Brown: Duchess Meghan ‘hated every second’ of the 2018 Australian tour

One of the many ways in which Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers contradicts its own narrative from page to page is Brown’s insistence that Meghan is fame-hungry and desperate for the spotlight. Brown continues that theme, even when her palace sources are workshopping other (false) narratives, like “Meghan didn’t even like royal life” and “Meghan hated touring.” Having read many of the Meghan chapters, I understand that the point Brown is actually trying to make is more nuanced: Meghan craved the spotlight, but didn’t understand “the hierarchy” of the Royal Family nor did she understand the purpose of the monarchy. I think that last part is fair enough – it would be difficult for most people (especially Americans) to understand the purpose of monarchy. And to hear Brown describe it, the purpose of monarchy is to enforce a (white-only) hierarchy, end of. All of this to say, Brown’s palace sources insisted that Meghan loathed the South Pacific Tour:

Despite the warm reception and a lively itinerary, Brown claims Meghan actually loathed the trip.

‘So, Meghan must have been thrilled with it all … right? No. She apparently hated every second of it,’ she wrote. ‘She didn’t understand why things were set up in that way. Instead of being excited when thousands of people showed up at the Opera House, it was very much like, ‘What’s the purpose? I don’t understand this’,’ a Palace employee told Brown.

The staffer said Meghan didn’t appear to grasp the ‘representational role’ of the British monarchy when they toured, adding she was more interested in ’causes she wanted to spotlight’.

Brown’s claims are supported in an article printed in The Times last year, which asserts that Meghan found it ‘silly’ when people crowded to see the Sussexes when they arrived in Sydney.

‘What are they all doing here? It’s silly,’ she reportedly said to her team. A source said that she simply ‘didn’t get it’.

[From The Daily Mail]

You know what I think this is? The 2018 tour was organized by Kensington Palace, when the Sussexes were still sharing an office with the Cambridges. I think the staff organized the tour like they would have for William and Kate, meaning pretty light and superficial. Even though Meghan and Harry got a rock star reception during that tour, I wonder if Meghan was like “we should be doing events with more substance.” That’s honestly my theory – Meghan pointed out to staffers that some of the events were basically photocalls and little parades, and their events should have a point. Thus, returning to Brown’s argument that Meghan “didn’t understand the purpose of monarchy,” at least in the eyes of the KP dipsh-ts. The model for royal tours IS light and superficial. That’s why the Cambridges and Wessexes flopped so hard on their recent tours.

Anyway, I think Meghan loved that tour. What she hated was how hard she was smeared once she got back to England.

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  1. JFerber says:

    What a bitch TB is. It was a great tour, and that’s what TB “loathed,” not Meghan. They killed it and the jealousy and hate for Meghan went through the roof.

    • Lemons says:

      Yeah, I’m thinking Meghan hated every minute she was surrounded by staffers who were not acting in her best interest. Sooo TB’s sources.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I couldn’t agree more with JFerber and Lemins.
        “Anyway, I think Meghan loved that tour. What she hated was how hard she was smeared once she got back to England.” Spot on, Kaiser.
        Firstly, Megha\n was always smiling when she was here in Sydney. She seemed to love that part of the tour, and the crowds certainly loved her. Besides, it’s so beautiful on Sydney Harbour that it’s impossible not to be happy there.
        Secondly, like most Aussies, I grew up with the Queen’s portrait in every classroom I was ever in, and sang the old national anthem as a mark of respect to the Queen and the monarchy. We often had lessons about the history of the British monarchy. And I still do not understand the purpose of it.

    • Poisonella says:

      I am reading the book now. TB actually says the tour was old fashioned – much like the disastrous tour the Cambridges went on. She feels if the palace has listened more to Meghan’s critique, the tours of both couples would have been more meaningful. Who’s coming off as kind of bad in the book is Prince Andrew and Harry. Meghan’s got her hands full.

      • Bananapanda says:

        Meghan was already famous when she met Harry so I could see why she thought photo calls were silly – they didn’t have a movie to promote just the Royal Family. Traveling halfway around the world just to wave and smile, without even a diplomatic or charity function, would seem insane to anyone with a brain (or degree in International Relations 😜)

  2. D says:

    Why is it a negative that she thought it was silly to not be doing something of more substance with all the attention? Why isn’t that seen as a good and admirable thing? I guess it’s true that she didn’t understand what the monarchy is for, which is basically nothing except upholding the tradition of certain people thinking they are better than other people because of who they were born to, not because of any accomplishments. I feel exactly the same way she does/did. It IS silly that people lined up to see them for no other reason then they were royal.

    • Louise177 says:

      It’s not a negative that Meghan wanted to do something with more substance. Tina just framed as if it was. That’s how much of the book reads. She tries to paint everything Meghan does as negative but when you get pass the buzzwords it actually makes Meghan looks good.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        Isn’t that TB’s whole thesis? Meghan and Harry had a ‘shared delusion’ that they would change the world?

        It suddenly clicked into place for me while reading this. The reason the RF is so angry about M&H’s determination to ‘change the world’ is because they truly see that goal as a bad thing.

