Queen Elizabeth’s BFF Angela Kelly moved into Windsor Castle to help the Queen

Thursday was the first day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to make an appearance, and the photographers had set up in their positions and everything was a go… until it wasn’t. The Queen’s aides canceled at the last minute, then they were told that the Queen visited her horses privately that day. Then Friday, the Queen made a “surprise” appearance at the horse show. She sat in the car for a bit, then she reportedly got of the SUV, used her cane and “moved slowly” to an elevator platform, then she was able to walk to her seat in the stands. She sat in between Penny Mountbatten (Philip’s special friend) and Prince Edward.

So… are we surprised? I was surprised. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised though. The Queen’s horses are the one thing which will get her out of the castle. Her horses are her greatest joy. Still, I didn’t think she would be able to manage even this cautious, carefully stage-managed public appearance. Notice that there are barely any photos of the Queen walking with a cane, or walking to and from the car. The papers and photographers gave her a wide berth with the understanding that they could photograph her freely in her seat and in her car.

Speaking of the Queen’s mobility issues, it seems that her BFF has now moved in with her. That’s right, Angela Kelly has moved into Windsor Castle.

The Queen has moved her “best friend” Angela Kelly into Windsor Castle apartments as she grapples with her mobility issues. Angela, 69, who has been Her Majesty’s dresser and closest aide for 28 years, is staying in a suite next to her private quarters. The Queen is struggling to walk far and is refusing to use a wheelchair at home.

Angela first moved in during the Covid lockdown as part of the HMS Bubble team and helped Her Majesty with day-to-day care. A source told The Sun: “She lives there now. She has moved in.” Angela is said to have a 42in telly in her rooms.

[From The Sun]

If you ask me, AK and QEII have had a close, intimate relationship for decades. I’m not saying it’s sexual, but I completely believe that AK has thoroughly wormed her way into the Queen’s private confidence and AK is one of the most important voices (if not the most important voice) in the Queen’s circle. I think AK’s presence is also what Prince Harry referenced when he spoke about the Queen needing “the right people” around her.

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  1. Aurora says:

    AK was placed there because the courtiers know she’ll leak any Sussex interactions or visits and embellish when needed. She was the one that leaked the fake wedding tiara drama.

    • blackfemmebot says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing

    • M18isyss18 says:

      100% – they probably gave her small metal detector to find the new burner phone and put a recording device in a Corgies collar

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I mentioned below that Penny should be the one to live next to TQ, as she is a loyal friend to the family for decades and she is an outsider that will be able to look after TQ with a clear and healthy outlook.

        I don’t know why anyone hasn’t suggested this. AK is a snake and should never be trusted around TQ alone. I would not be surprised if AK has switched the real gemstones for fakes gemstones. It has happened before with families, though I don’t know about this one. I don’t trust her as far as I can through her.

    • Sms says:

      Everything doesn’t have to revolve around Harry and Meghan. Angela Kelly has worked for the Queen a long time, she trusts her (rightly or wrongly) and she wants her closer as she becomes more incapacitated. It’s not like one of her kids will move in.

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    AK47 only cares about AK47 and what she can worm out of TQ before she passes – we know Kelly leaks to the press and writes books about the RF with the support from TQ. And yeah I think she’s one of the people Harry referred to when he said that – Kelly is protecting herself and her perceived status. Once TQ goes she knows she out the door as its long been said the family can’t stand her and she is a useful tool for other courtiers.

    • Aurelia says:

      Digital unicorn- when the queen goes angela kelly knows she finished. …..For crying out loud the old woman will gladly retire ….she’s70 years old already.

    • Not a Subject says:

      Angela Kelly is an old hag and it’s time for her to retire. She actually has had 2 (two) fights at Windsor during her time there. One over he ex and the other with a guard she didn’t get along with. Like two on the ground, punching fights. She’s pure trash. Sadly, being of dutiful personality TQ loves those sketchy rule breaker types (ie Andrew) and that’s why she puts up with Angela.

