Prince Harry & Meghan are the best soft-diplomats ever to be rejected by the UK

This ^ photo comes from the British embassy in the Netherlands. The British ambassador has been on the ground in the Hague for the Invictus Games. On Saturday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the welcome reception for the Team GB competitors. Meghan is all about monochromatic looks, so she did all-beige for this appearance. The coat and pantsuit/set are Ralph Lauren. What I love most of all is that the British Invictus team truly gathered around Meghan as the centerpiece and NOT Harry. Harry was over in the corner of all of these photos. It feels like even among the British Invictus team, Meghan is the one people want to meet and hang out with most of all.

Harry and Meghan spent most of Friday and Saturday doing these kinds of appearances with individual teams, receptions and the like. When they met with Team Australia, the Aussies gave Harry a special gift: budgie smugglers, aka Speedos. The Aussies clearly believe that Harry is one of them, they love him.

And in addition to all of the other receptions and appearances on Friday, Harry and Meghan also spent a lot of time with the American team and the American delegation, including Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Tammy Duckworth. Wow, it certainly seems like Meghan and Harry are massively successful soft-diplomats. It’s such a shame that jealousy, racism, colonialism, misogyny and pettiness “won” over charm, hard work, charisma and empathy.

Photos courtesy of the White House, the British embassy in the Netherlands, Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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  1. Snazzy says:

    They had breakfast with Team Canada too!!

    • Zen says:

      Yes! I was wondering what they did with Canada. Knew they wouldn’t leave them out. Kaiser thank you for posting on your day off. You are generous to do this for us, knowing how we want to see great Sussex content. Thank you K.

  2. Elizabeth Regina says:

    The RF is the most dysfunctional and dumbest of all royal families. I can imagine them seeing the Sussexes and seething at the kind of warm welcome and positive press they are getting right now in contrast to the offensive and no charm couple a few weeks ago. The RF is the epitome of playing stupid games, and winning stupid prizes.

    • vs says:

      I can’t believe jealousy caused even Charles to take such a terrible decision! he should have accepted the half in/half out model proposed by H&M back when they left!
      In a way, the rf rejecting it was a blessing for H&M…..I personally hope Meghan never EVER has to deal with W&K, EVER!!!!
      It is amazing to see a Windsor man more than fine to see that people want to meet his wife more than they want to meet him! H is proud and happy (to be honest, so much in love with his wife) to have Meghan at the center; he is so secure in his own worth!
      I always said H is lucky to have landed such a wife ( W should have married someone like that) but Meghan, given her bright personality and intelligence, is also lucky to have married a man like H….

      • truthSF says:

        “I always said H is lucky to have landed such a wife ( W should have married someone like that)”

        William doesn’t have the personality nor warmth to ever end up with someone like Meghan! Hence his extreme jealousy and anger towards her! He ended up with the person best suited for someone as awful as he is.

        And Harry ended up with someone who matched his loving, caring, and generous personality!

        Both brothers got with who they deserve in the end!🤷🏾‍♀️

      • Jan90067 says:

        truthSF, it isn’t that “William doesn’t have the personality nor warmth to ever end up with someone like Meghan”, it is more and more apparent that he (like the rest of his family, save Harry!), are way too insecure and consumed with jealousy to EVER COPE with anyone who has the charisma, the drive, and the desire to serve, which of course, will make them more popular with the public.

        Look at how they ALL treated Diana AND M. Look at how they told M to reduce her “shine” by half. They want attractive, robotic mannequins that will go out, and fill the minimal space needed. Do the bare minimum with as little “color” (ha! no pun intended!!) as possible and let the heir(s) shine.

        Harry is content to watch his wife SOAR. He takes pride in and supports her achievements, as she does in his. This IS a true partnership of love and friendship, and this is something the Windsors can not only NOT understand, but have NO desire, and honestly, no ABILITY to have and sustain, considering their “business model” of “running *THE FIRM*”

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I thought it was William that rejected the half in/half out proposal. Or that he threw such a tantrum Charles and the queen couldn’t accept it.

        The Sussex are such a FORCE!!! It’s truly inspiring. The BRF really changed their fate when they couldn’t accept them.

    • Sophie says:

      I actually think that this shows that them leaving is better for all sides. They are charismatic beautiful and have star power and they wanted to use these assets to pursue their missions. But that’s not what the firm needs. The firm needs siblings like Anne and Edward who are content with the more dull side of engagements and to leave the spotlight to Charles and those in line of succession. It does not matter whether you are more charismatic, the harder worker or more intelligent or a better speaker, in the end you have to be happy to let the heirs shine and always take precedence and accept that even if they are lazy etc. the pure fact they are before you in the line of succession means your projects always come second or third. I think this would not have worked with Harry and Meghan, could not have, they are too charismatic and ambitious for such a role in the background, even if they did want it (which I don’t think). So I think in a few years when anger has passed, everyone will realize stepping out of the royal family was the best for all involved.

