Tina Brown: The monarchy ‘is in a fragile state’ & it will crash if the Cambridges implode

Tina Brown is promoting The Palace Papers in both the UK and America. I will give her some haphazard credit – she’s not talking out of both sides of her mouth. She’s being an unhinged Keen Defender on both sides of the pond. I thought it was going to be a Robert Lacey situation, but it’s more like an Angela Levin situation, as many people have pointed out. Apparently, Brown even spoke to Thomas Markle for this book, and “his side” of the drama is well represented. I suspect she also spoke to what’s her face, that Samantha troll. In her new interview in Time Magazine, Tina even admits that as she wrote The Palace Papers, she found it difficult to find people to talk to about the Sussexes. Meaning, I believe, that she sourced the book using the people who would talk, i.e. Kensington Palace. Some highlights from this Time interview:

Whether Charles & Diana’s marriage could have ever worked: “I think it could have worked if she’d met him when she was 29 and had a life and had some knowledge of life. But she was a child and from a very turbulent and riven family. The only way you can survive inside the monarchy is if you have a family background that is so secure that it’s going to be like a Praetorian guard around you, and somehow protect you from not only the scrutiny of the world, but also from the royal system. Both Camilla and Kate Middleton have that kind of family. Diana didn’t and had a family that hardly spoke to one another. She was the worst candidate to have a husband who then cheated on her. It was like the worst nightmare for her.

Brown writes that “Kate’s charm is less about dazzle and more about sheen.” “[Kate & Meghan] are just such different women. I don’t think they were never going to have a particularly close affinity whatever had happened. I think there would have been a cordial relationship. Kate was raised in such a traditional English way; Meghan has been a career woman and fending for herself from the age of 21. It’s an entirely different outlook on the world. I’m also not sure that anybody could have really changed how Meghan felt about what she discovered when she married Harry. To her, it was just an utterly disillusioning process to discover what it was like to live inside the palace system. Compared to what she had imagined, there was no fairy princess-ness about any of it. The life that she was going to lead was just a big grind—and she didn’t like it.

Whether Carole Middleton ‘arranged’ the Cambridge marriage: “No, it was a complete love match and still is. I think that Kate fell madly in love with William, but there’s a difference between falling madly in love with somebody and being able to navigate for 10 years the obstacle course that was like a Snakes and Ladders game. She could have at any point stepped on a snake and gone down to the bottom of the chute because it was full of obstacles—press, family—and I think that [Kate’s] mother was hugely helpful in keeping that course steady.

Harry is portrayed as “utterly consumed by hatred of the press” yet he’s made a foray into media: “I’m told that is most puzzling to the royal family themselves at the moment. Apparently, what they say about Harry is ‘we don’t recognize him.’ Essentially, this conflict between wanting no press to being someone who can’t seem to stop talking. And he’s now writing a book which invades not just his own privacy but also that of his family, when he’s always suffered so deeply from these tell-all books. I think Harry must be in his own mind completely confused about what he should and shouldn’t be doing.

Many royals simply want to have jobs & make money: “[Royal life has] become more and more incompatible with modern life. I think what older generations were prepared to do, which was to live on an allowance and do the good work, it’s much harder today for modern people to accept doing, though Kate and William have accepted that… And frankly, you could live very, very comfortably on the allotted money in beautiful houses which are always going to be paid for. But you do feel infantilized, and I think that’s what Meghan disliked most about being married to Harry. This is a person who earned a living aged 21 and now she’s totally dependent upon a man who really is completely dependent on his family. So that’s kind of quite an uncompromising feeling.

Whether Meghan was correct that “the monarchy likely needed her more than she needed them.” “A lot of her instincts were right as we saw from the recent Commonwealth tour [from William and Kate] that went so badly. Meghan sensed that a lot of the stuff she was doing in Australia felt archaic. I think she had a lot to offer in terms of media modernity. But [her pushback] was just chaotically executed and done with such recklessness and bad feeling that a lot of this stuff got mixed up.”

Brown writes that if the Cambridge marriage fell apart, “the whole Windsor house of cards could come tumbling down.” “[The institution] is in a fragile state. It’s very interesting how it evolves now [because] it is going to have to modernize more. I do think that it will be very hard for it to credibly continue if there was drama at the top between William and Kate. So they’re very lucky that they have these two people who are actually willing to serve their country and follow the path of duty as the Queen has. I think that William has quite a lot of resemblance to his grandmother. He’s very prudent, he’s thoughtful, he’s not headstrong. That’s a lucky thing for the monarchy. You have to wonder, if the first son had been Harry would it have survived?

[From Time]

In some ways, I actually feel a tad sorry for Tina Brown, because she has to promote this fakakta book right after the Sussexes’ amazing performance at the Invictus Games. That’s why she feels so out of touch – she still has the mindset of so many of these royal biographers, which is that they are the gatekeepers of royal narratives, that they “help” make or break the royal image. And what we are seeing now is that Meghan and Harry are not part of that royal image-making system – they can speak for themselves, on their own terms, using the platforms of their choosing. Tina Brown is trying to protect her way of life, and she’s stuck in the ‘90s.

Anyway, so much of this is idiotic. Brown is like, well yeah MAYBE Meghan was right that the royals desperately needed her, but how dare she… offer to continue working for the family part-time! HOW CHAOTIC. And Brown’s emphasis on how Meghan was living on her own and making her own money at the age of 21… like, that’s how most people live. Most people don’t spend 10-plus years waitying around, being financed by dodgy Uncle Gary. The part about the Cambridge marriage though… well…

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  1. Scorpion says:

    The book comes out today right?

    Lemme watch the NY Times Best Seller list! 💅🏾

    • Kelsey says:

      To be honest wouldn’t be surprised if she made it the first week as you only need 5k books sold in a week to make it correct?
      That would probably be more than any other royal book besides omid. Lol

  2. Cinders says:

    Tina has picked the wrong side, and this has become increasingly clear in the last few weeks – what with the disastrous Caribbean tour, and the success of Invictus. She’s a serious journalist and so at some level she must realise how wrong she’s got it. I’d almost feel sorry for her but then she describes PW as “very prudent, he’s thoughtful, he’s not headstrong”. It’s either extremely poor judgment on her part, or she’s outright lying to prop up the monarchy.
    Interesting that she says it could all crumble if the Cambridge marriage fails, though. That’s why I suspect they’ll not officially split. (That and the fact that the Middletons have all the dirt on PW).

    • Jais says:

      She so picked the wrong side. I think she’s a deranger at this point, but also she picked the side that would speak to her. KP and Camp Middleton and Camilla talk a lot…and they come out looking the best. So there you go. Saying how important it is for the Cambridges to stay together sounds like she is more invested in the Middleton leaks than the KP ones.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Everyone in the BM allegedly has the dirt on William. And they will forever sit on it until they can burn that bridge. But that will never happen if he remains a heir and no one will print the dirt the Midds have.

      Kate will be released if it’s beneficial to do so for William or the Monarchy. As the children grow up and she demands to do even fewer events she’s less useful.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I agree that William can dump Kate whenever he wants (which is why there are so many desperate articles from the Middleton clan about *how much* William *needs* Kate, lol). But realistically, he won’t. Because why should he? William gets to live his life however he wants to, and Kate doesn’t have the self-respect to care. Plus, she’ll never outshine/outwork him, which is apparently a cardinal sin in that family. But also, because dumping Kate would mean William made a mistake in marrying her, and he will NEVER admit to being wrong about anything. So he will double down on Kate as the perfect consort, even while living his separate life. It’s a win-win for William.

