Kanye West posts texts from Kim Kardashian, begging him to stop threatening Pete

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson spent much of this past weekend together. Kim traveled to New York to see Pete, and they went out to dinner on Sunday with Kim’s friend La La Anthony at Cipriani. Kim and Pete were seen kissing. Sources told People Mag that Kim went to NYC to see Pete because he’s working right now, on a horror film called The Home: “He has been busy and not able to travel to L.A. They were apart for a few days earlier this week and [were] excited to reunite.” Sources also said that “Pete is great for Kim. During the past few months when they have been dating, Kim has been very happy. All the drama with Kanye is still difficult for her, but Pete cheers her up. They haven’t had any drama so far. It’s very refreshing for Kim.” More and more, I understand why Kim digs Pete. It must be so refreshing to her to be with someone who just wants to chill out and go get pizza and watch movies.

I bring up Kim and Pete’s weekend in New York because… Kim was with Pete as her estranged, soon-to-be-ex-husband was harassing her on social media. Kanye spent the entire weekend mocking Pete (or as Ye calls him, “Skete”), cutting ties with everyone who is friendly with Pete, and demanding that Kim come back to him (Ye). For Valentine’s Day, Ye also sent Kim a “truck full of roses.” I sincerely hope Kim was in New York for that.

But the worst V-Day moment was definitely Kanye ‘gramming-and-deleting an explicit threat to Pete, seemingly after Kim texted Ye and asked him to stop. Kim’s concern (as she put in writing) was that one of Kanye’s fans will take him seriously and actually try to harm Pete. Kanye responded by saying he’s “going to handle the situation myself” alongside a photo of a man choking another man.

Kanye West has shared screenshots of his private conversation with estranged wife Kim Kardashian. The 44-year-old rapper shared screenshots of messages where the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star apparently calls out his actions and says that he’s creating a “dangerous and scary environment” for her boyfriend, SNL star Pete Davidson.

“Someone will hurt Pete and this will be all your fault,” Kardashian wrote.

West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, captioned his post in capital letters: “Upon my wife’s request please nobody do anything physical to Skete. I’m going to handle the situation myself.”

[From The Independent]

One of the new arguments I’ve seen from Kanye-defenders is that he’s only doing all of this for attention, to promote his Netflix documentary and the Donda 2 album drop. No. This is not some conscious choice being made by a sane man to “play up” drama as a promotional tool. This is a mentally ill jackass stalking, harassing and explicitly threatening his estranged wife and her boyfriend.

Also, people truly had “Kim Other Phone” trending on Twitter last night. Kanye has her phone listed that way because she changed her number because HE was calling her so much and harassing her. My guess is that Kim has one dedicated phone for all of her Kanye-communications and that all of the texts are going directly to Laura Wasser, Kim’s divorce attorney.

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  1. Grassroots says:

    This is an act of domestic violence.

  2. chill says:

    Document. Document. Document.

    • Becky Mae says:

      Amen! Kanye is cooked…. This has been a toxic mess, all from him…

      • Bree7795 says:

        This is so manipulative and gross what he is doing. If she doesn’t communicate with him directly he throws tantrums on social media and encourages his followers to verbally harass Pete (and maybe worse) so she has to finally give in and make contact with Kanye in order to keep the peace and talk him off the ledge. Then Kanye gets what he wants by her communicating with him and he posts their conversations for everyone to see. It’s such an emotionally abusive cycle because she has to toe the line of keeping Kanye calmed down and protecting Pete. She really has no distance from Kanye and I imagine it just strains her relationship now, when she seems genuinely happy. It’s disgusting.

    • Theresa says:

      Everything is very well documented in social media so he is just screwing himself if anything happens to Pete

    • Dierski says:

      100% Tbh, at this point I’d bet Kim’s lawyers are just keeping a long running tally of all of his weekly public BS, so by the time they negotiate final divorce terms or get in front of a judge, it will be very easy for her side to prove his utter instability.

      He could lose any hope of joint custody with his children, which is extremely sad in any situation, but he obviously cannot/won’t keep his mental issues under reasonable control. These are completely public threats to her (and her family, friends, bf, etc.) and he is delusional to think these actions won’t screw him over in the long run. She will likely win all the legal things against him she wants to in the end, just by letting him be himself and spin out in the public eye.

      • SomeChick says:

        the keyword here is delusional. he is absolutely acting delusional. and the problem with that is, he isn’t aligned with actual reality, but he absolutely believes that he is. delusion/mania/etc is really hard to deal with.

        I just really hope he doesn’t assault anyone. or get his goons to do it.

  3. SarahLee says:

    The world has chuckled and dismissed Kanye’s breakdowns and threats for too long. The man has been unhinged FOREVER. It’s getting worse, and it’s getting scary. He’s not funny. He’s a misogynistic bully who has always – ALWAYS – thought he was oh so much more than he really was. And now, Cudi is right. Dinosaur. And Kim’s shagging a younger white dude. Get over it and move on, you pathetic turd.

    • Mira says:

      Speaking as someone who has suffered from Bipolar I for 28 years, he needs involuntary psychiatric treatment. Manic episodes are no joke, and the thing that makes these situations so very dangerous is that in the midst of mania, you feel absolutely, entirely, completely 100% justified in everything you say or do. This includes harming other people, especially those you normally care about when you’re on your meds. How people are not taking this very seriously is beyond me.

      • Colby says:

        I’m sorry to hear you stuffer with this. I have a family member who is bipolar, and as you know, it is way too hard to get people involuntary committed.

        I know we want to give people freedom, but allowing people to run the streets completely out of touch with reality is not a mercy. It’s cruel and dangerous.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Thank you for your post, Mira. The authorities need to take Kanye’s actions very seriously before someone is hurt, or worse. Kanye’s behavior isn’t funny, and it isn’t macho–it’s scary as hell.

      • Chergui says:

        @Mira you’re absolutely right and I don’t know why nothing is being done. Maybe it is behind the scenes.

