Samantha Markle is suing the Duchess of Sussex over the Oprah interview, lmao

We hadn’t heard much from the White Markles in recent months, and I genuinely wondered what clownery they would unleash just in time for the Queen’s Jubbly. We’re getting our first glimpse! Samantha Markle is “suing” her half-sister because of Meghan’s Oprah interview. Apparently, Samantha thinks that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview “hurt” Samantha’s book sales. LMAO!! Samantha put out some sad little book and only the British tabloids tried to hype it but it was clearly full of all kinds of dumbf–kery and lies. Samantha, even more than Toxic Tom, has always been about cashing in on her “connection” to Meghan. I hope Meghan wipes the floor with her:

Meghan Markle didn’t have the crappy childhood she wants the public to believe, according to her half sister … who is now dragging Meghan to court, suing over that famous Oprah Winfrey interview. Samantha Markle is suing Meghan for defamation, and she’s especially pissed about some of the things she and Prince Harry told Oprah about the Markle fam. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Samantha rips into Meghan for spinning a “rags to royalty” narrative about herself which she claims is simply false.

Samantha claims Meghan is trashing her, and spreading outright lies, in order to bolster the notion she’s overcome leeching family members. For example, Sam points out she and Meghan share the same father in Thomas Markle … yet Meghan told Oprah she was an “only child.”

She also claims Meghan dropped another lie when she told Oprah she’d last seen Samantha “at least 18, 19 years ago and before that, 10 years before that.” Those aren’t the only alleged disses … Samantha claims Meghan got it flat out wrong when she told Oprah Samantha only changed her surname to Markle after Meghan started dating Harry.

In the suit, Samantha also claims Meghan’s fabricated tales of growing up in “virtual poverty” … because Thomas paid for her to attend “elite and expensive private schools,” and dance and acting classes. She claims dad also covered Meghan’s tuition and living expenses when she went to Northwestern University … something the Duchess told Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres she worked to pay for herself.

As for Meghan’s motive — Samantha claims the alleged lies about her and their father were part of a calculated effort so “they could not interfere with or contradict the false narrative and fairytale life story concocted by” Meghan.

Samantha says Meghan’s harsh words have hurt sales of her autobiography, prevented her from getting jobs and caused emotional and mental distress.

Meghan’s attorney Michael Kump tells us … “This baseless and absurd lawsuit is just a continuation of a pattern of disturbing behavior. We will give it the minimum attention necessary, which is all it deserves.”

[From TMZ]

Maybe I got it completely wrong, but I’ve never gotten the impression that Meghan tried to sell herself as someone who grew up poor. She’s talked about growing up on a budget and that money went to her education, but it was still a special treat to go to Sizzler. She’s also talked about how she’s worked jobs since she was a young teen. Meghan’s narrative about herself is someone who knows the value of a dollar, who is industrious and hard-working, who prioritizes education. As for Samantha… she DID change her name back to Markle when Meghan began dating Harry. Samantha GRANT started booking herself on British talk shows in early 2017, and that’s when the name change happened, to hype the connection to her half-sister.

The response from Meghan’s lawyer is good too! “…A continuation of a pattern of disturbing behavior…” Exactly.

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  1. teehee says:

    “Meghan Markle didn’t have the crappy childhood she wants the public to believe, according to her half sister …”


    • Jezz says:

      Right? If her adulthood with these sinks shows anything, it shows that she childhood with any of them must have been painful.

    • T3PO says:

      Exactly. With a dad and sister like that eesh. My family would never berate me or talk down in general much less publicly

    • GR says:

      @teehee Right? Talk about proving the point!

    • Cessily says:

      Wasn’t she put on some government list in Britain for stalking and harassment of her sister and now she is choosing to sue in Florida court? What a joke her Twitter acct and past rabid hateful interviews should be enough to throw this out and get a permanent restraining order where she is t allowed to mention her sister name again without legal and criminal consequences. This woman is pissed that a baby threw blueberries how many decades ago? A Baby, she has never been mentally sound.

    • Mac says:

      This woman is so gross. She saw Meghan twice in almost 30 years (I’m guessing both times were family funerals). She knows nothing about Meghan’s childhood.

    • Lorelei says:

      This comment, coming from the person who we know referred to Doria— in front of Meghan! — as “the maid.”

      Samantha needs to give it up. She’s been trying to cash in on Meghan since 2016 and if it was going to happen, it would have already. Clearly she’s failed in her attempts to monetize her last name and she needs to just go away. JFC

      • yo says:

        I keep reading “Samantha” as “Something” and that will be what i call her from now on.

    • anotherlily says:

      Meghan never said she had a crappy childhood. She had two crappy half-siblings but she has expressed appreciation for what both her parents have done for her.

    • RoyalAssassin says:

      Also, she WAS the only child—of Doria!

    • Tory Ellen says:

      The sister needs to go away. She is off her rocker.

  2. Nev says:

    Get a job trick. Hahahahahaha

    • PaulaH says:

      Seriously who sues someone because they told Oprah they are an only child….LOL. For someone who has done EVERYTHING possible to attack Meghan now she wants Meghan to claim her as a sister, Bitch please

    • PaulaH says:

      I wonder if Samantha is aware that she will have to be questioned by Meghan’s lawyers and she will have to tell the world WHO PAID her to say the terrible things she has said about “her sister” on British TV?

      • susan says:

        this woman is a $-chasing nitwit. I don’t think she or her “case” will withstand the scrutiny of Meghan’s legal team.

      • HeatherC says:

        Who paid her, how much she was paid…the last part is important since she claims Meghan has cost her money when we all know her Meghan bashing has made her money that she wouldn’t have normally made.

      • Nikki says:

        I think might be one of her points. If she does have a palace connection, they may want to pay her to drop the lawsuit.

        But CBouzy says this has something to do with the trolls he’s been outing, so we will see soon enough.

    • superashes says:

      I mean, how is she not an only child though? She doesn’t have brothers or sisters. The White Markles were all adults by the time she was born and they didn’t want a damn thing to do with her or her mother. I see that as an only child.

      Also, does she not realize she can get sanctioned for baseless claims here? This ain’t Britain. It would be pretty easy for Meghan to both seek a restraining order shutting her ass up completely, given the history, and attorneys fees for this nonsense.

      • PaulaH says:

        If Samantha was 100% Meghan’s sister, Meghan doesn’t have to claim her. Think about it…she is suing Meghan demanding that she be claimed as a sister and demanding that Meghan doesn’t talk about the conditions Meghan grew up in as Meghan sees them. Who does that? Samantha doesn’t get to dictate to Meghan or anyone else their life story.

      • RoyalAssassin says:

        She IS an only child: of Doria. The others are from the white trash side of the family, alas…



    • freddy says:

      @nev LOL! Wouldn’t it be amazing if THAT had been Meghan’s attorney’s response.

    • HeyJude says:

      This, she’s going to need one desperately for this frivolous lawsuit when the court outright dismisses it under Meghan’s first amendment rights and makes Samantha pay for Meghan’s million dollar lawyers because she brought such a ridiculous lawsuit.

      This lady is dumb as hell. She just bought herself paying Meghan’s court bills and nothing more. This will never go anywhere.

      • Debbie says:

        Samantha, the 1/2-sister, reminds me of the internet troll who was sued by the rap star for maligning and harassing the rapper. After the rapper won (I wish I could remember her name but all I can think of is Lady Gaga) the troll was complaining that she didn’t have millions of dollars to pay out. Well, she should have thought of that before she opened up her big mouth! Same here: I hope Meghan wins or files a countersuit and wins a lot of money from this chick.

      • Feeshalori says:

        @Debbie, Cardi B is the rapper you’re thinking of.

    • Ry says:

      A job lol. Actually she’s probably on disability which, that, is understandable.
      The insane degrading dishonorable dishonest (every dis there is) thar people will do for money. And one would think age and/or being sick would give some perspective. I’d be embarrassed to degrade myself in thos way. She’s only made it more difficult to have had a relationship anyway. The father, too. Very stupid way to have played their weak hand.

    • Pat says:

      Exactly bcuz that’s All that Samantha Markel is trying to do is make several thousand bucks quickly. Meghan is an only child if she views them like I view my siblings. My parents had four and yet I am an only childish you ask me . I want absolutely nothing else to do with my 3siblings. . I plan to sell the house and leave the state. My teen daughter isn’t interested in any parts of them either. The things my parents left me will go in a storage and I
      Wish to sell the house, move elsewhere, maybe the Midwest. Anywhere away from them isFantastic!! We can hopefully meet some good people in a different direction.

  3. Becks1 says:

    Her book bombed because it looked stupid, and because no one was interested in it. Even the anti-Meghan brigade wasn’t interested in it enough to buy it. It didn’t have anything to do with what Meghan said in The Interview. I actually had forgotten that Meghan even talked about Samantha with Oprah until I saw a clip circulating on twitter last week or this week.

    I went to private schools (not super fancy ones, but still private) and a fairly elite/expensive college and my parents were not rich (pretty solidly middle class). It was a stretch on their part to send us to private schools and then college, but it was important to them. It’s not that unusual. I don’t think by saying “it was a stretch on their part” I’m claiming poverty or a childhood hardship that didn’t exist. I’m stating a fact.

