Lindsay Lohan rage-tweets Sam Ronson: “sorry for falling for you”

The other day I noted what I thought was a slightly bizarre report from Radar. It was about how Samantha’s LA home is up for rent after Sam rather furtively moved out while Lindsay was being a crackhead in Paris, not designing budget pasties and maybe doing an ingenious jewelry heist (which Lindsay denied a day later, by the way). I wondered if Samantha was cutting her ties for real this time with Lindsay. A day later, Lindsay posts some “desperate tweets” (Jaybird’s words) to Samantha, barely literate stuff about “her loved ones-hate her brilliance&resent her happiness” and “samantharonson deson’t respond 2me b/c her fmaily will cut her off if she contacts me…They control the one I love&im incapable of making”. Given the news about Lindsay the past few weeks, some cracked-out tweets seemed the least of her worries though. Now I’m not so sure.

Lindsay’s tweets from last night – which she promptly took down this morning but were saves by ONTD – are giving me the impression that Sam has pretty much cut Lindsay out of her life. It seemed to start out with Lindsay asking “what happened?” at Sam. Then it got disastrous. This is like the written version of Lindsay’s infamous cracked-out, weepy, hysterical, drama-queen confrontation of Sam outside of Sam’s home one night over the summer. I’m going to try to write this as one linear, cracked-out thought, so as to maintain whatever integrity Lindsay was going for.

Here we go, Lindsay in her own words: “every1 hears anything & everything about our life neway*y not give them the truth? Ur friends r happy, every1 u abide by when give in more & more to their childish, superficial antics… U TAUGHT me about our “friends” in LA, them coming b/t us, *them being PART OF our “1 on 1” relationship.. I took the biggest chance of my life w/ u & u’ve done nothing but break my heart.” Lindsay continues: “there… public enough 4 your friends & family? Let them know that you stayed w/ me in Singapore. Shame on them 4 encouraging you to lie. That’s not love.. I guess you’re right… Your family is probably right too.. Sorry for falling for you.”

She’s so coked out of her skull, I’m getting a f-cking contact high just reading this sh-t. She’s so whiney and delusional, it’s scary. She’s so self-destructive, it’s pathetic. So… Samantha totally broke it off with Lindsay, don’t you think? Samantha must have listed her reasons to Lindsay, maybe stuff about how Sam’s family and her friends think Lindsay is a crackhead mess. What I’m wondering about it the part about “Shame on them 4 encouraging you to lie.” What is Sam being encouraged to lie about? That she’s done with Lindsay or that she’s not done with Lindsay? I really don’t get it.

Lindsay Lohan is shown in NY on 10/14/09. Credit: Image of Lohan’s crack tweets via ONTD

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  1. birdie says:

    how can we even try to decipher this crap?

    I feel truly sad for lindsay. she needs so much help and she has nobody who can/will stage an intervention for her. she needs stability and support and she needs to get off the drugs, but she won’t because there is nobody in her life willing to take a hard line with her and force her to clean up. instead of having people who care, she has a bunch of clingers on who never say no to her and act as her enablers.

  2. princess pea says:

    My interpretation:
    Shame on them for making you lie: for making you say that you don’t love me, when I know you do.

    The bit I find interesting is the Why are they coming between us when you told me not to let other people come between us rant. Because it sounds to me like Sam tried to get them away from some of Linds’ toxic friends by saying they were coming between them. Now Lilo thinks she can apply that same logic here, but against Sam’s family and presumably healthy friends.

  3. thedomesticgoddess says:

    One of her older films (sorry can’t remember the name) was on last night .. with Jamie Lee Curtis … she was funny and enjoyable to watch.

    I agree with the previous post. It is sad. Her parents are foul, and allowing her to take her younger sister out and about is beyond criminal. She needs serious help. 🙁

  4. Lem says:

    it’s still easier to read than anything Ted Cassablanca writes.

  5. BitterBetty says:

    That shit is as incoherent as crazy cokeheads get.

    I think Sam hasn’t been WITH Lindsy for a while now. she just stayed in touch out of fear and guilt because Lindsy is a mess. I’m guessing thats why this “relationship” has dragged on and on… how do you break up with someone on the verge of death? obviously Sam’s family wants her to move on with her life, and I hope she is. it’s not her fault Lindsy is in the state she’s in, and if she doesn’t want help there’s nothing Sam can do anyways.

  6. tooey says:

    @the domestic, it was Freaky Friday. That was a decent movie and Lohan was decent in it. That’s the sad part, she squandered true talent. She’s such a tabloid figure now that it would be next to impossible for her to immerse and disappear in a role w/o all of us seeing the tabloid; her talent isn’t big enough to overcome what her life has become.

  7. Firestarter says:

    She really needs help, STAT! Dina should be ashamed of herself for letting this nonsense continue. Get her some help already before she is in a coffin!

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    No one will help her?

    horse hockey. plenty have tried, but she does NOT want the help. those who HAVE tried are the ones now writing her off. the only ones left are her enablers. and that’s what happens to MOST addicts.

    until she’s ready to admit her addictions and ask for help, she deserves no pity. Especially because there are plenty of other addicts in this world without the resources she has that have managed to get better. she simply chooses not to.

