Prince Harry ‘will be embraced again if he shows a desire to return to England’

I’m still sad about the way Tina Brown has utterly exposed herself as a hack stenographer to royalty. I genuinely thought she was one of the better royal commentators, but not so much. While The Palace Papers is infuriating – and Brown is definitely shady towards many people in it – Brown’s interviews have been a study in anti-Sussex rhetoric and talking out of both sides of her mouth. Brown was interviewed by The Daily Star recently (a British paper), and she spent the entire interview trying to convince herself, the newspaper and the British people that Prince Harry would eventually come back to them, because he’s white and royal and he hates California.

Harry could be embraced again: “Harry was much more beloved than anyone except the Queen. I believe Harry will be embraced again if he shows a desire or interest in returning to England. There is a pathway back to monarchy. But I don’t know if he wants to. Right now he is absolutely embracing California, not only as a place to live but as a way of thinking. If it happens, it will probably be after the death of the Queen.”

Her palace sources say Harry doesn’t think: “He goes off like a complete sort of IED at any moment. I asked someone what he was thinking when he makes these comments and I was told, ‘He’s not thinking, he just sounds off.’”

William’s trust has been undermined: “It’s a very wounded relationship right now. William has fundamentally had his trust undermined by the Oprah interview and the news that Harry is writing a book. Harry feels hurt and rejected by William, believing that William didn’t embrace Meghan in the way that he thought he should have.”

[From The Star]

“I believe Harry will be embraced again if he shows a desire or interest in returning to England…” “If” is doing so much work, my God. And it’s not even true! IF Harry showed an interest in returning, Salt Island would be gleeful, of course. Gleeful about punishing him and making his life miserable and blaming him for everything. Speaking of, I assume that Brown’s sources are insisting that William is still distrustful of Harry because… Harry spoke about how he was treated and how his wife was treated. If everything went down the way we believe/know it went down, William was the one who largely orchestrated the smearing of Meghan and he was actively trying to exile his brother and sister-in-law. Imagine how little trust Harry has in William.

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  1. Ktae says:

    Harry goes back to England when the US passes common sense gun laws. Ain’t never going to happen.

    • Sybil says:

      Honestly if i lived in America, i’d be desperate to get out. I know that Harry is obviously in an extraordinarily privileged enclave so he’s unlikely to have his kids shot at in school like yesterday, or be caught in a racist massacre like only 10 days ago, and his little daughter will most certainly full access to the reproductive choices she deserves, but even so, in the light of the events of the last few weeks, i cannot, really cannot understand why anyone would willingly live there. i’m sorry if this is harsh, and i don’t mean this disparagingly, but as a non American WOC i would never set foot there. All the Salty island comments that are regularly made on this website just pales in comparison to the hell hole that is the US

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        Like you said Harry and Meghan are unlikely to experience what 99% of what the average American may face but as a Brit, I’d say they are still better off. They swapped a servant’s quarters for an ocean view mansion and they well protected, have peace of mind, can carry out their work with no leaks. Most importantly their children are protected, loved and supported and cannot be used as human shields.

      • Eurydice says:

        The difference for H&M is that they lived in the most privileged, exclusive and protected environment in the world and still weren’t immune from physical and psychological threats. Meghan almost died there. So, I’d say they moved out of a hell hole.

      • anna says:

        Don’t blame you at all. I’m also a non-American WOC, and my literal first experience in the States was some guy at the airport telling me to “go back to my country”. I wouldn’t step foot on that rock. That said, I wouldn’t go to England either, I had a lay over in Heathrow (traveling home from the States) and I had a similar encounter there except it was by a WOC. Mind freaking blown.

        My country isn’t perfect, but it’s a level of crazy I can understand.

        In M and He’s situation, they’ve got money and privilege to shield both them and their children, but I imagine at least some of it weighs on them also.

      • Aiglentine says:

        As a non-American WOC you have every right to be concerned and to avoid this place like the plague. I know people who GTFO for the reasons you describe.

