Duchess Kate will do more solo events & solo tours in the years to come

A small royal history lesson: in her first years of marriage, Princess Diana worked a lot while she was having babies and being a hands-on mother. But starting in the mid-to-late ‘80s, Diana and Charles were mostly living separate lives and their marriage was in a bad place. They were basically only together for public events, and Diana began undertaking more solo work. This was because she genuinely liked to keep busy, to help people, and because she had separate charitable interests than her husband. Her solo work also happened because Charles couldn’t stand to be around her. Keep that in mind when reading Dan Wootton’s latest, all about how the Duchess of Cambridge is finally “ready” to do more solo events. Wootton is being a bit shady at times in this piece.

Kate turns down meetings? The answer is a young lady from the Home Counties who remains so painfully shy she still turns down requests to attend meetings with many senior officials and high profile figures alongside her future king husband.

Kate was a triumph in Copenhagen? Those on tour with Kate believe she performed even stronger on tour, including an impromptu moment where she joyfully went down a children’s slide, because her husband wasn’t alongside her.

A bold, but quietly implemented, new strategy for Kate: Kate will become the most publicly prominent female in the Royal Family. With her three children growing up and a glaring shortage of senior royals to deploy, Kate, who recently turned 40, has accepted she will start making semi-regular appearances at home and abroad without William by her side. Crucially, her husband has agreed that, gradually over the next few years, when the couple set out on tour, Kate will step up to conduct more solo engagements.

A royal source speaks: ‘What will happen is that when the couple go on visits abroad it will be more like what Charles and Diana did, where they each branch out and do more engagements on their own. They’ll go to the same country, but she’ll go her way and he’ll go his.’

A strain on William? Courtiers acknowledge this could put some strain on William, just like it did his father Charles, when the cameras naturally gravitate towards his more glamorous wife. However, William is far more assured than his father was in the 1980s. The source added: ‘That can have its difficulties because then you see the Press will only be following her jobs. And that’s what happened with Charles and Diana. William will be seen as the boring bloke in the blue suit. The blood royals always make out they don’t want the attention, but of course they do. However, William is fully accepting of his wife’s popularity. Their marriage is strong. He understands this is an important moment.’

Painfully shy Keen Kate: ‘She’s painfully shy,’ another royal source explained. ‘She’s so much better at speaking now. When she’s interacting with kids, she’s very good and very natural because she’s got three of her own.’

Kate went vroom-vroom on a big slide: The most striking and memorable part of the trip was when Kate squealed with delight as she slid down a metal slide in high heels while visiting the Lego Foundation PlayLab at University College Copenhagen. My royal sources insist it was a genuinely impromptu moment that probably wouldn’t have happened on a more formal visit with William. The source said: ‘Kate was definitely freer. That slide looked like it was set out and that was always going to happen. But that absolutely wasn’t the case. If William had been with her, I doubt it would have happened.’

Kate is inspired by Princess Mary: My source said: ‘Princess Mary is very polished and sharp but she’s ten years further down the line than Kate. She’s 50 now and you can see a Queen in her. But originally she was a girl from Tasmania. It’s very obvious that Kate has been struck by that. Kate is growing into the role. She’s juggling it with three kids. There is a confidence in the marriage and a confidence in her personality.’

[From The Daily Mail]

My guess is that William actually has mixed feelings about Solo Kate. On one side, he’s pleased he doesn’t have to do events with her, because he cannot even hide his disgust with her hand-flapping and open-mouthed gawping when they’re in public at this point. On the other side, William is petty and jealous and it probably will drive him crazy when Kate gets more attention. Still, he’ll be glad to have Kate off on her own, doing busywork and making an ass out of herself. It will give him more time to garden.

Also: it’s increasingly clear that Kate’s Keen In Copenhagen tour wasn’t actually about soft diplomacy or Brexit or strengthening European relations. It was just about Kate doing photo-ops for the British papers. The goals were purely domestic. CP Mary knew she was being used too.

Photos courtesy of Instar, Backgrid.

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  1. Snuffles says:

    Gotta keep feeding the media beasts. This is what Kate wanted and why she worked so hard to drive out Meghan. Now her lazy ass needs to work.

    • PaulaH says:

      This read like, “They are officially separating.” It seems the Cambridges have come to an agreement. She used FLOTUS as well for a photo op. At some point people will refuse to meet with her. FAKE ASS

      • JustBitchy says:

        Paulah I read the article the exact same way!

      • Athena says:

        Maybe that’s why the queen allegedly met with them over the weekend.

      • ElleV says:


        Every line in this is telegraphing a split while making it clear they won’t divorce: Kate’s turning down requests for meetings *alongside* her husband (but not meetings taken alone), she’s freer *without* him, William *crucially* doesn’t want to accompany her, they’ll model their working relationship on *Diana and Charles* each going their own way lol

        coming from William’s mouthpiece, too, Dan may as well have posted a screenshot of William texting “I can’t stand Kate so she’s got to sing for her supper”

      • L84Tea says:

        Yeah, this read like a full on explanation of why we won’t be seeing them much together in the future. Between this and the moving stories, who do they think they’re kidding??

      • BeanieBean says:

        Absolutely, PaulaH! They even referenced Charles & Diana doing their separate engagements toward the end because they couldn’t stand to be in each other’s presence, which we all knew & remember! They also made sure to remind everyone how jealous Charles was of the attention Diana got. By saying W&K are doing what C&D did was, I think, preparing everyone for the inevitable. And two more things: that was not an impromptu slide. Kate stood forever at the top, talking with others–maybe asking OK, and how do you slide down a slide? Should I just slide? And the second thing: ‘shy young lady’. Gah! How patronizing. She’s not declining meetings because she’s shy, she’s declining meetings for shopping, exercising, etc.

    • Enderlyn says:

      Unfortunately for her, the public is getting tired of seeing her. Seventy percent of the comments under their Wales trip is negative while positive ones are arrowed down. The sentiment is it’s all PR for Kate and the DM, she’s called Saint Kate. They don’t like manic laughter, and she and William are boring.
      Some have even noticed William’s unhappiness and indifference towards Kate. It’s really something to see but they’re trapped now. Enjoy the spotlight Kate, hope driving out the Sussexes was worth it.

      • You’re right. There’s no confidence in the marriage. There’s no confidence in her personality. Everything looks “forced” and “trying hard.”

    • CocofromCanada says:

      I still think the RF the whole lot of them can’t believe that H and M left. What was their end game? Complete destruction of Megan

      • Joey 🦘 says:

        The more I see the nonsense in the uk the more I too see history repeating itself. Harry was saved by Meghans past history of true American freedom Harry said they were brought together for a reason. HRH the Duke and Duchess of Sussex truly love admire and find happiness in each other. I don’t see Queen Hkate just thinking to myself how familiar this scenario is 🇺🇸

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      My first thought on seeing the headline was, “Well, it would take a lot of effort to do less…”

  2. Noki says:

    If Kate was some kind of show stopper and attention grabber like Diana/Meghan then William might feel bad ,but she isnt.

    • Snuffles says:

      Exactly. She will continue to be shallow, mediocre and embarrassing. But if she actually starts getting good at her job, then he’ll have a problem.

      • JT says:

        Yes Kate will get more attention than William, but she will not become what Diana was, period. It’s been nearly 11 years for Kate, if she was going to happen like Diana/Meg should would have. “A fact finding mission” for Early Years all boiled down to Kate going down a slide. William has nothing to worry about and I don’t even think he cares enough to be worried.

      • DuchessL says:

        Willie knows she was always mediocre, why worry now? He probably was the instigating this because they cant stand each other. This is no power couple. She’s future queen, he got his heir, his spare, her daughter, no more kids they said. The end game was always to be on their own. Here we are. K8 the gr8 and willie rose bushing.

      • The Duchess says:

        Great point @DuchessL! – Willy probably wants her out of the house and away from him as much as possible. She may hate the pressure and effort all these Keen adventures may bring, but needs must.

      • Jan90067 says:

        “…who remains so painfully shy…”

        Uhm…this IS the woman who made herself up like Black Dahlia to go to PP’s funeral…WITH HER OWN PHOTOGRAPHER.

        This is the woman who flashed her ass to every and all every chance she got, despite being told to weigh her hems (now, she’s going the other way and wears twee dresses to her ankles – when she’s not cosplaying her SIL and dead MIL).

        And let’s face it, if Bitter Brother had been there for the slide HE would’ve gone down it, barring those yellow planks that pass as teeth in his imitation of a human “smile”.

        Let’s be real… We ALL know he does NOT WANT his wife to shine over him for anything else BUT her clothes.

      • Christine says:

        Word, Jan.

        This is more copy-keening, this time she’s trying to convince us she’s just like “shy Di”, because of course she is!

    • DuchessL says:

      @The Duchess The Press use to call them out all the time about them being lazy. I wouldnt be surprised if top royal offices will be changing the narrative to push her to do more and kinda get her out of their way. It’s always one shot killing 2 birds: queen wont work as much, so let’s bring out Katie and at the same time, good idea, she’ll be out of my way says willie, so he can rosebush or mommyrun. Kate won’t have a choice.

