Deepti from Love is Blind got a shout out from Billie Eilish

Spoilers for Love is Blind season two
The first season of Netflix’s Love is Blind was extremely compelling when it came out two years ago. Was that because of the concept, the cast, or covid? I think all of the above. The first season had its villains, some of whom were maybe redeemed, and some individuals and couples that the audience truly rooted for. (And spawned this meme). The second time around, the drama was more predictable and the cast less likable. I think after the first season’s popularity, the casting pool included many wannabe reality star/influencer types who were not genuinely looking for love (see also Are You the One? season 2 and beyond) and most of them were jerks.

However, Deepti was not one of the jerks! She was just saddled with the biggest one of all, Shake. He was obsessed with women’s weight and was visibly relieved to discover that Deepti was pretty and petite, yet spent the rest of the season telling everyone that he wasn’t attracted to her and she reminded him of his aunt, obviously because she wasn’t his blonde “preference.” I’m sure every viewer cheered when she left him at the altar, because I certainly did. And her bridal lehunga was amazing; all the better to dump that loser. Turns out Billie Eilish is also a fan! She gave Deepti a shoutout on IG after Deepti posted about attending her concert.

Deepti Vempati can count Billie Eilish as a fan.

The Love Is Blind star, 31, received a shout-out from Eilish after attending the singer’s Happier Than Ever Tour in Chicago on Monday. Vempati posted an Instagram Story from the show, which Eilish, 20, later reshared to her own account.

“Deeptiiiii,” Eilish added with a crying face emoji.

Vempati responded to the Grammy winner’s message, writing, “OMG, crying happy tears.”

The reality star appeared to attend the concert with a familiar face, her Love Is Blind costar Kyle Abrams.

He posted a photo of himself sporting a “Happier Than Ever” white T-shirt while looking down at his phone on Instagram.

“Fan boying #whenthepartysover,” he captioned the shot.

Vempati responded in the comment section of the post, sharing, “I think you’re facing the wrong way 🤔”


So Deepti has been hanging out with Kyle… They teased that at the reunion when they mentioned they had an unaired connection in the pods and Kyle said he wished he proposed to Deepti instead of his ill-fated engagement to Shaina. Which works out because Shaina is engaged to someone else already! Apparently she’s been dating this guy for “almost a year.” Filming was from April-June 2021. He owns Kanela Breakfast Club, where she and Kyle had their post-Mexico coffee convo. Hm!

Deepti and Kyle are playing coy about their status, but I don’t know. I don’t think she’s a clout chaser, but is he? I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to parlay this into a career opportunity because construction is a hard job, but I hope they’re both clear on what they’re getting into. In what seems like a desperate attempt to save face much like his behavior after being jilted, Shake rolled out the blonde girlfriend he wanted on Instagram with the truly rude caption “Good things come to those who w̶a̶i̶t̶ don’t settle ❤️.” Um, don’t get it twisted; it was Deepti who didn’t settle for YOU because she deserves way better! So he’s learned nothing by the fact that he is universally hated by his castmates, the Lacheys, the Internet, and probably the world. But also, who in their right mind would see all this video evidence of his awfulness and then date him?!

Photos credit: Patrick Wymore/Netflix

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  1. Jillian says:

    Sooooooooooooo, Shake is my vet. Or rather, he’s a vet at the practice I’ve taken my dog to for years (we only see our regular vet after giving Shake a chance, and he fucked up). He’s absolutely that crappy in real life, and I already had a mean nickname for him before he appeared on a trash Netflix reality show

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Thank you for sharing!
      He seems like the type and this conforms it.

    • Watson says:

      Whoa!!! Love this real life confirmation!

    • dina says:

      we love to see ittttt. f*ck this guy, he pisses me off so much – was cheering so loudly when Deepti left his pathetic ass at the alter!

    • Cee says:

      So not only is he a crappy human he is also a crappy vet? Yikes. I hope your pet is OK!

    • Margot says:

      This is the inside scoop I come here for!

      • Jillian says:

        My dog’s fine, but he made a few careless errors (confirmed by his boss) and I pay these people a lot of money. So no thanks on Shake in the future.
        A friend of mine lives in the building where the vet practice is and Shake tried to convince her that her dog (obtained from a breeder and trained as a medical support animal) was a different breed, and he knew better because “I’m a VET”. Just obnoxious, hope that DJ nonsense works out

    • Cecile says:

      I have a friend whose sister is a vet at the same practice Abhishek works at. He’s apparently gotten a few HR reports as of late because since the show has aired, he’s become insufferable and starting hitting on women very openly at work. Plus, he’s on his phone 24/7, even with patients.

      After seeing how he tried to trash Deepti on his socials PLUS all this info I’m hearing, I 1000% believe that he’s worse than what we see on the show

  2. mj says:

    Shake seems like a truly miserable human being and Deepti deserves the world.

  3. Haylie says:

    Some pathetic “pick-me” type would absolutely date Shaik. Shaik only wants to date women who are petite, blond and white and there’s definitely women out there who would get off on that as a status symbol. I’ve heard those same comments about women reminding guys of their aunt, mom, sister, etc. from black men who would rather be on fire than date black women. And those guys aren’t necessarily single.

    There’s someone for everyone. Even the worst people.

  4. Jan says:

    A friend convinced me to watch this show, I’m up to where they’re selecting their wedding garments and I just quit.
    What turned me off me was that so called Christian that could not marry a man that was not religious but could lie about another woman and try to convince a man she knows is in a relationship, she was available, glad he blew her off.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      Public service announcement that it is worth continuing even if ONLY for the truly jaw dropping and incredibly entertaining reunion show

  5. Laughysaphy says:

    My husband’s coworker dated Shake for a couple of months years ago. She confirmed that he is absolutely as shitty as portrayed on the show. So. TEAM DEEPTI FOR LIFE ❤️

  6. Cee says:

    I’m a big fan of this format and have watched every singe version of it, including Japan, and I absolutely loathed Shake. He is a POS. He is the WORST, by far, of every single LIB season/country, and Brazil had some very mysoginist men!

    • CherHorowitz says:

      Agree with all of this – have recently watched both US series, Japan and Brazil. Absolutely LOVED the japan one! Such emotionally mature men (and women) and interesting, thoughtful conversations between the couples.

      The men on the Brazil version wow, I could not believe it was real and they were openly saying those things on camera!

      Absolutely love the comments here confirming what a real life POS Shake is, therefore he is deserving of all the hate he is getting

  7. Lola Coasters says:

    I love when Celebitches share real life stories too and especially when they confirm that Shake is just as much as a twat waffle as we suspected! Love your writing Peridot!

  8. Elsa says:

    I love this show. After Shake, Shaina was my least favorite. She was awful. She appeared racist to me when she was telling Shayne that he and Natalie’s relationship was fake. Her brother had said something about being “American” when they did the family visit. I got major uneducated Trumper vibes.

  9. Mama says:

    I LOVE seeing the real life confirmations that he is a shitty person.

  10. Gracie says:

    Having been the spouse in a situation with a Shaina-type trying to interfere, it’s so frustrating but people like that ALWAYs mess up and show their stripes when they get rejected. All her hoopla about being a good God-fearing person and she couldn’t even practice the golden rule. Smh. Good riddance. Deepti and Natalie both seem like people you could grab drinks with and have fun conversation. So relieved when Deepti left Shake at the altar, and kudos to his mom for standing up for Deepti – that was another redeeming moment on the show.