        Think about it, changing the status quo is an existential threat to the RF. The world as it is, the patriarchy, white supremacy, oppression of all except for the elevation of the chosen few etc. These were built by and for them and created the privileged circumstances in which they exist today.

        Changing the status quo, creating a fair and just world, means the end of the monarchy, the free ride, and the unearned status just for existing. So Meghan comes in and represents all these things, and is insisting on actively working to end all these things while making it clear how silly and irrelevant all the smoke and mirrors were.

        It becomes really clear why they feel the level of hatred toward her that they do, and why they seem intent on hounding her and Harry (to a lesser extent) until they have absolutely failed at all their endeavors. Only then will it be ‘proven’ that she was ‘wrong’ and their way is ‘right’ and that they should continue on as they always have.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        Brown may have framed it that way but she’s definitely not making the point she’s making.

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    I think Meghan wants a purpose-driven life, which is hard to comprehend for people who have no purpose.

    I think she did want to draw attention to people and causes that need them, and believes standing and waving at crowds of children of color behind fences, who aren’t even smiling at you, seems…insane. Meghan and Harry did and do want to make a difference with the status royalty gives them. But the other royals don’t want to do anything but live parasitically off the backs of others and maintain the status white supremacist quo.

  4. Eurydice says:

    Palace employees don’t know squat about what Meghan was thinking – they only know what they themselves were thinking.

    And funny how, after the two recent disaster tours, “palace employees” are now also asking “what’s the point.”

  5. Polo says:

    I mean haven’t we all been asking the same question? What is the point other than to be treated like rockstars (some places)
    Royal tours will never be the same not in 2022 or beyond. She may have asked the question but seemed to be enjoying herself.
    I don’t think this makes Meghan look bad as Tina may want it to/tries to frame it to be especially after the flop tour of the royals in the Caribbean.
    Those letters from the reparations committee said the same.

  6. C-Shell says:

    Another day, another blessing on Kaiser for reading this fakakta hit piece so we don’t have to. I appreciate the analysis put into finding the nuance in this dreck. I’ve never given this any thought before, but I can (with this leg up) clearly see how Meghan would be looking for the substance in that tour, and not finding it, could have said some of it was silly. And I can see how the KP party planners would get all huffy over such an assessment of their “hard work.” LOL. And, then the full-throated smears started in earnest.

    My heart breaks. Meghan and Harry should have been able to bask in the joy of their first trimester ever, but were never allowed that grace.

    • Debbie says:

      I hardly think that Meghan was seeing, or treating, these palace staff members as her confidants and saying “this is silly” meaning the preparations that went into this is silly and the people standing around are silly. I just don’t see that happening. The most I can imagine her saying is that it’s silly to have all that opportunity and goodwill and not use it to improve people’s situation, to just bask in the attention.

      • kirk says:

        When Tabloid Tina actually comes up with a named source who alleged Meghan referred to the tour as “silly” we can accept that statement at face value because we have enough information to check it out. However, just because someone has alleged something does not mean the alleged activity occurred. Nor does it mean the person making the allegation has special insight into Meghan’s thoughts. Celebrities have been doing ‘meet and greets’ and other promotional activities for a long time, so it’s reasonable to believe they see PR value. Meghan had flora of the Commonwealth stitched into her bridal veil, so why would she think it ‘silly’ to meet and greet Commonwealth folks? Did she also want to engage with them on deeper level and be helpful? Probably. But still.

    • aftershocks says:

      @C-Shell: “My heart breaks. Meghan and Harry should have been able to bask in the joy of their first trimester ever, but were never allowed that grace.”

      Awww, @C-Shell, mine does too. I have felt this way ever since I recognized what was happening with the racist smearing. A pregnant slightly older woman too, carrying her first child! The level of ganging up on Meghan by the BM, will never be less than appalling and disgusting. I am relieved that M&H are so deeply in love, that they were able to grow even stronger in their love for each other, despite the awful back-stabbing nightmare they were caught in the midst of throughout the early years of their marriage, which should be the happiest time in every newlywed couple’s lives.

      Thank God, providence, and their angel in heaven, Diana, that the Sussexes landed safely in California, also with the help of solid friends, especially Mr. Tyler Perry. 💓 Once in Meghan’s home stomping grounds, M&H were able to rest, regroup, and continue planning and strategizing to push forward with their lives, thriving all the way. Despite the hard, gut-wrenching miscarriage, and being challenged by M’s legal battle against the Fail, along with other rota carnival clowning and gaslighting, M&H continued to persevere, and most importantly, to give back to others.

      What a blessing that M&H could cherish all the time in the world in their Montecito haven, to truly relax and enjoy Meghan’s pregnancy with Lili. As well, they were able to spend such quality time with Archie, their dogs and their chickens during all of this time. Now, with the added specialness that their second child, and beautiful daughter, Lili Diana, brings to them. 🔯

  7. Dee says:

    I’ve honestly stopped clicking on most posts that are tagged “Brown” because it’s all just the ramblings of a crazed and desperate woman with too much time (and too much debt) on her hands. I’d rather let her keep spinning than give her the light of day.