  3. Bettyrose says:

    Kaiser – You’re rockin’ my world with these posts today. Two things about the photos: 1. I love that Meghan is dressing like a powerful woman but in a non flashy way since obviously she’s not trying to draw focus (everyone wants to see her of course) & 2. It’s so clear Harry loves the attention his wife gets, right unlike other RF men I won’t bother naming.

    The international attention they’re bringing Invictus Games is so heartwarming. Loving it!

    • C-Shell says:

      This weekend is FANTASTIC! Thanks to Kaiser and Twitter! Harry continues to prove he’s the only member of the BRF worth anything, and he is indeed a worthy man. His accomplishments just continue to build, and it seems all of these IG participants love seeing the tangible evidence of how much he and Meghan love and support each other. It’s wonderful to see. ❤️

    • Meg says:

      @betty rose
      Excellent point! Yes he seems prod to be with her and the attention she gets. So the opposite of his father and brother. How did Harry get like this when his immediate family didn’t?

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ In Harry’s own words: “I learned a set of values from my Mum, that I will always uphold… I will always protect my family. And now, I have a family to protect.”

        Harry’s personality is fun-loving and charismatic, like Diana’s. Plus, I think Harry also has some of the strengths of his grandfather Philip’s no-nonsense personality, but without the colonialist/ racist tinge that was a feature of Philip’s era and upbringing.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        You make a very good point @ aftershocks. Philip, has said things that are inexusable. Philip also went through experiences that would have made him feel less-than. I truly believe that Harry’s grandfather did not have a problem with Harry’s decisions. It’s also why I don’t think Harry not being at the trumped up memorial service was disrespectful to his grandfather. Deep down, Philip didn’t care about public recognition. It was a job he didn’t exactly enjoy. Harry having a beer toasting his granfather while grilling out represents more than some beefed up media exploitation.

        Harry had the verve-especially after living/serving in the military-to be, all who he could be. Not just who people(the Firm/BM/certain family members) needed/wanted him to be.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly @Agreatreckoning. ITA! Harry even has a facial resemblance to his grandfather around the nose and eyes, plus shape of head and ears. I think Harry takes after the Mountbatten and Spencer sides physically and personality-wise. He’s not so much a Windsor in the way he thinks and lives, and not physically either. He doesn’t have those beef-sausage hands and fingers, thankfully. His voice is sexy and his long, lanky build is sexy too.

        And yep, Philip wouldn’t give a hill of beans about a memorial service. That service was for the living (those left behind), not the dead. Also, the BM hoped that it might lure M&H back for more abuse, and to assauge their Sussex thirst. Nope! The rota will continue to starve. They can’t control Meghan and Harry!!! 😍

  4. Amy Bee says:

    It’s true but I’m glad they’re gone. You can’t have these two modern, self aware and empathetic people represent an archaic and regressive institution.

    • Bettyrose says:

      That’s the conundrum. It’s such a loss to Britain, and yet it’s the world’s gain.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yeah, it just consistently seems like everything happened for a reason, and it has all turned out the way it was meant to be.

        It’s sad what M&H were put through, and quite amazing how they’ve navigated it all. They are even stronger together as a couple from what they have endured. This is what LOVE looks like! #LoveWins!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        It’s what Mark Cuban said about Harry & Meghan..

        “If either one of them came on Shark Tank, I wouldn’t even wait for them to pitch. I’d be like, I’m in. Whatever you want. Yes!. Because they are so marketable. Yes. Yes..can you hook it up?”.

        H & M are in a better place now.

  5. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I think they’re trying to spend time with all of the teams–something that Harry, particularly, would want to do. I’m sure that all of the teams want to spend time with him/them. I would love to be there. Can you imagine the energy rolling off of these teams? Or maybe I mean synergy!

    Hmmmmmm … I wonder if the British tabloids would consider this a win, yet?

    I swear that H gets more handsome and M more beautiful everytime we see them. Kindness, compassion and empathy truly shines through.

  6. Gizmo’sMa says:

    When I look at H&M here and the New York Trip last year, I think of a saying my ma used to say to us as kids. It’s the perfect description of the short sighted BRF. “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.” And that’s exactly what they did. Idiots.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ There were always going to be a lot of obstacles to being part of the royal family. I think Harry knew some of the traps, and he was hoping to be able to change the monarchy from within. Once he met Meghan and won her heart, and worked on himself, probably Harry thought together they could meet tough challenges and make a difference within the institution, by adjusting the way things worked.

      It was not Meg who wanted to come in and change things. She just wanted to be herself, and to be able to support her husband, and to be accepted for the competent, intelligent person she is. But what Harry & Meghan hoped to achieve as senior royals was a no go for many reasons, including jealousy and racism.

  7. Brassy Rebel says:

    Personally, I think the term “modern royalty” is an oxymoron. Then I see H&M in action at the Invictus games and think that these two just might have brought it off. The loss to GB is incalculable, and I am an American.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I see your point but are they modern royalty? Yes in the sense that it’s why Harry is so high profile, but their work is similar to Angelina Jolie or the Clooneys. It takes a certain level of fame to get this kind of global attention, yes, but it doesn’t require royal birth. I’d say they’re modern philanthropists/non-state diplomats.