      • Haylie says:

        Remind me which US heads of state, top government officials and state linked press targeted Meghan for complete ruination, would not provide security for her baby in spite of making him a target for hate and violence, and sat on their hands when Meghan was suicidal and refused hospital care? Because that’s what The United Kingdom did to them.

        The US is far from perfect, but the UK doesn’t get to hide their racist and frankly sinister treatment of Meghan, Harry, Archie and Lili behind our own woes. They are much better off here.

      • Isabella says:

        Yeah that really is harsh. No need to kick people when they are down. I don’t know where you live, but no country is perfect and safe and not racist. The US is very big and Harry has made a beautiful life here. I love where I live.

        I think we all fear what we don’t know. Maybe if you visited, you’d understand why many people of all races live here. And thank God they do. Life would be boring if we were all alike.

      • minx says:

        The US is not a hellhole, thanks. And Harry and Meghan live in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful, serene spots on the west coast.

      • goofpuff says:

        The US is very very big and circumstances are different depending on the state you live in. H&M live in California which is a blue state. Their experience won’t be the same as in a red state like Texas.

      • EBS says:

        Not commenting on the rest of it, but the Buffalo shooting a week ago was in a blue state. Sandy Hook was in a blue state. Sandy Hook and Parkland are privileged places.

      • PaulaH says:

        @Sybil grow up. One of the reasons it’s called Salty Island is because you lack reason and logic as you demonstrated with your ridiculous statement.

      • Debbie says:

        @Sybil: At least you didn’t say anything disparaging. So, there’s that.

        @Haylie: You said it best.

      • Gayle Tapscott says:

        As an American, I realize there is racism everywhere. And you are right, we do have a gun problem depending on where you live in the US. However, I could never live in a society that is “class” based, i.e., what family you were born into suggest your merit and you don’t earn your status. That part of the US is why people want to be here. You earn your class status through hard work. That is why people in the UK don’t like Meghan. They don’t think she is worthy. However, in the US, she is admired for her hard work and personal achievements. It wasn’t handed to her.

    • Isabella says:

      Personally, I was stunned by the mass shootings in the South of France. That, too, is a privileged place. So is Norway. Plymouth, England. Mass shootings there too.

      I live in a state with strong gun laws, but no place is safe and we have had tragedies.

      • EBS says:

        Mass killings in the US are on a different scale to other developed countries. There are positives and negatives about every country on earth, but the widespread gun ownership and lack of regulation are distinct negatives for the US. That’s not to say that Harry and Meghan made the wrong choice for them (at all), given what they were dealing with in the UK. But I can understand why an ordinary person who had a choice about which country they would want to live in, would want to avoid sending their children to school in the US (the drills alone would be traumatic).

      • Woo woo says:

        Unfortunately safety drills are now a standard part of school’s preparations – outside the US too. It’s incredibly sad

  2. K8erade says:

    I know a lot of people rightfully blame Charles for this mess but can you imagine how precarious of a position he’s been put in? I have a strong belief that Philip and Elizabeth brainwashed William AGAINST Charles and Harry. William is the monster of the monarchy’s own making.

    • Snuffles says:

      I wouldn’t put it that way. I think it boils down to is that they never entertained the idea that Harry would ever leave the fold, despite the fact that Harry has been telling anyone who would listen he wanted out. For DECADES, long before Meghan.

      It’s possible they never fathomed it because they knew even if he tried, they would make it impossible for Harry to completely escape. If they blame Meghan for anything, it’s not brainwashing Harry, it’s for helping Harry achieve his lifelong wish.

      As for how William feels about Charles, no brainwashing necessary. He was a shit Dad and shit husband to Diana. Plus he controls William’s purse strings. That’s enough to get his hate on.

      • harpervalleypta says:

        The BRF reminds me of captive elephants. They are leashed with heavy chains when young, so when they are adults, a light rope is all that’s needed to keep them leashed.

        Over the past several decades, NOBODY left that family. None of them thought they could. When they had the choice of staying or leaving and being happy, they all stayed. Even the Duke of Windsor was kept on a leash for his entire life.

        So yeah they may have heard Harry saying he wants to leave, but I think that they never considered that Harry could actually do it. They all were leashed and may have hated the leash but never made any attempt to break free.

