Tina Brown: Jeffrey Epstein considered Prince Andrew to be a ‘useful idiot’

Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers was excerpted by the Telegraph over the weekend. I would imagine more excerpts are coming, perhaps in People Magazine, or maybe The Daily Beast. But for now, the Telegraph has the exclusive and I genuinely wonder who chose the excerpts. One piece was about Charles and Camilla’s 2005 wedding and this one, which we’re discussing now, is about how Prince Andrew has always been sleazy, stupid and compromised. Which is why Jeffrey Epstein chose to befriend him. You can read this excerpt here (it’s paywalled) and here are some highlights:

Andrew was cut out of all of the major 2012 Jubbly events: The image of a curated Royal Family struck the right note at a time of economic austerity. But a former aide told me: “I hear there were literally people restraining members of the family trying to get on the balcony.”

Andrew’s money: He had to live on the hardly lavish £250,000 annually from the Civil List for his official activities, and a Royal Naval pension of about £20,000 a year, plus an unspecified allowance that followed the vagaries of the Queen’s goodwill. Slipping members in the line of succession are like creatures in a Middle Eastern harem, captives of luxury everyone resents, but without the wherewithal or expertise to pursue successful lives beyond. And the way the Queen doles out the money is remarkably personal. Family members wait in trepidation to learn of her decisions.

His work as a “trade ambassador”: Former minister in the Foreign Office and Labour MP Chris Bryant told me that “it was common parlance that the last thing the FO wanted was Andrew on a trip, because he’d offend half the people at the dinner table, go off on secret missions and return laden with gifts – and on top of that he was a nightmare because he insisted on more acreage in hotels than any other member of the Royal family. When he went to Davos, he had a bigger chalet than everyone else, and everyone went: ‘Why?’ ”

Andrew & Epstein: Epstein always knew the right psychic buttons to press. There was a hollowness in the Duke’s personality. That’s why he laughed louder and boasted so much. He knew that for all the palaces he lived in and the servants who Sir’d him, he was the second son whose childhood parity with Charles was a mirage. Epstein deftly exploited Andrew’s sense of grievance. The wife of a financier who sat next to Andrew at an Epstein dinner told me how the Prince suddenly declared: “I don’t know why people don’t pay us royals more respect.”

A useful idiot:
Privately, Epstein told people that Andrew was an idiot, but – to him – a useful one. A senior royal, even if tainted, is always a potent magnet abroad. Epstein confided to a friend that he used to fly the Duke of York to obscure foreign markets, where governments were obliged to receive him, and Epstein went along as HRH’s investment adviser. With Andrew as frontman, Epstein could negotiate deals with these (often) shady players.

[From The Telegraph]

There’s more in the piece but the whole thing is just disgusting. Andrew apparently has long been known as a boob-ogler and he would truly visit people’s private homes and then just stay in bed for days, watching p0rn. Once he got in tight with Epstein, Andrew would never stay at hotels or the embassy in New York, he would just stay with Epstein. Brown also writes that she and Ghislaine Maxwell at times traveled in the same circles but Maxwell always left her cold. Brown also says that Epstein once came into her Daily Beast office and threatened her to “stop” reporting on his crimes. A whole mess. But yes, of course Prince Andrew is a complete f–king pig.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Sakura says:

    GROSS. So gross.

  2. Catlady says:

    Andrew better hope for a big inheritance because Charles is going to cut him off the second he can.

    • Snuffles says:

      I can’t wait to see how the Queen’s inheritance shakes out. It’s gonna be a blood bath!

      • Charm says:

        Just as with phillip, the details of betty’s estate will NOT be publicly revealed. Not in our lifetime anyway.

    • equality says:

      Then they would all have to whine and worry about Andrew doing a book or interviews like they whine and worry about Harry. And Andrew, likely, knows more dirt on them. I think they are stuck with supporting him financially.

  3. equality says:

    “I hear there were literally people restraining members of the family trying to get on the balcony.” Hyperbole or the aide has no idea what “literally” means? It evokes an image of Anne slugging it out with courtiers. There’s a scene for The Crown.

    • Dee says:

      “Take your hands off me, you peasant!”

      “OW! She slapped me!”

      “Still can’t go on the balcony, tho”

      • Christine says:

        I imagine this more like Willnot and Cannot trying to force each other to do their actual jobs. That they get millions for.

