Duchess Meghan has left the Hague, she’s flying home to see Archie & Lili

Something I still think about ALL the time: when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew from the UK to Canada in late 2019, that was the last time Archie was ever in the UK. Archie did not travel with Meghan and Harry when they went back to the UK in January 2020 (when they announced their Sussexit plans). Archie did not join them in the UK for the You Coulda Had a Bad Bitch Tour in March 2020 either. The point is not just that Harry and Meghan don’t want to travel with their young babies/children, it’s also that they’re not willing to ever bring their kids back to the UK without firm guarantees of safety and respect. Thus, the kids are staying in North America. So Archie and baby Lili once again stayed in Montecito for the Sussexes’ trip to the UK and the Netherlands. And now Meghan is on a plane to go back home to see them.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have dazzled royal fans since arriving in the Netherlands last week for the Invictus Games. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have met with many of the teams taking part in the Games, which shine a spotlight on the “unconquerable” character of servicemen and women, their families and their “Invictus” spirit, as well as the opening ceremony on Saturday. But all good things must come to an end, and they did for Meghan on Monday as she flew back to Los Angeles to be reunited with her children, Archie, who turns three next month, and Lili, who turns one in June.

It’s no surprise that the 40-year-old hasn’t stayed with Harry during the whole duration of the games as on day two, she revealed she was really missing her children. Meghan made the confession as she sat in on a reading to a group of 12 children in a private event held in the Zuiderpark. She told British army veteran James Stride that she had wanted to attend the reading as it meant she was around children, and they reminded her of her own, which stayed behind in Montecito, presumably in the care of her mother, Doria Ragland.

“Meghan was quite chatty and told me she was missing her children,” James, one of the GB competitors in the games being held in The Hague, told MailOnline. “She said she wanted to be with children as she was missing her own.”

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I mean, when the Sussexes’ spokesperson confirmed that Meghan would join Harry, they said that Meghan would only stay for a few days and that Harry would stay for the length of the Invictus Games. I kind of wish they had brought the kids to the games, but I suspect they avoided it because they knew they were doing a layover in the UK, and once again, Salt Island won’t ever get their hands on those kids. Anyway, I’ll miss seeing Meghan at Invictus but I’m glad she gave us so much content for days!

Photos courtesy of Instar, Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. equality says:

    Look how easy it is to put a name on a source. Really makes you wonder about the BM’s usual “sources”.

  2. C says:

    Now Kate can breathe a sigh of relief.

    • Haylie says:

      The Cambridges were globally rejected on their big tour while the Sussexes received global adoration. Their tabloid and phony poll bubble has burst. The Cambridges aren’t loved, admired or respected.

      Kate will never breathe a sigh of relief again. It’s what she deserves.

      • C says:

        I was referring (as below) more to the fact that now she can stop frantically compiling identical outfits – her fingers must be worn to the bone!

  3. Jan90067 says:

    What relief? Those frantic jazz hands are trying to find a buckled blazer, a Celine boucle jacket, and a double breasted pant suit!! Girl’s gonna WORK for it!

    • C says:

      But imagine all the moodboards she’s had to create since the start of the games!! I bet she was working into the night…

      • booboocita says:

        Now that we’ve all seen the comparison between Meghan’s Khaite white wrapped top and the white wrapped top Diana wore in her Testino photoshoot, I’m convinced Buttons is frantically shopping for a white wrapped top. She can’t have the Khaite top, because that’s sold out. But she’ll find something similar, and then she’ll wear it to some event or other, and then the RR will crow, “Kate is just like Diana! Meghan got her inspiration for her top from Kate!” Just watch …

      • Layla says:

        @booboocita oh well definitely see a off shoulder dress or some sort. Just give it a few months (polo or something) 🙄

  4. Annaloo. says:

    Great to see Meghan so happy

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      She looks amazingly happy! Someone posted a side by side of Meghan from the 2019 tour and now and the difference was shocking. Telling the Royals to pound sand has been wonderful for her!

