The Cambridges’ first half-day in Jamaica was full of problematic images

Once again, hours before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s arrival in Jamaica on Day 4 of their Keen Caribbean Tour, government sources were telling the Independent, Harper’s Bazaar and other media outlets that Jamaica would begin the process to remove the Queen as their head of state immediately. As soon as William and Kate get on their private plane and fly off from Jamaica, the country’s government will begin the process no matter what. This keen escapade is nothing more than a holiday for them, although obviously, they would not choose to go on holiday with so many Black folks. Reportedly, Jamaica wants to become a republic by August, the 60th anniversary of their independence from Britain.

So that was the political backdrop for William and Kate’s first half-day in Jamaica. They arrived at the airport, did a little welcoming ceremony on the tarmac, and then Kate changed clothes. For most of the half-day’s activities, she wore “a £369 print dress from Willow Hilson Vintage – a Cheltenham-based boutique.” She chose that rather than a Jamaican designer, I guess. The Daily Mail honestly ran this headline: “Welcomed like rock stars! William and Kate are greeted by adoring crowds chanting ‘we love you, we love you’ in Trench Town during Jamaica tour… while anti-monarchy protesters accuse them of benefitting from ‘blood, tears and sweat’ of slavery.” This rock-star reception includes Kate trying to avoid being touched by a Black woman and Kate ensuring that there were photos of her greeting children through a chain-link fence.

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  1. I wonder how badly they are regretting this tour right now. Each day gets worse and worse.

    • PaulaH says:

      Well, they wanted a crowd. The flew in Sterling and got a crowd. The only problem for William/Kate was the crowd was Black….the rest is history. You have a couple that NEVER went to Jamica….NEVER. They are playing SILLY games. Two silly childish people playing games

      • Honestly I just hope they double down on the America trip like they did this one. If they thought the protests were bad on this one…

      • Debbie says:

        Yeah, Americans know how to protest.

      • Becks1 says:

        It will be different in America I think bc the political situation is very different. we like the royals kind of like people like going to a zoo. They have no impact on us, its just about the gowns and jewels.

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      OMG how bad are the pictures!?! Unbelievable. LOL if there was 1% chance (there’s zero actually) Jamaica would stay in the Commonwealth, we can consider that these 2 coconuts have put the last nail on the coffin. This is their worst work-vacay engagement combo. LOL

      • Debbie says:

        Is this the famous charm offensive we’ve been hearing so much about?

      • Vavavoom says:

        LOL coconuts

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        What made the Kate Racist Recoil Incident especially heinous: she insulted Jamaica’s CULTURE MINISTER, who was offering her hand.

        Oh, and there was a visit to a school, for another disastrous photo op for Workshy Wanderdick and his faithful sidekick Wonder Wiglet.

        Have you noticed, every time they go to schools, when they trot out the Black kids for photo ops to make KKKate not look like a racist, the kids always manage to look like they’re in a hostage video? Every school visit is like this. It even happened to that poor girl who gave the flowers to KKKate during the Irish Guards event the other day. The Palaces need to back off and let those children be. Stop trying to make Fetch happen. No one is falling for it.

    • Lamaitresse says:

      I’d daresay what the BRF, and general public is thinking about this hot mess. Waity, as usual looks like a psych patient out on day pass with her maniac grin and absurd poses. The “suck on tight” trousers with the odd bum and camel toe were particularly vulgar, since she does nothing and worse, is completely silly and unaware, her ridiculous wardrobe choices are the only thing a person with more than 3 neurons can comment on. The shocking pink thing she had on today makes some tired Ross Dress for Less frock look like couture. Baldly, looks terrible and his usual ” get the peasants away from me” self. God these two are completely loathsome.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Oh good, I wasn’t the only one who spotted the sartorial nightmare that was Prince Mooseknuckle and Princess Camel Toe donning their “this is what we wear when we travel among uncivilized colonials” when they visited the sky temple in Belize. Seriously, these people are made of (other people’s) money, and they can’t hire stylists that will buy them clothes that fit properly? Do their stylists hate them? I mean it would be completely on brand for these two polished turds, but…

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ @Becks1, yes as Americans, we have our independence from Salty Isle, so there won’t be the same kinds of protests, as in Jamaica and in Belize. Still, there are bound to be questions asked by the U.S. media, and perhaps even questions shouted out by random observers or by people who don’t like the way the Cambridges have behaved toward Meghan & Harry.

      Just as in Belize, and in Jamaica, there will also be folk interested in making nice to these colonialist upstarts, W&K, simply because of the royal status and for self-interest purposes. For e.g., perhaps the Jamaican bobsledders get funding from British sources, and they don’t want to mess that up.

      We don’t really know how various crowds might respond in the U.S. But the media are bound to ask W&K uncomfortable questions, which is why any trip to the states is going to be even more carefully stage-managed, in an effort to limit the Lamebridges from being asked questions they don’t want to hear and are ill-equipped to answer anyway.

  2. Lala11_7 says:

    In 2022…with ALL that has gone down…this was ALWAYS going to be awful from a PR standpoint

    And AWFUL it has been 😒

    • Their racism and cruelty drove their pregnant sister-in-law to consider suicide. Their chickens have come home to roost and it could not be happening to two more deserving people.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        I will never forget nor forgive that these two were instrumental in causing Meghan to miscarry her second child.

  3. Noki says:

    Damn Karma got her foot on their necks. Smh

  4. Nic919 says:

    The kids were there to see Raheem Sterling, but the derangers are going to pretend it was for these two. Anyway the awful pictures just show how little these two care about anything but PR and karma has come to get them for their sloppy work.

    Recoiling from the Jamaican Minister of Sport is pretty indefensible though. She doesn’t act like that around that sailing guy.

    • Chloe says:

      As i posted on a previous story the crowd were happy enough to see them there too. Just look at the video’s it hurts but it’s true. Nevertheless the pictures of this event are awful optics. And that video of her recoiling is disgusting i have no other words for it.

      • Nic919 says:

        Raheem Sterling is what brought the crowd there in the first place. They weren’t going to boo them once there. The kids weren’t part of the protest but just being polite. If Sterling doesn’t show, the crowd doesn’t get to be this size.

        Besides they went and ruined it all with keeping them behind fences so that got blown anyway. Since when do you need a high level fence to keep kids out of a soccer field?

      • PaulaH says:

        @Chloe: Do you really believe a crowd of young black boys took time from their day to see William and Kate? Really?

