Ioan Gruffudd filed for a restraining order against ‘abusive’ ex-wife Alice Evans

Last year, a woman named Alice Evans completely lost the plot. Alice was married to Ioan Gruffudd, and Ioan left her in early 2021. Over the course of 2021, we learned that Ioan and Alice had likely been having problems for a while before he left, and that Alice knew he was unhappy but she refused to actually acknowledge Ioan as a separate person with individual needs and desires. Soon after he left, Alice went buckwild on social media, claiming that Ioan saying he wanted a divorce was “abusive,” and claiming that he was abandoning their children (he was not). These were common themes for months until Ioan went IG-official with his new girlfriend, Bianca Wallace. This was when Alice took things to a bonkers new level. She was openly harassing Ioan and Bianca online. It was also clear – from Alice’s own online admissions – that her lawyers were trying to get her to STFU in public, and that Ioan had good lawyers and he was trying to do everything above-board in their divorce. Our archives of this situation show a woman who simply cannot deal with the fact that a man does not love her anymore.

Well, as it turns out, Ioan has been collecting receipts this whole time. I mean, it wasn’t hard, especially since Alice was openly airing her insane grievances on social media. Unsurprisingly, Alice was even worse privately, texting and calling Ioan constantly, belittling him and Bianca and threatening to “pull an Amber Heard” and say that he abused her (when in fact, she’s the emotionally abusive one). Ioan just filed for a restraining order against Alice and he pulled out all the receipts:

Ioan Gruffudd submitted 113 pages of abusive text messages, emails and social media posts from his ex-wife Alice Evans as he applied for a restraining order on Tuesday, claiming that she threatened to do to him ‘what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp’ and paint him as a drug-addicted abuser. Gruffudd filed the request for a restraining order yesterday in California. The Welsh actor had been married to Evans for 14 years before he filed for divorce in March. Their messy split centers around his new relationship with Bianca Wallace.

In his court filing on Tuesday, Gruffudd claims he told Evans that he wanted out of the marriage in August 2020 and that since then, she has harassed him with hundreds of unanswered text messages, abusive emails and social media posts – many of which he included in the filing. He claims she verbally threatened to tell the media he had abused her.

‘Alice told me verbally multiple times that she would do to me what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp. Alice threatened to tell people I had abused her and our daughters; she threatened to call the police on me if I did not comply with her demands; she threatened to tell people I am a drug addict and put me in prison; she threatened to write a fake diary that reflected an abused victim, and to have the diary published; and she threatened to destroy my mother. Alice told me she would win, and everyone would believe her over me,’ Gruffudd said.

In her response in court, Alice said she had ‘never threatened’ him with slanderous statements or harassed him. Her representatives have not responded to requests for comment about the texts and emails contained in the lawsuit. In one, she berated Wallace, calling her a ‘vixen’ who his ‘nuts stuck in her veneers’, and accused him of abandoning her.

‘If you throw me out of the house, I will call all the tabloids in the UK. There is NO going back now though. I just think you should know what you’ve gotten yourself into. You think you have a bad reputation now? Lol! You think once it’s over I will stop talking? I am going to dedicate the rest of my life to spreading awareness of what you have done,’ she said in one text. She went on to allege that he’d told her of times castmates bought cocaine, and that he never gave her sexual pleasure.

[From The Daily Mail]

This is actually the first time I’ve covered Alice and Ioan’s situation in 2022. By the late fall of 2021, it was already getting very sad. I was genuinely unsettled by Alice’s public escalations and threats, and it was clear that she either didn’t know or didn’t care that her behavior was beyond inappropriate and crossed a line into abusive. By November of last year, I even felt like… if Alice continues to harass him and abuse him so openly, she’s in real danger of losing custody of the kids. She’s clearly harming them emotionally too. My hope is that Ioan gets the restraining order and then goes for full custody. It’s going to be a really long process. Ioan knows that too. Hopefully he’s prepared for it.

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  1. Millennial says:

    I hope he goes for full custody, too. I think growing up with her would be really emotionally damaging to the kids.

    • Laura says:

      Based on the filing, he can’t pay for his daughter’s current school anymore and Alice told the daughter it’s because he needs the money to make his girlfriend a big star. The daughter was saying that to him, along the lines of “is it because you’re spending the money on her?” I hope not but it seems like the kids relationship with their father might already be irreparably harmed.

      • Osty says:

        @laura the woman isnt currently working and the only income they have is his and since this scorned woman is determined to make his life hell I bet she is deliberating prolonging the divorce and them living in 2 houses he pays for isnt cheap . So I think money is tight rn . So he told his daughter he cant afford her private school and alice flipped and turned her against him , hacked his IG to abuse him and cancel him

      • Miranda says:

        @Laura – I also worry that her efforts to poison his children against him have been at least partially successful, and that that may be why he’s been publicly silent on the matter of custody. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s given up on the kids and is just moving on with his life; it could simply be an acknowledgment that removing them from their mother’s influence is a very delicate matter and must be done discreetly, in a way that avoids provoking Alice and also doesn’t further traumatize the kids.

      • MissMarirose says:

        that’s pretty clear cut parental alienation, imho.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Alice is certainly not willing to go to the unimaginable levels of crazy to destroy him. I hope you guys didn’t see her article in the Daily Fail on Monday as she was professing that everyone deserves love, even though Ione left her for someone else. Alice is certainly off her bonkers!!! I am glad that Ione filled e petition against her.

        Though I agree with all of you that her daily rants of a woman clearly refusing to take responsibility as an adult, she has certainly turned their children against him. They will need a tremendous amount of therapy and that will be their only second saving grace until he has FULL custody of the girls!!

    • terra says:

      As a 34-year-old woman who grew up with a mother terrifyingly similar to Alice Evans that is my fervent hope too. Her number popping up when the phone rings still frightens me to this day, adrenalin flooding my system, like my fight or flight response has just kicked into high gear in an instant.

      No child should be subject to this kind of narcissistic and histrionic behavior. People like this tend to have hair triggers, making living with them feel like you’re walking on eggshells every minute of every day, never knowing what is going to set them off next.

      A part (most) of me is shocked that Gruffudd hasn’t challenged their custody arrangement already. Yes, he films in a different country than their school(s) and lives in general, but sometimes comfort needs to be scarified for a child’s overall wellbeing.

      It also wouldn’t be surprising if there’s a bit of the societally engrained idea of children needing their mothers more than anyone else at play here. That might well be the case normally, but not every child is lucky enough to have a mother who puts them first – or considers them at all. As is everything, context is key – and it’s screaming at us 280 characters at a time.