    • Lulu brown says:

      Their neither showstopper nor Popular. You see what happens when Facebook and Twitter Sanction Russia on their platforms. Kensington Palace’s engagement on Twitter and Instagram has gone down because it is a bot farm straight from Russia. Same things happening with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Hate. It all seems to slow down. The longer they sanction Russia the harder it will be for Kensington Palace’s Bot farm.

      • SourcesclosetoKate says:

        Omg @lulu I usually stay clear of those sites cause the overpraise upsets me but I just went to see for myself and it’s true most of the comments are negative and the popular ones too!! You’re right they were Russian bots ahahaha.

      • Lila says:

        Ohhhh, good observation!

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I suspected, but never knew *for certain* that the Cambridges buy positive comments until the Christmas concert. The praise for Kate was over-the-top, sure, but EXACT, VERBATIM comments were being posted repeatedly under different names. I screen capped them for my own amusement. Image having to pay people to pretend to like you?

      • Christine says:

        Wow, seriously good observation!

      • Brooke R Greer says:

        Thanks Lulu! I didn’t even think of that, it makes perfect sense, ha.

      • Lulu Brown says:

        You’re Welcome! I’ve watched how Kensington Palace’s Pr team gets down. They have been buying fake followers since Harry and Meghan got their own Instagram accounts. When H&M announced they were leaving the Royal Family, Kensington Palace stopped buying bots. W&K believed they were the stars now, but that was short-lived when their follower count went stagnant for several months and people started to side-eye them, their PR team went back to buying Russian bots.

      • @Lulu. Thanks for reminding us that their popularity and engagement in social media are only brought about by Russian bots. Fake always. How pathetic.

    • Tessa says:

      No reason for Will to be jealous when his wife apparently considers she made a hit by giggling on a slide.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Diana was an aristo herself. Even without her personality, the regular person on the street may have been exited to meet her because of how blue-blooded she was. That’s why people will always be more interested in meeting William than Kate — William will always be royal, while Kate might just be a place holder. That’s not to say a commoner cannot become wildly popular (look at celebrities), but there is usually some accomplishment that sets them apart, and Kate lacks any accomplishments. Or, someone can have the “it” factor, but again Kate is missing that. So I don’t think it’s the same situation at all — Charles had to deal with a very popular aristocratic wife who had the “it” factor and a way with people, while William has a commoner wife who lacks people skills.

  3. blackfemmebot says:

    Surely when you’re 40 years old a mother of three, being described as a “painfully shy young woman” incapable of doing parts of your job isn’t actually a compliment?

    • Millennial says:

      I’ve never believed that she’s painfully shy. She relentlessly pursued the future king of England across the UK for a decade. That takes moxie. She is no bashful wallflower.

      I’ve always wondered if the “shy” narrative was just weaponized incompetence.

      • Becks1 says:

        “weaponized incompetence” – what a perfect phrase and yes, I think that’s what it is.

      • Justplainme says:

        She is quite nervy. She paraded in a see thru outfit to catch his eye in collage and she continually elbows her way front and center in public. She isn’t smart enough to engage in conversation or make a coherent speech so she just poses for her photographer.

      • JustBitchy says:

        How can a lady that lets her skirts fly up and expose all that be shy?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Millennial, as well as lazy as an old dog.

        Great comment, BTW!!!

      • Jan90067 says:

        She dressed up in Peter Pan collared, full skirted mini dresses. She sat there and said how she was “being taken care of” by BB and TQ. She was definitely infantilized to the point she believed it herself so well, it can’t stop now. She will *never* be a “woman”. She will always be a “girl”, playing dress up with grown up jewels and clothes.

      • Korra says:

        I have always viewed the narrative around Kate’s shyness as an excuse for why she never connects with people or why after 11 years as a member of the BRF, she isn’t well-connected with actual power players, which would greatly advance her work if she bothered to care about it. Painfully shy is code for “Kate is anti-social.”

      • Tessa says:

        A “shy woman” would not have rushed across a room (even before she and Will dated) to claim she was william’s girlfriend to see off another woman who was apparently interested in William A shy woman would not have adjusted a dress for a modeling show to make it look see through to “impress” William. She is calculating IMO and not shy.

    • Julia K says:

      She didn’t look painfully shy while walking the runway in underwear at university to catch William’s eye.

    • Kalana says:

      Kate wasn’t painfully shy when she was partying or inviting herself to the set of Downton Abbey or faithfully showing up at Wimbledon every year. She’s only shy when it comes to work she doesn’t want to do.

      • Nic919 says:

        Exactly. When kate bombs a speech or some other sign of total incompetence, the “shy” descriptor gets brought out as an excuse. But this is not a shy woman.

    • PaulaH says:

      She wasn’t painfully shy while openly flirting with a married man…Ben Ainslie

    • Merricat says:

      Lol to all of this.

    • ElleV says:

      I dont think it’s intended as a compliment – Dan is William’s man, not Kate

      This is William getting his narrative out – Kate wasn’t up to the task, she’s too common and cowed by all the important, formal work William does, so she’s being sidelined to the kiddy table, and while they won’t divorce, William is going his own way and doesn’t care what Kate does

      • equality says:

        Or he’s building up to when he divorces her after QE dies. He can play it as letting her off the hook from doing all the awful engagements.

      • PaulaH says:

        II agree with you. William is very unhappy with Kate. But I do believe they have an agreement. However, this agreement will only last if whomever Wiliam’s love interest is willing to stay in the shadows. Otherwise, it’s going to be Nasty. If Kate continues to do ridiculous things like go all the way to Denmark to play on a child’s toy, spend 30 mins at events, show up late, tear stained and being annoying AF….that divorce will be sooner than later because William will NOT need Kate.

    • Isabella says:

      Is “from the Home Counties” supposed to be an insult. As an American, I don’t know that it means. Not raised in London ?

      • EBS says:

        No, it’s more like a “one of us” reference. The Home Counties are the counties surrounding London (Berkshire, Surrey, etc) where nice middle-class (which, in US parlance, means upper middle class) people live. The fathers commute into London for work, the mums are yummy mummies doing Pilates, having coffee and affairs. It’s basically the equivalent of Connecticut, and the wealthier parts of New Jersey.

    • Jennifer says:

      I don’t think you marry a prince if you’re shy. Also nthing the underwear dress thing.

    • Not shy. She’s zero self confidence, unsure. Full of self-doubt and has low self-esteem. These are what emanate from her total personality when she’s out on engagements. She has no X factor considering she’s a future queen.

      D. Wooton is justifying her mediocrity.

  4. ArtHistorian says:

    The way that Kate is infantilized in this article is so cringe-worthy. I’d be so embarrassed if people spoke about me like this at 40. And the fact that the only thing that the British media has taken from the Copenhagen visit is Kate going down a slide is just sad and kinda insulting to the orgs she visited. The main photo op was just Kate on the slide – and I think that Kate actually calculated with that. It has long been clear that she’s very camera conscious and that she mainly performs for the cameras (all the laughing when everybody around her don’t match her energy at all). Everything is a photo-op with her – and she absolutely knew that the moment on the slide would get all the attention. All her so-called “work” is about PR for herself.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yup – that slide moment was about Kate controlling the narrative that came out of Denmark. It wasn’t about her meeting the Queen or the organizations she visited. Kate is so confident and freewheeling and whatever else, she went down a slide!

      The line about how she is so painfully shy but can talk to kids because she has three of her own…..like, that’s the bar? She can talk to kids bc she’s a mother?

    • Cessily says:

      She is now four years older than PD when she was killed and they are acting like she is just out of primary school.. time for the firm and rags to make her grow up.

      • ElleV says:

        talking about “making her grow up” sounds just as infantilizing as any of the narratives the palace appears to be pushing

        dan’s post reads like an opening salvo in a new war of the windsors, and I don’t doubt your reaction is what they’re hoping to provoke

        completely agree tho that I’m tired of all the embiggening – Kate isn’t much more than a clothes horse and that’s what the palace wanted, so why can’t they just make the most of that?

      • Cessily says:

        What I meant by “Make her grow up” is to write about her objectively the good and the bad. She should be held accountable if she is not pulling her senior Royal weight especially with what the British subjects pay her/them.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes, it’s solely a PR stunt for CopyKeen!!! She is the only woman on the planet that can spot the one photographer in a crowd and look directly at them so that she can pose for their pictures. She has the eyes of an owl.

      Let’s face it, this sounds very much like a separation is coming. Why now would she be doing solo events?

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I don’t believe this. It sounds like just another article about how Kate will work more. Just with some details changed, but same message.

  5. Jay says:

    She does appear to be more comfortable solo. Why does Wooten emphasize that she often “turns down” high profile meetings? That’s not modesty, that’s just plain not doing the job she has chosen.

    It’s okay to be shy or awkward, but you never get better by avoiding, and this woman has been in the job more than a decade.

    • JT says:

      Wootton always has to get his shade in, even when his trying to praise them. He threw that in there to remind the peasants that she’s still lazy as hell. Even the queen outworked Kate last year.

    • MsIam says:

      So basically he’s saying that Kate, after 20 years is so shy and awkward around her husband that she turns down meetings that he is involved in? But when he’s not around then she’s fine? And that she intends to do more things on her own in the future? Ok, Dan Rotten, tell us this marriage is on the rocks without telling us, ok?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Didn’t he once write a column about how William and Kate respects the Queen too much to divorce? I seem to remember that and thinking “what an odd thing to highlight”.

