The Cambridges want to ‘scrap stuffy formality, including curtsies & bows’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are still in their feelings about the Colonialist Flop Tour back in March. It was clear at the end of their Caribbean Tour that William and Kate had no idea how to handle the criticism in real time. They couldn’t make adjustments on the fly, they were incapable of improvising. Their message was “we’re colonialists and we can’t change, and if you don’t like it, there’s the door.” Thus, many Caribbean Commonwealth nations are heading for the door, because the Cambridges and the Wessexes are tone-deaf a–holes incapable of change. So, more than five weeks after the Flop Tour ended, William and Kate are still wandering around, making promises about being “less stuffy.”

Prince William and wife Kate are set to be addressed by name and NOT title in a huge shake-up of royal protocol. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to scrap stuffy formality – including curtsies and bows – when on duty. A royal source said they were motivated by their disastrous Caribbean tour. The Sunday Mirror has learned the prince plans to tear up the rule book to “move with the times.”

After the couple’s disastrous Caribbean tour, William is said to be focused on a streamlined, modern monarchy to ensure its survival. A source revealed: “When the team arrived back in London the couple had a debrief with aides. They went over everything and pinpointed specific things that went wrong and how to improve moving forward. The general consensus was that the tour seemed out of date, out of touch, too formal and stuffy. So now it’s more ‘Wills and Kate’ instead of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge… ‘Just call me Wills’ type of thing. They want to try to avoid the bows and curtsies in public, be more approachable, less formal, less stuffy, and break away with a lot of the tradition and focus on a modern monarchy.”

William and Kate were shaken by criticism of their Caribbean tour in March – heralded as a PR disaster. There were imperialistic undertones as the couple shook hands with well-wishers standing behind a metal cage fence in Trenchtown, Jamaica. Our source said the general consensus of the tour was that it was “silly” to have pushed old royal traditions and the couple wished they could turn back time and do things differently.

The source added: “If they could wave a magic wand and go back in time, they would change almost everything about the Caribbean tour.William and Kate are now both very aware that to certain parts of the world, and to the younger generations, the monarchy is a symbol of colonialism and a time gone by. Now, it seems silly to have celebrated that and push royal traditions during the tour. One of the big mistakes they pinpointed was echoing the Queen and Prince Phillip’s military parade, standing up in the open-top Land Rover.

“In retrospect, the team decided that this was one of the main symbols that showed the Royal Family hadn’t changed and moved on with the times. It portrayed a very elitist and out of touch monarchy, and this can no longer be the image it should portray in order to survive.”

According to our source William and Kate “are perceived as the royal stars” – and the Queen believed the younger generation of royals would “cement the monarchy’s position globally and secure the Commonwealth… It was a shock to them all. A real eye-opener. This is what prompted institutional change within the monarchy. Otherwise, they just wouldn’t survive.”

The Sunday Mirror also understands there are future plans for “an overhaul of the entire monarchy with the rules and traditions that surround it, including Charles and Camilla”.

[From The Daily Mirror]

Again, William and Kate were incapable of mixing up their tour in real time. They continued to parade around in their colonialist cosplay and sit in their fancy hotels, drinking Crack Baby cocktails and collecting freebies from local shops. It’s taken them five weeks to come up with a grand plan of “let’s tell people to call us Will and Kate, the peasants will love that.” This from the same people who insist on calling Kate “Catherine.” After we’ve been told for years that Will and Kate are both ALL about their titles and the “hierarchy” and how Meghan simply didn’t understand that the Cambridges were “above” her. I also think it’s hilarious that Camp Cambridge keeps bringing this up! They are haunted by it, nothing like that had ever happened to them before, they were expecting wall-to-wall positive press about how special and keen they are.

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  1. IForget says:

    This is hilarious because one of the few things the Kate stans on twitter & other SM whinge about is how they will refuse to engage with publications who call her Kate Middleton instead of Duchess of Cambridge hahaha

    Also instead of worrying about bowing & curtseying, how about practicing not recoiling when a WOC tries to touch you?

    • Esmerelda says:

      Which is terribly middle class of her, honestly. Everyone knows who she’s married to. And even I know the aristos like their nicknames – she could take Shakespeare’s “Kiss me, Kate” line and Cole Porter’s musical and make something out of that “Kate”, and instead she stands on her dignity with Catherine, as punctilious as any vinegary housewife.
      I don’t recall Diana ever complain about “Lady Di”.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Well, they told Catherine she had to make a choice. Either she be referred to as Kate or interact with POC, she chose to be addressed as Kate. That’s all folks!!