    • Pork Chops and Applesauce says:

      We have the Kardashian/Jenner family to thank for the widespread misusage of the word “literally”. It’s drives me nuts.

    • C says:

      I believe it in its actual sense. I’m sure there were people trying to strongarm their way onto the balcony at the last minute expecting nobody would act to keep them back. The heir of this family tore a sink out of a wall and threw it at one of his aides one time so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some minor royals were trying to push their way through. The importance of “the balcony” to these people is bizarre.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I have no trouble believing that this is exactly what happened, precisely as stated. I am curious as to why you think this must be hyperbole or a misuse of the word “literally”? Do you really believe these people are polite and gracious behind the scenes?

      • MMRB says:

        I’m also willing to bet the royal courtier who provided the quote is very adept at the english language and knows precisely how to use the word ‘literally’ and doesn’t rely on Kim Kardashian to influence their speech patterns.

      • equality says:

        Nope, don’t think they are gracious behind the scenes but they rely on the higher ups for their money so they are most likely not overtly “disobedient” to their “betters”. And I wouldn’t bet on courtiers being that adept at anything since they haven’t shown that with their PR in any way. And the use of “literally” in a hyperbolic way actually dates back to the 1700’s.

    • cassandra says:

      That line made me laugh out loud and I so hope it’s true!

      I also totally believe that the Queen hands out money based on her opinion of you.

  4. ThatsNotOkay says:

    None of them “deserves” respect. For f’ing what? What have they done for humanity that couldn’t have been accomplished without them? They have no power and no real influence except as useful idiots or pawns of the actual government. They’re a mirage. A smokescreen. A shiny object the government waves at you while it picks your pocket. I’ll bet everyone could do with an extra fifty-two cents in their pockets this year. #AbolishTheMonarchy #ReturnStolenGoods #StormTheCastles

    • kelleybelle says:

      Exactly, they’re basically rich criminals supported by the government. “The magic of the crown” is complete BS and worse.

    • dina says:

      YEP. All of this.

    • Gisby says:

      If you don’t think they have any power, then why isn’t Andrew in prison? They have money, and money is power. They have influence. In fact, they are important enough that we are reading about their foibles and complaining about them rather than seeing a footnote to the news ”local creep goes to prison.’

    • Lowrider says:

      They have a lot of power. Money and Influence is power. There are so many people around the world that find the royal con aspirational.

  5. Snuffles says:

    “allowance that followed the vagaries of the Queen’s goodwill. Slipping members in the line of succession are like creatures in a Middle Eastern harem, captives of luxury everyone resents, but without the wherewithal or expertise to pursue successful lives beyond. And the way the Queen doles out the money is remarkably personal. Family members wait in trepidation to learn of her decisions.”


    And this is the life the RRs believe Harry and Meghan should have stuck around for? Waiting for handouts from Granny and Daddy and hoping they are in a generous mood? Fearing what hoops they would be forced to jump through for a few extra pounds?


    THIS is why so many in that family turn to scams to increase their cash flow. THIS is why they are so easily compromised by shady people with ulterior motives. The more egotistical they are, they easier they are to manipulate.

    No one in that family has any agency because of how it’s structured, so they seek it out in unethical ways. This has been going on for 70 years. 3-4 generations of royals trapped in the gilded cage. Emotionally and financially stunted inside this antiquated institution.

    • Deering24 says:

      And they are brainwashed to think this system is not only right, but to be defended by any means neccessary.

    • equality says:

      And apparently, PC was already not in a generous mood when it came to funding Meghan.

      • Julia K says:

        He said there was NO money to support her and she should continue working. So she did. And the RF hates her for it? Make up your minds people.

    • Lady Digby says:

      This sounds like a toxic family firm and I shudder at all of the unscrutinized corruption that has festered for decades. Obviously between Epstein and Mr Turk other chancers have latched onto PA for access and “respectability”. Everybody but TQ seems to have recognized his greed and complete unsuitability for any role involving tact, diplomacy and probity. No Royal should act as Trade Envoys etc.,

    • C-Shell says:

      Nailed it! It also explains the relentless bitterness heaped on Harry and Meghan every day. Not only did they turn their backs on this toxic “system”, but they are thriving on their own, financially and with genuine respect from the world. Paedrew came out of the blessed birth canal and was reared to believe that alone made him special and due reverence. Reading about him makes me wish for a hot shower.