    • Lemons says:

      Tina hasn’t picked the wrong side. She is picking the only side she has. She is simply stating that maintaining her career as a royal reporter and biographer depends on the success of the Cambridges. If they implode, she has a rather short career of chronicling the scandal, their downfall, w/e happens with Charles…and then she becomes a celebrity gossip reporter who covers the Cambridge kids.

      • Eurydice says:

        Exactly. I’m sure Tina would have jumped at the chance to interview H&M but that was never going to happen. And as someone firmly part of the royal reporting industry, the “paychecks” will come from the RF, not H&M.

    • Jaded says:

      I wouldn’t characterize Tina as a “serious journalist”. She’s more of a cunning, rich, racist Karen journalist born into a wealthy family, educated at the best schools, who then manipulated and basically slept her way to the top. She cultivated the top echelon of society, insinuated herself into the BRF’s confidences, and was, from all reports, a horrible boss who treated staff (mostly female) and writers horribly. From all sides it looks like she’s aligned herself with a sinking ship and I live for the day when the tabloids decide to Release the Kraken on the BRF.

      • Eurydice says:

        Tina will pick the side that pays best on any given day. If the ship starts sinking, then she’ll be there, safely on the dock, and writing all about why it’s sinking.

      • JustBitchy says:

        @jaded. You have it right. Tina is a classic Karen Journo. I heard her on NYT podcast today. The j televiewer let stuff slide but did get in a few digs (to Tina).

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        Jaded, I used to work at an employment/ temp agency and at one point, Tina Browne was looking for an assistant. Before we would send anyone out for an interview, we would ask them how they felt about being screamed at. If they weren’t okay with it, they didn’t interview.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      The supporters of the royal family are on the wrong side of HISTORY.

  3. Aurora says:

    The Keens look so stupid on that truck. The Juxtaposition against the relaxed and modern Sussexes at Invictus only makes them look more ridiculous.

    • Andrew's_Nemesis says:

      Every time I see that photograph, I wince. Such an abhorrent image.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        The Monarchy is already in a delicate situation. The Caribbean countries are coming for their reparations and they had better get their checkbooks out! There are many nations looking for reparations and they have a strong support behind them.

        The entire Monarchy is not on solid ground. Plus, Bitter Brother is nothing like TQ! He flies off the handle at the slightest bit of facing any unpleasantness. He is wildly out of control and hasn’t the foggiest idea how to be king, nor does he care! Bitter Brother only wants his grubby, angry fists on the Duchy money, nothing more. As soon as he finds a replacement for CopyKeen, she’s out!! He will probably wait until the TQ has passed, but make no mistake he is miserable with CopyKeen! As evident on his face at every function.

      • Nic919 says:

        Seeing as how reparations were paid, but to the slave owners and their descendants over generations, it’s basically impossible to deny that reparations need to be provided to the actual victims of slavery and their descendants.

        The easy solution would be to make the descendants of the owners send over the money.

    • Aiglentine says:

      When I look at that photo I see “1930s fascist sympathizer” or “tinpot dictator and spouse.”

  4. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I laughed so hard at this woman’s nonsense I had to go use my inhaler to help catch my breath. Goodgawdalmighty.
    Every time I wonder how much more they can twist themselves into knots they do it again.

    Also I’m sorry? IF the Cambridge marriage fell apart????? Has she not been paying attention?

    • Kelsey says:

      Can’t wait till those articles about the affair start getting printed. For now it’s just social media “rumor” but once it hits newspapers and magazines all hell will break loose.
      What price is Willy paying right now to keep it covered though?

      • BeanBags says:

        Remember there are three children involved in this.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Yes there are 3 small children. And when they become older their parents will allow the BM to cover them as a distraction. It’s horrible, but it is how their system works.

        I feel for those kids. Not for the parents that know what they’re doing and think only of themselves.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I’m not sure pretending everything is fine when it isn’t, for the “sake of the children,” is a good thing.

      • Dee says:

        At some point, the kids will start sharing that mummy and daddy aren’t together anymore or start having problems because they are tasked with hiding the truth.

  5. equality says:

    So it would have been better if Di had been older and established but it is terrible that Meghan was? Her previous story is that H&M were eager to work and “save the world” and now Meghan wanted a fairytale and didn’t understand that being royal was work? And she is outing KP for never listening to Meghan or treating her seriously. Kate and Meg didn’t have to be BFF’s; they had to be work mates and W&K couldn’t manage that. This says to me that PW wanted everything his way. Well, now he has that. See what good he has done with it? PH never said NO PRESS; he said no to the lying RR. This woman is just like the rest of the BM, can’t get her story straight.

    • Lucy says:

      I thought it was interesting she pointed out Camilla and Kate have the perfect families for if you have a cheating husband. Like Diana’s problem was that her family wasn’t enough support to stand by a cheating husband, not that a teenager married a cheating 30 year old.

      • Cee says:


      • Teddy says:

        By saying that Kate’s upbringing prevented her from relating to Meghan, who comes from a different world, Tina is basically laying out the arguments why Kate is unfit for her royal role.

      • North of Boston says:

        Exactly Lucy! The Windsor men are framed as so passive and static in those quotes. Neither Charles nor William are described being active participants or having any expectations that they would be. Charles marriage was torn apart and it’s framed as “oh well, Diana’s FOO wasn’t right for a marriage with an unnamed cheating husband”… as though that’s all his presence was in the marriage and it was just a give

        And Kate’s 10 year journey was “oh well, if she slipped and fell down a chute into a snake pit and vanished from sight, them’s the breaks” with no “fortunately William was there to guide her through” Again, zero expectations that he would be an active stabilizing force in his own relationship.

        Neither of them are described as doing anything. There’s not a single action verb or adverb used about them, just the adjective “cheating” They are barely even mentioned aside from the ridiculous quote about William being thoughtful and not headstrong, when all indications are that he’s extremely headstrong and reactionary.

        Meanwhile they just want Harry to sit quietly in a corner til he’s needed as the family scapegoat, when he’s the only one actually doing something useful.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @equality: Exactly.

    • JanetDR says:

      Also is the reference to Camilla’s family support with her relationship with Charles mean her husband? This woman is twisting herself into knots trying to make this sound normal.

      • equality says:

        Maybe it means her dad who insisted on PC marrying her after outing her as the third in his marriage. Or her kids and grandkids?

  6. Princess Peach says:

    Of course the Keens are willing to live on an allowance. Their allowance is bigger than what a non-heir can expect. Look at Elizabeth’s other children. They’re not exactly living high off the hog. And unlike the Sussexes they at least received properties in their name.

    • equality says:

      They will get the whole Duchy of Cornwall income when TQ passes and then will have the whole deal once PC passes. BIG difference between being heir and spare. Anne has farm in her name. PA and PE residences are leased crown property.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I think Royal Lodge and Bagshot Park aren’t exactly public housing! And Anne’s place? An outright “gift” that has paid for security etc? Oh yeah…they’re doing alright! Ask someone who lived in the Grenfell Towers (pre-fire, of course!) which place they’d rather live in, if given the choice.

