Duchess Meghan could be ‘forensically challenged’ in Samantha Markle’s lawsuit?

As we discussed last week, Samantha Grant/Markle is “suing” her half-sister, the Duchess of Sussex. The lawsuit sounds nuisance-y and like Samantha has zero standing to actually sue Meghan over anything. Samantha claims that Meghan lied and misrepresented her childhood and that Meghan’s lies somehow affected the sales of Samantha’s sad little book. The whole thing reads like a Piers Morgan fever dream. I expect this lawsuit to get thrown out of court and Meghan and her lawyers are treating it the same way. When the lawsuit was announced, Meghan’s lawyer Michael Kump told TMZ: “This baseless and absurd lawsuit is just a continuation of a pattern of disturbing behavior. We will give it the minimum attention necessary, which is all it deserves.” As in, the judge will laugh this sh-t out of court. But according to the British tabloids, Meghan could be “forensically challenged” about the Oprah interview. LOL.

The Duchess of Sussex faces being quizzed under oath after her half-sister Samantha Markle sued her for defamation. Meghan could be forced to sit for a legal deposition by lawyers representing Samantha, whose claim centres on the sensational interview the Duchess and Prince Harry gave to Oprah Winfrey last year.

A source close to the case says Meghan’s 57-year-old sibling intends to “forensically challenge” every aspect of the interview with Oprah. If she succeeds, it raises the prospect of Meghan, 40, being directly asked which senior royal she was referring to when she made claims of racism.

The source said: “Nothing is off-limits if the Duchess is deposed. Samantha’s lawsuit focuses heavily on claims made by the Duchess when she spoke to Oprah. They include details on how little Meghan says she knew her half-siblings, but also about the life she had when growing up. Samantha, who shares the same dad with Meghan, does not recognise much of what the Duchess said and wants to challenge it all by making her sister sit for a deposition. Everything will be forensically challenged. For sure, Samantha hopes Meghan will be tested on all aspects of the Oprah programme, including claims she made about the royals.”

Today, US magistrate Thomas Wilson filed an order detailing “discovery motion requirements”. He said the process “shall include quotation in full of each interrogatory, question on deposition, request for admission or request for production to which the motion is addressed”.

[From The Daily Mirror]

Does the “source” also know that Samantha will be forensically challenged too? That her words and actions over the past five years will be front and center, that she was getting paid to do all of those nasty interviews on British television? Will Samantha be asked about all of the interview and paparazzi set-ups she did for her toxic father as well? You know what else strikes me? This lawsuit would have conceivably had more “teeth” coming from Thomas Markle. He would have arguably had more to say about how Meghan grew up and the family finances. So… why isn’t Thomas involved? Is it because even Toxic Tom knows this is a fool’s errand? Is it because Samantha is involved in some kind of “special project” at the behest of one of the British tabloids?

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  1. Merricat says:

    Lol, what an idiot she is. She must have money to lose; no sane judge would allow this to move forward.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      She doesn’t have money, but the BRF and tabloids do. I mean, this is UK based bs source… the US doesn’t have “magistrates,” we have *jurists/judges.* They’ve also conveniently forgotten the 1A.

      Insert epic eye roll here.

      • YaGotMe says:

        The US does use magistrates for small offenses – it is less costly to adjudicate things like animal control citations etc.

        Having said that this lawsuit is clearly a money grab but I’m hoping it may shed some light into the dark corners.

      • Becks1 says:

        We definitely have magistrate judges especially in the federal system so that part isn’t off.

      • MissMarirose says:

        This case was filed in federal court. Federal magistrate judges handle this type of case all the time. The First Amendment only applies to government prohibitions on speech. It has nothing to do with actions between private citizens.

    • Persephone says:

      She is probably being financed by someone behind the scenes for some nefarious purpose(s).

      • The Hench says:

        My money is on the Fail. They wanted a court case before in order to have the opportunity to force Meghan to answer questions which they could then spin story after story from. Do we think this is their alternative attempt?