      • Deering24 says:

        The RF are straight-up terrified to leave. They’ve been raised in a cult to believe they are nothing without their status, money, and props. And they haven’t been brought up to do much beyond be show horses. Harry is the only one to make a clean break because he’s had a real life–and knows how awful being a show horse is. And the RF is really afraid of him because he shows breaking away can be done, which puts the lie to everything they’ve dedicated their lives to.

  3. Noki says:

    William doesnt trust Harry because he is a coward and was exposed. Thats what happenes when victims finally snap and confront their bullies ,they are left shook and dont know how to react. Thats why William was fidgeting with his scarf and was never able to make eye contact with the Sussexes in public again,im sure Harry confronted him behind the scenes long before the Oprah interview.

  4. Eurydice says:

    I’m sure Harry would be embraced again if he returns to England. It’s Meghan they don’t want.

  5. Jais says:

    It’s a trick! They’ll welcome him and Meghan back just like they were so welcoming at the wedding. I don’t believe they just want Harry back. They want Meghan back so they can beat her down all over again. Hell no.
    I’m sure William is distrustful but TB centers him in a sympathetic way as opposed to saying Harry was shocked that his brother and wife sanctioned and participated in a smearing campaign against his wife. In order to protect her, he went on Oprah and called it out to show that he’s not messing around and they better stop. TB is missing the plot on purpose bc she’s a monarchist a racist and a misogynist. Her fun and frothy writing style, as some seem to enjoy, just can’t make up for that.

    • SuzieQ says:

      Brown’s repeated use of “IED” to describe Harry is almost pathological.
      It’s disgusting.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    These simps want Harry and Meghan back so badly they barely contain themselves. He’s not going to leave his wife and babies to go back to them. Harry’s desire is to be with his family and live his best life and that is what he is doing.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    The Palace believes that Harry was radicalized by Meghan. This is according to the BBC royal correspondent. So, I think when Tina says that Harry would be embraced if he returned to the UK she speaks on authority. The Royal Family believes that Harry is going through a phase and once he wakes up and gets Meghan out of his system he will be back to his “old self” and return to the fold.

    • Snuffles says:

      Yup, they’re convinced it “just a blip”. And it’s this mindset is what’s preventing them from reconciling with Harry. Because the first thing they need to do is accept that this is 100% Harry’s choice and he’s happy with it.

    • Swaz says:

      I’m sure that’s how they feel about it because in ” The Firm” family DOES NOT come first.

    • Snuffles says:


      The last time something like this happened with the Duke of Windsor abdicating to marry American Wallis Simpson, he spent a lifetime trying to get back IN in some capacity (according to The Crown). But that was because he missed all the pomp and circumstance and felt he was living a fallow existence. Harry is the complete opposite. He doesn’t miss that shit at all and has found his own purpose outside of the royal system.

      Seriously, when will this click in their tiny, inbred brains?

      • sunny says:

        Also, he didn’t really abdicate for love- he was a nazi sympathizer who may have committed treason that the family didn’t want in power. Different situation.

        And as you mentioned, Harry is thriving and was never down with the bs pomp and circumstance.

      • Mel says:

        Let’s not compare Harry and Megan to the two fools who plotted with Nazis.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Snufles: I agree with you. In fact alot of the Royal commentators were saying when Harry left that he would come back because he would miss the pump and circumstance. They didn’t know that he hated all of that and it’s why I’m convinced that he requested to be left off the balcony for the Jubilee.

      • Tessa says:

        Duke of Windsor was king who abdicated harry would never be king
        He was besotted with Wallis and he wanted to marry her

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, they’re waiting for harry to “wake up.”

      What none of them seem to realize is that IF Harry and Meghan ever separate (which I highly doubt so its a big IF), Harry still isnt going to back to the royal fold. He’s done. He knows he’ll always be a royal prince, he knows his father and brother and nephew will be kings one day (maybe) and that’s part of his history/life/legacy, but he’s also moved way beyond that and is creating his own legacy, and he’s not going to walk away from that. He’s over the whole working royal thing at this point.

