‘Poor thing’ Princess Beatrice ‘knew nothing’ about the £750,000 wedding gift

As we discussed, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have compromised their two daughters in their grift. Princess Eugenie was accepting thousands of dollars via direct deposit into her bank account from her father’s “associate,” all for the “catering” of Fergie’s birthday party. Beatrice apparently received a £750,000 wedding gift via the same shady associates too. Initially, as the story came out late last week, Eugenie made a statement which had obviously been verified through her lawyers. Beatrice is going a different route: “sources” proclaiming her innocence to the Daily Mail.

Princess Beatrice has complained to friends she was blindsided by revelations that an alleged Turkish fraudster provided a £750,000 ‘wedding gift’ ahead of her marriage. The 33-year-old had no idea that anyone outside her family had sought to contribute to the cost of her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July 2020 before lurid reports making the allegation appeared last week.

A friend of the Princess last night insisted: ‘She knew nothing about this, poor thing.’

The wedding took place at the Royal Chapel in Windsor during the pandemic and, in order to meet Covid-19 rules, was attended by only 20 people. Documents from a complex fraud case last week revealed that the mysterious £750,000 gift was transferred to the Coutts bank account of Beatrice’s father, Prince Andrew, at the request of a Turkish businessman called Selman Turk.

The papers say that, in addition, Beatrice’s sister Eugenie was paid £25,000 at the behest of Mr Turk and that her mother, Sarah Ferguson, received payments of at least £225,000 from him for work that she had carried out for a US firm called Pegasus Group Holdings. Prince Andrew received a separate sum of £350,000 from Mr Turk, the papers state.

There is no suggestion of wrongdoing by the Prince or his family and they are not central to the case, which is at an early stage.

Beatrice has confided in friends that she is upset at her name is being linked to a fraud case and has no idea who Mr Turk is. The purpose of the £750,000 ‘wedding gift’ payment remains unclear. The marriage service was small and there was no large party of the kind that her younger sister had enjoyed after she married Jack Brooksbank in October 2018.

[From The Daily Mail]

Is it possible that Beatrice and Eugenie knew next to nothing about this specific grift? Perhaps. You have to remember that they grew up with all of this, and their perceptions about their parents’ scams are probably quite skewed. The York princesses are used to Andrew and Fergie always being desperate for money and the financial assistance of “friends,” and clearly Eugenie and Beatrice have probably learned not to ask questions or look too closely. For Eugenie specifically, it feels like she’s worked hard to untangle herself from her parents’ financial mess. But Beatrice? Come on, my gut tells me she’s just as grifty as her parents.

Also, I agree with commenters that this story is partially Prince Charles “punishing” Andrew and telling Andrew to step back. I imagine Charles has loads of compromising intel on all of the Yorks.

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  1. Blujfly says:

    I remember reading a vanity fair piece about the wedding of one of Marie Chantal’s sisters, and Barry Diller gave the bride and groom like a million dollar check to buy a piece of property as a wedding present. So that is the kind of world they all operate it.

    • Lexistential says:

      That was the Alex + Alex Von Furstenberg wedding. I remember that present too. What a world- I would actually think that the royals must feel both incredibly poor and unconfident compared to self-made billionaires like Robert Miller or Barry Diller.

    • Liesel says:

      Wasn’t Barry Diller married to Diane Von Furstenberg at the time, making him the groom’s stepfather? In those circumstances, I don’t see a $1 million cash gift to be that inappropriate given the level of wealth in that family.

      For the York sisters though, these were essentially “friends of their parents” gifting insanely large sums.

      • Lexistential says:

        @Liesel I don’t think DVF was married to Barry Diller yet, but at the time, they were with each other and he was de facto stepfather. Totally appropriate gift.

      • snappyfish says:

        Barry Diller and DVF married in 2001 and are still married

  2. Mmoe says:

    Sorry to repeat myself but the only word for this whole family is avaricious. Sarah has been in huge debt before and sold money for access to Andrew. Their whole vibe is greedy and entitled. Maybe the girls didn’t know exactly where the money came from but they SHOULD have known. Thousands of pounds of free money no questions asked? Uh no

    • ELQ says:

      How do they manage to fritter all this money away?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Fergie is a shopaholic and Andrew lives wildly beyond his means. I read an article that compared his income (from the Queen) with his expenses. His expenses are 2/3rds larger than his income!!!