    • Chloe says:

      I wonder why Samantha is doing this now. I think this suit probably will never see a day in court. And if it does… well its going to be very costly for Samantha

      • Becks1 says:

        I wonder if the statute of limitations is about to run out for anything she said in the interview (if she’s suing for slander or something?)

      • Chloe says:

        @Becks1: Christopher Bouzy said that this suit appeared to be preemptive. I wonder what is going on behind the scenes but it isn’t looking good for Samantha is all i seem to gather.

      • MsIam says:

        @CHLOE Scam is probably not paying for this. Think about all of Meghan and Harry’s enemies with money and its not hard to imagine them finding some lawyer to file this. Whoever did this knows it will be thrown out or worst case scenario, Scam can withdraw the complaint. I hope Meghan counter sues her for harassment.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Oddly the suit is only for 75K. Seems like looking for a payout

      • PaulaH says:

        @MsIam: I agree with you. The one thing that stands between the Brits and destroying Meghan/Harry is USA. The goal is to attack her in US so try and dimension her popularity. What the Brits don’t understand is that Sam’s lawsuit is exactly what Americans HATE….stupid shit

      • Jan90067 says:

        Could just be a nuisance suit, banking on Harry’s fondness for Ol’ Brenda (and her YUUUGE Jubbly), so as shut her (Psycho Sam) before June.

        OR, maybe it’s because of Harry’s memoir? Being the malignant narcissists they (Toxic Tom & Psycho Sam) are, they could be scared of what Harry will write about their portion of his life (because it’s ALL about them, of course!). This could be a “I wont sue if you won’t write this or that” quid pro quo.

        Either way, I think we know who’s been smacking the hornests’ nest with a stick.

      • Brenda says:

        She is doing this because Meghan is going to be the topic of discussion on Piers Morgan new show….She will be the first guest

      • Sunday says:

        It does seem like awfully convenient timing, just a few weeks before the cambridges go on tour. Not too close that it completely overshadows their press, but close enough that they can use it to badger and defame Meghan in an attempt to make themselves look better – the british tabloids will run with the contrast of while Meghan is in yet another messy lawsuit, accused of mistreating and lying about her sister, the cambridges are doing their duty, blah blah blah.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks I wondered about the timing as well and while I’m too lazy to look it up, it must be some statute of limitations thing, for her to come out with this hours before the one-year anniversary of the interview airing.

        (Either that or she thinks she’ll get maximum publicity now, but even her lawyer must know that’s not happening so I’m back to SOL.)

        Also— as you said, even the most virulent, foaming-at-the-mouth, deranged Meghan haters didn’t even bother to buy this book. If THEY didn’t go out in droves to increase book sales, then absolutely nothing was going to happen for that book to do well.

      • LaraW” says:

        Florida stat of limitations on defamation is 2 years. HOWEVER, statute of limitations in California is 1 year—relevant because Meghan lives in CA. If Samantha had decided to file next year, Meghan could argue that California law should apply, not Florida, and under CA law the SOL has run so the case should be dismissed. By filing now Samantha avoids the risk of having the case dismissed even if the judge decides that California law is more appropriate.

      • LaraW” says:

        @Snappyfish— she’s only asking for $75K because she wants to stay in state court. More than $75K and you have to go to federal court, where it’s much harder to win a defamation suit.

      • LaraW” says:

        @Snappyfish— it looks like I misspoke. AGreatReckoning stated that the lawsuit’s language is:

        This is an action for damages in excess of $75,000, exclusive of interest, costs and attorney’s fees and is a controversy between citizens of different states.

        So Samantha isn’t asking for only $75K, she’s asking for an unspecified amount that will definitely be more than $75K. She just hasn’t put a number to the amount— I would guess she’s hoping for a lot of money through her “emotional distress” claim.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        LaraW, I read that she filed in federal court. Since Meghan lives in another state (and the interview, too), I think she did that for jurisdictional purposes.


        Wondering if she is just looking to kicked up some dust for the trolls and UK PRESS can pay her for interviews on her experience on. And perhaps for any crumbs of info which fall from Meghan’s or the othe other Royals table……….like an official note on official Royal letterhead.😉

    • Nic919 says:

      I didn’t recall Meghan saying anything about Samantha specifically during the Oprah interview either. Besides she’s significantly older than Meghan and they didn’t grow up together. This seems like a need for attention.

      Bouzy suggested it’s a pre-emptive strike but the only thing I can think of is that some of the more known Meghan haters online interacted with Samantha.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I didn’t remember her talking about Samantha either during the interview. There was nothing about her in the interview transcript. The clip was part of unaired footage that came out the next day when Oprah was on CBS with Gayle. Meghan didn’t say anything that wasn’t previously known-they didn’t have a relationship for a long time. Samantha’s book came out more than a month before the interview. The interview didn’t hurt the sales. Lack of actual interest did. Samantha defamed herself with her obvious derangement and publicly available personal history.imo

        Have a hard time seeing her pay for a lawyer on her own too.


        I believe I heard Meghan mention the Markle’s briefly at the end of the interview. The thing is, if what I am hearing is correct & part of what Meghan I s being sued over has to do directly with some imagined injury to Thomas Markle. That part of the case cannot go forward unless Thomas Sr. joins this lawsuit, due to Samantha “not having standing” as she is not the injured party in those points.

    • Yvette says:

      @Becks1 … I’ve been amused by the British tabloids attempt to paint Catholic schools as some kind of elite private havens for wealthy students. Even in the poorest American neighborhoods parents scrape and save each year to send their children to Catholic schools. These schools do, however, provide a world class education.

      There is also the fact that a $70,000 a year salary (and I really doubt Tom made that much working on “Married with Kids” because industry jobs don’t pay that well) doesn’t stretch that far in Los Angeles for a single parent with a house mortgage and children.

      I’ll bet this latest action by Samantha is fueled by Prince Andrew’s recent ‘payout to make it go away’ action. She probably doesn’t want to go to court, she just wants to get paid to go away. I think the same about Thomas Markle as well. Sad.

      • AnneL says:

        Catholic schools also often have lower tuition rates than other private schools and offer scholarships. I know one family that put six kids through Catholic school on one salary. The father sold insurance and he did OK, but they really had to budget. They rented a small house for years to be near the school, counted every dime and dollar. But they did it.

      • Christine says:

        This. The Catholic schools in LA (at least at the elementary level, when I looked) are half as much per year than the other private schools. I don’t even want to check now that my son is in middle school, and the additional middle school price tag. There is so much choice at the elementary level, they have to be more competitive. The private high schools are limited.

      • Cessily says:

        There are academic and financial grants for students who wish to apply to Catholic schools. I know this from experience and most parishes offer financial grants also. Just have to ask at the business office.

      • clarice+mcclellan says:

        I live across the street from the school Meghan attended and, while it’s a lovely school, it’s not like an “LA Private School” in the way people tend to think of LA private schools. It’s a Catholic school in a decent neighborhood. I’m sure it isn’t cheap but it’s not hundreds of thousands, either.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        My BFF in college and her sisters went to catholic schools, including a very good catholic high school that wasn’t cheap.

        Their mom put them through on tips she made as a waitress. Their dad was a deadbeat who didn’t contribute. They lived in the poorest of the poor neighborhood with bars on their house windows and a million deadbolts on the door, and at times they didn’t have a car (in a town with pitiful public transportation). They afforded their school thanks to need-based scholarships for low income families, and by scrimping and saving every last penny. Their non-school clothes were from the 80% off clearance racks or thrift stores, and for years they had one school uniform that they washed every night (the younger kids sometimes had more than one thanks to hand-me-downs).

        So just backing up what others have said, catholic schools might be private, but they are not bastions of wealth.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I went to Catholic schools, and I had working class classmates whose families would help the janitorial staff after school in exchange for waived fees. Those schools work hard to be accessible to all incomes.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Sr. didn’t even own the house they lived in. It was rented. He never saved a goddamned dime. His money went for coke, booze and trips to Thailand and Philippines for underage sex.


        Let’s be honest about private and parochial schools in the U.S. for a minute. Many of of them were initially created and made affordable so that “white” families would have access to schools so that their children would not have to go to schools with black children. Some are now more widely accessible to more varied people (ex. Meghan) and have held on to an attempt to keep historically low tuition fees.

  4. Nev says:

    Get a job trick.

  5. Jezz says:

    What a goof. This is the best response Meg’s camp could have offered.

  6. C-Shell says:

    This crusty cow has just triggered the Find Out phase of the FAFO Principle, and I’m here for it. Hurt sales of her sad little self-published fiction? GMAFB.

    • Over it says:

      You know what’s funny? Like if Meghan wasn’t married to Harry would Sammy the scammy even have written a book?

    • The Hench says:

      “Triggered the Find Out phase of the FAFO principle” Haha – yes, exactly. I hope Meghan takes this opportunity to legally smack Sammy around and put her firmly back in her box for the foreseeable future.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Not a box though, a rock for her to sprawl back under from whence she came! Maybe a bigger rock for her and Toxic Tom as well!!!

