Dwayne Johnson, Jewel & many others sent support to Covid enthusiast Joe Rogan

Horse dewormer enthusiast Joe Rogan is not really “on the ropes.” If anything, the “Delete Spotify” movement has only strengthened his place as the bro-jewel in Spotify’s crown. Spotify’s reaction to their stock tanking was to recommit themselves to Rogan and his large demographic of Covid conspiracists and anti-vaccine nutters. Spotify did ask Rogan to “apologize” for his long history of Covid misinformation and his amplification of Covid/vaccine conspiracies, to which Rogan responded with an Instagram video in which he truly said “if I pissed you off, I’m sorry.” And on that IG post, Rogan left his comments open. Wouldn’t you know, tons of celebrities commented on the post and wished him well.

Amid the mounting pressure on Spotify over allegations of Covid misinformation presented on its Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the show’s host made an apology of sorts — “if I pissed you off, I’m sorry” — and garnered support from Dwayne Johnson, Kevin James, Jewel, Jamie Kennedy, Tulsi Gabbard, Troy Aikman, Kat Von D, Domanic Monaghan, Candice Owens, Jillian Michaels, Tomi Lahren and Andrew Dice Clay.

All of those boldfaced names responded in the comments section of the Instagram video that Rogan posted Monday in which he said he just likes to have “interesting conversations with people that have differing opinions,” but admitted he doesn’t “always get it right” and promised to “do better.”

In response, Dwayne Johnson wrote, “Great stuff here brother. Perfectly articulated. Look forward to coming on one day and breaking out the tequila with you.”

Rogan’s fellow comedian Kevin James said in the post’s comments, “Joe – we go way back and all these years I’ve known you to be nothing but objective and seeking truth. Thank you. Love you brother.”

Jewel wrote simply, “Your [sic.] doing a great job keep it up.”

The support comes just days after Neil Young and Joni Mitchell pulled their tunes off Spotify, citing Rogan’s vaccine “misinformation,” as Young called it, and telling the streamer that if it continued with his podcast, they didn’t want any part in the service. Today, Young’s former and longtime bandmates Graham Nash and Nils Lofgren, along with singer-songwriter India.Arie, asked that their songs also be removed from the service. Another of Spotify’s most popular podcasters, author and Ted Talks superstar Brené Brown, also said she is suspending the creation of new content for the site. She has two podcasts on the streamer.

[From Deadline]

The list of people supporting Rogan is kind of hilarious in a grotesque way? I mean, Tulsi Gabbard, Kat Von D, Candice Owens, Tonky Lampshade AND Jewel? And The Rock? And Jillian Michaels? I guess there really is a market for “bros spreading Covid misinformation.” Can we also gather that this motley covid crew is mostly unvaccinated and pro-pandemic? The Rock is vaccinated, but who knows about the rest of them. Tulsi probably is. Jillian probably is too, she got Covid in 2020 and warned people to avoid public gyms. I’m disappointed that so many people “want to see the best” in a guy who is demonstrably harmful to public health and safety. The Rock in particular!

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Nina says:

    Not the Rock!

    • Snazzy says:

      That’s the one that surprised me!! I didn’t expect him to be pro-pandemic

      Edit: Looking at the comments below, some people saying they’re not surprised because of political and financial aspirations. Actually, I can see that.

      Ugh, people are gross

    • Lisa says:

      That is EXACTLY what I thought upon reading this!

    • Kalana says:

      The Rock wants Joe Rogan’s fan base.

      Remember when he was gauging the reaction to him potentially running for office?

      • MAc says:

        For someone who has so carefully curated his brand, this is an unusual misstep for DJ.

      • Jenn says:

        Right. He’s a moderate “Schwarzenegger” Republican who wants to catch moderates on their way down the alt-right pipeline — you know, Rogan’s demographic, the guys who are a step away from saying Alex Jones “makes some interesting points”

    • Snappyfish says:

      This is v disappointing. I liked him & it saddens me to know he is completely fine with disinformation which could cost lives. I didn’t know he was a tool. ☹️

      • LooneyTunes says:

        Not that I don’t care about disinformation, but Rogan is problematic in other ways. People have compiled looooong videos of him just saying the n-word. Why is THAT not a problem?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yeah, that’s the only one on this list that surprised/bothered me.

      and note, please, that the same day he promised to “do better” he posted (and then deleted) a link to a study about ivermectin that he (SHOCKER!) misinterpreted and misrepresented the results.

      so, he’s really not trying to “do better”.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Of course Rogan the Arrogant will never try to be better. He will feign apologies and will never back down on his rhetoric. As for Johnson, this is extremely upsetting and deplorable. Yes, let’s support an a$$hat with the likes of Rogan for political reasons as well as Spotify allowing him to remain on their service. Who cares if a few artists dump him OR he is responsible for hundreds of deaths.