  5. AmelieOriginal says:

    It’s not just security for the kids though I think (though that’s a huge part of it), it’s the lack of titles and the fact they have Black ancestry. I think in the long run Archie and Lili not having titles is a blessing in disguise, especially if they are raised primarily in the US. But if they were to return to the UK, they’d be pitted against their titled royal white cousins. The tabloid media won’t see that as elitist or racist but we all know it will be and Meghan and Harry don’t want to expose their kids to that or have William and Kate leak stories about Archie and Lili. The Queen and Charles want to see their great/grandkids, they only have William and Kate to blame for not seeing them.

    • Jan says:

      The Queen have no interest in ankle biters unless they’re Corgis.
      As for Tampon, forget it, when Meghan was being abuse by his other son, where was he?
      No wonder his mother keeps hanging on to the throne, because she knows he is a spineless coward.

    • Tessa says:

      They could have ordered Will to back off and Kate called out for her letting Meghan take the heat for the crying story. HM and Charles sat back and just let William “take charge” so to speak in regard to Harry. ANd sat back and watched as Jason Knauf (a Cambridge employee) launch an “investigation of Meghan.” One word from the Queen and/or Charles Jason could have been fired and the “investigation” dropped.

  6. molly says:

    I know the main reasons they’ve never brought the kids to the UK is because of a pandemic, their young age, the flight time/logistics, Meghan’s pregnancy, etc. but I hope a small crumb is also the satisfaction of never, ever giving the UK press the content.

  7. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    So if I were a suspicious person, I would say Meghan left because she fully knows G’ma Doria is spoiling the mess outta those grandbabies and she wants to nip it in the bud.
    I may or may not speak from experience. 😎**

    (**please take this in the silly way I meant it**)

    • Persephone says:

      Lol I know what you mean MerlinsMom1018, I’d be spoiling the heck out of them too. 😄

    • Che says:

      How can you ever get enough of grandma’s love? I still miss mine and have such fond memories. Grandma’s Hands!

    • Julia K says:

      O please! Since when is pie and ice cream for breakfast considered ” spoiling”? Fruit and protein in a different form. Everybody’s a critic.

    • Christine says:

      Ha! She’s probably not going to have much spoiling to undo since Archie and Lili are so little, but when my Mom gets her hands on my 12 year old for a few days, he needs all sorts of deprogramming when I get him back. No, Mom, vegetables aren’t optional and bedtime IS a thing.

    • Embee says:

      Nothing better than a grandparent’s spoiling…every time I get my kiddo back from extended time with her grands there is a softness and calmness about her that warms my soul. Also, there is often some screen time to detox and dental care to be addressed and it’s more than worth it!

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Heehee @ MerlinsMom1018. In fairness to Doria, who seems to live a pretty healthy lifestyle, she probably sliced up some apples & strawberries at some point. Reminds me of when one of my siblings gave our mom a list of things her kids could not have when watching them for a week. Our mom saw it as a check list of things they should try/have. No allergy situations involved. Hot dogs, frozen Icee sticks and Lucky Charms cereal were quite popular that week. Fruits & veggies made their way in here and there.

  8. Ange Andrews says:

    Lol. Well Kate has some homework to copy for the next few outings.

  9. MsIam says:

    I hope you guys show some pictures of her other Sunday outfits too. I’ll be sad not to see more Meghan and Harry pics but glad for what we did see. Maybe we’ll see some more behind the scenes shots. Invictus has been such a stellar event, especially coming out of the pandemic and two years of delays. Bravo to Harry and the Invictus team for a job very well done!

    • Bettyrose says:

      I got a glimpse yesterday of a fabulous jeans & blazer combo. Much more to my taste than the first one. Hoping for more pics of that.

      • dj says:

        I would love an ID on those jeans or similar ones. I am built like Megan on the short side. Love all the fashion pics and of course, all the loving Harry and Megan!

  10. C-Shell says:

    Good for her/them! Plus, they made a long list of points with this trip, not least of which is that kiddos don’t travel transcontinentally/oceanically during a pandemic, especially to Isla de Saltines, without adequate protections. They are able to lock down their plans without the “help” of the Gold Standard comms teams at BP, CH and KP, TYVM. They are well and truly loved and respected by the global community, including the UK* representatives who matter. They outshine the BRF without even trying. The RR at the IG are seriously the worst at reporting on even basics like the names of the athletes engaging with H&M. The list goes on and on. The Sussexes killed/are killing it, and they don’t need any reflected “shine” from the BRF to do it.