      • LaraW” says:

        Yes, but will they respect the memory of the queen too much to divorce?

      • Merricat says:

        I think they’re waiting for her maj to kick it. Separation for now, divorce for later.

      • JT says:

        I think the article said something to the effect of W&K “not divorcing while the queen is alive or something.” I could be wrong but I think I remember a caveat in regards to their relationship. With the queen’s health being so tenuous, I think they, William, are planning for their eventual breakup. I just don’t see this marriage lasting until William becomes king in 20 years. Hell, I don’t see it lasting for another 5-6.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Kate wants that Consort Crown (as does her mother). She’s willing to take any kind of humiliation to get her prize. Just like she did to get the Ring of Doom.

        I also think that William is both too lazy and too image-conscious to divorce. The illusion of a “perfect” marriage and family life is the only thing he’s got going for him.

        I think they are going to private separation route to save face.

      • Tessa says:

        Will and Kate seem to live in a 1950s time warp. Where the son is taken to games and the girl is not interested in sports. And William is the family man and Kate “stays home with the children.” Even though they have lots of household help and downtime.

    • ElleV says:

      i think it’s notable that he says she’s turning down meetings *alongside* william – she’s not turning down all meetings, just the ones with her husband

      and because dan is William’s man, they they have frame it as a Kate problem (she’s painfully shy), not a William problem (he’s a nightmare and she’s walking on eggshells around him)

      • BeanieBean says:

        And I would think a truly shy person would be more likely to go to the meetings with a spouse, who could do all the talking, rather than just the meetings without the spouse. She’s not shy.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Right, so this is basically saying that she’s better off without him since they can’t work with each other or can’t bear to be in one another’s presence.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Lord knows I am no fan of William, but in this case I *do* believe it is a “Kate” problem. Although William cannot hide his disinterest in Kate anymore, I think he was always better at engaging the people he meets more than Kate. Sure, Kate smiles maniacally and dresses for attention, but that isn’t the same thing. Maybe it’s because William was raised with this “job” in mind, but I always thought he was better at it than Kate.

        “Separate events” probably means William will take the important meetings, and Kate will get the fluff. But that is perfectly normal, imho, as William (whether we like it or not) will be the future monarch/Head of State, and Kate is just a wife.

      • Nic919 says:

        William may not have Harry’s charisma when meeting people, but he doesn’t make weird faces when he does meet them. He does make dumb jokes, but they usually are at Kate’s expense.

    • She probably turns down high profile meetings because she cannot get on the level with intelligent discussions.

  6. The Hench says:

    Painfully shy people don’t attract their future husband’s attention by first appearing on the catwalk and second deliberately altering their outfit to make an entirely see-through dress.
    Painfully shy people do not, as one photographer noted, always know where the cameras are and make sure they are looking at them.
    Painfully shy people do not spend 10 years deliberately seeking out one of the most public and famous roles on the planet.
    Lazy people, on the other hand…..

    • Amy Too says:

      All of the painfully shy people I know *do* enter rooms full of international photographers via slide while giggle-screeching, though. They especially do this when there’s a working staircase literally right next to the slide. You know, because they’re so cripplingly shy.

    • ElleV says:

      to be fair, social anxiety can present as overcompensating, which she absolutely does, and being socially anxious and being attention-seeking are not mutually exclusive (the Kardashians are notoriously socially anxious while also being hyper-online)

      I have very strong social anxiety (I struggle to leave the house) and when I’m in social situations I feel like I’m blacking out or watching from outside myself, but my job involves public speaking and my friends would describe me as very extroverted, so it’s not always obvious

      • The Hench says:

        To me, shy and socially anxious are two different things. Shy means you don’t want to put yourself forward – you literally shy from attention – and would prefer to stay in the background. Certainly you would not seek out a role which makes you one of the most famous and photographed women in the world.

        Socially anxious is a different thing and I recognise that overcompensation can often be a result of it. And I agree with you that socially anxious and attention seeking are not mutually exclusive. But I think shyness and attention seeking are. So I stick by my assertion that Kate is not shy.

      • CourtneyB says:

        Absolutely agree. I much the same way. I think she may have some SA but is NOT shy. That’s definitely not the word and I’m wondering if the press just picked it because it’s easy and doesn’t have all those nasty (to them) mental health connotations. Plus it doesn’t fit the narrative of doing more things solo. I definitely had more sympathy early on but, even apart from her abhorrent treatment of Meghan, it’s more than a decade in. This was always the job. If the taxpayers didn’t fund her life, than okay, hang back and avoid some of these situations. But they do so do what so many people with far less resources do—get help, go to therapy, take medication, do something. Because the spotlight just gets bigger as she advances up the royal food chain. And, if she does have SA, it a) makes her treatment of Meghan worse given how she was mentally suffering from public attacks and b) it’s a shame she didn’t embrace it and be honest because I bet a LOT of people could empathize.

    • Justplainme says:

      Thank you, I came to say the same thing. Keen is actually quite nervy and the furthest thing from shy. However I think she is too dim to have a public conversation so she settles for outrageous posing for her photographer.
      Also I think this screams that PC has had a come to Jesus moment with Keen. She has skated by doing the bare minimum for a decade and has been told she can work like the rest or get out and make her own way.

  7. equality says:

    The only thing in this I believe is that Kate is more relaxed when William isn’t at an event glaring at her. I wonder if PC is pushing this doing solo events to stretch out his lack of royal “personnel” and get on with his decreasing the number of “working” royals.

  8. JT says:

    So they’ll be more like Charles and Diana. W&K will go to the same country but “he’ll go his way and she’ll go hers” but their marriage is strong, unlike Charles and Diana. Oh boy. At least they’re getting closer to the truth. The Cambridge marriage is quietly imploding.

    • The Duchess says:

      They either need to officially separate or shut up at this point because it’s becoming so blatantly obvious. Can anybody imagine having their marriage be described like this, with shady undertones included for the whole press beast to laugh at? I guess this is the price they have to pay for selling their souls. All I feel sorry for are the kids, but they’ll likely grow up to be just as distorted as their parents are in the end.

    • Nic919 says:

      I’m not sure it’s a quiet imploding anymore when they keep putting out stories about needing another place to live. And the massively awkward behaviour at the rugby match was certainly noticed by everyone there. It couldn’t even be hidden by the complicit media.

    • Amy Too says:

      I feel like if you have to end articles with “there is a confidence in the marriage…” then things are likely going badly enough for someone to actually ask the question, “Are we confident in this marriage?”

      I find the constant defense of this marriage—that no one in the press is really attacking or questioning, so who are they defensively responding to?—to be so suspicious and bizarre. Articles about how stable it is, and how totally fine it is that they’re mimicking exactly the end stages of the Charles-Diana marriage, read as if they were written in specific response to some other paper’s articles about the marriage imploding. Except, none of the other papers in any country are writing articles suggesting that the Cambridges are on the brink of divorce. So why these “response” articles that seem like they’re ticking off a list and responding to very specific evidentiary claims of marital problems? Who or what are these defensive remarks and rebuttals responding to?

      • Becks1 says:

        Right? I mean we speculate about it here lol, but besides the brief flurry of articles around the Rural Rival stories, there’s no talk in the British press (or the US press) about a divorce or their marriage imploding or William living separately at Sandringham or whatever.

        So what are these articles responding to? Why does Dan Wootton feel like he has to write an article about how Kate will start doing more individual appearances but its TOTES COOL guys their marriage is TOTES FINE. Who said it wasn’t? (again not talking about here and twitter etc.)

        It makes me think things are closer to divorce than even some of us have speculated and the Firm is desperately trying to quash any talk of it, even among the family and courtiers.

      • Merricat says:

        Agreed. I think they’re walking a tightrope until the queen dies.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Maybe it is just Dan Wooten being shady. He seems the type to stir the pot with some well-placed shade. Anyways, he’s always struck me as being Team William in a rather creepy way.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ @Amy Too said:
        “… why these ‘response’ articles that seem like they’re ticking off a list and responding to very specific evidentiary claims of marital problems? Who or what are these defensive remarks and rebuttals responding to?”

        @Becks1 said:
        “… there’s no talk in the British press (or the US press) about a divorce or their marriage imploding or William living separately at Sandringham… So what are these articles responding to?”

        This is just more of the same ridiculous embiggening and faux over-splaining for tabloid royal fodder. Woosy Wootton, as usual, is in his snarky element with all the double entendres. 😵

        We know the bottom line is: Rota ratchets wouldn’t need to keep ‘splaining anything about W+C’s relationship, if what they keep piling on about is actually true!

        I mean by now it’s obvious to any royal observers with a brain, who aren’t willfully blinded royalists (pun unintentional but apt 😌), that something ain’t copacetic between the Cambridges.

        Kate is as embarrassingly mumbly, keenly over-keening, and cosplaying as usual, with her jazz hands and her off-putting gurning. But everyone knows that pretenses must be kept up for ‘expected’ FFQ.

        Any royalists and derangers who are taking any of this BM crap at face value, actively want to keep drinking the kool-aid, or make that Katie-Keen SWF un-kool-aid.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I’m waiting for Keen to be sitting in front of the Taj Mahal in a reds and purple suit, all alone….