      • Mac says:

        My money is on the Fail, too. They are desperate for her to name the racist.

      • Selene says:

        Yes @the hench, I agree. If you take the Scooby-Doo mask off of Samantha, there’s the Daily Fail.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think its the Fail too. They think this is their way of getting all the dirt (from the godparents to who was at her baby shower etc) and they also get to write countless stories about it.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I agree that the Fail is funding Scammy with her lawsuit as no attorney would take this case without a sizable retainer, as he is going up against a Duchess no less!! Scammy doesn’t have any of her own money and she was probably contacted by the Fail to file this ridiculous lawsuit. Why would Scammy include discovery on who was racist towards her from the BRF? That has nothing to do with Scammy herself. Everything else is just noise/bullshit.

      • I agree. It’s the Daily Fail. They’re out to get back at the Sussexes. Their parent company Associated Newspaper lost to Meghan in court twice. Prince Harry is suing the same company for libel. They’re out to draw blood from the Sussexes.

    • Brit says:

      Sam has to be very desperate for money. She’s not getting booked or interviewed at all. Everyone knows her, her brother and father are losers. I still think they’re losers but the desperation to be in Meghan’s presence and acknowledged by her has to be more than just being grifters who want to cash in. I think the tabloids are pressuring them as well especially her father. Those tabloids want access and leaks about their biggest money maker in decades at all cost.

      • Merricat says:

        I don’t think the “desperation to be in Meghan’s presence” is about anything but commerce. As it has always been.

      • C says:

        People like this – irrational, malignant narcissists – take their failures personally. It’s why she was literally stalking Meghan physically. It’s not just about money.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    The people who think this case is going to go anywhere are Sacmmy and the stupid British press.

    • Chloe says:

      The british press knows its not going anywhere. They’re just hoping it does .

    • Lili says:

      Don’t forget the derangers, i saw the same cries on twitter for Meghan to care of her poor disabled sister

      • Chloe says:

        Why should she care for the other daughter when the other daughter couldn’t care less about meg?

        Lol Samantha is bitter and jealous and probably always has been of meghan.

        She doesn’t deserve the time of the day

      • equality says:

        Tell them, if they feel that badly for her, they can start a go-fund-me and help her out themselves.

      • Mac says:

        Meghan and Samantha have never had a relationship, Meghan told Oprah she hadn’t seen her in in 18 years, and the last time she did see her was after 10 years with no contact. She knows nothing about Meghan’s childhood.

      • Cessily says:

        She has several adult children, they can take care of her.. ooh forgot they have nothing to do with her either🙄.. I believe it was her mother and daughter who claimed she is abusive in an interview. Her history with family relationships makes this even more of a joke.

    • equality says:

      They don’t care if it goes anywhere as long as Meghan has to testify in some way. For some reason they see just having her testify as a win because she didn’t have to testify in the DM case. It makes you wonder if they start to believe their own propaganda.

    • yinyang says:

      Why is british press degrading themselves like this, don’t they know it makes the entire uk look bad? Is this how it ends.

  3. Lorelei says:

    “Forensically Challenged??” What the…?

    I honestly can’t believe there’s an attorney who will still take Samantha on as a client at this point because she has no money to pay a lawyer, her claims are batshit insane, and she never wins, ever.

    (Maybe an attorney thinks “any publicity is good publicity but I beg to disagree and believe that most people would go out of their way to NOT hire someone who represented her.)

  4. Brit says:

    I have no doubt the Markle siblings will be like Mariah Carey’s siblings and keep suing her as the years go on. That is the only way they’ll have any sort of connection with her and even then, this lawsuit will be a waste of time and that’s why she’s clearly hoping for a payout. All that noise, all those interviews and insults didn’t lead to anything. These people are dumb and it reeks of desperation.

    • Lili says:

      Thanks for that TIdbit i didn’t realise Scammy is following Maiah Carey siblings playbook suing her after she released a memoir

  5. girl_ninja says:

    What a load of bull. That trash family is so nauseating and shameless. I hope that Samantha woman humiliates herself even further.