      I just hope Ioan and his daughters can somehow stay safe both emotionally and physically. This entire situation unsettles me on a very deep level, as if I’m constantly bracing for a blow that has yet to land.

      • Ennie says:

        I have no idea how actors manage, but I suspect he having to work overseas, or in different cities, makes difficult to him to manage the children. It would mean to completely uproot them, separate them from their crazy mom and open a new pestilent can of worms with her.
        This woman is shooting her and her daughters feet by doing this to his career, as they live at a certain level from what he provides. She challenging his job opportunities affects her children directly.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ terra, I am so sorry thar your childhood and adulthood are still being treated by the hideous actions of your mother. I hope that one day you will have peace and tranquillity. I am certain these cases bring up your history as well. I’m so sorry.

      • Lee says:

        My ex was exactly like this. Malignant narcissist. He said pretty much word for word everything Alice has – it’s like there’s a narc script. And he poisoned my children (particularly my oldest son) against me as well. They’re adults now, and I worry about their ability to form long term healthy relationships. I do have a relationship with them today, but there were so many lost years, it breaks my heart. The courts were completely unsupportive, and did nothing as he flouted every single order. I think there’s more awareness around malignant narcissism and parental alienation, so hopefully the courts reflect that today 🤞🏻.

      • Ronaldinhio says:

        I’m really sorry to hear about your experience

        We rarely talk about women and mothers who are abusive and yet we know they exist.
        It makes it even harder for their children and families to get help and support.
        It truly isn’t recognised or is often excused away as a response to Male violence. This doesn’t help the kids and family.

        The chances of him getting custody are microscopic. Parental alienation is still widely disputed in the UK with large charities saying it does not exist.
        Also the family court in the UK vastly grant residency to the mother over the father instead giving the father a very minor pattern of visitation – typically one day mid week plus ever other weekend.

        Ioan will see this turn around on him in a flash and she will damage the kids.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Terra thank you for sharing that painful story. I hope that you have made a peaceful life with as little interaction with her drama as possible. It really put point blank what is at stake with these kids. What a horrible situation

      • terra says:

        @BothSidesNow, thank you very much. It’s . . . slow going, but I no longer live with her (my father was ill, and my little brother was in grade school – I couldn’t leave them alone with her) and that has helped tremendously. I go months without hearing her voice. Four and counting right now! It’s glorious.

        @Lee, I’m so sorry to hear that. I understand what you mean about attachment problems as my desire for validation and my intimacy issues are both things I struggle with all of the time. It’s incredibly hard learning how to live to please yourself and not others. I hope things continue to improve with you and your children.

      • terra says:

        @Ronaldinhio, yes, it’s always frustrating to me how abuse is worryingly glossed over much of the time. My mother was physically abusive for several years when I was young, but she was ALWAYS emotionally abusive and emotional abuse is given lip service 90% of the time. I’ve said for years that the physical abuse was easier to handle – it hurt, but then it was over. It’s the gaslighting and the degradation that linger. I don’t know anything about family law in the U.K., but here’s hoping Ioan pulls off a miracle. Those girls need it, now.

        @Liz version 700, thank you very much. Being able to share is quite freeing after so many years of enduring abuse silently. My mother convinced me that no one would ever believe me if I told them about the things she did, so rebelling against the fear she instilled in me as a child feels incredible. As far as contact goes, I called her last year on her birthday in October, even though she did not call me on mine in August. I have not spoken to her since then. (I may or may not keep track of our contact on the kitten-themed calendar in our kitchen. Really couldn’t say.)

      • Kkat says:

        They filed in California so actually he has a decent chance, especially in southern California.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        Terra, I feel for you and understand your fears and unease.

        I wasn’t able to live a peaceful life until I went no contact with my father when I was 37. I never spoke to him again and didn’t even want to see him in his coffin when he died 2 years ago.

      • Aurelia says:

        Terra, guys who cheat and leave their family usually do not want any kind of 50/50 custody of their kids. They are too busy with the new squeeze and what’s more they get away with being a weekend dad if that. Imagine if the mother acted in that way with their new man and new life.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @terra, hugs-everyone else that needs/wants/derserves them too. My abuse by someone like Alice was a SIL. I say was because we haven’t dealt with her for decades. Yet, she has gotten into our heads from time to time. More, importantly, her adult children have freed themselves from her verbal/emotional abuse. Scary stories about this person-stories that will never end. Hopefully, Ioan will be able to deliver the kids to a healthier situation.

        It’s a bit sad that Alice doesn’t have friends that will intervene and tell her she’s acting batshit. Unless, some have and she just keeps going on and on.

    • GrnieWnie says:

      Not going to armchair diagnose, but I think it is pretty clear that she is mentally unstable and should pursue/treat a diagnosis. Reminds me an awful lot of my mother and her disorder.

    • Miss Margo says:

      To be honest to sooner the better. She’s already done so much damage to her children. Those poor girls. This woman needs medication and a doctor. She’s insane and completely narcissistic.

    • Chic says:

      I read the texts in DF and they are scary. There is no way she should have those kids

      • Aurelia says:

        No way hubbo with his new squeeze is going to step up and take 100% custody of his kids. J Fed he ain’t.

    • Catherine Harris says:

      I’m picking up some not so subtle Brynn Hartman/Broke Ass Kelly Rutherford vibes wafting around Alice “Nobody Leaves Me. Ever. Don’t Even Try.” Evans.

  2. Dee (2) says:

    113 pages of texts, emails, and social media messages, that’s a literal small book. That is just unbelievable. I hope that he stays safe, and I truly hope his children gets some good therapy because I can’t imagine the damage she has done to them in the past year and a half.

    • Mia4s says:

      I fell down the rabbit hole reading through it all when I got home late from work last night and settled in front of the TV with some takeout…I never actually watched anything, just read. This woman is sick. Diagnosable or not. And those children are going to need a lot of help.

      Her comments surrounding Hollywood and his career are fascinating. Beyond the marriage ending she’s bitter as hell that she’s not as rich or famous as…well let’s be honest…that HE’s not as rich and famous as she wants. She mentions their “rich friends” several times and compares him unfavourably to other actors. Implies any success he has had is down to her. It’s kind of chilling actually.

    • Ennie says:

      I would have recorded audios, too. Every single time she spoke to me, I would have recorded the call and voice. I suspect he could have, but it could not be admitted. He might have voice messages, tho.

      • deg says:

        It’s not legal to record without consent in California.