    • goofpuff says:

      After all the screaming about how Meghan didn’t follow protocol, now it’s cool because Kate and Wills does it? and I notice they only said publicly aka for the cameras. Privately everyone still has to bow and scrape.

  2. mia girl says:

    “They want to try to avoid the bows and curtsies in public” but not the buttons. The buttons stay!

    • Swaz says:

      The Cambridges do not want to bow to Camilla, so now curtseying has become a problem.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Swaz, I took particular note of the fact that the bowing and curtseying would be abolished WHEN WORKING. I wondered if it’s phrased that way, because within the family it will continue. Interesting.

      • JustBitchy says:

        Swaz that’s it totally. They want to pretty quickly change the courtesy and now rules around the Cambridge’s Camilla and the blood royal princesses

      • Nic919 says:

        Camilla was always going to be the highest ranking female once she was consort to the monarch. Princess or Queen consort wouldn’t matter. (And we know charles would have removed any loopholes when he is king anyway. )
        There would never be any time where kate would outrank Camilla.

        Now Anne and Princess Alexandra would be another story as blood royals, but maybe they wouldn’t care by then

    • BeanieBean says:

      And now that buttons & bows song is running through my head!

    • Mustang Sally says:

      So Meghan got an earful for: Crossing her legs (instead of invoking the ‘duchess slant’), going bare-legged (instead of wearing hosiery), black nail polish (when other colors aside from clear & Ballet Slippers are considered “vulgar”) but by all means Willy and Waity want to dispense with stuffy formality all of a sudden. Insufferable twits – convenient when a change suits THEM.

  3. Ginny says:

    The fact that they think that simply changing up royal etiquette is the thing they need to do to “move with the times” speaks volumes. They’re missing the point by miles.

    • ML says:

      Exactly this, @Ginny!
      They kept being told that the Royal Family needed to apologize for its role in slavery and colonialism, and pay reparations. These 2 heard that thry need to stop being so stuffy and should eliminate titles and bowing and such in public. This is truly cringeworthy!

    • MeganC says:

      The concept of the commonwealth is completely outdated and irrelevant. Eliminating bows and curtsies won’t change the fact it’s a club with no benefits.

    • C says:

      Right? They waited five weeks to say they are thinking of getting rid of curtsies? What does that have to do with colonialism?

      • BeanieBean says:

        Right. Do they think if they no longer have to bow that those folks will forget all about reparations?

    • 809Matriarch says:

      @Ginny: Especially when they emphasize that the bows and curtseys will not be necessary IN PUBLIC. In other words, they are still stuffy and snobbish but don’t want the cameras to catch it. It is not authentic and will not work.

      • Christine says:

        Didn’t they hire PR specialists to come in after the disaster tour, or am I making that up? How did NO ONE on their team read the “in public” qualification and not realize how awful it is? You are fooling no one. The incompetence is staggering.

    • BeanieBean says:

      If the person on the other end of the interaction physically recoils from you, it really doesn’t matter whether you’ve called her by her name or title.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I suspect they are afraid the public doesn’t want to/won’t bow to them anymore, so this is a preemptive way of saving face (“we didn’t want the peasants to bow anyway!”).

    • Feeshalori says:

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the queen awhile ago eliminate any bowing or curtsying from the public? Anyone who does that now does from choice, not protocol. So if the queen doesn’t require all this bowing and scraping from the public, why should Will and Kate? People don’t have to do it anyway.

    • Christine says:


    • Debbie says:

      It’s called the Titanic method of solving colonialism: In other words, “Let’s all rearrange the deck chairs.” I would love to know the names of the geniuses who came up with that idea.

  4. Dss says:

    Wow that photo of “Kate” in the green dress looks like she had a stroke. She needs to lay off of the Botox

    • IForget says:

      Mistakes were made lol. It’s karma though, and a good reminder for me that I’d rather have wrinkles than be frozen like that, or worse, have to make maniacal faces so my cheek fillers & botox aren’t as obvious :S

    • Gruey says:

      I thought that about having a stroke too!!

      I have Botox and I LOVE it! But it really does take 2 full weeks after injections to set in. If you get it around your chin, it can do weird things to those muscles as it kicks in, including paralyzing different muscles at different rates. More recently it looks like her Botox is fully kicked in (her forehead looks WAY over Botoxes now, she has crazy brows). But I bet at the time of the the struggle Caribbean tour she had just gotten recently injected.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      May I add in Sophie as well? My own face hurts when I look at these two women.