        Another case of entitled white boy thinking that he IS the ONE dispelling the truth regarding all matters pertaining to pandemic!! Spotify doesn’t want to lose their cash cow OR pay him out for his criminal actions.

      • Vesper Nite says:

        Yes this fool had said some disturbingly racist crap on his show and it’s all out there now to be seen. He needs to be canceled! Racists don’t deserve platforms…full stop! As for the Rock, money changes people man! So screw him, he’s just another phony rich dude!

  2. Josephine says:

    No surprises here except maybe for the Rock. Good to know who doesn’t care about integrity and are gleeful to see people make money by being deplorable.

  3. Lauren Too says:

    Dwayne… This is so disappointing. You cannot agree to disagree with someone on something so dramatically life-saving as a vaccine, let alone show public support for them. Nope. No. Nah.

    • superashes says:

      I don’t get it. Shutting up was free on this one. He could have easily just said nothing.

    • Cait says:

      He is going to run as A republican he is going to have to get Rogan’s largely entitled White Bro’s support. The Rock always seems on. All he does is shill products on Social media. Dwayne has always been about his bottom line and nothing else. If you are shocked you have not been paying attention

      • Sue E Generis says:

        Spot on. I’ve always been surprised at how many people think he’s a nice guy. He’s always seemed fake and arrogant to me. Then a couple years ago when he was talking about running for president, it seemed obvious how deluded and entitled he was. He just hides it better.

  4. HelloDolly! says:

    Yes, I am disappointed that the Rock would publicly support a man who is generally a threat to public health! This def made me lose respect for the Rock and now I wonder about his politics, ugh.

  5. JRenee says:

    Sorry, not surprised at all with The Rock being on this list, seems right in his wheelhouse…

  6. MelOn says:

    Not surprised about The Rock at all. He wants a political career, he will talk out of both sides of his face to achieve this. I’m constantly side-eyeing him….

  7. Shoop says:

    The Rock used to be my guilty crush, now I just think he’s a phoney, and a bit of a tool.

    • shanaynay says:

      Yep! He’s a major tool in my book.

    • msmontclair says:

      Same. Ugh, I am so disappointed.

    • Becks says:

      A friend of mine worked very closely with The Rock, traveling with him for many years. He was great in the beginning and then slowly began to show his true colors, which are pretty terrible. His whole persona is fake, all smoke and mirrors.

  8. bonobochick says:

    I’ll add this to Dwayne’s transgressions list along with his inability to cast Black women in his movies, esp as a love interest.

  9. Jay says:

    With the exception of the Rock, those names are a who’s who of red flags.

    Guys, if I’m ever wrong enough to be publicly defended by Tulsi Gabbard, I’ll have to do some serious soul searching about my life choices. What is actually surprising to me is who’s not on that list – where is Tucker Carlson? Anne Coulter? The usual cancel culture defenders?

    • H says:

      Jewel? JEWEL? If Tori Amos comes out as pro-pandemic, I’m going to lose my mind. Those ladies were my go-to’s in the ’90s. I even bought Jewel’s poetry book. I’m going to go put it in my Goodwill pile now.

      The Rock I could have guessed because he definitely wants to run for some sort of political office.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        I loved Jewel in college, but yeah, she fits right into that hippie anti-vax culture that I grew up around in N. CA. It is very disappointing, but I wasn’t surprised (other than I haven’t heard about/thought about Jewel in years!) The Rock was a lot more upsetting, but as someone said, above, shutting up is free…Sigh.

      • Jay says:

        Yeah, I definitely had at least one Jewel album back in the day, but she’s always been “out there” and I think she’s made anti- vaccine comments before. It’s surprising because she’s expressed a lot of admiration for Neil Young in the past, and I think he was somehow involved in producing “You Were Meant for Me” if I’m remembering correctly.

        I wonder, given the company they are in, if any of these names wish they had just sat there and finished their toast instead of appearing in print next to Candace Owens.