      • TEALIEF says:

        She should have known, they should have known. I cut Eugenie a little more slack. Their parents financial machinations and connections were, and are well documented. These are not
        one off incidents, they are chronic and habitual. These are adult women with -mildly speaking- very problematic parents. These women are not “working” Royals, ostensibly, they have to actually work in the real world. They have familial name advantages “their granny” and disadvantages “their parents”. Knowing that their parents are perpetually in hock over their heads, they should be hyper-vigilant when it comes to entangling their finances. Knowing what their parents have done, and continue to do, why would they give them their financial information?  Their parents used their accounts as pass-through accounts. Are they that intellectually and emotionally blind or stunted? This is royal Kajillionaire.

  3. MY3CENTS says:

    750k for a 20 person wedding? That’s 37.5K per person, not suspicious at all…

    • Liz version 700 says:

      And as commenters pointed out yesterday, she wore a hand-me-down gown and used her granny’s castle for the venue? What did they spend $750k on? We fed 80 people delicious Indian food at my wedding for $800. Mind you it was at a hotel not a castle. Oh and my cake was ridiculously expensive, but still came in under $1000. Sooooo ummmmmm Did they give Crown Jewels as party favors?

      • Polo says:

        There’s a big part missing from this version from the daily mail. I’m sure they did it on purpose but he did return the $750,000.
        The money was given in 2019 I believe so sounds like they planned a bigger wedding and it was cut down due to Covid.

    • Colby says:

      My reading of the communications between Andy and the woman was that the $750k was a gift to him because his daughter was getting married, not to use for the wedding necessarily. I believe he used some of it for the wedding but the rest went to his pocket.

    • Paisley25 says:

      Beatrice’s original wedding was scheduled for May 29 2020 and was postponed for the pandemic. It would have been a huge affair. I’m pretty sure she has a different wedding dress and reception dress (purchased before COVID) somewhere in her closet, but they were too grand for her pandemic wedding.

  4. Catlady says:

    Charles is letting it be known he was not ok with Andrew walking his mother down the aisle at the memorial service.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      Yes please! if there is a positive side to chuck’s pettiness this has to be it. Eagerly awaiting for him to release more.

    • bros says:

      Im not so sure this isn’t coming from the Cambridges who are desperate to have the press stop talking about their colonial flop tour.

    • kirk says:

      Wouldn’t be too surprising if this is a Chuck initiative, even though it’s ineffectual feint with money going into parent’s bank account then being returned (just hoping the ick factor sticks around). I’d read somewhere that Beatrice had previously wanted to go into the family business and was educating herself about diplomacy, history, world politics, etc. only to be told, nah Chuck wants to slim the monarcy, no room for you girl.

    • kirk says:

      Wouldn’t be too surprising if this is a Chuck initiative, even though it’s ineffectual feint with money going into parent’s bank account then being returned (just hoping the ick factor sticks around). I’d read somewhere that Beatrice had previously wanted to go into the family business and was educating herself about diplomacy, history, world politics, etc. only to be told, nah Chuck wants to slim the monarcy, no room for you girl.

  5. Moderatelywealthy says:

    I keep telling folks Eugenie is different, but Beatrice is just slightly better than her parents, but cut from same clot. Out of the top of my head, her whole wedding was a sucking up to her grandmother and let´s not forget she and Edo went with Andrew and Fergie to the Embassy of China when Andrew had already been outed and come on, they did buy a house in the Ctoswolds, but they still use Beatrice´s apartment in ther palace as their main residnce guys- the house is their ” country” home.

    Let me not start with Edo and his own agenda or some of their ” fans” will come out and scream at my face this marriage is a love story and I am the one seeing things 🙁

    • Rnot says:

      Edo gives me REALLY BAD vibes. I think he’s going to cause her pain.

    • Lexistential says:

      Edo gives me “not that into her” vibes but totally there for her rank and status access. I hope I’m wrong, since in spite of her resembling her grift-happy parents and being eager to play the royal game in her way, Beatrice seems more vulnerable and people-pleasing than Eugenie, and she seems like the most heart-driven among the Yorks. (She even reminds me of Princess Margaret- under all the status was someone who could be hurt hard easily.)

