The ‘Pam & Tommy’ series ‘has been very painful for Pamela Anderson’

The Hulu series Pam & Tommy is about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and the theft, release and sale of their honeymoon sex tape. As I’ve said a few times before, the trailers for the miniseries make me uncomfortable. Too much of the story is being played for laughs, for the early-’90s of it all. If anything, history has judged Pam Anderson kindly on this issue – she fought for years to punish the people responsible for releasing the tape, and she always (from the very start) felt nothing but horror that her private tape with Tommy was released and sold. She felt violated and she had every right to feel violated. It was a terrible violation. Pam hasn’t said much about the Hulu series publicly, but sources are starting to speak on her behalf.

“The upcoming Pam & Tommy Hulu series has been very painful for Pamela Anderson and for anyone that loves her,” the source tells ET. “It is shocking that this series is allowed to happen without her approval.”

Anderson’s marriage to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee is being dubbed as “The greatest love story ever sold.” The series premieres with the first three episodes on Wednesday, Feb. 2, with new episodes streaming weekly on Hulu.

The actress and rock star’s budding relationship instantly became tabloid fodder, and amplified after they got married in Mexico after dating for less than a week. A source tells ET that Anderson, who shares sons Brandon and Dylan with Lee, says she has no regrets about her life, save for one dark moment.

“Pamela has no regrets about her life,” the source said, “but the only thing she would probably erase is this burglary. She feels so violated to this day. It brings back a very painful time for her.”

“Tommy feels fine about the series coming out and is excited to see it,” the source tells ET. “He still doesn’t understand how this incident impacts Pamela differently from himself.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]

Yeah, Tommy has even said nice things about Sebastian Stan (who plays him in the series) and Tommy gave a thumbs-up to Stan’s casting. Lily James has said in interviews that she tried to contact Pam but Pam never called back or wrote back. Which is fine from Pam too – she didn’t want to even give this series a whiff of legitimacy, even if Lily is now saying that the portrayal is meant to be very respectful. I wonder if Pam will say something about the series directly when it’s closer to the release.

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  1. Songs (or it didn't happen) says:

    This is awful and violating for her. I am not down with this show, and I’m disappointed with those involved. It was a very private thing that was stolen, made public and turned in to a running joke for years. I can’t even imagine.

  2. Emma says:

    I feel so bad for her. Not just Tommy Lee but most people do not really understand the level of violation that is to a woman. Or they figured she was already so sexualized publicly that it made no difference. So gross.

    • Heather says:

      Yup they almost treated it as if she deserved it or was asking for it because she was “just Pam Anderson”. Just because she had done Playboy and ran around in a Baywatch bathing suit does NOT give someone the right to violate a woman like that, no matter who she is or what she’s done nudity wise. And everyone, can we please remember that this was technically ALL Tommy Lee’s fault to begin with?!? He fired the electrician, refused to pay him, and pointed a shotgun at him when he came to collect his tools at their house. He’s the whole entire reason that dude plotted to rob them! But per usual he takes no responsibility for anything!

      • Heather says:

        Oh yeah and not to mention we STILL have to hear about his dick to this day, ugh! It’s gotten SO tired! And no doubt it’ll be mentioned all throughout this show and apparently there’s plenty of full-frontal with Sebastian (because of course there is). And he apparently talks to an animatronic penis in a scene? Are you kidding me right now?!?! Why are they giving Tommy Lee more attention? It’s just like back in the day! How about focus on bringing his problematic behavior over the years to light instead? Disgusting! So sick of Hollywood thinking they can do whatever they want for profit. Even WITHOUT a victim’s consent! Enough is enough!

    • Otaku fairy says:

      This. The sex she had before or the skin she showed/ “putting herself out there” doesn’t mean what happened is her fault, or that discomfort with the violation is an example of “women playing teh victim.” People are so quick to promote the idea that introverted, modest women deserve better treatment than all other women. It’s gross.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      I have no problem with anyone male or female posing nude, doing porn or any of that. But if you have any type of notoriety, don’t make a sex tape. And don’t give me that BS about it was just for the two of us. It always comes out. Especially the bigger name you have. Have celebrities not figured out that if they eat in public. It comes out. Anything they do even if it looks like they are alone, it comes out. If you had the ability to get into Ft. Knox and made a sex tape there and then left the tape inside Ft. Know. It will come out. Don’t tape things you don’t want others to see.

      • kirk says:

        Wow. Thanks for your 20-20 hindsight. Is this intended as a lesson to Pamela who was victimized 25-yrs ago as probably the first of its kind?

  3. Sasha says:

    I actually wanted to watch this. But, because she isn’t on board, I can’t bring myself to watch something that is a violation of the woman involved. It would go against my values, so, I’ll have to stick to my guns. Sigh.

  4. Watson says:

    Yeah. I don’t blame Pam. Her tape gets stolen, she gets slut shamed and becomes a late night punch line while her husband gets a high five, and then their relationship spirals into domestic violence. Like, the whole thing is extremely dark.

    • Amber says:

      Tommy was a total nightmare back then! And why do I HIGHLY doubt they’re even gonna portray the abuse in the show? We’ll see but I’m not too confident at this point. I just don’t think a lot of people truly “get it” unless they were around at the time. Then again, some never did care.

  5. COURTNEY says:

    Tommy is an ahole for that statement. “He still doesn’t understand how this affects Pam differently than it affects himself”. What is the point of that statement? He doesn’t understand it because he’s not a woman. And he’s not her! She’s ALLOWED to feel differently about it than HE is. It’s valid that it affects her differently. Why is he even making that a thing? How she feels affects him in NO way. He’s such a jerk.