      The fact that they are DEPENDENT on the WHIM of the monarch, of the amount of “spending monies”, well…THAT is another story!

      • equality says:

        Anne’s in the best position though, and her children, since she owns the place outright and can (and already does) use it for generating income. I guess, Ed and Andrew can sublet or use the royal properties for events if they needed money? Or is that a no-no?

  7. SnarcasmQueen says:

    I know this heifer isn’t saying with a straight face that neither William nor Elizabeth are headstrong, did I read that right?

  8. C says:

    She is all over the place and contradicting herself constantly.

    • Katie says:

      It’s the self-contradictions that I find fascinating. All these quotes reveal way more about herself than her subjects. One of the most interesting, and probably similar amongst her cohort, is that she seems to understand that the English royal machine is … ineffective, almost pointless, and yet also seems to fervently believe that it is important with lots of big talk about “service” and “duty”? Like why is it a moral failing, or even a big deal at all, that the “spare” quits a job he never chose and she herself in her more lucid moments will admit is not all that impactful.

      She also has zero insight into the way social media has changed the celebrity game. H&M don’t need the royal machine or traditional media to accomplish their goals. Despite her storied career, there is no way for her to be relevant at all if she doesn’t understand this dynamic.

      • Christine says:

        Exactly my reaction as well, Katie.

        At a certain point, Tina Brown needs to come to grips with the fact that she is the one who had “fairy princess-ness ” dreams her entire life. Meghan did not, and here we all are, watching her work very hard for the organizations she believes in.

        As for the other duke and duchess, they didn’t earn the nicknames Cannot and Willnot by accident. But sure, let’s all pretend, “they’re very lucky that they have these two people who are actually willing to serve their country and follow the path of duty as the Queen has.”

  9. Merricat says:

    Lol, Tina Brown is a Katie Keener–imagine describing pregnant, suicidal Meghan as “disillusioned,” and trying to prop up the racist Cambridges (and their marriage, lol) as the hope of the monarchy.
    Good to know that Brown’s completely abandoned any pretense of integrity.

    • sunny says:

      It is wild to me. Not that Tina is propping up the monarchy because I sort of expected that as now she more tied to establishment but this degree of prevaricating and deliberate obtuseness is really something.

      To downplay everything Meghan faced and was subjected to is really something. As to the Cambridge marriage, good luck to her with that take.

      On another note, the timing of this book is basically the best thing about it. Post-Caribbean fail and the success of IG, she looks like an absolute moron promoting some of these takes.

      • Christine says:

        Karma really has been busy this past week. I can’t look away, it’s fascinating.

  10. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Let it ’mplode! Let it ’mplode! Can’t wait for the divorrrrrce!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes!!! And it will be gloves off for CopyKeen and CarolE as they will feel betrayed and angry as CarolE has been planning this for decades!!! IF CopyKeen was smart, which she isn’t, she would be giving Bitter Brother the biggest ego stroking in all of the papers and putting forth a tremendous amount of work. But she isn’t smart, as we all saw as she stalked William for 10 years!!
      Don’t rule out CarolE. She is the nastiest of the bunch and has taught her daughter well. Bitter Brother won’t know what hit him!

      • EllenOlenska says:

        If the Middleton ever feel the need to go scorched earth they would be wise to start with all the news media OUTSIDE of the UK to drop their receipts. Not worth wasting their breath internally. Let the RR attempt to play catch up.

  11. matthew says:

    another fiction book

    • K says:

      Agree and I’m a little bit stunned at the blatant lies in this particular interview, especially about what Megan thought and felt while she was there. The fairy princess stuff? That’s crazy. Meghan got right in there and started working even before she married Harry so what is this woman talking about?

  12. Jais says:

    The whole invading his own privacy line tells you everything you need to know. TB cannot free her mind from the tabloid mindset bc that talking point is made up so what in the world kind of researcher is she? It’s funny but also sad. How mortifying for her to reveal herself this way and side with the racist and misogynistic tabloid storylines. How unoriginal. Jeez.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      You can’t invade your own privacy! That’s a bogus argument. Privacy means that you decide what you want to share with the world. It is an abuser’s argument – that if you reveal a bit then they are entitled to everything.

  13. windyriver says:

    Ah, so now “people” could live very very comfortably…in beautiful houses. But elsewhere, as reported in the WaPo article, TB apparently can’t figure out why Kate would want a life with William, with “gloomy holidays spent in drafty castles”. Whatever slant suits the narrative at the moment I guess. She did have 600 pages to fill.

  14. MsIam says:

    This Brown woman is crazy. Is she sure SHE’S living in the 21st century? What happened to the supposedly smart woman who ran magazines and founded The Daily Beast? Now she sounds like a Victorian apologist. And I love how she’s so concerned about what would have happened to the monarchy if Harry had been first born. Yes things are much better with the conniving rage monster in charge. Although I do think that if William were the spare he would have made Andrew look like a choir boy.
    Lol to the royals could live quite comfortably on their allowance, though! Sure Jan, that’s why so many of them turn to money laundering and grifting.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      “What happened to the supposedly smart woman who ran magazines and founded The Daily Beast? Now she sounds like a Victorian apologist. ” – Racism is what happened.

    • Lemons says:

      Yeah, we saw how QAnon turned some brains into mush…I fear Tina is on the same path and is absolutely sinking with this ship.

      • Deering24 says:

        She never recovered from the Obamas repeatedly knocking it out the park. Meghan’s success really hits her where she lives.

      • L4Frimaire says:

        @Deering24, Brown really had disdain for Obama. She referred to him as celebrity- obsessed. Heard that one before. She said some nonsense during one of his campaigns that she wrote he doesn’t make women feel safe, makes them feel unsafe about is the government response to different crises. She also wanted to print a Newsweek cover of Obama in a hoodie as Trayvon Martin, but luckily it was killed before publishing. She also thought he would have been impeached over drones if he were a Republican ( I.e. not black). She has a lot of issues with him. She said the following: “A president who thinks he can change Washington is as misguided as a new studio head thinking he can change Hollywood”. Sound familiar? Seriously, this B is regurgitating some of her old talking points and all her fears of a Black planet.

      • Deering24 says:

        L4Frimaire, her disdain was driven by fear—and she sure wasn’t the only one. Half the country has never recovered from having an African-American president, and a significant number of those were wealthy folks/influencers like her and Sony’s Amy Pascal. 🤮🤮 Their reaction proves something I always figured—even if a POC is as near-perfect as Eurocentric standards would have him be, it will never be enough for racists.

  15. Becks1 says:

    Of course William and Kate have accepted “living on an allowance” – they still spend whatever they want and Charles picks up the tab. But LOL to the “and do good works” part bc everyone knows they don’t work.

    Bad timing for Tina I guess when she’s trying to promote this book after Invictus, even lines like “imagine if Harry was the first born” yes OMG imagine if the FFK was arranging huge international sporting events for veterans that had the support of dozens of other countries.

    The problem is that things that might have worked 15 years ago for her diana book are not going to work now because of social media. There is immediate pushback to lies and false narratives. so when she talks about William being so steady and prudent, or how successful their marriage is, etc…..talk about gaslighting.

