An easy to use contouring stick, spice jars and a decorative lazy susan

From CB: I was looking through my mom’s Amazon orders to get ideas for this week’s posts and she ordered this Scrub Daddy sponge holder, which I just ordered too. If you’re not a Scrub Daddy/Scrub Mommy convert yet, please try them and see how long they last and how much better they work! My mom also got this iHealth rapid covid test kit, which is $19 for two. Your health insurance is now supposed to reimburse you for the cost of covid tests. Hopefully we’ll get the free tests soon though. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

Spice jars with fancy labels to help organize your pantry

From CB: My spices are in a drawer and a cabinet. I keep them semi-alphabetized but I still need to dig around to find them. This is a set of 24 spice jars and preprinted labels, including some blanks, a white pen and a little funnel to help transfer your spices. They have 4.8 stars, almost 2,000 ratings and the same score on ReviewMeta. Reviewers say “I’m so in love with these, I just ordered some more. There’s literally a label for everything, and not to mention they’re so cute and modern looking! I was planning on separately ordering custom labels on Etsy, but I’m so glad I found these instead!” “This is probably one of my favorite purchases for our kitchen! The glass containers are very high quality as are the metal lids and plastic inserts (for dispensing).”

K-Cup storage that can go under your machine

From CB: I got a Keurig for Christmas and I love how convenient it is. I bought a pod carousel at Walmart but it was too bulky on my counter so I returned it. This is a stackable storage drawer that holds 36 pods. You put it underneath your machine for easy storage. It has almost 24,000 reviews, 4.8 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say these are high quality and don’t rattle or vibrate even when you stack them. (Reviews on that are mixed though.) “Drawer slides in and out very smoothly and has a stop when you extend it fully so it won’t fall out on the floor. My Keurig machine sits nicely atop the drawer and makes no rattling or extra noise as product is being dispensed. There is no bowing or sagging on top with the machine on it.”

A brightening and renewing retinol serum

From CB: This retinol serum from trusted brand Cerave is fortified with hyaluronic Acid, niacinamide, and ceramides and is currently on sale for just $15. It has almost 10,000 ratings, 4.6 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People say it visibly reduces fine lines and also clears acne. Like other retinol products, you will want to gradually work it into your routine. “I already see lovely results! My skin is softer and more supple, has a natural glow even without makeup, and looks more like the skin I was blessed with because of good genes.” “In just a little over a week of using it once daily at night, my skin is glowy and SO much clearer. Every morning I wake up and am so excited to look in the mirror.”

An easy to use contouring and highlighting stick

From CB: I’ve been using this NYX contouring and highlighting stick for over five years and it’s still my favorite. It goes on easily, blends nicely and gives subtle cheekbones and jaw definition. I use it with blending puffs but it also blends nicely with a sponge blender. It’s just $12 and comes in six different shades. It has over 15,700 ratings, 4.2 stars and a B on Fakespot. Other people love it as much as I do. “This stick is perfect for my basic contour and I can just use my fingers if I’m in a hurry to blend or I recommend one of the smaller Artis brushes.” “This has a very creamy consistency that is so easy to blend and it’s the perfect shade for us fair-skinned women who don’t want an overly dramatic contrast to our skin. It’s medium-weight and not tacky or sticky at all.”

EPA certified tablets to clean your washing machine

From Hecate: I actually got these as a promo from my grocery store. I have a front loader washing machine and two teenagers and I swear, that poor thing smells like something was killed in it. These do a really good job getting rid of the smell. I still needed bleach to work on the mildew on the rubber, but it got the drum really clean. It’s also EPA certified. They come in packets of three for $7, five for $11 (on sale for $9 this week) or six for $12. It has over 21,000 reviews on Amazon and earned 4.6 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. The maker suggests using one tab once per month. But some customers said they’ve used it less, “I’m always amazed how sparkling clean my drum is after I use this stuff. I use it about 3 or 4 times a year and it keeps my washer clean and smelling fresh.” I’m not as dedicated as this next person, but man if this isn’t an endorsement, I don’t know what is, “it smells just as clean, if not cleaner than when I disassembled everything for a hand scrubbing. Not only does it smell just as clean but it actually was as clean when I gave it the wipe test.” The only tip I have is it’s noisy because you put it directly in your washer, so it’ll make your dogs bark. And I wouldn’t plan on running it while people are sleeping.