    • TurquoiseGem says:

      So this is their main takeaway after a Caribbean tour that brutally exposed their multiple deficiencies and shortcomings..?!

      We can call them B and C, Will and Cath or whatever and everything is now okay..? Cherry on the more bowing or curtseying for the lucky commoners.

      So nothing about working on their conspicuous lack of work ethic, reading briefs properly and showing a genuine interest in and concern for the people they meet and the places they visit. The upcoming visit to Wales should be interesting….

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Is her Botox creating her lopsided, half-paralyzed smile? Anyway, look at them following in Harry and Meghan’s footsteps again, lol. Harry has people just call him Harry and has for ages. He dropped the “Prince” long ago and never really ever asked to be referred to as “Duke.” Khate and Willnot want to be more approachable? Cue H&M again. Let’s see what else they should steal from the Sussexes…since that’s what the colonialists do best: steal.

    2. Repeat #1.

    • Mia says:

      I was thinking about that green dress photo. This is how her face must look like without photoshopped. So sad and pathetic to do this to keep a man.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I don’t think Kate does it to “keep” William. She was never a great beauty, just an average ok-looking girl. Her “value” to William is not her looks, it’s her willingness to be his doormat. I think Kate’s obsession with her looks and thinness is for her OWN self-esteem, as she will never be the most fashionable, intelligent, beautiful, beloved, or respected woman in the room, but she CAN be the thinnest with the best hair and (in her mind) youthful looks. That is what Kate values about herself.

      • Nic919 says:

        Meghan showing up with her charisma and better looks without as much obvious effort was certainly one of the reasons kate would never have warmed up to her.

  6. Harla says:

    If only they had listened to the concerns being voiced. Scrapping bows and curtsies is hardly a huge modernizing step, listening to the real and uncomfortable issues surrounding the system of monarchy and those who are under that monarchy would truly be modernization.

    • Chloe says:

      This whole “william and kate want to modernize the monarchy” pr has been circulating since they got married. As you can see it’s been more than 10 years and nothings changed. I really wouldn’t hold my breath on this

      • Ang says:

        And isn’t this one of the things they have been vilifying Meghan for this whole time!? That she was trying to “change” a centuries-old institution and how bad that was. These people…

      • First comment says:

        And how can they change/modernize the monarchy ( an archaic institution in it’s own definition) considering that they both thrive on it. All Kate’s stans talk and care about are her future title as queen consort and the tiaras. I remember Kate identified herself to a child who asked as a princess during their tour in Scotland last year( if I remember correctly, there was a comment about not using her Scotland title). Anyway, all these decisions and possible changes come too late, after the fair criticism they received.They were the ones who wanted to revive images from a colonial past with the same car and type of dress the queen wore. It was a very deliberate choice. Nobody believes them.

    • Chrissy says:

      Offering reparations, heartfelt apologies and returning stolen artifacts and jewels would truly modernize the monarchy. Heck, abolishing the whole institution and getting real jobs would be even more modern.

  7. The Hench says:

    “This is what prompted institutional change within the monarchy. ”

    Newsflash, idiots, changing how you get addressed is not institutional change. Like WTF?

    • BothSidesNow says:

      And once this “new” announcement is made, will it be blamed on their out of touch staff? Of course it will!! You can’t force these two to change if their lives depended on it!! It’s simply not possible. PWT is closing in on 40, his chance to change is gone. Plus he doesn’t see the need to change. It’s not his actions that are wrong, its how people perceive him. Until PWT wants to change and learn about history and the current damage that the Windrush is causing Jamaicans, then we might see a change. But he will never change and not being addressed as the Dukevand Duchess of Laziness and Ineptitude will NOT change their actions within the Monarchy.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, the tour was a disaster, so their takeaway is to drop the curtsies? That’s not the institutional change they seem to think it is….

  8. The Duchess says:

    LOL. This simply isn’t realistic for the pair of these entitled ego maniacs to maintain. Why would Keen suddenly welcome being less stuffy when she’s been crawling to get into the circle of toffs for her entire life? This is also the same person, when in Scotland for their COVID Express Tour, said that her name was the ‘Duchess of Cambridge’ when a small child asked her for her name. This is going to eat them both alive and I can’t wait to see it. I love this for them!