    • Beverley says:

      The RF NEEDS Harry to do Won’t and Can’t work. The Hatebridges are lazy and would prefer to simply lay about. Somebody’s got to do the work. This so-called olive branch of welcoming Harry home is all about working and scapegoating him all over again. The RF and BM are desperate for that Harry “shine”. But they’re dreaming!

      • Isabella says:

        I also think those two aren’t good at the work. Kate at least tries. William always looks trapped, crabby, constipated, resentful. It is fun to see Meghan and Harry, even at a polo match.

      • Beverley says:

        Looking constipated is right! If Won’t can’t let go of some of his rage, it will take a toll on his health (if it hasn’t already). If he hopes to be healthy enough to live as long as TQ or even PC, he needs to make deliberate changes now.

        Harry and Meghan are always fun to see, the picture of relaxed health and deep love.😍

  8. Snuffles says:

    There is NO pathway back to the monarchy. Let’s get that straight right now. IF, Charles starts cracking down on KP shenanigans and gets the Cambridges under control, they MIGHT see more frequent visits from the Sussex’s. Not just Harry, ALL of them. They’re a package deal.

    • C-Shell says:

      Absolutely! Harry’s been clear since forever that he doesn’t want to be part of the monarchy model. He’s proven to himself and everyone else that he can make a life outside of it, and he’s never going back — EVEN IF it weren’t an existential threat to his beloved wife and children. But it IS an existential threat to his family, and Harry’s protective DNA will never subject them to that again. They ARE a package deal, Tina Brown. Get used to it.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Also what exactly do they want him back for? What is his official role? He doesn’t have one. What I find so pathetic about these articles is that they can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that they miss the charisma and excitement the Sussexes brought, which led to greater interest in them. Except for film premieres and disastrous tours, the others don’t get any traction. When the Sussexes were there, every little royal engagement got more attention. Now, nope, not so much. Also, Harry would be wasted there because based on how well Invictus went, and their NYC trip, I don’t see the royal apparatus wanting that type of organization and professionalism, because they don’t consider what the royals do as jobs, but rather “service”, and largesse. Look at how woefully underprepared Edward was in the Caribbean. The main reason they want grown, late 30s, married with two kids and a whole gorgeous wife Harry back is basically to bring out a crowd and shake hands. That’s it. They’re against everything else he stands for but he sure can draw an enthusiastic crowd.

      • C-Shell says:

        That, and the distraction they need from the sheer incompetence and shenanigans of the Lamebridges, The Firm, et al. The British monarchy doesn’t function without a whipping boy or scapegoats.

  9. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Harry doesn’t need her or anyone’s permission to go to England to live or visit. He does not need her or any of the public to welcome him. Like, what?

  10. MsIam says:

    Apparently Harry’s feelings about this don’t matter because he is just an IED who goes off with warning. And Meghan is just a social climbing Hollywood actress who’s feelings don’t count at all. Does Tina even hear herself? If she does I guess she doesn’t let decency get in the way.

    • Sunshine says:

      She writes as if he doesn’t have a wife and children – his family. Do black lives not matter?
      What about his work, passions, mortgage? Do they also mean nothing?

  11. molly says:

    There is a difference between “members of the royal family will embrace him back” and “members of the media embrace him back.” It’s complicated to the former: For Charles, it’s warm bodies to do the work under his slimmed down monarch. (And hopefully a crumb of fatherly desire to have his son and grand kids close.) For William it’s competition and incandescent rage triggers.

    For the later, the press absolutely would welcome him back. That’s pure, uncut CONTENT for them, and at the end of the day, that’s all they care about.

  12. Cel2495 says:

    Very very slim to nonexistent possibility that he will go back. Why would he? He is free, his family is safe and he is living his life the way he wants to. Who wants to go back to that viper den? These people are crazy. Harry has shown again and again that he will choose Meghan and his children (as he should) over his 💩 family

  13. Nicole says:

    I think the word “if” is very important as well as the words not used: Meghan and the children. Harry fought really hard to have a family of his own. Do they really think he would be satisfied being the third wheel and distraction for Buttons McGee while the “Future Future King” continues to have affairs a dalliances. There is NOTHING in it for Harry, and he will defend his non white wife, because he saw what the press did to his mother.