      • H says:

        @superashes, Thank the Baby Jesus for Tori. Jewel can take a rather long hike.

  10. Jan90067 says:

    Like Kaiser said, kind of a hysterically grotesque list. Not that these people (maybe save The Rock) would most of us “support”, but there we go. The list of people that are completely UNSUPPORTABLE is growing and growing.

    I’ve always heard something along the lines of “people’s true nature comes out in a crisis”, and boy are we seeing people’s True Colors out flying during Covid.

  11. Twin Falls says:

    When you find yourself at the lunch table with Candace Owen and Andrew Dice Clay, you should really reevaluate some things.

    After hearing about Payton Manning (I had no idea, none), I’m done thinking I know anything about these public strangers. I’ll enjoy the things that are positive about their work but won’t really ever think that they are anything more than possibly horrible because power and privilege aren’t easy things for human beings to handle apparently.

    • JBC says:

      @Twin Falls – NO! What about Peyton?! I googled and haven’t seen anything and am afraid to ask. I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop…

      • Twin Falls says:

        It was in the links post where he was on SNL. Someone linked to an article talking about what happened when he was at Tennessee. It was awful. Not just what he’s accused of doing but the treatment of the woman after.

  12. LP says:

    The Rock has really, really, REALLY leaned into “we should all just get along kumbayya” bs in the last five or six years, which a lot of people like, but always makes me want to tear my hair out- you can kumbayya with white supremacists or medical misinformation! There’s no two sides or centrist take! It’s a shame because he’s said words about representation and feminism and whatnot before, but like all centrism it capitulates to the worst and most harmful parts of society :/

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      I’m done giving these fools the time of day. They like to think they’re so smart with their both sides love everyone bs, me while they’re elevating the death of millions.

      The Rock always seemed like toxic masculinity to me, then he said a few decent things and I reassessed, only to land here. Right back where I started. What a gross person. Anything to promote his own power.

    • Powermoonchrystal says:

      He is cumbaya except when he is dealing with Vin Diesel. Ugh, he is gonna make me side with Groot in their beef. They are probably the same spoiled over inflated-ego divas

      • Jenn says:

        Nah, Vin rules. He worked hard to create a niche for himself in an industry that had little interest in casting him (if his short movie Multi-Facial is, as he says, autobiographical). He considers himself a student of the craft, which is delightful even though it’s easy to goof on, and he’s always hustled hard for the work he’s gotten. I realize I’m probably Vin Diesel’s biggest fan, and if so, that’s fine with me. The Rock coasted into movies on nothing but charm and goodwill, and if Vin doesn’t like him, neither do I.

  13. Jais says:

    What’s funny is his comment was also a blatant plug for his tequila. Gotta get that anti-vax money. Maybe he’s hoping that Rogan’s followers will believe coating their throats with tequila kills Covid. Goes down smoother than horse dewormer can be the sales pitch.

    • lemontwist says:

      Yes! The first part of the comment was disappointing enough, but when he ended by shilling his tequila brand it was just.. so sleazy.

      • HoofRat says:

        At least he stopped short of saying his tequila will cure COVID, but I’m sure that’s next. Greedy tool.

  14. superashes says:

    The Rock?? That is disappointing. Everyone else on that list was a disappointment already, but The Rock, that stings. Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention.

  15. Jules says:

    The dumbing down of humanity continues.

  16. greenmonster says:

    Elmo knew it all along… you can’t trust rocks.

  17. shanaynay says:

    I never liked the Rock, and couldn’t really explain to anyone why I didn’t like him. Now I have a legitimate reason to give to people. Not that I care if they didn’t accept that I wasn’t into him. LOL!

  18. aquarius64 says:

    Sad to hear about the Rock. I guess they have enough in the bank not to worry if people vote with their wallets and not support their projects because of their positions.

  19. TheOriginalMia says:

    Not surprised about Dwayne. He wants to go into politics so he occasionally plays both sides. Noticed how he never stands up for anything. Just promotes his stuff. Anyone who has the platform and privilege he has but refuses to vocally support what is right is someone I won’t support politically. Used to love him, but I’m back to indifference.

  20. Tootsie McJingle says:

    Well, I know it won’t make a lick a difference, but unfollowing The Rock on Twitter just now felt good.

  21. grabbyhands says:

    This is zero percent surprising considering the rabid “I see both sides” stance he takes on everything as he lays the groundwork for running for political office.

