Knowles, Beyonce’s father. Wright filed the paternity petition in Los Angeles, where she resides. Beyond that, there’s not a lot of information about her. TMZ reports: “We’re told she’s in her late 30s… and she works in the name-branding business.” Wright also appeared in one episode of Scrubs, back in 2001, and from which we have this unflattering screenshot of her. A Canadian source claims Wright is Canadian and 38 years old.

Wright is apparently six months pregnant, and she’s letting the paperwork do the talking for her. Weird Hollywood coincidence – her lawyer, Neal Hersh, is also Lamar Odom’s lawyer in the prenuptial negotiations with Khloe Kardashian. It is unknown whether Wright wants a simple admission of paternity, or if she wants child support. My guess? She wants the money. Mathew Knowles has been Beyonce’s manager from the beginning, meaning he’s got at least 10% of whatever Beyonce’s making. Which puts it into millions of dollars. Anyhoodle, this is pretty scandalous because Mathew and Tina Knowles have been married since 1980! Yikes. The Enquirer has a new story out, all about how Beyonce is “furious” about this dangerous liaison.

Alexsandra Wright filed the suit in late September because she was terrified Mathew Knowles would end their relationship when he learned about the pregnancy, says a source close to the Knowles family.

“Beyonce is very upset,” said the source. Although Mathew and Tina have gone through several rough patches in their marriage, Beyonce is “angry that her father didn’t have enough sense to protect himself” from a situation like this.

Mathew has served as Beyonce’s manager and he has guided her career from the beginning. But now Beyonce believes it might be time to separate him from her professional like, says the source.

“Beyonce says a big part of being successful and happy is being focused, and she can’t do that when she has to deal with her father’s antics.”

[From the National Enquirer, print edition, October 18 2009]

I tend to think Beyonce should get another manager, a real manager. While I think Mathew Knowles has done a hell of a job managing Beyonce’s career thus far, and I have no doubt that he’s a cold, hard, business-oriented bastard when he needs to be, I think it‘s time to end the dad-manager thing. In total, I dislike this trend of having a family member manage you – that’s what creates monsters like Papa Joe Simpson (Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s dad) and Dina “Shoe-Han” Lohan. As for the whole paternity suit thing, we’ll see. My guess is Mathew’s the baby-daddy, but I’ll wait for it.

Here’s Beyonce at the BET Awards on June 28th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures . Header of Matthew Knowles at the Music World Entertainment R&B Live Concert Series in New York in August 2007. Image thanks to .

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  1. Lem says:

    it has long long been rumored one of density’s other children is also his. one that B remains close to. one who daddy knowles does not manage. this doesn’t seem out of character for him.

  2. Catherine says:

    Ew, who would WANT him? Gag

  3. oxa says:

    Time for Sasha Fierce to get rid of mommy and daddy. Daddy brings bad press and mommy dresses her like a hooker.

  4. BitterBetty says:

    I heard that rumor, Lem. it sounds crazy though.

    BTW where’s the ‘Morgan freeman having sex with his granddaughter’ follow up? I have not seen anything written about it anywhere since it was reported for the first time.

  5. westindya says:

    she is not firing her father. as if!

  6. elvisgrace says:

    After that Svengali-like handling of the VMAs, I doubt Daddy Knowles is going anywhere, no matter how pissed Beyonce is with him personally. Like #3, I do wish she’s back off letting her mom outfit her. And, unlike the Simpsons and the Lohans, there actually is talent in this case. I’d compare Beyonce’s parent/manager situation more to Usher’s, and we know how well it worked for him to fire his momager.

  7. Hifivegirl says:

    Yea im sure she will trust some random manager more than she does her own father. and he *wants* to manage. Give me a break.

  8. Tania says:

    They say Beyonce’s Dad has done this before and is actually seperated from his wife. Apperently, KELLY ROWLAND is even Beyonce’s half sister.

  9. Laura says:

    Eh, I don’t know. Her dad raised Beyoncé well. She was basically a tween star. Destiny’s Child became really famous before she was barely 16.

    She hasn’t been arrested, has had bouts of divatude but she still has an amazing career. He’s done a good job. And unlike Joe Simpson, he doesn’t talk about Beyoncé’s body in a lewd way.

  10. cindy says:

    I can see it happening. She’s already established her music career and she seems pissed that her father let himself get into the situation where she’ll have a (another?) half sister. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want percentage of whatever future earnings I make going towards my father’s illegitimate child. It’s understandble she’s taking steps to protect herself.

  11. jess says:

    is it just me or does he look like squidworth from spongebob?

  12. Rani7 says:

    His eyes are creepy.

