Nicola Peltz got a massively ‘upgraded’ engagement ring after one month of marriage

About a month ago, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz were married at her parents’ Palm Beach mansion. The wedding and reception was apparently a $4 million affair, complete with large tents, food stations, a Valentino gown and some Jewish and Catholic traditions. Celebrities attended and Victoria and David Beckham were very happy for the young couple. When Brooklyn proposed to Nicola, he did so with a nice-sized emerald-cut diamond solitaire ring. It was a great ring. I’m not sure what happened to it, because it looks like Nicola got a major upgrade.

Nicola Peltz is making sure we all get a good look at her absolutely massive engagement ring and wedding band following her wedding to Brooklyn Beckham last month. On Tuesday, May 10, the actress shared a series of selfies on her Instagram page, showing off not only her upgraded engagement ring, but the diamond wedding band that matches it perfectly. She didn’t even try to hide the fact that her selfie session was for the purpose of showing off her new jewelry, simply captioning the post, “The ring” with a smiling emoji with one tear under it’s eye.

“The ring” Peltz is showing off is two diifferent peices: her wedding band, which is an emerald cut diamond eternity ring, plus her new engagement ring, which features a massive oval-cut diamond flanked tapered baguettes. Brooklyn proposed to his now-wife in July 2020. At the time, he asked for her hand in marriage with a more subtle engagement ring: an emerald-cut diamond solitaire with a pavé band.

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I don’t really get this? Is this a thing? Do rich people regularly get an “upgraded” engagement ring after the wedding? I’m sure other people have done it, but in this case… the first engagement ring was lovely and it actually suited Nicola a lot better than this ice-skating rink. And they were only married one month ago – it would make more sense if she replaced her first engagement ring with an upgrade after a few years of marriage, like Brooklyn would give her a new ring for their anniversary or something. This is just excessive.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Instar.

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  1. C says:

    The first ring was much better, with the exception of the pave band (I dislike them except for Meghan’s redesigned engagement ring because hers is much thinner). You can’t go wrong with a classic emerald cut. This one is just tacky.

    • MF says:

      Agree, I dislike pave bands too unless they’re really thin.

      The first ring was large but tasteful. This one is just tacky.

      • Mustang Sally says:

        Agreed – however I will bet that the first ring did not measure up against the rinsg of her wealthy friends. My guess is that she needed an upgrade to feel equal to them. She’s 23 – yes, she’s going to do something that barbaric while the rest of the world is going up in flames.

  2. MattieLove says:

    More money than sense, as they say.

    • AnaKist says:

      I agree Whatever the size of that rock, and whatever its value, it looks cheap, like the gaudy, fake ring my daughter tried to win from the bubblegum machine when she was 5. The mess the world is in right now, flaunting their excess is obscene.

  3. tuille says:

    Who paid for the upgrade? I didn’t think Brooklyn has all that much money of his own.

  4. Rilincmom says:

    The original ring was gorgeous! The new one is gaudy as hell but to each her own.

    • MeganC says:

      The new ring looks really uncomfortable to wear. I must get caught on everything.

  5. Fineskylark says:

    I would totally take out my own eye by accident with a rock that size.

  6. Athena says:

    Have you noticed how bored she looks when she’s with him? And how besotted he looks when he’s looking at her? You know what holds a rich brat’s attention: money.

    These are two people who should have never gotten married.

  7. Sammy says:

    I cannot believe how much plastic surgery Nicola has had at her young age. It’s made her look perpetually bored and put off. I hope these two find something useful to do with their time and money.

  8. North of Boston says:

    I’m sure the DeBeers family is pleased

  9. Jan90067 says:

    This new walnut has triangular side diamonds, not tapered baguettes. And apparently Tat Boy is sporting a matching, wide, emerald cut eternity band (ugh!!!!). It just looks so stupid on a male hand, sorry (not sorry…but it does).

    While I know these two will NEVER have to worry about funds for many generations, it is still such a gauche, gaudy, disgusting display of *have* while so many are hurting so much now (to the point they can’t afford to heat their homes or cook any food they can afford to buy).