        Apparently his daughter recorded two conversations with him though: one about him asking her if the reason why she doesnt want to see him (except of the house, Alice frequently tried to get him back to the house) is Alice, and another one was apparently him insisting her to say “thank you”. That daughter also logged into his IG last week and posted gay slurs and claims that Ioan took her out of school because he needs money for his girlfriends career, but the text messages attached to Ioan’s request for the Restraining Order proves that Ioan already had last year financial concerns to enroll her into a private school, so it’s obviously not true that this is the reason. Apparently his daughter threatened to call Child Protection Service if he isnt paying her a private school.

        So Alice has done a lot of damage to these kids by teaching them (at least the eldest) some pretty terrible things. I think Ioan has a pretty difficult task ahead of him.

      • Dena Landon says:

        Recorded audio isn’t always admissible – it has to be a one party state to get away with recording without the other person’s knowledge. And the fact he’s international may complicate things.

      • Ennie says:

        His daughter!!!! The mother made her do that!?!?! What a crazy person. If Ishe can’t do anything else, She will settle to irrevocably damage the children and father’s relationship. I supposed she was bitter and a bit unhinged, but this is so low I just can’t. I hope he has cameras all around where he lives so if he has the children he has proof of no wrongdoing on his part. She will go for his throat.

        I think if on the lo g road this goes on, he will have to hope to improve his relationship with his daughters when they become adults. This person is worse than that woman who was in a custody battle with the German entrepreneur who lived in Monaco what was her name?

      • Pabena6 says:

        Kelly Rutherford

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      I’m pretty sure the damage started long ago. He didn’t just leave a normal woman who then went crazy.

  3. Good for him. I just hope this doesn’t end in the same way it did with Betty Broderick.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      This. How awful for Ioan and those kids. This is definitely abuse, and she’s a disgusting human being. Even *if* he had actually had an affair, this would not be ok or his fault. But based on her behavior, that’s most likely another lie she told too, because she can’t accept the fact that he’s moved on. It doesn’t matter what sexes are involved. People should be able to end relationships and be with someone else without being emotionally and psychologically abused like this. Whether it’s the ex behaving like this, relatives of the ex behaving like this, stans of the ex behaving like this, or anyone in between.

    • Aurelia says:

      You are sooo right. She is totes entering the betty league

  4. Scorpion says:

    Hell hath no fury etc…..

    She even called his girlfriend a psychopathic succubus worse than MM….

    The woman is Deranged

  5. Laura says:

    I remember following this story, first with amusement and then with concern. I remember when you guys stopped covering it, I went to check out her Twitter and it was clear that she had lost the plot. I remember thinking “this woman is not putting herself in a position to move on”. Obviously this must have been devastating for her, but she was acting unhinged. Knowing that this was going on behind the scenes, her messing with his time with the children, her leaking his new gf’s medical history….I really hope their divorce can proceed calmly, and that this restraining order is the slap in the face Alice needs to reassess her behavior and state of mind and work towards moving on. I feel so so sad for their kids.

    • Osty says:

      Long over due , this crazy woman and her ” supporters ” have been harassing him.and his gf for months. Threatening him with lies. I read she even hacked his IG to post some comments about him being a deadbeat dad and hating gays . Ioan has over 100 emails , text messages and voice records to prove her abuse . She is a physco and I’m glad he is taking action

  6. Amy says:

    I’m glad he filed for a restraining order but I doubt it’ll stop her. She’s just crazy.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Amy, we have all been witness to restraining orders. If someone intends to inflict the greatest pain, the PO is nothing to them. They will ignore it as it’s they are too driven for revenge and they are narcissist I believing THEY are above the law. They will continue to down their path no matter how many injections are issued.

      We have all seen what a PO serves for women of domestic abuse. Too many women die each day. Their abusers will not stop until they destroy them and or their children.

      • SomeChick says:

        the upside of having one in place is that when they do show up to your house or wherever, you can call the cops to come intervene.

  7. Becks1 says:

    This situation is so sad. I feel so bad for the children. I hope this restraining order helps her to realize she needs help, but I’m not sure it will.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    The DM forgot to mention that they hired Alice to write a piece about the breakdown of her marriage. Anyway, this was a inevitable move by Ioan and I hope it puts a stop to her harassment and abuse.

  9. Londongal says:

    Betty Broderick no. 2. Poor Ioan. I really feel (and gather) he was at his wit’s end. I feel she has Borderline personality disorder, with a side of alcoholism. The children cannot be safe or cared for in this environment and I feel horribly concerned for them. I hope he gets full custody. She needs serious professional help.

  10. fluffybunny says:

    It’s about damn time. Hopefully he gets sole custody because what she is doing is so damaging to their children.

  11. Noki says:

    I feel a little bad for her because she is clearly heartbroken and has not found a way to cope. And the media is not helping choosing the most unflattering pictures of her.

    • Léna says:

      Would you feel sorry if a man did this to a woman? Do you feel sorry for Kanye too? These people are insane and dangerous.

    • Osty says:

      I don’t feel bad for her , yes break ups are hard and pple deal with it differently. But she went overboard with her abuse . Just because a man doesn’t love you again doesn’t give you the right to harass him , alliniate your kids against him and make up lies to try to cancel him. He is allowed to move on and she should too.
      The only ones I feel bad for are their kids who have to deal with this

    • Tash says:

      🙄 There are plenty of people who are heartbroken but don’t do shit she does. Unflattering pics are the least of her problems. She needs to seek help before something tragic happens and/or irreparable damage with children is done.

    • Tamsin says:

      She’s not ‘heartbroken’, she’s a domestic abuser whose primary target got away from her and who’s doing her best to destroy him as punishment.

    • fluffybunny says:

      You feel bad for a domestic abuser who is also abusing her kids by alienating them from their father? That’s really fucked.

    • MF says:

      No, she’s not heartbroken. Abuse is not a product of sadness. It’s about control. She’s angry that she can no longer control him, so she’s doing everything she can to regain influence over him.

    • lucy2 says:

      It does hurt to be dumped, especially after a relatively long marriage with kids, but I lose sympathy when she’s using her kids as pawns in this, and actively hurting everyone around her. And grossly attacking another woman for simply dating her ex. It’s abusive behavior, and it needs to stop.
      I do hope she seeks some help, because you’re right, she cannot cope.

    • Athena says:

      I feel bad for her too. I understood her anger and hurt, although by now she should have gotten herself help, see a good therapist and get medication that would help her. She’s repeating the stuff over and over in her mind and there’s medication that would block that. That and therapy would be a start.
      Leon went to court for a protective order, he’s protecting himself, which is fine. If he believes his wife to be unhinged and dangerous why is he not asking to have the children removed and placed in his custody. There’s a level of pain that cannot be dealt with by text, email and zoom, he cares so much about his kids he needs to see them in person and look them in the eye.