  6. Julie says:


    Kyle Rittenhouse will learn the same thing with his lawsuits. All that stuff the judge kept from the jury, is fair game in a PI.

    • Lady D says:

      Good to know. I can’t stand that little weasel Rittenhouse. His mother should be up on charges too.

      • schmootc says:

        That kid really is a weasel, isn’t he? I just hope the next time he gets brought up on charges (you just know it’s going to happen) it’s for something less serious than murder. I’d like him to go to jail, but not if it’s because he’s killed someone again. I can totally see that happening, since he clearly hasn’t learned anything from the experience, but I hope not.

  7. Wiglet Watcher says:

    What a life where you obsessively hate a half sibling for existing and being happy far away from you after you cut them out of your own life and family.

    This is just a plant by the paper that gives this attention and gets the “scoops.” Nothing more.

  8. Scorpion says:


    The discovery phase is about to be a hoot and a half.

    Grab your popcorn, children.

    • Tiredt says:

      There probably won’t even be a discovery phase. This lawsuit will most likely be thrown out before it even begins. There’s just nothing there. Judges don’t like their time being wasted.

      This is like the Thomas situation all over again with the DF lawsuit…more click bait headline but no substance. And just like before it was simple from the beginning. This will go no where.

  9. MonieInTheMiddle says:

    “But according to the FANTASIES of the British tabloids, this could be ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE CRAP UP AND SCORE MORE HEADLINES FOR THEIR TRASHY NEWSPAPERS AND READERS…. following the lashing they took from the Oprah interview. LOL.

    ^^ Fixed it for you.

  10. Cessily says:

    The blueberry incident is all I will ever need to know about this person.. she was an adolescent/adult seething with jealousy and hatred because the new baby was an obstacle for “Daddy’s love”. That is not normal behavior.

    • lahdidahbaby says:

      What was the blueberry incident? Enquiring minds want to know!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Me too! I am not familiar with the blueberry incident.

      • Lou says:

        Apparently when Meghan was a baby (as in not even 1 year old) she threw blueberries in the kitchen and Thomas thought it was funny. But Samantha didn’t. She thought Meghan was spoiled and inconsiderate because she had to clean up after her.

        A BABY.
        Samantha is a fruit loop.

      • Apparently there was a passage in Scammy’s book where she describes how she, an adult, was angry at baby Meghan for throwing blueberries on the floor. Not even joking.

  11. blackfemmebot says:

    The obsession with getting M to be questioned under oath makes me believe the RR are bankrolling this nuisance suit. I have no doubt that Scammy is unhinged and obsessed with M but all of this reeks of the RR trying to get stories out of M through legal processes because they know it’s all they have left.

  12. Normades says:

    Someone is definitely paying those legal bills…and her.

  13. Snuffles says:

    What I get from this is that the tabloids put her up to this in another attempt to force a court case where they can interrogate Meghan and milk the fuck out of it for headlines and profit. They are still salty as fuck they never got their court case over the letter.

  14. Joanna says:

    Poor Meghan! Sam, get a life!

    • HeatherC says:

      That’s just it. She wants a life. Meghan’s life. And not only does she feel entitled to everything Meghan has and has earned but she’ll employ whatever means necessary to get it or at least ruin it for her sister. (If I can’t have it, no one can).

      Sam is possibly being used as a blunt object by the tabloids and RR but make no mistake, she is a willing and enthusiastic partner. If she can’t shame* Meghan into giving her what she wants, which is everything, then she’ll sue.

      (To be clear, Meghan has nothing to feel ashamed of and she doesn’t owe anyone anything, least of all the half sibs she barely knows)

    • yinyang says:

      Don’t worry. Meghan wins. Her d-list sister is making an a– out of herself. Exactly what she intended for Meghan she’s doing to herself.