  3. Over it says:

    I thought Angela wrote a book where she had stuff to say about Betty recently? Then how come she can just moved in? Makes me wonder what she knows that she can do literally whatever she wants and get whatever she wants

    • Sid says:

      Last week someone here mentioned that in Kelly’s book she told the story of how she was the housekeeper for the British ambassador to Germany and that when QEII and Philip visited for a couple of days, they were so impressed with her “discretion” that tbey hired her away. Aka she saw or heard something during that trip that could have been blackmail material so QEII hired her to keep her quiet. The whole thing is disturbing.

      • Over it says:

        Ohhhh. I didn’t see that comment last week. I can definitely believe she know a lot and uses what she knows to get what she wants

      • windyriver says:

        I was the one who mentioned the book. Answered a previous comment of someone who had heard the story about her being the ambassador’s housekeeper but didn’t know where it came from. The suggestion of possible blackmail was a theory by the previous poster.

        I bought the book (The Other Side of the Wardrobe) when it first came out a few years ago. The wardrobe stuff interested me. The story, as AK wrote it, is at the end of a four day visit in Germany with the ambassador, TQ/Philip asked AK who was visiting next, and AK said for reasons of confidentiality (she had signed the Official Secrets Act), she wasn’t able to say. TQ was supposedly impressed by her discretion. Part of the staff with them in Germany was Peggy Hoath, TQ’s senior dresser, who was close to retirement, and who knew AK’s marriage was over and that she wanted to move back to England with her children. AK says in the book she didn’t meet TQ/Philip until the end of their visit when they were thanking staff, but she and Hoath/the royal staff got to know each other well. Some time later Hoath called and invited AK to apply for a position as Assistant Dresser. AK was already working on moving back to England, and after being resettled there, decided to say yes to the interview.

        This was in 1992/3. It seems unlikely at that stage that anything as dramatic as blackmail was part of the equation, especially since the initial offer was subject to an interview, and it was just a position as Assistant Dresser. According to the book, AK had a significant personal background in dressmaking, etc. making her suitable for the position. She would’ve had to have a good recommendation from the ambassador’s household to even be considered.

        No doubt she was working the connection with the royal staff while TQ was visiting. But outright blackmail at that point, I doubt it. Of course, that was then. By now she’s been there 30 years, been the senior person for a long time, and overall managed to make a very comfy place for herself, one way or another…

      • Sid says:

        Thanks for the clarification Windy. Yes, that sounds a lot less nefarious. Altnough I still think she is shady.

      • windyriver says:

        @Sid, however, things started out, I’d definitely bet on her being shady at this point, that’s where I was going in the last paragraph. After 30 years in that vipers nest, not a surprise, but from what we’ve heard, it sounds like she totally drank the Kool-Aid. What’s ironic is, she’s working class from Liverpool, and talks in the book about how she was embarrassed by that early on, especially over her speech; that she frequently felt patronized and belittled by courtiers, and as a new staff person was told she wasn’t allowed to have an opinion. Obviously she got past all that. Comes across as a strong person, but what also seems to apply is, she was bullied early on, and eventually turned around and bullied other people.

        With this background and experiences, not hard to imagine Meghan’s marrying Harry, joining the family (and getting along well with TQ) triggered every resentment and insecurity AK had about her own background, position, and power.

  4. Lili says:

    Angela is not exactly a spring chicken herself , what happens when both of them fall over ?

    • CC says:

      Betty starts to teeter. Angela Kelly dives to the floor to cushion the fall. A footman steadies Betty. As Angela is wheeled out of the palace in a full body cast, Betty clucks her tongue and says, “Why must you always be so dramatic, dear?”

  5. Merricat says:

    The queen looks very child-like in these photos.

    • Jan90067 says:

      If you enlarge the pic of Liz with her palm raised, you can see abrasions, which leads me to believe she has been falling a lot recently.

      Who does she think she’s fooling with this? We had a sweet dog when I was growing up. When he’d do something “naughty” (chewing something, or taking food off the table/counter) and he’d be scolded, he’d turn his head away, as if “If I don’t see you, you can’t see me! This is Liz: “If I make the press “look away” when I’m being shuffled over to a chair, no pics, then my mobility issues aren’t “real” for the public! To them I can still walk!”

      This woman doesn’t mind going out looking like a relic of a 1940’s row house wife, but using a wheelchair, or a walker is out of the question and distasteful. Mmmkay.

