Daniel Radcliffe gushes about his girlfriend of ten years: ‘I’ve got a really nice life’

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The Lost City starring Channing Tatum, Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe comes out today. I going to see it next Tuesday, I’m excited. In the promos, Channing and Sandra played off their chemistry and Daniel took on the annoying kid brother role. It was cute and made me want to see the film even more. But then, I’m a pretty big Daniel fan, as you know. However, I really don’t know much about him for as much as I like him. Like, I did not know that he’d been in a relationship for a decade. While doing the promotional rounds, Daniel spoke about his longtime partner, Erin Darke. And he said some really lovely things. Of course he did, what else do we expect from Daniel? Erin, also an actor, met Daniel on the set of Kill Your Darlings. But they don’t often work together, even though they like to when the situation arises. Basically, Daniel and Erin have found a nice balance that has led them to true happiness.

Daniel Radcliffe and girlfriend Erin Darke are about to hit the 10-year mark.

The two actors first met while filming the 2013 drama Kill Your Darlings and have been together ever since. Speaking to PEOPLE about where he is in life right now, Radcliffe, 32, says he’s in a great place, personally and professionally.

“I’ve got a really nice life. I’ve been with my girlfriend for a decade pretty much. We’re really happy,” he says. “I just got to make the Weird Al movie, which is honestly one of the most pleasurable, exciting experiences in my career. I’m doing the last season of Miracle Workers this year and then another Broadway show. So it’s a good year, man. I’m really happy with how it’s all going so far.”

The couple recently worked together in a 2021 episode of Radcliffe’s TBS comedy series, which the actor says they hope to keep doing, but sparingly.

“We definitely like [working together], but it’s not something we want to do all the time,” he says. “We obviously met on film and so getting to do stuff on Miracle Workers with her last year was incredibly special and felt lovely. Hopefully we’ll get to do more in the future, but we also both write, so maybe we’d write something together at some point, and that would be cool.”

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Daniel is one of those people I want good things for. Reading this in his gentle voice fills me with warmth. It’s not over-the-top or TMI, it’s just a beautiful statement of contentment. “We’re really happy,” says so much more than others who say how incredible their relationship is and detail all the ways that make it *spectacular*. Daniel also said Erin was a big Sandra B fan and was almost more excited than Daniel was when he got the script for The Lost City. So I guess I’m happy for the both of them this movie happened.

I’m also thrilled to hear Daniel effuse over how much he enjoyed filming the Weird Al Yankovic movie. I also only ever want good things for Weird Al. Not only is he just an all-around neat person, he’s my college’s most famous alum (Go Mustangs!) I agree that Daniel was inspired casting (as was the announcement). I honestly can’t wait to see both The Lost City and Weird: The Weird Al Yankovic Story.

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  1. Mis1066 says:

    I adore Dan. He’s had addiction issues and never hid stuff. I was an original HP fan and I only want the best for all of them

  2. damejudi says:

    I recognize her from Good Girls Revolt, which is available on Prime.

    She’s so great in this one season and done series-wish it had gotten more episodes!

  3. ThEHufflepuffLizLemon says:

    I love Dan Rad and really all the HP kids. They’ve grown up into lovely humans (and we don’t talk about JKR, I struggle with her on the daily.) Happy to see him thriving!

    • jjva says:

      Yes, we’re watching the first three HP movies with the 7yo and I’m so happy, looking at young Daniel, to know he is thriving now

  4. CommentingBunny says:

    I saw Lost City last night! It was hilarious and a lot of fun. Dan was awesome in it. I can’t wait for Weird to come out, Weird Al is a long time fave of mine.

  5. Moss says:

    So positive! I love it! And I also read his quotes in his gentle voice.
    The Weird Al movie is the only film Ive been truly excited about for years.

  6. Merricat says:

    I’m happy for Dan; he’s a good man.

  7. margie says:

    Miracle Workers is so, so good. I didn’t realize this next season would be the last, that makes me sad!

  8. MissMarirose says:

    I remember that terrible run in the 90s when so many former child stars became a mess when they grew up, so it’s lovely to see Radcliffe so happy and well-adjusted.

  9. Kathy B. says:

    Cal Poly SLO alum 2005, baby!
    (FYI: Besides Weird Al, John Madden is the other famous alum.)

  10. SarahCS says:

    Thanks for covering this, he comes across as such a decent guy and has shared his addiction issues over the years. I really want good things for him and it warms my heart to read stories like this.

  11. Meg says:

    If the Harrry potter kids had been Hollywood based kids I don’t know if they would’ve turned out as good. No suing parents for spending their money, no reputations for treating people poorly because of so much success so early on in life, etc. US based kid actors don’t have a good track record with that unfortunately their parents seem to lose focus on their kids wellbeing during all the success?
    So honestly good for them

    • liz says:

      My recollection is that the producers were looking at the families almost as closely as they were looking at the kids when they did the initial casting. One of Radcliffe’s parents was a literary agent, the other one was a casting agent. Emma Watson’s parents were lawyers. They were looking for parents who had their own lives and their own careers – not stage parents.