Cardi B & Offset finally reveal the name of their 7-month old son: Wave Set Cephus

I totally forgot that Cardi B and Offset had not revealed the name of their second child together. Cardi gave birth to a baby boy last September (Virgo baby), and they kept photos and details of their son on lockdown for months. We definitely knew Kulture’s name pretty quickly, so this was different. That being said, I think people did forget about the lack of public announcements, especially since Cardi has been fighting on social media and she briefly left social media (but she’s back now, they always come back).

So, without further ado, what is this child’s name? Wave Set Cephus. WAVE!! Wave and Kulture are their babies’ names. I mean… I didn’t like the name Kulture either, but whatever. The Cardi-Offset family covers the latest issue of Essence, and they’ve included Offset’s older kids from previous relationships, Jordan Cephus, Kalea Marie Cephus and Kody Cephus. The cover is cute! Wave Set is adorable. Cardi actually makes really cute children, but these baby names, I can’t.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Backgrid.

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  1. Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

    Wave set is a type of hair product, no? Is there another meaning?

    • Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

      (it’s also a surfing term.)

    • Pixelated says:

      A wave set is a hairstyle, like finger waves from the 20s pretty much lol. I can’t with this name.

    • DeniseMich says:

      Why are you trying to figure this out?

      Cardi B has two children with the exact same face.

      I wish them the best as Offset seems like a HOT MESS.

      • Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

        Because I wanted to know if they named their child after a hair treatment / style or if there was a different meaning to the phrase. Maybe Wave Set like Offset? Like, I’m trying.

        According to Surfer Today, ‘in surf lingo, a wave set is a series of waves that are generally larger and often more powerful than the average for a given period of time or day.’ So, unexpectedly large and powerful surf. That’s kind of cool.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I only know it as a surfing term, you really want set waves.

  2. Levans says:

    Wave set is adorable! Cardi and offset do make cute kids. Offset’s kids from previous relationships are cute as well.

    I’m not mad at the name Wave but I do think it is much better with both the first and middle names said together ala Wave Set.

  3. Maria from Tercer mundo says:


  4. Plaidsheets says:

    I really hope all the kids have trusts established in their names.

  5. LooneyTunes says:

    Stahp…:-/ And I hope those chains and diamond earring on the baby are just for the ‘gram because they’re a hazard (and completely unnecessary. *sigh*

    • SomeChick says:

      all jewelry is inherently unnecessary! lol!
      I’m sure just like everyone else they dress the kiddos up for photos and then change them into play clothes before letting them run wild.

  6. Case says:

    Wave is a cute name!

  7. MsIam says:

    Yeah, they could have kept that name a secret much longer. I’m surprised they didn’t name him Birkin, but that will probably be saved for the next one.

  8. Asking for a Friend says:

    I love that photo shoot with all the kids! What a beautiful family!

  9. ME says:

    That’s a cute baby. I don’t mind the name “Wave”. It’s not bad. Why did she wait so long to reveal it?

  10. Willow says:

    My mom had a friend named Wave. The story is that her parents were hippies in the ’60s and that’s how she got that name. Then she married a guy with the last name, Hand. So, when we knew her, her last name was Wave Hand. She would laugh and say, thank goodness that was not my name when I was a kid, can you imagine the bullying?

  11. Léna says:

    I don’t particularly like Offset but it makes me happy to see the children from his previous relationships being included in the cover

  12. Luna17 says:

    Wave is cute, the Set kind of throws me but whatever. Kulture reminds my of like yogurt cultures which make my think of digestion though lol. Offset seems so sketchy to me still.

  13. Jo says:

    I like the name Wave. Better than Kulture which I find ridiculous. It’s like calling your kid Acknowledgement instead of Wisdom, Data instead of Spirit.
    On another note, all babies are cute and comments about their face/bodies seem inappropriate to be, as in « the Katrashians make cute babies ». I know I’m a party pooper but make cute babies is an expression that seems as soulless as the display of diamonds on thèse photos.

  14. SnarcasmQueen says:

    I always find noun name drama so amusing.

    Like everyone’s name means something. Why is it okay to be named Grace but not Wave?

    Why do we accept Thomas but not Twin or Estelle but look askance at Star?

    FWIW, Google is telling me that Gal means wave so Gal Gadot and Wave Cephus are name twins.

  15. Barbie1 says:

    He is sooo cute. Cardi’s kids are so lucky. Beautiful with rich parents. Living the dream. Love the photos. Very sweet.

  16. souperkay says:

    Maybe they use the Nigella Lawson pronunciation from microwave (mick-row-ah-vey) so it’s Wah-vey?

  17. Ange says:

    Ok but if that older girl of his ever wants to run a ‘how to give FACE’ class I will be the first to sign up.