    • it's all your fault says:

      It’s greed! They want to emulate their rich friends. They can “live on the hardly lavish £250,000 annually”. They don’t pay for security, transportation, they live on crown property, which the crown maintains.

      • Snuffles says:

        And that’s why they so desperately cleave to titles and hierarchy. Because that is all they have over their rich friends. They have no money or accomplishments of their own.

      • Poppy says:

        And since when is $325k “hardly lavish”? I mean, sign me right up for that kind of poverty. I think I could make do.

      • it's all your fault says:

        It’s sympathy wording. And that’s £250,000/$325,000 A year.

      • Lowrider says:

        $250,000 tax free.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Even a royal prince should be fine on a quarter of a million pounds a year plus free housing in a very stately home. Anne is fine, Edward is fine. Andrew is just greedy and selfish and no doubt overindulged by Mommy.

    • Willow says:

      This is exactly what Harry meant when he said, ‘I was trapped, they are trapped, and they don’t realize it’. That dysfunction is all they know, but unlike other people with no money or power, they can change their lives.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      So when, Harry & Meghan, two hardworking, intelligent and charismatic people show they have the ‘wherewithal or expertise to pursue successful lives beyond’ Brown criticizes them for it?

      • Deering24 says:

        Brown is as brainwashed as the rest of the RR. As several posters on here have wisely noted, status and feeling superior is _everything_ to these people—and working is what peasants/less worthy people do. The RR would give anything to be the aristocrats they are supposed to be objectively covering.

  6. it's all your fault says:

    Before the pandemic, someone once told me of andrew – “That one, He will sleep with anything”. He was so right.

  7. Becks1 says:

    Of course Epstein found him useful. Andrew probably just thought they were BFFs and didn’t realize Epstein was using him. Disgusting.

    I do think the money issue is a problem for the british royals. We saw how Harry and Meghan wanted to continue representing the Crown but wanted to earn their money and were told no. They were basically told they had to be dependent on the Queen, Charles and William for money for the rest of their lives, the way Andrew, Edward and Anne are. That just contributes to the toxicity of the Firm in my opinion and the uneven power dynamics etc. and as far as I can tell, the only way to fix it is to genuinely slim down the monarchy. The Duke of Cornwall and his heir are supported by the duchy, and the monarch is supported by the sovereign grant and the duchy of lancaster, and that’s it. This sets up the idea that neither Charlotte nor Louis will be working royals, but I think in the long term that will be better for them.

    If not, we’re back in this same place in 20-30 years with Charlotte and Louis and then their potential children.

    • Snuffles says:

      Since Kate loves to copy Meghan, let’s hope she copies Meghan in raising her children to get an education, seek out their own careers and financial independence. Same for the Wessex kids, Beatrice and Eugenie’s kids and every other royal kid under the age of 18 right now.

      Charles will be doing them a favor in the long run by cutting them off.

      • Looty says:

        The system is child abuse, I’m not kidding. How can Kate go along with it for her own children?

      • lanne says:

        Because she’s dumb and vain. It’s “different with her. She’s different from the others.” And her kids will follow the same pattern: George propped up at the expense of Charlotte and Louis. And so it goes.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That’s the business model Harry spoke of. No wonder they rejected it.

    • it's all your fault says:

      That’s a part of White supremacy that isn’t realised. It’s not just the dominating of other races but also those in their circle. It’s the power of knowing you control peoples lives.

      There’s a saying –

      “The only people who get upset when you set boundaries are the ones who benefited from you having none”

      • Deering24 says:

        it’s all your fault—yep. And it’s not just the money/power they love to control. As CHINATOWN’s mega-rich villain noted, it’s also all about controlling the future.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’m guessing Andrew pretty much knew what was up, like Prince Michael of Kent knew. Like Sarah knew on her grifter tapes. They are selling access.

  8. SarahLee says:

    Whenever these stories come out, I fear for Harry and Megan.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    Despite what Tina Brown has written here, the fact is she and the rest of the British establishment will show Andrew deference because he’s the Queen’s son. They kept quiet for as long as it was possible.