        Scammy is such an incredibly jealous and petty person. Meghan and Harry are done with ALL of these people, from the BRF, Toxic Tom and Scammy the Scammer!!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I’m really curious to find out what jobs she was ‘prevented’ from getting or evidence she actually applied for any. How did any of this stop her from being a productive member of society before Meghan met Harry? I’m sure her unemployability has nothing to do with her questionable personal history and all around nuttery. /s

      • LaraW” says:

        She’s not required to show she can’t get a job anywhere in the world. For example: a chef is defamed and as a result, no restaurant will hire them—just because the chef can still work as a waiter doesn’t mean they didn’t suffer damages.

      • equality says:

        @Lara According to her PR, Sam once worked as a model and guested on TV shows, wrote news and her last job was as a mental health counsellor in Florida. How exactly do you prove that your sister saying she seldom saw you kept you from getting a job when you have broadcast yourself all over SM and TV making nasty allegations about that sister?

      • LaraW” says:

        @Equality— lol you’re right, but that’s Samantha’s problem, not mine. 😝

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @equality, you bring up a better point. How can say she was prevented from getting jobs when she’s done interviews after the Oprah interview? I don’t know the exact number but she was on GB News twice afterwards. She’s not doing that stuff for free. This article is from October 2018 so predating her current claims.
        Tom Sr. and Samantah really have had a cozy relationship with the Fail/BM over the years.

        If Samantha is collecting disability payments (don’t know if she is) there is a limit to how much she can earn without losing benefits.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Forgot to include in the disability scenario, I believe in a settlement situation, monies received are not considered income and wouldn’t impact payments.

    • Yvette says:

      @C-Shell … LOL at your use of ‘crusty cow.’ I am SO stealing that! 🙂

  7. ArtHistorian says:

    C. Bouzy has proof that Samantha was very active in starting up the online bullying of Meghan from the very beginning. I find her incredibly disturbing.

    • MsIam says:

      Notice how she’s not suing Chris Bouzy though. And Scam herself has admitted during the engagement that it had been years since she had seen Meghan. Someone interviewed her and asked what Meghan was like and all Scam could say was “Well she’s very polite”. Sounds like real close sisters, huh?

      • equality says:

        She’s also not suing CBS or Oprah. Wouldn’t that have to be included in a legit lawsuit?

      • LaraW” says:

        Neither CBS nor Oprah made the defamatory statement, so Samantha can’t make any claim against them.

    • Cessily says:

      He tweeted and said this is a preemptive maneuver by SM and soon we will see why. Pretty cryptic but he seems to be in the know and I’m very curious🧐🤨🤔

    • Otaku fairy says:

      This. But she wants to make Meghan out to be the villain, even tough she not only started that shit, but escalated to a level Meghan never even came close to. She’s lucky Meghan did very little to fight back.

      • Christine says:

        Meghan clearly knows the white Markles well. They hate nothing more than being ignored.

  8. Noki says:

    I have noticed that hollywood does love its rags to riches stories,i have never understood the appeal. Its like they think people will only appreciate your success if you came from nothing some have been caught out with the revisionist history like Madonna,Bob Dylan.

  9. Ginger says:

    I hope this lawsuits exposes Samantha for the vile person that she is. Christopher’s report links Sam with the hate group and he knows a lot more on Sam than he is telling us. I hope it all comes out in the open and Meghan puts a permanent gag order on her. This lawsuit will only work in Meghan’s favor.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Wonder if Sam IS Yankee Wally?? (Lol ok…I’m just throwing out the main one I know he’s talking about).

      Didn’t one of those haters claim to be sick w/ MS?? Coulda sworn I read that.

      • Babz says:

        If she’s not YW, she’s at the very least one of her devoted sycophants. There’s no way she’s paying for a cent of this, and the pool of who would be bankrolling her is pretty small. That would be the biggest piece of info to come out of this – who is behind all of it. She’s definitely going to find out what FAFO means. I hope she either gets quashed and not allowed to sue at all, or sues and gets her ass handed to her. Either way, financial ruin is in her future. And Meg needs a restraining order against her!

  10. Scorpion says:

    The lawsuit filing is beyond insane. Please have a read if you can. If the judge doesn’t dismiss this lawsuit, Meghan’s attorneys are going to scalp Sammy in discovery 😂😂😂😂

    Grab your popcorn, it’s about to get interesting.

    • Izzy says:

      While the lawsuit is BS and clearly deserves to be dismissed, but there is a small part of me that hopes this goes to discovery so Meghan’s team can start asking for financial records to discover who has been funding her lifestyle and, more importantly, this bogus lawsuit. Because I’m betting somewhere in there one of the funding parties rhymes with either Waily Fail or Duckingham Malice.

  11. Over it says:

    No Sammy the scammy, your refusal to get a real life and a job is what’s causing you distress. And if you didn’t treat Meghan life a real sister, how else would she refer to you? I would do the same as megs

  12. Mai B says:

    Easy on the ‘Meghan’s harsh words’. Samantha you take the cake on the ‘vitrolic harsh words’, trolling etc… Have you forgotten so soon.

    • Otaku fairy says:


    • anne says:

      I’ll be interested to see what she submits as “evidence” of “harsh words.” Meghan has NEVER said a bad thing about Samantha or her other half siblings, other than something along the lines of “We’re not that close because they are so much older than me/I haven’t seen any of them in over a decade.”

      • Lorelei says:

        Samantha is too inconsequential for Meghan to even bother saying anything about her, lol. THAT is probably most of what’s driving Samantha insane. Even after all of her targeted harassment of Meghan, Meghan’s attitude toward her is still essentially ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  13. Amy Bee says:

    Whatever, Scammy. This is a cry for attention. She’s no longer being booked by the British press to talk about Meghan.

  14. Jezz says:

    My mom’s second husband had a daughter who was much older than me– she didn’t live with us, we saw each other maybe once a year, and never spoke as adults. I promise you I am an only child.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Same. My dad and his second wife had a child more than a decade younger than me who grew up in a different state. I’m an only child.

      • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

        Same here. My mother was married before and had three kids. The youngest was 17 years older than me. The only sibling I saw growing up was my sister, but she was married and had a child before I was born. I was also basically raised as an only child. I also went to private schools and a private university, but my parents were solidly middle-class. Private schools aren’t only for rich or upper-middle-class kids. Northwestern was about $30,000 a year when Meghan attended, and I’m pretty sure that Tom Markle wasn’t paying her full tuition.

      • Sophie says:

        I have two half siblings, one 13 years older and one 15 years older. I did not know about the first one until I was teen, and the other one moved out the day she turned 18. I describe myself exactly the same way as Meghan – raised as an only child, but I have two half siblings. I love my siblings despite not being very close to them, it is not a dig at them, just reality.

    • Colby says:

      Same. I have older half siblings but I rarely saw them as our dad and my mom also divorced. When people ask if I have siblings I say “ yes half but I grew up an only child”

    • HeyJude says:

      I have a crazy, older half sibling 17 years my senior. I haven’t seen her on a regular basis since I was 15 and I’m twice that now.

      She’s not a sibling in any sense but technical name only.

      We did not grow up together, she was grown before I was even born. It’s the exact same age gap as Meg and Sam. She was 17 when Meghan was born- basically adult age.

      I’m assuming long out of the house by the time Meghan was of any age she’d be able to have memories from.

    • Babz says:

      Only child here – I remember reading about birth orders to see what traits an only child had. I came across something that said if there were five or more years between the youngest child and the next oldest sibling, technically the youngest was considered to be an only child, trait-wise. It had to do with maturity, emotional growth, etc. My ex was 10 years younger that his nearest sibling, and almost 20 years younger than his oldest. He said he always felt like an only child.

  15. Aurora says:

    Meghan never said she had a crappy childhood though. She spoke of traveling to different countries with her mother and visiting TV sets with her father.

    I think the UK tabloids are involved with crafting Samantha’s lawsuit. Only someone used to a UK-Style class-based system would equate getting a job as a teenager or paying for one’s own college as someone having “a crappy life”.

    • bettyrose says:

      That is a really good point! And I would imagine plenty of UK kids who’ve worked teen/college jobs didn’t think they were having a “crappy life” (at least not on that account).

    • Lady D says:

      I had to read “visiting TV sets” twice. I immediately flashed on the Twilight Zone episode where a young lad was sending people who didn’t think happy thoughts, into the TV.

  16. Jan says:

    Defamation in the US, is a different ball game, and Scammy don’t have grounds for Defamation.
    Sperm donor may get a break, but I can see Meghan unleashing her lawyer on the other daughter.
    I didn’t see her on any US network promoting her book, it was promoted in Australia and England, guess they did not buy the shitty book.
    Someone is paying Scammy to file this stupid lawsuit. Her money chain is closed.
    Scammy is learning about supply and demand, and she is of no use to the tabloids now.
    I don’t remember hearing Meghan ever saying she was destitute growing up, she was working at a Yogurt/ice cream shop at 13 years and worked while she was college.

    • equality says:

      I was wondering about who is bankrolling her also. She would have to have backing or just some desperate-for-a-case lawyer.

      • MsIam says:

        Well, if nothing else, Trump’s “election fraud” lawsuits should tell you how easy it is to find a crackpot lawyer here in the US. I wonder if Rudy “Clairol” Giuliani is representing Scam, you know he’s desperate for money.