      • Coco says:

        Do you feel bad for Kanye?

      • fluffybunny says:

        He’s a working actor who’s job takes him out of the country for large periods of time. He’s the family’s sole support. He likely can’t take full custody based on his work schedule. He has to keep in contact with them while he’s away through electronic means. He’s not some rich and famous actor who can afford to take time off and take care of his kids because their mother is bat shit crazy. He’s doing the best he can.

      • Jaded says:

        Once you’ve had to deal with someone like Alice or Kanye, you’d understand how selfish, frightening and dangerous they are. The problem is they don’t think they’re doing anything wrong because they are self-obsessed, spiteful and will never willingly agree to therapy. I grew up with a sister like Alice and it was hell. My partner’s ex wife is like Alice and she’s put us both through hell to the point where we had to block her phone numbers, email and return all the crap she sent him unopened. She no longer has access to their granddaughter because she tried to weaponize her against her grandpa. So no, I don’t feel sorry for Alice because she’s not willing to get treatment and is messing up her children.

      • AlpineWitch says:

        It’s astounding how many people are ready to defend abusers.

        My father cheated on my mum for 20 years, physically and psychologically abused us kids since we were babies and when my mum left him after 35 years (we were fully adults by then), he behaved like Alice.

        Please stop defending such people, they’re not heartbroken in the least, they only lost control of their ‘servants’.

        The damage these people inflict on their families is immense: my brother is a mental patient for life, my mum was never really allowed to move on and walked on eggshells until he died, I could have a normal life only in my 40ies.

        Domestic abusers like Alice and Kanye DESTROY lives.

      • Bex says:

        I find it interesting that in order to undermine his restraining order, people are stating that IF he was truly concerned, he’d seek custody of his children. She’s not calling his kids numerous times a day, nor is she sending their children hundreds of text messages and emails. She’s not shit-posting on Twitter and Instagram about the children, nor writing op-eds or granting interviews to undermine her children. This is about her harassment towards him.

        She did this to herself and when she loses custody of her children, it will be her own fault.

    • KC says:

      I get it @Noki. I think this is how Pete is able to feel sorry for Kanye. I think there’s room for you to acknowledge and hate her selfish, depraved, deplorable actions AND feel sorry for what has led to her making poor decisions and choosing to react horribly to others.

  12. Penguin says:

    This screams dirty John season two craziness just without the husband gaslighting her continually. She’s her own worst enemy in this case and has this coming. Would not be surprised if he went for full custody after his restraining order is granted

    • KC says:

      I’m just not convinced he’s willing to put in the time, effort, personal and financial sacrifice to raise his girls, deal with Alice’s backlash (can you imagine way she’ll do if he takes her flying monkeys away?!), and sort through the emotional debris to rebuild healthy relationships with them. He seemed to be playing mid-life-crisis-having man who abandons his family and lives it up with a new, younger, less aggravating and toxic woman with the wrong one. Hopefully I’m wrong or the extent to which Alice is damaging his girls pulls at his heart strings enough to move his paternal affection to put in the work to do right by them. That would be wonderful for those girls.

  13. Miranda says:

    She really didn’t give him any alternative. Every time you thought she couldn’t possibly sink any lower, she managed to say or do something appalling in public, so I’m sure we all just assumed it was even worse in private. But damn, the medical records thing is f–king STAGGERING. Vile, vile woman. I truly hope that Ioan has found some way to ensure his kids are safe, because she sounds exactly like the type of dangerous narcissist who would…I don’t even want to finish that thought.

  14. Talia says:

    She married him when he was looking like he was heading to A list movie star. For whatever reason, while he has worked constantly, he’s never reached those heights. It sounds like she’s been blaming him for what she sees as his failures (bearing in mind how many actors are out of work, working constantly as the lead in a TV series is pretty good in my mind).

    • FHMom says:

      She also gave up her career to raise their children.

      • Talia says:

        She says that but seems to have accepted any work offered to her. Isn’t it more that she wasn’t being offered the parts she thought she deserved so claimed it was her choice?

      • deg says:

        that’s a lie. There are many social media posts of her where she basically admits that she doesnt get offers and wouldnt earn much anyway.

      • Emma says:

        Alice continued working after she had children. She didn’t work constantly, but she did continue acting.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        No she didn’t! Alice would NEVER put her children and marriage before her own acting career. But she has certainly destroyed any chance of work in the industry now.

        Alice has worked relatively constantly ‘97, though some short and unremarkable. Voice over work and guest staring on TV series and Lifetime movies and a few big movies. She hasn’t been solely SATH mom.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Based on her IMDB she was still working up to 2015:

        There is jealousy that her career never went where she wanted it to go and is blaming him and the children. Given what we know of her behaviour I suspect she has sabotaged it with her narc behaviour. NO ONE will hire her now.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        She had at least one falling out with a casting director and even her agent took CD’s side. That was after the kids. She’s just an unpleasant person nobody wants to hire.

      • Christine says:

        Google Alice Evans and Harvey Weinstein. I feel like she’s been machinating for YEARS.

        “She then claimed: “Harvey utters a phrase that has stayed with me forever. ‘Let’s hope it all works out for your boyfriend,’ he says.”

        She added: “I was never again considered for a Weinstein film, and neither was Ioan.”

        At the time, I felt so sorry for the both of them, but now? I’m thinking this is a person who can find any nerve to stand on, and just jumps up and down, hoping something hurts someone.

      • Huma says:

        She never had much of a career to begin with. She was slightly famous in the 90’s primarily for being a socialite dating Picasso’s grandson. When she left him for Ioan she somewhat successfully spun the idea she was a big actress in France, but really she just had a few bad movies and one season of a trashy tv show to her name. Her acting career peaked with the film where she met Ioan, 102 Dalmatian’s and the next high was 6 years later when she was lead of a Hallmark movie. Her career was headed nowhere long before she had children.

  15. Cessily says:

    Where are the kids? He gets a restraining order but she still has the children? How does that make sense? Why isn’t he getting temporary custody until this is resolved? If it is bad enough for him to need a very public legal line set it must be horrific for those children behind closed doors.

    • Enid says:

      In my experience, it’s easier to get emergency custody once the restraining order is in place.

