Kim Kardashian brags about buying & stretching out another Marilyn Monroe dress

People keep asking me if I know why Kim Kardashian is single-white-female-ing Marilyn Monroe all of a sudden. I have no idea! While I pay attention to what Kim’s doing and saying, her Marilyn obsession seems to be somewhat recent. By that I mean, I’m sure Kim was – like many women – interested in Monroe and fascinated by MM’s Hollywood history and fashion history for years. But Kim turned a casual interest into a full-blown fetish, and she doesn’t care about any of the criticism. I wasn’t happy about Kim wearing Marilyn’s iconic Jean Louis dress to the Met Gala, but my thing was that she doesn’t have the sexiness, vivacity or humor to pull it off. Dyeing your hair blonde does not make you Marilyn or even Marilyn-esque. I’ve seen Marilyn drag queens who are a million times sexier than Kim was in that dress. But it gets worse! Kim doubled-down on her Monroe obsession by finding, buying and altering another Marilyn Monroe dress. From her Instagram:

To top off my night after The Met, I had the honor of changing into Marilyn Monroe’s Norman Norell dress that she wore to the Golden Globes in 1962 —where she received the Henrietta Award For World Film Favorite. In my quest to find the Jean Louis hand beaded dress that I wore to the gala, I discovered @heritageauctions owned Marilyn’s iconic green sequined gown. Further into my research I found out that the owner of the Golden Globe that she received that evening was none other than my friend @jeffleatham. I saw this all as a sign the way that all of the stars aligned. It will forever be one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to channel my inner Marilyn in this way, on such a special night. Thank you Heritage Auctions, Barbara Zweig and Jeff for helping to make this memory possible.

[From Kim’s Instagram]

As you can see in Kim’s slideshow, she genuinely believes that she’s wearing Marilyn’s dress. And… I just don’t think that’s the same dress??? AT ALL? Did she buy a historical piece, alter it completely and then brag about it on Instagram? Or did a vintage place hoodwink a Kardashian and get her to stretch out and alter a completely different dress? If that’s the way it went down, I applaud Heritage Auctions.

While I know Marilyn is incredibly iconic, I wish Kim would develop a fetish for, like, Jane Russell’s old gowns. They would probably look a lot better on Kim. It still cracks me up that Kim bleached her hair and she thought that was all she needed to do to be Marilyn-esque.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar, Instagram.

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  1. C says:

    The fact that she is calling all of this “channeling my inner Marilyn” tells me what I need to know. It’s not an homage; just her ego.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      That is exactly what she is doing @ C! It’s not a homepage to MM, she is destroying MM’s classic gowns for her own insecurities. She is nothing like MM, who was a voracious reader, extremely intelligent, sexy, and was a woman full of compassion and an ability to act brilliantly!! KK is NO Marilyn Monroe, and never will be. She needs to give it up. She also bought Jackie Kennedy’s watch as well. I guess she thinks that these purchases elevate her, but they don’t.

      You can put a pig in a tutu as a ballerina, but it’s still a pig.

      • C says:

        Like, if this were a pair of earrings or something that Marilyn wore, and Kim made a replica dress to go with them, I’d be fine with it. There are ways to do things like that, evoke her and pay respect, which aren’t like this – taking delicate historic garments and yanking them up over your body which they do not fit, and handling her awards for some reason, and sleeping with her hair under her pillow (which Kim reportedly is doing with the hair of Marilyn that she was gifted).
        It’s like someone else said – it’s more objectifying of Marilyn, which she hated in the first place.

    • Maida says:

      Yes, exactly. I also think the comparison does Kim K no favors: Marilyn Monroe could both sing and act, while Kim can apparently do neither at a professional level.

  2. GR says:

    As the clothing historian Abby Cox has pointed out on her youtube channel, the Marilyn “happy birthday” gown is 1) very delicate and should not be worn by anyone and 2) should be in the Smithsonian being cared for properly, not at a tourist trap like Ripley’s.

