Kanye West is not happy with Kim Kardashian setting boundaries in their divorce

I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian, and I don’t envy what she’s going through with Kanye West. They are still in the process of getting their divorce, even though Kanye has repeatedly made public and private comments about how they need to get back together, and how Kim needs to run back to him. Kim is allowed to divorce him and move on from him physically, emotionally and legally. She is allowed to set boundaries with him emotionally, and set boundaries with who enters her home. She’s also “allowed” to have a say on how the custodial rights of their children are enforced. Which is what Kanye’s latest crap is about. Kanye gave a lengthy interview last Friday about how Kim’s security keeps stopping him from dropping by his kids’ school and Kim’s home.

“Earlier this week, Monday, when I went to go pick my kids up from school, the security stopped me at the gate. So at that point, security was in between me and my children and that’s what was not going to happen,” West told Jason Lee in a new Hollywood Unlocked interview. “But I didn’t want to argue about it. So I just chilled, took my kids to school, and then took my kids back. I am driving. I bring them back and North was like, ‘I want you to come upstairs and see something.’ And it’s like, ‘Oh, Daddy can’t come see something. Daddy can’t come inside.’ But that hadn’t been defined.”

“My daughter wanted me to go inside. I was like, I am the richest Black man and North’s father, right, and the security was able to stop me from going into the room with my daughter and that had not been defined,” West continued, before claiming that Kardashian West’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, was inside the house. “And I am hearing that the new boyfriend is actually in the house that I can’t even go to. And that’s where I call my cousins. And my cousins is real opinionated, you know that. And I said, ‘I need you to go and say these two things.’ Security ain’t going to be in between me and my children, and my children ain’t going to be on TikTok without my permission.”

Noting that it was his two female cousins who he sent to speak with Kardashian West, the Yeezy founder continues, “Yes, my female cousins, non-aggressive, just to say really simply like, look, for us to be – Certain words I don’t like, co-parent – like, from where I am from, you’re my baby mama. So for us to be cordial and civil, there are certain things that are not finna be done and be done under the rug.”

“They can go on SNL and make jokes, they can make jokes in the media, they can plant stories, about whoever I am dating and whatever I want to do. They can block deals, they can do all of that type of stuff, but I can tell you straight up, don’t play with my kids,” he expressed. “Don’t play with my kids, Whoever you all work for, whoever you all think the family is working for, I am telling you right now, don’t play with my children. And it is going to be all legal, it is going to be all legal, baby. You are not going to gaslight me, thinking it is going to be calm like this. But that is what we are not going to play. It ain’t going to be no. And this is for all of everybody who has been in a situation like this who didn’t have a voice…I got the house right next to my children.”

[From ET]

A familiar narrative villainizing the woman, that’s all I see, all because she’s setting boundaries and he hates it. Kanye is basically admitting that he thinks he should be able to enter Kim’s house whenever he wants, and when he’s stopped from entering his house, he sends his family members over to her house to badger her and threaten her.

Kim was pissed, as I would be too. Kim let it be known that Pete doesn’t come over to her house, and that when he’s in LA, he stays at a hotel. She apparently hasn’t introduced Pete to her kids yet either. A source went to Page Six and told them that Kim is “saddened” by Kanye’s interview, and more:

“She wants all matters regarding kids private, and is so upset Kanye had done interviews, discussing these private matters. She has always protected the kids and kept things quiet – and always protected him,” they added.

Other sources told us Kardshian has been “trying to set healthy boundaries” and described Ye’s latest antics as him “throwing a tantrum.”

“Instead of showing up at any hour, unannounced at her home, she has asked for better communication from him and for visits to be scheduled in advance to give the kids a more predictable [schedule]. Kanye has never been deprived of seeing the children ever! The narrative that he is trying to create is false and hurtful for their children and their co-parenting relationship. There is nothing standing in the way of him and his children,” the source concluded.