    • WinterSet says:

      They had 50/50 temporary custody worked out in 2021, until he went to France to film in September. If you read the documents, she consistently ignored days he should have had the girls, or otherwise interfered with custody. He came back to the US in late November and she hasn’t allowed him to see the kids since then. He was supposed to split them with her over Christmas and NY and that never happened. She’s done a bang up job of alienating them as well particularly the older one. It’s really sad for the kids.

  16. girl_ninja says:

    I fell down a rabbit hole reading the texts and emails and the undercurrent is the meanness. At one point she texts him that she is disgusted by his face and body. She is a cruel, nasty woman and I do hope that Ioan can get his girls away from her too.

  17. Steph says:

    The writing was on the wall for the restraining order, but I don’t think he wants full custody of the kids. He doesn’t seem to be moving in that direction.

    • Pilar says:

      On the papers he filed there’s place were you can tick to change custody and he didn’t tick it. I am really surprised at that. Because as much as he is a victim here, the long lasting damage will be done to the kids.

      • damn says:

        they don’t have a custody arrangement yet so there is nothing there to change

      • Pilar says:

        He could file for custody and ask for an emergency hearing. He should really get those kids out of there asap.

      • Minnie says:

        @Pilar It’s definitely easier to get emergency custody once a restraining order is in place, so maybe he’ll try for that.

  18. Libellule says:

    Fake diary? Was she planning to go full gone girl on him?

  19. FHMom says:

    I do feel for her and her kids, but Ioan has a right to protect himself. I have a feeling she has “friends” feeding her delusions and egging her on.

    • Coco says:

      So you feel bad for Kanye as well?

      • FHMom says:

        Apples and oranges. She is raising her children. Kanye doesn’t seem very concerned with his kids. He is off doing his thing while she is at home wallowing in self pity.

      • Coco says:

        No it not Apples and Oranges only different is she inflicting more damage to the kids because she’s around the more. That is the only difference otherwise it’s the same so my question remains do you feel bad for Kanye?

      • Emma says:

        I actually do feel bad in many ways for Kanye, I recognize he has suffered from bipolar disorder and losing his mother and existing as a Black man in this country and generally everything to do with the Kardashian-industrial complex, BUT that does not mean I excuse or in any way condone his abuse and violence toward others.

        It’s not either/or.

      • FHMom says:

        Yes, I feel bad for Kanye in general because of his mental health issues. And, no, it doesn’t excuse his abusive behavior. I’m not giving Alice a pass, either. Her behavior is abominable. I still feel bad for her situation, though.

    • J.Mo says:

      I don’t know if she has friends left. She certainly gets egged on by her bitter followers.

      • fluffybunny says:

        She’s said before she doesn’t have friends and doesn’t speak with her family and tried to isolate Ioan from his family. It’s pretty clear she isn’t able to play well with others. Ioan was a possession to her and she’s pissed because he removed himself from her and won’t interact with her so she punishes him the only way she can by alienating his children.

  20. Pilar says:

    Her text messages are abhorrent.I really feel for the kids in this case. This woman also seems to be in grips of some kind of addiction ( alcoholism?).

    On a general note. This mirrors the Kanye and Kim situation but it’s interesting that people are more inclined to make excuses for Kanye and victim blame Kim. Internalised sexism is quite something.

    • Coco says:

      I don’t see that, in this post and others I seen a lot of people make excuses for Alice and blame Ione.

  21. Erica says:

    I am glad he finally did this because she has been unhinged for awhile now. And her insane fans aren’t helping her. They egg her on CONSTANTLY. And she clearly has a horrible drinking problem. She looks and sounds terrible in the videos she posts (then deletes) on Instagram. I hope he gets custody of those kids. I fear she has succeeded in turning at least one child against him though.

    • Erin says:

      Do you really think these anonymous internet accts are fans or are they just sick people egging her on for the entertainment or because they relate to her because someone left them? I mean did she really build up some kind of fan base? I’m around her age and had never heard of her until Celebitchy started with the stories about this mess.

      • gingernut says:

        I made the mistake of reading the comments on the DM article and there are so many sympathising with her? It looks like a lot of angry women who have had their own relationship problems projecting on to her.

  22. Tempest says:

    Can you imagine what she’s saying to their kids about him? She wants to burn all their lives down to the ground.

  23. North of Boston says:

    The restraining order request took months show up. My guess is if he’s at all a decent person, that’s just the first of several filings, with something about custody to follow soon.

    I.e. getting a CA court to agree she’s illegally harassing, threatening the kids’ other parent (and the livelihood of the person providing income to the family), in ways even her own legal team think aren’t in HER best interests, may be a starting point for a case that she’s incapable of acting in the kids’ best interests, and shouldn’t have custody or even unsupervised visits.

    I feel for her because the collapse of a marriage is hard, and she has obvious mental health issues. But her sustained attack over years, in a way that harms others including her kids, and the level of cruelty, entitlement, recklessness she’s displaying, without any move towards counseling, treatment, de-escalation is scary and cannot go on without intervention or something awful happening. Choices (repeated, consistent choices) … meet consequences.
    (Also invoking AH/JD was a thirsty and trash move)

    • MelOn says:

      If every hard thing or bad feeling in life entitled people to behave this way, we would be living in a world where everyone was a selfish, narcissistic, bully. Life can be hard , it’s okay to be in pain but that’s what therapists are for if you can’t let it go. I don’t feel for her, I feel for him and I ESPECIALLY feel for her kids because she obviously does NOT care about them and they are a means to an end.

      • Talia says:

        It’s like Pete Davidson said on SNL in regard to Kanye (back in 2016 but which is being played a lot now because of recent events) – being mentally ill doesn’t justify someone acting like a jackass.

  24. BendyWindy says:

    Obviously this is all completely insane, but I had to chuckle at her telling him he didn’t satisfy her sexually. Like…then why you mad, bruh?

    I mean, I get that she’s just trying to hurt him and is completely illogical, I just scratched my head at that.

    • Louisa says:

      That jumped out at me too. I hate your body, I hate your face and you are terrible in bed…. but don’t leave me!!! Nuts.

    • Oria says:

      And at one point she writes she was so happy with him and so I love with him, and in another she writes she was so sad and depressed being with him.
      She’s really all over the place.

  25. CentralPerk says:

    Good for him, she’s really bonkers.

  26. HandforthParish says:

    She is not just deranged, she is also using her children unashamedly. She publicly claimed their eldest had hacked Ioan’s IG to add homophobic and bitchy comments about Bianca (my little pony is the nickname of choice).

    She’s also texting him admitting she has been unsuccessfully grilling their youngest to find out if Bianca is pregnant. She writes ‘Elsie is wimpering next to me’!!!