  17. ABritGuest says:

    Didn’t I say the monstrous Markles would emerge after the NAACP awards appearance. Thomas Markle will probably do an interview this weekend. Like clockwork 🥱

    I guess Samantha is missing the fairly regular media appearances so is trying to get attention another way. She’s interacted with social media hate accounts from the start & has told various disgusting lies about Meghan on social media. I read that she started the surrogacy rumours as she claimed Meghan was infertile from an abortion. Think she was on Irish tv also claiming that Harry and Thomas had met a few years ago which isn’t correct .

    I don’t think Meghan ever claimed poverty but just talked about how hard her parents worked & like many, needed scholarships & paid work for university. Her first employer confirmed she had a part time job as a teen. Her dad filed for bankruptcy a few times so idea he ensured this super privileged lifestyle for Meghan doesn’t add up.

    Plus nothing says Meghan had an idyllic childhood like her father & half siblings teaming up with her harshest press critics for money.

    • equality says:

      Hopefully Meghan’s attorneys are collecting evidence of every slander Sam has put out there.

  18. MsIam says:

    Publicity stunt. And Meghan never said she was an only child, she said she was raised as an only child. Scam and Toxic Jr. are almost 20 years older than Meghan and were well grown and out of the home as Meghan was growing up. And I’m not surprised that TMZ is breaking this story as they were some of the first to put a microphone in front that odious persons mouth. I wonder how Scam will explain all of those articles were she’s quoted as saying she had no problem with cashing in on Meghan’s fame when the engagement was first announced? Thanks, sister.

    • Dee says:

      She’s Doria’s only child; so, yes, she is an only child on her mother’s side. Also, the suit seems to be trying to litigate M’s involvement in Finding Freedom, with the pleading making copious references to the book. This sure looks like a move to litigate the things that got shut down in the British case she won on summary judgment. So, who’s paying?

  19. OriginalLaLa says:

    I went to elite private schools and wasn’t rich, just that my parents prioritized my education more than expensive vacations and fancy clothes. We were solidly middle, middle-class. Samantha, as always is just spinning her vindictive little web of lies for attention and money.

    • L84Tea says:

      Same here. My sisters and I all went to a private Catholic school K-12, and that was where ALL my parents earnings went because it was important to them. Our family vacations were to Disneyworld and a trip to New Jersey to visit all of our relatives for a week in the summer. No skiing in Aspen for us.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Same scenario. I come from a solid middle class background and my parents worked hard to put my sister and me through 12 years of private Catholic school education and then private college afterwards. They sacrificed a lot and we had no lavish lifestyle by any means. No extravagant vacations, maybe a day trip to the World’s Fair at at the time and to Greenwood Lake, New Jersey, for a week in the summer.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      Great point. From my experience, this is especially true in Los Angeles. There are so many more options for where your child can go to school, which is very different from where I grew up in the Midwest. We only had 1 option, the local public school. There was 1 private Catholic school that was 20 miles away, but if kids wanted to go there they usually ended up moving out of our school district anyway.

  20. Lili says:

    Man this sucks, because if meghan counter suesor goes after really hard she has put up her MS front and cenre so the world feels sorry for her. second she as asked for a strange sum of 75000 , is there a hope that Meghan would just pay her off. if she does she will come back for more

    • MsIam says:

      Nobody feels sorry for Scam just because she has MS. Lots of people have debilitating diseases but they don’t behave like this loser has. Scam is doing this because no one is paying her any attention or because the tabloids are paying Scam to open her mouth, which is the most likely reason.

      • goofpuff says:

        Exactly this. Just because you have a debilitating disease doesn’t allow you to abuse other people without consequences. Nobody feels sorry for her anymore if they ever did because she’s such an awful person.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Scammy doesn’t have MS. She has an old spinal cord injury from a fall. Her own mother confirmed that it’s not MS. So that’s another one of her lies.

    • Jan says:

      If I was Meghan I would not give
      Scammy dirt, even if it was to bury her.
      She have been trying to get money from Meghan for years.
      Scammy hates Meghan and the feeling are mutual.

      • Lady D says:

        LOL @ wouldn’t give her dirt to bury her. That’s a good one, Jan.

      • HeyJude says:

        I don’t think the feeling is mutual and that Meghan hates her, Meghan doesn’t even think of her. That’s what gets Samantha. She’s irrelevant to Meghan, who doesn’t strike me as a person who carries other people’s burdens like that.

        If she felt anything at all it’d probably pity at how pathetic Samantha has become.

    • Bex says:

      Meghan doesn’t have to pay her off. Her lawyers can file a motion to dismiss the case.

  21. Dee says:

    I just saw the picture where she dyed her hair black and tanned her skin, clearly to look more like Meghan, and instead she just looked like Claire Foy after getting lost in the jungle for 20 years with a tonne of Menthols and no sunscreen 🤣

    • L84Tea says:

      I just spit my coffee out! 😀

    • Nev says:

      I needed that chuckle. Thanks.

    • Jan says:

      Scammy said she was jealous of Meghan’s complexion and thick hair, she tried hair extensions and lost hair.
      She hated Meghan before she was born, people keep forgetting that scammy’s daughter is two years younger than Meghan.
      Doria left Tom when Meghan was 2/3 yrs, Scammy was a married woman with two children.

  22. L84Tea says:

    I’m hoping this will shut down some of the critics who like to berate Meghan for not speaking to her family. It infuriates me when I see people actually weaponizing the fact that she doesn’t speak to her father or sister and using it against her as a slight of character. If anybody’s parent or sibling went around the world trashing you on tv, writing books about you, and trying to sue you, I doubt they’d be asking them over for coffee and dessert.

    • goofpuff says:

      It’s not going to stop. I see it all the time “but they are family!” crap. Everyone thinks because you share blood you should put up with your family abusing you. This usually comes from the very abusers themselves afraid their own actions will make their family toss them out.

    • equality says:

      Ironically, it’s usually the same brainiacs who claim that the RF is right to shun PH because they can’t trust him not to go to the media.

  23. Chelsea says:

    Serious question: did this trick or her lawyers watch this interview or realize that we all did and the judge can watch it too? Meghan stated that she grew up as an only child as in there were no other children in the house as she grew up and it was in response to Oprah’s question about how close she was to Scammy. Meghan didn’t deny that she’s her biological half sister; just pointed out that they didnt grow up together and had no relationship. I have two half siblings who were adults when I was a child so I’ve always said I grew up as an only child even though I’ve got relationships with them now because none of my friends who had sublings at home never saw them as they were already married and living in cities hours away from me. It’s not pretending they don’t exist becauseI would talk about them; but it’s not the same as having siblings who are near your age and actually live with you.

    Also: Meghan never said she was poor. This a Dailyfail talking point which might explain who put Scammy up to this. Meghan said she had jobs in high school and worked through college as well and there is record of this. Plus both her parents went bankrupt multiple times in 90s/00s so while I’m sure they helped they obviously weren’t in the best place financially when she was in college and the fact that she got work study and financial aid makes it clear they couldn’t cover everything which is normal. Many kids from a middle class background work during high school and college; it doesn’t mean they’re poor.

  24. Harla says:

    I never got the impression that Meghan grew up poor but in a family that lived on a budget, like most people do. I just saw an old interview with Samantha’s daughter and she talked about how physically, mentally and emotionally abusive Samantha was to her and how she choose her boyfriend over her children. What a sad and miserable human being.

  25. Harper says:

    Sammy suing Meghan for $75,000? HA.HA.HA. Why bother for that little amount? Notice that she doesn’t have the balls to go after Oprah/CBS or HarperCollins who knowingly profited from this false information. This filing looks like it was written by someone from the Daily Fail, as it pretty much copies and pastes the tabloids’ spin of the hearings regarding Meghan’s appeal. What a nutter.

    • Blujfly says:

      I can’t find the Complaint but $75,000 is the minimum you must ask for if you sue in federal court on the basis of diversity jurisdiction (for non Americans, residents of two separate states can have their case heard in federal court and not state court even if the case is based on state law, if the damages asked for are $75,000 or more).

      This should be tossed on our a motion to dismiss. I have no doubt that the tabloids put the lawyer up to it. Lord knows scammy isn’t paying.

      • Harper says:

        That being the case, why stop at such a paltry sum? We are talking millionaires here, and Sammy just wants 75K? Someone put her up to this for that kind of coin. Next thing you know she’ll be saying it’s not about the money, it’s the principle of the thing. No one should be able to promote a fairy tale image and get away with it! Not even someone wearing a tiara marrying a born prince in a church adjacent to a castle with a queen in attendance. Someone has to stop this fairy tale nonsense once and for all!

      • LaraW” says:

        As Blujfly said above, she’s asking for $75K because she wants to be in state court. She wants to be in state court because state court is f-cking insane.

        But for serious, defamation laws have different standards depending on the state, and some states are known to be less strict than others. I’m not an expert— I worked on a defamation case once where the plaintiff had DC, VA, and CA as possible venues. Plaintiff chose VA because the standard is much easier to meet. We represented defendants— one of the first things we did was file a motion to change venue to CA. I’m guessing in Florida it’s much easier to win a defamation suit.

        She does not want this removed to federal court because she would lose, no question. The federal standard to win a defamation suit is NOTORIOUSLY difficult because the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made the statement with “actual malice.” (As an aside, since Samatha Markle would be considered a limited public figure, NYT v. Sullivan would apply.)