        I get that in this case, bipolar is most likely the reason but worryingly there are a lot of men who do this. My ex only stopped once the courts got involved and I’m really worried it will start again as soon as the case is finished with.

        Kanye’s made clear threats and he’s harassing her. If the authorities don’t act soon and something happens to Kim, Pete or their kids, it’s on them as much as Kanye.

  4. canichangemyname says:

    HOW is this not illegal? I’ve definitely seen people arrested for stuff like this. Here in Georgia, it’s called ‘terroristic acts and threats,’ and it’s a felony.

    • FC says:

      This shit is getting scary. Take the kids and get a restraining order.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I was going to say something similar: are these not actions that would warrant at the very least a restraining order (or something along those lines?) I mean okay, I don’t know that Kim could file a restraining order on Pete’s behalf, but Kanye’s behaviour is definitely crossing a line.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      It’s such a scary thing when you know someone is a threat to themselves and others, but they haven’t “done” anything so authorities won’t take action. In this situation, though, he is making threats in a way. I wish that would be enough for something to happen to protect others (especially K and P) from him. Im holding my breath, hoping someone doesn’t get hurt.

      • Maida says:

        Tiffany, that’s a great point. Because Kanye hasn’t (yet?) escalated to making threats that are direct enough to be actionable or trying to attack anyone physically, it’s not clear what the legal options are. I think we’re still playing legal catch up on what to do about social media statements.

      • Tiffany:) says:

        “I think we’re still playing legal catch up on what to do about social media statements.”

        Yes, legal options don’t match needs.

        In college I had a friend who went through mental health struggles, and I was so terrified for her. I went to my psychology professor seeking help, and he said there’s really nothing you can do until something dangerous happens. My friend ended up truly risking her life before she was able to get help. (At the same time, we don’t want to lock people up prematurely, so this is a very fine line that our society and our legal system need to find.)

    • bettyrose says:

      This is getting real. She texted him privately and he posted it publicly to mock her concern assure his fans that he’ll handle the violence himself. That is a threat. No question.

    • Eurydice says:

      My question would be why are the social media “gods” allowing this? People have been warned and banned for less. But I guess that doesn’t count if you’ve got a lot of followers.

      • bettyrose says:

        Have twitter or IG ever been held accountable for an act of violence promoted on their sites? That’s what it would take.

      • LaraW” says:

        We already have proof that promoting, planning, AND EXECUTING acts of violence aren’t enough. See: January 6.

  5. lanne says:

    She needs to start ignoring him publically, and gray rocking him when they interact because of their children. She’s feeding his need for attention, and showing him that he can still get to her. Stalkers have to have their threats documented, but the victim should not respond. From “the gift of fear”: stalker sends 50 texts, you respond on text 51, so stalker learns that it taskes 50 texts to get your attention. Kanye is absolutely feeding off of this attention right now. He needs to be put on a psych hold, stat. Thankfully Kim is wealthy enough to have top notch security, as is Pete. But who’s to say that Kanye won’t do something like put out a hit, or harm Kim or the kids? The only good that can come of this is if it widens the discussion of stalkers, but I fear the whole thing is being taken as just another juicy entertainment story.

    • SarahLee says:

      She’s not just looking at it from a legal standpoint. I believe she is rightfully and truly worried for Pete. Kanye has done the impossible – made me feel sorry for Kim.

      • SolitaryAngel says:

        Yes, I never thought I would ever have reason to feel sorry for Kim, but I do now. Because I know what she’s going through. I am bipolar myself, but had a brief marriage to a Kanye, which resulted in my son being kidnapped (he thankfully wasn’t injured and now has no memory of it), my home being repeatedly broken into, and ended up hiding in various battered women’s shelters (for 2 years because his cop buddies kept finding us) until he was finally imprisoned. For forty years, no possibility of parole. That was in 2004 and I am still counting the years of safety I have left until he gets out and comes after me again as he told me he would. I still have nightmares about it and pray he dies in prison. Kanye is not joking around; he means every word he says. She needs a TRO immediately. I hope he never uses the children against her but I fear he will.😢

  6. Yup, Me says:

    People were talking about how Kim and her family were masterminding this whole mess somehow. But, if anything, this probably shows how much Kim was behind the scenes wrangling KanYe for years. I know she has said, in interviews, that he refused to be managed or controlled but he’s on a whole other level of wild now.

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s a bit of a boy who cried wolf situation – this family has profited on family drama for like a decade now, so I don’t think it’s surprising that when all this started there were some people who assumed it was just more of the same.
      However it’s become clear that he is really unhinged and abusing her, and that it needs to stop. I worry for their kids, I hope they’re too young to see what’s happening, or he is doing to do lasting damage to them.

      • Cava 24 says:

        The Kardashians have weaponized their fan base against people they don’t like and have shown a total disregard for other people, which also complicates how people view them. I don’t know that this is so much people not recognizing this as a abuse as people thinking they have enough resources to deal with this and that they probably have a very different take on how dealing with this should work. I would not want to limit my life if I were her but if you have concern for your safety and your boyfriend’s safety, maybe don’t drag the paparazzi to Williamsburg to get photos of you on a date when you know your ex is currently in a very bad place. Should she have to do that? No. But would most people think, “you know what, I am not going to poke that bear since I know he is with our kids and is going to be ranting at them the whole time.” I am not going to be more protective of her than she is willing to be of herself. Not getting lawyers and the police more involved is likely a business-driven decision, not a safety-driven one. And I would not have this reaction to anyone else in her situation but that family pours gasoline onto all their relationship-driven fires, it’s their brand.

      • Colby says:

        Cava – this attitude is really disappointing. It is *very* hard to get police involved when Kanye hasn’t physically done anything to hurt them. Anyone who has paid any attention to DV, stalking, or involuntary commitment laws in this country would know that.

        Anyone who paid attention to Donald Trump and 1/6 would know that he won’t be held responsible if a fan attacks them.

        So just stop this victim blaming because that is exactly what you are doing.