    And icing on the cake- the racism. Calls Bianca’s family ‘gyppos’. Lovely.

    There are also quite a few abusive messages she sent to Ioan’s mother. The whole thing is a disaster. I can’t believe some people are still on he side.

    • J.Mo says:

      I’m afraid Elsie is often whimpering what with all the terrible things her mother says to poison her against her father, starting with “Daddy is leaving US.”

    • Oria says:

      The take away I have from what she writes and how she portrays everything is that Elise has some serious anxiety and is really suffering. Instead of easing her anxiety she’s egging it on and using it to try and control Ioan.
      It’s completely unacceptable and if I was a judge in this situation I would order her kids out of her custody. She’s mentally abusing them and one of her kids are showing clear signs of trauma inflicted upon her. This is serious, and I’m hoping Ioan isn’t equally narcissistic and actually chooses to fight for his girls to prevent them more harm.

  27. H says:

    She’s also doing Cameos for money. She recently posted that she “fell down her steps in heels” and has a black eye. So, she’s postponed some of them. But is still begging for money as she’s now a “single mum.”

    Alice desperately needs help but since I think she has a personality disorder, I don’t think she’ll ever change. If you notice in the filings she says the word THERAPISTS, meaning multiple not one. The children are the ones who should be in therapy as this is not going to end well.

    • Oria says:

      Quite certain she has a mix of more personality disorders and not just one.
      Narcissitic and borderline are those who stand out.

      I believe she thinks she’s fighting the good cause in her own mind, and genuinely believes her own narrative.

      The constant self boosting and bullying rhetorics is like reading Trumps old tweets.

  28. MissMarirose says:

    I’m sure Amber Heard would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.

  29. MelOn says:

    The fact that he had the presence of mind to save all of her crazy from day one means, he knows what he’s in for and he’s ready to handle it. Those poor kids, so much damage being done to them.

  30. Digital Unicorn says:

    She is completely unhinged – its obvs that she is always like this. Her behaviour is classic narc abuser who is losing their mind over the fact that the object of their fixation has broken free and refuses to be drawn back in.

    I genuinely fear for the kids – reading the evidence she clearly has it in her to hurt them to get back at him.

  31. Sue says:

    Kanye’s next girlfriend?

  32. Mslove says:

    I think Alice needs immediate help for her alcohol addiction, for the sake of her kids. It’s been painful watching this family struggle.

  33. JustMe says:

    She needs to put down the wine bottles and be a decent mother to her kids. You can’t continuously trash talk the other parent and not have the kids pick a side. She is purposely alienating the kids from him so they are on her side. Pay attention Kayne this is your future

  34. TheOriginalMia says:

    I feel for those girls. It’s going to take years of counseling to undo the damage she’s done to them. I hope Ioan gets custody and she gets limited contact with them.

  35. Lady Digby says:

    I am British and not a lawyer so can anyone enlighten me is her response claiming free speech under the first amendment and that she has every right to express her feelings, any defence?
    I have been appalled at her vomiting every detail of their separation without regard for anyone else’s feelings or privacy, including her own kids. She appears to have an alcohol and Twitter addiction fuelling her obsession with an estranged husband who had just had as much as he could take. Both Kanye and Alice are being abusive to their ex’s and hurting their children and yet still have defenders, why is it okay to harass and upset someone who you share kids with? Both need to get off social media and get serious help but most importantly STOP stalking!

    • fluffybunny says:

      She has free speech rights but she doesn’t have the right to slander her ex without consequences.

  36. Andrea says:

    I agree with commenters above. We don’t talk about abusive mothers enough. I have tried telling friends or bfs over the years, but a lot are dismissive of my stories or think I am overexaggerating because they didnt grow up like that or are seduced by my mother’s bs. My mother offered back massages to nearly every bf I had and a few took them up on the offer! She told me once I started therapy in my 20s that she was in direct competition with me for my father’s love. Her narcissim is off the hook! She was both verbally and physically abusive to me as a child. I am nearly 41 and will never trust her. She makes me uncomfortable if I am around her more than 10 minutes. I simply will never feel safe or loved around her. I am an only child, which I find to be a blessing that she didn’t have more. I often wonder if she would have had a child had she been born in this modern era.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Andrea that is horrible. I can’t believe telling people about that doesn’t make their red flags go through the roof. You are smart to minimize your contact and trust of someone with this behavior.

    • Oria says:

      I’m so sorry you had to go through that. And I agree with you, people dismiss too fast and have no idea of the harm such people inflict.
      What people don’t get, besides how serious it is at the time when a child is grown up, is that is can permanently damage the child’s sense of self, sense of security and bodily responses, and cause both physical and mental illness later in life. Most of these children develop CPTSD and will have to live with that for the rest of their lives.
      It’s a societal problem, it causes indirect harm on a large part of the population.
      The one’s who aren’t equipped to deal with the harm caused on them are proned to turn to addictions, isolation and even suicide. It’s such a serious matter, not quite taken seriously enough by our society.

    • Christine says:

      I am so sorry, Andrea.

  37. Jaded says:

    Mr. Jaded’s ex-wife did this even though she left him, not vice-versa. Years of demanding they reconcile ensued with harassing emails, phone calls, letters, alienating friends of his, accusations of him abusing their daughter and granddaughter. And when she found out we had reconnected after the divorce she went completely off the rails, threatened suicide, accused us of having an affair while they were still together, etc. He finally had to block her phone numbers, email, and return all letters and packages unopened. It’s clear she and Alice share the same disorder(s) — possibly BPD/NPD — and the problem is they are not aware there’s something wrong with them. It’s always the ex-partner’s fault and they will go to the ends of the earth to damage them. I just hope their kids come out of this unscathed.

  38. Luna17 says:

    Wow, i wondered what was going to happen to this family! Ioan mainly works overseas (like Australia I think) and his kids are in LA so I don’t think he will try to get full custody. Moving the kids to a different country with a much younger girlfriend in the picture probably isn’t going to be the easiest solution. I think Alice has been the main caregiver which makes things more complicated. I hope the young kids are being taken care of. These actor families where the money maker lives a part from the family most of the time seem so hard on the kids in these situations.

  39. Matilde says:

    Those kids should be given temporary custody to their grandparents until Alice is healthy. This is screaming Medea to me.

    • fluffybunny says:

      I was also think that would be a good option if they are willing to take the kids in. Ioan has to work out of the country for long stretches so he might not be the right choice for full custody but his parents could be a good option to get them away from Alice and start them toward repairing their relationship with their dad.