    • Molly says:

      He loses Meghan and the kids if he goes back to the UK/royal family. Either through divorce, or god forbid something worse, she’s never doing all that again and Harry knows it.

  14. Izzy says:

    He was once living and fighting in an actual WAR ZONE and said he liked being out of England. He isn’t going back. He quit them, and boy oh boy, they really can’t handle it, can they?

  15. Mia 1066 says:

    There is so much to hate in this extract. Tina loves war analogues so much maybe she can be dropped in a war zone to experience them first hand? She’s all knowing about them? She’s a poisonous piece of shit. And the Harry is a loose cannon bs is so overdone. I hope everything bad for her because she deserves nothing less. No Tina Harry won’t leave his family for his brain injured brother. Sorry. And apologies to people with traumatic brain injuries. My husband Has a mild brain injury and they are never mild. But this is the reason for Harry ‘needing’ to support William. He had a brain injury and now he has temper issues etc.

    • Snuffles says:

      “No Tina Harry won’t leave his family for his brain injured brother. Sorry. And apologies to people with traumatic brain injuries. My husband Has a mild brain injury and they are never mild.”

      You know, I was just thinking about this the other day. When Diana was pregnant with William, she threw herself down the stairs trying to kill herself. Then when he was 8, he got a depressed fracture of the skull when he got whacked in the head with a golf club. I know they all claim William fully recovered from that, but what if he didn’t and there were long term effects? How would that manifest itself?

      • Mia1066 says:

        You don’t recover! Trust me. There’s no such thing as a mild brain injury. I’ve seen a lot having spent months in a bi unit. That golf club was a traumatic injury. He’s a ragaholic,, he’s always having temper tantrums, Kate is scared of him, no one in the family will confront him out of fear (thank God he’ll never have launch codes!) no one has ever moderated him, for some bizarre reason he ‘needs’ Harry etc. My husbands injury was ‘mild’ but it changed his personality. Nothing like a traumatic one. But of course statesman will is the new song sheet..

      • Jaded says:

        Those incidents may very well have contributed to his behaviour as an adult, but even as a toddler he was a tempermental little wanker. Add to that his parents’ contentious separation and divorce and you have a perfect storm of stuff that could cause a kid to go off the rails and develop mental health disorders that continue well into adulthood.

      • CooCooCatchoo says:

        You make valid points about William’s past head injuries. Never thought about that, but it makes sense!

      • Tessa says:

        Another problem is that william was made to feel he was more special as heir.the queen mother paid a lot more attention to william than to harry

    • Sunday says:

      Tina and her war analogies are absolutely vile. Harry is not a f*cking IED, and that’s not just a fun little quip of a term for her to be slinging around like she’s said something poignant. And to apply it to a veteran is just so disgusting, it makes my blood boil every time she says it.

      • Christine says:

        I could not agree with you more if I tried. She is disgusting.

      • Deering24 says:

        Brown is projecting. William is the real IED here, but scapegoating Harry covers that up.

  16. HeyKay says:

    Oh, I think the paps would go after Harry 24/7 if he moved back to UK.
    Like a pack of starving wolves.

    Harry is the most like Diana, IMO.
    And remember how Diana was chased and hunted by the paps.
    She was the most photographed woman on the planet.

  17. M says:

    How gross to say he goes off like an IED. Racist in so many ways. And I want Harry to never go back once Queenie dies. Burn all the bridges, because they don’t care about him and it shows.

    • kirk says:

      The Palace Poopers poison pen is still at it!
      Disgusted that TB was working overtime during Invictus Games to get the most explosive incendiary language out there to describe Harry: blow-up, bomb, grenade, IED, landmine. Ugh!

      The ‘Harry coming back’ theme is a specific subset in the Hate Meghan genre: Harry’s family (Meghan and children) is cleaved from his side to so he, alone, can go back to Britain for something or other.

