Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi of Sex/Life are still together over a year later

Somewhere between ten to 22 percent of couples meet through work. I am sure this figure increases for those who work in industries where they have to be quite intimate with their co-workers. Such is the case for Netflix’s train wreck of a show that I couldn’t stop watching, Sex/Life. Sex/Life, one of the most-watched series on Netflix last year, helped bring two of its two stars together in real life. Star Sarah Shahi was going through a divorce when filming started. Sarah did not expect to fall in love with co-star Adam Demos but real life imitated art. It has been over a year since they went social media official and they are still going strong. A quick check on their socials shows a lot of sickly sweet love notes to each other. Sarah even calls Adam her soul mate. Below are a few more highlights from Us Weekly:

The duo filmed the series together in the fall of 2020 in Canada, playing sexy former lovers who get caught in a love triangle. In the show, Shahi’s character, Billie, is married to Cooper (Mike Vogel) but yearns for her wilder days when she hooked up with Demos’ Brad.

Offscreen, the L Word alum was going through a divorce when the risqué role came into her life — and not necessarily thinking about finding love again.

Us Weekly exclusively confirmed in June 2020 that Shahi and Steve Howey had separated two months prior after 11 years of marriage. The former spouses, who share three children, son William and twins Violet and Knox, finalized their divorce in January 2021.

Shahi wrapped Sex/Life one month prior to her divorce being finalized. At the time, she reflected on how much her life had changed over the past few months.

“And it’s a wrap on Billie Mann. @sexlife. My alter ego,” she captioned a series of photos of her on-camera persona in December 2020. “The layered, wildly complex, hurricane of a character I had the honor of portraying. The saint and the sinner wrapped up in a messy pink bow.”

The Texas native then got a little more personal, adding, “This show was more than just another gig. It changed the direction of my life. It unleashed parts of my heart I had hidden for so long. It helped me find my truth. I was broken open. Finally.”

When celebrating her birthday in January 2021, the Person of Interest alum again reflected on her good fortune, noting that her relationship with Demos is one of the many “privileges” she’s been afforded as she’s grown older.

“It’s a privilege to wake up every day with excitement as to what the day COULD bring, to look at Christmas lights and Halloween decorations with more astonishment than my kids,” she wrote via Instagram at the time. “To get giddy at the smell of pages of a freshly opened book. To have found my love @adam_demos, to laugh until the sun comes up (sleep is boring), to dance when there’s no music.”

[From US Weekly]

I know people make a big deal of Hollywood relationships in which the couples meet on set. However, those sort of dynamics are not abnormal within the society at large. I was super excited about Adam and Sarah getting together and I am glad they are still going strong. To be fair, I didn’t expect anything less. Sarah and Adam’s chemistry on Sex/Life was the only thing that kept me coming back because the series was an absolute train wreck of crazy. Adam stated that the steamy sex scenes were mechanical, yet they managed to show their attraction despite the material. You could tell that Sarah and Adam’s portrayal was more than just acting. Now I am wondering who made the first move and how they decided to date (I’m nosy).

I think Sarah and Adam are a cute couple. Although their comments to each other are over the top for me, I still love and celebrate their relationship. Adam seems like a good guy and a good time which seems like something Sarah needed in her life. Going through their relationship moments of last year has me cheering for their success as a couple. I am also looking forward to their onscreen chemistry in season two of Sex/Life. Of course I will watch the show because Adam is pretty and I enjoy having him on my screen. Good luck to Adam and Sarah on their relationship. I would love to see them go the distance.

Photos via Instagram and courtesy of Netflix

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  1. SH says:

    I always thought Sarah was a beautiful and she is very charismatic and I can see how it is easy to fall in love with her in an over the top way. I always enjoyed her performances in shows, especially a short lived cop show she was in with Damian Lewis. Then I read about the discrimination lawsuit filed by her former nanny against her and her former husband and that turned me off on her and also ruined my enjoyment of the show Shameless due to her former husband’s prominent role.

    • Persephone says:

      Wow…I just looked up that lawsuit. If true, Sarah and her former husband sound like nightmares.
      And it also sounds like she was cheating on her husband.

      • Meime says:

        I just looked this up too, and WOW, her and her ex husband sound awful. Like bat shit toxic awful.

      • Call_Me_Al says:

        Thanks for this. I looked it up. Now I know why I didn’t like their whole “love” story.

    • osito says:

      Same. I’d love to not believe their victim and continue enjoying their work, but I just can’t. It’s terrifying what “pretty” can get away with.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    They don’t call them “chemistry reads” for nothin’. Casting directors/producers have people read together to see who has the most chemistry for the picture—chemistry the actors don’t immediately see between them but outsiders do. So people in Hollywood finding love with their onscreen partner is not magic—it’s a set up by matchmakers! It’s like preordained, arranged attraction. In some cases, inevitable. Casting directors are better at choosing your mate than you are. If I weren’t one, I’d make a whole industry out of it. My next big idea: Casting Love. Guaranteed to put Tinder our of business!

    • Fortuona says:

      Same thing with Chyler Leigh from Greys and her husband Nathan West . They met at a casting call for a show that was never picked up when she was just about to turn 17 . He kissed her and that was that ,the casting guys were joking saying can we come to the wedding . Now been together 20 odd years

      Proposed on the set of NATM that is in the extras scenes for it

  3. KBeth says:

    I didn’t know she had divorced Steve Howey.

  4. Andrea says:

    I love that she is older than him(she is 42 and he is 36, so 6 year age difference) and how hot he is. You go girl!