      • Andie says:

        Omg this. I am the Beatrice of my family…. If my dad (a wonderful, law abiding, not criminal perv and rapist) told me he had to transfer some money into my account for some reason, I’d be like ok dad, sure. I mean adjust the sums accordingly because we aren’t trillionaires but yeah.

    • Snuffles says:

      Eugenie and Jack dated for 10 years before getting married. They clearly married for love. Beatrice and Edo was a whirlwind and gives off the stench of arranged marriage. At best, they were friendly before getting married.

      • MaryContrary says:

        And let us not forget that Edo was actually living with someone (engaged?) and HAD A TODDLER with them when he hooked up with Bea.

      • equality says:

        Sorry this sounds too much like when people compare W&K with H&M for me to get behind it as proof.

      • Nic919 says:

        Edo was living with another woman and had a child with her not long before he started dating Beatrice once the relationship with Jack was over. And blurred timelines as to when Edo started seeing Beatrice. That’s why everyone is suspicious.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ MaryContraryk yup! Edo is NOT to be trusted!!! He certainly dumped his fiancé when he started dating her and he hadn’t broken the engagement yet! His poor fiancé and child found out through the rags and not from the asses mouth directly!!! Bad decision, which will come back to haunt her!!

    • Jessamine says:

      Edo has a major case of “angling cad in an Edith Wharton/Henry James novel” face

      • Debbie says:

        I’m glad someone else saw it and said it but it’s SO true! Someone above said he looks like he’s just not that into her – again, right on. I don’t recall seeing a picture of them together (engagement photos, wedding pictures, etc.) where Edo seemed happy to be with his wife, and in love. His smile never seems to reach his eyes. I don’t think they’ve been married that long either. Why does he always seem so bored, like he’s doing her a favor by being there?

      • Nivz says:

        Nailed it! Also Mr Raikes in The Gilded Age vibes, which is the same mold.

      • The Recluse says:

        Nailed it. Wharton and Henry James need to be reincarnated to write about this.

    • Moderatelywealthy says:

      Beatrice willingly entered into an aristocratic marriage with Ego. They both wanted it. They were both raised in a society that traditionally sees marriage as a combination of interests. They share friends and ideology. He is probably fond of her and while she is not cash rich (neither is he) Beatrice has her apartment in the palace and now they have their country abode

      This is more embarrassing for Beatrice than Eugene because Eugenie can walk away anytime. But Beatrice truly hoped that by keeping a low profile, she could continue receiving gifts and enjoying the perks which are part of the reasons her husband married in the first place.

      Beatrice has no where to go. All that ” Edo has an Italian villa and she is a Contessa ” Iis bullshit.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Is Andy money laundering and spreading the money in smaller amounts to all four of the family to hopefully not attract attention?
    Also, yes PC is saying ‘I told you to stay in the background’.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      Money-laundering’s been Andy’s real job for decades.

    • Bec says:

      Other sources have reported the money came after a “Pitch at the Palace” meeting – and that it was reportedly money paid to facilitate a member of the (Turkish) family getting a British visa or citizenship, I can’t recall the details. So yeah, money laundering for SURE.

      I remember when Beatrice got engaged so shortly after Eugenie, it really felt like the envious sister finding the closest available single aristocrat to avoid being labeled the “poor lonely” sister or something like that.

      Money can’t buy happiness… or class.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    Beatrice and Eugenie have been able to live a life a luxury their entire life and never once asked where the money was coming from or how Papa made his own money? Did they believe that Granny was giving him money? I can’t believe the thought never crossed their minds or that they never asked where the money was coming from? I agree that Andrew is being punished by the press for stepping on their narrative for the memorial but I’m not sure about Charles’ involvement.

    • Colby says:

      I can believe they never asked or cared.

      This whole family just truly believe they are ordained by God to be separate and above everyone else. That entitlement could very easily lead to a lack of curiosity about the details. They’re rich because they’re ordained by God to be. End of story in their mind.

      • lucy2 says:

        I can believe it too. I bet they’ve never had to look at a budget or even know the totals in their accounts.