  8. Aurora says:

    They are trying to retcon the successes Meghan had during her short tenure. They can’t deny her impact or anything people saw with their own eyes so they are attacking her motives. They want people to believe that every time they see Meghan doing something good, they should question her motives.

    • Wing Kingdom says:

      This is the correct take, in my opinion. I don’t believe a word of what Brown says, but I do believe Brown is trying to erase Meghan’s successes.

    • Christine says:


      This is more of the same, like Kate being remotely involved AT ALL with the Smart Works collection. They want to erase Meghan’s victories.

  9. Rapunzel says:

    This is more projection of Will and Kate onto H&M.

    It was Will and Kate who hated every second of that tour because they were jealous of the attention and pissed that H&M were having a baby.

    • Beverley says:

      Jealous, yes. And probably more than a little anxious about the baby’s complexion.

      William’s frequent ruminations about how the baby might be too dark to be a Prince of the Realm were probably the final straw for Harry.

    • aftershocks says:

      @Rapunzel: “This is more projection of Will and Kate onto H&M. It was Will and Kate who hated every second of that tour because they were jealous of the attention and pissed that H&M were having a baby.”

      ^^ Woot, yeah! You got that right on the button @Rapunzel. 1,000% and then some. ✅ Thanks for expressing this truth so well!

      W&K remain so pissed about the love and positive reactions M&H received during the South Pacific tour, that they are determined to try and cosplay. The lazy Keens wrongly think that by trying to copy M&H, they can somehow acquire the Sussexes’ charm and magic. It’s NOT happening because it don’t work like that, especially not when they can’t overcome their bitter, selfish, petty, and insecure behaviors.

  10. harpervalleypta says:

    >The staffer said Meghan didn’t appear to grasp the ‘representational role’ of the British monarchy when they toured, adding she was more interested in ’causes she wanted to spotlight’.

    And that right there is why the 2 recent Caribbean tours were such disasters. The islands didn’t want a representational visit, they wanted substance. And ended up with pics of lesser royals and Eddie giggling about how he didn’t take notes.

    • katherine says:

      LOUDER for the derangers in the back.

    • B says:

      Exactly! What the monarchy represents IS THE ISSUE. The British in the British empire benefited from colonization but it was nothing but centuries of trauma, theft, and gaslighting for everyone else in that system. Showing up with actual plans for a more equitable future in commonwealth countries was a way to show how the Monarchy could be useful in the future. But when you inherently believe you are superior because of your bloodline which is tied to your whiteness then you don’t get that.

      Side Note: Watching how the BRF treat Meghan and Harry is a perfect example of what they did when they lost their colonies. They first rewrote history to make it seem like it wasn’t so bad under British rule, sabotaged the former colonies efforts to gain financial freedom and stoked country insecurity by funding coups or assassinations of political figures. They inflicted more trauma and abuse damaging the newly freed colonies and then offered entry to the commonwealth. A system that has most of the benefits go to the UK.

      This will probably be similar to the deal Charles will offer Harry to come back and “serve” the monarchy.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Bravo! You guys are pounding these truths home with a hammer, and then some! Exactly on point, and thanks for articulating so well. ✔

  11. Over it says:

    First off, Tina Brown is a B, a racist, lying Meghan hating B.
    I think What Meghan didn’t like or understand was why an entire monarchy and its media were hell bent on smearing, abusing and degrading the only woman of color in that family and institution.
    I think you are also correct Kaiser as in these tours are set up Cambridge style. Look at us, the end.
    Meghan knows hard work and she wanted to work and use her spotlight for good.
    And I wasn’t there but Meghan look to me like she was having the time of her life.
    But what the f do I know, I should just ask Tina brown, she is clearly living in Meghan brain and knows all her thoughts and feelings.

    • Amy Too says:

      I could see how looking back she would have bad feelings about that tour because it was the kick off the smear campaign really ramping up. So looking back I can see her being like “what was the point? We did this thing that didn’t even really do anything of service and then we got smeared to the high heavens for people coming to cheer for us. If we had actually done some things of real substance and really helped out some charities then maybe the smearing would have been ‘worth it,’ but as is, we went and did a thing that shined a huge spotlight on us, which was apparently the only point, and that made everyone angry?”

      While she was there I think she was enjoying herself. She maybe did make comments about how crazy it all was that people were crowding around just to see her, and she might have mentioned how that was silly/weird, but I doubt she said it in a mean way, you know. Though I’m sure any tiny comment about “so what are we doing today? Oh just waving? Nothing charitable? Huh. Okay,” is now being written up as her “hating every minute of it.”

    • Gingerbee says:

      @Over It, I love reading your comments. You summed it up succinctly.

  12. Denise says:

    Essentially the palace would have them do tons of tours that are exactly like the Flop Tour.