    • MoBiMom says:

      Love that Jobson’s book came out at the same time, and sounds like it says the complete opposite about stable, thoughtful William….. LOL

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Anytime someone describes W as being thoughtful and stable, you know instantly that’s a lie. Bitter Brother hasn’t been thoughtful in his entire life, it’s not in his DNA.

    • Nic919 says:

      The contrast between the Cambridge colonialist tour which was tone deaf and out of touch to the inclusivity of the Invictus Games basically blows any pretence of the royals, especially the younger Cambridges, being any good at their job. Their tour is the worst in recent history with worldwide media attention on the disasters every day. Three of the three realms they visited announced they were dumping the Queen, with one doing it to the faces. That has never happened before.

      Social media makes the contrast more obvious as well because it’s instantaneous.

      Interesting to note that under a tweet about Kara Swisher doing a pod episode with Tina Brown, there were a lot of comments of “why do we even care about these people”? At least before it gets swarmed by bots. It certainly seems to suggests that most Americans won’t even care about this book.

      • Emma says:

        And it was so predictable. It wasn’t a secret that those countries were heading toward independence. Their team was just incompetent, not to mention the incompetency of the principals.

  16. Bea says:

    I don’t think the Cambridges realise just how shaky things are. My prediction is after the queen passes, most of the commonwealth is going to dissolve its relationship with the crown, Charles’ unpopularity will not help and I assume there will be other scandals involving William. Income inequality will hit a fever pitch in the UK within the next decade, Scotland will also leave and rejoin the EU, and the royals finances will definitely be reformed. I don’t think it will happen all at once, and I think many of the firm will able to retain their titles and property but the constitutional monarchy will be removed eventually.

    • Megs says:

      From your lips to whatever-deity-you-choose’s ears. Honestly, sometimes I think how much better off these people (the royals) would be without the institution, but none of them has enough imagination to see that. And the sooner the Commonwealth and Scotland (my peeps!) get tf out, the better

    • JaneBee says:

      @BEA Great assessment! Agree with all points, except Scotland joining EU… Unless something drastically changes, Spain will never agree to this, due to its fear it would open a pathway for Catalunya and/or the Basque region to do the same.

  17. DaniLou says:

    The thing about the Keens marriage imploding and taking down the monarchy sounds like a bit of a threat from the Middleton camp to keep Wandering Willy in line.

    • Lady D says:

      I honestly don’t understand why it’s vital the king be married. Surely there have been kings or queens in their history who have remained bachelor/bachelorette? There seems to be so much emphasis on keeping them married, like the monarchy will disappear if they divorce. Truthfully, William without Kate will probably have the same impact as William with Kate.

      • Jan90067 says:

        First one comes to mind is Elizabeth 1. W/out an “heir”, the line moves sideways.

        Now, it’s a moot point as Will HAS 3 heirs.

      • Nic919 says:

        Securing the line of succession is what is vital for a monarch and since that has been done, there is no need to stay married if it’s toxic. Only a monarch has an actual constitutional role. The spouse is superfluous and only serves to reinforce an image.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Yep. That along with the comment about their “love match” makes me wonder if Carol is ghost writing now. I don’t get how the author of the Diana biography that so artfully brought to life the inner workings of the uber- posh is now just writing Middleton PR.

  18. Belli says:

    She’s not completely wrong. William’s whole brand is that he is different from his disliked father and a loyal family man. People find it easier to overlook disliking Charles because he’s old and his reign won’t be as long. If it because obvious that William was cut from the same cloth, that could be fatal for public opinion.

    And everyone in the palaces is very aware of that and protective of William’s image because of it.

    • Blujfly says:

      @belli, yes, I agree with you and her and others that say the monarchy has staked itself on the Cambridge marriage

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      This is what I think as well. It’s why I think he has no plans to divorce Mutton Buttons (not unless he falls head over heels for someone he wants to make queen and if said female wants to even be married to him and take on the official royal life). And you know the Middletons are in this for the long haul, no matter how the FFK treats his wife. Separation, sure, as in living in different households (which may already have happened). But it won’t be acknowledged in the British press.

      Now, once Betty’s gone and the Charles is king, who knows what will happen. But for now, Kensington Palace at least is holding on tight to that ‘happily married man who is not all all the cheating bastard that his father was’ image.

      • SnarcasmQueen says:

        I don’t believe William will ever divorce Kate.

        For starters, no one else would have him. Whomever he’s been sleeping with has kept it mum. We know there was an affair, likely still is at least one, no one is sure if William liked rose bushes or if the rose bush merely provided cover.

        And two, being single would bring heavy scrutiny into William’s private life. The press would forever be speculating about how dating life. Every time he looked at someone twice it would be the in the papers and half of what he recents about Diana is how her relationships played out in the media.

        And finally, he’d have to be a more involved father. Right now he gets the presumption of being a good dad simple by being a married man. He’d have to pap walk those kids every other day if he leaves cosplay cathy

      • Sera Quill says:

        @SnarcasmQueen – “Cosplay Cathy” – oh my lord! Hahahahaha!

    • Becks1 says:

      So I do think there is some truth to this, and to what she says about the Cambridge marriage, because I do think William’s whole image, the only thing going for him, is that he’s a family man, unlike his father. It’s why there is such an effort to hide his affairs, hide his bad temper (well that’s starting to all come out isn’t it), hide his bullying, hide his racism, etc. I think the palace is really scared of Harry’s book bc of what he could say about William and about the cambridge marriage. (I don’t think he’s going to, but he “could” so there is a big concern there.)

      But I also don’t think a divorce would be the downfall of the monarchy. If the monarchy could survive the War of the Wales and Diana’s death, it could survive a Cambridge divorce. So much would depend on how the divorce was handled and I do think Kate would go quietly, bc there is nothing for her outside of royal life. No interests, no friends, no charity work, no causes, etc. She’s not like diana, people aren’t going to bebeating down her door to see her. She would have a nice house and get a nice settlement in exchange for being quiet, and I think she would take that bargain.

      Also, as sexist as this is to say, society loves a single father. William wouldn’t have to be more involved per se – could you see the headlines if he was papped taking the kids for ice cream like Kate was last week? One outing like that every three or four months and his PR would be set.

      That said, I think once they are fully set up in their separate houses – one in Berkshire, one in London – they’ll probably stay married and just live completely separate lives.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        I don’t think a divorce would be the downfall of the monarchy, but I do think it might hasten it.

        Sure, it survived the War of the Wales, but from my perspective (American, but with relatives who live in the commonwealth), people were much more invested in the monarchy as an institution in the 80s when Diana entered the family and the 90s, when she left. TQ was still ‘young’ and a lot of the adults around me were fond of her, having watched her grow up with them so to speak. Despite Charles’s unpopularity, especially in the wake of the divorce, there was still buy in to the whole concept of royalty from the adults I knew both in the states and abroad.

        A lot of those adults are gone now, and the people who are adults now (including me, shocking as that is every time I look in a mirror lol) just don’t understand WHY the monarchy exists anymore. The world and its societies has changed tremendously since the 90s, and the younger generations see and callout the toxicity in things like primogeniture.

