A$AP Rocky was detained & arrested when he & Rihanna flew into LAX

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky arrived in Barbados about five or six days ago. There was talk that they would stay there for the birth of their child, but those rumors turned out to be false. They ended flying back to LA on Wednesday, and once they were on the ground at LAX, the LAPD detained and arrested Rocky for his alleged role in a November 2021 shooting in LA. Oof. Rihanna was with him when he was detained and arrested too. Prayers up for Rihanna, this is so stressful for a pregnant woman.

Rakim Mayers, better known as A$AP Rocky, was detained on Wednesday at Los Angeles International Airport in connection to a November 2021 shooting, according to multiple law enforcement sources familiar with the matter. Mayers was arriving on a private plane from Barbados, where he had been on vacation with his girlfriend, the singer Rihanna.

According to the law enforcement sources, Rihanna was with Mayers when he was arrested, and a search warrant has been executed at Mayers’ residence in Los Angeles. Mayers’ attorney, Alan Jackson, confirmed that his client had been arrested.

Mayers had been under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department for a Nov. 6 shooting near Vista Del Mar and Selma Ave. around 10:20 pm. The shooting victim later told police that Mayers, who was walking with two others, approached him with a handgun on the street. The victim claimed Mayers shot at him three to four times and believed one of the bullets grazed his left hand, according to police reports.

The shooting had not yet been reported in the media. In a statement on Twitter after publication of this article, the LAPD gave details of the November incident and said, “Early this morning, LAPD officers arrested Mayers for assault with a deadly weapon (firearm) at the Los Angeles International Airport. The case will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for filing consideration.”

LAPD made the arrest with assistance from Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations team.In January, Rihanna, announced that she was pregnant with her first child. In March, she told the magazine Elle she was in her third trimester. The singer turned 34 in February.

[From NBC News]

This is a very real situation and it’s still unfolding. This isn’t some half-assed misdemeanor situation. There was a full phalanx of LAPD detectives at Rocky’s home, executing a search warrant. The LAPD coordinated with ICE and Homeland Security. Sh-t is very real. That being said, Rocky doesn’t present himself as the kind of guy who would do anything like this. You know what I mean? His image isn’t “hard” or “gangster” or “I f–k with guns.” The dude spends his interviews talking about fashion and his sketches and which designers he wants to collaborate with. So I don’t know. Rocky has apparently already posted his $550K bail, so he is out of police custody.

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  1. KFG says:

    The whole story is sus… he randomly shoots at some guy 4x and only grazes his hand? And dude doesn’t even know Him? Not saying LAPD is corrupt, but I mean…

    • Evening Star says:

      It happens! Here in Louisville recently a mentally ill man broke into a mayoral candidate’s office and shot at him multiple times but only grazed his sweater before fleeing.

    • DeniseMIch says:

      Seems like a lot for a grazed hand.

      Just saying… there are people that have been raped and murdered and suspects have had a lot less fanfare.

      • Dizza says:

        “Seems like a lot”? He pointed and fired a gun at someone. Luckily he didnt kill him. I would think arresting him would be the minimum he could do.

      • Flowerlake says:

        I agree with Dizza. Shooting puts someone’s life in danger.

    • Maddy says:

      It’s allegedly someone form his “ASAP” crew, so someone he knew. Wouldn’t be surprised if he thought he could get away with it because of the “no snitching” thing those guys like to uphold.

      This is all a mess and I feel horrible for Rihanna. She’s about to give birth and now she has to deal with such a stressful situation.

    • BigLifeSmallCity says:

      He knows the victim. Everyone involved are associates of each other.

  2. Dan says:

    Don’t know what the truth is behind the case, but filing of high-profile charges (and execution of high-pro warrants) are often very planned and sometimes political. My question is, why now, though? Is the DA trying to get some shine with RW Hollywood (which is bigger than you think, ideologically very active, and planning something very nasty)?
    Pray for Rihanna. Pray for America right now, there is a darkness hiding in the shadows.

    • MillieVanillie says:

      Dan, I’d love to know more about what you’re alluding to. I’m terrified and intrigued.

    • TQ says:

      Can’t see DA Gascon using this as a means to get in with RW Hollywood. Many other DAs perhaps, but not him. Not saying there’s not politics in the mix, but I’d sooner put this on the police than the DA. In any case, police make the initial decision to arrest (yes sometimes in conjunction with the DA), but ultimately DA will make the decision about if and what to charge.

  3. Snuffles says:

    Why was ICE there is ASAP Rocky is American? Why was Homeland Security there!? It seems like it would be only a matter for LAPD.

  4. Tooby says:

    While most of his persona really is just fashion and hip hop he’s gotten into trouble before for assaulting someone for no good reason in Sweden.