  9. moo says:

    She really needs help, STAT! Dina should be ashamed of herself for letting this nonsense continue. Get her some help already before she is in a coffin!

    Her parents should worry about the younger one since it’s too late for this one. And, unfortunately, in the state of CA, parents lose their rights once their kids hit 14. So, we can watch her little sister screw her life up too!

  10. Roma says:

    @Lem – Hilarious!

  11. Bodhi says:

    Good call, PP. Thats probably is what she was trying to get across.

    My God. Someone seriously needs grab her by the shoulders, shake her till her brain rattles around & lock her in rehab until she is fit for human company

  12. DD says:

    why does the internet need to be involved with her daily lovers squabbles? It’s so obvious she needs everyone to know everything she’s doing, thinking and feeling. Why twitter? I think she needs to pull a Miley asap.

  13. teehee says:

    I dont really attribute much of this to whatever she is on. Sounds more like the thoughts and views fo someone who grew up in a dysfunctional family like the one she obviously grew up in.

    The stuff she is on is more of a distraction or pacifier for those thoughts that are always running through her head, rather then the CAUSE of them…

  14. MDD says:

    As “Laineygossip” says.. really sad smut…

  15. Prissa says:

    Seriously, I don’t think the tweets are that delusional or “cracked out” or indecipherable. Remember, folks, you have to get your point across in 240 characters or less and I think she does a pretty good job. Anyway, I think she’s saying that she went out on a limb being with Samro (considering she wasn’t gay or even publically bi before this relationship with Samantha) and allowed Samro to convince her to not allow her friends to talk her out of their relationship. She probably even cut a lot of ppl off who doubted the veracity of their “love”. Obviously Samro is sending mixed messages if she stayed with Linds in Singapore… It seems that Ssamro lies to her friends/family and says she’s done with Linds but tells Linds (or her actions prove to Lindsay) something different.

    It’s just sad that she can’t let go and no one is telling her this clingly/stalkerish behaviour is unhealthy and damaging to her and her image (what is left of her image, anyhow).

  16. saintdevil says:

    Gollum is on a serious trip.

  17. ghettoprincess says:

    Prissa, I cosign what you’re saying totally.

  18. mollination says:

    My interpretation – shame on them because they encouraged you to feel the need to lie about staying with me in singapore.

    This is fun. It’s like jeopardy.

  19. Lantana says:

    How do you distinguish between cracked-out tweets and just plain stupid? (seriously)

  20. princess pea says:

    @ Lantana – Personally, I take the fact that she pulled all the tweets back down a few hours later as a ‘cracked-out’ sign. ‘Just plain stupid’ would’ve left them up.

  21. Michelle says:

    No offense, but how many times can you use the terms “cracked-out” or “crackhead” in one article? Not that she isn’t totally messed up, but those phrases are getting really old, really fast (they’re used at least four or fives times in virtually every piece written on here about Blohan. Just sayin’.)

  22. moo says:

    Yeah…. start using phrases like Coke Whore instead of Crackhead! 😀

  23. moo says:

    PS – get rid of the yellow hair! It’s not doing you any good whatsoever!!

  24. TaylorB says:

    I am totally unfamiliar with Twitter (what it is, how it works, what is the point, etc), so I apologize if this is a stupid question… how is it that other people are reading her messages to Sam?

  25. Mrs. Kalifornia says:

    Man. It sucks to be so out of control. She needs “captain save a ho.”

  26. nAynAy says:

    As my mother used to tell me, don’t ever putting anything in writing, because you might regret it later, and then it’s too late.

  27. PJ says:

    I think it is possible to be in love with someone and have a totally dysfunctional relationship with them at the same time.

    Lohan seems to love Sam, but they don’t have a very good relationship if they’re fighting all the time. There is no way a relationship can survive this level of conflict.

  28. Beth says:

    I got a headache trying to read this. Why doesn’t Lindsay call, email, etc Samantha? I can’t believe she’s putting her whole life on the internet.

  29. cara says:

    I don’t know….I feel for Lindsay. If memory serves me correct, I had heard that this Sam used to tip off the paps of Lohan’s whereabouts, such as in infamous pic of her passed out in grey hoodie in car. And many were concerned of her relationship with this Sam pre rehab.

    This poor child has been used, by her mom, Wilbur Valderrema (sp?) and now by this fugly toothpic of a human, who you KNOW is on something, her physic screams it.

    I think everyone should not laugh at this kid…..she needs help.

  30. Camille says:

    Wow, some of the comments on here are so harsh. I’m no major Lilo fan but I do feel sorry for her somewhat. I would feel the same way for anyone with her problems – famous or not.
    I have to wonder what a lot of the posters here would say if Lilo actually did end up dying young. Some celebs may be absolute a**holes, but nobody deserves the nastiness that is being displayed on this thread.

    I hope that she gets the help that she *badly* needs.