[From Page Six]

Yep, all of this – Kanye still wants to disrupt Kim’s life and the lives of their children, while Kim wants everything scheduled out. Additionally, Kanye threw a big tantrum about “not getting to see Chicago” on her birthday, even though Kim had worked it out so that Kanye would have Chicago in the afternoon, after Kim threw her a family party. So Kim ended up inviting Kanye to the party she threw for Chicago and of course TMZ got the update. What a f–king mess.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid & Kim’s IG.

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  1. MattyLove says:

    He’s essentially saying “we aren’t going to co-parent. You’re just my baby mama.”

    How demeaning.

    • LoonyTunes says:

      This is the same mofo who left her alone—left the country!—when she was pregnant and was going to Wyoming or wherever for months at a time! NOW he wants to be around all the time. What a toxic ass.

    • Hsuperashes says:

      Yeah. He is a total narcissist and a 100% unadulterated piece of shit for this.

      This isn’t about being a father, this is about him trying to use their children to control Kim and to let it be known that she isn’t going to set boundaries for him, and somehow forgetting that she isn’t his “baby mama” she is his ex wife. He is garbage and anyone interviewing him and letting him spew this toxic bullshit to his stans is garbage. I am positive there is waaaaay more bullshit going on behind the scenes than we know about.

      Also, the best part of the birthday fiasco was that asshole only stayed for like an hour and then bounced. Sooooooo… it is just about the drama for him.

    • observer says:

      he literally said ” for us to be – Certain words I don’t like, co-parent – like, from where I am from, you’re my baby mama. “

    • myjobistoprincess says:

      She’s “MY” baby mama is disgusting and offensive to me. I would be nobody’s baby mama if I was in Kim’s shoes. You’re the other parent. The way he says he bought the house next door is creepy, filled with aggressiveness. It’s going down from here and watch Kim go get that restraining order.

  2. Andrew's Nemesis says:

    Agressive, toxic male entitlement. The fact that he’s the ‘richest’ man is irrelevant. The fact that he wants entry to someone else’s private property is too bad. He’s a misogynistic bully. I do worry about how far he might go. He’s already been stalking KK.

    • Colby says:

      FWIW, he’s not even the richest black man in the US. Robert Smith is (to my knowledge).

      Kim is in for some tough times. Typical narcissist behavior here and it won’t get better anytime soon if ever.

  3. Angel says:

    I don’t feel sorry for him or her at all, I only feel sorry for the kids.

    • Mary Tosti says:


    • Barbie1 says:

      Agree. Kanye is having violent outbursts these days. She knew he was unstable before she married him. Kim is not the brightest bulb. Definitely sad for the kids. The picture with the daughter is so sweet.

    • vs says:

      It is unclear to me what Kanye ultimately wants but gosh they make beautiful babies…..their kids are stunning!

    • Dizza says:

      Neither of them are putting their kids first and that’s a big problem for me.

  4. K.+Tate says:

    I knew he would behave this way. I used to think how horrible it was going to be when she left. It’s only the beginning…

  5. Mcmmom says:

    Zero surprise. Kanye is awful.

  6. Erinn says:

    Oof. This is not going to end well. He doesn’t REALLY care about seeing the kids. He cares that someone DARED tell Kanye West what he can and can’t do.

    I worry for the kids and Kim’s safety. And if I was Kim I’d have those “female non-aggressive” cousins yeeted right the F off of my property so fast their heads would be spinning. Pathetic henchwomen trying to be tough shit, showing up at another woman’s house to dictate to her how she should be handling her custody arrangements. Not surprising that other people in his family have zero shame.

    • Debbie says:

      “Female non-aggressive” is a new one to me too. How un-self-aware is Kanye to think that his loony description of his actions (sending goons to “persuade” Kim, coming over uninvited, and buying a house across the street from your ex) would make it all seem benign. But all I could think of while reading this was that he and Yohan Griffith’s (crazy demented) ex-wife would make a great match.