      • JT says:

        They could be responding to the comments on social media. The mainstream press doesn’t report on their sad marriage typically, but on Twitter and instagram, it’s pretty much understood that the marriage is in tatters. Even on Reddit, most of the commenters were saying that William has affairs. What was the most interesting was the fact that people weren’t even upset about William cheating, they basically said that most kings cheat but what is messed up is selling out your brother to cover up your affairs. I was actually surprised that this was coming from Reddit of all places. The BM isn’t fooling anyone but the most staunch royalists which is why I think it’s so silly for William to be this attached to his family man image. Ideally you don’t want a side piece in the picture when you divorce your wife, but leaving Kate wouldn’t tarnish his image. It’s the heavy handed PR that he used to keep the facade that will screw him over.

      • Tessa says:

        ANd William’s in laws ramp up the PR from time to time as the “perfect” family and how “family oriented they are.” And what a great grandmother Carole is (though the Cambridge children are referenced and not Pippa’s children)

    • KFG says:

      Yep. I think her showing up late ton3 events and making a crowned queen wait and the negative Danish press surrounding her PR stunt is coming to bite her in the butt. Chuck hates her family and her attention seeking. I wouldn’t put it past him and will and cams to be working to set her up to eff up so badly at public engagements that to save the monarchy Billy must divorce her. This is the setup. She’s lazy, vapid, rude, and self-absorbed while also being entitled and insecure and jealous. She’s going down.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        While Margrethe II is a queen regnant, she isn’t crowned. The British monarchy is the only one that still does the Coronation nonsense. Denmark stopped doing coronations after the adoption of democracy in 1849 since a coronation was closely associated with the previous absolutist regime. Thus, the monarch is proclaimed publicly by the PM.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Yes, @KFG, l think this makes sense. Force her to get out and work more with that abysmal attitude and demonstrate why she’d make an unsuitable QC and no asset to the monarchy. More ammunition for William to dump her.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Re: the showing up late, my understanding is that Kate ended up on a commercial flight after planning to get there via private jet; then the commercial flight arrived 1/2 hour late.

        In hindsight (after this “separate events” announcement), I wonder if William pulled the plug on Kate taking private jets?

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ @KFG said:
        “I wouldn’t put it past [Chuck] and will and cams to be working to set her up… She’s going down.”

        Possibly, or maybe not. Obviously, something is shifting behind-the-scenes. But we’d have to be flies on the wall to know for sure.

        I don’t think Chuck and Will get along too well. They are too competitive. Mostly, they probably just tolerate each other and stay out of each other’s way, aside from public pretenses. Their staffs likely do most of the negotiating when they make appearances together, and when they need to address family and logistical matters.

        It’s hard to imagine how any of them can look at themselves in the mirror with a straight face. Keeping in mind though that the history of the British monarchy and of most dictatorships is full of internecine warfare, bickering, back-stabbing, affairs, jealousies, palace coups, betrayals, misogyny, and worse.

        It’s richly ironic how fascination with M&H’s unexpected love story, combined with Meg’s winning beauty & brilliance, ended up coinciding with Netflix’s The Crown series. All of this led to a huge glare of attention on the House of Windsor.

        No one in the firm was ready for such close-up, non-stop, worldwide scrutiny. Their rotten messes are being exposed.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Apparently, Kate kept the Queen of Denmark waiting – and that was the day after her arrival from Britain.

  9. UNCDANCER says:

    Man, these stills of Kate do her no favors. She looks almost comic and definitely ridiculous. I don’t read the British tabs so I don’t know what photos they use. But if they are remotely similar, KP should be pissed.

    As for the column, I think this is scene setting for separate lives with a healthy dose of lowering expectations.

    • SAS says:

      Lol, I almost never see the crazy facial photos anywhere. Kaiser has a gift for picking them.

      I’m positive that bizarre underbite we see every now and then is due to her forcing out that mangled accent.

    • Barb Mill says:

      Tom and Lorenzo’s website has mostly photo’s with the crazy facial expressions.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Kate going down the slide is last year’s gold dress.

    To a certain extent, I agree with Kaiser re. William’s feelings. However, I think William has always been more jealous of brother than he ever was of Kate and that was made worse when Harry married Meghan. This is also about control and if Kate were to get too popular, William will step in and Kate will comply. She has no power in that relationship and doesn’t wish to lose her status in the Royal Family. She will do anything William and the Palace tells her to do.

    • Tessa says:

      I wonder why Kate thought she was “cute” going down that slide. And her stans call it the “highlight” of the trip because she is so “fun loving.” None of her PR makes any sense. IMO.

  11. Dee says:

    Can we talk about how poorly staged that “impromptu moment of jolity” from our dear Catherine was? Like, the points of her heels are TOUCHING the carpet, and her feet are in a completely different direction from the rest of her body. If you actually came down a swing like that, you probably wouldn’t ever try it again

    • Dee says:

      Slide* smh

    • ArtHistorian says:

      There’s a video of the moment – she did go down the slide and the only impressive thing was how quickly she got up with those heels.

    • aftershocks says:

      @ArtHistorian said:
      “The British monarchy is the only one that still does the Coronation nonsense.”

      Thanks for pointing this out. So, QE-II’s archaic extravaganza, that we can view today on YouTube, is the last of its kind. Thanks to Prince Philip suggesting that it be televised, it’s the only recorded version of this elaborate, overdone ritual.

      I can’t see Charles going to such haughty, dramatic lengths in the 21st-century. He has supposedly said that his coronation will be streamlined.

      I guess the archaic coronation grandstanding having lasted so long, is partly due to British feelings of superiority derived from possessing a former vast, colonized empire. Added to their over-weening sense of entitlement.

  12. Yup, Me says:

    And I will eat Oatmeal.

    • Kalana says:

      Can’t even spend time together on tour. They will each go their separate ways. Did Charles and Diana split off on separate tour engagements before after the marriage fell apart?

      • Harper says:

        The negotiations behind the scenes for this tour must be something else. It went from twelve days to seven days and now Kate will be branching off on her own. Since it looks like the Queen has pulled out of her corona and isn’t going anywhere soon, Will is looking at an immediate future filled with more Kate! than he can stand and he needs a way to spin her exile into something palatable, no matter how ridiculous. Whenever Wooten graces us with one of his “I can tell you that” articles it’s spin directly from William to manipulate the peasants.

      • Tessa says:

        At first Diana was sad that she and Charles did separate tours, but when they were together, Charles would go in for putting her down sometimes in presence of others. Then she did not miss him that much. Kate keeps trying to make eye contact with William to no avail.

  13. Sue says:

    They always always use the number of her children to excuse her idleness. If anything she is “work-shy” – but shy? Never!

  14. Kelly says:

    Maybe they sent Keen to copy a real queen in Denmark and she returned with a picture of her on a slide …. and not much else. She’s just useless. Ok, so what if she cooked a future monarch in her womb, but I mean birth right aside, there are some pretty amazing women in our history who raised men who were meant to be Kings and this infant woman is trying to make men from King status. It doesn’t work that way, honey. You picked the wrong team when you showed the world who you really are, Khate.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think any of her children would have pulled that stunt. But the 40 year old Kate thinks it’s Cute apparently and mugs for the cameras.

  15. Becks1 says:

    Ooohhh boy. The shade here. So….it really is Diana and Charles all over again, huh?

    First – this line:
    “Those on tour with Kate believe she performed even stronger on tour, including an impromptu moment where she joyfully went down a children’s slide, because her husband wasn’t alongside her.”

    She performs stronger without her husband alongside her?? Ouch.

    then this:
    “They’ll go to the same country, but she’ll go her way and he’ll go his.’”

    So again….she does better without him? (I also think he does better without her.) But again the direct comparison to Diana and Charles is ….not good. I will note that Charles and camilla often do this – Camilla has some morning events doing her thing and Charles has his events and they meet back up in the afternoon or whatever – but the article isn’t drawing that comparison, is it? It’s specifically referencing Charles and Diana.

    then he tries to backtrack by assuring us that William is a lot more confident than Charles but still….that’s a lot of effort to compare W&K to C&D and then say “actually, they’re not that alike. This is all totally fine.”

    ETA and wootton is one that I think knows a LOT (maybe all) of the real dirt on the Cambridge marriage, which is why he got the Sussexit scoop, so I do look at his shadiness with that in mind.

    • Sofia says:

      We’ve said it for a while that she’s definitely better on her solo engagements than with him but to have a source admit that openly and have it printed is something else. I definitely do think that is basically them (either KP or the RRs themselves trying to print something that’s not sugary about the Cambridges) admitting that W&K will lead separate lives not just privately but work wise as well i.e separate engagements. Which is again, something we’ve been saying for a while here.

    • Nic919 says:

      Wootton 100% knows all the Cambridge dirt and he got all the Sussex scoops to keep quiet about it. He wrote his own Rose article when it first came out and then it shifted to the Sussexes not long after. Plus his boyfriend was friends with Christian Jones so I’m sure he knows more than most RR.

      This is just him showing a few claws to remind them that he still knows what is really going on with the Cambridges. The comparison to how Charles and Diana worked separately is a very obvious hint.