    • SarahLee says:

      I was actually shocked to hear that this dress is in some trashy Ripley’s. Honestly. But the real elephant in the room for me is how Kim said she wore no body makeup. Notice how much whiter she looks? The woman has been doing blackface for years and getting away with it.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I was looking at that too @ SarahLee! She is incredibly white, no hint whatsoever of pigment. She needs to quit trying to see herself as someone that she isn’t.

      • goofpuff says:

        And she probably tanned herself as much as she could before this event. She was always much lighter before the game.

    • HeyJude says:

      Unfortunately, the Smithsonian doesn’t have the budget to buy everything. They have strategical decide what they pursue. Other than that they tend to rely on donated items. So if the owner is not receptive to working with them for the preservation of an item as a cultural artifact they’re out of luck.

      And if they have Christie’s in the owner’s ear saying we’ll get you 500k for this, it’s a lopsided fight.

      Ripley’s bought their artifacts at auction, straight up, to the highest bidder.

      Luckily however, the Academy Museum is now on the scene and has been subverting this practice of private collectors and shady tourist museums (not actual institutions of preservation) buying and taking away these items. They has been laying down cash to obtain key things. Other times notable actors will purchase something out of pocket at retail auction and give things to the Academy. Leonardo di Caprio for example has done this before with the Maltese Falcon.

      Unfortunately, there is some stuff that is just lost for good because auction houses sold them to undisclosed buyers and then never keep track of items from that point. But from what I’ve heard from contacts in the industry, many key American film artifacts have gone overseas to billionaires and we just will never see them again. They’re with insanely wealthy people in China or Dubai who’ve begun their own private personal collections they have in their homes for bragging rights.

      • Juniper says:

        Wasn’t Debbie Reynolds trying to do this but she ended up having to sell it all because she couldn’t afford the upkeep?

  3. TOM says:

    Or a Kardashian is lying. That is not the same dress and Kim must know that.

    • Snoozer says:

      Ohhhh… okay, I actually think it might be. If you look at the last two photos of the back of the dress, you can see it. She’s put her arms through the cut-outs and what is a halter around Marilyn’s neck is across Kim’s upper back.

      • Kate says:

        Thank you for figuring that out! Leaving aside moral qualms, etc., I think she looks fantastic in the green dress. Way better on her than the “naked” dress.

    • Kirsten says:

      I do think it’s the same dress but the bodice was altered — the draped part on the original was pulled up to make a halter-neck, and they took one of the smaller straps to put across the top back.

      • tealily says:

        But why do that? Surely the bodice is the part of the dress that makes it unique and interesting. This woman, I swear to god…

        ETA: As Jules points out below, the details are still there, Kim put her arms through the holes that Marilyn didn’t.

    • HeyJude says:

      The thing is costume designers and other such fashion professionals can totally tell this just by looking. I don’t know how, that’s not my field, but they do. They are that good.

      You have to understand in their world these pieces are studied very closely for education purposes.

  4. Oh_Hey says:

    At this point Kim has to be doing this on purpose. She loves being hated. She has to.

    With the exception of the Kanye stuff she’s just a mess and a wreck of a person.

    • LP says:

      Exactly, she’s doing what they all do- abhorrent things intentionally so they get the coverage and clicks. While I do think the entire family’s racist gaffes are real, for example, I do think most of their shenanigans are to get people angry on purpose. Look at the coverage of her since the Met gala!

    • MeganC says:

      I can’t help but notice her MM obsession seems to coincide with the Even the Rich series on MM.

      • Tam says:

        Love that show! Learned some very interesting things from that show (I recommend the Mariah and J.Lo episodes.)

    • ME says:

      100% agree. This family gets most of their publicty by two things, one is purposely saying/doing things that get people upset, and second is the men they date. They think the public is too stupid to catch on. It’s so obvious at this point, it’s like come on.

      By the way Kim admitted in her Vogue interview she had a replica of that green dress made…yet here she is pretending that’s the real MM dress that she just happens to be able to fit her fake inflated ass in.

    • Gruey says:

      Let’s face it. It’s a fantastic strategy. She dominated met coverage for a week. Just when it’s dying down, she grabs headlines back again. It’s really quite remarkable how much this family, who do nothing of substance, absolutely seize everyone’s brains. Can’t say I admire it, but it certainly works.