      • Cava 24 says:

        Her mother was best friends with Nicole Simpson Brown so in theory, it’s not like the family doesn’t understand the dynamic here. But I don’t think they are taking this seriously enough. I think they think they can reign Kanye in and proceeding BAU in the meantime.

      • stagaroni says:


        Kim could file a Civil Harassment Restraining Order or a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against Kanye in California. He has publicly threatened those around her and has stalked and harassed her. She may be afraid to do such a thing because it may incite him further, but at this point, she may be running out of options to keep herself, her family, and others safe. It is also legal documentation of his behavior.

        I understand that it upsets you when people aren’t sympathetic towards Kim, but people have witnessed the Kardashian’s saying and doing terrible things to their significant others and, at times, their girlfriends. Sometimes it is hard to have sympathy for those who have treated others so cruelly. Yet it is important to remember that Kris Jenner’s daughters were treated as money making machines, not as children, and I cannot imagine the mental and emotional abuse they have suffered at her hands.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        “but if you have concern for your safety and your boyfriend’s safety, maybe don’t drag the paparazzi to Williamsburg to get photos of you on a date when you know your ex is currently in a very bad place.” It’s not always good to give in to people like this, or encourage other women to. It just teaches them that this is how you treat people to get what you want and gives them power. Meanwhile, the takeaway for other men and boys watching is that it’s an ex-girlfriend’s or wife’s responsibility to tiptoe around male rage after a relationship ends. That his feelings should still take priority.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Lucy 2
        There’s manufactured drama and then there’s domestic violence and public threats of harm. One has Zero to do with the other. A scripted TV has nothing to do with real life.

        Everyone thinks it’s as easy as going to a court house and getting an order.
        When I was in an abusive relationship the cops were called by the neighbors. I had officers telling me I had to file charges. I wasn’t safe. And all I thought was how this disrupts the life I’m accustomed to. That I had things under control (I didn’t). And that filing charges would just infuriate him. That he could make bail and I wouldn’t be safe. I think this is plausible for Kim.

      • Cava 24 says:

        “Meanwhile, the takeaway for other men and boys watching is that it’s an ex-girlfriend’s or wife’s responsibility to tiptoe around male rage after a relationship ends. That his feelings should still take priority”. – as an ongoing thing, no, she should lead her life but this seemed to reach a crisis point over the weekend. He has severe mental health issues that appeared to worsen and she’s still being BAU about everything. Again, it feels like her family thinks this is manageable and that may come from having managed many other dire situations and coming out fine (although plenty of people around them have not, IRL, not just on tv). I don’t know if de-escalation is always capitulation. Maybe it is. We all think his behavior reads as extreme but the norms for extreme with all the parties involved and the extended family are very far from what most people experience.

      • stagaroni says:

        @wiglet, I fully understand the fear of police or court intervention, which is why I addressed it in my post. Thankfully, she has the means to have security for herself and her children, yet at some point his erratic behavior must be addressed with the courts for the sake of their children.

  7. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    This is really scary, he is going to get her or Pete hurt.

    • stagaroni says:

      He has been like this for YEARS; attacking paparazzi, signs, and we have all seen it. I don’t believe he cares about Kim or those children, they are simply possessions and he wants them back. If he doesn’t get them back, I fear he will hurt them. I hope I am wrong…so very wrong. As far as Pete, I hope Pete navigates this chaos in a healthy and safe manner. He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. I hope Kris uses all of that pull she has to keep her daughter and grandchildren safe.

    • VoominVava says:

      It is SO scary! I also worry for her family / kids, etc. And even if (when?) her and Pete were to break up, he will harbour this hatred forever. It’s horrible for him, he seems like a good guy who just wants to get through his own struggles and live a happy life.

      I have never liked or trusted Kanye. You can see it in his face. Especially in videos of interviews, etc. He’s maniacally laughing one minute, then dead serious the next. He is almost afraid to let down his guard. It’s scary. Unfortunately, he will always have people around him who will encourage his mania . Heck, Kim and her family did it for years .. partially to keep his fame train going, and also because it was probably easier to play along. IT is so harmful though!

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        So Kim and her family kept Kanye off his meds so his fame would bolster them? Wow people are reaching to blame the woman for her mentally I’ll and dangerous estranged husband’s actions.

        I wonder if I’ll see these names on other threads blaming the victim there too.

  8. HeatherC says:

    Question because I don’t know. Since Kim is still his legal wife, therefore next of kin, can she force him to be committed? (5150 I think it’s called in CA). I’m sure Kim and Pete have security and she’s making her lawyer aware of all of this.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Psych holds are tough when there’s wealth and media attention.
      She could try and he could be out within hours if he has to go at all.

      Unless he does something of a blatant crime idk if he’ll go anywhere.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        Certainly it wasn’t very difficult to control Brittney (sp?) Spears via conservatorship for 10+ years after her decompensation. Oh, wait…she was a woman.🙄

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        There ya go, NotSoSocial, you got it…she was a woman. Sexism is alive and well.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Britney also had everything stacked against her. Her father had the judge, lawyers, doctors etc… all together.
        This was also over a decade ago.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      If he were a woman… sure. He’s be under conservatorship by now. But as a wealthy man, no.

      • Colby says:

        My family can’t get our family member committed when she’s manic, and she is both very poor and a woman

        Obviously it’s made harder by his wealth, but unfortunately in this country it is WAY too hard to hold people involuntary.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      A 5150/psych hold buys you at best 72 hours for evaluation, then the person is released with basically no help or resources for the family. It’s a triage system. Even if they could get a public, wealthy man committed (which I doubt), he’d come out even angrier & more vengeful at Kim. It would be a nightmare & she’d be pilloried if she tried it.

      • 5150girl says:

        @Lizzie that depends on the state you reside in and the specific laws they have around 5150 holds.

