Pete Davidson is ‘in talks’ to host this year’s Oscars: love it or hate it?

Arrivals at the 2021 MET Gala

This year, the Oscars will have a host. The Oscars are also set for later in the awards season, which is nice. I’m old enough to remember when the Oscars were always scheduled for late March, and the “awards season” was a good three months long. Over the past decade, Hollywood has tried to compress the awards season while simultaneously adding more awards shows and events. Celebrities have to camp out in LA for two months and do back-to-back events every weekend, and it’s all so mind-numbing. I hoped that with the Oscars coming so late this year (March 27th), the telecast would “go back” to being a really big deal and an actual formal event with competent professionals running the sh-t. But guess who is in talks to host this year’s Oscars? Pete Davidson. CAN WE NOT?

Kim Kardashian apparently isn’t the only one who has eyes on Pete Davidson. We’re told the “Saturday Night Live” comic, 28, is in talks to host this year’s Oscars.

“His people are talking to producers,” a source exclusively tells Page Six. The normally stodgy show is looking for a “reset,” the source says, adding that the Academy wants to bring in younger viewers.

Davidson, who has been dominating headlines with his dating life, has proved that he’s able to command a real audience and draw in a younger demographic. The source pointed out that the New Year’s Eve special Davidson hosted with Miley Cyrus for NBC brought in 6.3 million viewers.

“He gets a demographic that is hard to get,” the source said of Davidson’s appeal. “He is in a good space, his career is doing well and he is on the rise. He is a sex symbol, unlikely, but he is big with a certain generation.”

The awards show, directed by Glenn Weiss and produced by Will Packer, is set to air on ABC on March 27. Packer previously produced the 2019 film “What Women Want,” which starred Davidson as an assistant to Taraji P. Henson’s hard-hitting sports agent character.

[From Page Six]

Yeah, NO. Hiring Pete Davidson to host the Oscars is so out-of-touch. It’s a bunch of old guys trying to figure out “what kids want” and they’ve convinced themselves that Pete is the “voice” of youths. Pete is just some comedian with a cult following who can barely keep it together for a couple of three-minute SNL sketches once a week!! Don’t hand him the damn Oscar telecast? You want someone young, professional and cool? Might I suggest Tom Holland and Zendaya as hosts. You want an edgy, attention-grabbing choice? John Mulaney. You want someone who will kill it and be hysterically funny? John Oliver.

Pete Davidson enjoys a cigarette while out partying in NYC

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  1. Wiglet Watcher says:

    This has to be a distraction from the real host. It’s too silly to be true.

    • Jessica says:

      I saw Pete live doing comedy. He was great. The set was 2 hours and it was hilarious. He’s a lot more than what you see on SNL.

  2. Abby says:

    It’s a weird pick for me because…has he ever been in a movie?

    I think he’s funny and seems nice. Probably this would be fine. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Myriam says:

      He has but nothing that was anywhere in the vicinity of, hey let’s make him our host.

    • Lightpurple says:

      The King of Staten Island, which was actually quite good but the supporting cast was strong.

    • L84Tea says:

      He was in the first 5 minutes of the latest Suicide Squad movie before getting his face blown off.

  3. WhoElse says:

    I barely know who he is qnd I’m already tired of him. Is that normal?

  4. Eve says:

    I can’t believe myself when I agree with Kaiser and this is one of those times: I think John Oliver would be perfect!

    • Lightpurple says:

      He would be.

      Mulaney would be too. The musical numbers would be brilliant

    • Becks1 says:

      He really would! and so would Mulaney, but I would prefer Oliver.

    • Lily says:

      I would love to see John Oliver up there! The problem with Pete is that a lot of his material revolves around being self deprecating and it gets tedious very quickly. He lacks the ability to be sharp and irreverent. I don’t think anyone will ever be as entertaining as Fey and Poehler at the Globes.

      What about Jack McBrayer partnered with someone? Like Sarah Silverman?

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Of course he would be! And he’s a true blue American citizen now, so no excuses there!

  5. Amy T says:

    Eesh. The Peter Principle*, on multiple levels.

    (The notion and phrase come from a business book from the – I think- 1960s. Its basic thesis was that people rise the their level of incompetence.)