      • Margles says:

        I think that’s the point. They COULD have redefined what it means to be royal for the modern era, but the RF kicked them out. So now they are doing their own thing. It’s a loss to the RF. Shows how short-sighted they were.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Good point! It was a huge loss to the BRF, but not to the world. And now they’re living proof of how unnecessary the BRF is. Oops.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Bettyrose: “It takes a certain level of fame to get this kind of global attention, yes, but it doesn’t require royal birth.”

        Yes. I’d say that the appeal is partly the royal status, and the fact that Harry is Diana’s son, and he’s so much like her. Plus, the synergy and charisma that M&H exude together. They knew when they got together that they had similar passions, and that they could achieve even more together, than they had already accomplished individually.

        But what makes them unique and special is not the royal status, but the love they share, and who they are as people. They are smart, sincere, they work hard, and above all, they have great character. It’s what Harry spoke about in his speech: wanting Archie to do good things in life, but most of all, to have character.

      • Desdemona says:

        In some countries, the role of presidency is basically represent the country abroad and be the head f state / of the military forces. The Royal Family should be the representation of the country but they fail to do so.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Exactly. If the RF wants to be relevant in the 21st century, they need radical change and family members with different personalities than the current bunch. But I believe that royalty itself dehumanizes. So I’m still not convinced that it’s possible to have a modern royal institution. The family must be able to relate to others. Something these people seem incapable of doing. Except for Harry and Meghan who are so unique in many ways. We’ll never know now what would have happened had they not been driven away and demonized. In any case, it’s good that they are thriving while the RF struggles. I suspect William’s insecurity at being overshadowed by “the spare” and Meghan is the root of the problem. The whole “heir and a spare” thing is a recipe for disaster all by itself.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yes, all of you guys have made great points. I think the chief sticking point to any possibility of M&H being able to exist and to thrive within the royal firm was W&K and palace machinations at KP. While Will always had a problematic personality, he might have been helped to correct the error of his ways earlier on had he met a stronger woman who was able to love him, but who also had her own identity and toughness. That’s a tall task though to ask from anyone.

        Even after meeting Meghan, Harry too had to work hard on himself, having grown up the way he did, and having gone through the grief he did at such a young age. At least Harry had enough awareness and grit to face his shortcomings, and to do the work, like he talked about in The Me You Can’t See. Plus, Harry is just a kinder person than Will.

        Will’s downfall is a combo of his own failings; of the grey men coddling him; of the Middletons chasing after him for selfish interests; and of Charles & the Queen ceding any responsibility to try harder to make Will face up to his personal failings. Apparently, they expected Will to “learn from his mistakes.”

        It’s too late for that. The damage was done when they sat back and let palace p.r. cover for youthful Will by throwing spare Harry under the bus. Now, the monarchy is in danger of bearing the brunt of a host of mistakes, not just by Will either.

      • Lionel says:

        I really wonder what would have happened if Wills and Harry had been switched in birth order. I believe temperament is (mostly) fixed at birth, but experience powerfully influences later choices and reactions. Imagine if Harry was Harry, but coddled as the heir and told he was literally God’s gift/allowed only to have bespoke “experiences” to pretend he’s a regular guy … and if William was William but scapegoated as the spare and shunted aside/allowed to serve in the military shoulder to shoulder with real people … how would they each have turned out? I’d like to think William would be a better man. I’d hate to think Harry would be a lesser man, but I’m not sure how an heir could emerge from that crucible intact.

    • PrincessK says:

      @Brassy Rebel…. your comment is spot on about them being the face of modern royalty and how they could have saved an outdated institution.

      • PrincessK says:

        I also feel that the Queen and others recognised the Sussexes soft power skills which is why she made them C/W ambassadors, but their popularity was just too much for Billy and his wife so they had to go.

  8. Liz version 700 says:

    The United Stares is so lucky that they landed in the California Royal Evacuation Zone. They are world wide ambassadors that elevate any charity or cause that they choose to spend time and energy on. It is ironic that the Royals want to court American $$ but mocked and terrorized our American Duchess. Truly their loss. As Elizabeth Regina said truly the Gold Medal of stupid prizes…the British Royals get the consolation prize of Chucky, The Mistress, TOB and The CEO of Buttons!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Liz, I lmao *every single time* you say “California Royal Evacuation Zone.” It never gets old, I love it just as much every time 😂

  9. Petra says:

    Yahoo! This is what a win looks like. A win for Invictus Games Foundation and the veterans/athletes.

    I need me some Kool & the Gang
    It’s a celebration

  10. GR says:

    Pretty cool that, unlike Chas, Harry isn’t jealous of his wife’s popularity.

    • Becks1 says:

      Harry LOVES his wife’s popularity. He loves that people want to see her, that people respond to her, he loves that people see her like he sees her (or close to it I guess lol).

      It’s one of my favorite things about their relationship – how much he loves seeing other people love her.