  5. Merricat says:

    Born on third basic.
    Law of Attrition sez “I knew Marilyn Monroe. You, madam, are no Marilyn Monroe.”

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Brilliant response!!!! She isn’t even in the same neighborhood as MM! MM was extremely intelligent, hard working and was an excellent actor. KK in no MM in this century or any other century!

      I wish a museum would buy all of MM’s gowns and hold them as they should be, pieces of history that are worthy of being cared for and not allowed for anyone to try on, yet alone wear!!!

      • HeyJude says:

        Marilyn was also a pure soul.

        Kim has no idea what that concept even means.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    Channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe? Stretching out dresses that don’t suit her, bleaching her hair only to wear it in a ponytail? IS she not embarrassed?

  7. Ariel says:

    Can we all agree that we should not wear dresses we cannot zip shut?
    Isn’t that a basic rule of dressing yourself?

    Also re the second dress- if you buy a “famous” gown why would you remove the one detail that makes it stand out. The strappy bits on the shoulders do not exist on Kim’s dress.

    • Jo says:

      I look at her and I can hardly breathe. She is bringing back everything that made women uncomfortable: corsets, shapewear, extra tight clothes, tight ponytails, extremely invasive cosmetic procedures, extreme dieting. MM’s era was certainly flawed and we do not want to go back to that as a society (if on a personal level you do, fine, but not as a rule please).

    • BothSidesNow says:

      KK is destroying history! She butchered the second dress which should NOT have been done. She only sees this as an opportunity to try and class herself up. Kim, this isn’t how you “class” yourself up. Read a book and then try to learn how to class yourself up instead of destroying historical pieces of history.

    • Jules says:

      Those weren’t straps. Marilyn Monroe chose not to put her arms through the armholes and wear the dress like a halter. KK wore the dress (if it’s even the same dress) the way the designer meant it to worn. I still don’t think it’s the same dress.

  8. Jo says:

    While I am sure that she doesn’t spend her time reading blogs, websites and the general press, she certainly has a press officer telling her how people are reacting, especially museum specialists.
    The fact that she doubled down just means that she is a plutocrat, not a democrat or even a Republican. She really believes that she is at the level of someone like Monroe when, actually, she just borrows other people’s bodies and prestige without any of the talent. That’s why I was never on board with Madonna because she does essentially the same thing, but at least she created music out of it that had seriously nice songs. KK just mean girls women while borrowing their bodies and pretending to be them. I am done making excuses for this kind of pop culture. This version of it is just an empty vessel full of holes.

    • C says:

      I think it’s the opposite – she and her whole family and their teams read blogs, websites, etc, and I’m sure they don’t care at all about what museum specialists think.
      Any publicity is good publicity in their eyes. Anything that will make them relevant. They have no souls.

      • Jo says:

        Yes but in this gossip site we reported the museum curator’s point of view (and so did the comments at the Fug girls – who were surprisingly ok with the dress btw) so even in lighter media, this was reported and people were generally appalled.

      • C says:

        Sure. I was one of the people with a museum background who commented on it. But that doesn’t mean she notices or cares about that aspect; I very much doubt she does.

      • Jo says:

        Oh yes! For sure she doesn’t care. Agreed! My point is that she cares that other people care. Indeed, if she was sensible to any other narrative than her own notoriety, she would have stopped. My point is that, like any other plutocrat, she is happy to be above museums and museum conservation policy, the more we complain, the more content she will be.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    But it’s not the same dress. Does she think people are stupid?

    • goofpuff says:

      It can’t be the same dress. Marilyn didn’t have the huge butt implants Kim put in. The dress would not fit Kim so exactly if it was actually made for Marilyn.

      i think is it’s a reproduction.

  10. souperkay says:

    It is the same dress, Marilyn did not wear it correctly because she didn’t think she was busty enough. When you look at the picture of Marilyn, the arm holes are on her chest & Kim used the arm holes. Same dress, Kim is wearing it differently.

    • Emma says:

      what — you don’t think MARILYN wore it “correctly”! She wore it beautifully, no competition.

      • Moneypenny424 says:

        Marilyn didn’t wear it as the designer intended. Of course she wore it beautifully, but she did not put her arms through the armholes.