  15. Athena says:

    Can the attorneys on the thread opine on the US magistrate filing an order regarding discovery requirements. Shouldn’t his consideration be Meghan’s attorneys request for dismissal.
    Who is Samantha to decide how Meghan remembers her life. Other than calling her “ your other daughter” and that she has not seen her or communicated with her in years Meghan has said nothing about Samantha.

    I don’t understand the British press obsession with how Meghan college tuition was financed. One of my children worked as a resident assistant for two years while in college, which provided free room and board, if he was to say in an interview that he worked to support himself in college that would not negate that we also financially supported him.
    Also, college tuition 22 years ago was not the astronomical amount it is today, and if Meghan was living with her mother when she applied for college, her financial aid package outside of any academic scholarship would have been based on her mother’s income.
    Also, a lot of teenagers in the US work part time, they babysit, work at Dunkin’ Donuts, summer camp counselors, etc, etc. I know kids with trust funds and grandparents who pay their college tuition and they still had part time jobs in High School. It feels like the person dictating this lawsuit is looking at it from a British prism.

  16. Izzy says:

    I mean… isn’t this a normal part of pre-trial discovery? It doesn’t mean the judge won’t laugh this case out of court once he sees what flimsy “evidence” Scammy has.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      I’m not an attorney just a retired paralegal, but this sounds like a case schedule was filed, so I think it’s just a procedural order. Once a motion to dismiss has been filed, then the Magistrate Judge will consider it. I’m not familiar with the local rules of the federal court in Florida, but I don’t think this is anything to write news articles about. Those who think the BM is behind this may be right. They should spend some time with an US attorney and learn a few things about our court system. They’re coming across as a bit … well, let’s just say they’re jonesying over nothing.

      • Izzy says:

        Update: I sent this article to a friend who is a litigator in Florida, she said this is fairly routine stuff and that this suit is likely to get tossed. No surprise.

  17. Jaded says:

    She is a malignant narcissist and because of that she will never stop harassing Meghan, and entities like the Fail will never stop using her to get clicks on their never-ending Meghan-bashing stories. Malignant narcissists can be ruthless in their pursuit of power, wealth, success, or recognition. When they want something, there may not be any line they’re unwilling to cross to get it, even at the direct expense of other people they say they care about. They will lie, manipulate, use, or even attack or discredit other people in order to get what they want. I’ve known several malignant narcs in my life — my sister was one, as was a co-worker who turned on me using all these tactics. Believe me, these people are scary. Even after I changed jobs the co-worker still tried everything in her power to ruin me. I ended up having to block her email, phone numbers, and warn my new co-workers not to put through her calls or let her into the office. She eventually got into trouble with the RCMP and left the country. Unfortunately, as long as the Fail has money they will continue to use Scammy to do their dirty work.

    • yinyang says:

      She is a true narcissist, she loves attention and will resort to acting like a clown to get it.

  18. Athena says:

    Google search: Thomas Wilson is a magistrate judge, United States District Court, Middle district of Florida. Magistrate judges are assigned duties by the district judges. They mostly handle civil cases which would otherwise be on the dockets of the district judges.

    This judge was appointed in 1979 so he has heard it all.

  19. HeyJude says:

    This is totally insane fiction, the ONLY thing Meghan will be deposed on if it gets that far (it won’t) are matters related to Samantha’s claims directly. It’s not an open ended inquisition. It has to related specifically to what Samantha said Meghan said about her that is supposedly untrue.

    What royal said what racist thing wouldn’t be included. Samantha has no grounds to ask that, she’s not the royal. Meghan’s council will immediately object to such a question as irrelevant and it will be sustained by the judge. There’s no standing for it. It’s outside the scope of the suit, it’s irrelevant.

    A civil lawsuit deposition isn’t a fishing expedition. In fact any court will shut down such attempts quickly and with extreme displeasure.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      HeyJude, I was always shocked at what the UK Judge allowed for discovery in the letter case. If the BM are expecting that to happen in the US? They’re going to be incandescent!

  20. Snarkle says:

    Question for the legal minds out there because I’m curious:

    Is there anything that can be done legally on Meghans end to stop the harassment from her family? A restraining order or gag order or ?