  31. la chica says:

    this is Michael’s daughter, no doubt about it.

    she seems to be saying that Sam lied about where she stayed in Singapore and what went down between them.

    i suspect that the Singapore trip was a contract they both had to honor. i suspect also that the break-up has happened not bec of Sam’s own willpower but indeed bec of her family’s influence.

    i also think that the lunatic has a point — Sam has been sending her mixed messages. at the very least if they slept together in Singapore, then Lindsay has every right to be upset.

    but the act of attempting to publicly humiliate someone always backfires on the one doing it. it makes Lindsay look completely crazy and out of control. which she is.

  32. xyz says:

    I think what everyone is forgetting is that Lindsay is 23 and Samantha is 31. I’m 31 now and remember that at 23, I was no more together than she is. At 31, I would NEVER discuss my personal life in public like that but at 23? Hell yes I would have. Thank god the internet wasn’t really that big then.

    This doesn’t read to me like a “crackhead” post so much as someone who is truly heartbroken and confused and hurt about what went on in her relationship. I feel for her. She’s not mature enough to handle this relationship as it needs to be handled, and yes, she really did go out on a limb by publicly declaring her love for Sam. I respect her for that.

    I’m not saying Sam’s position isn’t understandable – I wouldn’t have dated Lindsay more than two weeks either. She’s too unstable and immature. I get the feeling Sam really does love her but Sam’s family (rightfully) wants her to move away from Lindsay.

    All I can say is I hope if Lindsay goes back to rehab or even if she doesn’t, she lives by the rule that you shouldn’t have ANY relationship for at least a year after you get out. All addicts need that to focus on becoming stable in and of themselves.

  33. Heavenbound says:

    @ TaylorB

    You can google Twitter and it will give you the info you need 🙂

  34. Kim says:

    You only get 140 characters when you use Twitter, not 240.
    Either way, who gives a shit.

  35. lola lola says:

    Dina will be really shocked when her mealticket drops dead. So so sad. Lindsay is so lost & seems so alone. Breaks my heart. Then again, she did piss on all her good opportunities and burn her bridges with immature & selfish behavior so I guess I’ll get over it. Just hard to watch the slow motion train wreck.

  36. crash2GO2 says:

    xyz, nice post.

  37. TaylorB says:


    I tried, it says I have to ‘sign up’, not gonna happen, I don’t even text. Though someone tried to explain it a bit and it sounds like a blog on a phone, is that about right?


    If that is the case I have to wonder why she would put this out there for anyone to see. Seems kind of sad, and sort of like something a Jr High kid would do. I have to wonder if she has any true friends who would wrestle that computer/phone away from her for her own good. Poor kid, she never had a chance to mature emotionally; granted doesn’t seem like her parents did either. What a sad situation.

  38. TwinkleToes says:

    Yes, applause for XYZ. Perfectly put. We should start a prayer circle for Lohan.

  39. gg says:

    This is just a typical P.W.H. (posting while high) from a codependent junkie. It’s gonna get uglier than this folks.

    Needy-needy delusional LL is not just going to leave it at “see you in the funny papers”. She’s going to confront her and throw more trays and crackpipes, mark my words.

  40. thedomesticgoddess says:

    xyz – good post. It’s a damn shame that she’s in the place she’s in. Her parents are beyond contempt.

  41. Mimi says:

    So the excuses seems go on and on … she’s ONLY 23… she was with a person that is 8 years older than her… her parents never educate her… she has No Real Friends… People this need to STOP she is no kid she’s know very well wrong from right at 23 after 3 rehabs and a lot of people on the industry calling her out at hre shit behave and we STILL have people that say OHHH POOR Linds … and the poor Linds crave on this people on the Internet like only they really now her because THEY/U are on her “side” so she still think that she is the victim she will always in her head be the victim and the person by her side is the one that everyone should see as guilty… When finally she wake up and recognize her mistakes she will maybe and this is a HUGE MAYBE she will recovery and have her 1000 time comeback as we all know HOLLYWOOD LOVES A COMEBACK HISTORY.

  42. xyz says:

    Thanks crash2GO2.

  43. Nina says:

    She needs to be placed in a conservatorship with Britney Spears’ dad in charge. That’ll set her right!

  44. Lenore says:

    TAYLORB: Twitter is basically a series of status updates like on Facebook, without any of the other junk.

    So you text or type what you’re up to, what’s on your mind, etc, and anyone who has selected you as a “follow” will see it pop up. The idea of Twitter is that it’s totally public – unlike FB where you have to approve before someone can look at your stuff, on Twitter, anyone can, unless you choose to block them.

    I have no idea why Twitter is so huge (even though I use it) – it seems to be basically for exhibitionists to embarrass themselves. Although being able to follow the rich and famous and communicate directly may have some appeal for some people.

  45. Dani says:

    Is Lindsay really that much of a mess? Look at Courtney Love; she’s a perpetual wreck and she’s still alive. Lindsay’ll probably be fine. She just acts like a 17-year-old.

  46. Jazz says:

    They’ll probably be back together again next week. This just gets more and more pathetic.

  47. NicoleAM says:

    Actually, I don’t think pity from anyone will benefit her. She seems to wallow, if not revel in it. She needs a good kick in the ass.

  48. Statler says:

    Dani: Look at Kurt Cobain.