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      Trillion-shaped, technically. And unattractive against an oval, imo.
      I find the entire ring visually unappealing, but I have a 2.5 ct emerald cut and love it.

  10. Hootenannie says:

    The only ring upgrades I’ve heard of are couples who marry who are young/don’t have a lot of spare money to spend on a ring, and then like 10 years later for an anniversary, like the article said, they get a bigger one now that they can afford it.

    Well, then there’s my sister who wants to go from a huge ring to a massive one because she is a laugh a minute but also an irredeemable magpie materialist. Whatever floats your boat!

    • Mia1066 says:

      Yes my mum had a ring ‘upgrade’ for that reason. I have her original ring and my sister has the ‘upgrade’

    • liz says:

      That was what my parents did. When they were married, they had nothing. Mom’s engagement ring was a tiny speck of a diamond, they had plain gold wedding bands. For their 25th anniversary, Dad gave her a beautiful 2 carat diamond ring. Dad died a few years ago, shortly after their 50th anniversary, Mom still wears that ring.

    • AnneL says:

      Yes, that would be me. My original ring was pretty but the stone was quite tiny. I didn’t care, but my husband wanted me to get a bigger one for our anniversary a few years ago and I didn’t say no (though I did set a budget). A big rock like Paltz is wearing now would be such a nuisance to me!

  11. JFerber says:

    How soon will it be before she upgrades from him?

    • Jan90067 says:

      If it lasts two years I’ll be surprised.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I don’t think it will last that long. She is apparently accustomed to a certain “lifestyle” and this upgrade wasn’t from Brooklyn, this was from Daddy.

        I think her upgrade is disgusting. It’s also insulting to him, to me at least.

        As for wedding rings, I still have my original after 24 married years. No upgrades. I love my ring!!

      • The Hench says:

        No way?!? Her FATHER bought her a bigger ring?? Yikes.

      • L4Frimaire says:

        Shiv Roy and Tom vibes, but with far less intelligence.

  12. girl_ninja says:

    Her original engagement ring was beautiful. They seem bored already and seem to want to show off their goodies. Not and interesting couple at all.

  13. Evening Star says:

    Honestly, I get the feeling this marriage is going to be a serious disaster. Everything I see of them shows he is fixated on her and waits on her hand and foot, and she never acknowledges him and never even looks at him in their photos together. Their relationship just seems so empty and shallow.

  14. SAS says:

    I actually secretly enjoy the (og) Beckham’s extremely rich-person gauche tradition of buying Victoria an “engagement” style ring as an anniversary (/birthday?) gift each year. The woman has over a dozen J-Lo caliber rocks she wears regularly, there’s a slideshow on a fashion site somewhere.

    These kids swung and missed in about 6 different ways. Yuck.

    • Kelsey says:

      I love Victoria Beckham’s acquired engagement rings too! And honestly, I like Nicola’s first engagement ring, and I like this one too. I love jewelry and I love the big guns. I mean they (she) can afford it, so hey.

  15. AppleCart says:

    Another site had a blind item that she bought the ring herself and it cost 3 milion. The Beckhams were not giving Brooklyn that kind of money. How nice it must be to have hundreds of millions at your disposal for just being born.

    • kerfuffles says:

      This totally tracks. He doesn’t have that kind of money to spend, nor should he at 22 with no real job. I wonder how he must feel about that? That the ring he bought her apparently wasn’t enough so she used daddy’s millions(out of daddy’s billions) to buy a bigger one?

      I think this newer ring is ugly. Expensive, I’m sure, but ugly.

    • Kaykay says:

      What site? Mind sharing? 🙂

  16. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Hope she doesn’t step on it.

    • Jan90067 says:

      HAHAHAHAHA! Gotta say, my first thought when I saw the headline was, did she copy Kourtney K and step on the first one??

      Who are we kidding? She probably just tossed the first one in a drawer somewhere.

  17. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    I kinda love how she’s using a point-and-shoot camera.

  18. Jules says:

    It looks like she upgraded just so she could post boast about it on instagram. So tacky.