  7. Kviby says:

    Narcissistic men can’t stand the idea of coparenting. It means they have to be an equal team mate to the person they thought they were above and that’s incomprehensible to them. In addition men that have no problem wanting boundaries, space and their « privacy » when in a (bad) relationship suddenly want to invade the woman’s space when she decides it’s over. They can’t help being blatantly hypocritical

  8. canichangemyname says:

    They’re all a mess. I don’t doubt for one second that Kanye is toxic – we’ve seen this. I also don’t doubt the family is intentionally gaslighting him. Both things can be true, and it’s terrible for the kids.

    • Maria says:

      Yup, this! Neither party is thinking about what’s right for the kids – just themselves. Also, as a child of divorce, it really sucks to be excited about something and want to show your Dad, but your Mom stops him.

      • Colby says:

        Also a child of divorce here- Kim is allowed to not let he ex husband in her house, full stop. Especially given the stuff we’re seeing now. It is what it is but she’s doing absolutely nothing wrong.

        If North wants to show Kanye something she needs to get used to bringing it with her or taking a picture.

  9. Jan says:

    Kim is keeping a file on Kanye’s drama, she knew he was a mess, and had children with him, they deserve each other.
    Why is it Kanye’s business if Pete was at the house?
    Don’t Pete have enough problems of his own, without being caught up in my this mess

  10. Jessica says:

    This is giving me flashbacks to divorcing my ex, also a raging narcissist though far less successful than Kanye. He’s never publicly seemed interested in the kids other than North, he lived apart from them for most of the pandemic, now he cares? And I’m not a fan of Kim, my sympathies are limited- she knew she was marrying and having multiple children with a narcissist, she had to know he’d try and use them as pawns in the inevitable breakup. But I know how hard it was for me to retain a sense of reality when my ex would start gaslighting, it’s gotta be infinitely worse for Kim when her ex can harass her through media. The only way it stopped for me was going completely non contact, too bad she doesn’t have that option.

  11. Chaine says:

    She has another fifteen years of this given the age of her youngest. She will have to be the one setting boundaries so she looks like the mean guy and Ye will be the fun weekend dad that lets the kids do whatever they want and badmouths her to them so they resent her. There are not really any good solutions.

    • IAmMimi says:

      This has shades of the Charlie Sheen drama, doesn’t it? He’ll be the cool, hands-off dad and the kids will want to live with him as soon as they can.

  12. purplehazeforever says:

    I can’t with some of these comments. I don’t care if Kim knew who Kanye was when she married him, she doesn’t deserved to be stalked, harassed or bullied like this. It’s like saying Nicole Brown Simpson deserved what she got because she knew who she was marrying. Stop it already.

    • Lauren says:

      Absolutely. Buying the house next to hers is creepy and toxic AF.

    • NorthernGirl_20 says:

      Absolutely, what he is doing now is abusive and I’m worried for her and the kids. She doesn’t deserve this and has every right to protect the kids from him

    • Atlanta says:

      Completely agree. Its like laying the blame on women for toxic male behaviour or abusive behaviour because ” they should have known”. Aren’t we always saying victims dont have to be perfect?

      • Winter+Day says:

        @ Atlanta, I agree. Whatever you think about Kim and her own behavior is one thing. Trying to shame her for Kanye toxic male behavior by suggesting she knew what she was getting into is gross and misogynistic. The man is out of control and probably dangerous.

  13. Ninks says:

    He’s going to use the kids to try and control her and force her to deal with him.
    She’s going to use him to make herself look sympathetic and keep her name relevant.
    The kids are going to suffer.

  14. ReginaGeorge says:

    I want to say I don’t feel sorry for Kim because she absolutely knew who she was getting in bed with and didn’t care. She just wanted those VIP passes and A-list validation and to be in Beyoncé’s circle.

    But I do feel bad for her because I know what she’s going through with a narc baby daddy. And it’s gonna get uglier and uglier. What she has that most other women don’t is access to a security team and state of the art security systems. So she’s luckier than most.

    I’m mostly concerned for the kids who will be the most traumatized from this. Kanye will absolutely try to manipulate the kids for his own benefit.