    To paraphrase an earlier comment, when you’re in the same agreement with the likes of Tomi Lahren and Candace Owens you should probably re-examine your stance.

    Just more proof that people do the absolute most to cape for a white guy.

  22. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Glad to know there’s a burgeoning blech the rock group. He’s been icky for awhile now.

  23. Ari says:

    None of these responses surprise me. I will say this, what hurts my heart is that not enough folks are even talking about the HUGELY transphobic and racist shit Rogan and Peterson yammered on about. This is not new. Peterson has been doing this for years and has created his entire career around transphobia. While I’m relieved Mitchell, Young and India Arie are putting their foot down – as a trans person it pains me to see that kind of pure bigotry and hate speech go unchecked.

    • equality says:

      I agree the hate spreading is more concerning than Covid misinformation. Eventually, the virus will supposedly (hopefully) be less of an issue but the other stuff will have a longer lasting effect.

  24. Amy Bee says:

    Most, if not all of these people are ring wingers so not surprised that they support Rogan.

  25. Case says:

    None of these surprise me. I know people love The Rock but he seems rather narcissistic to me, idk. I’ve always gotten bad vibes.

  26. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    That’s nice of you guys to care so much about each other and high-fiving misinformation. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the funerals.

  27. CityGirl says:

    Not surprised by the rock. He’s another celebrity who thinks he could be president. He has become a caricature of himself and drank his own Kool aid a long time ago.

  28. Diamond+Rottweiler says:

    American actors/musicians rarely have much formal education (compared to the Brits, the French etc.) . And it really really shows. I was watching (the brilliant) Taskmaster the other night and trying to imagine an American comedian making a joke (like Greg Davies did) that included the word “modernity.” Lol

    • Evelyn says:

      I think Colbert, Meyers, or Noah could toss off that term and many others with ease.

    • Dee (2) says:

      This is a pretty patently untrue statement. Look at the graduate list of Yale school of Drama, Julliard, or NYU. For a little bit there late night tv, and the snl writers room looked like a Harvard reunion.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Dee, it is a pretty patently untrue statement that isn’t backed by evidence. Diamonds + Rottweiler, do you have facts to support what you’re saying? A few google searches tells me differently. There are quite a few actors/musicians and comedians that have a higher education level from prestigious universities and some that, albeit, may not be considered prestigious, graduated from college. Like Dee said, the SNL writers room alone, though not necessarily all Harvard, is filled with people who have a ‘higher education’.

        I’m not familiar with everyone’s Covid stance. I do know a ‘higher education’ level does not mean someone is smart about Covid. It’s a bad argument because it’s about beliefs. The Rock seems to be bothsidesings things for his own reasons and I’m not liking it. He went to the University of Miami on a full scholarship for football. He graduated with a degree in General Studies of Criminology & Physiology. He had a professor that encouraged him to apply for law school. The Rock himself acknowledged that he didn’t have the grades to get into law school. I will also say that the US has more requirements for college acceptance than the Uk’s at least. It’s not an automatic. I’m more than happy if you prove me wrong with your statement. I think of Whitney Cummings, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Magna Cum Laude, and her shows required proof of vaccination. I also think about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, graduating from Northwestern with 2 degrees. The British Media may want to minimize it, but, graduating from Northwestern is a big thing.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I’ll say I’m not familiar with Greg Davies and how he may or not be witty about ‘modernity’. A quick search, could be wrong, says he studied at Brunel University, not that he graduated from there. I’m not familiar with Robertson Davis. A Canadian. He did say something about modernity though.

      “Nothing grows old-fashioned so fast as modernity.”. Don’t know the level of his ‘formal education’.

  29. Alison McKenzie says:

    Rock is no surprise but is Jewel right wing now? Or one of those earthy-crunchy antivaxxers like Evangeline Lilly?

    • SomeChick says:

      Jewel seems more like the conspirituality type. it’s dismaying either way.

    • TangerineTree says:

      I had no illusions about DJ, but Jewel? Sending a message of support for horrible Joe Rogan? Sad to learn this, but I would rather know what she really is, smh.

    • Nibbi says:

      I think Jewel has actually been making anti-vaxx kinda noises for a while now.