        In my state there is a form you can request to sign the moment you get signed it after a 5150. They do not tell you about this form and if you ask for it they will try to discourage you (in some cases by gaslighting and negging you for hours…) you into not getting access to it, but legally they have to if you insist.
        Anyway you can sign this form, and if after 3 working days, the psych ward cannot find a reason to hold you THAT THEY MUST BE WILLING TO GO TO COURT OVER, they have to release you. If they do take you to court they can detain you at their leisure (i.e weeks, months, or even years) if they win the case.

        I know this because I was traumatically and wrongfully 5150’d, I had the privilege of being able to get a lawyer who told me about this form (the psych ward definitely will NOT tell you) and I was out within a week because they said they had to admit that they could not find any reason to keep me there after “evaluating” me, at least no reason that they would be willing to go to court over.

        It was severely traumatic and while I was in the ward I was subject to emotional, verbal and physical abuse by staff and I also witnessed the staff regularly abused others on hold too in this way, many of them young teenagers or those with disabilities, all kinds of vile stuff. And that is only what I saw in the areas of the ward where we were allowed to communally interact such as the cafeteria or the med station (They also doped every single patient with dangerous amounts of benadryl before curfew. When I refused to take it, they told me I wouldn’t be allowed to eat until I took it and when I tried to go to the cafeteria, security barred me until I did take it.)

        People who work in psych wards are sociopaths and it was one of the most traumatic things I ever experienced.

        This is why when I heard about Britney being admitted it broke my heart.

        That said. Kanye needs a psych hold stat but you know they would not treat him like that. And he has lawyers who would instantly look for every loophole possible. With all that money and power they’d probably find a way to get him out asap regardless of what the state laws around 5150s are. Plus, what psych ward is gonna take Kanye to court?

        You are right that it would probably only result on antagonizing Kanye against Kim even more. When I was released, I was so traumatized I had to get therapy, and I immediately started the process of cutting all ties with the person who abused their power over me to do that to me. It’s been years and I still have PTSD based on my 5150 experience.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        @5150girl, Yes, it does vary by jurisdiction. In California, my understanding is it’s 72 hours max but can be extended under certain circumstances. As you point out, they almost certainly wouldn’t bother with that for Kanye, even if he needed treatment.

        I’m so sorry for the abuse & trauma you endured.

      • Lionel says:

        @5150girl: Wow, I’m terribly sorry you had that experience.I don’t know where you are, but it’s not where I practice as there’s nothing like a “cafeteria” for people on 5150 holds as they are extremely ill and demonstrably not able to care for themselves or behave safely in a social situation. Not saying your experience isn’t real, just that you must be in a different jurisdiction with wildly divergent legal codes.

        @LB and 5150girl: In CA, a 5150 allows for involuntary detainment for 72 hours, yes, without legal review. It can certainly be abused in that sense. But to extend it to 14 days (called a 5250) EVERY patient is assigned an advocate if they haven’t retained their own counsel, and every single case goes to judicial hearing. There is no hiding that option from an adult patient. If the person under the hold can state reasonably that they’ve no intent to hurt someone, or that they can care for themselves, or if they have someone willing to care for them, then they’ll be let go. If they are not let go and object to the private hearing, then the advocate will file a writ of habeus corpus and they’ll go to a public hearing. If anything, the system errs on the side of freedom for the patients, and yes, often the psychiatrists aren’t going to fight for a 5250 if they know the patient can reasonably state their case. The fact remains that you can’t legally detain someone because you think they *might* commit a crime. I doubt any of us want to live in a society where that’s allowed, because it’s the most slippery of slopes.

        I have to disagree with previous comments about celebrity or wealth. I have participated in several high-profile LPS cases and have NEVER seen a celebrity or billionaire given special treatment. If you’re dangerous, you’re dangerous and the court isn’t interested in letting a dangerous person go free. What’s more likely is that a wealthy person can pay for someone who testifies as willing to care for them, and then there’s no choice but to let them go if they have not yet committed a crime.

    • Lionel says:

      No, a family member or legal next of kin cannot force a 5150. Only a police officer or psychiatrist (and in certain cases a psychologist or licensed social worker) can do that, and technically they must have demonstrable evidence that the person in question is a danger to themselves or others. If I were evaluating Ye and he was a rambling delusional mess and I also had the social media evidence then I would definitely err on the side of caution and place a 5150. But if I were to interview him and he calmly, logically told me it was part of a publicity ploy and that he had no intention of physically harming Pete or anyone else, then I’d have to let him go. The wishes of the family, however reasonable they may be, don’t have any bearing on the legality of the hold.

  9. Ronaldinhio says:

    I listened to his Thanksgiving prayer last night. He spoke about things which had harmed his marriage.
    I am surprised as noone seems to have picked them up as abusive. He spoke about being angry, screaming, using alcohol which meant he couldn’t control his anger, his ego, his being a self righteous Christian.
    All I heard was excuses for being domestically abusive.
    The press picked up on the part where he said ‘wearing a red hat’ but completely missed the context he laid for how abusive he permitted himself to be to those around him.
    No-one wants to say this. His behaviour now is threatening/harassing and bordering on stalking type behaviours.

    I genuinely wonder what Kim faced during this marriage. I know she will receive little sympathy but I am worried for her and the children around how he was and is behaving
    So many sycophants are telling him he is fighting for his family. It is actually the behaviour of abuser used to power and control.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      I remember when Kim put it out there they would be living separately. Everyone said that was her fault and for attention or to cheat. Seems like it was her taking her kids and fleeing an incredibly abusive environment and spouse.

      Kanye is being very revealing and if it only came from Kim I doubt anyone would have believed her.

    • teecee says:

      She’s become a textbook example of how terrible we, as a society, are to women. How we demand victims of domestic violence be absolutely perfect before we deign to give them any sympathy or grace (much less justice. We rarely give even the “perfect” ones justice.) There have been obvious signs of Kanye’s abuse for years, but because people didn’t like Kim, they ignored it, or somehow twisted her abuse as her own fault. Some people are still doing that.

      She’s probably afraid of him and afraid to do anything about him, too. The second she makes a public move to protect herself, people will turn on her. People are waiting for the opportunity to blame Kanye’s behavior on her.