      • Becks1 says:

        My guess is that the crowd was invited (so not people just randomly showing up) and they were told to cheer as loudly for W&K as for Sterling and the Aston Villa player who was there.

        I said in a post last week that I expected this tour to be incredibly stage managed and this was the kind of thing i was talking about. So I’m not really surprised at this event in itself.

        for me the bigger surprises are the areas where the Cambridges have gone so wrong – the chain link fence, the recoiling from the Jamaica minister (knowing a camera was on her), the all new wardrobe of mostly non-local designers, etc. i’ve followed enough of the Cambridge tours at this point to know what to expect and this is surprisingly bad to me.

      • Jaded says:

        @Becks1 – it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it was discovered that a number of people in the crowds were paid to show up. Wouldn’t be the first time — IIRC Trump routinely paid actors to show up in MAGA kit waving pro-Trump flags.

    • SourcesclosetoKat says:

      Omg that’s how they got the crowd?!!🤣🤣🤣. Why am I even surprised they did that on St Patty’s day parade too.

    • Murphy says:

      Yes they were absolutely there to see Sterling not Bill and Cathy.

    • Gill says:

      While I’m surprised at Sterling I’m imagining m he has done a quid pro quo with the UK gov…go out to Jamaica and prop up those 2 and we’ll fund your school meals for kids initiative, England have an international match this weekend and it’s a bit strange that the FA or Man City would allow him to travel so far without an ulterior motive 🤔

      • Princessk says:

        I think you are confusing Sterling with Rashford. But the use of black British footballers to gain popularity in Jamaica was a really stupid move, do they take people for fools.

      • Gill says:

        @princessk you are correct 🤦‍♀️ I’m Scottish so don’t follow English football but as I was typing it I was thinking i was sure he played for Man Utd 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ It’s still weird of the FA to sanction this when they have a match on Saturday until you remember who it’s president is 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  5. HeatherC says:

    She is so uncomfortable. Her posture is worse than most other times, she looks like she’s trying to fold into herself to avoid all those black people around her.

    • Noki says:

      Let me try to be the voice of reason, after seeing the video. She seemed to have a hard time hearing what the minister was saying,her head moved forward and frankly she doesnt have to welcome any touchy feely gestures especially in a pandemic. People were going on like she flinched or shooed her away.

      • rawiya says:

        Oh. NOW the pandemic is an issue? Was it not William himself who was joking about it being only a cold? Not when she was going around in a too-small mask or completely maskless? And now when it comes to be near black people, you use your voice to scream “But the pandemic????” Your voice of reason sounds really racist, truthfully.

      • Kalana says:

        Stop. It’s not about the pandemic. They went on a walkabout without masks and shook hands with people. This is a high ranking minister, not some random person who wandered up to Kate.

      • Nic919 says:

        Was the pandemic around when she looked awkward around Lebron James years ago?

      • PaulaH says:

        Did she say the pandemic? I just can’t ….not today

      • C says:

        Oh, little Gaia has to accept her racist and condescending touchy feely gestures but Kate doesn’t have to accept a natural gesture of warmth?
        She flinched.

      • Hannah says:

        I would be more likely to believe that if she had been wearing a mask

      • beff says:

        Noki, obviously you can’t see the flinch in still photographs, but the video doesn’t lie. She flinched. Without question.

      • Ginger says:

        But when have the Cambridge’s EVER taken the pandemic seriously?? They went on a train tour during the pandemic and barely wore masks. They have never cared for the pandemic and haven’t even worn masks this tour.

        No, this was bad no matter how you want to spin it.

      • equality says:

        Covid isn’t spread by touch. If she were worried about it wearing a mask is the most effective prevention. If you are on a tour or working then, yes, sometimes you have to shake hands and touch people to be effective at your job. It’s not like some random person came up to grab her. This is supposedly her job.

      • Over it says:

        Noki, please don’t try, there is no reasoning off this behavior, she has absolutely no problems touching white babies back in the uk and other white people there, this isn’t the first time kate has recoiled or look visibly uncomfortable around black people and the pandemic excuse isn’t cutting it because they haven’t cared about it the entire time so why would it be an issue now? Or is it only an issue because she is in a island with black peoples so therefore they must be dirty? Let me tell you, as a fellow Caribbean person, we love to shower a lot because we are always hot and feel sweaty. So kate doesn’t need to worry about our hygiene

      • BrickyardUte says:

        Noki- I welcome different takes, perspectives and opinions but starting them with the condescending tone of “let me be the voice of reason”??? That’s telling on yourself.

      • LaraW” says:

        There is a photo in the post about William’s speech where you can see Kate shaking hands with someone. But she’s only given them her thumb and index fingers. The rest of her fingers are curled back.

        I invite you to be the “voice of reason” to explain to me the cultural and covid-related reasons that justifies her behavior.

      • Lilac says:

        Let’s be real here. She was out there maskless at the height of the pandemic, she visited a children’s hospital without a mask. She does not give a crap about the pandemic. She gives a crap about black people touching her and that’s why she flinched.

      • Jaded says:

        @Noki — in no way was this pandemic related. This woman is a political professional and Kate shrank from her outstretched hand, then had to be pulled in closer. This was a very very bad, stupid and thoughtless thing for Kate to do and she will never live it down. Clearly her only use for POC is to have them wait on her hand and foot while vacationing in Mustique, or using cute little kids for photo ops.

      • Meg says:

        voice of reason? So you’re insinuating the other comments are unreasonable?

      • NemesisPuff says:

        lol wasn’t she just heralded for “dancing” in close quarters, maskless, with a bunch of commoners? But sure, the universal sign of greeting or “come this way” by someone hosting you must be seen as an immediate threat to your health and safety.

        She just greeted a dog better who she also met while “working”. Where was her concern for international travel during a pandemic anywhere on this trip? Or Denmark? She must have been quaking in her damn flippers having to use covid-tainted scuba gear during their dive! Poor lady! What options does she have?!?!?!

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        This isn’t the first time Noki has made a supportive comment about the white political machine, be it royal related or US politics.

    • Angelica+Schuyler says:

      I think she’s afraid that the blackness will rub off on her!

    • Jan says:

      I can’t believe my lying eyes.

      • Christine says:

        Word. It is so bad.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Christinek yes, it’s really, really bad. But tonight will be the breaking point of BB!M. He must discuss slavery as he fumbles, while fuming and frustrated that he has had to address these “concerns” of the Caribbean countries. I see NO Mystique in their future…….