  11. Missskitttin says:

    Wearing the first dress was a crime. It should be carefully stored in a museum under the right temperature. Now, the second dress…. Kim was evidently conned lol.

  12. Lightpurple says:

    The top part of the dresses do not look the same.

  13. Lauren C says:

    It is the same dress – Kim is wearing it as it was designed, but not how Marilyn wore it. Apparently Marilyn didn’t put her arms through the armholes to make it backless..

  14. JJ McClay says:

    Re: the dress looking different — In a comment under the Instagram post, Chrissie Tiegan posted, noticing that in the pics, Marilyn didn’t have her arms through the dress’s armholes (she wore it more halter-style) and KK confirmed. (Said she tried wearing it that way and it didn’t suit her.)

    Regardless, I am still of the belief that, fashion is a form of material culture and wearing it like this is damaging and destructive to a cultural artefact. We wouldn’t think it was okay if someone smooshed their fingers all over a Cezanne canvas, and this is the same thing.

  15. Miranda says:

    I feel like Kim used to be a better liar? That’s not the same dress. Like, at all. What Kim is wearing does not even appear to be a vintage dress to me, or at least not of the same vintage. Even swimsuit fabrics didn’t have THAT much stretch to them in the early ’60s.

  16. BlueSky says:

    I think Kim has been obsessed with MM since she posed for playboy. It had to be the 1st season of KUWTK when she met with Hugh Hefner that she mentioned her.
    Anyway Kim has a way of making anything she wears look trashy.

  17. Dee Dee says:

    The front of Marilyn’s dress when she has it on has some type of cutouts on the front top.

    Also, Marilyn’s dress doesn’t have a strap across the back.

    It definitely appears to be altered in some ways. Maybe minor but altered nonetheless.

    Kim is a putz.

  18. MsIam says:

    I don’t get Marilyn vibes at all. Its just….Kim. In a sequin dress. Blake Lively was the iconic look of this Met Gala, imo. Not this try hard.

  19. Polly says:

    “I saw this all as a sign the way that all of the stars aligned.”

    That is incredibly narcissistic even by her standards.

  20. emmi says:

    Same dress, like others have pointed out.

    My issue is that the dress belongs to a museum that doesn’t seem to care about its pieces all that much. It’s an iconic piece of clothing. Get a grip. And smaller museums are important, they shouldn’t be kept from exhibiting important items but this isn’t a good look! I can’t waltz into the Acropolis Museum and pick a vase to put on my dinner table because I’m excpecting fellow Greeks for dinner??? WTF?

  21. Ms. says:

    It is Marilyn’s dress.

    But I don’t get the appeal; it doesn’t even look good on Kim. Marilyn will always be a goal among people who find sex appeal as one of the greatest traits a person can have. And she will always have mainstream icon status, too, but seems to be having an uptick in popularity right now. That new Netflix docu just came out.

    • H says:

      “Marilyn will always be a goal among people who find sex appeal as one of the greatest traits a person can have.” Nailed it! That’s exactly it.

  22. Laura says:

    This is fame whoring at it’s lowest. The fact that Kim was allowed to alter desecrate and devalue these iconic pieces is sickening.

    I think what really cheapened the entire thing was Kim’s obsessive and asinine behaviour towards Marilyn. The one thing Marilyn craved in life was to not be objectified.

    Yet the biggest fame whore today is still doing it in death.

    • JD says:

      It’s so sad that the people who say they admire someone the most are often the ones who are the most disrespectful. If she truly was a fan she would have understood there was more to MM than just dresses and glamour.

  23. Mina_Esq says:

    What cracks ME up is that she did all of this, and it wasn’t even on-theme for the gala.

  24. Sean says:

    Does anyone have a clue as to what Pete Davidson sees in her?

    • MissMarirose says:


      • Sean says:

        If so, that’s pathetic. There are so many available women he could date that have those qualities plus so much more in spades.

    • LIONE says:

      Let’s not pretend Pete is something he is not. You show yourself by the people you associate with, and this is where he is happy. That tells me everything I need to know about him and everything I thought he was, was good PR and image building..

      Superficial people.