      • Merricat says:

        I am not sure how this comment relates to mine. Could you make the connection more explicit for me?

    • Princessk says:

      Well everyone fusses around her, leans in to listen to her, and laughs at her dry jokes. The Queen will never know who is genuine and who isn’t.

    • Maeve says:

      She looks like the girl Lilibet again. She always does at this event – it’s like being let loose in a sweetie shop for her! I always think this is who she’s be if she wasn’t Queen – a horse-obsessed tweedie lady from the shires, and this would be her big day out every year,

    • BW says:

      Child-like is right. My mother had that exact same look on her face for a few months right before she died.

  6. Eurydice says:

    “Angela is said to have a 42in telly in her rooms.” How delightfully random.

    • SnoodleDumpling says:

      That particular line makes me feel like this is meant to be read in a “How DARE she!!?! The Nerve! The unmitigated GALL!!!!!11!!!” tone of voice. Because it IS random, and ostentatious-sounding, and it is the very last line of a rather short piece that connects to absolutely nothing else.

      Either that or the writer couldn’t think of anything else to write and needed those 11 words to hit her required minimum, and somehow I think The Sun could come up with at least 11 other words to add to this about Queenie’s ongoing mobility issues.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        To me that line is a “new money”, middle class dig at AK. The British press are very fond of moaning about how welfare recipients spend all their money on big televisions, rather than pull themselves up by the bootstraps like they did. “They” of course refering to those from wealthy families with access to the right kind of schools, contacts in politics/media/business where daddy can get you a job with his friend, who is a multibillionaire also.

    • Princessk says:

      It is a dig at her. In the U.K. massive televisions in ones living room is considered quite vulgar.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I loved that tidbit! So on point for a tabloid writer! I was expecting to read if AK had her own bathroom after that.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      BUT how many bathrooms does she have???

  7. Susan says:

    Slightly tinfoil theory: my mother, like the Queen, is getting up there in the years. She has lost her “filter,” for lack of a better term, and cannot be trusted to be in public without saying inappropriate, rude or sometimes terribly mean things. (I know and love her and she can still bring me to tears with some of her comments!?). I think this explains the Queen doing only things she seemingly wants to do—and the rare smiles she seems to be displaying as of late. The last thing the stuffy BRF needs is the Queen saying something deemed inappropriate or not queenly for all to hear.

    • Sid says:

      Yes, and it already happened during a few engagements last year. I’m thinking of the one where she was cutting a cake with a sword and made a snippy comment to someone who was trying to advise her. It was surprising because it seemed like a break from her usual neutral polite demeanor. Then there was the COP26 reception where she was allegedly overheard telling people world leaders did a lot of talking but weren’t doing anything about climate change. Again, odd from someone who has seemingly made it a point to be neutral in public.

    • Chantal says:

      @Susan. Very astute observation about TQ and I think you’re right. We went through the same thing with my late mother, who had always been so warm and loving, and who I was very close to. It was a shock! After getting cussed out for reminding her to take her meds, I decided to make fun of what I called “the no Mom filter” and whenever this mean persona would emerge, I would say “whatever, Evil-lene (a take on my mother’s name), just let me know when my mother returns bc I can’t deal with you today.” or “I’m not taking Evil-lene anywhere bc she won’t act right.” She would always laugh and claim she didnt know what I was talking about. No filter usually meant no apology but calling her Evil-lene made her aware of when she was not acting like her normal self and she would usually adjust her behavior accordingly. We often laughed together about Evil-lene and every day I told her I love her so she knew I wasn’t being mean or malicious. It was an effective coping mechanism for me to separate the mean persona from my normally loving mother. Most people, especially those caring for elderly parents, recognize the no filter language/behavior, which is very common, and have different ways of dealing with it. Most of the time, its truly not personal, which is somewhat comforting to know. Wishing you and your family the best.

    • Princessk says:

      I know a lot of young people who have no filter.
      My grandmother lost hers when she started getting old and informed some visitors to the house that her daughter in law had got pregnant when she was in school, something we don’t know was true or false, and then she started telling people her stepson was a thief, something which we think was true.

    • Sharon Moore says:

      I agree 100%!
      This totally describes what happened to my wonderful mother after she turned 91.
      Aging is not easy for anyone.

