2022 Oscar hosts announced: Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes??

For weeks, Oscar producers have said that this year’s Oscars would have a host. Producers reportedly had an early meeting with Pete Davidson (ugh) and there was also some talk of Tom Holland and Zendaya. But in the end, producers went with a hosting triumvirate of “funny ladies.” Those ladies? Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall. To me, Regina is arguably the funniest woman of the group, even though she’s never done stand-up in her life. Amy has softened a lot in recent years and she seems okay these days. Wanda is more of a “wild card,” although she is genuinely funny too.

Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes are finalizing details to host this year’s Academy Awards, multiple sources told Variety. The three comic forces appear to be the only emcees in the mix for the March awards show, despite several scenarios that telecast creatives have been weighing. Producer Will Packer has been in meetings for weeks trying to find the right recipe for Hollywood’s biggest night.

Scenarios that “Girls Trip” filmmaker Packer had been toying with included a three-act structure, which would showcase a different pair of emcees every hour. A laundry list of top talent has met with Packer over the past weeks, including “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm who exited talks over the weekend, according to two additional sources.

ABC, which airs the annual show, declined to comment on the matter. The hosts will be formally announced on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday. Reps for Sykes, Schumer and Hall did not immediately offer comment. On Sunday, Schumer posted a lengthy Instagram slideshow with some of her biggest career highlights, with the ominous caption “Big fun news comin.’”

Packer has been tasked with bringing excitement back to the festivities and increasing viewership, which is part of the reason that the Oscars are looking to tap performers with some sizzle to keep viewers engaged after going host-less for two consecutive years. In Sykes, Hall and Schumer, Packer has selected an all-female team with broad appeal and comedic chops.

[From Variety]

Again, the answer to all of the Oscar-viewership dilemmas is NOT “bring in three hostesses to do lengthy, unfunny skits.” While I like Amy, Wanda and Regina, I worry that they’ll be blamed for what amounts to horrible producing decisions. You know what would excite me and bring in more viewers? A promise to keep the show at a tight two-and-a-half hours. I also wonder what happened with Zendaya and Tom Holland’s hosting talks, because I imagine they would have done a great job together and gotten younger people to tune in.

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  1. TIFFANY says:

    Will Packer is producing it, so I think this will be okay if the higher up just let me do the job he is good at.

  2. MelOn says:

    I get Wanda Sykes and Amy Schummer, the outlier is Regina Hall ( and I like her). It should be interesting.

    • Zoro says:

      I actually think Regina Hall is the best choice of the three because she is funny, but also glamorous and charming. I kind of wish she was hosting on her own.

      • Emma says:

        Regina Hall isn’t really a comedian but she’ll be fantastic as a host, I love her. Amy is “meh.” Wanda Sykes is also a fabulous choice, though I don’t know why they need three hosts.

        They need to cut out the boring long production numbers and keep the show short and sweet and sharp.

    • Zoro says:

      I actually think Regina Hall is the best choice of the three because she is funny, but also glamorous and charming. I kind of wish she was hosting on her own.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I loved Wanda Sykes. Ms. Sykes is the only reason I re-watch “Mother-In-Law” at least once a year!

      • I live in LA and have worked with and met a lot of celebs and the only one I got SO EXCITED about was eating lunch in the same cafe as Wanda Sykes. She’s lovely and SO SMALL! I adore her. She should host and run everything.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I probably still won’t bother to watch, but they should make for entertaining hosts. Wanda is hilarious.

  4. E says:

    I’ll watch the opening now because of these ladies!

  5. Bettyrose says:

    This makes me almost want to watch.

  6. MissMarirose says:

    These three women are very, very funny, but unless they get rid of Bruce Vilanch and the other longtime writers, nothing will change. It’ll still be four and a half hours of cringe that will just feed into the “women aren’t funny” incel crowd.

  7. ElleV says:

    this lineup feels cobbled together and having THREE hosts seems like the oscars admitting as much

  8. Eurydice says:

    There was a blurb in the paper – “the first time three women will host the Oscars.” I guess that’s one more than the first time two women hosted the Oscars. Looking forward to the first time when four women will host the Oscars.

  9. Case says:

    I’m generally team no-host because seriously, just write funny bits for the presenters and it’s fine. But I LOVED the idea of Zendaya and Tom Holland taking a stab at it. They’re multi-talented, have great natural chemistry, and would draw a younger fanbase. They would’ve been perfect.

    This choice is…questionable. Not that any of these ladies can’t handle it, but Amy Schumer is not the most-liked from what I gather, and THREE hosts is just a lot. IDK. We’ll see. I’m a big award season watcher so I’ll watch no matter what.

  10. tatannelise says:

    Someone told Tom and Zendaya about the James Franco/Anne Hathaway hosting debacle of yesteryear and they decided not to ruin their careers for the next five years? Just a guess.

    • Case says:

      James and Anne didn’t mesh at all and James was like high out of his mind, though. Zendaya and Tom wouldn’t embarrass themselves like that.

  11. AppleCart says:

    Jon Hamm was in the running to host and dropped out. I would have liked to see him and his Hammbone host. I think he has the charm and charisma to pull it off. But this line up is good too. Honestly the year they went without a host and shortened it up was the best one in years.

  12. LP says:

    Tom Holland was asked about hosting while doing press and said he’s love to but his schedule is packed- I got the impression he was telling the truth, and maybe even that he’d been approached? I think it’s a shame Martin short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez couldn’t make it work; apparently they were asked but are filming then. I also wish it was just Regina hall, or Regina and Wanda Sykes!

  13. jferber says:

    Wanda Sykes is the funniest comedian I have ever seen. Just LOVE her.