    • Amber says:

      That man has literally not changed one bit and I’m really not sure why some people act like he has. He may be less volatile/reactive these days but he’s still 100% a narcissistic prick! I can’t stand him.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Exactly. This is another reason why men’s perspectives, temptations, behaviors, etc. are not very reliable or fair metrics for judging women. There’s still so much men don’t get, witness, and experience on the same level.

  6. Case says:

    I don’t know how the individuals involved with this show can feel okay with themselves knowing this. I mean, I know sometimes films are made about real-life figures and the family isn’t thrilled or whatever, but this is another level — it was deeply personal and a huge violation of Pamela’s privacy and they’re reopening the wound for fun. It’s cruel.

    • Silver Charm says:

      Bc everyone involved wants awards and to take their notoriety to the next level. Neither Stan nor James are household names and are probably hoping this changes that. If they actually gave a sh#t about Pam they’d involve her or step away. They don’t care about her no matter how many times they try and convince us in interviews.

    • Amber says:

      Yep, I totally agree! And with the unfortunate announcement of her latest divorce a few days ago, people are being extra nasty and making fun of her, etc. I’m not even sure the series will do her “justice” like they’re claiming (a total guise to justify making this, if you ask me) and it could end up just making it worse! I can’t help but feel for her and their sons at this time. This isn’t right!

  7. Noki says:

    Why Pamela didnt make bank is always so surprising to me. She was HUGE in the 90s , the blueprint for a lot of people. She some how never managed to turn her notoriety into mega bucks.

  8. Silver Charm says:

    In the Variety interview, Lily James is basically appointing herself as the Pam Anderson redemption ambassador. She’s not even returning your phone calls, girl. Taking the role after knowing Pam did not approve and now painting yourself as some sort of feminist savior bc stories about rethinking wronged women (Britney, Janet, Marcia Clark) are now profitable (and awards worthy) is so gross.

    I used to really like Lily James. But some horrendous shit happened to Pam Anderson without her consent and decades later it’s being retold WITHOUT HER CONSENT. And SebStan also reframing this as a feminist story ugh. And Seth Rogen making this a comedy UGH.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I never got James’s appeal, she’s always promoted as this amazing actress and while she is talented I just don’t get the hype around her. Plus there is something about her that just bugs me – maybe its because there is a smugness vibe around her. She basically left drama school and was handed amazing career opportunities.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Ugh. Agreed.

  9. Lucía says:

    It’s funny/odd because these very reactions are portrayed in the trailer. She tells him the aftermath is a lot worse for her and he doesn’t seem to get it.

  10. Ana170 says:

    Sebastian and Lily currently have an interview in Variety. They do seem to understand what it was like for Pam. I’m hoping that they’re correct and that this show will provide some much needed perspective on what happened. I’m tired of women being violated like this and then being shamed for it. It’s not just Pam. Every time Kim Kardashian tries anything new, her sex tape is thrown back in her face. It’s tiresome.

    • Meg says:

      But she and her mom! Released it with their ok?

    • Otaku fairy says:

      That’s part of the reason why Kanye has so many people enabling him right now. A lot of it goes back to The S*x in some way. We know how this would play out if their roles were reversed- guy leaving and setting boundaries with an artificially busty, immodest female stalker ex who did a sex tape and was first to bang other people before finalizing the divorce. If you look at Kanye, Lamar Odom, and Scott Disick, I actually don’t think women who had their same struggles and behaviors would get as much sympathy. We’d just call them trash.

  11. BountyHunter says:

    This is exploitation at its worst. Yeah, I’m sure it will be entertaining, but honestly… what are people thinking/hoping to see that hasn’t already been dragged out and made fun of?
    Certainly not the truth, I hope.
    I will not be watching. And fuck anyone who had a hand in making this series. I wonder if they’d like their dirty laundry on display for the world to see like a zoo exhibit.

  12. Lonnietinks says:

    So people are still monetizing her sexual assault. Cool Cool Cool Cool coollllllll

  13. JJS says:

    Normally I love Sebastian Stan but I hate Tommy and this feels gross and I won’t watch it. I don’t want to see him as Tommy.
    Pam doesn’t deserve this. I wish she could just keep quietly living her life…

    From a design note, I hate that that poster cuts off her eyebrows, that’s the only thing that actually looks like Pam.

    • Silver Charm says:

      Sebastian is already getting Emmy buzz from critics who got screeners. He’s going to ride this out for his own benefit while regurgitating his feminist talking points. I have such little respect for him after the Variety interview. It’s so obvious what those two are in this for.

      • Amber says:

        Exactly! He’s such a typical hypocritical entitled white male (that’s willingly profiting off a woman’s trauma re-exposed; same goes for Lily though!) and I can’t stand it. And his extreme fans? They’re literally so unbearable! They’re making any and all excuses for this and will probably make up a big percentage of the audience. And the simping for him as Tommy? So gross!

  14. Stephanie says:

    I feel bad for her but I’m wondering why she married Rick Solomon twice, when he did the same thing to Paris that was done to her.

  15. antipodean says:

    Is this the same Lily James who has been known to canoodle around Rome on the back of a married man’s scooter?

  16. Angh says:

    Let’s not compare this to Kim Kardashian. This was an era when a sex tape could ruin you. pam and yes even Paris Hilton was victimized. There is also a double standard even when legit actors perform unstimulated sex scenes with their consent. I mean look how much they crucified Chloe sevigny after the brown bunny and her career had a setback for a while.Meanwhile mark rylance went unscathed and went on to win an Oscar.