  18. TheOriginalMia says:

    Tina and her ilk continue to think of Meghan as a degree wife. Now with the kids, a degree family. To Harry, they are his everything. Tina et al put a higher value on the monarchy than Harry does. He won’t leave his family to return to the UK no matter what the future holds for his marriage. The way they’ve treated him, the anguish they’ve caused Meghan will forever taint his relationship with Charles, William and the monarchy. He isn’t coming back. He’s free. He’s healthy. He’s happy. Why would he give that up to be the scapegoat for Charles & William?

  19. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    But Harry is already embraced…? The Queen and The Prince Not-So-Regent had to BEG him to return for the Jubbly and even then it’s completely on Harry’s terms so much so they are sending The Other Brother out of the country to Wales while Harry and his family visits. Most people who are interested in The Palace Papers know this. Tina Brown knows this. Whose ego is she stroking stating this lie?

    • WhateverWorks says:

      The connection to the BRF is what keeps the Sussexes in the news.

      • L84Tea says:

        Sure Jan.

      • Jaded says:

        No, breaking free of the BRF is what keeps them in the news. That and their many successes now that they don’t have to live in that nest of vipers anymore.

      • Becks1 says:

        Meh, not really. And I want to address this because it does come up on here from time to time.

        the connection is why Harry is famous, of course. But if being a part of the BRF was enough to generate the kind of coverage H&M get, then we would see wall-to-wall coverage in the US of Edward and Sophie, and most people forget the Queen even has a fourth child. If the connection was enough, then the cookbook William wrote a foreword for would have been an international bestseller. If the connection was enough, that Kate’s sad struggle survey would have had more responses. As it is, despite their 12 million followers on IG, they struggle to get more than 100k or 200k likes on a regular basis.

        The connection boosted Harry into the global stratosphere of fame, but he has kept himself there. he capitalized on that connection (and not in the bad way the BP says) to make a difference and start charities and organizations and I think now, a HUGE part of his appeal, especially to Americans, is that he said “thanks but no” to the royal lifestyle and is making his own way.

      • L4Frimaire says:

        People find them fascinating and Harry being a royal prince is very noteworthy. Why pretend otherwise. It’s a heady cocktail with all the dramatic elements. But I’ve said this before, no one has generated as much interest in the royals as Sussexes in a generation, the last person doing that was Harry’s mother,Diana. The rest they want to sweep the real news under the carpet because it’s all rural rivals, shady deals, lack of financial oversight, legal payoffs and bad associations with dictators and sex traffickers. The majority of people here aren’t paying attention to the daily court circular to see what geographic society event or scout troop the royals are visiting on their once a week outings ( oh such hard work). However, put on a little red lipstick and polka dots at polo, and the world gets talking and old dudes are stroking out

      • Tan says:

        Other way around but go off

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        Even if that were true, it doesn’t change the fact (well known among royal watchers and reporters) that the monarch and next in line to the throne have bent over backwards to ensure Prince Harry will be in England during the Jubbly. Harry is very much embraced by the crown. Tina Brown is lying for…I don’t even know who at this point.

      • Jais says:

        Sure, the connection to the BRF originally put Harry in the news. That has been the case since his birth. But it is not what keeps him and Meghan in the news.

  20. C-Shell says:

    As dangerous as it is to live here in the US, as we see every day, sadly, at least Harry can exert control over the choice to live in the bosom of his toxic and threatening family and The Firm. With the rats’ help, the BRF literally damn near killed his wife and unborn child and quite probably killed his mother. He’s realized his lifelong dream of making a life outside of the monarchy, and he has a family of his own that he loves and would do anything to protect. HE’S NEVER GOING BACK, TINA.

    • WhateverWorks says:

      If you believe the BRF & UK media killed your mother and nearly murdered your spouse and unborn child, why would you ever go back to the UK and stay in contact with the woman who is in charge of it all?

  21. Nyro says:

    These people are going to be in for a shock when the queen dies. Harry’s association with that family ends when she dies. He’ll see Eugenie and Jack privately as he does today. If he forgives Charles and they reconcile, that will all happen privately and they’ll see each other privately. There will be no more guilt tripping from 96 year old granny to deal with. It still has not hit them that the days of seeing Harry on the balcony or seeing Harry in uniform in a carriage are over. No more photos of “the boys” together in their uniforms. No more “Fab four” photos All the pomp and circumstance for him dies with the queen. Once it hits them, you’ll see how usual hatred and bullying spike, just as it does whenever they announce a pregnancy or they announce a multi million dollar deal.

