Madonna gives Jesus Luz a $10,000-a-month allowance

I like to joke around about Madonna and Jesus Luz because their dynamic just seems funny to me. I don’t have anything against “cougars” and their “cubs” per se, but with Madonna and Jesus is just feels like it’s not even about an older woman getting her rocks off with a young guy. For the Madge Vadge, it just feels like it’s always about the power struggle. And with Jesus, there is no power struggle, like there would be with one of those “grumpy, fat, balding” men closer to Madge’s age. In the relationship with Jesus, Madge has all the control, all of the intelligence (because Jesus doesn’t seem too bright), all of the power, all of the money. She’s in charge, and everything is about her. And that’s how Madge really gets her rocks off.

We know Madge has the power. And we keep hearing that Madge is a benevolent ruler of her divadom. Last week, Jaybird wrote about the reports that Madge is buying a little $2.5 million New York apartment… for Jesus Luz. Just for a lark, so he’ll have some place to go when the Vadge is done with him. Now In Touch is reporting that Jesus is even getting his own allowance from Madge!

Madonna’s boy toy Jesus Luz knows it pays to stick close to the Material Girl. According to a friend, Jesus, 23, put his modeling career on hold in order to accompany Madonna around the world – and that move is definitely paying off.

“Jesus basically lived paycheck to paycheck before he met Madonna, and he, like most people, had bills,” a friend explains. But now, his money worries are a thing of the past.

“Madonna gives him about $10,000 a month to cover his expenses, including his cell phone, insurance and credit card payments,” adds the pal.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition, October 26 2009]

I wonder if Lourdes gets a bigger allowance? Probably not. Anyway, how much do you want to be Madge’s boy toy? I have to admit, I’m no hooker or anything, but that sounds like a sweet deal. Put it all on the table – $10 K a month, plus a rumored $2.5 million apartment – and all you had to do was hang out with Madge for a few months, play with her cute kids, pose like Zoolander for the paparazzi and occasionally do some sex stuff with Madge. I’d do it. I kind of hate myself for admitting it publicly, but I would totally do it.

Madonna and Jesus are shown in Italy on 8/17/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. nAynAy says:

    I guess she just wants to make sure her ‘boy toy’ doesn’t leave her OLD ass.

  2. tommysgirl54 says:

    I’m right there with you Kaiser. For $10,000/ month I would do anything she wanted and not ask any questions.

  3. Kevin says:

    Dunno, that’s only 120,000k a year. That’s not much money to be boning the crypt keeper. As much as she works out, she probably possesses the kiegel of death, so he better act right.

  4. Diwali6 says:

    Thats all? Thats nothing! You’d need to pay me 100,000 a month to put up with her beat face! She is looking like that scary mask in the movie “SAW”!

  5. Firestarter says:

    Hell, that is better money than he would make on his own. He got a sweet deal from her. Don’t forget she is also buying him a home with a $1.4 million dollar price point on it.

  6. shenae says:

    she makes her kid wear “I LOVE MADONNA SHIRTS”?
    in the pic…did i see right?

  7. Tess says:

    Yikes! I used to joke around about Madge looking like “Madame,” Wayland Flowers’ divine puppet.

    But hell’s bells, she really is becoming increasingly Madamesque.

  8. me says:

    “kiegel of death” tehe

  9. NIKKI says:

    See, i’ve thought about that…you know, whether or not I would sleep with a man – on par with Madonna in looks and age – for money and my sweet luscious vag shrivels up at the thought of it. Can’t do it. Can’t. I’ll take personality over money – and being cute wouldn’t hurt either. :oP

  10. Ally says:

    She’s actually giving him some measure of financial independence, on par with her own (he gets to keep the apartment no matter what). That way he doesn’t have to degradingly ask for money for individual purchases and they can meet more as equals.

    When you’re that wealthy, this is really the least controlling way to go about it. And yeah, since the rich male grumps want pliable and compliant twentysomethings of their own, you gotta help your potential boyfriends be on par with you somehow.

    I don’t even think he’s her boyfriend; he’s just her friend, walker (think David Gest) and post-divorce face-saving arm candy. He looked more excited to be around Dolce and Gabbana than he’s ever looked around her.

  11. karen says:

    “She’s actually giving him some measure of financial independence . . . this is really the least controlling way to go about it.” WHAT? Oh, please, stop sugar-coating it, she’s a pimp buying herself a ho. And, Madonna is an insane control freak. As her ex said–“it gets what it wants or else.” So, baby Jesus better not disappoint the Queen, or she’ll want a refund.

  12. Madisyn says:

    Yes, she may purchase the home under his name, but by no means will she purchase it outright and put in his name. She might put it in his name but she’ll make payments, that way if he gets “out of line” or doesn’t want HER anymore, theres no way he will be able to afford such a place and as she’s making the payments, it will revert back to her.

  13. Kathie says:

    If I were Jesus (don’t think I’ve ever started a comment with that phrase) I would start salting away some money for the future..just sayin…

  14. NFLer says:

    She’s lost her mind.

  15. paranel says:

    Why else would anyone want to be with her? She looks like his grand mother. How pathetic and underdeveloped to fall for a 20 year old boy when you are a 51 year old woman.

  16. PM says:

    Madisyn I agree with you. Even though the apartment maybe in Jesus’ name, who will make payments? Unless Madge doesn’t take a loan and pays all cash — then he is good. Which is what she would do, no? Regarding $10K per month, not enough to sleep with her unless its $2.5MM + $120K per year. I dunno… she is an old hag and doing the sex stuff would be me giving something in her drink so that she passes out and I can tell her in the morning that we did stuff and she would never remember.

  17. Todd says:

    Old Hag….a tad harsh I’d say! It’s her life, and it looks like a pretty good one at that!

  18. PM says:

    Todd, have you been to her netherlands? She must be an old hag there ya know.

  19. Luci says:

    sweet job!
    I would also do it 🙂