Betty White’s funeral will be private: ‘She never wanted people to make a fuss’

Our wonderful golden girl, Betty White, passed away last Friday at age 99, a few weeks before her 100th birthday. Since the announcement, fans have been trying to figure out ways to honor her. Betty’s agent, Jeff Witjas, said that Betty’s fans should donate to causes that Betty supported. Jeff also said that Betty’s funeral will be private because she didn’t want anything grandiose. Below are a few more details from U.S. Weekly:

“The arrangements are being handled privately and that was Betty’s wish,” the actress’ agent, Jeff Witjas, noted in a statement to Us Weekly on Wednesday, January 5. “As in life, she never wanted people to make a fuss over her.”

In lieu of other tributes, Witjas suggested that fans donate to some of the causes and organizations the late actress was passionate about, including The Los Angeles Zoo, Tree People, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Wildlife Learning Center, Actors and Animals for Others, The Aquarium of the Pacific and Guide Dogs For the Blind.

[From US Weekly]

I am still a bit raw over the loss of Betty. It is like the world is a bit darker, a bit grayer without her kindness and joy. I know Betty was 99 but it still feels too soon. I still want to celebrate Betty’s life and her 100th birthday on January 17th so I will follow Jeff’s direction and donate to either a local animal shelter or to one of the several causes that Betty supported. You can find a list of suggestions here. I do feel that Betty was a national treasure and I would not mind having a huge celebration of her life like we did for Michael Jackson but I also understand why Betty wanted things to be low key. This is in alignment with how Betty lived her life. Despite being a larger than life personality, Betty was modest. She will be missed and she definitely won’t be forgotten. Betty’s legacy, her comedy, her advocacy for animals and the LGBTQIA+ community, will far outlive her physical time on this plane. I am sending love to her friends and family. And I hope they are able to come together to remember the supernova that was Betty White.

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  1. jo73c says:

    I’m not ready for a world without Betty White. I will miss her smile – which is currently bringing tears to my eyes every time I see her picture.

    Why don’t I stop looking at the pictures? Because then I wouldn’t get to see her smile! (dammit, I’m properly crying now)

  2. Riverandtree says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate her life and legacy! I will definitely be making a donation on her birthday to one of those charities.

  3. K says:

    She was the best! I plan on celebrating her 100th with a GG marathon and some cheesecake. Hopefully a little St Olaf-esque snowfall will happen. If you can donate to one of her causes that’s lovely. If you can’t, just be extra kind to everyone. What better way to honor Betty’s memory could there be?

    • BothSidesNow says:

      What a lovely sentiment! I will certainly make a donation in her honor on the 17th., a donation to all three in her name.

      The world does seem darker and less joyful without Betty White and we will all be affected by her loss. As I read everyone’s comments, may all of her charities be drowned with donations on the 17th. I still can’t believe she’s gone.

      May we all celebrate Betty’s birthday on the 17th. with what ever we do to honor her.

  4. Mimi says:

    I’m gonna miss this beautiful soul so much 💔😭❤️

  5. Jezz says:

    There is a plea going around online to donte to any local animal shelter on Jan 17 (her 100th birthday). 💕

  6. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    I learned a couple of days ago that she supported a local donkey rescue and I’m in nowhere Texas! Her reach was wide. A donkey was born on Christmas Day but struggled with naming her. After Betty passed, they named her Betty White-Ludden, which was the name on her checks. It’s such a sweet memorial to her.

    • Driver8 says:

      Aw, I love this story so much!! Thank you for sharing. Betty White was such a treasure.

  7. Traveler says:

    She was such a beautiful soul.

  8. EviesMom says:

    Set to make a donation to our local wildlife organization. I hope we make it rain at these animal charities for Betty on January 17th!

  9. JJ Plauche says:

    New Orleans is having a Second Line parade for her at 4pm on the 17th for her birthday in the French Quarter with a Brass Band and all the regular NOLA fixins. Participants – which is anyone – are encouraged to bring their pets and a pet toy to donate. After Hurricane Katrina, Betty White paid to have our otters and penguins rescued and flown to the Monterey Aquarium. We love her so much. Money raised for the Birthday Bucks for Betty will go to the Villalobos Rescue Center.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Oh how wonderful!!! Leave it to Betty White to come in and rescue the wildlife on her own. I had never known this about what she did after Hurricane Katrina. What an incredible way to honor Betty White in New Orleans!! They always know how to show their gratitude and appreciation in N.O.!!

    • Traveler says:

      What a lovely thing to do!

  10. Vickie says:

    Bring Betty to Wisconsin to be buried next to her dear husband Allen

  11. Terry says:

    The sun shines a little dimmer; the world is a little colder ; a precious Angel has been taken from us all too soon. But Better was just that “an Angel loaned to us from heaven and now God has called her home. We are forever blessed to have had her in our world but for all of us; human or fur babies; we will morn and miss her sweet smile, her loving and giving nature and the joy she so willing gave to us all. She had a contagious smile and mischievous laugh that always reminded me of my mom who too is in heaven. I can just see Betty and mom laughing and talking together. To her family i send prayers and my deepest sympathy. We will always love 💕 Betty white.” Thank you for being a Friend “

  12. Clara Kibbie says:

    She will be missed but not forgotten. REST IN PEACE .

  13. Ruth hines says:

    I will miss her laughter! I watch the golden girls for many years. When I found out she passed away I was heartbroken 💔 but her legacy will live on exspecially with me. I will miss her so much. But she in a better place now. Laughing and dancing with her husband. The angels got a special one when god call her home. May she Rest In Peace ✌️ now. Betty white. I love you 💕 and enjoy your life with your golden girls. Love ❤️ Ruthann Hines.❤️

  14. jean stowell says:

    betty i qatched you for a long time loved golden girls watch it for years you always made laugh i will truely miss you rip

  15. Mary says:

    I will miss you Betty white I look at Golden girls all the time she made me happy she was so funny. And she loved dog’s like one of her show with the dog’s she acted like the dog was talking and the pig and the chinck she love her fans I am gonn MIss her

  16. Janet says:

    she is and always will be a guiding light for others to follow

  17. Ashley messersmith says:

    She will be miss so much and I’m one of her bigs fan RIP Betty she was one of the best Golden Girls I like Betty White as Rose nylund

  18. vickieholland says:

    What a loss of a great person!! Things just won’t seem the same without her in our lives! She lived life and rolled with the times! My condolences to her family. May her love of animals reach out to all of us and love for them always! RIP!

  19. Tammi Hunter says:

    Now their all together again.Rip my golden girls!Love you!Thanks for all the laughs..

  20. Amy Mcdougall-fraser John Paul Mcdougall-fraser says:

    RIP thx for all years of Golden Girls with the laughs and all thx again xo

  21. Kenisha says:

    Betty white will be missed friend

  22. Nakita says:

    She was one of my favorite on the Golden girls I loved all them