        Outside of that, Charles doesn’t have the same great well of affection that his mum has. Frankly, neither do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, because they’re so incredibly dull. (Harry, on the other hand…)

        If the FFK is embroiled in an ugly (expensive) divorce where his true nature and lack of fitness to ‘rule’ is exposed, I do think there’s a danger to the institution in ways there wasn’t before the year 2000. The monarchy isn’t in the greatest shape WITH the Cambridges ‘happily’ married. The Colonial Cosplay Tour O’ Disaster showed us that. The RF is just so out of touch with the real world. I mean, the money spent on Mutton Buttons’ clothing is going to become an issue in ways it wasn’t back when Diana was around, but being seen as a ‘fashion plate’ (lol) is all the FFQ seems to understand. The RF desperately needs to modernize if they want to survive long term, but I don’t think the ones left in it are capable of changing.

      • Merricat says:

        I say this fairly often, but after the queen goes, if William decides he wants a divorce, he’ll have one, and nothing will get in his way.

      • SnarcasmQueen says:

        Yeah, I don’t think it will be the downfall of the monarchy either, especially if it’s not the result of a salacious affair.

        People get divorced all of the time and a marriage just not working out is a pretty standard story in the year of our lord 2022.

        But the Cambridge marriage provides cover for W&K’s laziness. They can’t work because they are committed to their small children, you see, and trying to be a totally nooormal family. If they split and he doesn’t marry, he loses everything that makes him appear to be a good man, a family man.

        As much as he hates and resents Kate, idk who on earth could fill the same need for him. If he doesn’t remarry, he’s screwed but where is he could to find another bland white woman to fill this role but not draw attention away from him?

      • SnarcasmQueen says:

        Also, I didn’t mean he had to be literally a more involved father but he’s not taking those kids for ice cream now, except when Kate sometimes takes them out.

        It wouldn’t be enough to tag along on the school route, he’d have to take them out as much as Kate and the Midds if not more and you know full well Kate will have those kids out front and center all the time, especially if William is casually dating. It will be the Diana cosplay on steroids.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Snarcasm thats a good point, it won’t be enough for William just to use them as props, because we all know the Middletons will be doing that 10 times over. I can see the headlines now – “KATE LOOKS EXHAUSTED ON SCHOOL RUN WHILE WILLIAM AVOIDS HIS CHILDREN” because you know Kate is going to get papped on every single damn school run.

        And I do agree that their marriage and happy family image provides a coverage for their laziness.

        I just think if William finally decides he wants out, then Kate’s gone, and it will all work out in William’s favor, not hers.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Becks, while I agree with everything you have said, I do believe that Kate will quietly walk away, with a lovely settlement and stately castle with it being paid for for the rest of her life. We have to look at CarolE, she’s the wild card in this scenario, hence the comments by TB that the Monarchy rests with the Cambridge marriage. But when William divorces Kate, CarolE will NOT walk away quietly. She has spent too much of her brothers money and has had her plan in place for decades, and has created the perfect family picture for all to see. We also must NOT count out Uncle Gary as well!! He has invested millions for his payday to come, though we know it isn’t coming fast enough for him. Uncle Gary is an unhinged man that has his marker and wants his investment paid back with interest too!! Uncle Gary will come out from under his rock and it won’t be pretty in the slightest.

      • Jais says:

        Agree becks1 that if William decides he wants out then he will divorce. Everyone makes a good point about once they have separate households, what’s the point in getting a divorce. For me, it’s the pictures. Visually, they just seem to hate each other. I think Kate really despises William at this point and William just wants to act like she’s not standing right next to him. If William is as entitled as we imagine an heir would be, then won’t William get what William wants? If William wants a divorce at some point after the queen passes, he will get one. He might decide to just do the separate households things for all the reasons stated in this thread, but he also might not.
        @bothsides- you make a good point about Carole but idk, if William decides to bury them all, he will. Not sure who’d win in the tabloid war but an entitled heir to the throne will do as he decides to do, whether it’s a good idea or not.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate wouldn’t get a stately castle and a huge settlement in a divorce. The royals learned from the Anne, Diana, and Fergie divorces. The Keens live in a house owned by Liz personally, decor paid for by Charles. Their other home is government property, filled with govt-owned antiques, decor paid for by Charles. None of it belongs to William or Kate personally. All she has claim on is William’s money from Diana, and if he used that to buy the Midds their new home? Kate gets nothing. There would be temporary quarters in a place like Wood Farm Sandringham or a C.E. place at Windsor (Fort Belevedere, etc.) until the eldest child turns 18 or until Kate remarries. No multi-million payout, no multiple homes, none of it.

    • Sid says:

      The rota rats will quickly fall in line and pivot on their narrative if the Cambridges split. It will flip from the family man brand to the doting single dad brand in a heartbeat, something else Charles was never really able to pull off after Diana died. But Willileaks will pull it off because he will have the palace machine and the rota rats behind him to help shape the narrative. The same people who fall for the fake family man image will fall for the single dad image.

    • Eurydice says:

      Unless there are raging hormones and/or outside passionate love interests like Camilla, I don’t see why Will and Kate can’t stay married forever, even if they loathe each other. There are plenty of houses and separate patronages, Kate’s got her family and the children and William can swan around playing environmentalist. And once the Queen passes, William can play the right hand hatchet man to Charles by day and plot Charles’ demise by night. Even if Will has an affair here and there, the press will continue to cover for him. He’s the only future king they’ve got.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles paved the way for being able to divorce a royal spouse. He’s made it easier for William to do this.

  19. beff says:

    “And he’s now writing a book which invades not just his own privacy but also that of his family, when he’s always suffered so deeply from these tell-all books. ”


    Sorry for shouting, y’all.

    • Merrie says:

      Shout away because that’s EXACTLY what I thought when I read that!

    • MsIam says:

      Perhaps Tina, all the lies in the tell all books are what’s prompting him to write his own, lol. I hope Harry’s book will quickly push hers into the bargain bin where it belongs!

      • booboocita says:

        I don’t think anyone is going to give a flying rat’s butt about any of the RR’s books once Harry’s book comes out. I think this is the real reason that these so-called reporters are worried about Harry’s book: it’ll cut into their sales. It’s already hard enough to make a buck off someone who won’t give you the time of day.

    • Islandgirl says:

      The RR/tabloid reporters are supposed to analyse Prince Harry just from covering him.
      The Royal sources from the various palaces are supposed to leak lies and any event in a way that puts Harry in a bad light
      The Royal adjacent so-called journalists are supposed to write bios and books based on tabloid stories and leaks from the various palaces.
      Even the Photographers e.g Arthur are supposed to know all about Harry just from taking his photos
      BUT Harry is not allowed to tell his own story.
      Harry tell your story and put them all out of work.

  20. ABritGuest says:

    Tina is quite embarrassing. Yes i can imagine it wasn’t a fairytale when people in the palace were leaking their nasty names for her or predictions for how long her marriage would last to Tatler or people like Angela Kelly were determined to put her in ‘her place’. I doubt the daily anti Meghan rants across uk media with no push back from the firm or their employees leaving up the racist/sexist comments on social media was great either.

    Also Meghan who started working as a teen (as the yogurt place confirmed) & was an actress doing 12 hour plus days & running her blog & doing charity work couldn’t cope with the royal grind of maybe one engagement a week? And wasn’t the complaint that Meghan was working too hard eg early morning emails? Plus what did Meghan do in Australia that was a change in media relations? I think that line is Tina pulling things out her butt.