        BB will be able to fly the plane home on his anger raging steam coming out of his ears!!

        Maybe that’s why all of his hair fell out, they were jumping for a more forgiving and healthy source, too much heat but not from climate change!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yep, these are her ‘don’t touch me, don’t even breathe on me’ vibes. She can’t even hide it. Truly reprehensible.

      • Noki says:

        @ NOTSOSOCIALB that is not true at all, maybe you are mistaking me for another poster. If you see my past comments i am always saying exactly what i think of Kate and her negative traits,but i also recognise when there is unnecessary piling on and will voice my opinion. This particular pandemic comment today admittedly was a stretch. And again,i rarely comment on US politics.

    • Princessk says:

      Both Kate and William are very awkward with black people and are counting the days when this tour ends.

  6. C-Shell says:

    “This keen escapade is nothing more than a holiday for them, although obviously, they would not choose to go on holiday with so many Black folks.”

    This is what makes it “work” for Willnot and Kannot. 🙄 That video of Khate recoiling from the woman’s touch is horrific. My god. The chain link fence pics are shockingly bad, but that’s worse because it’s all Khate.

    ETA: My apologies that I didn’t properly credit the Minister of Sport. Still playing catch up on all the people W/K are offending on this boondoggle.

    • Meg says:

      Wow I bet you’re right, that is what makes this work for them. Jesus they’re awful and lazy

  7. PaperclipNumber99 says:

    JFC. I just… I can’t with these people.

    • Piratesgal says:

      She’s just vile. In the close-ups, it looks like she bagged herself a gold Cartier Love bracelet. Just like Meg’s.

      • Nic919 says:

        Yes that added to the ludicrous nature of this tour. Let’s wear another expensive piece of jewelry as if she doesn’t have dozens of them at this point.

      • Z says:

        The pictures, the videos, the weird body language, the fake smiles, this whole trip is just disastrous and I am loving it. Serves them right

  8. Mindy_DeLaCalle says:

    thank you for making a separate post about this! I accidentally clicked on a daily fail article that TOTALLY trashed the PM of Culture by calling out her father for marrying TWICE. COUGH COUGH. LIKE CHARLES. Do people forget that or this is also part of trying to erase Diana because it’s been decades. There is no erasing her.

    Anyways. I feel rotten for clicking on that article looking for these pics. I can’t believe that video of Kate VISIBLY moving backwards to avoid touching her hand?! WHAT IS THAT?!!? She obviously didn’t see the camera. Sometimes its great to be in 2022 where EVERYONE, even Jamaica has social media and can control their own narrative and expose these colonizers.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    None of those pictures look great especially the ones with the security in-between William and the crowd. It has to be that the police were told by KP that they wanted to maintain a distance between the Cambridges and the crowds. Usually they’re quite willing to go right up to people on walkabouts, I wonder what’s the difference in Jamaica? And the video was just terrible, Kate is very afraid of black people.

    • Jan says:

      All black people.

    • Nic919 says:

      Some parts had gates that went up to the waist and didn’t look as bad, although kate was looking standoffish in many photos there too. But the high fences with wire on top were just a very bad look. And all to fence off a soccer field.

      Bad work on the staff and for them to not see how bad this looked and trying to get around the fence.

      • Becks1 says:

        This is the thing, right? It looks SO BAD. There were other pictures that don’t look as bad. But those pics that look bad….look REALLY bad. Chris Ship was ranting on twitter about “facts are facts” but the fact is, this looks bad. No one actually thought that William and Kate were visiting children in cages. But the imagery is out there now and its really hard to undo that damage. someone (chris jackson?) thought taking those pictures of William and kate’s white hands reaching out and barely touching the hands of Black children would be “moving” or special or whatever, and then they RELEASED those pictures of the event. So no one on that team seemed to think for a minute how bad those pictures looked.

  10. Jan says:

    I am shocked that the Lamebridges are not wearing mask.

  11. The Duchess says:

    They wanted the spotlight, now they’ve got it!

    • girl_ninja says:

      This! And the spotlight is BRIGHT.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Oh yes yes yes. The spotlight is on you and we ALL see you! Kate has access to all of the stolen Crown Jewels but had to go buy a bracelet to compete with Meghan’s bracelet… and she though we would love that and not mind the blatant racism?

      • Jaded says:

        The spotlight is harsh, glaring and tells the truth.

  12. SafariReality says:

    Am I the only one who thinks what looks like racism (avoiding touch) might actually be cultural?

    I wouldn’t want to be grabbed and touched by every passerby, and Westerners typically have a wider sense of personal space, but it looks like that is not the same in Jamaican culture. Yes, she should have known this, Yes, she should lean in, but I feel for her here.

    • swirlmamad says:

      That’s the name of the game. They are supposed to make a connection with the people they are visiting. This is what they are supposed to do on tours, full stop. They don’t have any problem shaking hands and leaning in with the overdone guffawing when they are on engagements in the UK, so it shouldn’t be a problem here. She gets no passes for this. It was a bad look and exposes her for who she truly is. Period.

    • Becks1 says:

      then they didn’t need to set up these events with lots of Jamaican people reaching out for them. They managed to avoid it in Belize.

      But I’m also going to say while culture may play a part, I think racism plays a bigger part because we have seen W&K at events with lots of white children/people and we have never seen them recoil like this, even if someone is reaching out for them etc.

    • rawiya says:

      Whose culture? They have no problems with this when they’re in Australia. They have no problems with this when they’re in Canada or the USA or Britain. Now, 10+ years into their jobs, they suddenly has a problem with personal space? Yes, you are the only one who thinks this.

    • Jan says:

      Reaching for someone’s hand with distance between them is the new invading personal space.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Kate doesn’t seem to have any problem being touched or holding hands with people in the UK. Wasn’t she holding the First Lady of Ireland’s hand when she visited that country two years ago?

    • Kalana says:

      Safarireality? Right, okay.

      And no, we’re not going to bend over backwards to pretend this is a cultural issue. Kate was fine hugging someone from Ukraine but is clearly extremely reluctant to take the minister’s hand.

      • Debbie says:

        Right, first it was “the pandemic” then it was “It’s a cultural issue, not racism.” Wha- else?

    • Over it says:

      It’s not cultural it’s racist. They are always leaning away and backing away from black peoples.let’s not make excuses for this. It’s a no go

      • Bettyrose says:

        Why not both? Racism is part of her culture. (Her culture being social climber and mean girl.)