    • WinterSet says:

      Her father no longer talks to her; the thinking is she behaved the same way towards him after he remarried when Alice was 33. Alice went on and on about how she saw her father’s new wife sitting on his knee – gasp. She also had zero relationship with her step sister but then posted really cruel things (one is still up on her IG) about the stepsister’s suicide, blaming the stepmother and her father. In the legal papers she also is abusive to her MIL and says she had wanted to sue her for the past ten years. Also called her a bitch and said she won’t allow Ioan’s mother to have a relationship with his parents. She’s been deeply unhinged since long before this split with her ex.

  40. Liz version 700 says:

    I did Family law for 10 of the longest months of my life. These are the situations that made me flee to anything but that area of the law. Parents willing to destroy their kids to get back at a spouse for some sin real or imagined (though nothing I touched came close to this). I am praying for those kids, and for the legal and medical staff trying to help this family. I hope Ioan can work out a solution to get his kids safely with him until this woman gets massive help. And if she doesn’t want to change this behavior, she should be prevented from hurting her family to the extent legally possible.

    • gingernut says:

      Up to mid last year I worked in a role that supported kids going through extended custody trauma. Parents trying to get custody just to get welfare payments, then neglecting the kid. Parents getting custody just to screw the ex-partner, then neglecting the kid. I had to stop because it was killing me and I started seeing abuse and neglect everywhere. Even now, a year later, I still see every parental relationship around me with a messed up filter.

      • Liz Version 700 says:

        Gingernut I am right there with you. People paying thousands of dollars to argue about whether the drop off time would be 5 or 5:30? Fighting for custody and then not parenting their children? In your role I can only imagine how much worse it was. At least in my area, you have to be a certain level of bad to qualify for custody support for children. People who advocate for children should get free access to mental health support for the duration of their job. I hope the trauma fades for you…and for those kids you saw

      • Oria says:

        @gingernut I am right there with you. I did the same, and eventually I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. I still can’t look around without seeing manipulation and severe lack of self awareness harming kids. But I moved into the other side of things, and work directly with people who have narcissistic personality disorder or any other anti-social personality disorder, and treat them. They are very resistent to treatment, and the biggest problem is low self awareness they have. Even when they learn to expand that, they still have to re-learn how to behave and properly respond because a lot of them don’t feel empathy and can’t naturally navigate that. But at least I feel like I’m doing something to help without feeling utterly hopeless and depressed like I did.

        I celebrate the people who are able to work with kids and tries to help them without getting defeated. This world is filled with emotionally stunted and manipulative people. I hope that future generations will be able to heal, protect themselves and not raise kids that way. That the cycle will stop and the people that have these personality disorders are quickly picked up by some system and treated.

  41. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Unfortunately, I went through something very similar. My oldest was three when I left home. I agreed to drive 150 miles (halfway) every other weekend so that my son could be with his father for a weekend, then I’d drive again to pick him up. Almost immediately, he’d leave increasingly disturbing messages, and when I began dating the man I’m married to today, the messages became vile. We had to make sure the little one was out of the room. And of course there’s no telling what the man said during his time, but I simply didn’t play along. I kept making sure he had his time. Eventually, my boyfriend would travel with me. During those days, the messages were so very horrendous. We were worried they would end up in a physical altercation, but that never happened. Eventually, one day, he brought a girl to our meeting spot. I was so excited to meet her, shook her hand, and implored them to have a super wonderful weekend lol. My ex is currently in his fourth marriage, and I’ve been with my man since 1992. Life can be painful, but there are silver linings lol.

  42. JRenee says:

    Many have experienced unrequited love, lost love etc. and not behaved like this. I sympathize with the children who are in her care, nothing to balance the poison she’s mentally feeding them.
    He doesn’t deserve the stalking, lashing out etc. I hope this helps as she’s lost control and is acting out of control as if that’s going to bring him back to her.

    Same with Kanye

    • Christine says:

      Yeah, this is exactly where I am. My father left my Mom after 35 years of marriage, to marry his grad-student (he’s a professor, so gross). My Mom thought, and I still think she thinks, he was the love of her life. She’s never going to stop missing him, but she never once went batshit crazy, and she is my barometer for how to act.

      • AppleCart says:

        @Christine It’s refreshing to hear a story about a woman who held their head up high and didn’t take everyone down with them emotionally. My Dad left my Mom when I was a kid. She went scorched earth torturing him and us until she got her way. He buckled and came back with his tail inbetween his legs. And they spent the next 30 years being miserable until he died cancer. Now my Mom is a happy widow. But she was never ever going to be a divorcee.

        Alice is going to make his life hell. She would be more than happy to destroy his career and sacrifice her kids financial future care and education if she can’t get her way. And it will be just a matter of time before she is back on Twitter raging out at him and the g/f.

  43. Therese says:

    I remember watching an entertainment show from years ago, and there was a clip of Ioan and his wife coming out of a restaurant or party, and he had the same smile on his face and looked patient and friendly to the paparazzi, as he was supporting his wife to the car, because she was drunk. He looks sweet, he looks long suffering, and I think he just finally had enough.

  44. Jessica says:

    Wow, I just browsed some of her texts and emails and she is completely unhinged and delusional, and is she just talking to herself?!? He only responded once or twice to all those! This is nuts. Those poor children, my god get them away from her now.

  45. Chantale says:

    These women make it hard for the women who are really being abused from what we witnessed from her behavior. It is sad all around.

    • AppleCart says:

      i don’t think anyone connects Alice Evans to an abused spouse. The worst he did was go public with this girlfriend after they seperated.

  46. J says:

    I feel for her and I do think he cheated, which is abuse in its own right. BUT I am starting to agree she has gone overboard. I do think kids need real honest reasons and that is not in itself alienation, but at this point she’s gone too far.
    Otoh he should have taken more steps to be there for his kids long before now rather than unveiling his gf on Instagram while still in midst of divorce (and his paparazzi show off walks) he should have done more with them in mind as well.

    Both have hurt their kids

    It’d be interesting to know the real situation on the ground all these years

    • fluffybunny says:

      There’s no proof he cheated. He came home from filming and moved into a different bedroom and told her their relationship was over. His gf was in lockdown in OZ. He left and got his own place and filed for divorce. She’s prevented the kids from going to his place and insisting he pick them up at her place because he won’t interact with her. She told the kids daddy was divorcing them. You don’t divorce your children. She’s the one who made them pawns. She’s the abuser here and you’re falling for her lies. She’s refusing to abide by the custody agreement and refusing to facilitate contact when he’s away at work. He doesn’t have a choice but to work because he’s the family’s sole support. He had filed for a divorce and was very clear his relationship with Alice was over before he went public with his new relationship. He’s allowed to move on. He isn’t something that Alice owns and has to officially give up before he’s allowed to move on.