      William and Kate’s dynamic is so different.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        It’s such a lovely thing to see–someone who really loves their partner but also takes joy in seeing them recognized. And it isn’t common among the Windsors, though I think for as much as Philip struggled to define his role in the BRF at times, I think he did take pride in Elizabeth.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      I also love that about him. I think its speaks for his maturity and self confidence, something both his father and brother seem to lack.

  11. Jay says:

    I laughed out loud at Harry’s gift from the Aussies! Seems like things are going well – they are both just luminous.

    Next week, Dan Wooten’s hot take: The Cambridges deserve credit for the success of Invictus because they stayed away and “allowed” Harry the spotlight.

    • Jay

      You know it is coming. They will give them credit (Mumbles and incandescent) 😅😅😅

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ LOL, yes! It reminds me of when Meghan entered the royal scene and ultimately married in to the firm (because she loves Harry). Sadly, Kate’s character shortcomings became glaring, all the more because of Kate’s mean-spirited jealousy.

        As Tina of Sussex Squad has aptly said, “Meghan was not new to this. She was true to this.”

        Instead of simply treating Meghan with respect, every article or book written about Meghan had to include pointless references to inadequate, do-nothing Kate. It even got to the point where a rota ratchet tried to give Kate credit for the SmartWorks working wardrobe project! 😜

        Unfortunately, Will just settled for the wrong woman to marry. Plus, he’s no prize himself.

      • Ennie says:

        I really think Willsdid not marry the “wrong” woman. For real, this is complex. I am not psychologist, but I have been around teenagers. I think he really is just that lazy.
        Some teens learn to negotiate, learn to do things, they HAVE todo things to survive, to thrive: study, clan their rooms, learn to work, to make friends, to be empathic, so many things. I bet These princes, especially the heirs, have it so different. I think Charles was more sensitive as a child, maybe like Harry, and Wills was more manipulative, as children of divorced parents tend to be. Harry probably just went with the flow, but Wills really needed therapy, and either did not have it, or did not care enough to work through his issues. I know people like that, they go to sessions, but they do not care enough to work on themselves.
        I think Wills was, like Charles, pressured to marry a “suitable woman”, but the terms were different than were for charles. Charles had marry a pristine virgin of a certain circle, William, a woman who would not outshine him, pretty, but not to outsmart him. Experienced, unlike Diana, but who would be capable of tolerate whatever desires HIS heart or other part of his body wanted out of their marriage.
        A woman who would not divorce, or embarrass him by having her affairs out of their circle, a breeding mare able to raise their children, and desperate enough to be an aristocrat, a royal to boot, the could withstand any tough time with incadescent PWT.
        He had to look for it, and found a surrogate family to boot. Of curse he was too lazy to try harder, so he tried here and there, and settled with k.
        Harry was freer, he faced more or less he same issues, but the expectations from him were different, so he could really find a woman suitable for him, out of there circle, out of their reach, out of the RR and RF expectations. Able to help him leave.
        I really wish them the best.

  12. Carty says:

    Thanks for the weekend coverage of all this, it’s my go to site to stay caught up. Love it!

  13. Where'sMyTiara says:

    ClusterChuck must be chewing the curtains at Highgrove right now. Can you imagine?

    Workshy & Wiglet: High Visibility Covid ChooChoo Tour cum Trainwreck, followed by Colonialist Cosplay that alienated …I think we’re at 4 Caribbean nations and counting…


    Harry & Meghan: highly sought after, Highly Regarded, humbly doing their Service Is Universal work, beloved by everyone they’ve met, and even managing to sneak in to say hi to Granny on the down low, pissing off everyone who lives to piss on the hardest working couple in the BRF.

    There’s a new article that just dropped in Marie Claire, “Prince Charles Would Be “Open” to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Being Part-Time Royals”

    Oh. Really?

    Would this be the same Prince Charles who cancelled his son’s protection detail? Same Prince Charles who refused to take his son’s calls? Same Prince Charles who let his eldest son get personally involved in a court case to smear his DIL the Duchess of Sussex? Same Prince Charles that has been selling out his youngest son to the Tabloids to cover his own ass, and that of his eldest, since he was a young child? That huffy wee bawbag, Charles? Harry knows what Charles did; Charles has never publicly asked for forgiveness nor made amends.

    The offer that was laid on the table in 2020 is no longer operative, ClusterChuck. And Charles has done absolutely nothing of value to warrant any such offer being made again.

    I hope H&M stay firm to their current path, and stick to the freedom and the circle they’ve got. Nothing good can come of going back. Normalize cutting toxic relatives out of your life, and shutting the door.

    • Deering24 says:

      Oh, _now_ Charles is cool with the part-time royals idea? Doubt Harry and Meghan want their kids at the mercy of that. For starters…

    • MsIam says:

      I’m sure Charles is cool with part time because he can use it to his advantage. Plus he knows that Harry would be at the mercy of William once Charles drops dead, so why does he care about what would happen to Harry? Charles is in it for Charles, just like he used his sons for good publicity when they were younger. Stay away Harry, you know who your father is. Same with your brother. Some folks are best loved from a distance.

