Why are there no food details in the stories about Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding?

I was surprised by how few people believe in the one true love match of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz! They are obviously going to last forever! No, probably not, but they might last longer than we expect. I suspect that they’ll last as long as it takes for Nicola to get bored, honestly. As much as people want to act like Brooklyn will be the one to leave, I’m getting a vibe that she’s mostly in charge (and he likes it).

Anyway, I’m adding more photos from their weekend wedding in this post. They gave away their exclusive photos to British Vogue and American Vogue, and they posted some of the photos onto their individual Instagram accounts. Both British and American Vogue got various exclusive details about the wedding too – there was a lengthy piece about Nicola’s Valentino gown and Claudia Schiffer-esque styling. The Beckham boys all wore Dior suits. British Vogue had more comprehensive coverage of who was there and what happened during the wedding:

Dress details: The bride wore a romantic Valentino couture gown with a show-stopping train, chosen with the help of her stylist Leslie Fremar in the months leading up to one of the most opulent – and star-studded – weddings of the year. On top of the exquisite craftsmanship, the dress incorporated sweet personal details: the bride’s mother added an evil eye as a talisman for her daughter, along with a message that the Valentino team stitched into the wedding gown using blue thread.

The music: The bride floated down the aisle on the arm of her father, to the sound of a live rendition of “Songbird” from UK artist Sekou, accompanied by a string orchestra, part of a musical programme conceived by ALR Music. Her new sister-in-law, Harper Beckham, was among the flower girls, and her bridesmaids wore gowns crafted by tailor Joel Diaz.

The Peltz family’s gift to the groom: The groom wore a diamond chain by Anita Ko, a gift from his new in-laws. “He wore it Friday night as an upscale wallet chain, and on the night of the wedding as a formal chain attached to the front of his evening jacket,” says Ko, who was a guest at the ceremony. “They were bezel set emerald-cut diamonds.”

Cocktails: After the ceremony, guests mingled over cocktails decorated with seasonal white cherry blossoms as a jazz quartet played, then a 12-piece live band took over the entertainment for the black-tie dinner in the wedding tent, which had been decorated by HMR Designs with garden roses layered with peonies, petite white ranunculus, spray roses and hydrangea.

Charity: Conscious of the events unfolding on the other side of the world as they celebrated their wedding, Brooklyn and Nicola partnered with the humanitarian agency Care, and invited guests to make donations in their name to help provide aid for women and girls, families and the elderly in Ukraine. The bride’s parents were among those making significant donations to the cause.

[From British Vogue]

I’m completely suspicious of the fact that Vogue got all of these details about the music and the flowers and the speeches, yet no one mentioned the food or the wedding cake! Tell us about the CAKE! Tell us what food was served, come on! Apparently, the wedding chef was Thierry Isambert. And that’s all we know. As for the charitable donations… good for them. Seriously, I’m glad they asked for donations to CARE rather than gifts. Anyway, it sounds like an okay wedding. Ostentatious but not exactly tacky.

Photos courtesy of Vogue/Instagram.

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  1. sunny says:

    I wonder if this has to do with his attempt at a food career(lol)? Maybe the details will be in a food publication or some other channel more in line with that. But yes. I ALWAYS want to know about a wedding cake.

    • Ingrid says:

      I read on some British site that there was a reduced calorie option available. This gross gem came out the day of the wedding…not sure whether someone who starves themselves thought this was something to highlight…bc even at a once in a lifetime celebration like a wedding enjoyment must be somehow curtailed or reduced for someone.

    • J+ferber says:

      If you need to eat, you will never be part of this social set, darling.

  2. Marg says:

    Jean Pirriro or whatever her name is, Trump’s buddy and ‘The Drunk Judge’ of Fox News, was invited.

    The Peltz family is awful. Nicola is also awful.

    Good luck!

    • Moira's Rose's Garden says:

      I know nothing about these people, but isn’t it ironic that they supposedly are supporting a charity to help the Ukranians, but their buddy Agent Putin-Tang literally withheld funds for Ukranian defense?

      And are we sure that money isn’t being funneled into the Agent Tang legal defense fund?

    • minx says:

      Well, that speaks volumes. Pirro is trash.

    • Snappyfish says:

      So was Steve Mnuchin & his wife, Louise. She is British but still I didn’t know her to be close to either Beckham

  3. Fuzzy Crocodile says:

    Maybe they didn’t eat.

    • Moira's Rose's Garden says:


    • Sue E Generis says:

      Don’t you know? Eating food is a moral failing at Vogue. Starve, starve, starve.

    • Trimdownmnrchyboring says:

      The cake was made of watermelon in honor of the groom’s mother. lol
      Im sure were gonna salivate once we know the menu

    • Jan90067 says:

      I posted on Twitter: Maybe it’s because most of the women don’t eat, and the men mostly drink lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Still…. You’d think there’d be *some* mention of what was served, or a shot of a table… *something*!!

      It’s unnatural, I tell you! 😄

    • Sarah says:

      My sorority sister had a fancy Malibu wedding that was featured in a magazine. It was beautiful, but the magazine left out the fact that they did not serve a meal despite being an evening wedding. So everyone left early to find food and the few that stayed got hammered. But I guess all the money they saved on food bought them beautiful photos lol.

  4. Moira's Rose's Garden says:

    Is it me or did she get her face from Javanka’s surgeon?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I was think more along the lines of Kylie Jenner’s surgeon. that’s who she resembles to me. put a brunette wig on her and there you go.

      • CC says:

        I wish their was more reporting on her fathers ties to Wendy’s, which is not part of the Fair Food Program which ensures that tomato pickers a living wage.