    • Merricat says:

      Yes, these two live for the idea that they are superior to all they survey.

      It’s hilarious that the Cambridges always think these cosmetic features–what the Sussexes wear, the “Call me Harry,” the issues the Sussexes support–are what’s going to turn the tide in their favor, because they just. don’t. get. that it’s about character–the Harry and Meghan charisma, their genuine openness, their actual concern for lives other than their own, their hard work which produces results.

    • L84Tea says:

      That was my first thought as well. Kate has been waiting for all the peasants to bow and scrape to her for over 2 decades. I’m convinced she dreams at night about the Yorks and all the Toffs having to bow to her. Having to slum it without the bows and curtsies will crush Kate’s fantasies into dust.

      • The Duchess says:

        Could you imagine wasting 20+ years of your life crawling to get into the high society, only for it all to be pulled from under you because Harry & Meghan are too busy killing it on the global stage? Keen’s fantasies are about to be stomped on and I can’t wait to witness the fall. It begins now.

      • Jaded says:

        Kate sealed her fate with the toffs by trying to ice out the Cholmondeleys, specifically Rose. It doesn’t matter that she’s married to the FFK and is the FFQC, she will never be accepted by the aristos or considered anywhere near their level of social acceptability. She will forever be the parvenu spawn of a rabid social climbing former airline stewardess who chewed gum in front of the Queen at William’s graduation ceremony at Sandhurst. And Uncle Hookers-n-Blow certainly didn’t do Kate any favours by bloviating publicly about W&K leap-frogging over C&C to become the reigning K & QC. Anyway you look at it they are utter failures.

  9. Guest says:

    😂🤣😂🤣 I can’t stop laughing. These Neanderthal dolts think this is all it will take to modernize the monarchy? If they think calling them Wills and Kate is all it will take to win support from the younger generations they’re deluding themselves. Obviously the messages relayed by the Caribbean nations wasn’t received. Abolish the Monarchy.

  10. MsIam says:

    How many times did this tabloid call the tour a “disaster” in the article? Lmao! Pretty soon that’s how it will be written about in the history books. As far as no more bowing and scraping in public, will that apply to the Black Duchess and her children? We’ll see.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    After spending 2 years criticizing Harry and Meghan for everything they did as working royals now the Cambridges want to be just like them. It’s too late.

    • Myra says:

      Right? I am young enough to remember when everyone blamed Meghan for Sussexit because she just didn’t understand the way monarchy works. They’re too late because they have already shown us their true colours. They have already answered the question of what will happen if a non-white person joins the royal family.

      • McGee says:

        Meghan was victim-blamed as not understanding how the monarchy worked, while the problem has been that they don’t understand how the world works.

    • pennypop says:

      Right! I remember folks clutching their pearls/frothing angrily at Meghan shutting a car door, eschewing bows/curtsies, and saying “Call me Meghan” as an introduction and now it’s all…we’re going to loosen up? Mess. This must be something that they’re putting out there to see if it will give them good PR and help counteract the narrative of the tour.

  12. Scorpion says:


    • Colby says:

      Yep. Unfortunately for William and Kate, the only way to modernize the monarchy is to abolish it.

    • DrFT says:

      And take all that they have, plus interests and damages.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Well said! And return the ill gotten gains from countries that were long ago part of The Crown.

        They need to start discussing reparations and stop the Windrush from deporting British citizens first. This is nothing but noise to which they think will silence the anger and the atrocities that their ancestors committed. Yet they are STILL committing crimes against Jamaicans and the rest of the Caribbean countries. The Windrush has always been a ship of captives since Nazi Germany as well, as they shipped POW.

    • Frampton Comes Alive says:

      Yes get rid of them all or privatise them. I can’t believe the forelock tuggers and appeasers who think the royals do a marvellous job.
      Working royals ha ha ha, being waited on hand & foot while they open a homebargins shop. The whole thing is outdated, how many votes did they get to become the monarchy family.

  13. Eurydice says:

    Sure, instead of saying “The Duke of Cambridge is a racist,” now we can say “Wills is a racist.” Much more modern.

  14. Mslove says:

    Good luck overhauling the entire monarchy. I think it would be easier to abolish it once and for all.

  15. Roo says:

    So it took…checks notes… weeks of negative coverage around the world before they analyzed and their beliefs and behavior on tour. And then they decided…checks notes again…that they would go by their first names and that would solve all the issues.

    Yes, sure, the monarchy is safe in their hands.