  19. Christine says:

    I know we make fun of nepotism models being dead-eyed but she takes the cake.

    Like others have said, she seems totally uninterested in Brooklyn. Although dating him raised her profile I guess? I would’ve never known who she was had it not been for the gossip blogs once they started dating. It’s amazing they actually went through with the wedding.

    • AMA1977 says:

      If you’re the idle rich, why not go through with it? You through a big party paid for with someone else’s money, you get the be the center of attention and get showered with gifts from all of daddy’s tacky billionaire friends, and when you get bored, it was a “starter marriage” and you move on to the next. What else do these people have to do with their time?

  20. HoneyBear says:

    I was poor when we got engaged. I had .25 carat, upgraded to 1.5 carat 3 years later, when my son was born, and husband had it reset with .75 sapphires when my daughter was born. The ring has incredible sentimental value. But in her case her upgrade is for what? The last thing she needs is a bigger ring. She wanted one so she got one. She is supposed to be a mean girl according to local buzz in Northern Westchester which is where they are from.

  21. MaryContrary says:

    She’s going to break his heart. But based on stories from their wedding (allegedly), his parents will be relieved when she moves on to greener pastures.

  22. Roast says:

    She’s very, very pretty. She may actually be very, very smart as well. I with the happy couple all the peace and luck in the world. If that doesn’t work, I think she’ll be very comfortable if this marriage doesn’t work.

    • TeeMajor says:

      She looks average to me, she’d better cling to Lil Becks–those men in LA will chew her up and spit her out.

      • Fabiola says:

        She’s the daughter of a billionaire. She will chew and spit out any guy in LA. She is pretty. She’s rich. If you can’t use money to make yourself pretty what the point. I would have the best facials, trainers, chefs, doctors available.

  23. MaryBeary says:

    The band should be worn first and then the engagement ring on top. Looks weird this way. Not sure if it would make a difference though…. Still ridiculous looking.

    • Kelsey says:

      I wear my wedding band on top and my e ring on the bottom. I prefer how it looks that way + it helps my e-ring not slip around my finger as much 🙂

      • Normades says:

        Same. It makes me sense to me that the band goes on top. Like you already had your engagement ring and the band was put on afterwards at the wedding on top of it.

    • Fabiola says:

      The wedding band is supposed to go first since it’s supposed to be closer to your heart than the engagement ring.

  24. Ohcomeon says:

    My sister did this and was divorced 2 years later. It’s less a sign of opulence than compensation for something that’s missing.

  25. JFerber says:

    Imagine her conversation with her new husband, “I’m sorry, honey, but the rings you bought me are just not good enough. Daddy bought me better ones.” Like, really?

  26. TeeMajor says:

    How insulting, I bet she is a huge brat, LOL!!
    She will learn the hard way, she will get chewed up and spit out by some of these men. smdh.

  27. Jaded says:

    The ring is vulgar. It just goes to prove the old adage that money can’t buy you class. I can’t imagine David and Victoria are happy about this marriage but you have to let your kids make their own mistakes otherwise they’ll never learn. Nicola Peltz has a huge mean-girl reputation within the modeling industry and with staff in her family household. The only reason she married Brooklyn was for the name recognition, she’s thirstier than a cured ham. I give it 2 years and she’ll squash him like a bug.

  28. Katie says:

    It’s funny. I always associated solitaires with moms and grandmas and wrinkly old hands. Like I never coveted one. To me, they seem aging. I wear one ring with small diamonds picked up at an antiques market for less than $300.

    • Iris says:

      why would you do this ????
      I thought she was from an ultra freaking rich family, the kind of family that everyone knows is beyond wealthy so they don’t have to flaunt and would go with a nice sized but DELICATE piece on this beautiful young woman. this is so reality tv tacky, isn’t that peddling backwards in those circles ?

  29. MY3CENTS says:

    That is one tacky ass ring. I’d be too embarrassed to wear this vulgarity.
    Also have these dimwits learned nothing about flaunting expensive jewelry after Kim K paris robbery?

  30. Mimi says:

    What do these ppl actually do? LOL GTFO