    *and Commonwealth!

  11. Harper says:

    It must have been hard for Meghan and Harry to not be with their kiddies on Easter. But Meghan’s appearance this weekend was spectacular. It couldn’t have gone better, IMO. You could tell Invictus was organized with love.

  12. Becks1 says:

    She came, she saw, she conquered, lol. And now she’s going home to her babies. Good for her.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    It was good to see Meghan again and she looked like she enjoyed herself at the Games. She looked genuinely happy to be there.

  14. L4Frimaire says:

    I’ll miss her from the games. Was so much fun to see her. It doesn’t seem
    practical to bring the kids on this trip. They’re still really really young and H and M were so busy these first few days, and the games took all their focus. Hope to see them in future once they are older. I hope we at least get a video appearance for the closing ceremonies. It’s been a fun few days and lots still happening at the games.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, this. Even without the pandemic and safety concerns, it doesn’t make sense to travel with a 3-year old and a 10-month old on what is, essentially, a short business trip.

      • Jaded says:

        Totally agree. Someone posted a weird comment earlier about how they think it’s awful that Meghan and Harry weren’t home with their kids for Easter, that they should have brought them along so they could celebrate Easter together as a family. Fortunately the comment was deleted but I did respond that you can’t equate spending Easter with your kids to an incredibly important global event honouring the military and how much they give emotionally, mentally and physically to protect their countries. Add to that the danger that the kids would be exposed to covid or the merciless hounding by media vultures, well it just makes no sense.

      • SomeChick says:

        @Jaded, I agree. the kids are one and three! they can have “easter” on any day and the kids wouldn’t be aware, much less care. some people just want to nitpick everything, and there’s really been nothing to criticize. you might even say they never put a foot wrong!

        I noticed that the article used “which” to describe the kids. I think it should have been “who” as they are people, not objects. not sure if this is gramatically correct, but it is certainly not terribly respectful.

  15. Margles says:

    I think, beyond security concerns, they keep the kids away because of the creepy sense of ownership the UK press has over the kids. I still remember the gross rage over the press’s feeling that they didn’t give out enough baby pictures. As if the children were property. It’s beyond anything in the US. If celebrities here want to keep their kids hidden, they can. The UK press acts as if they are owed photos of the royal children.

    Harry and Megan have walked the walk of keeping their kids out of the public eye. And they aren’t going take them to a place that treats that dedication as wrong. At least not while they’re babies.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      It is very creepy. H &M will do what is in the best interest & safety of THEIR CHILDREN. On a different post I’ve mentioned (along with other commenters) that there are people all over this world who have not met their grandchildren or great grandchildren. Some who are in loving safe environments. The BM needs to move on from that odd narrative. Though, when they go on and on about it, it continuously demonstrates how deranged the BM is.

  16. SH says:

    I think Meghan staying only a few days is also.probably good media strategy. Her presence helped bring media attention and raise awareness that the games are taking place. Now that they are aware hopefully people will follow the rest of this week and focus on the stories of the athletes and families.

  17. Travel safely Meghan will surely miss you. 😘😘😘… For now, we will just be watching ginger Prince and the contenders.

    *I would love to watch the invictus games in person/ live, i feel i would be emotional seeing the contenders but again would be inspired by how these people do not let their circumstances set them back. 🥺🥺🥺

    • Princessk says:

      I have been watching the games on TV and it is really inspirational and so family centred making it really unique. It is as much about bonding as it is about competing.

  18. Ann says:

    I have a question for any of you that have worked as flight attendants. How is it that H&M flew commercial and no one got tipped that they were on their way to London? It’s awesome, but it would have taken only one passenger passing by and recognizing them in first class while on their way to the cheap seats to a text to a friend and start the rumors. Does the airline know and they board the plane into first class right before doors close? Does LA have a vibe that you leave celebrities alone to live their private life? Do they wear caps and sunglasses? I just can’t believe that on a 13 hour flight, no one knew to stalk the airport on their arrival. Good for them!

    • PrincessK says:

      It was announced that Meghan would be coming with Harry before the games started.

    • SH says:

      ANN, they board last into first class at the front of the plane and then are first off so no one outside of first class even sees them.