    So Tina Brown is making a point that Meghan didn’t like royals tours and recently we got proof that royal tours don’t work anymore. So this is obvious proof that Meghan accurately captured the zeitgeist and could see that this is not working. If they were more welcoming towards her, she could have saved them from themselves

  13. Sapphire.Topaz says:

    So…Meghan knew 4 years ago what the Flop Tour really just exposed? She wanted less silly, more actual work and substance? Also every time I see the word hierarchy by Tina Brown, that is a dog whistle for uppity, right?

    • Over it says:

      Yes yes yes, hierarchy is code for didn’t know her place, she is uppity. This is why it kills Tina and the rest because Meghan had the self respect to walk away,because she knows her own self worth and it’s worth more that palaces and shinny stolen jewels.
      Kate will never walk because she has no self worth.

  14. Snuffles says:

    So, she didn’t hate the tour. She thought the way it was set up was shallow, pointless and did nothing to help the citizens they were there to visit. Considering how the Cambridges and Wessex’s colonial flavored tour went down like a flaming bag of poo, Meghan was RIGHT!!

    Tina girl, no matter how much you try to spin this negatively, you are just making Meghan and Harry’s case for leaving the useless, antiquated institution.

    It’s clear that Kensington Palace believe the party line they’ve been spinning. They’re just as old fashioned as the older royals. They don’t get that their way no longer has a use for modern society.

  15. Izzy says:

    Yes, you can see her misery in every photo of her, where her face is lit up with a big smile. GMAFB. I hope Team Sussex hits back hard at this puerile drivel.

    • MsIam says:

      I wish they would too but they probably don’t want to give this garbage fire more oxygen. Plus Harry’s book is coming out, I’m sure he will talk about the tour. He even mentioned on Oprah how it was a great success and I doubt he would say that if Meghan hated every minute of it. Tina is a racist dipsh*t.

  16. Tiredt says:

    I’ve pretty much put TB in my back burner now. She’s written her book..she doesn’t care how many lies it’s filled with. At this point she a troll like Piers trying to sell his show using Harry and Meghan. There’s no point dragging them on social media because all it does is highlight and up the engagement for their awful books and show which most times are used to harass and dehumanize Meghan and Harry.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Tina brown is actually going on piers Morgan flop show today. Wasn’t he a source for her book. Tells you everything about her & this book.

  17. emmi says:

    I don’t plan to spend money on the book but I do wonder, where is Harry in all this? This reads like she was a single woman. He must have explained things to her and while he may not have liked them and wanted to change how things were done, he absolutely must have known that they had to play the long game and not change everything immediately. Was he that naive? Did he not see this coming? He knew the inner workings, even if he loathed them. Is it discussed at all? Because of COURSE Meghan thought there was not enough substance there. We all did and still do.

    ETA: I don’t think she hated it though. She seems to love meeting people and they were received with so much enthusiasm everywhere.

    • Snuffles says:

      I think Harry 100% agreed with Meghan and was thrilled someone else had the same vision he did. If he was naïve, it was because he believed that the institution actually wanted to modernize, he believed that his family would appreciate what an asset Meghan could be, especially in the Commonwealth countries. It wasn’t just him, we ALL thought that. I thought that. Even I was surprised at how spectacularly they fucked it all up.

      Poor Harry thought they would appreciate and support his WIFE and got the shock of his life.

    • Tessa says:

      That is deliberate for some in the media to leave harry out of the narrative like she did the Oprah Interview and she left instead of they left plus the term is deliberate and the spin is harry as is said will and I quote come to his senses

    • Blithe says:

      I’m guessing that one of the MANY issues with this book is that since TB doesn’t have any solid sources from the Sussex side, she’s more than comfortable making things up, and doesn’t seem to care about the enormous stretch between what she herself — or the twisted sources she’s relied upon might feel — and what Meghan might. She also doesn’t seem troubled by these inaccuracies, and seems more than fine with yet another opportunity to smear Meghan.

      As for Harry, she has no desire to smear him, since she and her sources will be thrilled if he resumes his role as William’s scapegoat. Thanks to people like TB, I’ve gone from being mildly interested in the BRF — largely because of Meghan, to seeing the rot and white supremacy that they have stood for, and continue to spread, despite clearly laudable efforts like the Prince’s Trust.

      As an aside, I am so glad that I decided not to pre-order this book, and I can’t wait to order Harry’s whenever it’s released.

  18. Scorpion says:

    Anyone keeping track of where this book is on the Bestseller lists?

    Im asking for a friend 🙃

    • Harper says:

      It is #2 on the NYTimes nonfiction bestseller list for its first week of sales. But as for current sales, I look at the Amazon rankings. This morning in the U.S., the hardcover is at #35 and the Kindle is at #78. In the UK it is #9 in hardcover and #65 in Kindle. So it is going downhill fast in the US; the hardcover is sticking a little more in the UK. I would say Tina has to be disappointed by the tank in US sales so fast.

      • aquarius64 says:

        So pre-sales is the reason why the book is #2? Let’s be real it’s a steaming pile of #2. People are seeing it’s a hit job and they’re not spending money on something they can read online for free. No wonder TB has been flooding the zone with TV appearances.

    • Nick G says:

      And now I see comments on Twitter from Australians saying “oh she hated us? Well we hate her back”. Sigh.