        So yeah, that’s why.

      • LaraW” says:

        To clarify, Samantha has to “exceed” $75K to go to fed court, $75K exactly allows her to stay in state.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        In the complaint it says under Parties, Jurisdiction and Venue:

        This is an action for damages in excess of $75,000, exclusive of interest, costs and attorney’s fees and is a controversy between citizens of different states.

        Legalese confuses me quite often. It sounds like she is asking for more than $75,000. Or not?

      • LaraW” says:

        Got it. Then yeah, it’s not that she’s asking for only $75K, but that she’s asking for some unspecified amount that she can’t quantify at the moment. Makes sense since I think the article says she’s suing for emotional distress.

        If she’s in fed court, I have no idea how she’s going to win.

        Do you have a link to the complaint? I can’t find it.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        In case the link doesn’t go through

      • LaraW” says:


  26. Jay says:

    You just know the BM is grinning and doing some finger stretching exercises so they can write about how Meghan is “embattled” in legal scandals, even with her own sister, and how glad they are the royal family is rid of this embarrassing connection.

    I hope Meghan’s lawyers tell her and bad dad they can whistle for it!

  27. Charmist says:

    Someone on here called it a few days ago. The mail (Rf) would weponise bad dad after the latest shenanigans and law suit. Ok not 100%. They weponised Sad Sam. Very close. Many of us saw this coming (or like it)

  28. HeatherC says:

    Until recently her legal last name was Rasmussen as seen in different court filings in Florida. This never-was is desperate for any recognition and fame. Her white relatives really have slave master entitlement thinking, they all feel they are owed something/everything because Meghan worked hard and married well.

    With “family” like this, who needs evil inlaws?

  29. girl_ninja says:

    This woman is a lazy free loader. I wonder if anyone has told her about how both sides engage in discovery. I’m guessing that there are things that horrible woman does NOT want known.

  30. lanne says:

    Welp, Harry and Meghan have something very important in common: toxic relationships with their paternal families, and for the same reason: they’re both the victims of their paternal family’s jealousy and spite. Meghan’s shitty family wasn’t a deterrent to her relationship with Harry, as so many wanted to think. Quite the opposite: it was something they could bond over–they both had a lot of healing to do, and who better to heal with than someone who understands exactly what you’re going through because they went through the same thing? The Windsors are just Markles with money. Charles is analogous with Bad Dad due to his narcissism, his superiority complex, and “main character-itis.” Will-di Amin is analogous to TOD due to his bitterness and jealousy. Idiot brother is analogous to the Yorks, Mike Tindall, Uncle BangBang Middleton and the other oafish louts who think they deserve things because of who they’re related to.

    • MsIam says:

      But the weird thing is, Meghan’s family didn’t start acting crazy until she got with Harry. Meghan seemed to be genuinely close to her dad and while she hadn’t seen her sister for years, they weren’t fueding or anything. Harry always talked about feeling like an outsider and a scapegoat. Wtf, it shouldn’t be shocking that people sink so low but this one is a puzzler. Its like the Cinderella story come to life.

      • Charm says:

        The fact hat these things werent happening in public before, is due to the fact that M’s platform is now global.

        It is obvious that M and the sperm donor had a very problematic relationship throughout her childhood. There are snippets of this, especially in that vid of M in a car with her ex-friend just before she went off to college. She said they werent on speaking terms at that time.

        In addition, given that M’s mother left the sperm donor when M was 2 and filed for divorce when M was 6, suggests strongly that HE is problematic.

        M’s mother raised her and helped her develop the very admirable social conscience that she has. All the admirable qualities M has, which everyone can see: kindness; empathy; self-confidence; self-reliance; resourcefulness……Doria was the one who laid the groundwork for M to build on and develop her own sense of self.

        Anyone who understands the dynamics of problematic parent-child relationships can see, by how M has always spoken well of both her parents but especially her dad, that she grew-up as the kind of child who is always trying to assuage the sperm-donor’s ego. Rmbr in her letter to him that the Fail published, she said: “I was the only one who always defended you.” Clearly he has been a big fractious over-grown man-child in his personal relationships, resulting int he fact that he has children, ex-wives and grandchildren, yet at 76 he lives alone in Mexico.

        That alone speaks volumes as to the kind of poor excuse for a man and father that he was while M was growing up.

      • Snuffles says:

        That’s not true at all. Samantha was always hateful and abusive. She’s estranged from her children, her brother and probably her father too until they both saw the opportunity to bilk Meghan’s relationship to Harry for profit.

        Tom Jr always had substance abuse problems and was estranged parents, sister, children and ex wives.

        Meghan’s relationship with her father was frequently rocky growing up but she tried to maintain a connection to him. She chose to only share the positive pre-Harry.

        Thomas Sr always had money problems and his own substance abuse problems and almost no connection to his other children and grandchildren.

        Meghan’s marriage to Harry just made the shitshow public.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Meghan has kept her dad at arm’s length for decades. She loved him but their relationship was phone calls and monthly cheques, and only the cheques because she was a dutiful daughter. She knew what her dad could be like by the time she was in her late teens.

      • kelleybelle says:

        @ Charm, Scam began bugging Meghan for money “for Dad” when The Tig became successful. So dad would have more money to give to Sam, who has been leaching off him for years. They never wanted to be associated with her publicly until she began dating Harry, because of her race.

      • North of Boston says:

        The “always spoke well of him” could also be a reflection of Doria’s character. When my parents split, my mother advised my siblings and I to not speak ill of our dad in public even though he had been a piece of work to us. Her take was ranting about him wouldn’t do any good to anyone and would just reflect badly on us, and that we didn’t owe anyone details of our family life. Basically hold your head high, live your life and let him manage his own ish. Being free of the disappointing selfish jerk in your day to day life is its own reward.

  31. Sofia says:

    This will either be laughed out of court or she’ll withdraw. Meghan’s own lawyers basically said “we’ll be giving this the attention it deserves which is nothing”.

    Also living on a budget and having a job in your teens is not someone claiming they’re growing up in poverty. I know a lot of teens/early 20s people who have weakened jobs and are careful with money but are very comfortable middle class.

  32. This lowlife bitch just wants to be a part of Meghan’s narrative by any means necessary. The response from Meghan’s lawyer was perfect.

  33. Petra says:

    Samantha Markle is in financial trouble. This lawsuit is her final stunt to blame someone else for her financial failures. Bookmark this post, sometime this year she will blame her “so-called legal battle with Duchess Meghan” for causing her to be bankrupt. This is her last grifting scan, her gofundmylegalsuit page will be up and running soon.

    I’m looking forward to this going to trial (it will not.) Samantha will drop her lawsuit once she milks gullible people for some cash. Samatha’s under oath and during the deposition will be fun to watch. Samatha lies so much she can’t keep her lies straight.
    Anyone with a brain knows this is a frivolous lawsuit. Her lawyer knows this, but the law firm is chasing clout with Duchess Meghan’s name drop.

    • HeatherC says:

      Samantha was banking on a steady stream of income from bashing her half sister. Since that hasn’t panned out she’s gotten increasingly desperate for money. I believe the US government was made aware of some of her ill gotten gains and cut her disability payments etc (as they should be….they’re income based)

      She’s a waste of space and flesh. Her desperation isn’t even entertaining like a train wreck is. This should be tossed then she can be forced to fade away

      • Petra says:

        Bulls-eye on the ill-gotten gains which she did not report to the government. Also, TV networks stopped inviting her for interviews. I hope she finds some peace in her life.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Several people in the U.S. every year continue to report to the IRA 😉 don’t you worry.

  34. Serena says:

    Pathetic leeches is all Samantha and her dad should be called.

  35. Lady Digby says:

    All three Markles have made a steady income from TV and print interviews bashing Meghan. They have betrayed and belittled her for cash and revenge because they all wanted to be in on the gravy train. Pots and pans when Sammy claims her half sister ruined her reputation and damaged her ability to earn!!! Sammy own autobiography dished the dirt on herself as she fawned over daddy whilst trashing everybody else. Nobody would be paying her any attention if she hadn’t accidentally shared some DNA with Meghan. Yes they are half siblings but due to the age gap and jealousy Sammy felt towards her younger sister they were never close. Sammy used to pretend Meg’s mom was the maid so she never accepted the second marriage nor the off spring of that marriage. She even gloats at the end of her memoirs that she has got daddy dearest all to herself again and never have two people deserved each other as much!!

    • kelleybelle says:

      And it was only after Meghan began dating Harry that Meghan became “my sister.” Before that Sam wanted nothing to do with her. #Meghanhasnosiblings

  36. Mrs. Smith says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Tom win a modest lottery and used those funds to pay for Meg’s high school and college? In other words, Meg and Doria lived on a budget and when Meg turned 13, she got a job at an ice cream parlor for extra cash. With Tom’s help after the lotto win, she was able to go to a private high school and a nice college. The rest was all up to Meghan and her work ethic (which was instilled by Doria as a loving and hard working mom). I hope Meghan is able to get a permanent restraining order to protect her and her family from this lunatic. How scary!