    • Esmerelda says:

      Wotton is drawing that comparison under dictation from William: he looks better than Charles (and it’s a bit sad this 40yo guy is still trying to one up his unpopular dad… give it a rest, W), and *nobody* believe Kate is just like Diana, comparing them makes Kate look bad.
      I believe the separation process was sped up by the Rural Rival brouhaha: Kate trying to publicly “phase out” Rose has shown she does not understand the class she married into – and Will may have gotten a taste of how much easier things are around someone who grew up with proper aristo manners. Someone more like, say, Lady Diana Spencer. Hence the disgust, the “going their own way”, and – dare I say it? – the phasing out of our TopCEO 😉

      • Emma says:

        Diana grew up an aristocrat but she still didn’t want to tolerate a cheating husband. I think it was an old-fashioned view even in 1981.

  16. Cessily says:

    There was a photo which quickly disappeared where PCM was off to the side of Kate and the look on her face was priceless. She was not impressed or fooled at all. The “Kate is going to” is just filler print for the bird cage there are decades of these articles. Also this was a party girl who strutted practically naked on a runway while there is nothing wrong with that, most of us are not gullible enough to believe the bare a** window mooner is “painfully shy” because it is laughable. No painfully she woman I know leaves her comfort zone of friends to stalk a prince at a university she only attended to be near him, that isn’t shy that is cunning and calculated.

  17. TigerMcQueen says:

    Hey, Wooten, I fixed it for you:

    A necessary and quietly implemented new strategy for Kate: Kate will have to start working more and do so without her husband. With her three children growing up (so that her built-in excuse for not working will soon be gone), a distant husband who refuses to have any more children, and a glaring shortage of senior royals thanks to the family’s bullying of Harry and Meghan, Kate, who recently turned 40, has accepted she might actually have to start ‘working’ more. Those semi-regular appearances at home and abroad will be, by necessity, without William by her side, as he not only refuses to have more children, but can barely tolerate being in her presence in public.

    A royal source speaks: ‘What will happen is that it will be more like what Charles and Diana did when their marriage fell apart. They will each branch out and do more engagements on their own while everyone crosses their fingers that they’ll look semi-tolerant of the other when they are forced to be in the same room where there are cameras present. But mostly, she’ll go her way and he’ll go his.’

  18. terra says:

    Two thoughts:

    1) Upon seeing the title I thought, “of course, she will. She’s got a lot of outfits in her look books to get through.” My bet is on her having been waiting on tenterhooks to get to Diana’s iconic denim and khaki landmine awareness ensemble . . . bonus points for protective gear!

    2) “If William had been with her, I doubt it would have happened”? Mmm-hmm. If that isn’t telling me they hate each other without telling me they hate each other, then I don’t know what is.

  19. Esmerelda says:

    It all points to a de facto separation, imho. George, the heir, is being separated (new school) and singled out from the spares. One of them will be in Windsor, the other in London (but I think they’ll keep William and George together, firmly entrenched in the Royal fold). She’s getting more solo tours, meaning he will be getting more solo tours and work as well: two brands, Royal William and his heir George, and Our Keen Lady of Buttons on the other side. He’s already more popular than her, he’s just detaching himself publicly, before he has to do it formally.
    And I don’t think it’s just due to a mistress or anything, I feel it’s mostly social class: the closer he gets to the throne, the less he likes to play “middle class” (it was always a put on for him, it amused him for a few years, pissed off his father).

    • sid says:

      ITA Esmerelda.

    • Eurydice says:

      Super interesting take about social class. All those articles about Kate and her middle class values, none include William’s aspirations for a nicer kitchen stove.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      I agree, Esmeralda. I thought it was odd when it was revealed Charlotte & Louis would remain in London at their schools, but George would move to Windsor. That would necessitate Kate staying with the younger kids and William living in Windsor. More time for the BRF to mold poor George for his future role.

      Kate and William are mediocre people with an immense platform, who waste it away because they are too lazy to care about anything beyond themselves. Kate is better by herself but she’s meh and ineffectual and isn’t charging the world with her visits.

      • Nic919 says:

        Except that if George is at a boarding school William won’t need to be around him until the school breaks, at which time he is likely to head back to see his sister and brother.

      • Tessa says:

        Poor George. He will have “tea” with the Queen and Charles to “prepare him” for his future role. I don’t think those teas with the Queen were all that good for William.

    • Nyro says:

      @Esmerelda Your last line reminds me that Harry said something about how Charles is “always reminding me of who I am”. William certainly heard that all the time from his dad too. You’re right. He’s likely done playing “middle class Bill” and now sees himself as “Future King William”. I’m sure that’s a big part of his being over Kate too. And I’m sure George has gotten the message that his mother and her family are different, no matter how hard they try to emulate blood royals. From photos and videos, George already seems closer to William. It could just be because he’s at that age where boys start to gravitate more towards their father. Or it could be because he’s been taught that he and his dad are the special ones and his mother is not.

      • JT says:

        It looks like William finally woke up and realized that he doesn’t necessarily need to have the family man image. A hard working, divorced, but engaged single dad vibe could work just as well, if not better than the happy family PR. All he needs to do is actually put his money where his mouth is and get his ass to work. We’ve mentioned the slow fade of Kate since the Benching of 2021 and this might be the start of it because I highly doubt Kate will be working more because the royals are short handed. She’ll be seen even less and William, the heir, will be pushed out front.

      • Esmerelda says:

        @Niro – I think he married her to piss off his father, truly – poor Charles has had to be polite to Carole and the whole Middleton coterie for years. But it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face: now he has three children, an unsuitable wife, and he has managed to drive away his one true steadfast ally, his brother. He should have gotten a tattoo instead.
        I think when he’s free of her (Harry always had the measure of “the limpet”, hence he was driven off with a vile campaign against his wife), he could very well realize his mistake, and apologize to Harry and Meghan. But perhaps I’m being too optimistic.

      • KFG says:

        I think he saw how MM was an asset to H and that mumbles is not an asset. He always wanted an aristo girl they just turned him down. I think his new side piece is aristo and educated and can speak without twirling her hair and he wants that.

  20. Harper says:

    I read some of the Fail’s comments this morning on this article and the sad truth behind the slow rollout of their separate lives is starting to dawn on the peasants. They’ve struck a deal. William doesn’t want to be around her. Trouble in paradise.

    Best comment though was calling Kate a toddler who goes down slides, pets goats and makes pancakes.

  21. Sofia says:

    This isn’t a very complimentary article. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or if there’s nothing good to say so trying to sugarcoat it still doesn’t work or if Wootton/sources are completely delusional about this and thinks it’s all compliments for Kate when it in fact isn’t. All three are possible.

    What’s annoying me is the “she’s so shy she doesn’t even attend meetings with important people!”. Even without getting into the debate on whether or not she is, if her shyness is affecting her ability to do her job then she needs to work with a professional about it. Because when she’s queen she’ll be expected to meet and greet various people from all walks of life and her saying “sorry I’m too shy!!!!” will not cut it. She’s been at this 11 years, that is plenty of time to have worked on it. Especially as she knew that marrying William meant having a public role as long as they remained married. And I’m saying this as someone who is quite shy.

    And I interpreted the bit about W a bit differently? As in “He’s not happy about the attention she gets compared to him because jealousy but he knows that this is how it’s going to be for the rest of their lives and that separate lives/engagements are the best thing he’s got since he can’t divorce without harming his image” hence the “marriage is strong” quote but still that whole thing about blood royals getting jealous.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think Wootton is throwing shade here. It looks like he was told to write a “why kate will do solo events now” article and he had a bit of fun with it.

    • equality says:

      Maybe Will isn’t worried about how Kate will do as Queen because he doesn’t plan for her to get that far.

      • sid says:

        Exactly. I doubt the TopCEO will ever become Princess of Wales, much less Queen Consort.

      • swirlmamad says:

        This is my thought as well. And maybe, also explains why Charles has never really addressed the wayward Middletons going wild in the media. Because he knows they will no longer be a problem soon enough.

    • MsIam says:

      Key phrase about her turning down events with important people is “with her husband”. I bet William is the type who makes little cutting remarks or put downs in front of people or afterwards goes full on rage monster criticizing everything thing she said or did. Or both. Either way its got to be stressful on Kate. No amount of clothes, jewelry, houses or titles would be worth that. And then on top of that he’s screwing a mistress too? But she’s choosing to stay in this charade so this is your life, Kate.

      • Becks1 says:

        That line was super interesting to me because, if she is that cripplingly shy, wouldn’t she prefer to go to events with her husband? Wouldn’t she want his support and presence if she’s not comfortable meeting high-profile people on her own?

        So its clear he’s NOT supportive and that’s either because of his cutting remarks and behavior afterwards like you said @MsIam, or because they have no relationship anymore (or not a positive one at any rate) so his presence is meaningless to her.

        And that’s just going by what the article says. I think the reason she turns down those meetings is because shes lazy 🤷‍♀️

      • Tessa says:

        His father did that to his mother. He would make public put downs, Jephson wrote of a particularly bad put down of Diana, when he was with them at a meeting talking about plans for a tour. There was someone else at the meeting who asked Diana her plans for the tour. Before she could say anything, Charles said “shopping, isn’t it darling.” William I think if he finds someone else he wants a real future with would leave the marriage to Kate.

  22. girl_ninja says:

    At this point it doesn’t matter what she does and where she goes. As long as she’s not the black girl, it doesn’t matter. She can barely utter a sentence without embarrassing herself. The bar is so low for her its in hell.