  19. MsIam says:

    I call b.s. on this. That Melissa woman that was fired for misconduct was on this tour. How much do you want to bet that she is one of the “sources”? Along with Jason? Plus, they also did Invictus events and youth events so why would Meghan hate that? And didn’t the New Zealand PM say that Sussexes raved about how beautiful the country was and how they would love to live there?

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      Well, New Zealand basically forces all visitors to say that, and sulks if they don’t. But clearly they enjoyed themselves in NZ, and we liked having them here. For the past 20 years or so royal visits have been greeted with a complete lack of interest and usually a bit of protest action, but H and M were the exception. They were likeable and there was genuine interest and welcome for them.

  20. Ginger says:

    It’s pretty clear that KP and W&K were SO triggered by the massive success of this tour. As the Sussex’s said, this is when things took a drastic change. They are trying to smear this tour and it’s pathetic.

  21. equality says:

    Valid questions. If you are spending loads of money to travel somewhere you should bring something of substance and standing on a balcony to wave isn’t doing that. I can see being uncomfortable with people basically showing up to bow down to you. All Tina is doing is driving home the point the Carribbean tours brought up: there is no purpose for these expensive tours.

    • Moxylady says:

      Meghan brings useful things wherever she goes. She brought hygiene items and washers and dryers to the school in Harlem.
      I think 1- she was like, they want to see me? Because she’s modest and truly doesn’t understand or see the deep love so many have for her.
      2- she wanted to GIVE to the communities. And was told it wasn’t done.

    • Rapunzel says:

      And the expense of the tour is shouldered by the host country, right? So why shouldn’t the host country not get something substantive in return?

  22. FancyPants Renegade says:

    Meghan was right about the crowds, I live in Australia and don’t get it. Would be great if the monarchy could focus on more substantive issues as part of their tours. I like a frock and whatnot but if we aren’t going to be a Republic anytime soon than a head of state that value adds would be nice.

  23. Jay says:

    Knowing what we know about Meghan, I could absolutely see her questioning whether the “royal tour” model was really a worthwhile use of time and money, compared to the more issue-driven work on the ground she was used to.

    And two years later, after the disaster Cambridge Carribean tour and their plantation cosplay, that’s a mainstream position.

  24. Martha says:

    I see that Palace staff is still pressed about the huge success of the Sussexes Australian tour

  25. Caity says:

    Australian here. Meghan appeared to love getting out and meeting the crowds here and we certainly welcomed her with open arms. Seeing the way Meghan likes to be purposeful and results orientated (which is awesome) I agree that she most likely thought some of the events on the schedule were too fluffy and without substance

  26. Jan says:

    As Harry said his family changed towards Meghan after they saw how good she was on that tour, he said it reawakened memories and I guess he was referring to his father’s jealousy of Diana in Australia.
    In Hoda’s interview one of US athletes said his son asked Harry for the princess, and he said she was not there, the kid walked away, Harry said he is use to it, because everywhere he goes the first question asked, is where is your wife.
    No jealousy like tampon.
    Saw a few tweets from Australia saying Meghan had a great time there.

  27. Amy Bee says:

    If this is true, after the two Caribbean tours, Meghan was right. There was definitely a difference in how the Southern Africa tour was done compared to the Australian tour. However Tina contradicts her whole premise that Meghan is a attention seeking and a fame whore with this story. I think Meghan did enjoy meeting people but she had problems with the substance of the tour.

  28. Layla says:

    @kaiser thank you for adding Meghan’s Jason Wu look as the header for the post on the main menu. It makes the copykeening more psychotic

  29. SAS says:

    Wow, of all the nonsense that’s come out of the book, this is the first one that made me go “what a bitch [Tina]”. How cruel.

    I’m assuming it’s 100% fabricated but honestly, if that’s the line they’re going to take out of context to frame Megan hating the tour can I just say – BRITS DON’T HAVE A FUCKING MONOPOLY ON SELF-DEPRECATION TINA. It’s just impossible for me to read that line straight, knowing what we’ve seen of Meghan and how she connects with people.

    If I solved world hunger and 10 000 people came to a parade in my home town, the person next to me would still probably overhear me say “this is silly guys”. FFS.

  30. Mia1066 says:

    I don’t agree with you at all. They did not think they needed better events. That’s not right. They did awesome events and LOTS of them while Meghan was newly pregnant. KP hate it because they did a lot and well first out of the gate. AND Meghan was pregnant. Unlike the other duchess.

  31. Cathy says:

    New Zealander here. I saw Meghan at two events and she looked to me to be having a great time. She was here to be introduced to the people of NZ which is what happened.

    Tina Brown is trying to be controversial and stir to make headlines. The only way she would actually know what Meghan was thinking was if she sat down and had a conversation with her. And we all know that’s not going to happen?

    • ABritGuest says:

      I think the Cambridges are heading to Oz on their next tour & so this is a way to tarnish what was the most successful visit to Oz for a generation. Harry said the tour marked a turning point with his family & think this shows they are pressed till this day.