      • gah says:

        yes there was a big state dinner some years ago with leaders who are black. Kate’s face and body language with the black wife were impossible not to read in one way: utter discomfort/fear/revulsion.

        I can’t remember the event so can’t pull up the pictures but they’re…something.

      • Lemons says:

        BIPOC people know what’s up. Because we have all had the nervous white person fumbling for how to act around us. All of a sudden, they’re not as warm and friendly as they were with another person.

        In any case, I don’t really mind the fences. Perhaps for security purposes, they needed to limit the amount of people…but if they can manage crowds in the UK, why not here? Is the $$ not there to do so? If not, what is the point of a Commonwealth?

        If you’re working with what you have on the ground, why aren’t there any photos of these young people meeting and interacting with W&K? An event where they would walk around and participate wouldn’t be possible?

        They wanted a crowd photo opp, that much is obvious. But NO ONE thought of the optics of the crowd being behind a fence???

    • Islandgirl says:

      Sorry..if she had been in Australia and the Ministsr’s wife was white and dressed like her she would not be hesitant..

    • C says:

      Also, LOL at the idea that racism can’t also be cultural. As in…British royal culture.

      • Over it says:

        Betty rose and c, yes I see your point, yes racism is ingrained in their culture, I just meant that she isn’t backing away because it’s not in her culture to touch people, but she is backing away because she doesn’t want to touch or be touched by black peoples

      • C says:

        Absolutely – the whole “cultural” vs “racism” thing is just a talking point so many people spout, not just here!

    • Cee says:

      Your comment is racist itself. Just because some “westerners” don’t like to touch people doesn’t mean other don’t as well. Plenty of “westerners” get very touchy while abroad, especially in Europe. Just because Jamaicans are not westerners, TO YOU, doesn’t mean their culture includes touching everyone and invading personal space. Which the Minister did not do, just to be clear.
      Moreover, they don’t seem to mind getting upclose and personal when touring Australia and Canada.

    • OriginalLaLa says:

      Kate has been fine being touched or touching white people, even during the height of the pandemic so what’s the difference between the white folks/white babies she like to touch and the Jamaican minister? yeah….she is truly gross.

    • Gruey says:

      The problem is that Kate’s had 10+ years to nail this.

      She’s meant to be a diplomat, keen secret weapon. They put this woman on the same stage as Dr. Biden for cryin out loud.

      There are no excuses left.

      • Roo says:

        @Gruey, you just made me think about how Dr. Biden or Michelle Obama would have handled this. They would have not only grabbed the Minister’s hand to move towards her, they would have turned it into a side hug to stand closer. They both exude natural warmth and charm, and they like connecting with people.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Roo, you are so spot on!!! Michelle and Jill are such warm and lovely women!! And Barack and Joe are very inclusive as well!! They are both dynamic couples who are welcoming no matter who is in front of them!

    • Little Red says:

      Plus, this wasn’t just some random passerby. The woman who reached out to Kate was a minister of culture, gender, entertainment, and sport.

      • Gruey says:

        @roo exactly!!! And we are constantly being told that that she is coming into her own to be on the world stage. The tabloids are ready to anoint her the brightest ffq ever. But then the second she pulls this crap, you get people defending her as some meek little moppet whose personal space was invaded. Or who is just responding to what’s normal within her own “culture.” You cannot have it both ways sorry.

        If these excuse makers stopped and thought for five seconds they would realize it makes zero sense that she’s still so bad at this for any benign or excusable reason. Your local city council person running for reelection can gladhand better than this. She should have developed those diplomatic muscles a little by now. And she would have if she cared to put in the work and if she weren’t a bigot

    • Erin says:

      These excuses are insane. She wasn’t some passerby and these two racist dingbats both always have so much security during events that there is never a chance that some passerby would be able to just go up and touch them and they both know that. All of the people around them are picked and planned.

    • equality says:

      Sorry, but taking it toward Meghan again. When she was in the UK hater comments were about how she should be more like the people there and not as the American she was “culturally”. Well, Kate is in Jamaica. Same rule should apply.

    • Jaded says:

      @Safarireality — can you visualize how Harry and Meghan would react in this circumstance? They’d be hugging, arms around people, fully embracing the moment, their friendship and closeness with respect and warmth. Then there is Kate…literally recoiling from an outstretched, welcoming hand. *SMH*

      • Debbie says:

        I’ve been following reactions to this story on social media today and someone posted a short clip of Meghan (I think during her trip to S. Africa) speaking to a woman while Prince Harry was standing by. Both Meghan and the woman wore headscarves, but the other woman’s scarf came undone during their exchange. So, Meghan reaches out and helps the woman adjust her scarf (as an ordinary person would do if they saw the person struggling to do so single-handedly). God, I miss that woman (Meghan that is), but I’m so glad she’s out this mess.

      • Gabby says:

        I have a feeling that will be the last welcoming Jamaican hand ever extended to KKKate. She won’t have to worry about that again.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Part of their prep work should entail learning some info on local customs & mores. They two numpties don’t even try. When you’re in another country, you should learn how they do things–including things like interpersonal actions–and adapt accordingly.
      And of course, that’s not what we have here. The Minister of Culture isn’t being extra touchy-feeling, she’s just trying to bring Kate in closer for the photo.

    • Kelly says:

      I am white. I am a westerner. It’s not a damn symbol of culture. It’s racism. Open your damn eyes. The video is gross and explains KKKate perfectly.

      What does that say when commenters are desperately explaining this away as culture or COVID. Omg. Let’s do better, the racist explanations are as gross as the flinch and step back.

      • Christine says:

        Exactly, thank you!

      • BothSidesNow says:


      • Brc549 says:

        Maybe she thought she was being lead to the lip of a volcano for sacrifice . 🤪. Chicly needs to go back to the house and stay. Up to british peoples to decide what happens next. There is nothing to her. I’m amazed and shocked

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate was awkward around Lebron James and she wasn’t super friendly when she met Jay Z and Beyoncé. How can we pretend it’s anything other than having an issue with black people in positions of power.

    • Meghan says:

      Even if there was some sort of cultural difference, this is quite literally her job and specifically what this “tour” was for- to meet and greet people in Commonwealth countries and get them excited for the Jubbly.

      If I attend a networking event for my industry it is almost a guarantee that at least one random person will try to shake my hand or lead me to another area of the event. And worst case scenario the response should be confusion, not revulsion.