  23. Belli says:

    Can anyone remember whether Kate was ever described as “shy” before about 2018?

    • Tessa says:

      There are a lot of photographs of “shy” Kate leaving nightclubs looking worse for wear. And “shy” Kate waged a media campaign to “win Back William” during the 2007 breakup. She would be seen leaving a club once a week and somehow the media found out (LOL), and there she was being seen clubbing in shorter skirts.

  24. Haylie says:

    The press packed up and went home before the tour even ended. Another flop for Keen.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Haley, but Whoot said, “Those on tour with Kate believe she performed even stronger on tour, including an impromptu moment where she joyfully went down a children’s slide, because her husband wasn’t alongside her.”

      She showed up late for every(?) PREVIOUSLY scheduled event, including meeting the PC and Queen, and walking a step in FRONT of them. That’s performing even stronger? If you add in her inability to verbalize one intelligent thought (because she either cannot or will not memorize one), I’m left wondering where she performed even unsatisfactory. She was abysmal. She was an embarrassment. She was downright disrespectful and insulting by being late all of the time just for starters. I have often wondered if she does this stuff deliberately with the hope that they won’t make her work. I guess this tells us that they’re going to put her out there as often as possible. She is going to keep performing disasterously and more and more people will notice. Whether her marching orders are coming from Chuck or Willi or both, it’s a sound strategy to ultimately sideline her to obscurity.

      I have always thought that Kate’s temper closely matches Will’s. I understand that she is in a very restrictive environment of her own choosing, but she’s free to leave at any time. Since it’s becoming apparent that their separation is becoming public, she should just get out now. She’s in a stronger bargaining position while TQ is alive. For example, she keeps her mouth shut for money and homes. I never for a moment forget she wanted this and was quite bold and brassy to get it. She’s not shy. She’s mad.

      • Tessa says:

        Her husband “would not let her.” Honestly this sounds like the play A Doll’s House. With the wife acting very childish until she changed by the end of the play. She should have stayed off that slide instead of getting all cutesy for the cameras. Very embarrassing.

  25. Nic919 says:

    This is just to cover for the fact that W and K can’t stand being in the same room together. William is not hiding his disdain for her at this point and kate over compensates with the bizarre grins. So when they have very few joint events during the Caribbean tour this will have been set up here. It’s probably the only way they can manage this for so many days.

    That said, kate should have been doing more solo events while on the previous tours too. The schedules were always so sparse that there would have been time for it but both are too lazy. And the whole young lady at 40 who is still so shy… yeah not buying it. No one who has flashed their body parts so much in life can be considered a shy person. She’s just incompetent and dim, not shy.

    I also don’t think she’s that much of a threat to outshine William. The tabloids may cover her a bit more because of her outfits and bad hair, but the reality is that Harry and Meghan outshine them both and that’s what bothers William more than anything. Kate’s not a threat to him popularity wise because he can shut that down. Kate will never be as popular or beloved as Diana and it is delusion to pretend that at this point. Diana had charisma and sincerity in her engagements and outside of rabid sycophants, most people can see that kate is insincere and charisma free.

    • Sofia says:

      Royal engagements are not very long (1 hour tops) so if it’s come to the point where they can’t grin and bear it in front of the cameras for an hour, I wonder what it’s like at home where there aren’t any cameras. And how are the kids because even if they’re not fighting in front of the kids, George and Charlotte will have certainly picked up that all is not well with mummy and daddy.

  26. lanne says:

    Kate has to be an absolute moron if she thinks this coverage is flattering to her. Even Diana at 20 years old wasn’t talked about in this patronizing manner. Kate is 40. She’s being celebrated for…going down a slide. Are people in the UK buying this crap? We should start calling her OfWilliam, because her only value seems to be that she spawned some kids. I’d be embarrassed for her if she had the sense God gave a goose, but appaerently she doesn’t.

    Kate is the poster child for conservative depictions of women. According to them, a woman’s highest aspiration is to be a silent, submissive, thin broodmare without thought or identity. She might as well be Katebot 1.0. How long until she’s thrown onto the scrap heap, or traded in for a newer model? What’s the battery life on a Katebot?

    • Tessa says:

      I worry about Charlotte, Kate seems to be raising her as a child of the fifties where girls should not be interested in sports and boys get taken to games and the girls stay home. Also, would she raise Charlotte to be a Stepford wife, trying to please her husband and dressing like her mother. I hope Charlotte has enough self esteem and follows her own path. And Kate talks about having babies and being broody on public tours. Very embarrassing.

  27. Kitty says:

    I actually saw this on de DM earlier.and wrote a simple non offensive comment about Kates lateness in Denmark, well l got 3 emails within 5 taking my comment off immediately, it was unbelievable,.l know we all know what’s going on there but this was v v blatant , someone watching!!!!!

    • Harper says:

      Don’t worry @Kitty. I read The Fail comments this morning and if it wasn’t your comment I read about her lateness in Denmark then someone else said the same thing. Her lateness was noticed.

    • Tessa says:

      And they don’t remove the super offensive comments (and respond to complaints) about Meghan and Harry complete with name calling. Such bias at the Fail.

  28. Izzy says:

    Yay. More mumbling, buttons, and keenery. Woo.

  29. Lala11_7 says:

    You either have “IT” …or you don’t…Harry & Meghan…have “IT”…William & Catherine…don’t and it’s as simple as that. William knows that fact so he will STAY low/high key mad about it…

    Just like his Dad😒

  30. Polo says:

    Yikes I definitely see some of the shade. Kate is being propped up more so than anyone else and will continue to do so as the Queen steps back.

    She’ll be used to try and assure everyone that things are fine with the monarchy and the press will continue to sing her praises. I think it works to some extent for some of the monarchists but there’s definitely a lot more people especially post Andrew asking loudly why are we funding these people? What do they really do?

    Gonna be hard to sustain that as Harry and Meghan are doing tangible things to change lives and are getting recognized for it.
    At least Dan has moved on from inserting Meghan into this.

  31. Julia K says:

    I always thought that the turning point for Wm was when Kate hijacked Prince Philip’s funeral with her black designer duds, daytime diamonds, black veil and matching face mask, then posed for a photo that was shown around the world. William was left out of the loop as his glamorous wife played future queen. The ” de facto separation” started then.

    • MsIam says:

      I bet that creepy birthday photo montage didn’t help things either, especially combined with the “I am 40” PR campaign. Her reward for that is being sent off on her and possibly living in a separate house.

    • sid says:

      Definitely. Due to certain photos that he and KP were putting out beginning back around Christmas 2020, I’d been thinking that Willileaks was putting out feelers to see how a “Single Dad” persona would go over. But after the TopCEO’s Alexis Carrington cosplay at the funeral, the shift on his end was blatant. All of a sudden she started getting sidelined from things and the media coverage became even odder.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Official tour of Scotland which coincided with their 20th anniversary of meeting at university was when it first became obvious that they were no longer happy together despite their PR stupidly projecting them as the ideal couple better than Harry and Meg. Big mistake to promote that narrative given Bashers complete inability to uncurl his lip around his wife. I briefly dated an angry and disdainful man in my early twenties : get out ladies if your partner treats you dismissively in public and private because contempt is death to any relationship!

      • JT says:

        The funeral was definitely a turning point and I’m pretty sure it lead to the Great Benching of last year. In fact, I think 2021 was when all hell broke loose for them.

      • Nic919 says:

        Moving the zoom room from Anmer to Sandringham for no apparent reason in 2021 was definitely related to the breakdown.

    • KFG says:

      I think Chuck talked to Bill and said this social climber needs to go. The Kate the great and causing issues in the turnip toffs and her constant preening at Harry was too much. Fashion show funeral was the final straw. She looked like a nutcase with all the attention seeking at a damn funeral. It was embarrassing.

    • Tessa says:

      That was truly tacky the way Kate behaved at the funeral. I t hink she was not allowed to go to Diana’s statue unveiling as a result. Or at least I hope so.

  32. rawiya says:

    No one wants this. She’s boring, inarticulate, borderline stupid, can’t dress (without copying someone else), late, makes stupid faces. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to have to entertain her.

  33. Pentellit says:

    Has anyone else noticed Kate & William might be getting elocution/speech lessons on how to speak clearly? It was noticeable with William when he gave his speech in Dubai and also Kate s in Denmark; Kate even threw out a few American words…a hard “here” instead of the upper crust, aristo “hayah”!

    Anyway, I chuckled at William having “more time” to spend in his garden!

  34. Em says:

    Well this is going to work out perfectly for William, who judging by his clenched jaw and tight fists doesn’t like royal engagements. I’m sure he’s happy to let his wife do all the work while he gardens. Also I watched an interview with Matt Hancock, Uk foreign secretary who was caught kissing his aide, he left his wife and 3 children because of this aide and said he’s in love with her, I wonder if William is actually in love with someone else and it’s merely not an affair that’s why he looks so miserable

  35. LaraW” says:

    Wait what happened to the original “Kate is not going to work for the next 10-15 years” plan that was rolled out during her Birthday Bonanza?

    • Merricat says:


    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      It sounds like William wouldn’t go for that. He may cut down on public appearances, but is sending Kate out to work. I suspect Kate’s birthday embiggening backfired on her with William.