    • equality says:

      Plenty of people believed the Queen was supporting him, why wouldn’t B&E? All of them, even TQ, get money and gifts wherever they can. Why wouldn’t children raised in that situation see it as normal?

      • Amy Bee says:

        @equality: I’d give them a pass if they were in William’s position but they’ve had to exist outside the royal bubble and even lived abroad.

      • equality says:

        How far outside the bubble have they actually been? Bea lived in NYC part time; I don’t know of Eugenie living abroad.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I think both girls are smart enough to understand (now) that how they were raised wasn’t quite normal. But both seem to be ok with taking advantage of the connections their father has brought them while they turn a blind eye to the uglier things.

      But here’s the thing: I really don’t think either Eugenie is nearly as bad as her parents, and while Beatrice may be slightly more like them, I don’t think she’s nearly as bad either. They were raised in that grift. And by that grift, I mean the entire thing, how their parents funded their lifestyle and how the institution is a giant grift. It’s all they knew for a long, long time. It was their normal. And I know from personal experience that it’s hard to break away from the normal you were raised with, especially when that normal comes with such lavish perks.

      I also think it’s entirely possible that Beatrice had no idea about the $750k, and that Eugenie’s dealings with the $25k for her mother’s party didn’t strike her as being for anything other than the party. I don’t think either of them take part in their parent’s shakedown efforts (and what appears to be money laundering). I think they just didn’t think too deeply about Pervy and Fergie’s activities.

      And I definitely think this is Chuck letting the Pervy know he’s not happy with what happened at the memorial service. The FK is ruthless, and Pervy and Fergie both seem to love their kids for all their other many faults. The FK will throw the lot of them under the bus if he needs to.

      • Janet DR says:

        This makes sense @TigerMcQueen. It’s how they were raised, and what child asks their parents where the money is coming from? Hopefully they have their eyes wide open now!

      • Barb Mill says:

        I agree that it’s possible that Bea didn’t know about the $750K. And Eugenie didn’t think much about the $25K either. I remember reading an article (can’t remember where maybe the Guardian) someone familiar the the $750K Andrew was told to Consider it a wedding gift but they could do whatever he wanted with the money.

      • Nic919 says:

        A while back someone who went to university with Beatrice commented that she was very out of touch with the real world. As an example they mentioned that she would drive to school and park where the teachers did, which no other student would consider. So it’s likely that Beatrice is just naive to the real world and lives in her bubble of privilege without questioning much.

      • smarmyo says:

        Hard to understand how the FK could time this so well, because the court date has its own schedule: https://vlex.co.uk/vid/nebahat-evyap-isbilen-v-864263928
        Maybe the details buried in this suit were helpfully unearthed by the FK.

    • Julia K says:

      It would never have entered my mind to question my parents income or financial status. I think it was cultural; the old world sign of respect to maintain privacy. I was well into my 40s when I realized I needed to ask some personal financial questions of my newly widowed mom. Even then, it was difficult. I can see Andrew not wanting to give his girls any information.

      • Jennifer says:

        I know next to nothing about my parents’ finances. I would reasonably assume the queen was providing everyone funds if I was B&E.

  8. Merricat says:

    I knew some people who took out credit cards in their children’s names. It’s astonishing what people will do to their own, and justify it every step of the way.

    • Seraphina says:

      OUCH, that is pretty low. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do. And the older I get, the more of a hermit I become.

    • Cara says:

      I used to work in a field adjacent to the credit industry. People do this more than you’d like to think.

      Also a friend’s parents put their house in her name when she was a teen to try to protect it. She got sued about a decade later and was very upset to learn what they’d done. Of course she was a teen when it happened and not a 30 year old.

      • Murphy says:

        Yes my in-laws put my husband on their credit card to improve their own credit standing. Then that card came up on his credit report when we went to buy a house, I hit the roof.

    • s808 says:

      Yep credit cards and will put bills in their children’s names. it’s sickening.

    • I grew up with someone whose mother took out a bunch of credit cards in his name when he was younger, and he had no idea until years and thousands of dollars worth of debt to his name later. He couldn’t bring himself to press charges against her despite everyone he knew urging him to do so (she had a history of grifting and scamming), but he no longer has any type of relationship with her whatsoever.