    • serena says:

      She is a public figure, she has been for 10 years now, she doesn’t get any passes or excuse for being so unprofessional (and racist) nope. She can’t give a speech, she can’t even shake hands, all she does is smile awkwardly and change 200 outfits a day and that’s supposed to be enough to found her lifestyle, again nope.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        Don’t forget stopping mid event to have her hair touched up and showing up late for events in foreign countries.

    • Bellah says:

      Yes. You’re the only one thinking this. Because the rest of us know that Jamaicans are also Westerners.

  13. Cerys says:

    The whole tour has been a big mistake and has done nothing to promote the royal brand. Also, her dress is awful. It looks like a child’s sundress.

  14. Becks1 says:

    So far the only “smart” thing they’ve done on this tour is have Sterling there so that crowds showed up and looked excited to see them, because it definitely gives the vibe that people are there for W&K if you don’t realize Sterling is also there.

    But those photos of Kate flinching from the Jamaican minister, of Kate and William’s white arms reaching out to barely touch the hands of Black children through a FENCE, etc…..this is just bad.

    My husband just walked up to me and said “I saw your tweets, how are William and Kate being racist” (as in, he doesn’t follow this so wanted to catch up) so I just showed him the picture in this post of the children through the fence and his jaw dropped.

    It’s not good.

    • Lisbeth says:

      They could have done something wonderful for those kids, by arranging a meet-and-greet with the soccer stars, or a special breakfast served in their schools! I’m amazed at how the lost opportunities to do good.

      • Couch potato says:

        @Lisbeth that would have been great! They could have introduced the football stars as a surprise.

    • Gruey says:

      @Becks1 my reaction to this, more than anything, is that Kate is toast. She will bear the blame behind the scenes. William will be well positioned to blame Kate for this disaster and TBH she is the one producing more of the terrible images than him (though honestly because he’s boring to look at and they don’t tend to put the camera on him as much).

      If he wants to paint her as a liability, and if he wanted to get the tabloids to start printing stories hinting SHE was the palace racist and HE tried to restrain her deranged jealously, now would be the perfect moment.

      • KFG says:

        Ding ding ding! Yep! Her ridiculous wardrobe changes and inappropriate clothing for events. Her being so terrible that she can’t be videod speaking. He’s going to blame all of this on her. They’re already calling her Kate antionette. All of his gaffes are being covered by her obvious racism and ineptitude.

      • Merricat says:

        Yes, this is William’s getaway car.

      • Christine says:

        I agree, I think Willnot just got his divorce.

      • Jais says:

        So maybe Charles didn’t throw William under the bus. Maybe Will told dad he’d take one for the team, ahem the firm, in exchange for a divorce. This trip must be mortifying for them. Karma came for them. It’s uncomfortable to watch but not nearly as uncomfortable as telling a country we’re going to visit and then expecting them to shoulder the cost so again karma came round.

      • Mia1066 says:

        But why does Kate even want the job now? I know I know, groomed by carole Jenner and she worked hard to get it and keep it. But WHY? how do tiaras make up for really hating your every day work life of meeting people (shock horror with different colour skin!). And she’s so bad at it, she’s mocked endlessly other than the stans and bots. She could stay duchess, live in a mansion, raise her kids and take tropical holidays forever. She’s still be photographed in her ugly expensive clothes (though the clothes on this tour, other than the lolly wrapper, were good). She seems to dislike her life. She’s young and she can walk away and live a life she might enjoy.

      • Deering24 says:

        Mia1066, it’s a case of sunk cost. Kate has invested _everything_—her identity, her self-respect, her life—in being queen. It’s all she’s been taught to live for— she doesn’t know (or won’t learn) anything else. This means more to her than being happy or having a meaningful life, simple as that.

    • Nic919 says:

      Those images are going viral and well beyond the royal defender circles. You can’t defend the flinching. She is the minister of sport and culture of Jamaica not a random person from the crowd.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      They were there for Sterling and the bobsled team. I thought it was so offensive to fly Raheem Sterling in from the UK as a PR prop. It’s DISGUSTING.

    • Princessk says:

      It was not smart to have Sterling there, it just showed that as a couple they have no power, no influence and no connection with Jamaican people.

      Harry and Meghan would have done a better job but they were pushed from a ship that was already sinking.

  15. mellie says:

    If I were a citizen of the UK and I was stuck with having a RF, I think that after seeing these pics and videos, I’d probably be ok with these two just staying home from here on out….no more complaining about their lack of work ethic, because when they do “work”, they are terrible at it. They don’t know how to interact with the general public, no warmth, they aren’t funny, they are just boring as toast.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, they’re a walking disaster. At this point, they’ve “come into their own” – and “their own” is unconsidered, ineffectual and kind of stupid. They should go back to waving from balconies and showing up to patronages once every couple of years.

  16. Kelsey says:

    I don’t find the pics as problematic because of the field they’re at and in context with other pics of the day…but with the background who Kate and Will are plus their racism towards Meghan…I see the problem with optics. It definitely looks bad especially with the chainlink fence and the recoiling is disgusting.
    What’s even worse is that all the things KP doesn’t want are going viral on social media.
    The Belize cancellations, the Jamaican opposition statement has 100k likes, another retweet of that statement has 30k likes, Kate and Will being hoisted by black people, Kate being shaded by the lady, and this chainlink fence pic.
    Add to that William trending for 2 days because of his racist statement.
    Gonna be hard to dig out of this even with a statement tonight.

    Watch an article come out about Will extending a hand to Harry and Meghan soon.

  17. lanne says:

    Kate really, really doesn’t like black people, does she. I doubt she has ever had a black friend. I wonder if she has ever spoken more than a superficial word to a black person ever. She seems to physically recoil at any black person’s touch (remember Lebron James?), and she wouldn’t even touch her own nephew as an infant. Someone needs some DEI training, stat. She should at least be able to do a better job of pretending. Even the Queen danced with African leaders on her tours in the 1950s. Diana cuddled African children on her lap. Someone needs to make a photo montage of images of Kate with black people, juxtaposed with Diana and Meghan.

    • Nic919 says:

      They also met Jay Z and Beyoncé and I think it would be worth taking a look at that interaction as well.

    • Mia1066 says:

      Where I grew up I never knew /met a black person. I didn’t meet a black person till I was in my 30s and that was on hol in NYC. But it never occurred to me ever that meeting a POC was any different to anyone else? I certainly This probably sounds naive but it was 80s so I’m a different generation and where/when I lived then race was never spoken about. I am married to an Indian born in India and my family have many mixed marriages but culturally Asian people are treated differently. I still don’t live anywhere where I’d meet a person from Africa. But Kate is young, she grew up in a more multi cultural country. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say but it shocks me. Even older and very isolated from POC (other than Asian) my very best online friend from 20 years is African American. I can’t understand recoiling because of skin colour? It’s unfathomable.