    • Nic919 says:

      Hahaha. Yes it sounds like William just told her that’s not gonna happen.

  36. Nonsense says:

    Is Dan Wootton trying to tell us something? How embarrassing of the palace to say that a woman who is been a senior royal for 11 years, is finally ready to do more solo engagements. This is why Kate’s solo tour to Denmark fell flat and the BM can only talk about her clothes. Compared to other royal women, Kate has just starting to crawl while her peers are graduating. Diana was at least in high school, ten years into her marriage.

  37. Over it says:

    Sounds to me like they will never divorce but continue to live this lie of a marriage in separate wings of their many palaces. Only coming together when absolutely necessary for public events

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I don’t think they’ll divorce unless one of two potential scenarios happen.

      1) Elegant Bill falls in love with someone he WANTS to acknowledge publicly and have as queen by his side (similarly to how Chuck eventually acted about Camilla) and said woman wants to likewise be married to him.

      2) Their living separate lives and other embarrassing details about them individually and their marriage is exposed publicly at some point by the press after Betty kicks it, becoming a huge scandal that can only be squelched by a divorce.

      I think #2 is more likely than #1. I think if #1 happens, the monarchy itself is threatened…NOT because they divorce, but because if the press is telling all about the marriage, it will also expose what a lazy, snobby, entitled scumbag Elegant Bill is, causing the public to question whether he’s capable of holding the ceremonial role as king.

      But otherwise, I think he’s fine living separately from her so long as the RR keeps his affairs quiet, and I think Mutton Buttons (backed by Ma Mutton) will not give up that future crown for anything unless forced to do so.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        If evidence of separate lives ever comes out to a degree that they cannot refute it, they’ll just have the RRs write articles about how they are emulating the Queen and Prince Philip.

      • Merricat says:

        Protecting the monarchy is the priority. If William wants to divorce Kate, the press will destroy her.

      • JT says:

        In my opinion, a divorce for William would actually help him, not hurt him. It’s clear that Kate is not up to the job of being an effective Queen consort and William could just say that he needed something else. With the right spin, he can weather it. The press could then remind the public of how incompetent Kate has been for the past 11 years and say that she is better off raising the kids behind the scenes, which Kate’s own 40th birthday PR just said. If the Middletons fight back, just blame Kate for Sussexit, which I think the are setting her up for anyway, and be done with it. It’s 2022, none of the royals need to stay in sad marriages for the monarchy, Queen Camilla just proved that. (But William would have to keep the side piece in the shadows for a bit, he can’t do what Charles did.)

      • equality says:

        As beloved as Di was the press managed to spread all kinds of propaganda to dredge up people against her, or to at least accept Cam as her replacement. Kate wouldn’t even be a challenge to the BM. She is guilty of too much concerning H&M, laziness, not good at the “job”, and has mean-girled B&E. That’s not to mention what the press would just invent.

      • Tessa says:

        Penny Junor and Ingrid Seward started writing books that slammed Diana early on. And Kate will have to be nice to Camilla and I think Camilla will work against her nevertheless.

      • Tessa says:

        Penny Junor and Ingrid Seward started writing books that slammed Diana early on. And Kate will have to be nice to Camilla and I think Camilla will work against her nevertheless.

    • candy says:

      This article is an absolute turning point because it’s putting an open secret on the record. This is a confirmation of their separate lives, imo. What’s often found out by couples in these situations though is that it’s actually hard not to divorce. There is something therapeutic and necessary about creating a marker for your freedom.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      That is what most of us have been predicting for a while, they will stay married and live separate lives, with Kate putting in appearances with William for “X” number of times a year.

      I don’t think they will ever divorce, for two reasons. One, William gets to do what he wants regardless, so he has no motivation to divorce. He can live like a single man while still portraying the “solid married man” image to the public. And two, a divorce will mean William has to admit he made a mistake in marrying Kate. William strikes me as someone who will NEVER admit to being wrong about anything. So he will stick with a wife he’s sick of rather than publicly admit she wasn’t the best choice.

      • Nic919 says:

        William will spin it as kate just isn’t capable and sold him a bill of goods with the Middleton PR effort. It won’t be hard to paint Carole Middleton as the deceiver here and then Kate just not making the effort to do more.

        That said no discussion of divorce as long as the queen is around. But I don’t know how much longer William can pretend they aren’t separated because he’s barely pretending even now.

      • JT says:

        William tried to do what he wanted with Rose and then Kate had to make a scene and tried to ostracize her from her own community and there are other instances of Kate pushing back on William’s activities. It’s exhausting to be around a person who you don’t even like anymore and keeping up appearances gets tiring. He’s so over it and I don’t even think living separate lives is appealing to William. He’ll be king regardless, he doesn’t need to tie himself to a woman who isn’t even an asset. A 40 year girl-woman is not consort material.

      • Keeping up appearances, not getting a divorce and being shackled for a lifetime. This is pathetic and so restraining— having to live a lie of a marriage. Long live freedom.

  38. Eurydice says:

    OMG, the painfully shy young lady and the boring bloke in a blue suit – imagine if H&M were still in that viper’s nest.

  39. Mslove says:

    As ffk, shouldn’t William do a better job controlling his emotions in public when doing work events with his wife? I suspect his sense of entitlement won’t allow him to compromise or act like a rational adult. It’s telling that Kate is happier and freer when William isn’t around.

  40. Sara says:

    Imagine if there was no invisibile contract between the Press and The Firm how the narration would be so different here. Tabloids could openly speak about this lazy woman scared of his own shadow, and terrified to disappoint “his filled with rage” husband.

  41. one of the Marys says:

    They’re getting us ready for many separate engagements while in the Bahamas

    • Gabby says:

      Perhaps one will be in Belize while the other will do Jamaica and the Bahamas.
      They never technically announced they would be in the same places at the same time.

  42. JessD says:

    I think this mainly to do with the fact William doesn’t want to go with her. I wonder if they’re getting us used to seeing both of them on their own because the marriage is in trouble.

  43. Likeyoucare says:

    I hope they still staying married till william meet his maker.
    That is a long prison sentence and enough punishment for both of them because they made meghan life a living hell.

  44. Lady Digby says:

    What if Kate fell in love with someone eligible , would she give up future Queen ship for true love?

    • SourcesclosetoKate says:

      I don’t know if I’m seeing this wrong but I think the plan was separate houses and William is free to do what he wants as long as he didn’t get serious, but somewhere this last year William fell in love with the other woman. I think she might be married too but she is willing to divorce. William looks very troubled the latest clip, even being with Kate looked like he was betraying the other women because he knows she’d be watching. I think he’s checked out and Kate is facing the fact that no amount of cosplay can compete with this new woman.

      • Jaded says:

        I don’t think you’re seeing it wrong. There’s been a distinctly noticeable change in William over the past year or so — he seems much more serious and VERY cold towards Kate. Prior to that he just looked like he was putting up with her but the chill between them now is palpable. The Caribbean tour may very well seal their fate because it’s pretty hard to fake your way through being together for days of multiple engagements, and they may very well be sleeping in separate bedrooms. That kind of arrangement is inviting someone to spill tea — there are eyes and ears all around them.

      • Nic919 says:

        Something changed in 2021 because he stopped pretending he wasn’t repulsed by her in public. He was much better prior to that.

      • Babz says:

        @Jaded, this Caribbean tour could very well be their “Charles and Diana disaster tour of Korea” moment. After Korea, no amount of invisible contract reporting could disguise the images of a marriage dying. Both Charles and Diana made zero effort to show things as anything but what they really were. Kate is trying too hard to display happy marriage/happy families in public, but it’s getting harder and harder for her, because he gives absolutely nothing back. All you have to do is look at the undoctored photos of her becoming more frequent to see the real story. Her haggard face and dead eyes, along with his constant clenched teeth in her presence are impossible to ignore. This upcoming tour has potential PR disaster written all over it. Once you can no longer sell the image, it’s over, and I think we’re there.

      • Kalana says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if William blames Kate for the Rose story getting out and also for what happened with Meghan. Kate was an active part of harassing Meghan. In the end as long as Harry supported William they would be fine, Kate was the one who couldn’t cope with Meghan outclassing her.

        William gave up a lot to cover up his affair and push Harry and Meghan out. I don’t think his comment on Diana would have happened otherwise.

    • candy says:

      Stranger things have happened…

      • Julia K says:

        Could it be Kate who was caught having an affair? Has Wm been ill for some time and unable or unwilling to provide intimacy? It’s been commented here that he doesn’t look well, sad, withdrawn at times, missing at times from the court calendar. Out of left field I know but I have quite an imagination. Is this why they were summoned to Frogmore House by the Queen to reach an agreement?

      • Nic919 says:

        William would have filed for divorce already if Kate was cheating on him. Being a cuckold would be the worst for his image as future future king. And yes it is sexist that he can have a mistress or two, but the monarchy is not a fair or equal institution.

  45. Athena says:

    Comparing Kate at 40 with Mary at 50 and saying, well Mary has 10 more years of practice is a false comparison. There’s not even a comparison to Kate at 40 to what Mary was doing at 40.