  13. TS says:

    She and her Mom are always dressed like cheap hookers. No style or taste, kinda like most of her muzac.

  14. V says:

    Like mother like daughter. People have been talking about Kelly Roland as Matthew’s daughter for years. And the other former members of Destiny’s Child have accused him of sexual harassment. I believe the Kelly rumors. She has no mother or father to speak of or that anyone has seen. And Beyonce is the last person to throw stones from her glass house. Jay Z has his own 6 year old indiscretion walking around looking just like him:

  15. LUCI LIU says:


  16. Shay says:

    Maybe she should have fired him when he started trying to activly destroy her competitions (Kelly Rowland & Latoya Lucket) career.

  17. HashBrowns says:

    That dress is a hot mess. She’s such a pretty woman, why on earth does she let people put her in such hideous clothes?

    By the way, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had some other child.

  18. Becky says:

    Only a dummy would believe that she would wake up and do such a thing. Look what happen to Usher, M.J. and many others who fired the manager who was helping them make millions … well their career went to the dogs … that is why M.J. rehired his manager towards the end of his life and Usher got the common sense to do the same.

    Plus Beyonce is super-private so no one new will get in that inner circle. In addition, no one will work as hard for her as her daddy.

    I don’t support what happen with her dad but men will always be men and it is very sad to say that. This will not have an effect on her career at all. What they need to focus on is being there for that baby if it is his because it is not the child’s fault. Don’t ignore it like the rest of the Jackson’s did that is the wrong thing to do unless you are focusing more on protecting your privacy than letting the child enjoy being a part of the family. It is sad when we are all so small-minded.

    Beyonce knows better than to mess with the formula.

  19. mollination says:

    Remember when Beyonce wasn’t nominated for an Oscar and her dad claimed it was because the Academy was run by a “Good Ole Boys” club, and that Beyonce was robbed because she was a black female? Even though the winner, black female Jennifer Hudson, was not a white old man?

    *THAT’S* when I would have fired daddy knowles as my manager.

    these celebrity parents are so fackin deluded they cannot manage their children objectively.

  20. barbara says:

    If this is true Beyonce will do the right thing and she will be ok. Beyonce don’t have to pay his child support he does. If he was this stupid he will have to make his own bed and take his own heat. I wonder what Ms. Tina will do now, divorce him I hope and move on with her life. Same with Beyonce and Solange move on with their lives they are gown you know. Matthew needs his ass whip real good 58years old and caught up in bull shit. Trust Jay will make sure Beyonce is ok and her money is safe from that bastard of a daddy.

  21. Lway says:

    Gold Digger. Why would she bang him (which is supposed to be something you do with the person you love) and then sue him when she finds out she’s pregnant

    She’s just looking for a reason to make waves – probably makes her feel superior to everyone else. Skank!

    I hope Tina Knowles sues her for breaking up the marriage – surely this loose skank, Alexsandra Wright, knew that he was married?

    Dumbass people …

  22. Catharsis says:

    He should have kept his wee wee in his little pants. Oh well, I don’t care too much for Beyonce. Her father and mother act as if that is their only child. Her mother even says in a video that Beyonce is her main concern and focus…well if she were focusing on her husband instead of playing hand maiden to her daughter then maybe he wouldn’t stray. Well…maybe he would if he had to sleep next to that day in and out. Oh well, pay up Beyonce and dad.

  23. Tianna says:

    I think that Beyonce and her mom dresses really nice.Her mom has good taste.I have never seen Beyonce dress slutty in any kind of way.I mean if you got it why not show it.It’s not like she dress like that when she’s outside.That’s just a part of her show and plus with all of those lights why not be comfortable and cool.Even if she is mad at her daddy,it will probably be not for long.I mean I know she still loves him and trust him.Now days you can’t find too many people that you can trust especially in that type of business.

  24. beachbum says:

    I hope Tina Knowles takes him to the CLEANERS. Just my opinion.

  25. RealTalk2 says:

    Well the baby is here, born Feb. 4th and the pictures are circling the internet. I think the baby resembles Knowles. Finally, he gets the male-child that he longed for to carry on the Knowles name. If so, it’s time for him to “Man-Up” and stop having his P.R. lie and say they know nothing of a baby being born or paternity suit, etc. He’s looking more like a fool caught with his pants down by the minute. He needs to do the right thing, acknowledge the paternity test (if the child is his), be a father and provide for this innocent child. Beyonce, Solange, Kelly…say “Hello” to your new baby Brother and only male Knowles to carry on your father’s name.

  26. $exy bitch says:

    lol but i heard she is not pregnant by the way

  27. Zachary Bestine says:

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