  15. daisyfly says:

    One of the most glaring attempts at gaslighting happened while he was driving and accusing Kim of not telling him where Chicago’s birthday party was. He was ranting about not knowing where to go…while the GPS system could be heard telling him where to go.

    I’m no fan of any of the K/J clan, but this is unacceptable no matter who you are. Those kids are the ones suffering because of their father’s combined BPD & NPD, and until a court rules otherwise, there’s not much Kim can do about it. And even then she’ll be the villain because as we’ve seen just within the past few days, it’s really easy for a man to reduce a woman to nothing more than a “baby mama” all because he’s mad she didn’t do what he wanted.

    • Amy+Too says:

      And I remember when he was insisting in all his social media and interviews that she was his “wife,” and therefore she couldn’t date other other people or not see him, she needed to support him professionally and come back to him. Now that she’s made it quite clear that she’s moving on, she’s been demoted to “baby mama” as a way to punish and degrade her.

    • sparky says:

      And the GPS was saying to turn on Aviation. A quick Google search says there is no street by that name in Calabasas but there sure is one in LA. Aviation Blvd is a major north/south street which on the northern end stops close to LAX. On a Sunday LAX is MINIMUM 40 minutes away from Calabasas and that’s being incredibly generous

  16. ItReallyIsYou,NotMe+k8 says:

    Yeah, you’re DIVORCED…you don’t get to just walk into your ex’s house any time you want on the guise that no one is going to keep me from my children. Also, bet Kim never showed up at his door that way. This is a power play by Kanye, plain and simple. The only thing that bugs me is that Kim felt the need to excuse her request that he not show up unannounced the reason that the KIDS need a more predictable schedule. You know what, it’s perfectly fine if she made that request for herself because SHE is building her post-divorce life and wants predictability in when and how she deals with Kanye. Just feels like divorced moms feel like they can’t have their own life and space…Mommy-Saint culture is even harsher on them than paired-up moms.

  17. ReginaGeorge says:

    Also I wanted to add that Kanye exhibits some comorbidities here. He’s bipolar(not BPD – that’s Borderline Personality Disorder) with a whole side of narcissism. He can become extremely dangerous, not only to himself, but Kim and the children and anyone else in the way.

    And I don’t know how healthy this will all be for Pete who actually is Borderline. He’s being targeted and threatened by Kanye with violence now as well, and dating Kim may not be the most stable environment for him atm. Some Borderlines have a fear of abandonment and react strongly to the thought of their FP (favorite person) leaving or not being around. This whole situation could get explosive for everyone involved.

    • jwoolman says:

      I’m concerned that Kanye is allowed to drive a car, especially with kids in it.

      My guess is that he will get bored acting the role of devoted father and will ignore them again. They aren’t used to him being around much. But one way to compromise could be insisting that if he is on her premises, someone of her choosing must accompany him. The real worry is that he can be erratic.

  18. washappy21 says:

    I have nothing to add about his behavior and their divorce but just came to ask that she please stop with the stupid kissy/duckface photos already!!!!???

  19. Lena says:

    This is a lot of men when you divorce them. The previously shown no real interest, constantly traveling, Mr. all work all the time suddenly becomes Mr Brownies troop father. It’s galling that when they are all into their children is when their possession of them is changed. These two need to hammer out a strict all points covered visitation schedule. I assumed all the east coast dating Kim was doing was because he had half time with the kids.

  20. Leigh says:

    Predictably, fathers rights groups have latched on to Kanye’s side—they do not understand healthy boundaries or respecting their coparents. Kanye is doing what many, many fathers before him have done. Put all the parenting on the mother, until she gets fed up and leaves with the children. Then, suddenly he’s angry and wants to “fight for his children” or some other cliche phrase that signals he’s willing to make the mother’s life hell for leaving with the kids he previously neglected. He has lost control of “his household” and will stop at almost nothing to regain and maintain his control. That is Kanye’s goal: to regain control over Kim through controlling his children and whether she has his “permission” to do anything, all under the pretense of concern for the kids. And the fathers rights groups, full of men exactly like Kanye except without the money and fame, are loving this exposure and ready to support his every move, even when it’s obviously to the detriment of his children. Not that I needed any confirmation, but this is another situation that shows how sick their movement is when they are willing to support a father like Kanye treating Kim and their children as possessions. It’s good for Kim that she has the resources for a team of top notch attorneys, she’s going to need them!