      Something similar happened to a very dear friend of mine. Her husband almost killed her, and there are still people of our acquaintance who say “there are two sides” or “why didn’t she see it coming”. Kanye is dangerous and I am worried.

      • Nessa says:

        10000% this, teecee. Kim has never gotten the benefit of the doubt even though there was objective evidence that things were bad behind closed doors, and here we are with an even more volatile situation. I’m genuinely concerned for her, the kids and Pete.

      • MissMarirose says:

        Exactly. Luvvie Ajayi posted about this on Twitter and her website. How we expect women to be perfect in order to be deserving of sympathy when being abused. It’s the same as when people ask “what was she wearing” after a woman is r*ped.
        It’s absolutely infuriating.

      • ElleV says:

        im sorry for kim and im sorry for your friend – that’s awful

      • Otaku fairy says:

        +1000. It’s one of the dangerous things about a woman or a young girl (people are already ready to put Kim’s daughters through a lot of crap) being hated because of what she’s done or what people think she will do with her body, and watching that hatred grow and follow her for years. That kind of misogyny is very hard for people to let go of, stop making excuses for, and recognize as a toxic thing, and when something happens to the target, it often spills over into the reactions. Many won’t stop and self-reflect, and there’s the risk of trauma for the target either way, or of her abuser(s) having already succeeded in using that misogyny to their advantage.

      • Christina says:

        Thank you, Teecee and Otaku. It’s awful.

        People hate the Kardashians. Do I adore them? No. Do I understand them? Yes.

        They grew up around a bunch of rich men who used women. Why does no one respect that they took charge of that? That women are exploited in the media all the time, but they control their images. Many of us talk about them like they are prostitutes and users. What they are, in my view, are a family of mostly women who are unapologetically feminine and bold enough to live out loud in a business that pays them handsomely for it. We all do stuff for money. They have a right to have opinions and to be messed up people, just like the rest of us. And we have a right to be ugly about it, but I don’t want to be ugly to them, because I admire their spunk and their survival instincts.

        All that to say: there are no perfect victims of domestic violence. Kim deserves credit for truly showing him love. He love bombed her. He chased her for years before she finally gave in. It makes me sad.

        My kid’s doctor called me when I was able to get my kid back from my ex. She told me, “Don’t feel bad. This happens to a lot of smart, successful women. Abusive men like this know what to do and say to keep you in abuse, and it happened to me”. Then she proceeded to explain how my ex, and her ex, acted. And that is like Brad Pitt and Kanye West and Donald Trump.

        Misogyny is a bitch. We have all, me included, felt so smart tearing Kim Kardashian apart. She doesn’t deserve it. Just like I don’t. And neither do any of you women on this blog.

        We have to be better at supporting each other, and we have enlist men to see women as who people and not objects.

    • Emma says:

      Anger and screaming (esp. under the influence of alcohol) are absolutely abuse and very frightening. Kanye also has a history of physical violence, including quite recently when he apparently pushed or shoved someone, so he is definitely capable of physical abuse as well. It’s about protecting his ego, displaying toxic masculinity, asserting control and possession over a woman, etc.

      I’m sure Kim has the best possible security and lawyers and therapists, but it’s still going to be emotionally damaging.

      • Ronaldinhio says:

        So pleased to see that as a group *we* at least see what is going on.

        I think people are reluctant to call it because it also doubles down on a trope wrongly attached to black men and we kind of need to almost see it with our own eyes or hear it with our own ears before saying = abuse.

        He said these things himself in his own Thanksgiving prayer before all these instamessages and ongoing online harassment.
        It is frightening for her and the children. It also doesn’t mean it ends just by separation as we can see here.
        In the UK so much abuse happens post separation and it can escalate as the control and power is removed from the abuser.

        I feel so sad for them but he needs to be seen for what he is in these moments and not encouraged.

  10. gg says:

    where is the “she knew what she was getting into” crowd now? this is abuse and has been for a long time

    • whatWHAT? says:

      hopefully they’ve heard enough from the rest of us and have seen the light.

    • Robyn says:

      Was just about to ask this myself…what say you now? I’ll wait.

    • bettyrose says:

      The danger to Kim and Pete is real and present and very scary. No one here has ever wished harm to Kim or her loved ones. Let’s stop accusing people of that. Everyone on this thread has at some point been critical of the Kardashians in other threads, which is irrelevant to this situation. We can have at times been critical of Kim and/or her family and still recognize this is a terrible and dangerous situation and feel genuine concern for Kim and her loved ones. No reason to create additional discord when I suspect everyone here is in agreement right now.

      • Robyn says:

        Several people here have said, multiple times, that she deserves what she is getting or were verrrrrrrry adjacent to that, Betty Rose. It took a lot of push back, over several days, to tamp that down and it should be noted each time that it’s a problematic stance.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Everybody has criticized the Karjenners for something, but not all criticism is equal. There are people who have tried to spin it as karma, but there are a lot more people who push the narrative that abuse is her fault and slut-shame her, which is almost just as dangerous. It’s not only about behavior toward women on this site (which can be a problem), but in general. And women and queer people can’t usually address that concern when a Kardashian is the subject without being dismissed as on the grandma’s payroll, dismissed as a stan, or experiencing other next level attempts at gaslighting.

    • kif says:

      yeah! we can even go back further – when ye was so blatant in his obsessive harassment of taylor swift and everyone was cheering both ye and kim to “spill the tea” and giving it to the snake fam. because we hate the aryan princess in this site and tolerant of blackfishing influencers and self-hating black men. to be clear – no woman deserve abuse. not even candace owens and the wife of jared kushner.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Maybe some will do better. Still, there’s always going to be someone doubling down with a scary excuse like, “It’s not misogyny if I only treat loose, thirsty, or immodest women badly, as long as I avoid treating ladies who clearly don’t fuck with them and who clearly distinguish themselves from them like garbage. “

    • Twin Falls says:

      How about all the justification for him buying the house across the street?