    There is so much online abuse happening by toxic people, whatever the pathology maybe. I wonder what standards have to be met and what protection options there are?

    • Christine says:

      I feel like Meghan is taking the give them enough rope to hang themselves strategy.

    • Duch says:

      If Samantha were to file lawsuit after lawduit against Meghan, each one frivolous, then the court would likely issue an order threatening contempt if another suit were filed. But it would have to be extreme. Normally what prevents a party from suing is the cost and the ability to find an atty willing to sue.

  21. jferber says:

    Without even reading this balderdash, I’m going to cherish the phrase “forensically challenged” for a long time, as in, “Don’t see it my way, do you? I’m forced to forensically challenge you!”

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      LOL. It does come off as a catchy little phrase. I have a relative that comes up with different ways of saying he has a hangover. Could easily hear him say, “Sorry I won’t be able to make it today. I’m forensically challenged.”.

  22. aquarius64 says:

    This piece of garbage should only be limited to what was said in the interview. The education ,the book was never mentioned.

    On January 2022 Someone on Twitter listed Scammy’s activities for the past 13 months. It’s a doozy. TOD apparently accused Meghan of bribing FL law enforcement and a judge to stop an investigation on Meghan. Scammy tried to get a FL state attorney disbarred for prosecutorial misconduct. Sam also cried her civil rights have been violated. That’s for starters.

    The response from Meghan’s lawyer now makes sense. I think the plan is to get this dismissed; but if they have to slog it out plan B is to show Scam has a pattern of abusing the legal system for harrassment and financial gain. If the judge rules some or all of Sam’s dirty deeds can be revealed to a jury it’s over.

    I agree the Fail is bankrolling Scam. They didn’t get a show trial from Meghan’s lawsuit against them so it wants payback. Bad Dad is not filing the suit because they know he’ll crack under cross examination. Also if it ends with a settlement the BM will spin as admission of guilt by Meghan, just like Andrew.

    • Christine says:

      Good Lord. Hasn’t anyone told her that the narcissist half-sister of Madame Duchess is not a protected class?

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      I can believe the Fail is behind this. They are seething from their double loss and Scummy has repeated the Fails talking points about the e-mails given to Jason Knauf and Meghan’s contributions to Finding Freedom. Although this sounds like a Fail wet dream, can some overly ambitious judge/magistrate seize this as an opportunity for fame and blow this up into something huge? I hope not.
      She must be desperate for money and hopes Meghan would settle just to be rid of her. Meghan’s lawyer’s statement is dripping with contempt and is unlikely to agree to a nuisance payment. Scummy seems more offended by not being acknowledged as a close family member that anything else.

      • LaraW” says:

        LOL this is not a lawsuit a judge would want to blow up. This is not the once-in-a-lifetime case a judge is interested in presiding over. This is a headache that they want to get rid of to move on to better things with more interesting legal questions.

  23. Julia K says:

    She has said that she has MS, but other articles I’ve read say she has never been diagnosed officially. Another source says she has a spinal cord injury from a fall. It’s difficult to qualify for disability without jumping thru all the hoops with a ton of paperwork and multiple doctors giving testimony, so someone knows the truth. It’s doing a real disservice to those who really are disabled from MS, if she is lying. Anyone know her condition?

  24. jferber says:

    Julia K, All I know is that I’ve seen pics of her in a wheelchair. Are you suggesting that the wheelchair is a ruse for sympathy and not legitimately needed? I don’t know either way, but Sam’s nickname IS Scam.

    • Jan says:

      She had a fall at a rental property and sued the landlord, lost the case, could not prove it happened at his property, then it was MS, she is quite litigious.
      She is famous for filing lawsuits. I think she filed against her youngest daughter, when she was removed.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Remember the story of her being famous for not filing a police report from a “car accident” because paparazzi were supposedly chasing her down for a photograph days before Harry & Meghan’s wedding? Yet, somehow her partner reported it to TMZ with a picture of Samantha sitting in her wheelchair at a hospital. They were reporting that her head hit the windshield, she was crumpled on the floor of the car and possibly broke her ankle and fractured her knee. The picture shared did not look like someone who just went through a harrowing incident or injured at all.