      • Lucy says:

        My brother has a friend that this happened to his wife. When they were taking about getting married, they learned about finances and pulled their credit (I think just for fun), found a ton of credit card debt her parents had been racking up in her name. When they were confronted, they literally showed up to her apartment and detained her, luckily a friend saw and called the police. They’ve been no contact 15 years now.

    • Sarah says:

      My husband’s parents did this and destroyed his credit. It was devastating to him.

  9. Seraphina says:

    I don’t understand the world these people operate in, but it seems to me that if Chuck has intel is using it, wouldn’t his brother have intel on him as well???? It is a dangerous game in which they play. It reminds me of stories with the matriarch dies or patriarch and the family loses it’s God forsaken mind trying to get to what has been left behind. And in the end the family is destroyed.

    • SnoodleDumpling says:

      Andrew may very well have quite a bit of intel on Charles BUT in order to actually do anything with that intel he’d have to work directly against basically the entire government and media of the UK. Charles will be protected to a certain extent by the entire establishment because he’s gonna be the King, just as William is clearly being smothered in bubble wrap and duct tape.

      I just don’t see Andrew going outside of the Royal bubble for any attempts at blackmail, and thus he would always fail.

  10. Liz version 700 says:

    Merricatt I went to one of my legal CLE courses a few years ago being taught by the Bankruptcy Magistrates. They told us about one of their interns who went through the background process to work for them and discovered that someone had stolen her social and filed bankruptcy under her name when she was 5 years old. It is awful

    • Cara says:

      There was a case in Oregon at least a decade ago where some guy was in the hospital for cancer treatments and his identity was stolen there.

  11. Eurydice says:

    If the money went straight to Andrew’s bank account, it’s very possible that Beatrice didn’t know about it. My questions would be, was Andrew even allowed to accept a gift like that and, if so, was he supposed to report it?

    I’m just thinking back to the gifts of jewelry that were given for H&M’s wedding – those went to the Queen in trust for the monarchy, didn’t they?

    • Barb Mill says:

      That’s the first thing I thought also.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Of course they went to The Crown!! Meghan isn’t entitled but CopyKeen is, it’s the usual double standard in that family!!!! Plus when Meghan wore the earrings they tried to label her in bed with MBS, which she was fully unaware of who gave the gift.

      • Eurydice says:

        Yes, that’s what I was thinking – so why wouldn’t a cash gift for a royal wedding also go to the crown?

  12. equality says:

    ” The marriage service was small and there was no large party of the kind that her younger sister had enjoyed after she married Jack Brooksbank in October 2018.” So was this an add-in by the writer or is Bea trying to throw Eugenie under the bus?

    • Cara says:

      It’s a two-for-one! Get Andrew for being Andrew and Eugenia for visiting Harry!

    • Nick G says:

      That jumped out, didn’t it? The narrative crafting is something else. They are going to completely Meghanize Eugenie.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      I found that interesting, too. I can believe that the writer was stirring up a little drama, but I’ve also felt that Bea might have resented having a small pandemic wedding.

      It was very important to Andrew & Fergie that the York girls be styled as princesses. I can imagine that seeing your younger sister have a big, public wedding & then not having one yourself would feel disappointing if you were Beatrice. And that’s without having your father’s crimes hanging over the entire thing. I think that’s why the family went all-out with the Queen’s dress & tiara, plus the over the top flowers, which really were gorgeous.

      As far as the gift goes, I get the sense that Beatrice is more like her parents than Eugenie, but they’ve both likely been used in their parents’ schemes. Having worked with wealthy folks with Coutts accounts, I can also attest that the very rich can be remarkably careless about money. It’s just always there. They don’t even need to check their balances.

    • Jay says:

      Yes, that petty little swipe at the end of the article is not a good look, and neither is going straight to the daily fail.
      Beatrice is not the only person who had to postpone or change her wedding plans, and in my opinion, having a small scale wedding and wearing her grandmother’s altered dress might have been her high point, PR wise. Can you imagine if she’d tried to hold a lavish castle type wedding in the midst of the pandemic and economic crisis?

      • KeleLeRockChick says:

        If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that Bea’s dress was not a hand-me-down from Liz. Rather it was a ‘replica’ of the Norman Hartnell dress previously worn by the Queen and made by Angela Kelly.