    • C-Shell says:

      This is so true. I do not understand why they keep saying that Harry’s waiting for the Queen to pass before reestablishing a role as part of the monarchy. Is that a JOKE?! The only reason he maintains any relationship with that toxic organization is his grandmother (his relationship with Eugenie has little or nothing to do with their positions in the BRF). Once she’s gone, Harry will have “space” with the remainders.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        That’s how I see it. Once TQ passes, Harry and Meghan won’t be at any event regarding the BRF. They are coming to the Jubbly due to the desire of TQ. She is the only one that they have a relationship with. They won’t be there to attend the coronation for Charles or Bulliam.

        They will be very leery of Salty Island and no amount of begging from Charles will bring them to back into the fold.

        Harry and Meghan are where they want to be and are extremely happy in Montecito. They are living their best lives there!!

        What a ludicrous and vile bunch!!!

  22. Pam says:

    I’d love to know what these people think he’d be going back to. Being 6th in line of succession? Having to defer to Charles and William? Dealing with the pedo who the Queen keeps trying to bring back into the fold? Dealing with the sister-in-law who appears to be on the brink of collapse from an eating disorder, when she’s NOT scheming to blackball Meghan? No, I think he’s better off making his own way with Meghan. Granted, our country is a mess right now (and understand that the VAST majority feel that way, and that we’re hog-tied by a deadlocked Congress), but Meghan and Harry could live anywhere in the world they choose—they don’t need to go back to the snake pit.

  23. equality says:

    Even before Meghan, PH was expected to be the RF and BM scapegoat to cover up the awfulness of the rest. They would welcome him back to a position that nobody in their right mind would want. And, what is going through PW’s head when he goes off in public making stupid, racist remarks. What was going through Ed’s and Chuck’s minds when they make stupid, unthinking remarks? Or Philip, he made plenty of stupid remarks.

  24. Sondra Jackson says:

    Seriously! Why would he ever subject his family to all of that vitriol. Harry, Meghan and their two beautiful children are happy and free just where they are.

  25. equality says:

    Does she realize how little sense she makes? PH is supposedly difficult to deal with and explosive…but they will welcome him back with open arms. Really? Why? They should be relieved to not have to deal with him if her “IED” comparison were valid.

  26. Hannah says:

    She left off “without his biracial wife and 2 children.” A pox on this wretched woman 👹

  27. PaulaH says:

    @Sybil: Grow up. One of the reasons it is called Salty Island is because you lack reason and logic.

  28. Deering24 says:

    I’m not surprised at Brown’s racism. She snarked endlessly about the Obamas, so it’s no wonder she’s freaking over an African-American princess.

  29. MikeB says:

    Trust is a two way street, William has done nothing to earn Harry’s trust. Where did all the stories about the wedding originate? where did the bullying story originate? Who did the person who leaked what should have been confidential HR information to the tabloids work? The answer in all cases is KP. So please Tina Brown don’t talk about William’s lack of trust.

  30. Subaru_Lady says:

    If The Sussexes need to return to the UK for financial reasons, they will be under a strict gag order regarding the media. I can’t see the Queen, Charles or William allowing it any other way.

    • ABritGuest says:

      You are funny. The palace literally helped a tabloid when Meghan sued them & many reporters readily admit that negative stories about Meghan especially from November 2018 onward were briefed by the palace. The palace has been briefing everyone from Robert Lacey to Tina brown on the pair for multiple biographies. Harry & Meghan aren’t the ones who need to be media gagged.

      And yes Tina brown is a bigot like all the royal reporters who think Harry’s wife and kids are dispensable.

    • Emily says:

      Why would they ever need to go back for financial reasons? To become the next Edward and Sophie. They seem to have a lot of influential contacts in the US and I’m sure they have investments. They will be fine. No need to return to the viper’s nest.