    • BW says:

      I agree. My mother, who raised me to respect all races and religions, because incredibly racist the last few months of her life. I was horrified and didn’t know where that came from. Mom also had that child-like stare the Queen has now. I think the end is near.

    • Not a Subject says:

      She’s 96 so definitely up there!! Even if she’s sharp during the day, at that age she definitely is sundowning a bit at night and getting confused. Also, I did some research after my gran got really snappy at the end – when women lose their estrogen (after menopause) they start to get a lot more cantankerous. Some of the personality changes are hormonal.

  8. C-Shell says:

    If any situation raises suspicion of elder abuse, Kelly’s intimate proximity to the Queen gives me chills. I think Bess has a huge blind spot where AK is concerned, and Harry’s right to be concerned. Good for him going on the record with Kotb. It feels like the courtiers are tightening their hold on the Queen. Poor thing.

    • Eurydice says:

      I imagine that anyone who’s been Queen for 75 years has developed a healthy amount of pragmatism and suspicion, with some justified paranoia thrown in as well. She’s part of the unspoken contract with the press and she knows BP and the other palaces leak like sieves. At this point, I don’t think she has blind spots – just people she loves more than other people.

      • C-Shell says:

        I think you’re right that she loves AK more than many, if not most, but I still think her trust is misplaced. AK clearly looks out for Number One.

      • Charm says:

        Oh no, betty definitely has blind spots where ak47 is concerned. Its either that, or betty now has no autonomy.

        Tht woman was allowed to write a bk abt workkng for betty WHILE BETTY IS STILL ALIVE & WHILE STILL WORKKNG FOR BETTY. She told the world tht betty bullied her & drove her to drink. And not a peep from the usual suspects in britain, including RRs, the tabloid talkshows, the palace sources, etc.

        Why is she only being allowed to move in now? So soon after H’s comments? Does this mean betty has gotten worse since the Sussexes’ visit less than a month ago? Or does this mean ak47 is being positioned to spill all the tea on the Sussex Family’s private visit to BP during their upcoming visit to the uk?

        And who made this decision for ak47 to move in?
        Does betty’s advisors, regarding her duties as monarch, spill over into her private life also?
        I:e does betty hv autonomy regarding her private/personal life or do her advisors also hv power of attorney in her private life decisions?
        Is ak47 her personal assistant, authorized to decide on who betty can see or wont see?

        Methinks the machiavellians in BP are planning for a repeat of wht they did to H&M bk in Jan, 2020 when they returned from Canada & were invited by betty to come see her before betty’s advisors placed her on lockdown & prevented her from seeing her grandson & his wife.

      • Eurydice says:

        @C-Shell – I might just be extrapolating from my own experience with my elderly relatives, who are a pretty suspicious lot, I must say – but they trust humans to be human, with both good and bad points, and they know when the pluses outweigh the minuses. In 28 years of close association, I can’t imagine the Queen doesn’t know who AK is as a personality.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Charm – or it could be a 3rd possibility. That the Queen knows exactly who AK is and has a symbiotic relationship with her – each gets what they want from the other in the relationship. If AK was bullied and driven to drink, then there must have been something else she wanted which kept her working for the the Queen. If TQ was a bully and tormentor, then she’s not likely to be different now and suddenly become a naïve, trusting old lady.

        We don’t know that the decision for AK to move into Windsor was made now – we just know it was announced now. As for blocking TQ from seeing H&M – unlike last time, it’s public knowledge that TQ specifically asked for H&M to come. The press is expecting it and they especially want to see the children. I suppose the courtiers could block the visit by saying TQ is too ill, but that opens another can of worms in the middle of the Jubbly, and we know Harry won’t keep quiet about it.

  9. Over it says:

    I am always so impressed by how stylish Penny is. She really does always get it right.

    • Christine says:

      Right? I totally agree, Penny always looks great.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        She is always impeccable!! If anyone should move in with TQ, it should be Penny!!! She is truly worthy, and has a good relationship with TQ, and the entire RF. My gawd, if you are going to have anyone, it must be Penny!!

  10. Julia K says:

    This Trojan Horse has been well placed to report on and bring down you know who? Angela has been recruited to spy on the Queen. Who does she report to; that should be interesting.

