Did Matt Damon get paid in cryptocurrency for his idiotic Crypto commercial?

CELEBRITES : Red Carpet du film Stillwater - Cannes - 08/07/2021

Can I just say? I love it when people rip into cryptocurrency because it makes me feel better about not really understanding why it’s such a big f–king deal. I’m soothed whenever someone points out that crypto is basically a Ponzi scheme, or “Mary Kay for young men.” That’s a better explanation for this cryptocurrency mess than anything Elon Musk is saying. Anyway, crypto is big business and they have to attract new “investors” to keep the pyramid scheme afloat. They threw some money at Matt Damon and got him to film a very terrible commercial:

The thing about this commercial is that it’s actually been out for a few months, but now it’s being shown during football games on network television, and it’s also being shown in front of Marvel movies in theaters. It’s not enough that online gambling companies are taking over sports advertising, now crypto schemers are also targeting the same market: gullible men who want to throw away their disposable income on dumb sh-t. My dudes, are you not embarrassed?

People are also talking about how Matty D must be poor to agree to appear in this asinine commercial. I mean… he’s not poor. I would assume that Crypto paid him handsomely (in dogecoin). It’s also pretty embarrassing for everyone involved that Matty D is the “celebrity” the crypto guys thought would appeal to dudes. The same Matty D who only stopped using homophobic slurs last year.

2021 Cannes Film Festival

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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14 Responses to “Did Matt Damon get paid in cryptocurrency for his idiotic Crypto commercial?”

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  1. Kalana says:

    I don’t like what he’s done to his face. The Botox and fillers are not flattering. He should just let himself age a little bit more. Men have far more leeway anyway.

    I haven’t really liked Matt Damon since his Me Too comments.

  2. Mcmmom says:

    Matt Damon is what aliens would design if asked to create “cisgendered, straight white guy.”

  3. Anne says:

    It reminded me of that Christian Slater bit on The Office when Sabre took over.

  4. AppleCart says:

    All these guys sitting on paper fortunes. Good luck trying to cash out.

  5. lunchcoma says:

    Damon maybe needs to think about his image. A disastrous press tour, a big budget flop, and now an especially embarrassing commercial with a target audience of American moviegoers?

    Look to George Clooney, Matt. Do your shilling abroad, or at least make sure it’s something harmless like coffee. And maybe don’t tell stories about how your teenager needed to talk you out of using slurs most people learned were the wrong thing to say in 2nd grade.

  6. Bryn says:

    Didn’t he just do a Stella Artois add about helping women access clean water? This is like the opposite. Crypto currency is so bad for the environment, way to go Matty. Dumb

  7. Snuffles says:

    I remain utterly confused as to what cryptocurrency is as my gut has always told me it’s a scam/

    • Jais says:

      Pajiba had an article about the large carbon print of cryptocurrency and I was v confused bc I don’t really understand it. So I went and read some more articles about mining farms and super computers and wow it’s a lot. People are competing with super charged computers, known as mining, to solve a code for one new “nonce” or bitcoin and the bitcoin program gets harder the more people are trying to solve it. It’s crazy stuff. Essentially, you have to have really fast amazingly high powered computers to even compete and they use more power than the country of Argentina in one year. So a lot of these mining farms of super computers competing to solve a code for one bitcoin are in china because of the ability to use unregulated energy. However, farms are mining to even more unregulated countries like kazakahstan. As I’m writing this, I still don’t really understand all this effort for a pyramid scheme. I’m still pretty confused and not sure if I explained any of this correctly.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      It was created as a digital alternative to fiat currency. It’s produced by increasingly complicated computer problems to be solved in order to generate a new “coin,” which can be stored in a digital wallet/account. This preserves the value of the coin, since it constrains supply (you can’t just print money), but it also consumes massive amounts of energy.

      But yes, it’s basically a scam. Certainly there are folks who invest in crypto for legitimate reasons, but its highest & best purpose is money laundering & trying to evade government regulation. It doesn’t even behave like a currency from a financial standpoint. It behaves like a commodity & it’s basically recycled gold standard nonsense. Once taxing/regulatory authorities catch up, crypto is toast.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I hope that you are right @ Lizzie Bathory! The amount of power that the super computers need to process, convert and store these scams are destroying magnitudes of the environment! I saw an expose on a small NE town that has a gorgeous lake that these pirates want to buy for the purpose of using the lake to transform it into supporting their sole crypto plant. The damage that will be done not only to the lake, but the invasion of building a power source that will disrupt the eco system alone is enough to make you want to strangle every crypto consumer, operator and those behind its development.

        The government needs to get involved, if not just from the environmental impact, but the basis to which crypto is allowing those to utilize it for illegal reasons as well.

  8. DB says:

    I first saw this ad when I saw Dune in the theater. It was my first time in a movie theater since 2019, so I assumed it was a trailer/ad for the film industry or about the magic of movies. So when the crypto logo flashes at the end, I was like “huh?”

    So lame. As much as I love my celeb gossip, sometimes I wish we didn’t know so much about actors…so I could just enjoy performances without knowing everyone’s personal business.

  9. detritus says:

    Trust your gut.
    It’s fake money made by tech bros to make themselves rich. It only works if more people buy it. So let’s not. Same with NFTs, aka tech bro beanie babies.

    If you need another reason to hate on it (other than the fact that it’s bs) Crypto is incredibly wasteful in terms of resources. “Bitcoin uses more energy than many countries”,
    Is the name of a good New Yorker article that discusses this.

  10. Dani says:

    I manage other people’s (real) money IRL, and you’re dead on. Unlike a share of stock in a company – where the objective is to sell a product or service for less than the cost of making it, after which the profit is either distributed to the shareholders or reinvested back into the company – these crypto investors only make money when someone buys their stuff for a higher price. The very definition of a pyramid scheme.

    Also, Matt is a complete tool for encouraging it.

  11. Isabella says:

    Matt thinks he’s a hero because he plays heroes in movies. And the public has tired of him. His last 2 movies flopped. Stillwater. The Last Duel.

    He should take a cue from Jennifer Lawrence and disappear for a while. Come back as a better actor. Stop rescuing people in every film. Enough already.