      • Jan90067 says:

        THIS ^^^^^^. SO. MUCH. THIS^^^^^^^

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Not necessarily.
        If Harry and Meghan went part time they could arrange it as having protection when in the UK, but keeping all their office and information independent from all other royals. They could just be called upon for main events and still represent the monarchy when they do their own wonderful work.

        But sure somehow it would be twisted.

    • Nivz says:

      You had me at “huffy wee bawbag”.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:


        I’m still in shock at the outrageous cheek of Chaz thinking he can use the press to attack his youngest son, throwing barbs out about Hazza vs. Camilla (because he fears the pages of his son’s memoir), and then in the next breath say “all is forgiven if he’ll just come home and let us use his star power and turn him into the family punching bag again”.

        Harry has done nothing to warrant forgiveness, and Charles is still acting like Harry is some misbehaving teenager!

        Harry could have rescued the British Monarchy, it’s true; but the jealousy of father and brother and grandmother, as revealed by the results of the “Sandringham Summit”, pretty much put paid to that. They could have treated him the way the Swedish Royal Family treats Madeline; they instead made a conscious choice to punish him for not wanting his wife and children to be abused as he was.

        The Firm did everything feasible to burn every bridge behind Harry & Meghan as they fled that horrible situation – insulted them, and tried to humiliate them by every possible method. Two years later they’re still using the press as cover for their petty attacks. H&M don’t have to rebuild those bridges, and they don’t have to walk across them if BRF should finally decide to attempt it themselves.

        Charles wanted a slimmed down monarchy. Mission accomplished. Now he can take all the consequences of that. Harry was going to outshine “The Magnificent Seven” wherever he went; banishing him from the UK didn’t make a damn bit of difference. They literally threw away the two most valuable crown jewels they ever had.

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        “ClusterChuck” gets my vote but “huffy wee bawbag” is right up there and now whenever I see a picture of him (not that I go looking) that’s all I’m going to remember.
        Well done @Where’sMyTiara.👏👏👏👏👏

    • Dot Gingell says:

      ‘huffy wee bawbag’ sums him up perfectly!

    • Christine says:

      My personal theory is the refusal to lay Harry’s wreath at the Cenotaph was the final nail in the coffin for the British royal family ever getting Harry’s brand of magic back in their corner. It’s over, you lost, get over it.

  14. GrnieWnie says:

    it must be a terrible shock to the British press that no one cares in the least about royal status.

  15. Kaye says:

    I read that on the first day she gave her tan coat to a mother with a newborn who misjudged the weather. I wonder if this is the same coat?

    • BeanieBean says:

      It looks like it. The What Meghan Wore website noted that this was a Ralph Lauren coat when she handed it over to the woman with an infant, and this appears to be an all-RL outfit.

    • Moss says:

      This looks wool and the baby coat looked like a raincoat.
      Does M look a little strained and not her usual bubbly self in these pics? I wonder if Charles was unpleasant?

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ No, it is the same beige/ camel coat Meghan wore this morning to greet the UK delegation, that she loaned to the baby and mother. We first saw Meghan wearing this monochrome coat, pants, and top when M&H visited the UN last September.

      • BeanieBean says:

        And no, she does not looked strained, not a bit.

      • babybirch says:

        I noticed her looking a bit strained

  16. Beverley says:

    Charles is considering a possible future role for H&M? He deserves no such grace from them. My gut tells me it was either Chaz, Willy, or Katie who was soooo concerned that the unborn Archie would perhaps be “too dark” to be a Prince of the Realm. Maybe too dark to be seen in public with his cousins, the Cambridge children. So hell no, PC and PW deserve no help, no shine – nothing from the Sussexes.

    • SIde Eye says:

      I completely agree. And all these people sat mute while a baby who is a few hours old was compared to a monkey. Not one peep out of them. Disgraceful. Now they want to ride the coat tails of their popularity. They can kick rocks.

  17. Sofia says:

    Monochrome brown is something that I would not like on a lot of people but somehow, she makes it work. And yes H&M are a loss to the BRF. Even Tominey had to admit that IG was arguably the most successful royal initiative and by the looks of things, it’s only going to grow more. And there’s been numerous statements from others that they’re both genuinely nice and warm people who care and how much they loved meeting them. Now the cynical ones may say “well they’re not going to insult Harry/they’re just being nice”, well maybe they are but you don’t hear this type of praise regarding W&K besides the basic “They were friendly and polite”.

    And thanks to Kaiser and the team for keeping us updated on the weekend! Especially a holiday weekend!

  18. Mslove says:

    I love this. Scientific studies show helping others can contribute to our happiness in different ways. It’s no wonder Bill & Cathy look miserable. Harry & Meghan are rocking this. They have overcome so much. I am so happy for them both!

    • Merricat says:

      My old granny used to say that when you’re feeling low, do something nice for someone else. It works every time.

  19. Watson says:

    She is a Camel coloured queen. No one does this as well as she does!!