  25. JD says:

    What’s so disappointing is that now whenever people or historians discuss Marilyn’s famous dress(es) KK will be tied into that conversation for a long time. She has made herself a part of fashion history that wasn’t intended for her.

  26. Elo says:

    All I can think about looking at these photos is how bad her hair looks.
    Bleached and stuck in this weird little slicked back bun. It’s such a bad look.

  27. Esmerelda says:

    Looking at the pictures side by side, the comparison does not go in Kim’s favor. Marilyn looks relaxed and at ease, Kim’s looks like someone who can’t walk or move, otherwise her dress will burst.

    Notice how the dress is tight, but not skin tight on Marilyn: she can laugh and she can dance in it. That’s sex appeal.

    Kim just looks like a very insecure sausage stuffing in green sequins. She could accept her own body and find joy in that, instead of chasing the “dream body” of a long dead woman.

  28. PixieClifton says:

    “It don’t fit ya, Mae!”

  29. Elsa says:

    She does not have an inner Marilyn. I have no beef with Kim, but she cannot pull off those looks. They look fine on her, but she has none of the Marilyn vivaciousness.

  30. Tanguerita says:

    she is disgusting.

  31. Sherry says:

    It’s hilarious that she had to cover her butt with the white fur, because the zipper wouldn’t go over it. At that point, just wear the replica for the whole thing! She still would have gotten publicity out of it

  32. Mimi says:

    I used to defend Kim, I said she looked good in the “naked” dress but I’m just sick of her lately and her entire family too. Don’t try to be Marilyn. No one will ever measure up to Marilyn. Leave her clothes’ alone, don’t post side by side pics comparing yourself to Marilyn. Marilyn is a legend. You are not and never will be. Marilyn was a natural beauty with talent. You are not a natural beauty with talent. Lmao. Gtfo

    • Peanut Butter says:

      Amber Rose did this look long before Kim Kardashian. Then copycat Kim came along and dragged dazzling, iconic Marilyn Monroe’s memory into her profiteering shtick.

  33. Emma says:

    And now she’s holding Marilyn’s award statuette like??? What is the point here? I find that creepy. Like Marilyn wasn’t exploited enough during her lifetime?

    At least she’s mimicking a white woman in her orange Trumpian makeup this time as opposed to her usual Black or Hispanic targets.

    • ME says:

      White boyfriend, stealing from White Women. Think she’s finally moved on from us POC lol ! Maybe we aren’t profitable to her anymore.

  34. LIONE says:

    Sadly, none of this make her soul prettier, better or more valuable.
    All she has is her appearance, she has nothing else: no intellect, no talent, no compassion.

  35. H says:

    Ah, every chick in Hollywood goes through their Marilyn phase. Lindsay Lohan’s was the worst IMO.

    This is just Kim’s attempt to justify her presence in Hollywood by courting comparisons to other messy sexpot icons. It’s her thing. I remember her mom saying she was the new Liz Taylor right around the time everyone was criticizing Kim’s flash-in-the-pan marriage to that athlete.

    The thing is, Liz and Marilyn still had acting careers, and Kim contributes nothing.

    • H says:

      No wait, I change my mind. She’s also doing this to show up Marilyn posthumously. She wants people to say she looks better than Marilyn did. You just know that’s what her mom and sisters are saying to her in private.

  36. Mcali says:

    It’s just a dress. 🤷‍♀️

    • ChewieNYC says:

      Thank you! It’s just a dress and I’m sure before Kim wore them no one knew who owned them today or where they had been stored. No one is going to museums just to look at these dresses. The images of MM and her movies are what people remember her by and that’s her legacy. Good lord, they’re just dresses worn by an actress, no more no less.

  37. H says:

    ” thought that was all she needed to do to be Marilyn-esque.” OK but also: look at the shape of her boobs. She wore an old-fashioned, no-support, pointy boobs bra to replicate how Marilyn’s breasts sat in the dress LOL

    Not that it did much for Kim, lol.