  30. Hyrule Castle says:

    I’m not surprised by the Rock.
    He was too adamant that he was the good guy with regard to the Vin Diesel situation, too eager, to me, to prove he was the better one & above it all.
    Not that Vin isn’t problematic, but that Rock is equal to being not who he seems, like Vin comes off.
    I’m not surprised they don’t get along.
    Rock always seems to be a little too try hard, & the problem with that is it’s hard to maintain & remember what your persona is supposed to be.

    This is his realness, imo.

  31. Asking for a Friend says:

    I wonder if these folks have seen all the clips of racist comments Rogan has made through the years.

    • Truthiness says:

      Oh.My.God. I saw a clip compilation yesterday of Rogan saying the N word time after time. Holy sh*t I couldn’t close it fast enough, it was such a needle scratch moment, viscerally disturbing.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      or the one he made most recently about how some people aren’t really “black”, and how the term should be applied, and his reference to people who live in the “darkest” part of Africa and don’t wear any clothes all day.

      dude is AWFUL.

      • kirk says:

        Wow @Truthiness & @WhatWHAT? – didn’t know that about Rogan, but not surprising with his reputation. I guess the “Equally proud. Black/Samoan,” Dwayne Johnson is just shilling his tequila? Social media is such a sucker pit.

  32. CC says:

    Almost 4,000 recorded Covid deaths in the US yesterday, but sure, Dwayne.

  33. OliviaJoy says:

    Not Doug Heffernan damn’t! Ugghh. COVID has made me second guess all celebrities I once liked.

    • Layla Beans says:

      Kevin James is tight with Rob Schneider so this isn’t a surprise. Mediocre white dudes that fail up stick together.

  34. souperkay says:

    The one thing they all have in common is money, they are rich so they cannot possibly be wrong. It’s always about class, every one of the Rogan Radicals have moved up in financial & social strata, the most prized life achievement in the US so of course they band together because none of them would do something bad or harmful while also living cloistered lives that are not feeling the brunt of the pandemic’s pain & while being blind to how much their unfettered travel helps it spread.

    • Constant says:

      I finally realised that once you have amassed a ton of money and gotten a taste of the power it brings all that’s left is striving for power in other ways, power that can be limitless. So once they’ve made the big bucks it’s ALL about power.

  35. Luna17 says:

    I think a lot of these celebrities supporting him are the wellness anti vaxxers who can afford supplements and expensive organic food so don’t think they need to be vaxxed like us poor people. It’s ableism and elitism at its finest because they have access to good doctors and care if they need it but most people don’t have that luxury. I’m a yoga teacher and I’m appalled by the yoga, fitness and wellness community going full on conspiracy, ableism and anti vaxx. I can’t believe how disappointed I am. I had to Unfollow some Canadian yoga teachers whose videos I really enjoyed because they were supporting the stupid Nazi trucker movement. Anytime you’re aligning yourself with an organization with a lot of nazi flags, you’ve lost my support.

    • HoofRat says:

      There was an article in The Guardian recently talking about the increasing number of yoga sites that contain QAnon content.

  36. Trish says:


    Yep, I know a woman from San Francisco, total progressive in every way but the pandemic. Got special exemptions for her kids to not be vaccinated. Total hippy California girl, but adamant about what goes into her body and it’s no vaccines. What can you do with these people? Idk.

  37. Korra says:

    I know Jillian Michaels has always been problematic with some of her diet and exercise advice in the past and her opinions on people who are overweight, but this confirms my suspicions towards her slide into right-wing/conspiracy theory territory. On Twitter, she has been following and liking posts from anti-vaxxers, libertarians, and crypto shills for the past year. And, I notice she has been following Governor DeSantis too — I know you can “hate follow” people, but I doubt she is following him out of spite, but rather admiration.

    This is rather alarming, as her adopted daughter is Black and these are the type of people whose actions harm poc, but then again, we know that adopting children of color has never stopped white parents from being problematic anyway.

    • Embee says:

      Jillian (brain trust that she is) has vacillated her political and thus pandemic positions to align with her most recent love interest. I used to listen to her podcast but she has become unbearable. When she was with the hippie yoga instructor she was liberal. Now she’s effing a neo-con and has altered her politics and moved across the country away from her kids to live under DeSantis’ rule. She’s too dumb to even know how to preserve her own life, much less her family. Selfish, entitled little see you next tuesday…

      • Korra says:

        I stopped listening to her podcast years ago, which was when she still identified as liberal. But everything you say make sense now and puts into perspective her change. I never looked up to her as role model, but I did enjoy her workouts and was once a podcaster listener. Now, I am done giving her money and already canceled my subscription to her app.