  20. Jaded says:

    Can you imagine what Chuckles, Egghead and Katty are going through right now? Watching the standing ovations, the heartfelt and compassionate speeches, the strength and dedication of these amazing IG participants who have fought against injury, depression and PTSD to rise up to be successful…I shake my head at the utter selfishness and uselessness of the BRF and the anachronistic, self-important snobbishness and racism that it exemplifies. The Cambridges will be eating crow for a long time, especially when you compare Invictus to the colonialist disaster of the Caribbean tour, and the Windsors must be kicking themselves for the truly horrific things they did to two such incredible and valuable human beings.

    • Nivz says:

      Forget the colonizador tour- compare it to 🌍 shot ! W is punching through multiple walls.

    • BeanieBean says:

      They won’t be kicking themselves, that would require introspection. They’re not capable of that. Jealousy is the only thing they’re feeling right now.

  21. booboocita says:

    “Wow, it certainly seems like Meghan and Harry are massively successful soft-diplomats. It’s such a shame that jealousy, racism, colonialism, misogyny and pettiness “won” over charm, hard work, charisma and empathy.”

    So very, VERY true. Just think of the wonderful things H & M could have done for the UK in the name of the Crown. Not only charitable endeavors in Great Britain, but international disaster relief efforts, arts initiatives, mentoring and entrepreneurship programs … the list of potential deeds is endless.

    Of course, none of that would be possible without a supportive and engaged UK Parliament and Prime Minister, and BoJo and the Tories wouldn’t give H & M the time of day, let alone support for their good works. So it’s just as well that H & M will have to content themselves with being enormously effective international philanthropist superstars, and BoJo and his ilk will have to be satisfied with a lazy, button-obsessed, dead-eyed mannequin and a lazy, incandescent, bitter egg. As Nelson from the Simpsons would say, “HA HA!”

  22. kirk says:

    Seems like this Invictus Games is bigger deal than previous, or selection of Netherlands is inspired with Amsterdam esports initiative H20 Esports Campus tent available to all in the fan zone. Live-streaming games 2-hrs per day on their own Twitch channel. Microsoft is supporting esports with Xbox Adaptive Controller to aid people with different abilities. Would love to do sim racing; loved watching that on Bubba Wallace documentary on Netflix.

    • equality says:

      I wonder if they were limited because of PH’s association with the RF still at previous games. Maybe the family kept him from accepting some partners to try to keep the games less impressive so he wouldn’t outshine Will as much.

    • Christine says:

      It just occurred to me, for some reason, that England has lost Invictus Games, as well as Harry and Meghan. They are never going to be able to successfully bid to get this HUGE week-long event on their soil, since they can’t be bothered to let its stars pay for their own security in country. So much money and goodwill, and nothing for you, rr. Bless.

      I love it, they don’t deserve this massive publicity boost.

  23. Isabella says:

    Love both of them. Both have equal star power. I would wait in line to meet either of them.

  24. Lila says:

    -Love how beloved they are!

    -Love getting added content on your off day (Thank you, Kaiser!)

    -Love how happy and radiant they are. Inner light radiating out.

  25. Becks1 says:

    Yeah the BRF messed up, big time. Every time H&M are successful they’re going to have to face that failure, again and again.

    I don’t think the part time idea would have worked, but I do think it was clearly proposed both to avoid the rota, and to get them out from William’s thumb. I think Harry was very concerned about what would happen when William was in charge. For better or worse, he knows his father, he knows what life is like with Charles controlling the purse strings – I think there was a real worry about william being in control. So I think they wanted to make moves to avoid being under his thumb.

    And here they are, not just surviving, but thriving.

    • ShazBot says:

      YES! Them – and their kids – not having to worry about living under King William is the true win here.
      I don’t know if Harry has or had that level of clarity back in 2019/20 but he must certainly now realize the freedom both he and his children have from the leaks and control of his family. His children’s mistakes will never be splashed all over the papers to protect their cousins.

  26. Normades says:

    @celebitchy @kaiser
    I know it’s a long holiday weekend but that you for giving us these posts.

  27. Normades says:

    Urgh! That pic with Megan next to Tammy and Harry next to Pete and Chastien is perfect! I know people thought it was a snub that Jill didn’t go but these are absolutely the people who should be there. It’s diplomacy and veterans who represent the high raking New Democratic gaurd and it’s perfect.

    • TresL says:

      Jill’s got the Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Monday and I’m sure last minute preparations this weekend. The first big in-person kid’s event since the pandemic and the election. No way was she missing that. Also, she and Harry did a zoom military event last year so their relationship seems solid. It is possible to have a scheduling conflict and the tabs and haters know that. It just feeds their sick narrative that Harry and Meghan are being snubbed.

  28. kirk says:

    Loved seeing Harry and Meghan with the U.S. delegation at U.S. Embassy The Hague!

    For all the carping done by BM about Harry’s memoir, I hope he devotes some time to the efforts he undertook to get Invictus Games started. Recalled having seen him in some interview about the difficulties that were posed by BRF and/or UK gov. Seemed like he was being slow-walked to No, you can’t do that, for no reason. Really glad to see this finally coming to fruition after pandemic. Looking forward to Netflix documentary.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Kirk, ITA— would love to know what goes into such a massive project like Invictus

      • Christine says:

        It boggles the mind, I hope there is a large chunk devoted to both Invictus Games and Sentebale. I am hugely curious about Sentebale, since Harry was barely an adult at the time. It’s so impressive.