  38. Call Me Mabel says:

    Why this outrage over Marilyn Monroe’s ‘legacy’? She was a talented actress but also had a LOT in common with Kim Kardashian, and the people who criticize Kim K. would have probably criticized Marilyn if they were her contemporary as well. She’s an icon but I don’t get this “Kim is cheapening her memory” vibe. Maybe in 60 years history will look more kindly on Kim Kardashian as well, I guess.

    • C says:

      There are a lot of *criticisms* that people make of Kim that are very similar to what people said of Marilyn, but that doesn’t mean the two women have a lot in common. Here’s another problem – she DOES have a legacy, of serious attention to her performances and her intellectual life and how she wanted to live free and be a performer not a caricature, and that yet again gets steamrolled when Kim wants to physically degrade antique pieces and throw around her possessions for the sake of clout. She turns into an object to be used, *again*.
      I think Marilyn would probably herself just say “it’s just a dress”, and I would think that too, except it’s not just the dress, it’s all of this fanfare and co-opting and disrespect for what are artifacts. She got gifted some of her hair and is sleeping with it under her pillow! Kim could have just made some replicas, styled her hair that way, told a nice story about visiting the dresses in real life. But the things she wants are just there for her to use, not appreciate, it seems.

      • Emma says:

        Yeah, Kim is not Marilyn, just because she wants to be. One can’t just put on talent and charisma like a costume. Marilyn Monroe is a deeply nostalgic and tragic figure to so many people, and Kim is … not. Kim is doing herself a disservice by even putting the comparison anywhere out there.

    • Jo says:

      They are so different! Marilyn Monroe emulated Jean Harlow with what seemed to be her « white hair » (bc black and white films, so even this inspiration is already adapted by her) but then she built her image on her own through her acting that she worked really hard to perfect. She developed a unique form of acting and a new kind of character in cinema that explored the vicissitudes and powers of being a woman. She was a socialist and endangered her life to protect her ideas about society and nuclear war (see the Netflix doc). She was flawed like every human being, she pursued a silly notion (being a famous actress) to escape her horrible childhood of foster homes and sexual abuse and later in life (she died really young) she was starting to understand how she had been chasing an empty dream. She really cared about meaning and depth, unlike KK who only cares about building an image through other people’s.
      I think most people in here are very weary of shaming women for being sexy and desirable, which probably the point you’re making. What we criticize here is that KK is everything but. She has a grating way of talking, she seems mean and judgy and her body is created to be photographed. MM was soft and animalesque in her body, men and women, gays and straights adored her and still do.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      I see what you mean. There is a tendency to treat sexually immodest women one way at first, only to tokenize some of them, (“See? I’m respectful about this one!”) make them icons, or use them as a silencing tool against other women later (“modern girls and women have nothing to complain about and are just being ungrateful snowflakes”). It happened with Britney a little bit, and will probably happen with Madonna in a few decades.
      This whole stunt on Kim K’s part was funny but tacky at the same time though. She could have ruined that dress.

      • Call Me Mabel says:

        For similarities, I meant that Marilyn was known for being very provocative, her image was extremely sexualized (as we all just discussed how the Happy Birthday dress was meant to make her appear nude and sparkly), she wasn’t given credit for her intelligence by the public at large during her life, and her personal life was seen as very “messy” to say the least. She also took a sex scandal involving images and turned the public opinion to her side. In addition to all of this, yes, she was talented, insightful, smart and a deeply feeling person. But superficially, how she was perceived is not that far from Kim Kardashian.

        I also think that Marilyn was a star and an icon but no more deserving of the kind of reverence people have for her than a lot of other actresses whose personal items have been sold off and repurposed.

      • C says:

        Yes. Those criticisms are similar to those of Marilyn’s at the time. That doesn’t mean these women have anything in common themselves. Their personalities and their public perceptions are not the same thing.

        Not wanting these personal effects to become Kim’s Buffalo Bill costume is perfectly analogous with feeling the same way about the effects of other actresses. But because of Marilyn’s status, we’re lucky because there are more of her things preserved. So the conversation follows accordingly. But it’s not like I don’t feel the same about how Pia Zadora demolished Pickfair or how Rita Hayworth’s black dress from Gilda seems to now have unknown whereabouts.