    • Jay says:

      Yup, way to confirm that absolutely no lessons were learnt here.

      Also note that if given an opportunity to do it all over, the Cambridges want it to be known that they would change…the Land Rover photo. And maybe the “through the chain link fence” photo. Because those brought the most negative press, although it’s clear they don’t really understand why.

      They wish not that they hadn’t done these types of colonialist stunts, but that they hadn’t posted them all over the media. Problem solved!

  16. Em says:

    Instead of them to act like other European royals who generally mind their business or their countries they want to conquer the world.

  17. nina says:

    Okay. And these two are the future of the monarchy? Throwing everything at the problem and see what sticks. Poor Liz, seeing her whole life work, propping up her dynasty, going down the toilet.

  18. Harper says:

    Burger King’s desperate flailing around, throwing anything at the wall to see what will fix their racist and out of touch reputation reads major trouble for the monarchy to me. Because the big elephant in the room is that TOB’s constant copying of everything Harry does leads to one ending — skipping out on the whole shebang just like Harry did. Burger King clearly is a reluctant royal and a weasel. He’s never dealt with this amount of criticism before and it’s clearly thrown him for a loop. Since the Flop Tour, his impulsive nature has already resulted in him issuing a rash of nonsensical announcements/fixes on what he is going to change that only read like a spoiled toddler stomping his feet and blaming others. The real problem is that at his core, Burger King isn’t whole-heartedly committed to the life he is living. I think it’s going to continue to be very interesting as Harry continues to shine outside the Firm and William hits 40, still inside the cage.

    • Deering24 says:

      That is one of the biggest ironies about W&K—they would both be happier as obscure toffs living the county lives they are truly cut out for. Their overweening sense of entitlement and ongoing self-ignorance is doing them in—and will continue to do so.

  19. Angela says:

    They couldn’t think of any of this before the trip or after day 1 even? Did it really take the Caribbean tour to let them know they’re obsolete? Oblivious and useless.

  20. SaraTor says:

    Exactly. If they wanted to move with the times, they would have shown up in the Caribbean prepared to hold memorials for slaves at historic sites like slave markets or plantations, which each island has, just like they do for the Holocaust. Even if Boris Johnson wouldn’t agree to reparations, they could have given a formal apology, like the Pope recently did for indigenous residential schools in Canada (Charles will apparently also address this on his visit to Canada and I’m curious to see how) or Obama did in Japan for the nuclear bombs. There’s lots of precedent for governmental apologies and it wouldn’t hurt the monarchy one bit. Now, the monarchy is an enduring symbol of imperialism, so it will always be inherently hypocritical to acknowledge slavery/colonialism, but it would have still been much better than what they did. But they’d have to be different people to change.

    • KFG says:

      Or idk, maybe give back the stolen jewels as reparations. None of the tiaras have stones from England so give the stones back to the countries they come from. Return the priceless artwork to African countries. Remove support of the neo-colonial land grabs that are disguised as “preservation”. Those would actually make a difference. And hey apologize on behalf of your parents and grandparents for supporting segregation in commonwealth countries.

      • CourtneyB says:

        They have plenty of jewels that were wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, (and not from shady oligarchs) etc and the Cambridge emeralds were actually won in a lottery in the 1800s. They could give up 80% and still have plenty of jewelry left.

  21. Houlihan says:

    Oh no. Not the Cambridges doing exactly what Meghan and Harry did on their tour three-ish years ago and pretending it was their idea.

    Good grief. These two are nothing if not absurdly consistent.

  22. Nyro says:

    I don’t think this is coming from the Cambridges at all. They live for all of that stuff. I think this is punishment and payback from the tabloids for being total duds and for not providing the Sussex gossip for them. They’re going to strip what little reverence there is for them in the eyes if the public. Even some of the derangers are falling for it and praising them for being “down to earth” unlike H&M who “cling to their titles”.

  23. birdwatcher says:

    What if this came out because Meghan and Harry said they refuse to curtesy to them at the Jubbly and Will & Kate are just preparing so it doesn’t look like a snub? Just a thought. I have no idea.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Oh, I like that thought; it’s such an inadequate response to the Cat 5 Caribbean Catastrophe Extravaganza Tour, but it works as a ‘saving face at the Jubbly’ response for these two.