      I hope nothing I wrote offends anyone, I don’t have a lot of language around this topic. But trust me I was way more sheltered than Kate and her behaviour is of a through and through racist, not just someone who grew up white.

  18. Red Weather Tiger says:

    She does a full-body recoil from this woman’s gentle touch, complete with the disbelieving look down at their hands…even knowing Kate is a racist, I would not have predicted this huge of a response from her. It’s not even a gaffe. It is a revelation.

    But then we see her beaming while she stood a very safe distance from the fence, reaching out an arm so thin that we are able to study every anatomical structure in it to the faceless hands poking through the chain link fence—MY GOD.

    But the dress is cute.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Right the dress is so cute. I laughed aloud at that sentence after your rightfully scathing analysis. It’s impossible to comment on Kate and not also mention fashion or hair.

    • Roo says:

      The Minister’s touch was so gentle, almost motherly. I’m embarrassed for Kate.

  19. Lady Digby says:

    As a UK tax payer I was all for them going on tour but not about their return!! Could these two live and WORK abroad like other people do?

  20. Lady Keller says:

    WTF. Whoever ok’d the pictures of them touching black children through a chain link fence should be publicly flogged. Hey, “not a racist family”, this all looks incredibly racist from the outside. And being scared of actual black people touching you, yeah looks pretty racist.

  21. Jay says:

    That photo of the children’s hands reaching through a chain link fence! I don’t think that was the royals idea to go for the “white saviours visit a detention centre” look, but at the same time, they could have asked to go inside the fence and actually visit the school children. Or at least introduce them to Raheem Sterling!

    Think of how much better that would have been – a spontaneous visit to enthusiastic ( not to mention highly photogenic) children! Why not? I doubt the rest of the day was chock a block full of very important meetings. If they can go off on their own for a few hours of scuba diving, providing a cute “see, we’re very much not racist” photo op seems like the least they could do.

    • Athena says:

      William could have even joked and say to the kids, I know who you’re really here to see. But instead he rather pretend that the crowd was really there for him.

  22. Merricat says:

    Breathtaking, and not in a good way. I knew the tour would be bad, but my word, what a revelation it is.

  23. Imara219 says:

    I don’t know if it’s Twitter counter-programming 😀 but immediately underneath the Beas tweet posted here is one from the FinancialWomenSF account celebrating Megan for Women’s History Month attributing to her work with uplifting women. It’s such as stark contrast, Megan, surrounded by Black children being honored for uplifting women -vs- Kate recoiling from a Black woman while on a paid vacay.

  24. Bettyrose says:

    I really need to say that I think Kate’s dress is cute because it’s not a sentence I often utter. But you know like not so cute that Jamaica should embrace them warmly and forget about all that colonialism stuff.

    • Gruey says:

      What do you think about the fact that she’s going vintage on this particular trip??

      I really liked this dress too, then I read here that it’s vintage. And has a very 50’s housewife feel. Then we got the YSL too. Is this really the trip to go with nostalgia? Hmmm.

      • bettyrose says:

        In general, I am a huge fan of vintage, but I absolutely see your point about the message behind “nostalgia.”

  25. Rapunzel says:

    They also played bongos at their afternoon/evening event. This trip is just full of stereotypes.

    And of course the Fail is just writing “Kate’s Caribbean Chic” stories. Contract at work in real time.

  26. Scal says:

    And then there’s the picture of the two of them smiling like idiots next to the wax statue of bob markley 🤦🏻‍♀️

    And singing along with Marley protest songs. Like oof

    • Gruey says:

      For some reason, this is my favorite pic of the whole darn trip. It’s just sooooooo funny.

      It’s like, we’re not racist, here we are standing next to a statute of one of them.

      I just….bwahahalol I can’t these too doofuses are giving us so much

      • NemesisPuff says:

        AND all 3 of them look like Madame Tussaud’s wax figures set up as a prank. Like “lol Kate and Will would never be this close to a black person, even Bob Marley! let’s do it…”

  27. Rapunzel says:

    Real talk, y’all: how incandescent with rage must Will be at Kate right now for her gaffes? I’m sure he sees these things trending on Twitter and I’m thinking this tour is only going to get more and more uncomfortable for their already strained marriage.

    I wonder if this will hasten any potential divorce being considered.

    • C-Shell says:

      I’m with you. Willnot will absolutely pin the blame for this train wreck on Kannot. Until tonight when he firmly inserts his foot in his mouth, he can point his fingers to everyone else who’s set him up for criticism on this boondoggle. He hasn’t put a foot wrong, ya know — just going where his people have arranged and looking concerned/engaged/cheery. I can’t tell if the unphotoshopped images of Khate are revealing strain (haggard, exhausted, grim, skeletal, thinning hair) or if it’s just the natural progression of her aging and the inability of injectables/Botox to stave off/cover up her Dorian Gray soul.

      • NemesisPuff says:

        “YOU planted the moose knuckle in my pants! All my pants! That’s the last straw!”

      • Jais says:

        Well, there is one person that they and the media will blame for all this and it’s Meghan. It’s going to be gross.

      • Debbie says:

        So, do Will and Kate just take turns embarrassing themselves now? If so, I wonder whose turn it will be tomorrow to grab the baton of shame.

    • Harper says:

      Mean girl Kate must be just as mad and wanting out at this point too. This is not what she ordered after chasing the Burger King for ten years. It’s supposed to be all curtsying and tiaras and gowns and magazine covers. She should have done better by Meghan in the first place then she wouldn’t have had to do all this posing to prove she’s not a racist but failing big time.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Harper- oh for sure, you’re right. But Kate isn’t gonna blame herself for the bad PR.

      • Harper says:

        I agree. She’s blaming Meghan for this.

      • HeatherC says:

        It will never be Kate’s fault according to her and her wisteria family. It’s obviously Meghan’s fault. If Meghan hadn’t made Kate make her cry because Meghan was black, then she wouldn’t have to be near other black people now, see?

    • Gruey says:

      Yes I wrote this above!!! Kate is in trouble!

  28. Teddy says:

    Shocking to see it in action like that. These two are so unprepared. The person who posted the video has also posted some clips of Meghan meeting people of color and good grief, night and day difference. In one, Meghan helps a woman tie her scarf when it come loose. Her connection and compassion shine through.