  29. EduBois says:

    It worked out the way it should! These yt supremacist colonizers should NOT have been able to mask their crap with their faces. As painful as these experiences have been, it is worse to be USED in furtherance of this “royal family” nonsense. They need to continue to show the obsolescence of “monarchy”. Lean into it.

  30. Cel2495 says:

    This is the kind of work that dumb and dumber wished they can do. Too bad they don’t have the charisma that Meghan and Harry have.

    They both look amazing and happy! I’m so happy the games are going so well !

    • Teddy says:

      Exactly. W&K have neither charisma nor any big ideas. (Not even many little ideas, tbh.) Invictus is a brilliant event, rooted in compassion and community and healing, and Harry came up with it. Love him, and love the way he openly adores his wife. They are so great together.

      • aftershocks says:

        Harry ‘came up with it,’ after being inspired by The Warrior Games, an annual event started by military personnel in the U.S. The Obamas introduced the U.S. event to Harry when he was visiting them circa 2012 to repair his image post what happened in Vegas. 😉

        Harry struck up a good friendship with the Obamas, especially with Michelle, and with the Bidens as well during that time. Both couples supported Harry in his efforts to create a similar event that would be global.

        Harry’s efforts came to fruition beyond his wildest dreams due to his passion, compassion and hard work. Plus, once Harry met Meghan, the love and synergy they generate together has turned everything they touch into gold. 🔆

      • kirk says:

        aftershocks – I believe the first Warrior Games attended by Harry was 2013 in Colorado. In typical Harry fashion he really got into it, after which he announced his intention to copy it, saying it was such a good idea by the Americans that it had to be stolen. The 2013 Warrior Games was the 2nd time U.K. attended the DoD WG.

    • Jan90067 says:

      CORRECTION: They’d like to STEP IN to the part where they’re cheered on stage (and leave less than 45 min. after that). They don’t want to do ANY of the work it’d take to get them to that point, up to and including meeting with the any of the Vets that this game helps.

      • Jaded says:

        I can totally see Khate recoiling from getting hugged by vets or asking some idiotic question like “Can you play tennis with that artificial leg?”

      • Christine says:

        I can see Cannot saying something idiotic like, “George ADORES prosthetic limbs!”

  31. Connie says:

    This Invictus Games makes ribbon and cake cutting look so damn cute obsolete. That family lives a very opulent lifestyle yet their work less then elementary. A golden piano and carriage while there’s homeless people outside your tax funded castles. Traveling to countries that have to your 5 star tab regardless if they can afford it or not or invited you. What is their contribution to the CW and tax payers who maintain their expensive lifestyle cake a Jubilee that benefits who the working class and poor? I don’t think so. Learn from the Sussex. The younger generation isn’t going to tolerate this BS.

  32. blunt talker says:

    A lot of excellent points were stated from above-Harry and Meghan bring a positive energy to their work-it takes a lot of work to pull this off-but they don’t mind rolling up their sleeves to get things done-I admire their dedication to service-Universal service-that Jose guy who feeding people in Ukraine said-he loved working with them-when they are called upon they show up-Harry has shown his talents for working with people to get things done-Meghan works well with people to get things done-their spirit is reflected in their work-they have a very relaxed style which shows when they are out and about- I pray and hope God gives them the strength to keep up their universal work-the world needs a lot of positivity right now.-Best wishes to the Sussex family.

  33. Kit says:

    A royal commentator said he had spoken with Prince Philip after Harry had left , when asked about de famous fallout Philip wasn’t too bothered, simply said family’s fall out they argue, that what happens in family’s !!! That was it ……

    As our friends said above, I too think he has a lot of Prince Philip in him too, very focused and ambitious and remember Philips stag do picture , no royalty there but professionals, all his friends worked for a living !! Harry knows Philip would want him working and getting on with things rather than attending a memorial and would be hugely grateful that he dropped in on his wife and long time friend for tea on his way to de Netherlands !

    Although it’s interesting that they are now trying to compare William to de work horse , war hero and well read Prince Philip, they have absolutely nothing in common, like Nothing !!!

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ LOL @kit! The BRF, grey men, and rota desperately wish that William had something in common with Philip–anything that is, aside from ‘rosebush gardening’! 🤣🤣😂

  34. Paulkid says:

    If the the British aristos choose to reject this exemplary couple, it doesn’t diminish the light they bring to so many in this world. THANK you for covering the inspiring Invictus Games and Sussexes this Saturday!

  35. Over it says:

    Foolish people win dumb prizes , so I think the British monarchy is getting exactly what they deserve for being cruel, insensitive uncaring racist fools to Harry and Meghan

  36. SIde Eye says:

    Thank you for including interviews with Team Australia. They are absolutely adorable. This whole thing just makes my heart soar. I love how proud Harry is of Meghan and how happy he is to see her shine. Diana would be so proud.