      Meghan did a lot of the royal show pony events with walkabouts & people screaming at her even before she married in. Plus she was an actress who did promo tours with suits & greeting fans so this part of the narrative isn’t believable.

      Also i feel like the narrative when they did the tour was they had so many engagements (70+ I think) BECAUSE they wanted to connect with as many people as possible. I remember reports saying Harry insisted on Meghan taking a rest day because she wanted to keep up with it all but got wiped out. Who knows if any comments (if real) the right context was connected to her being 3 months pregnant at the time.

      I think Ingrid Seward said around time of together cookbook that Meghan had upset courtiers with secret visits to charities & how that wasn’t the done thing & also royals shouldn’t be doing fundraising for charities. So I do think there was a conflict with how Meghan wanted to approach her role- although given other royals like Camilla & Charles had similar fundraising projects – it was likely because KP hadn’t had similar projects at that point.

      • Kristin says:

        Ingrid Seward said royals shouldn’t be doing fundraising for charities?!? Then what the hell else are they good for? Representing and raising money for their patronages/charities is just about the ONLY good thing about the royals. But then Ingrid Seward is a hateful bitch too, so…

      • Tessa says:

        Ingrid Seward is a royalist through and through. And IMO not a nice person.

    • Becks1 says:

      So this is where I think there is some truth to this story but its not the whole truth. Like I think if you asked Meghan, “would you rather meet X charity or do a walkabout so we can some photo ops” she would choose the former. We’ve seen that in her work consistently (where its about doing the best she can with her platform, and the results, she was never about increasing her engagement count for the CC or anything). I don’t think that means she hated the actual walkabouts, or hated meeting people in Australia and New Zealand and Fiji, or hated the lighter events. I think she probably just scratched her head and said “this is what royals do on a tour and call work?”

      I think her “mistake” upon entering the royal family was thinking that the royal family actually valued charity and philanthropy work and actually wanted to make a difference.

      • windyriver says:

        Your last paragraph. What’s so funny/ironic about all this BS is by attempting to devalue what Meghan did, that’s it’s too much, not the royal way, whatever – what TB and others are actually doing is to devalue what the rest of the RF has been doing for so long. The many, many patronages, appearances made by TQ over the years, everything that Anne does, and particularly the work Charles has done, much of which actually accomplished something (e.g., Prince’s Trust), has been made to seem like busy work. Those of us here have been reassessing whether a lot of their “work” does in fact have any value, but up until a few years ago, I think most people would’ve considered what they were doing served some purpose, and admired the amount of time they put in – which, if I understand correctly, is the reason the RF originally started doing these kinds of things many, many years ago.

        The truth is, it’s wasn’t okay for Meghan to look good, because she outshone what Will and Kate were doing. And since Will and Kate are still pretty much the only ones getting any press, they’ve come to represent the RF as a whole. And their lousy work ethic, and poor performance, is dragging down the image of the entire RF – which is why we’ve begun asking, “What do all of them really do that’s worthwhile anyway?”

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      NZ enjoyed the visit by H&M so much that they weren’t even overshadowed by Officers Minogue and O’Leary of Wellington Paranormal attending the same event, at Maranui Surf Club.

    • Debbie says:

      @Cathy from New Zealand: I think you’re making entirely too much sense. I also think that this attempt at rewriting of the history of H & M’s Oceana tour is T. Brown’s attempt to diminish how successful it was and how well received they were, and how both H & M seemed to enjoy their time there. There seems to be an attempt to drag H & M’s first tour to the level of W & K’s disastrous Caribbean tour. Nice try, but I’m not buying it.

  32. Melissa Flis says:

    Ok…that’s enough…lol. What garbage! How would TB know Meghans innermost thoughts on the monarchy?

    What she is doing is trying to put a retroactive stain on what was the start of the issues in regards to popularity.

    I’m an Aussie…that tour was a resounding success. They were both warm and gracious and radiant – there was overwhelming positive press here.

    So much I’m sure it sent shockwaves right back to Britain.

    This is trying to uproot support for them in a Commonwealth country.

  33. Connie says:

    Sorry not buying it. Meghan did a lot of walkabouts in England once she got engaged. To say she didn’t anticipate a people coming out please! I remember Dickie Arbitor saying Meghan has to do well on the tour. I knew she would do well. She came with a binder; their pissed because Kate who is British and comes from a stable home is useless. There’s a picture of Harry rehearsing his speech and Meghan sitting down listening. I remember this because the press criticized the Sussex. I don’t know what that woman’s problem is with Meghan. She’s a witch on wheels. She is coming for Meghan guns loaded. Harry has to realize his grandmother doesn’t give a 💩 about his wife and children. Granny created this mess. She plays both sides. I saw an article that Kate had gone to a site where a woman was killed. The police started beating the protesters after Kate left. Yet in the police report it was Meghan at the site of the victim. Meghan was in California. There’s something in the water in the UK. All they do is lie and assassinate people characters. Look at the headlines for Camilla (she’s the Virgin Mary). Their sick, twisted as F&@K! The Sussex won’t be going to the jubilee (hooray). Mind you the press told them not to come. Let the mudslinging beginning! Sussex cut your losses. These are some evil bastards. I’m sure colonization and shoving religion down innocent people throat was a lot worse then what we were taught in school. These assholes take pride in their hatred towards blacks. They can’t stand us. We are nothing to them. The Caribbean tour said it all.