  25. yinyang says:

    God, if she needed money why not ask William and Kate, she has always been team “them” anyways. Her and Thomas need to learn better money management too.

  26. blunt talker says:

    The way Meghan saw her life as child growing is her own views-whether Scammy and Thomas like it or not -this is how Meghan saw things-a child of divorce growing up-If anyone thinks this private school is the best private school in LA-I got a bridge to sell you called the Golden GAte-Scammy the Scrub is one disgusting human being.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Is there a suggestion or an implication that Immaculate Heart High School is the best private girls school in L.A.? I’m sure it is considered at least good, or among the best, if not the most expensive and exclusive.

      In any case, it is now one of the most famous, which makes it prestigious, since Meghan Markle, HRH The Duchess of Sussex, Princess Henry of Wales, went there and graduated with distinction! LOL!

      The school has received mucho positive press as a result of being associated with Meg, and due to the fact she did so well there and was one of the school’s leaders during her time there. Certainly, she is idolized and deeply respected by staff and current students. She famously spoke to graduating students in 2020, and she’s surely been helpings with funding over the years. They definitely claim her with pride!

      Scammy can eat it! She is hoist by her own petard, and needs to disappear, get help, and leave Meg alone. DF needs to be bankrupted!

  27. LaraW” says:

    Complete non-story. The order re discovery is Judge Wilson’s standing order, basically telling attorneys he has his own specific requirements for discovery motions. Every single goddamn case assigned to him gets a copy of the standing order filed to the docket. The portion they quoted is laughably mundane.

    Also: not true that “nothing is off limits” if Meghan is deposed. Samantha’s claims that Meghan made defamatory statements have NOTHING to do with Meghan’s statements regarding the RF. Any discovery Samantha would take is limited to the alleged lies Meghan made ABOUT SAMANTHA and the effects of those statements on Samantha. No lawyer—and no judge—would allow Samantha to ask about every single aspect of the Oprah interview as a topic of deposition because it has absolutely no bearing on the case. What the hell does the name of the royal racist have to do with Samantha’s reputation? Nothing.

    If I were part of Meghan’s team, I’d be sorely tempted to argue moving the case to California just so I could file an Anti-SLAPP motion and then a subsequent SLAPPback.

    • Julia K says:

      Why are you up at 2am? Anyway, thank you for this reassurance that this will not be a hatchet job.

      • LaraW” says:

        Lol Julia K, I was up at 2am because that’s the time I stopped working for the day. I got home from the office at 10:30pm today. Progress, or something.

  28. KSK Pamuk says:

    Sammy was connected through Cbouzy’s investigation to the online for profit hate group headed by YankeeWally and the gang. These online hate accounts are now under legal investigation and imo, this is just sam trying to get in before the axe falls. Or this is sammy saying to who ever started this with her, protect me or it will all spill out and you will be named.

  29. Lady Digby says:

    Sammy impugned her own credility with her self published book in which she fully revealed her inner ugliness and malice by trashing everyone in her family EXCEPT for daddy dearest. Every word written by her lowered her own reputation further and in the words of the reviewer Craig Brown made her sound unhinged. She resented the second marriage and the daughter from that marriage from the get go. Consequently whatever connection they had as offspring of the same father never ripened into true sisterly affection and friendship because Sammy resented and was jealous of baby Meghan as a bratty teenager. Sammy married young and led her own life. They were never close due to age gap and hostility of Sammy towards Meghan. They are NOT part of each other’s adult lives. Sammy has dadady all to herself and they have really bonded over giving paid interviews to trash Meghan for prudently having nothing to do with them. Meghan isn’t denying TOD’s existence , she just can’t understand why the accident of shared DNA gives her half sister a platform to say nasty things about someone PURPOSEFULLY not in her adult life.