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      He won the lottery in 1990. Meghan was 9. He filed for bankruptcy in ’91 and ’93. We don’t actually know how much/if any Bad Dad contributed to Meghan’s education. Maybe he did. A lot of private schools(grade/high school level too) offer scholarships to promising students. Bad Dad does not seem like someone who was very good with money.imo I don’t know how true it is-it was said he invested a large chunk of the lotto money in a failed jewelry business.

      • equality says:

        He also said himself that he used some of the money to set Tom Jr up in business and buy Sam a car. He only won 750,000 before taxes.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mrs. Smith, certainly that’s what Scammy wants you to believe. Since she has a track record of lying, I wouldn’t put much stock in what she says. I think if you do a little research you’ll discover that scholarships, work study and jobs is how I remember that college was paid for by Meghan. I read that T Sr. won a lottery, but if you think he spent all of that money on Meghan, I’ve got ocean view property in Nevada to sell to you. Both Tom and Scammy have lied and lied. The British tabloids have repeated those lies, so now there are people who believe the lies. This lawsuit is probably the worst idea Scammy has ever had. She better hope that the Judge dismisses it and it’s done, because if this goes forward her lies are going to be outed in a spectacular way.

      • Debbie says:

        Yeah, people always conveniently forget that Tom gave some of his lottery winnings to Jr. and Scammy. The half-siblings never stress that part, just that he paid for part of Meg’s schooling with some of his winnings, Scamantha dropped out of high school and never went to college so there’s that too she never mentions.

    • Emmitt says:

      Toxic Tom won a “lottery” in 1990. He gave $100K to Scam and $100K to Jailbird Jr. and blew the rest on an “investment” with his friend. He filed for bankruptcy twice before Meghan went to college. Meghan would’ve been paying out of state tuition to Northwestern, which would’ve been pricey. There is no way Toxic paid for Meghan’s college tuition. He may have paid a little of it, but certainly not the whole tuition/room/board.

      This man went bankrupt twice in less than 10 years…does he seem like he had the money to pay a pricey out of state college tuition?

      • Tessa says:

        I take it that Sam and Tom Jr went through their shares very quickly. Tom apparently moved to Mexico because of financial problems or so I read.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Emmitt, he had an encore bankruptcy filing in 2016 too. $26,000 on a Discover card was part of it. That’s a lot of McDonald’s cheeseburgers & fries.

    • Gabby says:

      Mrs. Smith, you are correct. I would also like to add that Toxic Tom had his friend somehow claim the lottery winnings on his behalf in order to hide the funds from Doria. I wonder if there divorce wasn’t final at the time.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Their divorce was finalized in 1987.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Proving that he wasn’t planning on paying a dime towards Meghan until he was forced by the courts. Which he was.

  37. aquarius64 says:

    Let’s call it for what it is. The Markle leeches were expecting a come up – access to an affluent lifestyle – when Meghan married Harry. When Meghan didn’t let the money flow, that when they went in hard. Scammy better hope this gets thrown because her and Bad Dad will be under more scrutiny in an American court. Daddy will have to come up with receipts showing how he paid for Meghan’s education (and his tax returns because you get credit for paying for college). If Meghan gives permission for Northwestern to release her financial aid info and if it shows Daddy didn’t pay the 100% they’ve claimed… Let’s not get started about high school. If Meghan was on scholarship that blows up the claims Daddy paid for all of that too. Or that he was under court order to pay and was not voluntary. That lottery money that was allegedly use to pay, Daddy will have to show his federal tax returns. Lottery winnings is classified as income.

    • HeatherC says:

      Even if he paid for all her elementary/high school schooling that doesn’t mean crap, especially in the US where it can be made a court order in a custody/child support ruling. Especially if he had any award money, he could have been legally obligated to set aside a certain amount for a minor child’s schooling/expenses. No dad of the year award for this one.

    • kelleybelle says:

      I believe Doria insisted on Meghan’s education being covered in their divorce settlement. The greasy bastard never gave up a dime he didn’t have to.

    • Formerly Lithe says:

      Frankly I’d be embarrassed for Meghan if she put any effort into this. Haters aren’t going to suddenly see the light. That ship sailed a year ago. Pretty much any effort M put into invalidating the claims will be obnoxiously reframed as her using her wealth and power to beat up on a struggling disabled older relative. I would hope M sees this would fuel a fresh wave of toxic headlines, interviews, etc. Maximum indifference is the best approach imo. Let her team do the bare minimum to swat this away without giving Scammy anything with which to generate fresh interest in herself.

  38. HeyKay says:

    Boy oh boy, do people wonder why Meghan distanced herself from most of her birth family?
    What a skeevy bunch, that half sister plus her Dad selling anything they can think of to invent about her, childhood pics, etc.
    Nasty. Really nasty so called family.

  39. Agreatreckoning says:

    Samantha should sue herself for thinking that hate bots/accounts buy books.

  40. kelleybelle says:

    Tabloid BS, nothing more. The Scammer has no case. And since when did this old slag ever try to get jobs? lol And why is her “book” thing now being called an autobiography? Too funny. Just a bitter old woman who is jealous of Meghan’s success and beauty while Scam looks like Dobbin’s bag.

  41. Luna17 says:

    Man she is crazy. I don’t think Meghan ever said she grew up poor, I think it’s obvious she was at least middle class and had some college fund since she went to an out of state college and not community college or local one. Catholic schools are usually pretty reasonable for private schools I thought. Also when Meghan was a kid, middle class was a thing, even in LA. Three decades later of Reganomics only the wealthy can do private schools and own homes in expensive cities and the previous middle class are barely scraping by and needing assistance but that wasn’t the case as much in the 80s and 90s. Times were different. Also having much older half siblings isn’t the same as being raised with siblings around your age. Geez this side of the family is ridiculous.

  42. MM2 says:

    Some of the comments on here are funny as hell. Stupid lawsuit but that happens a lot. Now I do have a serious question is this a US or UK lawsuit? In the US won’t Samantha have trouble proving she’s not a public figure, especially when your damage claim is lost book sales. She is definitely more infamous than famous, but that’s still a public figure. The UK is a bit more friendly on defamation and privacy laws than the US when it comes to public figures. It’s why the Sussexes are generally suing in the UK. There are some good laws in California about privacy and celebrity kids, but otherwise we are kind of behind legally on that. I also don’t think Meghan claims poor horrible childhood. In the Oprah interview she said she lost her father over this. That implies at one point she was close to him. I remember pre Harry interviews her talking about going on sets with her father after school, specifically Married with Children and she spoke fondly of it. That part does make me sad. It’s not Meghan’s fault, it’s her Dads. Still it’s a shame it ended that way for her.

    • Emmitt says:

      The lawsuit was filed in Florida.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        In Florida, in Federal Court. I’ve chuckling since I heard about the lawsuit. Scammy is truly a human being with no redeeming features. By filing this lawsuit, she proves she’s an idiot.

  43. aquarius64 says:

    There is a statute of limitations to sue for defamation and it varies from state to state. In CA it’s one year from publication or reporting so it explains the timing. Also the burden of proof is on Samantha in a US defamation suit. She has to produce empirical evidence that her book sales tanked because of the Oprah interview. She also has to prove where she was turned down for specific jobs because of the interview. As for the name change she flashed some document in some paper. She will have to produce the official document (state seal and all). If any document is fake game over. Frankly I don’t see the name of a lawyer for Scammy. If this goes thru Meghan’s lawyer will carve her up.

    • mm2 says:

      Above someone said it was filed in Florida, which is less friendly to public figures. Even Samantha could be considered a public figure and especially with her damage claim being book sales. It’s possible the case won’t be preliminarily dismissed. I doubt Meghan would lose, but it could go on a bit, as stranger things have happened. I just don’t see how saying you have never had a relationship with your half-sister is defaming, but unfortunately, that is not a legal reason to dismiss. It’s not defamation to lie on tv about someone else, it depends on what was said. Even if Meghan may not have all the facts exactly on when she last was with Samantha, etc. that is technically not defamation. This is why some of the defamation suits against Bill Cosby haven’t gone anywhere. If a victim said Cosby raped me Cosby saying that didn’t happen would probably not be considered defamation in a court of law, but Cosby saying the victim is a lying (*(* would probably legally be considered defamation. One you have to infer the idea and the other comes out and says it. Also, as far as Samantha having to prove a job was withheld, etc. That only comes out in the penalty phase. It’s possible to win defamation, but have small punitive damages assessed. Like I said I doubt she will win based on what Meghan said. My guess is she is going to say Meghan and her team should have known the media would use this interview to defame them, but I don’t think that will fly very far. Lots of dumb cases lately in the courts. This is just another one. We need to find a way to make them go away or actually punish people who file stupid ones. Technically judges can do this but they rarely do. I still can’t believe the Nirvana baby suit is still out there. That is so old and stupid, and it seemed like it was completely dismissed but the judge gave him one more chance to refile and he did. It’s a waste of time and money for our courts.

  44. Charfromdarock says:

    On a completely superficial level, who would ever guess that they have the same father?

    Meghan is so beautiful. I can’t see any resemblance between them.

  45. ariel says:

    I read an article about her book. It was so good- the article that is.
    It talks about the more she tries to prove how awful her sister is- for…. as a teen asking the newly back at home 30-something to put the top back on the toothpaste- the crazy woman was like- what about respect for elders??
    The more crazy woman tried to prove her sister was awful, resented her, was bitter- the more she proved herself to be those things.
    This is a woman that does not speak to her mother or her daughter- and takes zero responsibility for any of the estrangements in his life.