      • Call Me Mabel says:

        C, you are right. I should say that the way their contemporaries see them isn’t as dissimilar as some people would think. We have a lot perspective on Marilyn’s life, and maybe as more time passes, the next few generations will also have a much different perception of whatever Kim’s ultimate legacy will be. Having never been a big fan of Marilyn Monroe’s work, I guess I’m just more indifferent to Kim wearing the dresses, but that also doesn’t mean those who are truly upset over it are wrong.

  39. AmyB says:

    The funny thing to me is, regardless of her wearing any of these classic Marilyn Monroe dresses or not, Kim K does not hold a candle to the sexy, sultry sex symbol that Marilyn was. I can’t put my finger on it, but Kim does NOT exude sexuality to me. Yes, she is absolutely a gorgeous woman (with much plastic surgery – but even before, she was still stunning). She just doesn’t have that same thing that Marilyn did; not many do. Kim sort of seems like she’s trying to “pretend” to be that, but it is such a facade in my eyes. Same for all of the Kardashians, really.

    One other woman that comes to mind currently that has that “IT” factor would be, Angelina Jolie for me. She just simply sizzles with sexuality and lust, when she wants to.

    As far as Kim wearing these dresses, it’s a shame they were worn by anyone period.

  40. molly says:

    So she bought the second Marilyn dress just to pose in her hotel room with a fake trophy and post it on instagram three days later(TM David Rose)??

    I know the Kardashians do the same “get dressed to go nowhere” for Halloween or NYE, but it’s so bizarre to me.

  41. 123naptime says:

    fwiw I can remember Kayne saying, in multiple interviews, that Kim is the Marilyn of our time. It was something he used to say pretty often, it was the first thing I though of when I saw the red carpet lewk, oh she’s trying to say “yeah mf-er I am the Marilyn of our time and it’s got nothing to do with you.”

  42. HME says:

    Yeah I see the armholes and I still don’t think it’s the same dress. Forget the armholes and look at the back views and Kim’s side view. Kim’s surgically enhanced posterior is at LEAST twice the size Marilyn’s ever was. I’m sorry but there is no way Kim’s ass is ever going to fit in anything made for Marlyn. Not without a huge amount of stretch in the fabric at any rate. And even then Kim would look like a stuffed sausage and in a dress like this the sequins would be all stretched out.

    She’s wearing a replica, claiming it’s the ordinal and way too many are falling for her lies. This is a women who swapped her nieces faces with photoshop just to be able to post a picture of her daughter at Disneyland, don’t give her the benefit of the doubt.

  43. Yo says:

    Is there a woman that looks like her at all that she would like to wear their skin for a minute?!. Giving me serious horror flick vibes that movie of the guy that had a woman like an a hole and wore her skin. That’s what she’s giving me here with this obsession. Silence of the lambs that’s what it was called she used to irritate me now I’m legitimately frightened like she looks like Kanye’s ex girlfriend in her face and hair and then she’s wearing a dead woman’s dress multiple times like what the hell I think she misses Kanye they really deserve each other. Poor Pete.

  44. JFerber says:

    So we get to look forward to Kim buying, stretching out and destroying the entire fragile wardrobe of Marilyn? You are not a fan, Kim.

  45. Pork Chops and Applesauce says:

    Whatever the cover story is on this second dress, I don’t care. Kim can’t really fit in to Marilyn’s dresses, period, not at least without major alterations. MM was 5’6” and was far less hour glass exaggerated in her figure. KK is 5’2” and her dimensions are much more curvy than MM was at any point in her life. That’s either a replica or they butchered the dress to make it fit KK.

  46. Patricia says:

    Pete looks like her younger brother.Kim,please go away and take your sister’s with you.Don’t forget pimp mama kris.Give Kanye his kids and go play dress up!

  47. nedra says:

    #Marilyn wore it BEST!

  48. Typing racer says:

    What an amazing and beautiful dress!

    • Justjj says:

      It looked effortless and chic when MM wore it. It looks like Kim skinned a crocodile and/or shopped the prom rack at a JC Penny, sadly. It doesn’t fit her. I’m hoping that isn’t that same dress. Is the severe, pulled back hair, intentional or did she fry it all off trying to go from her natural black to MM’s silver-platinum?