Jessica Chastain v. Dakota Johnson: who had the best gilded Gucci glamour?

Gucci dressed so many men and women, I’m splitting up the Gucci group from the 2022 Met Gala. Please enjoy Dakota Johnson and Jessica Chastain, both longtime Gucci girls. Dakota has been repping Gucci for years, actually, while I think Chastain’s collabs with Gucci are more recent. Dakota wore this beaded, spangled lace jumpsuit and then Gucci gave her a velvet robe to wear over it. She posed with and without the robe on the carpet. The robe is sort of interesting and it’s not even that I hate the whole look, I just… I don’t think it’s the best?

Here’s Jessica Chastain. Is this “gilded glamour”? I guess. I mean, it’s sparkly and it fits her well (I adore the fit of the gown, honestly). The turban is very Old Hollywood. So sure.

Awkwafina in one of the worst Gucci looks. A bad color, the design and style does nothing for her. At least her hair looked pretty.

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Anderson Paak in Gucci. I really enjoy this? He’s winning me over, you can tell he’s having a blast.

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15 Responses to “Jessica Chastain v. Dakota Johnson: who had the best gilded Gucci glamour?”

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  1. JustMe says:

    Dakota stole that robe from Melanie’s closest and you can’t convince me other wise…and her jumpsuit looks itchy

    • BothSidesNow says:

      She did!!!

    • Jan90067 says:

      That is a nightmare waiting to happen when she needs to use the bathroom.

      Jessica is channeling Nora Desmond (the 30s) and a crystal ball reader.

      Neither of these are “Gilded Age” related.

  2. Sandra says:

    I like both of their looks, especially Jessica’s. Beautiful! BUT, man! That fugly green dress on the right, made even worse by gawd awful braids! Worse of the night! And that’s saying something!

  3. North of Boston says:

    I know it’s Gucci, but every single one of these looks needed *less*. Like take the Coco Chanel advice to take one thing off and multiply it by 10.

    Each of these people look like the clothes are wearing them, not the other way around. JC needed 30% less fabric (she’s veering into “Let me tell you your fortune …” territory. DJ looks uncomfortable and I can’t blame her, a bodysuit with stuff hanging from your crotch is not a great look. I don’t know who the woman in chartreuse is but again too much … only Stevie Nicks could pull off that much stuff and even she might edit that look a bit. And A looks sad. AP looks fine, but really only has one overdone Gucci piece so the simplicity of the rest balances it out.

    • susan says:

      LOL @NoB perfect celeBITCHY comment. 😉

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Agreed ☺️ Poor JC had better not be near water as she would sink to the bottom! That must have been hell to walk in with ALL of that weight!! My gawd, she must have been carrying 75- 100 pounds of sequins AND fabric!!

  4. Josephine says:

    I absolutely loved Dakota’s outfit. The jumpsuit doesn’t look as amazing on its own, but I thought that the ensemble was awesome and that she really nailed it. She was one of my favorites of the night.

  5. BeeCee says:

    I love both Jessica’s and Dakota’s outfits. And I want that robe, it looks so comfy and luxurious.

  6. ConcernFae says:

    The turban is actually accurate to the Gilded Age. Never became the dominant look, but always there. It came into popularity after Britain allied with Turkey to fight against Russia in the Crimean War. It gets pegged as “orientalism” now, which isn’t wrong, but it should be noted that it was meant to show solidarity with the Turkish cause at the time. Sort of like all the yellow and blue we’re seeing now.

  7. Lululu says:

    Potentially inappropriate, but when I first saw Dakota I thought it looked like her pubic hair took over her whole body.

  8. kirk says:

    Kinda liking that shiny snake slithering out of and around Jessica’s dress. With her turban she could be a spiritualist or medium – one of few well paying female jobs in days gone by.

  9. TIFFANY says:

    Anderson Paak looked like the only one who enjoyed himself getting photographed. Fun fun fun. It works.

  10. JFerber says:

    Why such an awful dress for Awkwafina? She’s a pretty woman and this dress let her down.

  11. Grant says:

    I LOVE Dakota and Jessica’s looks. That red on Jessica is *chef’s kiss*.