    I can’t wait to see her answer discovery.

    Also, Meghan’s attorney gave a brilliant- minimal attention- statement. Distain, but minimal annoyance. It was perfection.

    If this woman wasn’t so awful, hateful, obviously after money- i would *almost* feel sorry for her.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Just think about that. When 11yo Meghan was writing Proctor and Gamble, Scammy was a 28 yo, already married/divorced/ parent yet she was resenting this child. It’s just so crazy.

  46. ohrhilly says:

    To quote Silk Sonic, “This b*tch…”

  47. Barbie1 says:

    Samantha and her daddy are seriously disturbed. It must be her dream come true to scream at Meghan in court. And get the paps to pay attention to her again.

  48. Sour Pasoa says:

    THOSE Karen genes, are mighty strong. Who knew

  49. L4Frimaire says:

    This woman is so toxic and tedious. This is just posturing and distraction. The amount of nasty, slanderous lies she’s said about her sister to the press all these years, and she has the audacity to sue. So what if Meghan called her a hoe? I’d be curious to see her contact with single purpose hate accounts and within KP, because once she’s under oath, it’s all gonna come out. As a side note, I have a much younger half-brother,born when I was in college. He lived with his mom, and grew up as an only child. You’d have to be deliberately obtuse not to get Meghan’s meaning. She grew up an only child and is Doria’s only child. As for Meghan tanking her book sales, no one wanted to read that basement newsletter. Is she serious?

    • Tessa says:

      That “book” was a blip on the radar. It caused the usual bots to get all “excited” but it was panned and copies were sent back to Amazon by those who wanted to read it. It was also self published. She probably had to pay to get it published and lost money doing so. It was all on her.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Of course she had to self-publish. It was garbage and full of lies and typos. It reads like a 6th Grade class trip report. Actually not as good as that. Zero understanding of punctuation or grammar. Painful, the tiny bit I read on Amazon’s “look inside” feature. What I did read turned my stomach.

  50. AC says:

    Her fathers side is all trash!

  51. SUNNYVILE says:

    For fks sake how the fk is this vile snake still doing this??🤯I thought she’d stop after her fake accident lie got her into trouble with police who were investigating her false claims. I really hope Meghan counter sues her or at least gets a restraining order on her to not speak or get near Meghan

  52. Julia K says:

    She and Piers in this upcoming interview will not go well. They will feed off each other, united in mutual hatred for Meghan, things will get out of control and presto! Slander lawsuit for them both.

    • Tessa says:

      Piers is totally obsessed. He would not listen to anybody defending Meghan and stalked off the studio when someone did.

    • Cessily says:

      They have an interview coming up? He has a new employer, Makes me think that might be her benefactor also? Something is seriously shady with this entire thing including the timing.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I haven’t seen anything where it’s confirmed she’ll be on his show. It wouldn’t be surprising. PM’s new employer is his old employer-Rupert Murdoch-who now owns TMZ. The phone hacking gang is back together. Rebekah Brooks too. PM will also be doing things for The Sun and NY Post.

  53. Delphine says:

    This sad, psychotic, jealous, pathetic, narcissistic person is in for a reality check. Not only will this frivolous lawsuit get thrown out, Meghan has every right to sue her for defamation, slander, libel, harassment, and stalking. Wipe the floor indeed.

    • Tessa says:

      Meghan was too kind. She could have put out a restraining order after Samantha followed her to London and waited outside the home Meghan and harry shared (fortunately I don’t think Harry and Meghan were home). It also is scary since they have two small children now.

  54. Misskitten says:

    Samantha didn’t JUST change her name back to Markle after Meghan married Harry, she even dyed her hair dark brown! Most likely in a psycho attempt to RESEMBLE Meghan even more.

  55. Misskitten says:

    I do have to admit, it seriously burns my ass, knowing how much enjoyment and ENERGY Samantha no doubt gets from all the Meghan-hating.

  56. Tessa says:

    The DM coverage is gross with bots “rooting for” Sam. This is the Same Samantha who followed her half sister to the UK and sat outside Meghans and Harry’s home with cameras around And Sam cannot even get along with her own mother and her own children.

  57. aquarius64 says:

    I think the Fail is bankrolling this lawsuit. The Markles were weaponized to discredit Meghan and try to compel her to give an exclusive to Pus or some other RR. Meghan answered by taking ANL to the cleaners. When Bad Dad couldn’t sue for visitation of the kids it looked like a rap. The British tabloids spent a lot of money on these clowns for three years and got nothing. They’re banking on family drama on US shores. Obviously they don’t understand US law (see Andrew). Federal judges have no patience for frivolous lawsuits.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      aquarius64, I think the judge should be encouraged to read Scammy’s book. He’d definitely throw the case out. I’m a retired paralegal and I always liked Federal Court. They keep a case moving. You’re speakin’ truth–frivolous lawsuits take up time which could have been spent on a case that has merit. Who in the world told her this was a good idea? She’s a bonafide idiot.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        LOL Saucy&Sassy. Craig Brown’s Spectator review of her book alone would be a trip itself for him to read. That review was deservedly harsh. He did a great job of sliding in a comparison of Twisted Sister Sam to Bette Davis’ character in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. I don’t remember if he referred to Samantha as off kilter or off her rocker. Or both. The smoking gun for the judge would be the blueberries story. Loved Brown’s completely logical comment about that. That review was more defamatory than anything Madame Duchess has ever stated.

  58. Julia K says:

    If Samantha thinks Meghan will settle a nuisance suit out of court for 75 thou just to make it go away before the Jubilee, she is in for a long wait. Meghan doesn’t mess around. See you in court.

  59. ElleE says:

    Why isn’t TMZ covering this like, “you think that your relatives are horrible? Meghan Markle’s trashy family members continue to try to cash in on the former actress’s and now have cut out the middlemen as are suing her for cash. The latest chapter in Markle’s living nightmare, her half-sister is trying to drag her into court just so she can get Meghan to actually look at her as she hasn’t done so in nearly 2 decades.”

    (Seriously. Why just sort of read from the complaint? Put some spice on that trash!)

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      ElleE, look up “Samantha Markle and lawsuit” and you’ll find an article in The Cut. You’ll enjoy it. I suspect there are more as the US media outlets see right through this crap.

  60. Anne says:

    Why is it that in almost every photo of Samantha, she’s got that head tilt thing going on? I know she has a neuro-degenerative illness, is it that? Or is she trying to cosplay the Diana head tilt?

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I was wondering the same. It looks terribly affected and weird.

    • kelleybelle says:

      She does not have an illness, she has a spinal cord injury. Her own mother has verified this. The MS is a lie.

    • Debbie says:

      Funny, I thought that cockamamie head tilt was due to arrogance, entitlement and privilege.

  61. Suzanne+Hurley says:

    I really wish a good investigative reporter could get to the bottom of the ‘money’. I wish they could find out who is funding Samantha in this lawsuit – the Daily Mail? Wootton? The Palace? She knows she won’t win – but that isn’t the point – whoever funded her to do this is doing it so the Daily Fail and all the UK tabloids can write garbage and lies about Meghan again. It’s so tiring. Just like someone funded Thomas to appear at Oprah’s home, asking for an interview. Who is behind all of this? They’re ‘over’ Andrew now and it’s right back to Meghan. And all she did was marry a man she loved and continued her good work. I wish I had the skills to get to the bottom of all this. THAT is the real story. But my heart breaks for Meghan who has to endure this daily abuse constantly.

    • Julia K says:

      Is the money man Piers Morgan? He hates Meghan with a passion and has booked Samantha as a guest.

    • SourcesclosetoKate says:

      I’m with you Suzanne. Wish someone would get to the bottom of this and put an end to it once and for all. I am tired of the doctored conversations and image these people put out.

  62. Jaded says:

    I’d be interested in seeing how Piss Moron treats Scammy if she is appearing on his show, because in the past he’s lambasted her frequently. In fact in 2018, here’s what he said to her:

    “You’re doing a book called “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister”. You’ve been trashing her for two years, you little vulture.”

    “There’s no bigger media vulture than you, is there, Ms. Markle?” he asked.

    “You say this is all the media’s fault, because the media has been treating him [Thomas Markle] in a shabby way, many of our viewers may have watched your activities and think you have treated your sister Meghan in a very shabby way.”

    He continued: “You’ve spent the last two years criticizing her, you called her a narcissist, selfish, that Hollywood changed her and that Prince Harry shouldn’t marry her, yet you have the gall to blame media vultures.”

    It would be great to see him take her down again — she’s so transparently craven that even though he’s been dragging Meghan for years, I think Scammy is a much easier target to for him to destroy.

    • Tessa says:

      Morgan is going to continue IMO to campaign against Meghan. Someone should go on his show and show him the quotes he made about Samantha. But he would probably just rush out of the studio again in a snit like he did when someone defended Meghan.

    • Debbie says:

      I’m all for someone dragging Scamantha, but most of those quotes could well apply to Piss Morgan too, you know.

  63. Tessa says:

    Sam alienated her own mother and her own children. If she had been a decent human being she would have had her family around. And they could have done an intervention. She is out for money like her father is and he would be of no help to her either. I have no pity for her though.