  10. Cessily says:

    It is completely sick, but acting like PA is some bumbling fool who was taken advantage of is ridiculous and just wrong. He was an adult man in full control of everything in his world. Just like his brother PC is and was when he chose JS as his trusted friend and advisor knowing exactly who he was and what his rumored “perversions” were.
    The royals choose their friends for a reason, make no mistake they know all the rumors and exactly what is going on. I wonder how involved PA was in the Epstein trafficking? He was air miles Andy after all traveling with his diplomatic entourage and private planes worldwide. He was the perfect cover, just saying I don’t think the public has the full story of any of the queens children and the friends they chose.

  11. Cel2495 says:

    Shiit , and they wanted Harry and Meg to beg like Andrew for money? Or I guess like every other royal that is not the heir has to do? What a wretched existence that will be.
    So great to know that H and M have a spine and created their own path to freedom away from these parasites.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yep, Harry said he saw the business model & didn’t want it. They wanted to earn their living, with pride & dignity, not wait for handouts from family or worse yet grovel before oligarchs & accept ‘gifts’ from every shady character around the world.

      • equality says:

        You have a good point there. That may be why the family is “hurt”. They have fewer “working” royals to accept gifts to be locked up with the Queen’s other jewels.

      • kirk says:

        “…not wait for handouts from family” sounds like a weak control environment for any firm, not just RF.
        How do you measure performance?
        # times present.
        Performance rewards? Highly variable, not linked.
        Job description? Nebulous at best.

  12. Julia K says:

    When you wrote that Epstein went into Brown’s office at the Daily Beast, I googled that and found to my surprise that Tina Brown was the founding editor of the Daily Beast, one of my usual morning reads, but no longer! I am done.

  13. kelleybelle says:

    I read somewhere, and I believe it, that Epstein wanted British military secrets to sell to the Israelis. So yes, Andrew was indeed a perfect idiot. “Jeffrey is my friend,” he used to say when people advised him against the “friendship.”

    • Julia K says:

      Did this also include Ghislaine Maxwell? whose father was a suspected Mossad agent? She and Epstein allegedly started their relationship shortly after he died.

      • Jaded says:

        Robert Maxwell had known links to MI6, the KGB, and Mossad. It was likely Mossad agents that killed him because he had helped them steal intelligence-gathering software from the U.S., then secretly sold it to other countries. Official cause of his death was “drowning” but there was no water in his lungs. Things that make you go hmmmm…

  14. Lizzie Bathory says:

    It’s the first time in his life anyone has considered Andrew useful, so there’s that.

  15. lanne says:

    It’s worth noting that this useful idiot was treated with more care and concern than Meghan, Archie, and Lili. None of them have ever had to pay multimillion dollar settlements for rape. None of them have lost their job as trade envoy for graft. None of them palled around with pedophiles, arms dealers,or tyrants. This useful idiot was treated better than literal babies. 1/4 black babies are less valued by the royal family than a rapist embezzler.

    • Lowrider says:

      As well as Andrew and his team keeping the media close. The media cannot be trusted. Thy were mad because Mehan didn’t invite the rota around for tea.

      Remember, ABC killed a story on Andrew/Epstein so they can keep access to the Cambridge’s.

      The media is VERY corrupt and complicit.

  16. phaedra7 says:

    ANYONE affiliated in friendship and/or business with Take-A-💩 Trump is considered by him and his friends/associates as indispensable and deadweight after they have been caught and later investigated. These “followers” have outlived their usefulness to him.

  17. Jay says:

    Not surprised that Andrew was a nightmare as a trade envoy, hopefully more stories about this come out so that the RF can dial down the “Andrew has so much to offer” stories. Stop it.

    And the queen is just doing what wealthy family scions have always done – parcel out the cash based on your whims, give them just enough to discourage independence, and keep everyone dancing around you and squabbling with each other for your grace and favour. It’s the plot of most of my favourite Agatha Christie novels!

    That’s part of why the royals are do galled by Harry – he’s escaped.

    But I wonder if Charles is willing to do the same. Part of me thinks he will pay to keep Andrew “in the fold” and somewhat under supervision. Because, as we can see, the bigger danger would be Andrew on the loose, accepting bribes and gifts from anybody for goodness knows what in return, and running his mouth.