    Tina doesn’t know you can’t invade your own privacy? Embarrassing. I think part of her vitriol is that the Sussexes wouldn’t give her access whereas people in the palace & Ma Middleton clearly did. Plus as a media person she didn’t like her colleagues being called out for their bigoted coverage.

    Nobody knows what’s going to be in Harry’s book. And if they didn’t do anything wrong- what’s the issue? Despite what Tina lies about the royals can push back & have a whole media infrastructure to defend them. In the Oprah interview they didn’t name names except Harry calling out Charles. I will be so happy if he pays the royals dust except Diana (and begrudgingly Liz & Philip).

    One thing I do believe is the family doesn’t recognise Harry. They are used to him playing ball , allowing himself to be thrown under the bus& giving them good PR & he’s not anymore. That’s why they wanted him to comment on queen Camilla & why Chuck was in shambles when he pushed back on the cash for honours story. Too bad too sad.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      Of course the family doesn’t recognize Harry. That’s how it happens when the scapegoat pushes back against a toxic family and cuts or limits contact. I’ve seen it first hand in real life, and the “we have no idea why they are doing this” after eons of that person explaining why they’re unhappy with how they’re being treated is something.

  21. Nic919 says:

    Carole really had a lot to say to Tina didn’t she?

    Anyway putting the future of the British monarchy on the stability of the Cambridge marriage is really asking for trouble. Even yesterday kate could barely hide her disdain when the cameras weren’t on her and William just simply ignores her.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Where was this?

      • Nic919 says:

        The Anzac event. Some of the photos of kate were of her looking miserable.

      • Julia K says:

        Agree. She looks as if she were dragged out of bed last minute and was handed an ill fitting old coatdress. Who was she subbing for, or was this a not so subtle way of getting her to work?

  22. Blujfly says:

    I’ve been mulling it since yesterday on how we could have gotten brown’s intentions so wrong and here it is: she is no longer credible on either side of the pond, has been out of the game for a long time, but isn’t the joke in America she is in Britain. Americans also identify her as a friend of Diana though it isn’t true. So she was weaponizes by Kensington Palace and given unprecedented access to KH in order to be a deliberate anti-Sussex torpedo in the American market. She is also American savvy enough to use arguments against Meghan that resonate more with Americans than Britain. Ironically, I remember very well the attacks on another “overly” ambitious tabloid editor looking to make a name for herself on the “other” side of the pond and all the gendered criticism Brown got. Some people are just sell outs.

    • Merricat says:

      Nah, Americans who saw Brown leave The New Yorker for a gig with Harvey Weinstein know pretty much who she is.

    • MsIam says:

      Unfortunately for Tina, her “arguments” against Meghan have all been debunked. She is just rehashing old stuff now. Plus Americans are visual folks, we saw the Oprah interview, we saw Invictus, we saw Meghan hand her coat to the lady with the baby. We saw and heard the screams and ovations the Sussexes got at VaxLive. And we also saw that Commonwealth snub and the Cambridge Colonizer Tour too.

  23. Digital Unicorn says:

    Sounds like Carol(e) was one of the sources for this book. Lol

    The RF will survive a Keen divorce, the Middletons won’t.

  24. Harper says:

    The Cambridge marriage is not going to implode with one big bomb burst and blazing headlines and a surprise announcement in Parliament that it is over. It has already imploded, and it is being slow-rolled to the British public with the settling of Kate in a country house near her parents. This is being disguised as moving closer to Windsor to be near the Queen or to protect her from Andrew or whatever scandal du jour they can appropriate to hide the real reason. I expect to see some rat say they moved closer to the Queen to protect her from surprise visits from Harry and Meghan.

    The British media hid the truth about Charles and Diana for years. Tina knows this. They are capable of doing it again with the Keens. The only difference is now we have more access to media and can see with our own eyes the deadness between them.

  25. Sofia says:

    Well I will give her some credit: she’s not entirely wrong in *her own eyes* if the Cambridges fall, the monarchy falls. Because that’s what the establishment like that she belongs to thinks.

    Hear me out. The establishment holds the view that William, and not Charles, is the future of the monarchy. That doesn’t mean they want to skip the throne or whatever but that William is the one who will ensure the monarchy continues. Hence why his image is far, far more protected than Charles’ and why the press don’t cover W&K’s less… savoury aspects. I’d even go as far to say that William enjoys more palace and media protection than Charles does or ever did because of the view that he’s the “great hope” or whatever. The establishment know what William is like but because of the view they hold regarding the future of the monarchy, they have to hitch their horses onto William and protect his and Kate’s image. But of course that doesn’t stop the media fully from getting a jab in but overall, their image is much, much more covered by the media 11 years into their marriage. Just compare the media coverage of Diana and Charles 11 years into their marriage compared to W&K. There’s a noticeable difference even with the jabs.

    Now of course we can argue for days on how this is or isn’t the best idea/strategy to have or whatever but that’s not my point. My point is simply “this is the view of the establishment”.

    • RizlaChick says:

      Wasn’t it Penny Junor who once said that the issue was not that Charles had an affair, but rather that he admitted to it on National TV.

      This pretty much mirrors the William playbook today.

      The whole world knows that William had an affair with a Marchioness called Rose, but no one in the UK is legally allowed to talk about it.

      It seems to me that aside from Charles’s ecological fanaticism in the 80’s there were no issues with his king-ship until he did the Dimbleby interview.

  26. C says:

    The real point of course is, that the monarchy will be fine if the Cambridges divorce. But their rabid racist fanbase and the RR’s who seem to be taking Sussexit personally will completely break down.

    • Emma says:

      Right? Since the monarchy survived Charles and Diana divorcing (most acrimoniously and publicly), not to mention everything else it’s survived, like the Nazi sympathizer’s abdication, it can certainly survive Will and Kate separating, and/or divorcing (I personally doubt they will officially divorce but who knows).

      The Tory politicians in power and the extremely conservative media with a stranglehold on the public are dedicated to the preservation of the monarchy. The monarchy will be fine.

      • Tessa says:

        To me, over the years, the monarchy lost a lot of credibility. IT is becoming more and more anachronistic and not keeping with the times. And I think it will only get a lot worse. Kate is applauded for waiting years for the proposal to the Future King instead of even holding down one full time job. ANd she is applauded for it by Brown and others.

  27. Mslove says:

    It does not appear to me that angry Bill is going to be reigned in. He will continue to gaslight & harass H & M for the rest of his miserable life. Chuck is completely useless. The BM meekly prop Bill up & protect him. Eventually Bill’s stupidity & rage will be his undoing, just wish he would leave H & M alone. Also, shame on Tina Brown & her trashy book.

  28. MA says:

    How you know this book is going to be trash: it won’t even touch on the very well founded Cambridge affair rumors and legal actions to squash them. If I were even going to remotely entertain the legitimacy of the Evil Megan narrative I would look for that at least. It’s lucky Tina Brown wasn’t more clever about it. If she’d weaved in some nuance and actual journalism it would make the Megan smears more believable.

  29. Audrey says:

    Whether it’s over an affair or just generally being terrible, the other shoe is going to drop for Wills eventually. He isn’t smart enough to see how racist his population control talk is and he’s going to take it too far I just know it. Also, without access to Harry and Meghan, the BP is going to have little incentive to keep holding the other Wills stories in the future.