  37. Gigi says:

    Service IS universal and they that in full display, juxtaposed starkly against the colonial flop tour.

  38. DeluxeDuckling says:

    Lord, these Invictus athletes are hot

  39. Flavorless candy says:

    Someone posted this comment under one of the rf articles:

    “Cardigan, Devon, 18 minutes ago:
    Harry’s children are holed up in Frogmore with nanny and mother of Meghan ( all arrived by private jet!!). Meghan will leave games fly by private jet early back to Frogmore (not Montecito as we all may think)secretly and see Queen briefly on Thursday with children. Not rocket science. Eugenie and husband who live in Frogmore house went to Monticeto earlier in year to be introduced to children so they would know them when they arrived in England for a few days. Harry stays on at Games and joins wifey for Thursday. all arranged secretly, Beatrice and husband probably also there with their new born. Hopefully our beloved Queen will see them whilst she is well enough”

    The person who wrote this must be in the Baldimort and Keen camp..This info is just..… to much ‘details’. The bots are going loco

    Im 🖤 the bm chaos H&M caused this weekend😁

  40. Jan says:

    Five bedrooms at Frogmore Cottage, Nan, Nanny, Eugenie, Jack, Harry, Meghan, 3 children plus August’s Nanny, are they going to be sleeping shifts?
    Meghan would have to be silly to visit the Queen after being at the Invictus Games.
    There is a new fast spreading variant of Covid, why would you bring 2 unvaccinated children on an 11 hr flight?
    Not like the Queen cared when Archie was called a chimp, but she cared enough about BoJo mistress to asked to media to lay off.
    Funny there is proof that Meghan and Harry without their children, flew commercial from LA to London, then on to The Hague.
    Eugenie was working when she was in LA and spent time with the Sussexes.

  41. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I’m waiting for the screams from the BM about how “Meghan had to make sure she was the center of attention in the pictures whilst pushing poor hostage Harry off to the side”

    • Babz says:

      There was some of that crap on Twitter, mostly in comments under Sky News or BBC posts. Trust me, it didn’t play well. Many more positive comments about her than not. I myself went on quite a blocking spree, and I wasn’t alone.

  42. aquarius64 says:

    The counter programming in the UK today is the Cambridges’ leading the BRF pap stroll to church for Easter service. George and Charlotte were there for the first time (they left Louis at home?,) showing desparation for views. I didn’t hear or see crowds.

    • SAS says:

      Love how no one questions leaving Louis at home for a 45min church service but so much fury at leaving two even YOUNGER children at home rather than flying them across the world for 4 days.

  43. Ladiabla says:

    When William and the Earl were busy trying to get in a grown man’s business about Meghan and how unsuitable they thought she was/how he was moving too fast, etc..I wish someone would have pulled him to the side and said what the mom in My Big Fat Greek Wedding told her husband: “It’s done, they LOVE each other”. And they needed to get to accepting her as a member of the family because otherwise he was going to push the only brother he has in the world away. The queen, Kate, his father should have told him. Maybe they did, who knows? Ay William, I hope he comes to a change of heart. At the very least he could’ve been known as a kindly King who took pride in his brother and sil’s accomplishments, even if they overshadowed his own. I know this may sound naive, esp with all the inner workings of that institution, but one wishes it could’ve been that way for their family. Especially considering what Diana would have wanted for her sons, to always be close to one another, even and especially IF she was gone.

    • aftershocks says:

      Eh @Ladiabla, that’s nice thoughts. But like Philip was quoted as saying, “Stuff happens in families.” Philip should know too, since he’s part of the toxic Windsor family, and he grew up in a family fractured by expulsion as Greek royals, Thus, they were itinerant and dependent upon wealthier relatives. Philip’s mother also suffered from mental illness, yet Philip was tough, resilient, and a bright ray of sunshine with his confidence, his smile, and his sense of humor.

      I’m sure Philip was fond of young Princess Elizabeth, but he was surely convinced to marry her because of the huge personal opportunities marriage to her would bring to him. Of course, marrying the future Queen would bring advantages and many disadvantages. No matter what happened though, Philip got on with things. Philip wasn’t right about many things, but he was right in his instincts of how to move forward when tragic or sad things happen.

      It isn’t great that Diana’s life was taken so soon. Maybe she could have guided William to not be such a jerk. But maybe not. We’ll never know. However, I think Diana’s spirit knows what’s going on now. There’s not much she can do to change her older son’s behavior. So perhaps she’s just focused on guiding and protecting her younger son and his sweet family.

  44. NotSoSocialB says:

    Jeez, I hope they get negative PCRs before they cuddle their kids.

  45. Ladiabla says:

    @Aftershocks Stuff always happens in families, PP and you are right. Boy do I know it lol. And the man definitely was resilient, that’s for sure. As an only child, I always wished for a sibling of my own, but one never knows how things will turn out. I’m sure Princess Diana is watching over her son and his sweet family. 🙏🏼