A versatile and cute slouchy beanie

From Heacte: My mom gave my daughter a really cute slouchy beanie like this for Christmas. Of course my daughter can pull it off effortlessly so I wanted to try. We’ll see how close I come, but I thought these were darling and from the reviews, it can take you through several seasons or temperatures. This cap from the C.C. Store comes in a variety of really cute earthy colors. And it’s just the right amount of slouch that works with a variety of hair lengths, according to reviews, “I can even throw my waist length hair into a bun and put this on over the bun and it looks decent.” And it’s only $13. It has 4.6 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed with almost 41,437 reviews. Customers said it works regardless of hat size, “I have a big ‘ol noggin’, and finding a hat that actually has some slouch and doesn’t pop right off my head can be something of a challenge.” Plus these make great gifts.

A decorative lazy susan

From Hecate: Amazon suggested these last week when I was “window shopping” and I really liked them. I keep trying to find a reason to buy it, which means I will eventually. I already have one, but it’s not as pretty as these. Not only are all four designs cool on their own, they would all look amazing in motion, and that’s what sold me on it. Now I just need to find a place to put it because I really want one of the 15” versions which cost $35. Customers say the melamine they’re made of is really strong. There are two other versions: a 9” for $17, or an 11” for $20. The smaller versions have lips on them so you can use them in cupboards for spices or dried goods. This only has just under 250 reviews so far, but it earned 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. Customers said it’s even better than the photos show, “The design is way better in person than in the picture, which looks a bit cartoon-ey, but it isn’t at all in person.” And it’s no problem to put together, “Super easy to assemble and it’s very smooth turning.” I would love to put a glass vase on one of these, that would be so cool looking!

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  1. Shawna says:

    Those hats are wonderful! The color selection is great. I was tired of trying to figure out how to find a knitted hat big enough to go over my ponytail and still cover my ears. Very good price, too.

  2. Snappyfish says:

    I have had the Kuerig drawer for 5 years. It’s great. It still looks new, drawer slides easily & no vibrations.

  3. Liz version 700 says:

    I love that cute lazy Susan! I have to find a reason to get one of those! I have had that K-cup holder and it is great. It makes no noise and definitely saves counter space.

  4. Ariel says:

    My boyfriend wants a small lazy susan for our table, but he would not be happy if i got one that colorful. They are fun looking though. This inspires me to look for a good looking wood lazy susan.

  5. Bibliomommy says:

    I have that k cup drawer, and if you put one kcup face up, and the next face down, you can fit even more!!

    I’ve always wanted a lazy susan, those are so cute

  6. BothSidesNow says:

    I love those Lazy Susans!! I bought some from Target and they are clear for the corners of my pantry but these are much prettier!!!

  7. Trillion says:

    That Nyx stick is the only success I’ve had with (super chill, non- Real Housewives) contouring. I love it. I used to be a strict make-up snob and never used drug store, but now that I follow Alexandra Anele and Robert Welsh, I’ve converted a bit.

    • goofpuff says:

      It is really warm toned though. I’m more neutral cool and it was too warm for me. I had to go easy or I’d end up looking kinda orange.

  8. Mumzy says:

    I like the Affresh tabs and do use them every so often. The BEST way to help keep the gross out of a front loaded washer (if you are able to do so, depending on your own logistics) is to keep the door open after use until the machine is totally dry. After you use the machine and then just shut the door, you’ve just closed up a damp environment that will definitely get gross. In a household of 5, I do a LOT of laundry and once I started doing this, there’s never been a smelly scent from my washer. (Also, some front loaders have a clean cycle, but it’s hidden. If there isn’t an obvious preset for this, carefully check your manual and even Google your model to check. I just found it on my LG after many years!)

    • Mumzy says:

      Oh also..I have a similar coffee pod drawer, but it’s one for the saucer-shaped Nespresso Vertuo pods. I love it. If you keep a variety of pods, here’s a tip — my drawer unit has a glass top, so I taped the color Nespresso pod chart beneath the glass at the front so I can quickly glance to identify the in-drawer pods by color. Also note your overhead clearance before you buy a unit. Mine sits on a counter with a hanging cabinet overhead, and with machine atop I do have to slide the drawer unit forward to open the top of my Vertuo—I just push it back once the pod is inserted. Just make sure that your particular machine atop the drawer will fit your space—machines and drawers vary in size.

  9. heygingersnaps says:

    I got one scrub mommy to try, it seems to perform better than the dish cloths that I’ve been using. I use one of its eyes to hang it on one of the tap handles.

  10. theotherViv says:

    Awesome stuff. Late to the party, the NYX stick IS good but the packaging is crap! I have gone through at least eight of these with the caps breaking or coming off in my purse. I will gladly pay double to not deal with that mess. I wish they would change the packaging. NYX used to sell a fab dual side contouring stick that was a fat pencil, but those caps were even worse, they crumbled within days. Work on your packaging, NYX.