  64. LaraW” says:

    Wow. The actual complaint is really not about the Oprah interview at all.

    I think this was drafted by the DM. Almost all of Samantha’s allegations are based on what was published in Finding Freedom; she refers to the emails submitted by Knauf several times and SHE INCLUDES A COPY OF AN EMAIL AS AN EXHIBIT. I don’t think I’ve seen this email before. Can someone verify?

    URL (delete the spaces): ht tps :// storage. courtlistener. com/ recap/ gov. uscourts. flmd. 399340/ gov. uscourts. flmd. 399340. 1. 2. pdf

    And the stuff about Meghan “lying” about her background (Catholic school, etc) are not related to Samantha’s claims at all.

    Some of the supposedly defamatory statements made by Meghan:

    Samantha dropped out of high school.
    Meghan and Samantha didn’t see each other often and they didn’t really have a relationship.
    Samantha had three children by three different fathers.
    There is only one picture of Samantha and Meghan.
    Samantha wasn’t invited to Meghan’s first wedding.

    Umm… these aren’t anywhere close to defamatory? Also there are some weird, evasive reasons she offers as to why the statements are false. For the “Samantha changed her name to Markle when Meghan started dating Harry,” Samantha’s response is that she never stopped “using” her maiden name (despite admitting that legally, she went by Grant and Rasmussen when she was married). And that her three children do not have three different fathers because Samantha was only married twice…

    I just. Whut.

    • Julia K says:

      I wonder if this lawsuit isn’t about Megan’s lawyers being able to question Samantha under oath, it’s about Samantha ‘ s team being able to get Meghan on the stand, to the benefit of the DM and others.

      • nina says:

        All I will say to that is be careful what you wish for.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @nina, KP/BM should be careful of what they wish for. If I were a lawyer or someone in collusion with Samantha who the f*ck knows what last name she is going by at the moment, I would be afraid. Meghan has receipts.

        There is a part of me that believes that the British Media wants Madame Duchess on the stand to expose all the lies they’ve been withholding/protecting.

        Stand up people have stood up for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Samantha’s “fans” are hate accounts and members of the British Media that have been demonstrated liars. Madame Duchesses’ lawyers said the right thing. It wouldn’t have been lawyerly to say, Bye Felicia.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      That email Exhibit 1? I believe that was the email Knauf submitted in Meghan’s ANL lawsuit. I didn’t do a comparison to see if anything changed. I think it was Wootton who interviewed Samantha in Nov/Dec 2021 and asked if she was going to sue. The Fail does seem to have their hands in a lot of the bullf&ckery.

      Is that normal stuff to be included/laid out in a filing/complaint? It read like a deranger manifesto.

      Her explanations for things are very curiously worded. If I’m remembering correctly, she never actually said she didn’t drop out of high school. She said she missed school due to an injury and went on to graduate. That could easily mean she dropped out of high school, got her GED and then graduated with a 2 year college. Which, a lot of people do for different reasons.

      The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that the “bullying investigation” went south/nowhere because it was a lie to begin with and the BM/BRF? decided to go with Meghan lied about her half sister that wrote a book that included Princess Pushy in the title. As IF that’s not defamatory. FYI BM/BRF Meghan has receipts.

      • LaraW” says:

        Thanks, AGreatReckoning. I’d thought most of the emails Jason had submitted weren’t released to the public. As for the exhibits, it’s standard practice to include them. It’s not uncommon for some of the really big lawsuits involving mulitnational corporations to have filings with 50+ exhibits.

        Samantha’s complaint is drafted for maximum media coverage to smear Meghan, not to defend Samantha’s reputation. All of the headlines have been about how Meghan lied about HER OWN background, not that she defamed Samantha. Also if Samantha had truly been serious about the lawsuit, she would’ve filed it against Scobie and Durand (or at the very least named them as parties in the lawsuit), since most of her claims of defamation are from their book. Her entire argument relies on the premise that Meghan made the allegedly defamatory statements because of the email she wrote to Jason.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        LaraW”, the Fail only printed parts that suited their narrative. Most media outlets did not print the full emails. Truth sleuthers found and shared the full content/context on social media. H & M’s reluctance in participating in a book by Scobie & Durand was evident. I phrase it as a book -not Finding Freedom-because in late 2018, Finding Freedom would not have been the title of that book. That title would not have come up at that time. January 2020 is when the big stepping down announcement was made. Sorry for digressing. It’s been a point of annoyance for me.

        So Samantha was participating in a hundred million (exaggeration) interviews as soon as she found out Meghan was dating Harry. The emails with Knauf were more or less things Meghan wanted refuted from things Samantha said. Plus some other details. The Fail published an article in 2016, supposedly from other members of Samantha’s family, her Mom & brother, saying don’t believe anything Samantha says. She’s a liar and is chasing the money. Meghan is a good person. Wootton was working for the Sun back then not the Fail. I’m mentioning him because he’s recently said Samantha hasn’t lied to him. Since the truth is a lie to him, lying would be the truth to him. I’m blathering again.

        aquarius64 mentioned the name thing below. If Samantha’s legal last name is not Markle but Rasmussen, does that effect the filing of the lawsuit if it’s filed under her non legal name? I do know that in February 2020 that Samantha and her partner, Mark Phillips, filed a lawsuit against someone. Samantha’s suit was filed under the last name of Rasmussen. I don’t know how this all works. There seems to be something very performative about this lawsuit. The law firm doesn’t specialize in libel/defamation cases nor does it list one of their attorneys as being someone in that area as being a specialist. It ultimately, imo, looks like Samantha (and whoever else) refuting Meghan correcting lies that her sick, twisted half sister told about her while being paid for said lies.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Scammer actually has four children from three fathers.

  65. Lady Digby says:

    Meg said it in her last letter to daddy undearest “your other daughter, whom I barely know!!!” Beautifully succinct diss!!

  66. Stacey Dresden says:

    Scammy’s gonna scam…

  67. aquarius64 says:

    Tin foil tiara: while I think the BM is bankrolling the lawsuit to relitigate Letter-gate, I now think Scammy is not so much a willing partner now. She’s bringing her grievances to a venue where she will face tougher scrutiny where she would look worse and going for little money? That legal loss in the UK really had to sting and they were counting on Bad Dad for the win. I see an ultimatum: file the lawsuit or we’ll expose Bad Dad faked the heart attack to stop the wedding and we’ll used the scrubbed Australian interview of his confession as proof of intent. No one will believe you and Jr. didn’t know. We will tell the world to the pound how much we paid you, Dad and Jr for pictures and vicious interviews over the past three to four years. This will not go over well, especially with the IRS. Finally we got religion because the MetPolice is investigating the Sussexes’ social media trolls in the UK and your name came up on the Bot Sentinel report. A connection?

    Theses revelations would ruin the Three Stooges to the end of time, particularly Toxic Tom. Scammy’s “love” for him is so twisted she would go this distance.

  68. nina says:

    I hope Meghan counter sues and shut her down for good.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I hope that she doesn’t and her lawyer’s just handle things. As Poirot said, “Hastings, do you think I play the games?: (with a head shake of no from Poirot). Answering himself, “I think not.”.

    • equality says:

      Counter-suing would just drag things out and Sam wouldn’t ever pay anything out.

  69. Agreatreckoning says:

    That email Exhibit 1? I believe that was the email Knauf submitted in Meghan’s ANL lawsuit. I didn’t do a comparison to see if anything changed. I think it was Wootton who interviewed Samantha in Nov/Dec 2021 and asked if she was going to sue. The Fail does seem to have their hands in a lot of the bullf&ckery.

    Is that normal stuff to be included/laid out in a filing/complaint? It read like a deranger manifesto.

    Her explanations for things are very curiously worded. If I’m remembering correctly, she never actually said she didn’t drop out of high school. She said she missed school due to an injury and went on to graduate. That could easily mean she dropped out of high school, got her GED and then graduated with a 2 year college. Which, a lot of people do for different reasons.

    The conspiracy theorist in thinks that the “bullying investigation” went south/nowhere because it was a lie to begin with and the BM/BRF? decided to go with Meghan lied about her half sister that wrote a book that included Princess Pushy in the title. As IF that’s not defamatory. FYI BM/BRF Meghan has receipts.

    • kelleybelle says:

      She got pregnant in high school I thought, and that child is Bobby, whom her mother raised.

  70. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    I wonder how members of the royal family would feel if all this nonsense was done publicly to them, but of course you know they would use taxpayer money to put an end to it completely.

  71. aquarius64 says:

    Just found a problem with Scammy’s name change claim. There is a legal document online that she petitioned a judge to change her name – but it was for her FIRST name. She was called to change from her birth name of Yvonne Marie Markle to Samantha Marie Markle. The document doesn’t show the year. However when Scammy did an interview with the Fail about being on the fixated persons list. DM showed correspondence from her lawyer and the Met Police. The police letter to the lawyer referred to his/her client as Mrs. Samantha RASMUSSEN. This was 2019. I’m certain Meghan’s lawyers has documentation about that. Now Scammy files this bogus lawsuit under her maiden name. If Markle is not legally her last name she’s going to be in trouble.. More trouble if she presents documents for the name change that are not legitimate.