      • Rose says:

        After reading the entire court document and all of her unhinged off the wall messages, I just want to stand and applaud for Ioan. He does everything right when it comes to dealing with a narcissist. He doesn’t engage. He maintains boundaries. Consequences happen. I can’t understand how anyone can have sympathy for Alice with her behavior.

    • bonobochick says:

      Both sides to truly blame him for her actions? 🥴

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Sorry, no. I condemn cheating but it’s not remotely abuse.

      You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Of all the horrible things my father did to us, cheating on my mum was really the minor one, she even forgave him for that after the separation. The damage inflicted by the abuse was longlasting and none of us will ever fully recover.

      • A.Key says:

        I mean, it depends on the relationship. If the marriage is dead and two people are living separate lives under the same roof while staying together out of habit or financial reasons then I don’t think cheating is abuse. But it definitely can be if one is totally in love with the other and in an illusion that their spouse is head over heels for them, then yes, that is abuse.
        But I feel like in Alice’s case, Ioan made it clear for years their marriage was over and she just wouldn’t accept it. I believe that during that time, and def before divorce proceedings started officially, he did get together with Bianca but I think he also checked out of that marriage before he did that and he let Alice know. It was her who refused to let go. Just my two cents.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I suspect he cheated. BUT, whether he cheated or not, it seems like Evans has mental/emotional issues that she needs to deal with. If nothing else, for the sake of her children. As for Gruffodd, he’s not a nice person for cheating, and it MAY contribute to his ex’s breakdown when the person he cheats with is 22 years younger than her, especially in show business. But, again, I think she should get therapy and take care of her own mental state for herself and children, and forget about him.

    • Fortuona says:

      She worked as an extra on Season 3 of Harrow which was AFTER he had moved out of their room ( July-Aug 20 ) .He then came back to LA and she was in lockdown for the next 13 months

      • AppleCart says:

        He told Alice he wanted a divorce in August 2020. She just wouldn’t accept it. I wouldn’t hold the girlfriend as the smoking gun. He seemed pretty miserable for years before he left the home.

    • Jaded says:

      He’s “been there for his kids” all along. It’s Alice who is maneuvering, manipulating, spreading malicious lies, and weaponizing her kids and the public against him. There is absolutely NO proof he cheated other than the unhinged rantings of a mentally ill, self-obsessed and bitter woman who has clearly lost the plot. You may not have experienced this kind of deranged harassment but I have. My partner’s ex-wife is just like Alice only she chose to end their marriage in the most deceitful and hurtful way imaginable. Then she spent years doing everything she could to ruin his friendships, our reputations, and we finally had to block her phone numbers, emails and return everything she sent to us unopened. She’s destroyed her relationships with their daughter and granddaughter, her sisters, and good friends who tried to talk sense to her. I only pray their kids don’t end up being psychologically damaged by her behaviour.

  47. Charfromdarock says:

    Those poor children.

    I’m sorry to all of you who’ve experienced similar situations.

  48. SAS says:

    This is such interesting timing (not being sarcastic)! After the Kanye meltdown where I was so firmly on Kim’s side, I actually went and revisited Alice’s page to look through a new lens and am so horrified that I was in support of her at the time! It’s the exact same behaviour as Kanye and it’s unacceptable.

    It must be scary for Ioan and his partner, not to mention his partner has recently posted about living with aggressive MS, so the stress of these attacks are likely having a significant effect on her health. I hope the kids can get some support.

  49. Watson says:

    None of this is surprising to me. We all knew this woman was unhinged months ago. I don’t particularly care if this is due to substance or mental health issues. When you’ve got 113 pages of documented emotional abuse my empathy ends there.

    Side note: it’s crazy to me how people are saying that he shouldn’t have cheated blah blah blah. Like cheating is terrible. I’ve been cheated on too! It’s traumatic and sad. But did I go onto emotionally abuse my ex publicly? Did I use my kids as pawns? Threaten my mother in law? That behaviour is criminal and I’m glad he is getting a restraining order. Stop giving excuses to people who cross the line from normal shitty to “you need to stay 200 yards away from my residence and place of work” shitty.

    • Eating Popcorn says:

      But did he cheat? We only have her word for it. According to Alice his wanting a divorce equates to his cheating.

      • Watson says:

        Personally i don’t believe he did. Nothings ever been confirmed cause it’s just her words splashed across the daily mail. And even if he did I can’t say I really blame him. I would have done whatever it took to get away from this monster too.

  50. A says:

    So, I’m reading through the ridiculous 113 pages of texts that was linked by someone in the comments, and honestly…what is Alice Evans’ issue with Ioan Gruffudd’s parents? Particularly his mother, who she refers to repeatedly as a “narc” and as an “NMother” (narcissistic mother). What is this book that AE is apparently writing about Ioan’s mother, and the village that he grew up in?

    The texts and such are just…morbidly fascinating. She brings up Dominic West at one point, bc apparently, he deserves credit for “not walking out on his family.” She says the Queen won’t put Ioan on the list for honours and awards bc he left his wife and kids. She brings up how Helen McRory passed away. She compares Ioan disparagingly to Matthew Rhys at one point. She talks about how much Damian Lewis loved Helen McRory, and how well Matthew Rhys is doing for himself, bc he has “better agents”, and how both him and Keri Russell work hard to “make things work” for each other.

    She also takes extreme issues with how he writes, “Thank you.” at the end of every text. Apparently his mother does the same thing, and she hates his mother, big time. Apparently his mom “called her a prostitute”, twice. She outlines those incidents in her e-mail to his mother. His mother said, “I used to be an actress, but I didn’t get any work, bc I didn’t stand around on street corners waiting for producers to pick me up,” and then looked right at Alice, which apparently is proof positive that his mother called her a prostitute. She references something VERY curious at one point, in one of her unhinged e-mails to his mother, that his mother hated her bc, “I =ad overlapped with Olivier [Picasso]?” Olivier Picasso was her ex-fiance, who she’d been engaged to for 8 years.

    She seems to think that people will be on her side, bc according to her, Ioan walked out on his wife + kids, and that this means she will get sympathy, and he won’t.

    So much of it is just the ramblings of a very very broken woman, who is not handling the separation and divorce very well at all. She is very self-obsessed. At multiple points she says that she is the “smartest person in the room.” Oh, and she also signed a pre-nup when she married Ioan, which she rages about in several of her texts to him, which will apparently affect the divorce settlement.