  29. smee says:

    If she’s going to continue with the Princess Di cosplay, she needs to become comfortable around PoC…..

    • BohemianAngel says:

      This proves a theory I have had for a long time… Kate is more racist than William and she was the start of the smear against Meghan.
      I bet it was both William and Kate that had concerns about Archie’s skin colour. They really wanted Harry to marry a white woman to keep their family from being tainted with black skin!

      • NemesisPuff says:

        Yeah, I was always leaning towards Will but now I actually think it was Kate.

        That’s why there’s been a deluge of embiggening around her—in case it ever comes out, she has better footing to feign outrage and they’ll try to play it off like the “she made me cry” story. That is, they’ll fail, but so much has been built up around her that by the time it comes out, they’re hoping it won’t hit as hard. And she’ll try to walk away with her nose in the air like “I’m rising above your petty quarrels, I have Danish children to impress.”

        The really shitty part is thinking about all the embiggening stories around “Kate the Peacemaker” evoking her “influence” on Harry, and the general vibe of “don’t come home for Charles and William, don’t you want to see your nan and Kate???”…and how Harry KNOWS she said it and has had to swallow that vitriol down.

      • C says:

        I think everyone in the family was thinking it, including Kate, and talking amongst themselves, being racist to Meghan where she could see probably (I bet that blackamoor brooch was the least of it) but William is the one who actually mentioned Archie and said the words to Harry. Because Meghan actually mentioned Kate, but she acted as if William didn’t even exist (Harry talked about “his brother” but Meghan just ignored his conceptual existence altogether).

      • NemesisPuff says:

        @C oooh yes, that’s true! Forgot she gave Kate an out while still defending herself. Meghan probably overall just feels bad for her and her disappointment speaks to how little she expects Kate to change (and stop preening against the ‘Kate the peacemaker’ stories). If she can’t stick up for herself, how’s Kate going to stick up for any other woman?

        And undoubtedly, the whole BRF whispered unquietly about their unborn child and made sure Meghan felt it. I bet William even “asked” Harry jovially, like it was “just a joke, don’t be so serious”, and likely in front of other “family”. And no one backed Harry up. I bet they booked a flight to Vancouver Island that night.

  30. matthew says:


    Thank you William and Kate, I really needed the laughs.

  31. Gertrude says:

    Kate’s grotesque public recoil from a Black woman’s hand validates everything Meghan told us. If Kate does this in public, what occurs in private?

  32. Cortney says:

    Holy shit, this is SO BAD. 😳😳😳

  33. Digital Unicorn says:

    After looking at that video – am thinking that Baldy wasn’t the only one who commented on Archie’s skin colour.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      You know EVERYONE in that vile family was saying stuff. No doubt. Harry, I think, was hurt by his brother’s words the most, but 100% it was not just Elegant Bill.

  34. Alice says:

    Dear Royal Family: You could have had a bad b*tch.

  35. tamsin says:

    I think we should start referring to this as the REXIT farewell tour. The image of a long black arm reaching through a chain link fence and Kate and William at some distance just leaves me speechless. In fact, all those Jamaicans behind a chain link fence is horrible.

    • Nic919 says:

      I have seen the hashtag RoyalCaribbeanFarewellTour.

    • Chaine says:

      This is going to be an iconic photo. It’s Kate’s “let them eat cake” moment. When people write about Will and Kate in history books 200 years from now, this will be the photo that accompanies the blurb about them.

  36. Sofia says:

    Yikes. That picture of them with people behind the fence is not great. It’s like one bad thing after another on this tour.

  37. death by bacon says:

    Vile just vile. Just imagine a vice presidents wife, whom also holds a govermental position not shaking the hand of a supposed allies’ cabinet member. It would be all over the news not just Twitter and the news analysis would be all over the subcontext. As in how does said wife actually feel about an long term ally and why, which would tie back to policy.

  38. arhus says:

    That video did look really bad, but I think Keen was trying to move over for her for a photo, not creeping away because she was afraid of the woman.

    • swirlmamad says:

      No, don’t think so.

    • goofpuff says:

      Yeah no to defending Kate. Kate definitely did not want to hold a black woman’s hand and shake it even if the woman is one of the ministers. Absolutely racist move. I can absolutely see it. you can too if you’ve had this happen to you.

  39. KASalvy says:

    The chain link fence photos say it all.

  40. AC says:

    They are being roasted on Twitter except for some in the UK. You can run, but you cannot hide from your racism.

    • candy says:

      They can’t even hide from their 2012 tour, some of those problematic images are resurfacing. The luster of the wedding has worn off after 10 years and in that time the world has changed as well.

  41. candy says:

    OMG this is so so bad.

  42. Mslove says:

    It would have been better to promote the jubbly via social media, instead of this expensive and racist vacay. They’re insulting people and polluting the environment.

  43. Finshark says:

    I try placing Princess Diana in these photos and I am floored by the differences. Kate looks more uncomfortable than I could have ever predicted yesterday and it’s an incredible disappointment. They’re revealing how empty they are inside. They seem afraid, guilty, and absolutely empty. Why hesitate to share respect and adoration, why hesitate to extend a little kindness and excitement? How do you back away like that? How do you meet people through a chain-link fence (!!) and stand so far away at that? I have never seen her look this way in crowd photos from royal sidewalk stops in Britian. I always hope there will be a turning point for Kate and William but my god – they are so hollow, comfortable, and separate, and they just don’t have that loving sense that Diana had – they seem so alien. I am rooting for Jamaican independence. Kate and William, just go home. SMH.

    • Gruey says:

      Absolutely. The excuses being made for her are so convoluted.

      People need to stop and think about how they would want a tour like this to play out. Think about figures like Diana, the Obamas, and yes Meghan. Ok, now that we have those images in mind, look again at Kate and tell me it’s not a disaster.

      And you are spot on. This is the most rigid and uncomfortable I have EVER seen them look by far. And that’s saying something. They needed to do some meditation and yoga each morning or something to get their heads right.

  44. My Feet Smell says:

    The fence photos are really uncomfortable and embarrassing, yikes.

    But the video, enh. It just looks like Kate was momentarily confused by why someone is trying to take her hand from like a metre away. Personally when I want to talk to someone, I don’t take their hand and make them step toward me — I step closer to *them*. I would have been like “…?” in her place too, especially if I were jetlagged.

    • C says:

      Yes it’s definitely the Black Minister of Culture’s fault! She invaded the poor white lily’s space!
      Come on.