        It’s also my theory that the shots of the wedding published (sans Andy & Fergie) were just PR for the sake of preserving the BRF’s image at the height of COVID.

        I am 100% willing to bet that Bea still wore her swish designer evening dress and that alongside the 30 people only wedding breakfast, they also held a 150+ reception. Those pictures will be released at a later date when the memory of COVID is distant enough… this is classically how the RF operate…

  13. Gigi says:

    I know it seems easier to absolve Eugenie and condemn Beatrice because of who has been outwardly pro-Sussex, and to see this as an extension of anti-Sussex tabloid propaganda. But this story is a major reason why the York princesses have never had any popularity with the general public or with the tabloids. Andrew and Fergie’s shenanigans tainted them from a young age (topless toe sucking!), and both Beatrice and Eugenie also lived off of their parents’ shady money scrounging for most of their lives. They also have put on a united front with their parents during their various scandals. Neither sister is deliberately shady or grifting, but they didn’t try to build a life/public image away from it.

    • equality says:

      It makes Eugenie seem more likable and more likely to learn from H&M about distancing yourself from toxic family. Maybe B&E will both learn from this and create distance and take greater care in business dealings.

    • sid says:

      It’s also easier to absolve Eugenie because she has always come across as more low-key than Beatrice, who seems to like the glamorous life like their parents. Beatrice seemed to flit from job to job after university, was doing more vacationing than actual work, and was getting papped quite a bit. Meanwhile Eugenie got her art degree, has been working in the art world ever since, and generally seems to go about her business quietly.

      • Bec says:

        This… Reminds me to some extent how Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton took such different paths… Younger sister Nicky was running her own fashion business while Paris was still running around LA party-hopping and trying to break into movies with awful acting.

        Beatrice is older, but not wiser, it seems.

    • Charm says:

      It didnt help that as these two young women came of age and while the public was trying to learn who they were as people, outside of the shadow of their parents’ problematic ways, that Beatrice at 17, secretly went out for a whole year with a man charged with murder.

      “Paolo Liuzzo — was ultimately convicted of assault and battery for his part in the killing of a student in Worcester, Massachusetts,” according to the U.K.’s Metro.”

      Then at age 18, in 2006, she began dating Dave Clark and went out with him for 10 YEARS! waiting for him to propose. He didnt. They broke up in 2016. BTW, it was Willnot who had introduced them.

      It hasnt escaped me that Beatrice, unlike Eugenie, is NOT close to H&M. And, of course, the York girls and Kannot quite infamously DO NOT get along.

      So in conclusion:
      Beatrice has poor judgement. She also appears to have low self-esteem. And while I do not know either young woman, I have a better sense of Eugenie; that she appears to hv a greater sense of self than her sister. In fact, she appears to be older, in the sense that she appears to be much more mature in her actions and approach to life, notwithstanding the gold-framed glass house in which they all live.

      • The Recluse says:

        Family dynamics being what they can be, I’m suspecting that Beatrice was more of the focus of her parents, as the eldest, than Eugenie was. Beatrice and Kate may have the same dynamic in common where their maternal relationships are concerned: they both seem to be proxies, mini-me’s for their mothers’ ambitions. Beatrice definitely acts more like her mother’s daughter than Eugenie does and she will suffer for it if she can’t get a clue.
        Just the differences in how Eugenie and Beatrice responded to this news is revealing.

      • JaneBee says:

        @The Recluse This is an excellent analysis!

  14. Tursitops says:

    Am I the only one here who doesn’t notice when hundreds of thousands of dollars show up in my bank account..? I thought that this was perfectly normal.

    • Couch potato says:

      It was transfered to Andrew, not Bea.

      • Tursitops says:

        The second line states that funds were directly deposited into Eugenie’s account. As to Bea, she *should* know the source of that much of her wedding budget; feigned ignorance is wilful blindness.

      • Remy says:

        For Eugenie’s case, in her statement she said that a long standing family friend wanted to make contributions to fergie’s 60th bday party so eug and she suggested that they pay the caterers directly but gave her them her account info in any case, so yes she would have been aware of the 25k to her account. But the money for B’s wedding wouldn’t have gone to her account.