    • Deering24 says:

      Shoot, the Dursts let Robert run amok for years—even though he constantly threatened to kill family members…and knocked off other folks right and left. To avoid scandal, the wealthy will let anything slide. And Andrew knows a lot of dirt…

    • Lowrider says:

      “That’s part of why the royals are do galled by Harry – he’s escaped. ”

      Did he really escape? Meghan was pushed out so therefore Harry went with his wife and child. Both of them would still be there if they were treated with basic decency.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Oh well. Meghan said she didn’t know much about Harry or his family before she met him. And she didn’t, until she was on the inside. Harry was born into this institution, luckily to a compassionate and caring mother who did not grow up in it, and thus was able to impart ‘a sense of values’ that took hold, for at least one of her sons — the Ginger spare, saved by his Nutmeg. Methinks there’s a modern day fairy tale with a twist in all of this disgusting grift, malignant abuse, power, entitlement, and shady dealings.

        We should also remember that the British monarchy has a long history filled with a lot of bad, but also perhaps a few decent kings and queens, somewhere in the mix. Along the way, some grand and lasting traditions were created, despite unfortunately being built upon the colonialist foundations of slavery, wars, religious strife, and man’s inhumanity to man.

        While being royal and having access to power and prestige can be used for good, the kicker is that too much power and entitlement existing within a bubble, can corrupt. And ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ It’s clearly a good thing that all the romance, glamour, and mystery of being a British royal is being stripped away. Toxic dysfunction has been rampant among British royals, since well before, particularly during, and after the Hanovers.

        The modern monarchy was shaken up and turned topsy-turvy by the phenomenon of Diana. Hopefully, the jealousy, poor judgement and spite which greeted Harry’s union with Meghan, will lead to earthquake-shattering consequences. Volcanic tremors have been erupting on the regular since before and after Sussexit.

    • Debbie says:

      As @Jay said, they escaped. They were continually mistreated by the BRF. They had a choice of remaining and continuing to be mistreated, and they chose to leave. They had offered a more gradual distancing for 1/2 the year and when that wasn’t accepted, they could have remained under the status quo, but they chose to leave altogether. What’s so hard to understand about that?

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Right @Debbie. It’s pretty straightforward, and everyone who was watching closely and following Sussex Squad wisdom, surely understands, unless they missed Acts I – III, and only became interested around Act IV. LOL!

      • aftershocks says:

        @Lowrider: “Meghan was pushed out so therefore Harry went with his wife and child. Both of them would still be there if they were treated with basic decency.”

        Not exactly. M&H have told us a little bit more than once about how things went down. There was always opposition to Meghan under the surface and behind-the-scenes. It began to play out more blatantly and viciously after she became pregnant with Archie. As Wacky Wootton has screeched: “The calls were coming from inside the House.” Translation: ‘from leaky palace insiders’ as part of the smear campaign.

        Harry did not want ‘history to repeat itself,’ as he witnessed his wife’s suffering inside the toxicity of the royal firm. Coming from a different world, Meghan had demonstrated to H all that was possible within himself, within their union, and beyond the gilded cage. The Sussexes enthusiastically tried to do good work as part of the institution, but realistically looking back, it was simply never going to work. Ultimately, it wasn’t meant to work for this golden couple caged inside a dying, destructive dinosaur.

        Amazing Meghan rescued the Ginger Prince. Stalwart Prince Harry saved his wife and children from misery and imminent danger. It was Prince Harry’s call, but M&H made the decision together, and they escaped together.

  18. kirk says:

    Am guessing this excerpt released to Telegraph because Brits m/b unfamiliar with Epstein’s habit of cultivating and grooming people, many of whom he may have considered useful idiots (Alex Acosta, Alan Dershowitz, Andrew, Harvard University, MIT, Steven Pinker, Katie Couric, etc). Seems most Americans are aware of Epstein proclivities, to cultivate, groom and film everybody in his surround, so this excerpt not likely to aid Tina Brown book sales in U.S.

  19. Silent Star says:

    It’s pretty easy to manipulate insecure, self-important egotists. Specially if they need you more than you need them.

  20. Christine says:

    “He had to live on the hardly lavish £250,000 annually from the Civil List for his official activities, and a Royal Naval pension of about £20,000 a year, plus an unspecified allowance that followed the vagaries of the Queen’s goodwill.”

    Hard.Stop. I have no idea who is leaking these glorious tales of assholes gone wrong, but they need to quit. You are dripping in money, pedo, shut the fuck up.

    Who is fantasizing about Jeffrey Epstein thinking Andrew is an idiot? We all know he is an idiot. He is also a pedophile.

  21. Mel says:

    This is what happens when you’re raised with no goals, ambitions, you never had to work for anything because you’re told that you’re special by birth.