  21. MCG says:

    @ReginaGeorge THANK YOU! My eyes were starting to twitch as they always do any time bi-polar is erroneously abbreviated as BPD. It makes it even more scary with this story because Pete is a diagnosed Borderline. I don’t know how Pete truly presents but he himself could have some Borderline traits similar to NPD too….woof.

    Kim is not my cup of tea but she’s really between a rock and a hard place here. For all of the evidence presented, she is an amazing mom. This will not be an easy road for her or the kids. Kanye using his Flying Monkey cousins is pretty concerning. What a mess. She is not a bad person – despite what Ye wants us to believe – for establishing boundaries.

  22. Chrissyms says:

    This shines a light on how he must of behaved during their marriage. This is abusive behavior. I feel bad for her and also for the kids. He won’t stop until he makes it as messy as possible to feed his ego

  23. Courtney says:

    This all sucks. I’d feel worse for her but Kim CHOSE to have children with this problematic man, and KEPT having them. It’s like they never pressed pause on having kids when he started to get really bad off. And she didn’t bat an eye. How did she think this would play out with coparenting? She doesn’t deserve it, but she shouldn’t be surprised either.

  24. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Never ever thought I would say this, but here we are in the middle of January 2022 in the year of our Lord Betty White and I am #TeamKim for this. I know she gets dragged constantly and it’s deserved, but in my own opinion, she recognizes that at any time he could go off the rails again and it could get (fingers crossed for NOT) extremely dangerous or even fatal to him and those around him. ) I certainly wish him no ill will and hope he would stay stable.)
    She’s doing what she can and should for her kids and her extended family and HERSELF and I appreciate that. She’s got a hard row to hoe and I don’t envy her

  25. BothSidesNow says:

    Those kids are the ones that are going to suffer from this disastrous relationship, as Kim will come out fine but Kanye will continue to attack Kim at every opportunity. Though I know that Kim knew who he was, she should have thought about what would happen should they divorce. You can’t marry someone and think that he’s going to be rational once you divorce him. We all know how destructive Kanye is and he is certainly not going to walk away, without a very public fight. Kanye is the epitome of a narcissistic a$$hole.

  26. Mina_Esq says:

    Kim’s being very mature about this. Also, I can appreciate and respect that the Kardashians always have good lawyers at the ready, and they know to listen to advice and not let their emotions hurt their legal positions. Kanye is kidding himself if he thinks he will outmaneuver them in court.

  27. Songs+(Or+it+didnt+happen) says:

    From what it seems like, Khloe has been on / off with her child’s father, as has Kylie, and Scott is treated like a member of the family. Kim needs to make sure that she has a legal custody agreement that includes provisions for whatever circumstances might come up. She can’t just roll with it like it seems that her sisters do with their co-parenting situations.

  28. Chantal says:

    I don’t think he truly wants her. He just doesn’t want anyone else to have her. I don’t feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for their innocent children. She and her family used this mentally ill man to access higher levels of society previously off limits to them. Plus, despite his “genius”, Kanye is trash, as the past several years have shown and his mental illness doesn’t excuse his behavior. He is vindictive and a bully and always has been (except to Jay-Z of course). People need to stop making excuses for him and blaming mental illness for everything. I’m especially tired of his mother’s death being the ultimate excuse. I can’t believe he hasn’t been cancelled yet after all the bs he has pulled.

