Katy Perry in Oscar de le Renta at the Met Gala: worse than the burger?

Fresh off of being criticized by Tom Ford, Katy Perry found her way back to the Met Gala. Unfortunately it was in an overly complicated Oscar de la Renta. I’ll give her credit, Katy always tries her best with the theme and I appreciate that. This looks like a fashion student’s take on a modern interpretation of the Gilded Age. But they overdid it with the modernizing. It would’ve been interesting with one element incorporated into a traditional look. A shortened, exposed skirt form AND a sheer lace overboob AND a slit to the waist… it’s a lot. Plus there is so much going on that it weighs Katy’s tiny frame down. I’ll bet this looked good on paper but it’s not working here. And the naked shoes are bugging me for some reason. Katy did herself a favor by going light on the hair and makeup, it’s almost saving the look. Almost.

Daisy Edgar Jones was yet another who interpreted the Glided theme to mean sparkly flapper. And as far as sparkly flappers go, she looks amazing. I love the long fringe on her Oscar de la Renta gown and the way it looks like it gave birth to those incredible shoes and simple diamond jewelry. While her dramatic eyes are lovely, I don’t know if she ran out of time on that straight, boring hairdo or if it was a choice. Otherwise, this is a fantastic look. Just not the right one for this theme.

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Lin Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal looked so stately in their Oscar de la Renta looks. While I am a huge fan of Lin’s tux with over-wide vest lapels and exaggerated wingtip collar, I’m giving this round to Vanessa. That gown looked like it was sewn on to her (maybe it was?) and that amethyst choker has just made my dream board. I’m not a huge fan of those sleeves but she carries them beautifully and her hair is perfect. I even like the cutout detailing at the Empire waistline to update the styling.

Oscar de la Renta must have run out of gowns when Miranda Kerr knocked on their door. She is a beautiful woman who could carry anything, why would they give her this boring white bridal reject? And why, if she was given this to wear, would her stylist skimp on the jewelry and overdo her makeup instead? That’s a lot of pink and red on her face. She and Evan Spiegel look like they belong on the top of a wedding cake.

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  1. Dee(2) says:

    Katy’s dress makes it look like she’s having a wardrobe malfunction that had just barely been caught.

  2. C says:

    I think Katy looks beautiful here and it’s a wonderful interpretation of Gilded Age style. Gowns then often had large gatherings of fabric and bustles in the back. The extra slits etc don’t bother me because with the lace they’re pretty subdued. She looks swathed in a piece of black lace, kind of like those nude bras with black lace overlay but much more nuanced and with better materials.

  3. Merricat says:

    I vote “no” on Katy’s dress. It looks chaotic, instead of refined.

  4. Jo says:

    Katy Perry or the mysterious case of the disappearing nipple.

    Or am I the only one looking for it?

  5. Velvet Elvis says:

    Katy looks like somebody grabbed swaths of different materials then wrapped and draped her until it looked like some semblance of a dress. She actually looks really pretty in it though. And I love that flapper dress.

  6. Sasha says:

    Why Miranda why! Such a beautiful woman. They could have put her in something so much more exciting.

  7. Gruey says:

    In a room full of gorgeous people, idk why Daisy stands out to me for her beauty. I guess many would consider her plain when compared to, say, the Hadid sisters or any of the other supermodels there.

    I’m usually not into the delicate waify types (like Rooney Mara or Phoebe Dynover, and Daisy is kinda this type). But I can’t even hate on this boring dress because her face is just sooooo angelic to me.

  8. chill says:

    Seriously, I expected to see a LOT more stunning jewelry. The Gilded Age knew how to wear jewelry!!

  9. Sue says:

    I love Lin and Vanessa so much. Power couple forever. That is all.

    • Che Che says:

      Katy’s dress had a boob gone rogue. The lace bodice couldn’t support the flabby mass. She probably should just admire lace from afar for awhile. Vanessa Nadal was exquisite! She got the assignment and got the highest marks. Lin Manuel Miranda was looking fine and on theme. Best couple look of the night.

  10. Tiffany:) says:

    Katy was one of the worst of the night, IMO. From the right side, it looked so poorly constructed with the stiff short skirt that was chopped at an unflattering length. The volume in the black skirt was a good idea, but the stitching seemed less well done than I would expect. I think the boob cut out looks unflattering. The overall shape of the garment is just off. It might have worked on a mannequin, but on a real person it doesn’t hang right.

  11. JFerber says:

    Does Miranda have 2 or 3 boys with Evan? Flynn must be so big now!

  12. JFerber says:

    Miranda has Hart, 3, and Myles, 2, with Evan. She said she’s open to having more.

  13. Aidevee says:

    Wowsers, Lin!! He’s not throwing away his shot!! 🤩