  6. jo73c says:

    Does not alter the 0% chance that I would watch the awards anyway. I’m only interested in seeing the red carpet photos.

    • Chaine says:

      Same! Nothing more dull than spending four hours watching people applauding each other. These award shows probably meant more back when there were only three tv channels.

  7. Zan says:

    I could be wrong, but the demographic that they want him to bring in doesn’t really watch The Oscars and likely won’t even if he hosts. They will just watch clips online the next day.
    I say this as someone with a 17 year old who thinks Davidson is hilarious.

  8. Jay says:

    Mmm, the devil works hard, but Mama Kris works harder. Putting Pete’s name in this conversation elevates him ( and by extension Kim).

    There’s a reason he hasn’t been part of the host discussion before – I think the Oscars need someone who is an all-out entertainer first and not so… no niche. If they want to hire a manboy who’s just “too cool” for an awards show, they can just get James Franco again on the cheap.

    But I always just want the Muppets to host, so maybe I’m not their target audience.

    • Kristen820 says:

      Having The Muppets host is brilliant! Can you imagine Statler and Waldorf roasting pretentious actors who aren’t able to laugh at themselves (read: people like Tom Cruise and Goop)!?! I’d pay to see that ish!

      • Angelica Schuyler says:

        I’ve never thought about the Muppets as hosts, but the more I think about it the more I like it! Statler and Waldorf would be hilarious. Also Miss Piggy throwing shade at actresses…and Kermit doing an opening number where he sings and dances…..I could go on and on!

    • lucy2 says:

      Exactly – this sounds like an obvious plant from Kris to continue raising his profile. I think a lot of the response to Kim dating him was “why?” and that was not what they wanted, so now Kris is going to attempt to mold him into something more.
      No offense to Pete, he’s doing just fine in his life, but he’s supporting player on SNL who has only become a household name for dating famous women. Never forget that Kris was trying to convince us A listers and literal princes were vying for Kim’s attention when she and Kanye split.

    • doxie says:

      My exact thoughts. This screams of a Kris Jenner drop.

  9. Selene says:

    He’s also missing something… is it longevity? Is it height (figuratively)? Respectability? 🤔

  10. TeamAwesome says:

    Ugh. No thanks. John Oliver, however, would be fantastic.

  11. North of Boston says:

    Ugh, no. Just no.
    If they are trying to increase their audience going with him is not the way. He’s got a narrow fan base and brings little cache or hosting skills or energy. It feels like James Franco 2.0. Why would they do THAT?

  12. Cora says:

    I love it. He is hilarious and raps!

  13. Slippers4 life says:

    It could go either way. I’ve only seen his stand up once and he was funny, but I didn’t see a confidence factor that is usually required for hosting, but, people can grow. What he is totally underrated for is his impressions. Even if he doesn’t “look” like anyone, he gets the voices and the movements and the essence of a person down so well, that you don’t care he doesn’t have the exact physical characteristics. He’s quite brilliant and I’d be curious to see how he impersonates Hollywood. However, it depends if you like a performance over appearance or appearance over performance.

  14. tw says:

    The thing is – Pete is just not that good. He screws up all the time on SNL. He doesn’t have the chops to host the Oscars.

  15. tempest prognosticator says:

    This just sounds like sheer desperation on the Academy’s part.

  16. Jayna says:

    God, no. I agree with John Oliver. Or Chris Rock.

  17. Case says:

    I love your John Oliver suggestion, Kaiser! I think he’d be the perfect fit, but even someone else in that realm would be a good fit — someone like Stephen Colbert, etc. A host that can be funny and intelligent. Mulaney has been a mess lately but he’s hilarious and I think could also be a great host.

    I like Pete. But I don’t think he has the gravitas to host.

  18. TIFFANY says:

    I still stand by giving Jack Black a offer. He is everything you want in a host.

    Vocals, dance, funny, charming.

    I would like to see it.

  19. Soni says:

    He’s not funny. He’s not entertaining. He’s not pleasant to look at. So no.