    • Jordana says:

      @chantal, exactly! He doesn’t want her, but doesn’t want her to move on either. Only he is allowed to move on. Classic narcissist.
      My ex did the same. He was dating women and having them hang around our kids very soon after he moved out. Years later, I’m dating and he is sending me abhorrent texts on his opinion on my dating life and sending friends by my house to see if I was there with anyone.
      And last week….he moved his gf and kid into his house. My kids are with him 50%
      My 15 yo daughter told me about it, and he got very angry with her for giving me information about his “personal life”.
      Narcissists. They do not make sense to the rest of us.

  29. Liz Version 700 says:

    His behavior is full on creepy and I am so worried about those kids Uugh

  30. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    Well now he appears to be threatening Pete so this isn’t going to end well.

  31. Mandy Purr says:

    I dealt with a crazy dad who wouldn’t shut up about my mom and the “injustices” he suffered after they broke up. Kanye’s statement is SUPER triggering. It makes me physically ill. I truly hope these kids are going to be OK. His cousins need to convince Kanye to seek serious mental help instead of going over to speak with Kim. His language is scary and obsessive.

  32. HK9 says:

    Kanye thinks these things are about keeping him away, and he’s not evolved enough to know, this is about the kids. This is about setting up a new, stable routine, for the kids, to continue to give them a loving stable environment. Kanye is a mess, but Kim knows that already and quite frankly I think she’s a bit of a mess too. My hope is the people on his team will get him some good help to help him move on. As a child of divorce with a narcissistic father & emotionally bitter mother the only thing kids want is a stable loving environment with emotionally functional parents.

  33. Mel says:

    I feel sorry for the kids, their Dad is going to make their lives unnecessarily messy.

  34. lena horne says:

    he is off his meds and is a trumpster-nuff said and he needs to be under a conservatorship.The woman he is now with will find out. Two weeks ago she was basically unknown.

  35. Kate says:

    “The richest black man, and North’s father” ……….WT-Fcking EW. How embarrassing. The baby mamma shit is foul, and Kim was so respectful when she hosted SNL with really mild jabs nothing heated- threw that best rapper of all time line out there to appease him etc. he looks like a fool and funny how Kim’s gonna be the one walking with class through his bs all the way to the end. He underestimates her and Kris Jenner.

  36. jferber says:

    HK9, Kanye will never accept “good help.” He just won’t. There will be constant crises and drama in that family. If I were Kim, I’d move.

  37. Ange says:

    Oh lord, this is where Nora Ephron’s saying ‘never marry someone you wouldn’t want to be divorced from’ comes in. Kanye was always going to be like this and it’s coming in hot right now.

    Those poor kids – and poor Kim, don’t get me wrong – but this was always going to happen.

  38. Jaded says:

    I’d be terrified of leaving his kids with him for anything more than a supervised visit. We’ve all witnessed him going off the rails when he thinks he’s king of the world and doesn’t need his meds. It’s scary, especially to his children who must love him, but experiencing him when he’s gone off on a rant about mama or Pete would be traumatizing.

  39. Debbie says:

    When it comes to anything Kardashian/Jenner-related I fluctuate from neutral/negative feelings to full blown negative. So, when I started reading above Kanye’s shenanigans sounded so ridiculous that I was rolling my eyes at him. However, when I read that Kim or her friend leaked to the news that “when it comes to the kids, Kim is extremely private,” I just thought to myself, “Has this friend ever seen Kim’s pictures of her kids? Kim’s photos of her kids’ pictures? Hell, the above picture of Kim with the kids?” I can understand wanting to respond to Kanye’s nonsense, but don’t strain our collective credulity. What can I say, they both deserve one another.

  40. Otaku+fairy says:

    Sounds like he’s trying to control her and pander to the MRAs at the same time. Yuck. Her motives for marrying him, or whether or not she thought he was 100% woke and free of mental illness then aren’t relevant. This is about his behavior.

  41. Sunsteinn says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Kim. Remember hoW she got him?!

    Poor rich kids

  42. Robert says:

    I wonder if it’s true Kim had to bail Kanye out financially a few years ago? If so she might use proof of that to get him to shut up. That would make him look really manly for his wife to have had to bail him out. Plus that would really hurt his richest black man story.