Ciara in Michael Kors at the Met Gala: gorgeous and striking?

I love seeing Michael Kors’ gowns on the red carpet but he took the same approach as Christian Siriano at this year’s Met Gala and just did variations of his typical designs. That’s fine and we got some impressive dresses, but I would have liked to see him take more risks.

Before we get into the fashion, I didn’t want to make it the headline, but Regina King was not at the Met Gala last night. She lost her son Ian at just 26 earlier this year. We heard she would be a co-chair at this event but she was not in attendance. I’m mentioning it here because she wore a fabulous Michael Kors pinstriped dress at the first part of the Met Gala in September. We’re thinking about her and hope she’s doing OK.

Ciara was particularly gorgeous in a one shoulder sequin Michael Kors gown with a zebra print design. Look at her impeccable makeup and subtly elegant headpiece. I need to look up her workout routine. I’m already adding in pilates after Normani credited it for her abs.

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I would wear the hell out of this full length MK sequin gown on Sigourney Weaver. I like a classic silhouette, but this looks like something out of the Michael Kors archives. It doesn’t look custom made for this event.

Lori Harvey was in a cutout black Michael Kors with a long train and a criss cross bodice. Her body is so incredible.

Eiza Gonzalez was in a white MK gown with feather accents. This is so glam but it’s flapper style like so many of the other looks last night, it’s not gilded age.

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  1. CTgirl says:

    His dresses were so totally off theme that it was distracting.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      I’m feel the same. For a designer to criticize how people fail to interpret the themes he just threw beautiful gowns on people and called it a day.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I absolutely loathe MK. He isn’t as talented as he makes himself out to be. His designs are meh, and his standard designs are basically called in. He has no insight or inspiration into what he puts on women’s bodies . MK is just an expensive designer with a massive ego that he is trying to justify by charging more money for mediocre.

  2. IForget says:

    Ciara is an absolute knockout!!! Going back to my comment about Blake Lively making things look cheaper, I think Ciara is the opposite.

    Also, all the love for Sigourney Weaver. She’s a treasure and looks like one here too.

    I love the cape on Lori Harvey. I think I even prefer the back of the dress to the front.

    • BrainFog 💉💉💉😷 says:

      Ciara is so damn stunning, I didn’t even really look at the dress. Just wow.

  3. Cherry says:

    ‘Ciara was particularly gorgeous in a one shoulder sequin Michael Kors gown with a zebra print design’? Come on, no. She IS particularly gorgeous and her body is to die for. But that outfit is cheap looking and tacky. And why the stripper heels…??

  4. Becks1 says:

    Sigourney Weaver looks great but not like she’s going to the Met Gala, more like she’s going to a standard movie premiere or an awards show (not the oscars.)

  5. susan says:

    I’m not an MK fan. his looks are too surface glitz without the glam. and half of his stuff ends up at TJ Maxx. SW looks amazing, but there’s nothing “on theme” about that frock.

  6. Coconut says:

    Def 1930s not flapper on the white gown.

  7. Imara219 says:

    Yeah, all of these women were just not caring at all about what Gilded Glam looks like 😃

  8. JFerber says:

    Sigourney looks absolutely wonderful! Eiza is a dream. And Ciara has never put a foot wrong in fashion. She also seems like a wonderful person.