      • Sarah says:

        In this situation, it is a red flag because of his other behavior. But I do know divorced couples who have chosen to live very close to one another to make co-parenting easier. I wouldn’t say it’s always a red flag.

      • Twin Falls says:

        Right, co-parents choose together. He made it clear it was his unilateral decision and right. I stand by it was a glaring red flag of his mental state and attitude.

    • CatLady26 says:

      Yup. And he’s been controlling her from the first day. When we look back at when they first got together, he already started taking control of her image. He dictated what she wore and what she didn’t. And that should have been the first sign of trouble. And even though I have never seen the Kardashian show, my heart does go out to Kim. I know how difficult it can be to love somebody that has a mental illness. She gave Kanye love, attention, affection, children and she did everything in her power to help him try to get better. Unfortunately, the patient has to want to be treated for it to work and nobody else can do the work for Kanye except for Kanye.

      Things like this actually scare me a lot. I have severe depression, PTSD and a bunch of other diagnoses and I have not dated anyone in probably 8 years. Even though my medications control the vast majority of my symptoms, I still have extended periods of time where I can’t get out of bed. How am I ever going to find somebody, a partner, when I am on disability due to the mental and physical ailments I have?

      So I commend Kim for sticking through his diagnosis and all the wackiness that came along with it, but I also commend her for helping, or trying to help, Kanye to the best of her ability. That definitely shows what kind of person she is deep down. As for Kanye, he ultimately has to have his own ‘come to Jesus’ moment, if you will, where he realizes the damage that he’s doing to the people that he cares about the most and decides to follow medication protocol and properly take care of himself. Hopefully no one gets hurt before he comes to this conclusion.

  11. sunny says:

    I have no love for Kim, especially how she exploits black people on the regular but this is abuse and harassment and this behaviour is dangerous. Kanye shouldn’t be let anywhere near Kim, the kids, Pete, her family, until he gets help and even after that I hope only supervised visits.

    Society has such little protections in place for women experiencing abuse, it makes me sick.

    • ME says:

      Well in Kim’s case, she isn’t your average citizen. She has major security around her at all times. She even got additional security after the Paris robbery. She is well protected. I think Pete is the one who Kanye is directing his anger towards. Not sure if Pete has security, but he should.

      • bettyrose says:

        I am worried for Pete. Kanye has essentially put a hit on him at this point. When Trump did that, people got killed. Kanye isn’t Trump level cult leader, but he has cultish fans.

  12. HillaryIsAlwaysRight says:

    If they’re still married, can Kim have him committed?

    • FC says:

      That’s a good question!

    • Lionel says:

      Nope. See above for a more detailed explanation, but nobody can “have” another person committed under the mental health legal system.

      And before anyone comes at me about Britney, the distinction is that she was conserved under the probate system, not the mental health system. From what I can gather, not having been there, it was an absolute travesty and those responsible should be held accountable. But it’s not the same thing, no matter how similar it might seem.

  13. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    He is scary and dangerous. No one deserves this bullshit and I’m worried for Kim, Pete, and the kids.

  14. Chelsea says:

    Someone pointed out that on that image of a man choking another man Kanye posted he tagged Kim over the image of the man being choked. There is no way to describe what we’re watching in real time as anything else but abuse. I’m glad to see a lot of people waking up to this but there are far too many who are still treating this as a joke or justified because they hate Kim.

    You can have issues with Kim’s past behavior because she has definitely eanred that criticism but no one deserves to be abused like this in public and if you think their kids deserve to be in an environment this unsafe as well because you don’t like their mom there is something seriously wrong with you.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      “and if you think their kids deserve to be in an environment this unsafe as well because you don’t like their mom there is something seriously wrong with you.”
      This includes ‘adults’ who think it’s ok to say inappropriate and misogynistic things about the children because of their feelings about the mother. Anyone doing that is complicit in Kanye AND the right’s present, and future, abuse of those girls.

  15. Wendynerd says:

    The only way this could get worse is if Kanye starts dating Alice Evans.

  16. Bookie says:

    She needs to get a restraining order or something.

    Kanye needs supervised visitation with those kids, if he visits the kids.

    This is really abusive and frightening.

    • bettyrose says:

      As someone pointed out, Kim has private security, which I’m guessing is a lot more effective than a restraining order. That doesn’t make it less terrifying, I’m sure. I just don’t think much of the effectiveness of restraining orders. Kanye needs to be arrested for making threats and properly assessed for his mental state and possibly detained in an appropriate facility. I hope Pete Davidson is also using private security.

  17. María says:

    My god, what an asshole he is. He’s harassing and bullying his ex wife and should pay for his actions. Don’t understand why anyone would support him still.

    • MelOn says:

      Unfortunately, it looks like he’ll have to hurt himself or someone else before anything can be done. Look, it’s not like she didn’t have a hint of what he’s like but when people think they’re in love and the other person love bombs them, they think that they’re different because the person loves them. They also think the last person must have( or they’re told ) done something wrong or hurt the other person to deserve the treatment. People like Kanye are basically love Conmen. I hope the next person in his sites is paying attention.

  18. Elena+Rindell says:

    Interesting how of all the high profile 2014 weddings/marriages, namely, Kim and Kanye, Brad and Angelina and George and Amal, only the latter are still going strong. These Hollywood marriages are something else…

    • Cava 24 says:

      That’s interesting. Angelina and Brad were together for 11 years. Kim and Kanye were together (with some breaks, it seems) for 9 years. Amal and George met in 2013 and married comparatively quickly. I think the fact that George was a bit older when he got together with Amal will work in their favor for longevity.

    • ElleV says:

      this is such a bizarre comment…

      1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the US experience intimate partner violence, and roughly half of marriages end in divorce and the average length of marriage is 8.2 years…

      but sure, this is a “hollywood” thing lol

      • Emma says:

        Exactly!! Intimate partner abuse is terrifyingly common. Speaking as a survivor myself, it truly damages you. It’s pervasive and it’s not just Hollywood.