  20. Katherine says:

    I like your suggestions, they really should listen to those haha) It really is not a great idea to have him host if we are talking about quality. But this sure is an interesting choice that would make it at least somewhat exciting. I’ve rarely enjoyed anything that was related to Oscar hosting ever before, so I am having a hard time imagining it can be made so interesting that I’d actually want to watch all of it. I mean, except if they get Ricky Gervais and he serves his most brutal jokes

  21. Shannon says:

    It’s probably just a Mama K PR stunt, but in Pete’s defense I thought he did a nice job hosting the NYE special he did with Miley Cyrus. He was funny and flexible and low-key

    • dlc says:

      Miley Cyrus did a nice job on that special. compared to her, Pete was just there. if we are basing this decision off the special they should try to get Miley to host.

  22. washappy21 says:

    I vote for Jack Black!

  23. LRobb says:

    hate it

  24. jferber says:

    Only if he dyes his hair brown again. I just can’t with the blond. I JUST CAN’T!

  25. canichangemyname says:

    I like Pete Davidson just fine, but I have to ask … does anyone still actually watch the Oscars unless they’re actually being paid to watch the Oscars? And I say that as a Gen X 45-yo. I think the last time I watched the Oscars was about 14 years ago. Maybe he’ll bring in “the kids,” idk. My son is 26 and had never heard of him LOL

    • BeanieBean says:

      I haven’t watched in decades & I’m a boomer. I don’t watch any award show anymore. Zero interest.

    • Katherine says:

      Yep, I think they are not grasping Pete’s demographic at all, he got famous on SNL, I don’t think many young people watch it, just because he’s young himself, doesn’t mean that’s who he’s popular with, just look at who dates him – older women. My spidey sense is telling me that’s his demographic (single millenials who are into guys), not gen Z

  26. Tiffany :) says:

    Hosting is so much more than just being funny, it’s about pacing and keeping things moving along. I think he’d be TERRIBLE at pacing. The show would be 6 hours long.

  27. myjobistoprincess says:

    The oscars is a real sleeping pill to me. Boring af. I like to see red carpet pictures, watch the stars walking the red carpet, but every year, I just don’t, because it takes too much of my time, and it is soooo irrelevant. I usually laugh at how extra they are and how funny they are when they pose for pictures (*cough* JLo) dead serious like they’re rocket scientists. LOL I’d like an awards show where winners cannot thank their teams, and husbands & wives and god. All banned from saying boring stuff. They get to say thank you and add a one liner of their choice. We’ll only mediatize the next day the ones with the most interesting or funny sentences. 1hour, that’s it, and live on the web for all the planet.

  28. Mimi says:

    I loveee this tbh!

  29. Size Does Matter says:

    Jesus what a metaphor. There’s no more elegant aspirational mystery, just grungy naked deprecation. I guess at least he’s kind?

  30. Pix22 says:

    Ugh. I’m so tired of this guy.

  31. K says:

    Well…this is the year of strange variants so he fits right in with the cosmic theme. I don’t see why not.

  32. Sophie says:

    Love it

  33. Mayfair says:

    John Oliver, yes!!

  34. KLO says:

    He is a talented comedian. I dont have a problem with it. This reminds me of the time Hugh Jackman hosted, I didn`t know what to think beforehand but he is my favorite oscars host since.

  35. Ann says:

    Love it! He should do the whole thing in the SNL character that doesn’t care about anything. I forget what that skit is called.

  36. Maddiish says:

    Eh, I think Pete’s standup is very funny–I really enjoyed the 2020 special. But I don’t think he’ll be allowed to write anything actually funny for the oscars–it’s just going to be tired jokes that won’t offend the 50 plus crowd or the celebrity stan crowd (that 2020 special had some really funny arianna content–respectful, but funny). But no one watches the oscars anyway, especially not people younger than me (28).

  37. The Recluse says:

    Nothing against him, but no…please…NO.

  38. Kate says:

    Love it!
    Haters gonna hate

  39. ARHUS says:

    HATE it. He was so bad on the Miley NYE show.

    I don’t know why ppl keep giving him these things. Yeah he gets buzz I guess, but he is SO overrated.

  40. ME says:

    If Pete hosts, we can expect the entire KarJenner Klan to be sitting front row.