  46. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    “Kate went vroom vroom on a big slide”
    Now I have to clean up the coffee I just spit across the room…
    Kaiser. You are indeed all things snark and shade and I am HERE for it all

  47. dido says:

    Oh please, she’s been “growing into” her role for more than a decade now. Two decades, if you count the 10 years she was chasing William, going to his polo games and getting papped. At Kate’s big big age, Diana had already been dead for four years and already left a massive legacy as a beloved, hardworking, genuinely empathetic rebellion modern royal. Kate at 40 has managed to learn how to smile and high five toddlers (and still still struggles with that! I laugh everytime I think of that little boy who looks SO bored with her)

  48. BeanieBean says:

    That kid in the background always reminds me of Ralphie. Anybody else?

  49. kelleybelle says:

    Er, um … didn’t the palace just state a few weeks ago, if that, that she wouldn’t be increasing her workload for the next ten years? Make up your goddamned minds, will you.

  50. Jaded says:

    @YaGotMe — she didn’t call Kate the “town tramp”, she was referring to the look of indifference on William’s face at the wedding ceremony. He didn’t even go to the rehearsal dinner the night before, he sent Harry. And it was Harry who said “she looks beautiful” and told him to turn around and look at her as she walked up the aisle.

    You must be new here so let me enlighten you — there are a lot of progressive feminists on CB.

    • SourcesclosetoKate says:

      Thanks for clearing that up @jaded I should have taken more time posting. What I meant to say is William looked ashamed rather than the look of pride most grooms have. I even think William cheating before was different he would come out in public looking embarrassed or immature angry or bold and defiant but lately he looks distant and unhappy, that’s how I feel he has fallen in love with this new woman his emotions got involved, he can’t even fake happy anymore around Kate. This is what happens when you push things on people instead of let things happen organically. I don’t really blame William for that because what you don’t know you don’t know, and I’m not blaming Kate because he’s an adult and he went along with it. I think he really wanted to find true love and Kate wasn’t it and he has to take responsibility for that.

  51. candy says:

    So shy that she wore lingerie on a runway in front of all her boyfriend’s friends? I mean, I buy that Kate is introverted, but she absolutely wanted and coveted a high profile position. Unfortunately, it was more her mother’s goal than her own and that’s why she’s still missing her core identity. To me, it’s a sad story.

    • kelleybelle says:

      I agree on it being more her mother’s goal but introverted girls don’t moon the male population of an entire university, either. That’s just twisted. She was easy, too, and William figured he’d get laid with her as his girlfriend at the time was saving herself for marriage. Wasn’t one of her nicknames The Mattress?

    • Tessa says:

      I think Kate really wanted this lifestyle Very much so.

      • Nic919 says:

        She spent a decade of her life to get this lifestyle. This wasn’t a shy girl who fell into the arms of a prince. This was a concerted effort by a cunning woman.

  52. serena says:

    Please, this article is just too hilarious, I was laughing like a mad woman all the while.
    That they still call a 40years old woman who has a power position “a young lady from the Home Counties who remains so painfully shy..” is so cringey and absolutely baffling, like, are we supposed to find it cute? It’s just disgraceful.

    But the best was this “Kate was a triumph in Copenhagen? Those on tour with Kate believe she performed even stronger on tour” and this “The most striking and memorable part of the trip was when Kate squealed with delight as she slid down a metal slide in high heels”.. LMAO, isn’t this the best dig you’ve ever seen? What Wotton’s saying is basically that the only thing she did was slide down a metal slide and take photo with children, because she cannot comunicate with adults. Hilarious.

  53. Rapunzel says:

    Something definitely happened post Sussexit and particularly since 2021 that has made whatever arrangement W&K had untenable for at least Will if not both of them.

    Making the separate lives more obvious is not a good sign for the state of their marriage.

    My theory is that Will has either:
    A- fallen for someone for real who is for real into him.
    B- found out something about Kate and/or his family that pissed him off. Some scheme they pulled without his consent/knowledge
    C- blames Kate for Sussexit and losing Harry, who he knows he needs for his reign.

    I also Kate thinks she can stave off divorce. And is pulling every trick in the book to do so.

    And, I suspect this glimpse at separate lives is Will sending a clear message that he’s rolling out an end to their fairytale.

  54. Jumpingthesnark says:

    Another level to this— I think they are still negotiating for her and the kids having a place in Windsor great park. This is Charles and CH saying to her— ok but you’ll have to do more appearances

  55. Margaret says:

    I don’t know, but if your wife/husband was showing more interest in your brother/sister, I could lose interest too. Kate crossed the line with harry, and william and others noticed.. I know I did.

    • Tessa says:

      Yet another reason I am happy Harry married Meghan and then he and his wife and family moved away from the toxicity.

  56. Juniper says:

    The latest YouGov poll done in the U.K. had Kate receiving “positive opinions” from 65% of the respondents and Meghan with a popularity rating of just 26%. But what about in the U.S.?

    Express noted that the Duchess of Cambridge secured 68% of the vote compared to just 31% for the Duchess of Sussex in Meghan’s home country. This is somewhat surprising considering that Meghan and Harry have legions of fans in America where they now reside, yet Prince William’s wife Kate hasn’t been to the country since 2014.

    • equality says:

      YouGov is very selective about whom they choose to answer certain polls. I wouldn’t trust any of their results and I have done some of their surveys. I am not of the demographic that they ask about H&M or royalty. Express polls is not even certifiably run by anyone so can be skewed by whomever wishes to use it. So, no, not surprising.

    • BUBS says:

      Yougov is RF propaganda 101. No one with an iota of sense puts any bit of confidence in that sham poll. Any one can get a particular result by polling people whose views are aligned a certain way. It’s really not rocket science. LOL.

  57. Gabby says:

    I think it would be hilarious if William gets to decide where KKKate gets sent for her outings and trips. It will open a brand new theatre of hostility.

  58. dc says:

    Listen, at this point, the RF is scraping the bottom of the barrel for *anyone* who can have a scintilla of communication skills to deal with the public. That they’re pushing Kate forward for more engagements just demonstrates the paucity of the RF. Even “mumbles” is better than a surly, unengaged William. So that’s the state of the current RF’s ability to engage with their public. And even with relentless toxic tabloid articles about Harry, he still manages to poll higher than Camilla in the latest YouGov poll!

  59. jferber says:

    My God, Celebitches, reading all these comments made me feel I was listening to high-level analyses of situations a la the FBI or CIA. Damn, you guys are good!

  60. Linney says:

    This is all laughable. The way the narrative swings back and forth is absurd. First we have Kate the Great in her gold sequined dress and “Alien” hair who is now amazing and proving she will be the greatest queen ever. Look at her! She is ready to take off! Then we have Supermom Kate who will not work for the next fifteen years. Now we have Super Royal Kate who will take on tons of solo engagements! I mean, who does their PR? Do they have any idea how ridiculous these stories are… swinging from one extreme to the next? There is too much weird here and all the talk about the new house, separate house, etc. really seems to be setting up for a separation. I think William will wait until the Queen passes, and then he will dump her. I can see him thinking that William as cool Single Dad/King in Waiting will be supremely popular, and his excuse will be that Kate, despite the ten year “training period” before marriage and the eleven years into the marriage has proved to be completely useless and for the good of the country, he must move on.

    • Tessa says:

      He could be the “cool” Single Dad and perhaps marrying someone about ten or more years younger and have a second family.

  61. s says:

    I’m from Australia, so please forgive my ignorance if missing something here.

    Don’t get what is the big deal about being ‘Consort’ to the King? ‘Queen consort’ is not really a proper Queen, it’s a handbag. And it would involve more work, so I don’t think it’s worth waiting for/what she’s doing.

    To me, marrying a Prince, especially when he was younger and better looking, and when dating him he was kinda cute in certain pictures, is a much bigger deal.

    There’s the embarrassment of divorce, but she’s still the ‘mother’ of the royal children, and eligible for some royal luxuries. There’s the heartache of the fairytale being over, but surely she’s started to get used to that…from day one of the marriage.

    • Likeyoucare says:

      Kate will not be set a side after divorce.
      If it happen william marry a woman worse and lazzier than her, kate will be use as destraction just like meghan.
      Worse, BRF need to embiggening queen camilla because nobody like camilla other than daily mail and charles.
      Kate will be pummel along with her family.

  62. I agree that Kate’s visit to Denmark was a big flop and devoid of significance. One commenter is correct that she and Princess Mary should’ve just Zoomed. It was a big waste of money for the British people.

    • Iz_Q says:

      Mary might have preferred to just zoom too. And why all the CP Mary talk now? They are so trying to put Kate on the same level as Mary. Style sisters! They could be twins! Two future Queens! Even the Mary copies Kate! KP wanted that Kate and Mary photo op so bad after Mary’s birthday week.

      Kate had delusions of royalty imo. She wants to be the old type of royal princess….the one that walks down the middle waving from side to side, cuts a few ribbons and has a million patronages she never really engages in. But that means they will have to keep her away from every royal woman around her age range because she will pale in comparison.

  63. JD says:

    Top CEO represents her country by going down a children’s playground slide. Instead of “cool mom” I guess she is the cool FFQ? Imagine being 40 and she is (yet again) keen to do solo engagements.

  64. Bread and Circuses says:

    “The answer is a young lady from the Home Counties who…”

    …is 40 years old with three kids?

    Nice to still be mistaken for a “young lady” at 40, I guess. I doubt I was.