  19. Trish says:

    I dislike the Kardashians with every fiber of my being, don’t get me wrong. But is anyone else think it’s real bizarre that no one in the media is talking about this like the dangerous threat to Kim that it is?

    It’s like when Paris Hilton was driven to jail and the whole world was cheering, the media I mean. She was crying and I was young and thought it was so weird.

    The media is damn evil. (not celebitchy of coarse) y’all call this sh*t out.

    • OriginalLeigh says:

      @Trish – Agreed regarding what’s going on with Kimye. His abusive/dangerous antics should absolutely be called out by the press. But why was Paris Hilton, who had multiple DUI’s which could have resulted in others being hurt or killed, deserving of public sympathy? Did I miss something?

      • Trish says:

        Because it was overkill. They had footage all day on court tv and cnn that day, I remember. People get dui’s every day and we don’t stop the world to condemn them for 24 hours. This was back when we didn’t have social media, idk if you remember.

    • ElleV says:

      which media trish? newspapers, magazines, tv, radio, music, film, books, blogs, podcasts, social media… the entire internet? are we lumping all news content with entertainment and opinion in one evil bucket?

      • Trish says:

        Oh please. You really want to debate another woman on a blog posting about how women get the short end of the stick on the daily? That how you wanna spend your time? You know what I meant.

    • María says:

      Totally. On Pagesix they’re running it as if Kanye is still “in love” with Kim when this is clearly abuse.

  20. Velvet Elvis says:

    People have become so used to Kanye’s manic behavior that they write it off as “Well here he goes again, Kanye being Kanye”, like it’s acceptable. This is no joke though. We are watching an obsessive stalker in real time. This is so dangerous. While Kanye himself might not do anything physically harmful to Kim or Pete, his rhetoric could definitely inspire one of this millions of fans to do something violent. I feel so bad for Kim. Lord only knows the craziness she’s had to deal with behind the scenes for years.

  21. ME says:

    Doesn’t he realize that even if Kim was single, she still wouldn’t stay married to him? Why is he putting all his anger on to Pete? So odd. Does Kanye really have NO ONE to talk to him about his behavior? How do you go to Sunday Service, act like you are so into God, and then make threats and harass people? Doesn’t he know North is old enough to go on the internet and read this and so are her friends/classmates. Think about your Kids Kanye !

    • Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

      That’s the thing, I think Ye really genuinely does not comprehend that. In his mind, of course he and Kim should be together because that’s what HE wants and yes, to him, Pete is just getting in the way of Kim coming back to him.

    • Colby says:

      Denial and narcissism at their finest. Kanye can’t not blame Pete, because if it’s not Pete’s fault, then it’s Kanye’s fault Kim left him. He is unable to accept that reality.

    • Jennifer says:

      HE is the one who wanted to live in a whole other state from her. His actions caused this. TOO LATE NOW, BUDDY.

  22. Mich says:

    I’m just going to say it. Kanye isn’t only a threat to Kim and Pete but to his own children. Everyone is a possession to him. He uses their children to get to her – both metaphorically and physically. It would be naïve to think he wouldn’t hurt his children to get to her if he felt that was all he had left.

    There are massive warning signs flashing for everyone Kim is close to.

  23. SuperFan says:

    I’m sure she thinks that she can reason with him, but the reality is she can’t. And pleading with him that he’s just gonna get Pete hurt is not a successful way to get through to him.

    If that’s even her texting him: he could just have 10 different phones named after Kim.

    • ME says:

      Did you see the post where he posted a pic of Kim and Pete on their date. She was wearing a shiny silver coat and he mentioned he is the one who bought Kim the coat. He said he gifted it to her the night she hosted SNL. I bet in his head he’s thinking “Oh damn she’s wearing the coat I bought her. This is a message. She’s saying she still loves me !!!”. If I were Kim, I wouldn’t wear anything Kanye bought me.

      • Cava 24 says:

        Kanye could easily have made the thing with the coat up. Or just be that delusional. I doubt she would wear the coat for a pap walk with Pete if Kanye gave it to her when she hosted SNL.

  24. Coco says:

    I wonder how fast these rants end once Kanye documentary comes out on Netflix.

  25. Kate says:

    Can we talk about that truck full of roses? That gives me super bad vibes with the “my vision is krystal klear” written on the side. It feels really ominous but with plausible deniability that it is a romantic gesture.

    • ME says:

      I just hope, they told the kids the flowers were for them for Valentine’s day because their dad loves them so much. I hope North doesn’t know the truth but she is old enough to go on-line and read so…poor kids.

      • lanne says:

        The kids know. Kids always know, no matter how hard people try to protect them. They probably talk amongst themselves and try to figure things out as well. At the very least, they are filing things away in their heads that they will be able to understand later. I hope their mom is as honest with them as is age-appropriate, not lie to them about the flowers. I hope they have heard some version of “daddy’s sick right now, and the sickness in his head makes him do bad things sometimes. We want daddy to get treatment for his illness. It’s not your fault, or anyone’s fault.” I hope the kids are in counseling. Having this play out publically must be scary and excruciating for them.

      • ME says:

        @ lanne

        I really want the kids to have a good and loving relationship with their dad. North and Kanye seem very close. I remember Kim saying North loves Wyoming more than LA. I don’t want them to think their dad is a bad person or will harm them. I don’t want them to be afraid of him. I just hope Kanye gets the help he needs.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      It’s disturbing. He sent an over-the-top, creepy Valentine’s “gift” to a woman doing everything she can to get away from him. He’s sending the message that he can always get to her. Big Lifetime movie stalker vibes.

  26. Bree7795 says:

    This is so manipulative and gross what he is doing. If she doesn’t communicate with him directly he throws tantrums on social media and encourages his followers to verbally harass Pete (and maybe worse) so she has to finally give in and make contact with Kanye in order to keep the peace and talk him off the ledge. Then Kanye gets what he wants by her communicating with him and he posts their conversations for everyone to see. It’s such an emotionally abusive cycle because she has to toe the line of keeping Kanye calmed down and protecting Pete. She really has no distance from Kanye and I imagine it just strains her relationship now, when she seems genuinely happy. It’s disgusting.