    • TangerineTree says:

      100%. TB’s book of hate and lies is so ugly, isn’t it?

    • Chuckles says:

      @ Connie, +1000. Thanks ! Harry has a blind spot for the queen and the fact of the matter is she doesn’t give a Dam about Harry’s wife or his children. He really believes she cares about him as well. He isn’t on board with what’s most important to her therefore he’s not serving her purpose. She’s playing Both sides and she is as Dirty as C&C, W&K. I adore H&M but I feel like the Majority of the abuse has been heaped upon Meghan. Charles & Q only want to bring H back to the fold bcuz they need a scapegoat for W and they need H to put in the work that the lazy ass Cambridge’s don’t and won’t. I really hope that H&M Never go back to represent the royals in any capacity. I understand that he misses his cult family but I wish he would simply cut his losses and accept that this is who/ what they are. They will Never truly accept his wife and children. His heart is good but his gran and the rest of the senior royals don’t mean Harry nor Meghan and the children any good. Liz has never protected / called for an end to the disgusting abuse Meghan has been receiving the last 6 years including the racist comments referencing Archie to a chimp. I wouldn’t wish to be in Meghan’s position.

      • Tessa says:

        The Queen managed during her bad health to send out a special letter that she wanted Camilla to be Queen Consort and she made sure Andrew was front and center at Philip’s memorial. Charles has not really taken over. But she did Nothing to help Harry, nor complain to press or issue a statement that she is displeased with the way Harry and Meghan are treated by the media (she should have done that as far back as 2018). And the last straw to me was her not allowing Harry’s wreath to be placed at the Remembrance service.

  34. Micah says:

    Honestly, I cannot say I know as much about the situation as a lot of people here.
    But I find it hilarious that from everything I have read about this book, the “facts” or events seem to be accurately described? It’s just that none of it comes across as Brown (or the Cambridges) imagined. If every single thing printed above was true, does that make Megan look bad? That she could not understand the point or rules of this nonsensical, outdated institution and their obsession with family rank? Gasp! That she wanted to work hard and have input into her work and decisions? Double gasp!
    I think it just demonstrates how out of touch these royals are. This is the narrative they are pushing. And it makes them look awful.

    • idk says:

      I was thinking the same! Like, yeah, it IS silly that people would crowd around to see another country’s royals just because they’re royal! What are we all, medieval serfs? If any of this is true, it only speaks well of her that she “didn’t get it.” Same, girl.

    • Debbie says:

      I freely acknowledge the obvious: that I don’t know M & H and have absolutely no idea what their thoughts are – much like Tina Brown who never spoke to them but nevertheless writes with brazen conviction about their innermost thoughts. However, I find it hard to believe that someone who was not being treated well by the palace staff, and was being briefed on by family members, would call the actions of people who came out to see her and Harry “silly.” That just doesn’t make sense to me. Also, as an actress, I think that Meghan would understand that people lining up to come see you is just a show of support or natural curiosity, or just wanting to see a part of history for themselves and be able to say (years from now) “I was there when…” That’s all and one doesn’t have to be raised British to understand that. As always, Tina Brown is a big liar.

  35. one of the marys says:

    If she hated that tour then she’s a far better actress than anyone has given her credit for

    • Margaret says:

      Ha! A good observation! She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself while she was here.

  36. Laura D says:

    The problem with “hit pieces” like this one is that we all saw how great Meghan was on those tours. These RR really ought to start reining themselves in because people will start questioning their credibility. Everyone agreed that her tours were a success; the public loved her and she loved them back. The second I saw the headline I thought “What a biatch”. If either of the Caribbean tours had been successful this piece would never had made the light of day. I was seething on Meghan’s behalf. These people aren’t journalists they’re hacks who try to create news rather than report on it. The relentless bullying of Meghan by the British media is nothing short of shameful. I’m so glad she has the support of her husband because without it I fear she may have gone the way of Caroline Flack.

  37. NCWoman says:

    I’m sure Meghan, like me, thought that the hierarchy mean W&K would eventually be king and queen, not that the only purpose of her existence was to serve as a foil to make them look good at all costs to her, Harry, and their children. Her causes didn’t matter and were in fact bad in the eyes of the BRF because the reflected positivity only benefited the generic Crown, not “the hierarchy.” Her fatal mistake was not embiggening W&K.

    • Moxylady says:

      Yes! This hierarchy weirdness! Like ok they will be king and queen so that’s great. Meanwhile I’m going to help people which will help the world and my husbands family.
      Don’t want next to your husband. Don’t hold his hand. Don’t wear nail polish. Be 50% less yourself. Don’t do something on days other people do things.
      No wonder she made secret trips to charities. She couldn’t get anything done if it was known she was doing something on a day Camilla opened a new box of tampons.

