Neve Campbell: Only in the past years have I felt confident to ask for more money


The fifth installment of Scream comes out this Friday. It’s called Scream, just like the first. But this Scream is not a reboot, it’s a sequel that takes places 25 years after the first movie. All of the original surviving characters are now adults (more adult-er, in some cases) and the heroine, Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell, has gone from a high schooler in the first film to a mom in this one. I’ve only seen the first Scream film, which I loved, but the trailer for this movie looks great. It’s also the first of the franchise not to be helmed by the late Wes Craven. The Ready or Not directors took it on and that truly feels like the right fit.

Neve is doing the promotional rounds for the film. Neve is known for so many roles. Sidney was her break-out role, but she went on to Party of Five, The Craft and Wild Things. Plus, and I always forget this, her partner is JJ Feild. I adore him, although I openly admit about 80% of my adoration for him is because of Austenland. Neve gave an interview to Elle about returning to her Sidney roots and what that role meant to her and fans throughout the decades. What was interesting, though, is that even with everything Neve did in the 90s, she has only recently found the confidence to ask for a higher salary. Part of the problem was people telling her she simply couldn’t ask.

On early fame: That height of fame was not something a 22-year-old really knows how to handle. I was lucky that I was working so much that I didn’t get lost. I see a lot of celebrities when they’re at that height fall down the rabbit hole, whether it’s addictions or breakdowns.

On get paid what she’s worth: Only in the past few years have I felt confident to ask [for more money] because I used to be told, ‘Oh you can’t ask. I wonder if I’d been a male working on the fifth film of this franchise, if it would’ve been the same conversation in my negotiation. We got there in the end, but I feel like it would have been different if I was a man. I honestly do.

On the impact of Sidney Prescott: It’s always surprising to me to have people come up and say, ‘Sidney Prescott changed my life. She made me feel more confident. She made me less of a victim. She made me take action. You don’t expect that when you make a film like this, especially in this genre.

[From Elle]

I agree that were Neve a man she wouldn’t have to fight that hard to be paid what she’s worth. This week has been one unsettling reminder after another of how women have been told to be quiet so as not to ruffle men’s feathers. I’m glad that Neve got what she’s due. I was going to say that with Courteney Cox and her negotiations experience on Friends, the Scream cast should have banded together to negotiate their salaries but I’m wrong. Neve is the star of the franchise. She carries it and she should be paid accordingly. Good for her for sticking to it. And for putting the production team on blast about it.

I could see Sidney as a role model. I guess that’s why I made the connection to Ready or Not. I kind of see Grace as a role model too. And, again, going by the trailers, Sidney looks like she’s gone full-circle in this film. So she’ll inspire even more women. If you didn’t watch the clip of the original Scream cast on The Drew Barrymore Show that Kaiser linked, you should. It was cute.


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  1. Becks1 says:

    Sidney is definitely a role model, in terms of standing up to the killer but also taking control of her life. I liked the Scream movies and I hate horror movies. I’ll probably watch this one around Halloween (when my husband wants to watch ALLLLLL the horror movies and the only ones I say yes to are Nightmare on Elm Street because omg they are so bad.) A lot of horror movies (like Nightmare) do have females as the lead, but they aren’t all necessarily strong or in control. Sidney stands out for me for some reason (and so does JLC in Halloween.)

  2. North of Boston says:

    Good for her! It’s about time.

    Also I didn’t know she and JJ were together; they seem a good match. He was very good in Third Star with Cumberbatch.

  3. Twin falls says:

    Neve was my 90s girl crush. Good for her for finally get paid her worth. The struggle is real.

  4. Katherine says:

    I don’t remember what I’ve seen her in, but definitely not Scream, she has such a positive energy, I like her. She’s probably too sweet and polite to be bold and ask for what she’s worth and I’m sure she’s not asking what she’s actually worth even now, probably just more, but not fully what she’s worth.

  5. Case says:

    Neve Campbell is so beautiful and has such a lovely energy about her.

    I watched all four Scream movies last year for the first time. I love horror, but I’m not much of a slasher fan, so I wasn’t sure how I’d like them, but wow! I loved every entry. Its strength is that unlike most slashers, it has the same core cast throughout, and their characters are written quite strongly. You feel connected to them and want to continue watching their journey. Neve’s Sidney is such a great character. That, combined with the comedic and meta elements of the storytelling and the fun mystery of guessing who the killer is, make the Scream series among my favorite horror movies now. So excited for the new installment.

  6. Krystina says:

    *She was in Party of Five BEFORE doing Scream, but yes, Scream was definitely the role that put her on the map.

    • lucy2 says:

      I had to look it up because I thought the same thing. Party of Five started in 94, Scream and the Craft were 96.
      I’ve always liked Neve at wondered where she went, but it looks like she’s been working pretty steadily all this time.

      • Krystina says:

        I think she went through a period where she wanted nothing to do with Hollywood. I could be wrong, though.

  7. Hooops says:

    Don’t mind me… I’m just here for the JJ content. I suggest watching TURN too.

  8. Grant says:

    Love her. She’s a a great actress. I hope she gets some meaty roles in the future (maybe on a prestige HBO show, she wonderful) because I love seeing her on my TV screen.

  9. Caseysmom says:

    Real sexism is it being acceptable for David to show up looking like he just rolled out of bed in jeans while Neve is fully made up and dressed beautifully and in heels. No woman would ever work again in the industry if she tried that. I work in education and was home sick with the flu and when I logged into a meeting without makeup, my boss texted me to say it was okay to turn my camera off!

  10. nb says:

    There’s also been gossip that a certain boyfriend of hers that might have the initials JC really put her through the wringer emotionally. As in, he did not like the idea of her being the bigger star so he urged her to pass on a lot of projects and not stand up for herself while also treating her like dirt during their long relationship. There’s more but if you’re really interested it’s easy to find online. It sounds like she was completely broken down by this person and it took years of therapy to build herself back up. I am so happy that she’s in a better emotional place now, more confident, and still getting great jobs! I have always had a soft spot for her, and the Scream franchise and The Craft are some of my favorite movies.