    • Jaded says:

      Well it’s not a hard and fast rule that you must curtsey to the Queen and other Members of the Royal Family. It’s up to the individual to choose whether or not they wish to bow/curtsey or simply shake hands. It’s an interesting item to come out at this time — there was no curtseying/bowing at the Invictus Games, just handshakes and hugs. My spidey senses are tingling…

      • Feeshalori says:

        Jaded, l made a similar comment upthread before l saw yours. I had thought the queen dropped that requirement awhile ago and it now was up to the individual what he or she wanted to do. If not bowing/curtsying is good enough for the queen, it’s definitely good enough for Will and Kate. The protocol in private among the royals is a different situation.

    • anotherlily says:

      Has anyone ever seen any member of the royal family bowing or curtseying to William or Kate? Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall do not do this. None of the royal family, titled or untitled, will bow/curtsey to the Cambridges or to anyone except the Monarch and the Consort.

  24. Sue E Generis says:

    Yeah, no. Kitty is obsessed with titles and rank. If this is even true, she must be pissed. All that work and sacrifice, tied to this hideous rage monster for life, and now no titles or bowing? Oh, the horror, the horror!

  25. Well Wisher says:

    The Cambridges are entitled to make the necessary changes in terms of curtsey etc.
    But I wish they do it for themselves, the people in the Caribbean are generally warm and friendly. They have been highly sophisticated in terms of dealing with imperialism.

    They have forged their separate identities and create their separate cultural traditions.
    Most importantly I suspect many of they do not have the time nor the inclination to tolerate the former colonialists.
    Jamaicans are openly discussing the $8 million security bill and $41,000 dinner .

    There should only have a Caribbean tour to vacillate mutual interests.

    This visit cost these countries financially.

    In 2011 CARICOM produced a white paper detailing the cost of forced labour, taxation etc as a result of colonialism and imperialism.
    By 2015 CARICOM included Haiti and Suriname filed a lawsuit against France, the Netherlands and Britain seeking £9 trillion+ based on the white paper.

    Cameron visited Jamaica (whose claim is at least one trillion) and told them to get over it.

    In 2022 they visited the independence states who made it clear that they want to be republics and have formed their own alliances, without consultation and at a financial cost to these states and is surprised at the outcome?

    It is beyond the RF, CARICOM is just not into any outside ‘authority’ and do not want nor seek their validation.
    (Note the subtle use of their flags. Minimum local coverage. PM Gonsalves “pain in his side” (lol) that required medication attention in another country; in both Cambridges and Wessexes visit).

    This could have been avoided, just read the original white paper, Google is your friend.
    The claims are factual, based on actual events like the Mercantile Wars, unpaid labour – 7 trillion, illegal taxation- 2 trillion. Etc.

  26. Sofia says:

    They’re taking all the wrong lessons from the Caribbean tour. Titles and curtsies were not the issue. Reparations, the monarchy’s role in slavery and W&K refusing to acknowledge that was.

    And LOL at spending years trying to convince people to call Kate “Catherine” only to now go “Kate is fine! We prefer Kate actually!”

  27. Brownsugababe says:

    Just call them by their first names through chain linked fences. That will fix everything- they are idiots!

  28. Over it says:

    What will the kate formerly known as the duchess do with that green dress if she wants to move with the times? I mean it screams colonizing slave owner.

  29. ILady Digby says:

    Are they sure Her Madge thinks that they are the rock stars of the RF? Maybe dumb as rocks but not rock stars!!

  30. katherine says:

    Jamaica asked for reparations… Kate and Will address that by saying “you can just call us Kate and Wills.” So far up their own arses.

    Also, didn’t they JUST rebrand their social media last year to @dukeandduchessofcambridge last year? hahahaha

    • BeanieBean says:

      Ha! What will they change it to now? @RoyalWillandKate? @RoyalToneDeafWillandKate? @TotalWankersWillandKate? One could go on.

  31. Jean Malaga says:

    These guys are so incredibly out of touch it’s amazing! All that bowing and scraping rubbish in 2022 is so last century and they are just waking up to that. Sad

  32. HeatherC says:

    This has the same credibility as they won’t take any more vacations outside of England because they care so much. They put it out there, but it won’t happen. They are waiting desperately for the opportunity to make Harry and Meghan bow down low to them.

  33. AmelieOriginal says:

    I just find it incredible that it took the international media to make them realize how out of touch and tone deaf they are while they were out of the UK. The uproar was largely fueled by social media and the local protests that were happening–not even the British tabloids could ignore all that and wax poetic about the super keen Cambridges. They tried to smear one biracial woman and bullied her out of the royal family, not realizing how colonialist that made them look. But being in their UK bubble, they could try to justify it as her not understanding the royal institution hierarchy or whatever BS they try to come up with. But they couldn’t do the same to a few million people and tell them to shut up. You can’t sit there as guests of the host nations and tell their political leaders “Oh but you don’t understand the hierarchy of royalty!”