  27. Lucy says:

    I stayed up late last night and ended up watching little Pete Davidson SNL bits on YouTube. He has talked about Kanye a few times over the years, always a variation of, take your meds, being crazy doesn’t make you an asshole. There’s one from 2018 that’s actually really good and eerily on point.

    I hope this gets an intervention of some kind before it gets physically violent.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I wonder if Pete has been comforting to Kim during this period. I suspect he has a good idea where the line between mental illness and being a jackass is, and can probably reassure her that she’s reacting appropriately.

  28. lunchcoma says:

    It’s time for a no contact order, and to the extent he’s allowed to see the children, it should be supervised by someone who is not Kim and is also not someone in his camp.

    I also think that if Coachella can get out of his contract with him now, they should try to do so. Threatening to be a no show might be grounds to cancel, or perhaps some of the conflict with other performers. I don’t think he should be in the same venue as Billie right now.

  29. Chelle says:

    My family has a murder/suicide in the fairly recent past due to untreated mental illness and insane jealousy over a new relationship. Restraining orders, numerous calls to the police… nothing worked because he hadn’t actually “done” anything – yet.

    How many women and children have to be hurt or murdered at the hands of their abusers before the laws in this country are changed?

    Kim obviously has the resources to provide excellent security for herself and her kids. But why should she have to live in constant fear? Why should Pete? This is such a dangerous situation.

  30. ASHBY says:

    Thank you for sharing, Mira. I hope you are feeling well.

    I admit it, I NEVER EVER liked Kanye.

    He just seems so arrogant, cocky and full of himself.

    I admire confidence in people, but not cockiness, it’s a real turn off for me.

    He gets too much slack from the public, which I do not agree with at all.

    I’m sure his mental illness has a significant impact on his behavior, but I’m also sure that it is also related to his deplorable personality.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah, asshole is gonna asshole, regardless of his mental illness. He’d probably still be a jerk without it. But he really went off the rails starting after his mom’s death as far as I can tell.

  31. Nicole says:

    Bottom Line: She needs a restraining order and supervised visits.

  32. CooCooCatchoo says:

    Also disturbing: a handful of Kanye’s Instagram followers offered to harm/kill Pete Davidson. I flagged all of the ones that I saw (there’s a 16-yo wannabe rapper with a verified Insta account that I flagged numerous times – he posted a picture of PD with a target on his forehead). Instagram sent me a message stating that these accounts “did not violate our user rules,” or something like that. That’s horribly irresponsible on both Kanye and Instagram’s part. I hope that KK screenshot all of those posts and forwarded them to not only her divorce attorney, but to law enforcement. His over-the-top posts this weekend were AWFUL and dangerous.

  33. ME says:

    Kanye just put up a new instagram post. Seems like his team got through to him. He is taking accountability and apologizing. Hope this new attitude lasts.

  34. paranormalgirl says:

    Im actually concerned for Kim and Pete both.

    • Kkat says:

      I am too. And also the kids.
      I don’t think they’d be a main target but I could see him harming them to hurt her.
      Or if he loses custody, making her lose them too
      I said a month or so ago I’m afraid he’s a family annihilator ready to happen

  35. J.Mo says:

    How about the screenshot where she asks him why he makes their communication public and he says something about his favourite person texting him so why wouldn’t he share it? It makes me shudder to imagine an ex holding that place for me after I’ve cut them off.

  36. AmyB says:

    I’m sorry – this has major O.J. Simpson vibes to me!!! Kayne has been a loose cannon for years, since obviously he won’t medicate his bipolar disorder properly! And clearly, he is demonstrating some violent and horrifyingly aggressive threats here!! I don’t know what the answer is, but I think it’s high time Kim take some legal action (restraining order, something) against him for the protection of her/and her children and even Pete. I have a sick feeling about this situation!!

  37. Lemon Sugar says:

    I feel for Kim. It’s scary to be in a relationship like that.

  38. Fong says:

    His attitude to amber rose an ex and Taylor swift a peer was a prelude to his full on psycho attitude when it comes to the woman he married and shares kids with

  39. BeeCee says:

    2 hours ago he wiped his whole insta and posted a new photo saying:

    “I’ve learned that using all caps makes people fell like I’m screaming at them. I’m working on my communication. I can benefit from a team of creative professionals, organizers, mobilizers and community leaders. Thank everybody for supporting me. I know sharing screen shots was jarring and came off as harassing Kim. I take accountability. I’m still learning in real time. I don’t have all the answers. To be a good leader is to be a good listener.”

    So… Did he finally get a new lawyer and did they take over his account a scrub everything and make a new post? Or did he take his medication today? Because I don’t believe who quickly his perspective would change this fast without taking medication.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      Kanye’s lawyer probably called him & told him if he didn’t stop he was in danger of losing visitation with his kids.

    • Jennifer says:

      Clearly somebody else entirely wrote that. Wow. They really did take his phone away from him and/or change the password or something on his Insta.

      • TEALIEF says:

        I second this. He in no way, shape nor form wrote or contributed to the above statement. It’s lucid and reasonable. This an attorney or PR professional.

  40. Virginfangirl says:

    Kanye was always awful. He’s bullied others and Kim remained silent. Do you think she’s thinking back and wishing she spoke out against him. Probably not. But Pete is an innocent bystander. And more importantly the poor kids. I don’t see him changing. They’ll deal with a toxic father their whole lives.

  41. Aries_Dracul says:

    Wow, I’m no fan of the Kardashians but I really do feel for Kim. This is 100% abuse and it’s f***cking terrifying! I hope she and the kids will be OK. He needs to be thoroughly evaluated and medicated. He is not mentally stable.

  42. Macm says:

    Would love to know why my comment was blocked. Thamks!