  15. Lili says:

    i feel really sorry for these girls, with parents like this and an even toxic extended family, chances are they are bound to get pulled into shitstorms like this. i hope Eugenie has enough agency to get the hell out of dodge. its great leasing Harry’s house but you arent helping yourself get clear of the mess . move to Cali and start something new

  16. Em says:

    Interesting media approach between the two sisters. Eugenie puts out an official statement with her name while Beatrice runs to the daily mail to complain. This further reinforces my opinion that Eugenie will probably split from the family and move away after the queen’s death while Beatrice seems in love with the royal status and will remain even going as far as kissing William’s butt ala the tindalls. Bad approach bea because they will throw you under the bus and run it back twice and no amount of daily mail briefings will save you. Also I don’t see her marriage lasting with Edo. I could be wrong but he doesn’t seem into her at all.

  17. matthew says:

    that Mapozzi fella also smells like a heavy grifter

  18. Cinders says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just scraping the surface when it comes to Andrew’s finances. I wish someone would have a real dig into that incredibly shady business with the sale of his house, plus the finances involving his Pitch@Palace thing. Massive money laundering/dodgy backhander red flags all over the place.
    (And I bet he’s not the only one BTW. Charles won’t be squeaky clean, for a start.)

  19. Debbie says:

    I really don’t understand why people assume that either of the York women would move to the U.S. or California, specifically. I think that the main reason Prince Harry moved there was because it made sense as that’s where his wife was born. However, the York women are married to Europeans, not Americans so even if they left the royal fold, wouldn’t they most likely stay in England or go to Italy or something?

    • Gee says:

      I agree. It’s likely they’ll move elsewhere if they do. Not America.

    • Lucy says:

      Brexit took the easy relocation bit away from them. I mean, rich people have everything way less difficult, but their options are probably a little less wide open than they’d like.

  20. Jumpingthesnark says:

    I don’t think the Mozz is done just yet. He will be once it gets to the point where even the shady oligarchs want nothing to do with the Yorks.

  21. DeluxeDuckling says:

    Edo is so cheesy looking.

  22. SnarcasmQueen says:

    As much as I’d like to pin anything shady on this shady ass family, I’d be curious to know if Beatrice even looks at her own bank account or bank statements or if she knows how much anything costs.

    Her parents spend money like water and somehow the pitcher never empties.

  23. SnarcasmQueen says:

    Also, if Andrew and Fergie were mere peasants, they’d be exactly the kind of people who run up electric bills in their kid’s names and use their socials to commit welfare fraud.

  24. KeleLeRockChick says:

    I guess Bill & Katie needed us to stop talking about their colonial slave master mess of a tour and Andy’s exploits have been just the ticket.

    Of course Andy’s dirty money is an issue but why is this story just coming out now. The RF have a habit of sitting on stories like this and releasing them just when they need to whip someone back in line or distract from another PR disaster.

    Aside from the obvious optics of this, Andrew has been in receipt of monies which are technically the proceeds of crime from a ‘Public Person’. I find it hard to believe that the RF does not have legal advisors or a compliance arm who vet donations like this – weren’t there rules about H&M not even being able to accept gifts for Archie from high profile people / organizations yet here is Andy literally laundering millions by literally layering and placing the money in the accounts of his family.

    This situation perfectly mirrors the hypocrisy in corporate environments where black staffers are held to a much higher standard than their white counterparts.

    • Kitt1 says:

      Indeed. Looks like the palace has been sitting on this scandal since 2019. If any non royal did this, there would have been a criminal investigation. That it didn’t should warrant a criminal investigation into why concerns about a fixed contest were suppressed. Makes you wonder about other royal prizes and awards. How much quid pro quo does it take to win, eh?!

      It’s indeed wondrous timing that this was in the Guardian re: concerns over Pitch@Palace contest win by Turk. It seems other contestants thought it odd that Turk won given his ‘pitch’ was ‘crap’.


      Makes you wonder who’s twisting the knife here? CH or KP? Whoever they are, they certainly want to take out the whole House of York this week.

  25. starryfish29 says:

    These people really are just a bunch of broke b*tches swanning around in stolen jewels and tax payer funded shoes, pretending to be fancy. They desperately need to continue the grift, that’s what save the monarchy really means.