    I wonder if Carole Middleton and Kate are panicking and the thought gives me great glee. They realize the future of the monarchy is in jeopardy and it is very probable George will never be king. Even if Kate becomes Queen consort, she isn’t preparing her children for a life where they will have to work and have real jobs. It will be interesting to see how that plays out but I really do think the Cambridge kids are going to struggle in comparison to Archie and Lili who will grow up with the expectation they actually have to work.

    • First comment says:

      Their own media is quite sycophantic and they aren’ t clever enough not to believe whatever the rota writes.

  34. anotherlily says:

    The real problem for William is that he doesn’t want to bow to his father and Camilla.

  35. Veda says:

    Clearly the Cambridges and staff have still not understood the real issue. Britons love their monarchy as they are a symbol of a bygone era when UK had colonised half the world. That symbolism is hugely problematic outside the UK today as the colonised countries highlight the damage caused by colonialism and seek atonement and reparations. Unless the monarchy provides that they will not be received well in non-white countries. But if they provide that it will be seen as dilution of Britains image by the white colonialists who are their support base and lead to republican sentiments. It’s a no win situation. William will most likely be the last King of the UK.

  36. tamsin says:

    Nobody should have to curtsy to anyone else in this day and age. A bow is a universal sign of respect, so I think both men and women can give a bow to show that. This notion that they need to “secure the Commonwealth” just shows they are completely incapable of understanding the positions they are evolving out of. If they continue to think of The Commonwealth as the new version of the British empire, then there doesn’t seem much future in it, at least not for the royal family. The Queen has worked tirelessly to “secure the Commonwealth” but obviously she has continued to think of it as part of the “imperial family to which we all belong” as stated in her famous speech devoting herself to service. And to think that less formality will fix things demonstrates how little they know and understand politics, culture and history. They are showing themselves to be truly ignorant and not up to the job trying to uphold an antiquated institution trying to survive past its time. They need to find a more practical dynamic between government and head of state roles.

  37. Gina says:

    I recall Tabs and Rota mocked Harry when he once said “just call me Harry” at one event.
    Now PWT joined McButtons in her attempts to cosplay Meghan, only tries to assume Harry’s traits, charisma and his open manner of interacting with people. Don’t try it, Elegant Bill. You will fail!

  38. Teddy says:

    My first thought at reading this is all of the clips of Harry saying “Hi, I’m Harry” as he meets people. The Keens are once again copykeening the Sussexes.

  39. Rapunzel says:

    Kate who chased a title for a decade and gave up all personal growth, happiness, and dignity during that decade, all of a sudden doesn’t want titles or curtsies? Suuuuurrrrrreeeee.

    But wait! I wonder if Kate supports this because when Will is not around she has to curtsey to basically everyone? Doesn’t she have to curtsey to the blood princesses when he’s not there? Or am I imagining that? I wonder if she’s cool with no curtsies until she’s queen consort and everyone has to curtsey to her.

    • anotherlily says:

      They do not bow and curtsey to each other. They bow and curtsey to the monarch and consort.

      However, it was interesting to see at this year’s Anzac Service, attended by Charles and Camilla plus William and Kate that William clearly bowed to Camilla and Kate curtseyed to her as they greeted her. I get the impression that Charles insisted on this. He is effectively Regent now.

      So this latest ‘modernising’ idea may be because William can’t bear the thought of having to bow to his father and Camilla.

  40. TangerineTree says:

    Uh, Khate did not sign up for this? Groveling for 10 years to catch W so that one day the petty Toffs would be forced to bow and curtsy her was the whole point. So she’s going to be left with just her husband?

  41. Frampton Comes Alive says:

    Fix up the Guillotine and let the Windsor’s have a look at it.

  42. Jay says:

    An embarrassment of riches today, CB!

    1. The people want reparations. For enslaving and colonizing them. Nobody cares if you curtsey in public, that just emphasizes how thoroughly you have ignored the point.

    2. I’ll just bet Kate in particular wants to get rid of curtseys – weren’t the rules changed when she married in to make sure that if she’s on her own, she has to curtsey to basically all of the family, even the York’s? Since we hear so much about her doing more events without TOB, that seems relevant.