      • My Feet Smell says:

        I never suggested she was invading her space, that Kate was frightened or that anyone is at fault. You’re the one projecting those ideas onto my comment.

        It was just a brief misunderstanding. It could have easily occurred between two white people or two Black people.

        Feel free to interpret this video with the lens you choose. Personally, I think it’s ambiguous at best. It’s also telling, IMO, that this Twitter user could only find three seconds of soundless hesitation footage to undergird their argument that “KATE IS *DISGUSTED* BY BLACK WOMAN” but okay.

    • goofpuff says:

      No. She was not invading her space. You shake hands. Kate has shaken hands many times before with plenty of white ministers of other countries. This is inexcusable to show disrespect like this to the Jamaican minister because she is black.

    • Nicki says:

      Confused that the Minister of Culture of the nation she is visiting is trying to interact with her? lol!

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      You’re really working to make this something it’s not. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

      • My Feet Smell says:

        Does a single awkward social interaction make you a pig? Well, I guess I’m a huge pig then! See: every “la bise” I’ve ever unsuccessfully exchanged with a French person.

    • Jaded says:

      What she showed was a terrible lack of social skills and soft diplomacy. This is her fecking job! For 10 years she’s supposedly been getting her sh*t together to do this job but she clearly hasn’t. She’s shown over and over again that she doesn’t have the desire, focus or interest in the position. The only thing she’s interested is getting to be POW and FFQC, nothing else. If this trip has shown anything, it’s what hopeless liabilities the Cambridges really are.

      • My Feet Smell says:

        Yeah. I don’t know if *any* royal would be able to keep these countries as Realms for much longer now that Barbados is out, but these guys are really, really not helping with their half-assed bumbling.

  45. Iz_Q says:

    IF I am reading Twitter correctly, apparently their meeting with the Prime Minister began with him telling them Jamaica is moving onwards and upwards and moving swiftly to remove the Queen as head of state. They did not even get a chance to sit down….Kate in her Alexander McQueen ensemble. Prime Minister said don’t get too comfy kiddies. Yikes.

    • SourcesclosetoKate says:

      Lol. I’m going to see for myself

    • Feeshalori says:

      Yep, he gave it to them straight standing up. I doubt they could have sat down afterwards with his foot so far up their butts.

    • Princessk says:

      Yes, you should have seen William clenching his jaw. The PM, just before their departure, making it crystal clear to the world that the Cambridge’s charm offensive to keep the Queen as Head of State has totally failed. The tour hasn’t even finished and the host is telling them that they have wasted their time. It really cannot get any worse.

  46. Bumbles says:

    The obvious scorn that Kate has for the Minister of Culture. I know that body language anywhere as a woc. That look, like you are something disgusting and alien that they wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole. That awful shot of the fence with the children trying to reach them from behind. The racism here, with these so called ‘royals’, is blinding.

  47. kit says:

    Read the Washington Post coverage and the comment section was filled with racists which surprised me. These posters have deep searing hate for Meghan which may explain a lot of their attitude toward black and brown people in the Commonwealth. These commenters think the British Empire was the best thing to brown and black people because the British civilized them. It makes sense when you see the largest UK papers and tabloids are owned by far right billionaires and corporations. Their readers are xenophobic and racist.

    FYI: Jamaica’s biggest trading partner is with the US (40%), Brazil, China, Canada, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago. Trade with the UK is much smaller than what the forever empire Brits want to think.

    • equality says:

      The funny thing is that before the Brits “civilized” these people, they lived more in harmony with the natural world. Now the RF cries over the impact on the environment that their country contributed to. Most tourists to Jamaica (and Belize) are also from the US.

  48. serena says:

    Good lord, the photo with her greeting the children through the fence is absolutely horrifying.

  49. Jais says:

    The fence shot was awful. Many RR have countered by discussing the context, raheem sterling also greeted by the fence, and there were pics of them greeting by a lower fence. Sure, that’s true but the royals are all about optics and photos. Someone should have said hey can we take our security and greet people on the other side of the fence. Someone on the team should have stepped in and done it in the moment. Yeah, I’m sure these visits are hectic but that’s the job.

    • Likeyoucare says:

      The team couldnt even manage to handle 5 a.m email.
      They didnt have the experience and knowledge that fence video is bad optic.
      They might think wow she looks like a rock star with so many black people adoring her behind the fence.

    • Feeshalori says:

      I saw a picture where Raheem was greeting the onlookers at a opening in the fence and was wondering why the Cambridges couldn’t do the same thing. But of course we all know why.

    • Debbie says:

      Maybe I’ve missed something. Is Raheem Sterling getting paid off by tax dollars too? Does he get to wear crowns and live in castles? I don’t know much about England, but I do know about using people of color as props and as cover for screw-ups. In this case, saying “Raheem did it too!” is rather like saying, “I can’t be racist because some of my best friends are Black” or “I just took a picture standing next to Black children.” The royals don’t get to use this Sterling fellow to get the crowds to come, then use him to misdirect W & K’s cock-ups.

  50. Tessa says:

    I think the entire tour is cringeworthy. Maybe they will disappear on a vacation to “recover” from all this hard work. LOL>

  51. Formerly Lithe says:

    The tour so far has been beyond my wildest expectations. Without seeing these images for myself, I’d assume anyone describing them to me was lying.

  52. Iz_Q says:

    I just saw Kate gave a speech today…anyone know how THAT went?

    • Princessk says:

      She sounded stilted and wooden as usual, and was unable to even memorise one sentence, she was constantly reading from the script, which gives the impression that her heart was not there and she was going through the motions.

  53. Eulalia says:

    They desperately needed the Sussexes on this trip and it shows

  54. AmelieOriginal says:

    So I’m late to commenting on everything because I started a new job today. The fence photo ops are really not great but was this the crowd looking through the fence during the soccer game exhibition that William participated in? Not excusing the optics of it because it’s pretty bad but in the grand scheme of things these two have done, not the most offensive thing I’ve seen them do either.

    I really like Kate’s dress, it’s super cute and I would love to wear it. She doesn’t look comfortable being the sole white person along with William though and that interaction with the woman in the video was super awkward.

  55. cws says:

    She wore the Cartier live bracelet because the only black woman she knows likes them

  56. Aiglentine says:

    Kate doesn’t connect at all. I remember how warmly Diana met everyone. She was truly interested in people. Meghan would have been every bit as lovely. This just hurts to see.