  30. Lynn Covin says:

    Another lying ass book attempting to promote the lazy ass jealous ass evil ass racist ass old looking ass Cambridges and the evil racist hateful deceitful con artist BRF. This book by Tina Brown insult the world’s intelligence, we can see the Cambridges marriage is already over and the BRITISH Royal Family has already fell, they are irrelevant liars leakers smearers lazy con artist. Tina Brown your written lies and speculation show your true colors🤬

  31. Linney says:

    TB is saying William and Kate have a complete love match and the only problems during the run up to their wedding were “obstacles” like the press, etc. And thank God for Carole; otherwise Kate would not have been able to navigate these obstacles. However, we all know the true obstacles were William’s cheating, dumping her several times, his indifference, her willingness to jump whenever he snapped his fingers, etc. These are the obstacles Carole helped Kate overcome by pushing her to hang in there, be William’s doormat, wait ten years for him to make up his mind and propose because no one else would have him. Those are not the actions of a loving parent. Those are the actions of a mother desperate for her daughter to marry an heir to the throne.

    • First comment says:

      Notice that she says: ” Kate fell madly in love with William”. She doesn’t mention William falling madly in love with Kate. The truth cannot be hidden. Moreover, the idea that Kate and Camilla were raised in a secure family environment ( and particularly in Kate’s case, in a traditional English way) therefore they are more capable to endure and survive into the monarchy is quite embarrassing and anachronistic. Millions of people coming from different family environments survive and thrive through strong will and work despite the obstacles. After all, a lot can be said for the way Kate and her siblings are, no matter their ” secure” family environment …

      • Mindy_DeLaCalle says:

        I caught that too! KATE fell madly in love with William. The wording is very shady.

  32. Amy Bee says:

    I agree Tina Brown is out of touch. I wouldn’t of thought so because she has lived for so many years in the US but she just comes across as a unhinged royalist.

  33. Cee says:

    So, is the English way to be completely pointless and lazy instead of working and doing something valuable? Got it.

  34. Mooshe1 says:

    Brown is an idiot, lol. She’s trying so hard to keep her job. There would be a lot of royal hangers on losing their jobs if the W&K screw things up. All the reporters, experts, and staff. What a mess. It’s no wonder they want H&M to fail. I bet they wish they could go back in time to take H&M up on their offer

  35. equality says:

    All it would take is turning the press against Kate and that would be easily done. Meghan had a great reputation before the RF and they have managed to turn many against her. Di was greatly loved and they have gaslighted her reputation. “Kate pushed out beloved family member Prince Harry”, “Kate’s awful family and their finances exposed”, “Kate stalked William and tricked him into marriage”, and many more angles could be written. Then William could look brave for ridding himself and the monarchy of the terrible Middletons.

    • Lady D says:

      They “tricked” dim William and being such a patsy, he was led to the altar by the nose. I wonder how they’re going to whitewash that? LOL

      • equality says:

        He was young and vulnerable because of losing his mother and having a distant father.

      • Dee says:

        It was what he wanted at the time. He needed a woman who would take him, to make babies and not outshine him or complain about his outside interests. He may have changed his mind now that he’s older and sees his brother madly in love.

  36. Jessica says:

    The BRF is the most famous and last relic of global white supremacy. People who don’t even like the Cambridges are desperate for them to win because of what they represent. That’s why they forced the Sussexes through media manipulation. There’s no way every racist white person on the planet isn’t rooting for them and the demise of the Sussexes and what they represent.

    • KFG says:

      Exactly. If the lames fail while H&M succeed, gone is the last vestige of white superiority. Being a doormat, pious, silent, broodmare will not be the perfect version of femininity that white supremacy requires to uphold its power. The keens tragic flop with the “coloreds” shows how weak they are and how little power they hold and how little influence white supremacy still has over people, which is frightening to TB base and followers. They wanted IG to fail and when it was an even bigger hit than in previous years, it showed how the whole system of monarchy is useless and how the British press are just liars and racists. I think Billy is ready to get rid of kkkate as is Chuck. Her terrible clothes and ridiculous behavior during the flop and inability to speak in coherent sentences while also being a media hog is pissing them off. Her family trying to push Chuck out of the line of succession and her preening at every event is embarrassing. She got Billy banned from the ton. He’s dumb and racist and weak, so her failings make him look worse. I can’t wait for it to crumble.

  37. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I can’t help but feel that this book as described here is really for the UK populace. I think TB is just doing what she can to prop up the Windsors. I doubt it will do well in the US, because most people really don’t care about the Briitsh Monarchy. Omid’s book became a bestseller because everyone anticipated that he would be fair–and because Sussex supporters bought his book. I doubt that’s going to happen with TB. When are these people going to realize that if they’re going to write a biography, they need to actually research and find facts. TB didn’t need to talk with the Sussexes in order to be even handed. There’s a lot out there in the public. The fact that she chose to interview TM as a serious source? How does she look people in the eye. That is truly embarrassing.

  38. Jennifer says:

    Charles and Diana never would have worked because Charles was already in love with Camilla. Duh.

    • SnarcasmQueen says:

      See, I don’t think this is it at all. Maybe Charles was in love with Camilla, maybe not. But even if he hadn’t been dating anyone, he wasn’t interested in Diana or girls like her. They had no common interests, did not come from the same set, etc.

      It didn’t help that Charles was a petulant, entitled, grown man who thought his every word and thought genius who knew what to be expect from his family, from the royal handlers, gossips, the media while Diana was a child, an idealistic child.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana also was from another generation. She never traveled in Charles set until he started asking her on dates. Charles was turned down by a few women. Diana did not have the interest in Charles seeing another woman. A deal breaker for her.

    • Dee says:

      Charles would’ve been content with Camilla and his other mistresses if Diana hadn’t called him out. The whole “one great love” story with C & C is a sham.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla though was not the average mistress. Traditional mistresses knew their places and never put down the wife. Camilla did (calling Diana that ridiculous creature) and going to the Sun Editor for ten years (Stuart Higgins confirms this). If stories had not been leaked about Diana by Charles pals like Nicholas Soams, for years, Diana may well have not sought out Morton to get her side out. I am tired also of Tina calling Camilla the “love of Charles’ life.” He had many other women in his life, she was the last one standing so to speak.

  39. Brassy Rebel says:

    TB: The monarchy is on shaky ground and if people learn what a pair of lazy louts the Cambridges’ are, it will be curtains for the whole bloody mess. Therefore, I’m going to spin things like crazy to prop them up and keep the grift going for at least a few more years once the Queen pops off.

    This is Tina Brown’s whole schtick right now. It’s very boring.

  40. candy says:

    Ooo, a little pushback on Carole. Yes, she engineered this marriage and that’s why her daughter is such a hollow bystander. But apparently Kate doesn’t want people to know the truth.

  41. Beverley says:

    Here’s hoping Harry has already processed his brother’s treachery and resentments and realizes that like Meghan’s dad, Bully is lost. Harry will grieve and heal and move on. Willy will come after Harry as long as he has breath in his body. He has probably always resented his baby brother’s charm, charisma, and good looks. Bully is too ruined a soul – and far too entitled – to ever take accountability and feel any remorse for the hell he has rained down on the Sussexes. I sincerely hope Harry is already in the process of emotionally sorting it out and coming to terms with the heartbreaking fact that PW is soo racist, he’ll never forgive Harry for “muddying” the royal bloodline with “a half-caste American”. [Quotation marks were used because I saw a commenter over on Daily Fail use that exact phrase.] Brits, the BM, and the RF are apparently appalled that Harry injected a wee bit of color into the line of succession.