    • Chaine says:

      Wasn’t the person in Sweden following him and harassing him? Not excusing violence but it wasn’t a situation where he just randomly assaulted someone.

      • Nathalie says:

        It seems so, that two men were following him and his group (that included bodyguards), and harassing them. However, nobody in this group had the thought of a) using a vehicle to remove themselves from the situation or b) calling the police. In Europe, police don’t shoot people at will, so it’s an option to be considered.

        Instead, Rocky and two others decided that the best course of action and excused by “self-defence”, was to physically assault the man and continue to do so when that man was lying on the ground, unable to protect himself.

        He is no innocent bystander to the world of violence.

    • Evening Star says:

      Yeah, and he’s been involved in at least five other physical altercations from 2012 to 2019 other than the Sweden incident. A quick look at his Wikipedia page suggests this isn’t exactly out of character for him.

      • Lun17 says:

        Agree! This guy is trouble. The Sweden thing was so immature and dumb. His character isn’t great. I don’t think he is innocent in this situation either.

  5. Willow says:

    This sounds pretty similar to what happened in Sweden. He and his friends got arrested for confronting and assaulting one person after he had a fight with that person earlier. Only difference, is this time, he had a gun. Not good. I do wonder why they arrested him at the airport. Why not wait until he pulled up at his house?

  6. Well Wisher says:

    First the cheating rumors, then this? Who is the target? Rhianna or her man? Is this punishment for success? Love? Peace?

  7. KT says:

    He may have a good rep but I remember when Chris Bowen first came out and he was presented as this good guy too until he beat up Rihanna

  8. pollyv says:

    Thug Life.

    • Eve says:

      She literally has that tattooed on her fingers.

      She must think she’s a badass, I just think she’s just so lost…

      I don’t, however, pity her. Like Dizza said below she’s a racist and I’ll add: a bloody mean girl.

  9. María says:

    Let’s be mindful that someone was shot at here, even if the bullets did not hit directly. Not everything is a PR maneuver.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you Maria! I know there are a lot of Rihanna worshippers out there, but just because she procreated with this man doesn’t make him a blameless victim.

  10. Baily says:

    Kaiser is way too easy on ASAP. The guy has a long history of getting into trouble, and he’s just not the best dude, that’s obvious. Rihanna is amazing, but she’s got notoriously bad taste in men.

    • BigLifeSmallCity says:

      Exactly. Like… are we talking about the same A$AP?

    • Dizza says:

      Rih is not amazing, her racism towards Karreuche Tran and others is pretty gross

      • KC says:

        😳I missed this. Seeing as she’s a black woman and from the islands living in the US (my humble opinion is we’re the lowest in the totem pole here) I’m genuinely curious what happened because the reality is I try to keep my head down and mind my business in this country, not receive hate or perpetuate more to others. I’m assuming she somehow felt quite comfortable being racist to her by way of Karreuche being……Asian?

  11. BigLifeSmallCity says:

    He “doesn’t present himself as the kind of guy who would do anything like this”? Doesn’t present to whom? He grew up on the streets… doing what you have to do to survive in the streets.

    You can leave the streets, the streets don’t leave you. And dude clearly has anger management issues – big issues.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah, ASAP has repeatedly been in trouble with the law and been arrested more than once in situations where violence was involved. I don’t know how he ”doesn’t present himself” as someone who could do something like this. Because he dresses nicely? Let’s not be blinded by that.

  12. ? says:

    I really don’t understand why we keep defending and uplifting this guy. Just because he’s with Rihanna? There are multiple blind item reports that he beats women, and then he goes and does this? And you downplay the whole thing because you want to like him.

  13. Patricia says:

    ASAP is from Barbados like Riri is.Enter ICE.There’s a lot of police power for “ a graze”. Arrested him before giving him the chance to turn himself in with lawyer.Raiding his house looking for a gun,before he can toss it,according to PD.assault with a deadly weapon is the charge.ooookkk

    • Spikey says:

      A$AP is NOT from Barbados. He was born and raised in NYC. His father was born in Bardados. Big difference, A$AP is an American. That’s all I had to say on the subject.

  14. Otaku fairy says:

    All I’ll say is what an awful situation for Rihanna and the baby.

  15. AmelieOriginal says:

    The guy has a record, he has been in several physical altercations and has assaulted multiple people. People seem to think the Sweden incident was a random one off thing and he was arrested just because he was black. While racism probably played a part in that whole debacle, Rocky and his crew severely beat up a man. He wasn’t some innocent bystander. I feel sorry for Rihanna and that she’s going through this but she’s always had terrible tasted in men.