    3. This is just them desperately throwing out something, anything, to try to make the criticism stop, but they so obviously lack understanding that it’s the substance people are rejecting, not the packaging. Getting a POC on board, using social media, or getting rid of one protocol – it doesn’t matter how you try to dress it up, the message itself is rotten.

    4. Right on time, the Keens are doing what they always do– copying Harry and Meghan!

    • Juniper says:

      @jay Yes! I was going to post this! The rumor was that Kate was such an asshole that the “blood princesses” complained to the Queen and she changed the Order of Precedence.

    • anotherlily says:

      The do not bow and curstey to each other. HRH ranks are equal. Even the non- titled royals do not bow/curtsey to their titled relatives. The change in the order of precedence was to ensure that the Queen’s daughter and the Queen’s cousin Princess Alexandra, would take precedence over Camilla and Kate and Sophie on certain occasions when their husbands were not present.. This would effect the order in which they lined up to enter or leave and where they were placed to sit. Andrew’s daughters were never included in these arrangements.

  43. Thelma says:

    Yawn. The Lamebridges are pathetic. They just don’t get it and I’m too tired to comment extensively. Besides other Celebitchers have expressed how problematic they are very well.

  44. Janice Hill says:

    While they’re waving that magic wand, maybe they could go back in time and change slavery.

  45. Plums says:

    this is hilarious. they will only acknowledge a problem if it is surface level. it’s less about the imagery of colonialism being offensive and out of touch, but the reasons why it didn’t even occur to them that those images would be disastrous that is the heart of the problem. they wanted to recreate the imagery of a tour from the Queen’s early reign to honor her jubilee without taking into consideration literally anything else, such as the changed sociopolitical situation in the world and the caribbean specifically in the intervening 70 years. The population of these islands are literally just an unchanging colonial backdrop to them.

  46. Athena says:

    The geography major, future king of Great Britain did not know his family was a symbol of colonialism.

    There are no substantive changes being proposed, it’s all superficial.

    They’re like children whose parents have told them that they were smarter than everyone else, prettier than everyone else than they went into the world and can’t understand why no one else thinks of them that way.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      I really don’t get what exactly these twos goals are other than to sit on a throne, wear Crown Jewels and be fed grapes by sycophants. They want the trappings of modernity with no real desire to understand the world outside their bubble abd to actually modernize. Being driven by envy and resentment of others isn’t exactly a noble aspiration or real work either. They approached these tours in a superficial way so their response is also superficial.

  47. Truthiness says:

    Will should learn from his brother and his brother’s wife that you have to bring VALUE to the table. Hopeless, I know. They should be awarding scholarships nonstop and doing fundraisers that gives communities a leg up. Not everyone in an exotic colony wants to work in hospitality, fund their medical and STEM educations! Help rebuild after storm damage. Fundraise to protect ecosystems that YOU JUST ENJOYED FFS.

    There are endless ways to bring value and stop failing. But bring SOMETHING to the table EVERYWHERE you go, regardless if that area is leaving the CW.

  48. LoryD75 says:

    I love how the tabloids talk about these two modernizing the monarchy with no mention of Charles. He will be king and decide on protocol, state visits, etc and I think he will try to micro manage the Cambridges at every turn to remind them he’s in control.

  49. JAGirl says:

    Well well well… the dots are starting to connect with this article and Harry’s and Meghan’s “secret” visit and H&M now being invited to the Jubbly. LOL

    The Institution now realises that Cain and Buttons cannot be trusted to carry on the legacy and it seems to me there are new efforts to get back harry “onboard”. This is so funny and honestly so predictable.

    This paragraph is particularly interesting…
    “According to our source William and Kate “are perceived as the royal stars” – and the Queen believed the younger generation of royals would “cement the monarchy’s position globally and secure the Commonwealth… It was a shock to them all. A real eye-opener. This is what prompted institutional change within the monarchy. Otherwise, they just wouldn’t survive.”

    Poor Lizzy…

  50. blunt talker says:

    When Melanie of the Spice Girls last week got some type of award by Prince William-she curstied and bowed in front of William-not a good look is the first thing I thought when I saw it-Maybe this is a good thing in the long run but first Prince Charles will ascend the throne no changes until after his reign-sorry to say.

  51. Elles Trees says:

    Carole will be raging! No curtsies 😆

  52. Shiba says:

    But will they all keep wearing the medals
    (that they give themselves!)?