      Their security will make contact with the airline and in it is in the airline’s interest to make accomodations because any commotion causes potential safety issues as well as throws off the normal operational rhythm.

    • Lili says:

      I’m sure I read somewhere they pay for some sort of vip service, this will ensure waiting areas are exclusive, getting on and off flights will be handled with out undue visibility from strangers, so I reckon that’s how they do it.

    • Jais says:

      I also wonder if they are traveling with part of their team and all the seats around them are full of people like security. Even less chance of being seen.

    • Becks says:

      My sister in law is a flight attendant and had Meghan a couple of weeks ago. It was a commercial flight from LA to Chicago. She flew first class along with a bodyguard, but other than that, absolutely no one knew who she was.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I would imagine since masks are still required, it’s quite difficult to see who it actually is with just the sight of someone’s eyes.

      • Becks says:

        Yes, but you take the masks off to eat and drink,(which she did) and still no one noticed her. I’m saying that you can go under the radar if you really want to.

    • Talia says:

      On the international planes I’ve flown on, you may walk through business class to get to the economy seats but not first class.

      It’s where the saying ‘never turned right on a plane’ comes from. People board at the division between 1st and business (with economy further down the plane than business) and either turn left to first or right to business or sometimes the front of economy (there’s usually a second door for the back of economy).

      There may be different configurations for different planes but the only time I have ever walked past 1st class seats was the time I saved up all my air miles and flew first class from the US to the UK. It’s not worth paying for in my opinion (since I don’t have any security/publicity concerns) but it was an amazing experience.

      • BeanieBean says:

        The older I get the more uncomfortable flying is for me. I’ve found it’s definitely worth it to go first class if at all possible, especially on those planes with the ‘lie flat’ option. That is truly a luxury, being able to stretch fully out to sleep or simply to sit with my feet up. Cuts way down on the fat feet issue.

  19. Over it says:

    I am going to miss seeing her and Harry together. They are such a joy to watch but I totally understand her wanting to be with her babies.

  20. Jay says:

    The Sussexes are in it for the long haul – they’ll be plenty of opportunities to bring out the kids if they want to and are comfortable doing so. From a parent standpoint, I can completely understand not travelling with two littles under 5 during a pandemic, and choosing not to expose them to the scrutiny of the British media and possibly dodgy security. Especially when they don’t have to.

    Invictus is going to keep happening, their work with charities around the world isn’t likely to stop, and I wouldn’t bet on their speaking invitations drying up anytime soon. Archie might come to the next one, or the next, or in ten years time, or not until he’s graduated from University. If we have learned anything about Harry and Meghan, it’s that they will do things on their own timeline. That’s the whole deal with being free from the “invisible contract”, y’know?

  21. Emma says:

    This is different because Meghan and Harry stayed together. (Their children are also very young and it’s a pandemic and there’s a lot of security concerns so it was probably decided best for them not to travel.)

    William went off to do his own thing without Kate. Normally, you expect married people to be more of a team at family events.

    Hypocrisy is kind of harsh. The situations are different and the couples are very different.

  22. ILady Digby says:

    Their success in promoting the Invictus Games is made extra special by following TOB Flop Tour and really rubbing it in what RF lost. W and K are constipated, colonialists who are lazy, entitled and even bore each other rigid but UK is stuck with them and unlike Commonwealth countries can’t sack them as future heads of state!

  23. tamsin says:

    I think the point was to bring publicity for Invictus through the Sussexes. Lots of stories of the Sussexes interacting with participants. I notice that today, all Harry’s events are private and Meghan is flying home. The focus will be on the Games and the veterans, and the closing ceremony will focus on their successes.

    • Christine says:

      Agreed. Harry and Meghan were the star power to kick things off, now the focus is on the athletes and their families, as it should be.

      • booboocita says:

        It’s my sincere hope that international media interest in the Sussexes will prompt some network to take a greater interest in the Invictus Games and start broadcasting them for the general public. I would have watched on Peacock or Roku or some other channel. A YouTube channel is fine, but I want bigger for those brave women and men.

  24. GuestA says:

    I work for an airline. Passenger security is very important. Employees are prohibited from disclosing information even to law enforcement without proper documentation. If you access a celebrity information that you are not working with directly, corporate security will show up. Employees value their paycheck and travel privileges.