  5. Noki says:

    She is 27 and he is a very young and smitten 23 yr old.I would definitely say she is in charge,he even added her name to his.

  6. MsIam says:

    The groom wore a diamond chain on his tux and previously used it as a wallet chain? A chain with emerald cut diamonds? No, not ostentatious or tacky at all. Perfectly normal……

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yeah that jumped out at me, too. using a diamond chain for a WALLET?

      so gross.

    • Truthiness says:

      The Peltz’s gave that diamon chain as a wedding gift to Brooklyn so he kept wearing it a variety of ways. F Scott Fitzgerald could’ve used a detail like that.

  7. Lucy2 says:

    The flowers sound lovely, and the donation thing was nice. Everything else sounds a bit overblown, but expected.

  8. Sofia says:

    I want to know cake details too! They’re my fave part of a wedding, especially these over the top celebrity ones.

    But maybe they didn’t have one? Or as someone suggested above, the food details are being held back for a later date because of Brooklyn’s attempts at being a chef so he’ll reveal it somewhere food related than Vogue.

  9. SAS says:

    I’m glad they chose Care, it’s legit and does a lot of unglamorous but important hygiene and sanitation work in war/disaster zones.

    I love both their wedding looks and I love that they both took each other’s name. And man, Victoria has some strong genes- David was lucky to get a look in with Cruz but the rest of the kids are all Posh! (Related- I’m surprisingly peeved at not seeing Posh’s wedding look!)

    Could definitely do with more details pls Vogue- I mean jeez I feel like I basically attended Lena Dunham’s wedding for all the pics and info vogue had for them! Way more curious about about all the obscenely tacky and expensive details of this one!

    • Jan90067 says:

      I think the ONLY child that escaped looking like Vic is Harper! She’s more of a Daddy’s girl in every way. The boys all look like Vicky, with her old nose. And they are cute, with great smiles.

      Don’t know why Victoria still won’t smile though; she looked good when she smiled when younger. Can’t still be the teeth issue she claimed once, she had them done eons ago.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Jan90067, VB still thinks it in vogue to never smile. She could make such an enormous difference is she would smile. Why she refuses, it boggles my mind!!!

        As for his age of 23, I cringed when I read that!! Though she is older and probably much more mature, hopefully, I couldn’t imagine settling down at 23. Do either one of them have jobs? I am side eyeing this extravagant wedding to a couple that have not been dating for that long either. Oh well, when you have money that eclipses many countries GDP, I guess it doesn’t matter to them.

      • Normades says:

        Romeo is the best looking Beckham kid imo

      • BeanieBean says:

        Smiling causes wrinkles, dontcha know.

      • Kate says:

        I think she talks about this – she was criticized mercilessly for her teeth and smile when she was younger and I don’t think she ever got over that.

  10. HeyKay says:

    Do either of these people have a college education?
    Just wondering.
    So interesting to me that the kids of many self made celebs have such empty seeming lives.
    The Beckham kid looks so blank.

    Model, Influencer, whatever.

  11. Julia K says:

    What about all the guests? Why is no one gushing about the fantastic cake or the gourmet over the top wedding dinner? Not a word?

  12. Antanina says:

    Claudia Schiffer herself was styled as Brigitte Bardot. Let’s not forget who original inspiration was.

  13. Savu says:

    I wanna talk about their names! His insta username is now Brooklyn Peltz Beckham. Did they both change their names?! I didn’t see Brooklyn as progressive in that way, but if that’s what’s up, I love it ♥️

  14. MellyMel says:

    Yeah I love hearing about the food and cake people serve at their weddings. Outside of the dress, it’s all I really care about. Also love that Brooklyn took her last name and has made it as his middle name. I know someone else that has done that and think it’s sweet.

  15. MY3CENTS says:

    The lace gloves and dark roots are kinda tacky, but maybe that’s a thing?

  16. Nicki says:

    Baffled that this wedding got so much press. Neither of them are terribly interesting. Seems like the glossies are trying to make this couple a thing so they’ll have someone new to write about in the future.

    • Coco says:

      The wedding got so much press because of their parents especially the Beckhams. Not to mention more than 75% of the people at the wedding where their parents famous friends and associates.

  17. kim says:

    Looking forward to getting past the Anna Wintour / British High Society years of Vogue. More inclusive and less sociatal heirchy. How can anyone look at that event and not think of where the money could really be put to good use? And why do we care?

    Apparently there is a way to get past the Trump connections in terms of Vogue $$$$$$

  18. Yo says:

    All that money and she’s got those hideous ugly roots Sorry that’s all I can see

  19. Barbie1 says:

    He looks really sweet and happy. Good luck to them.

  20. SnoodleDumpling says:

    I looked at Thierry Isambert’s website…it’s basically all the very stereotype of Nouvelle Cuisine, each plate is, like, four bites MAX. They probably are holding it back so Thierry Isambert himself can do some self-promotional bit in an appropriate publication, but also they might not be too eager to show off the food because they’ll get mocked RELENTLESSLY at the tiny, artistically arranged portions.

    Like, there’s only so much ostentatious wealth you can show off before it gets a little too Tsar-y. And these folks seem to be trying for ostentatious-but-not-tacky.

  21. Roast says:

    She looks so beautiful. Good luck to the couple. My dress cost $80, my wedding ring cost $20, and my wedding cake was picked up from Costco. I wouldn’t trade my wedding day for anything, but I have to appreciate the fanciness of this one. They live a very different life than most; I wonder how it feels to have the world waiting for their marriage to fail?