    I think Harry and William’s relationship is damaged for the long haul, maybe even permanently. Because it seems that PW, the Royal rota, and many White Britons don’t get that it’s not a “light-hearted joke” to have multiple conversations and concerns that an unborn child (who happens to be 75% Caucasian) may possibly be too dark-skinned to be seen with the RF. They aren’t merely rejecting Meghan, they are hating on Harry for bringing these youngsters into the world. What parent can forgive (much less, forget) such obvious animosity towards their own innocent babies? If I were Harry, I’d cut out the Toxic Uncle to protect my kids. And I’d call him out in my book.

    Karma is a grown and sexy bitch.

    I am down on my knees to the god my elderly parents worship, beseeching for Harry to name the Royal Racist in his upcoming book. I’d bet my week’s paycheck that it’s Willnot.

    From my lips to God’s ear.🙏🏾

  42. DeluxeDuckling says:

    It’s interesting to me to see how different white women react differently to this whole topic of the modern royal family. Some react by listening, reading and diligently reconstructing their assumptions… Others basically just foam at the mouth.
    I suspect that insecurity and racism are common bedfellows (see: Kate), and the more insecure a white woman feels – the more tempting it is to make a Faustian bargain with white patriarchal power structures. Carol Middleton didn’t raise the wisteria sisters to think they were enough on their own. The endgame of such a bargain is like wanting to be a pet. Tina Brown seems to be so insecure that she isn’t even reaching any of her own conclusions – she’s just rehashing old venom, hoping for what? A pat on the head to bring back the 90s?
    P.S. BY THE WAY, when talking about supportive family – Tina Brown totally ignores what a boss Doria has been, which just….annoys the sh*t out of me.

    • lanne says:

      Because only white people count to racist heffas like her

    • Christine says:

      That pisses me off too, DeluxeDuckling. Doria has been the textbook definition of a loving, loyal, and supportive parent. If we are going to talk about one person in this entire narrative who has truly “never put a foot wrong” in public, we need to talk about Doria.

  43. Over it says:

    Someone should tell Tina that Willy and Katie marriage only exist on paper and for appearance sake.
    It’s been two years since Meghan and Harry left and yet these racist trolls can’t move the f on and stop beating up on a woman who they almost drove to suicide. It’s enough already. It’s always been too much.

  44. Crowned Huntress says:

    This is hilarious to read. The spinning of tales while reality is sitting right there glaring.

    What fairy tale was Meghan expecting? She was already used to being on set for 4:30am and working 12 hour days or more. She didn’t expect to come across such corruption, theft, deceit and sabotage from her husband’s family. Now they stalk her every step, copying every ounce of her style and projects but have none of the heart to back it up.

  45. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    I love how she makes it seem that it’s strange and “un-English” to… have a job and be living independently at 21.

  46. L4Frimaire says:

    Why would she even put out there the Cambridges would implode? Interesting, especially with Jobson’s book saying they shout at each other. I’m so glad the current news cycle is making Browns book look like stale bread. Is she sympathetic to Thomas Markle’s latest stunt to show up to the Jubilee to meet Charles? She really seems bothered that Harry is building his own media presence ( because the Sussexes are going to have a media platform) and once again trots out the ridiculous phrase “ invading your own privacy”. How can one do that?Meghan spoke in the Oprah interview that it’s one thing to share aspects of one’s life and she likes to do that, but that doesn’t give others the right to keep trying to get more than you’re willing to share, especially to cause deliberate harm. Harry puts out what he chooses to, and Brown’s lack of access and her UK press colleagues being frozen out really grates on her. The very thing that she hates about Meghan, being independent and self supporting, is the most normal expectation of adults, and no matter the griping, she made an impact that everyone in that institution is following. The fact she even frames this comment as problematic shows a disconnect and stagnation that really is alarming: “This is a person who earned a living aged 21 and now she’s totally dependent upon a man who really is completely dependent on his family”. Who would want that for themselves or anyone who is in the prime of their life and can contribute so much? They don’t even give the royals a normal salary and pension like other civil servants. It’s an antiquated system that fosters dependence and resentment. Also what she said about Harry being confused about what he should be doing is BS. If anything, they are confused on how to respond to him because he has demonstrated a lot of clarity and purpose in the two years since he’s left royal duties, and they don’t know how to process that. Again ,I still don’t know what exactly Browns goal with this book is or what exactly it’s supposed to do.

  47. Athena says:

    So Harry is invading his own privacy by writing a book but all these people can keep writing their version of Harry’s life.
    I bet some are set to write a rebuttal to Harry’s book.

  48. WallofFire says:

    Jesus Christ, it doesn’t “take two to tango” if one group of people are racists. Racists are going to racist regardless of what their victims do. The RR and the RR are racist slobs and are completely responsible for for their treatment of Meghan. Full stop.

  49. Amazon says:

    I am just here to say that the picture of kate and william in that car in Jamaica, doing the whole “colonialist” drive through kills me everytime!!!!
    LMAO !!!!

  50. Who/what inspired TB to put the responsibility for the future of the monarchy on survival of the Cambridge marriage?

    The British monarchy has certainly survived the rather scandalous divorce and remarriage of the Prince of Wales and PA’s scandalous behavior. Certainly the monarchy has absorbed prior royal scandals — e.g. Edward’s abdication/Nazi associations, Prince Albert Victor’s scandal filled short life, Henry VIII’s numerous scandals.

  51. Jay says:

    The comment from Harry’s relatives that
    ‘we don’t recognize him’ is the most believable thing I’ve read from Brown so far.

    Harry spent most of his time as a “working royal” putting on what he later admitted was a facade, the whole cheeky chappy thing that the reporters loved, and before that he was away at school or overseas. Do we think his family ever knew the “real” Harry? How would they recognize him?

  52. The Recluse says:

    I just want to see someone in American media take Brown’s story apart – to her face when she’s there promoting her character assassinations – and confront her about her elitism and racism.

  53. SuzieQ says:

    Breaking: Racist product of a racist establishment reveals her complete inability to process the accomplishments and talents of a biracial woman driven nearly to suicide by her husband’s family at the pinnacle of said racist establishment.
    I’m resigned to this book of unadulterated crap selling fairly well in the US, where, after all, the Kardashians are considered role models by some morons. But I’m annoyed as hell by TB’s attempted erasure of not just Meghan but Harry.
    And the idea that the Cambridges are models of modernity, diligence and modesty who will save the monarchy is a hilariously stupid take.
    TB also said William will erect statues to his late mother on every corner. Sure, Jan. A son who described his late mother as paranoid is the personification of filial devotion — in Upside-Down Land.

  54. Tessa says:

    Tina Blaming Diana’s family is a cop out.Charles proposed to Diana not her family. It’s amazing how Charles does not get blamed. The trouble with Diana waiting until 29 was she’d have more experience than she did. The idea was for Charles to marry the “inexperienced” girl to have his heirs.. The Shands and Middletons apparently wanted their children to marry up. Diana was already in the aristocracy and considered a “catch.”