  38. Liz Version 700 says:

    She is literally trying to help KP rewrite history and she delusional. This woman is really insane with racism.

  39. diana adams says:

    I mean lets say this is true. Which I have a hard time believing. Considering she appeared to have a good time. Or she’s either the worlds greatest actress. But in any event. She wouldn’t be the first person that did something for her job that she didn’t want to do. I mean hell I go through that everyday with my job. And it looks like the tour was success. So what exactly is the issue here?

  40. Mrs. Smith says:

    What was the cost of the Australian tour? Let’s say $1 million (lol we know it’s more than that). To Meghan’s point, why not donate that money to causes/people who need it rather than funding a trip that’s only purpose, per the RF’s instructions, is to smile and wave?? Or make the trip more impactful by working to drive donations to causes they want to highlight? It’s funny how TB is inadvertently making Meghan seem logical, practical and effective? It’s hilarious.

  41. Eggbert says:

    Tina Brown’s brain: oh no Meghan wanted to work harder to do more good and bring more awareness and money to causes! How dare she not understand the utter pointlessness of the monarchy which is to just think you’re better than your subjects and waste taxpayers money. *clutches pearls she bought with the money she got for doing propaganda for the RF

  42. Jennifer says:

    Also…wasn’t Duchess Meghan pregnant and feeling unwell during this tour? I can well imagine feeling sick during a pointless photocall and whatnot and saying, “this is silly”. I think Kaiser is absolutely right in her assessment, I’m just adding to it!

    Salt Island Sucks.

    • Fortuona says:

      Just preggo which caused a lot of thing to be cancelled due to fear of Zika

  43. usavgjoe says:

    The RF and the BP will never give up… and H&M will never give in.

  44. bloemheks says:

    Let me get this straight. Meghan wanted the same kind of attention as Kate that comes from being a royal but thought it was silly when she got the attention that comes from being a royal. Makes perfect sense.

  45. L4Frimaire says:

    I didn’t follow this Australian tour in real time but even anyone could see how well it went, how excited and enthusiastic they were and how well they did with the crowds. That tour was unmatched. Maybe she was asking questions because it was new to her, but it’s obvious she was making notes about what they would do differently on their next tours. The Sussexes came there to work, hence the complaints about staff crying or whatever. I think when they did their final South Africa tour, you saw that it was more purpose driven. Look at the two recent disaster tours by the Wessex/Cambridges. They followed the old playbook but the players in the Caribbean weren’t playing along with the Royals and these royals were floundering and had no response. I think, as much as they hate that word, Meghan approached the tours the way a politician campaigning would, give the people something as well as give back while there. Brown can try to reframe it any way she wants but Meghan was right.

  46. Julia K says:

    There must be some basis for using the pants off of Tina Brown. People will believe these outrageous lies and innuendo. This is character assassination and a deliberate ploy to ruin a reputation. No one should have to live through this.

  47. Rapunzel says:

    I’m guessing if Meghan did say the crowd was silly, which is a big if, that she said it in response to something not indicated in this version of the story.

    Like, the quote is “‘What are they all doing here? It’s silly,’ she reportedly said to her team. A source said that she simply ‘didn’t get it’.” and I wonder if the they is the not the crowd but the reporters and photographers in the Royal Rota. I think she she might have said it was silly that the paps wanted pics of what was basically them doing nothing. Like maybe the conversation was:

    “What are all these paps doing here?”
    “They’re taking pictures.”
    “But we aren’;t doing anything. it’s silly for them to want our pictures doing nothing.”

    This would explain why the Rota has it so in for her, because they know she dislikes them and thinks them ridiculous.

    I would also like to point out that this contradicts the “Meghan married into the BRF to take Harry away for Netflix money, and become US president off the fame” narrative the Rota spouts. This supposed calculating gold digger was all of a sudden “not getting it?” And finding it “silly”? Pick a lane, a-holes.

  48. Lela42 says:

    How in the world would Tina Brown know what Meghan hated or liked? She has never spoken personally with Meghan Markle to give her thoughts about the tour. This feels more like Tina Brown taking the word of biased palace sources that had it out for Meghan from day one.

    • Tessa says:

      Tina seemed to avoid interviewing people sympathetic to Meghan I understand one of Samantha’s children spoke up for Meghan to the media (Tina should have sought out this person as a reference. The best book about Meghan is Meghan Misunderstood.

  49. Margaret says:

    If Meghan doesn’t understand the “representational” role of the British monarchy when the royals tour, she’s not alone. Who or what are they representing? The Queen is the only member of the Windsor family who has any official role here, and I could understand her coming out here occasionally, I always understood that she came out as our Queen, not as the British monarch. I can also understand Charles and William coming out when Elizabeth couldn’t make it because – as things still stand, anyway – each of them will one day be our head of state. But, again, I saw it as them representing the Australian Queen, not the British monarchy.

  50. Marivic says:

    Meghan didn’t hate the tour. She loved everything about the tour. It was the royal family and the British media who hated her for coming out a winner in that very successful tour. They just couldn’t take that fact .