      • H says:

        @Embee, she didn’t take her kids with her but left them with the ex in CA? I moved out of FL to get away from DeSantis.

  38. MangoAngelesque says:

    The Rock just inked a huge deal with UFC/MMA fighters for them to wear his shoes during fights, didn’t he?

    So it tracks that he’d want to project cracking some of his-brand tequila with Rogan, whether he actually wants to or not.

    Disappointing, but on-brand.

  39. Desdemona says:

    Didn’t know who Joe Rogan is (not seeing who he is) and I really couldn’t care less….

    Dwayne – disappointed at him…

  40. oldladydog says:

    The more Dwayne opens his mouth, the less I like him. He ruined his segment on Peyton and Eli Manning’s MNF show. He is a complete dumbass.

  41. Peanut Butter says:

    No one in that list of Rogan supporters is a surprise, despite the myriad of awful things he’s said over the years & his enduring commitment to toxic masculinity.

  42. Glossoph says:

    Never cared for Dwayne or his ‘brand’. I hope he doesn’t run but if he does, I certainly hope he gets his ass whooped by someone who actually knows a thing or two about policy, governance, international relations… you know, the stuff that goes into making a decent president? The hubris! 🙄

  43. Nope says:

    Man, we have really loved The Rock at my house–my husband is a longtime fan of pro-wrestling so we were fans of The Rock before he broke into movies. I got into Fast and Furious when The Rock joined the franchise. He has a charismatic, funny, intelligent, kind persona and he can laugh at himself. He’s an incredible, gifted performer.

    We have a vintage action figure of him that I found in a thrift store years ago that we put into humorous poses around the house. Our kid refers to it as “Daddy’s The Rock”.

    But yeah I’m just disappointed and grossed out. We were really put off by his presidential aspirations–post-Trump it is so unambiguously clear that we need experience and qualifications for public office, not celebrities. He seemed to back off from that so I relaxed a little.

    It wasn’t a big deal on this board when The Rock then posed with Jeff Bezos on his Instagram, but I’m a union member who works in a warehouse, so it was a big deal for me. The working conditions in the Amazon warehouses are horrific and I’ve boycotted Amazon for over a decade. So no. Just no.

    And this Joe Rogan thing is where I shrug and sigh and completely give up. I’m not going to seek out his movies, I’m not going to extend any faith in his authenticity, and this will probably be my entry point to explaining to my 7-year-old that the persona of a celebrity can be fun but we should never assume that it means we know the real person and that Dwayne Johnson is kind of disappointing because he cares more about money and being liked than important principles like accurate Covid information or the working conditions of working-class people.

    I don’t think he’s a bad person, per se. Just that money changed him (I assume. It seems to be almost inevitable) and he’s comfortable being adjacent to and associated with awful people if it works for his image and brand. There are a lot of people like that and I don’t hate them. They just don’t have a claim on my respect.

  44. Squirrlee says:

    I don’t really think that Joe Rogan is as big of a problem as he’s made out to be. I think that he’s just a stoner bro libertarian who listens to all sorts of stuff. People aren’t convinced of ivermectin just from him. It’s from all sorts of places.
    Spotify is an issue due to underpaying artists.

    • Erinn says:

      A few years ago his podcast was very different. He’s gotten to a point where it’s just beyond. Before he was hella problematic but had a MORE balanced view than he has had in the last couple of years. Before some of the conspiracy stuff was funny or interesting when it would come up. After a while it just got more and more amped up and more and more unwilling to hear someone else’s point of view.

      Like he claims he’s bringing in both sides. But when an actual expert tells him something that disproves his preconceived notions he’s not engaging with it. Just blowing it off with a “well that’s not what I read”. When a quack ( and most of the guests even a few years ago were quacks) he eats it right up.

  45. Ed says:

    Not good

  46. KrystinaJ says:

    I’m so disappointed that DJ supports him 🙁

  47. Zoe says:

    Jewel’s episode on Joe Rogan was one of the most interesting and powerful three hours I have heard in a long time. Her story, his interest in the topics, their dynamic, was honestly chilling (in a good way). I have to say, you are making the wrong call on this one. And I am a progressive, vaccinated, educated, left-leaning, feminist woman. As I would believe Jewel is.