  11. Roseberry says:

    Maybe this is what Russell Myers was referencing when he talked about Harry not being able to penetrate the ‘ring of steel’ protection around TQ in Friday’s post.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      This is what I was thinking. AK is the ‘ring of steel’ to prevent H from seeing his grandma and really understanding what’s going on with her.

    • Gabby says:

      Well then where is Charles in all this? If he had half a brain he would step in. Deep down he’s knows that Harry is right on this point.

  12. Zapp Brannigan says:

    So the Queen’s bestest friend forever is a woman who punched out a co-worker, as she suspected the co-worker was screwing the same married man (another co-worker) that AK was having an affair with. All this in a work environment is fine but dark nail polish is not protocol. Make it make sense.

  13. Cathy says:

    While everyone was looking at Andrew I suspect that AK47 has quietly wheedled her way into The Queen’s life in such a way that The Queen probably thinks she can’t do without her now. I wouldn’t trust this woman at all and once HM goes they will be finding Ms Kelly very had to remove.

    Can I possibly suggest it’s time to do an audit of the “dressers floor” and of the jewellery vault?

    • Dot Gingell says:

      They’d better do a stock take – AK might do a ‘Paul Burrell’.

      • esline mills says:

        I was thinking exactly the same thing.

      • Princessk says:

        Well people are already alarmed that AK was given the green light to write another book about the Queen, which some felt revealed too much. AK may have the people who planted her but there will be other courtiers whose noses will have been put out by her moving in with the Queen. She needs to watch her back.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Indeed – she literally has access to priceless jewels.

      • equality says:

        @Princessk So another person who can write about the royals and it’s fine but PH is vilified for it?

    • Jan90067 says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to find out (eventually) some of the much smaller, “inconsequential” pieces have gone “missing” at this point, long sold off.

      I think there should be a forensic accounting of Angela’s accounts at some point.

    • Sunnee says:

      I have been thinking the same. I thought of this as a plot point for a spy movie. A woman worms her way into the RF and years down the line they find some priceless pieces have been replaced.

  14. Beff2 says:

    I assumed AK already had residence with QEII?

  15. Mooney says:

    I always thought the Queen whisperer AK 47 lived there full time….

  16. Amy Bee says:

    I thought she was already living there. Anyway she was probably moved in to be present when Harry and Meghan visit. If any leaks come out while they’re in the UK we will know who the culprit is.

  17. Hyrule Castle says:

    This new development is probably what Harry feared, when he spoke of needing to protect his grandmother.

  18. TheOriginalMia says:

    Harry was definitely talking about AK moving next door to his grandmother. She’s a snake and will keep everyone informed when Granny & Harry & Eugenie are talking. Thing about AK is her ability to survive. She’ll work with all of them to keep her head above water.

    But I will say having a companion is key for the elderly. My grandmother’s aide has become like a granddaughter to her. She depends on her a lot and talks to her about everything. Her aide doesn’t stay with her but we’ve had to have a steady rotation of family staying with her.

  19. aquarius64 says:

    Having this witch as the press snitch is a bad idea. Harry will correct the record.

  20. Jaded says:

    Harry’s had her number since Tiaragate. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to find out he’s got someone watching Angela, hence his thinly veiled warning about “wanting to make sure the Queen is protected and has the right people around her” during the Hota Kotb interview. Smart move on Harry’s part — Angela needs to tread VERY carefully as I’m sure he’ll be keeping a close watch on her.

  21. Feeshalori says:

    I doubt Harry will want to be in any room with AK when he visits the queen.

  22. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    Wait: isn’t Prince Phillip a Mountbatten? Are he and his special friend cousins?

    • Ama1977 says:

      I think Mountbatten was Phillip’s “adopted” name due to the complications of his Nazi-affiliated family, and Penny Knatchbull married a Mountbatten, so she’s not related by birth.

      **Source: The Crown and previous gossip, lol.

    • Eurydice says:

      She’s married to the grandson of the Lord Mountbatten who was Prince Phillip’s uncle – so she would be Phillip’s grandniece by marriage?

    • Jaded says:

      It actually wasn’t because of his Nazi-affiliated family. His sisters married Nazi party members but he then became estranged to them. Prince Philip’s birth name was Philippos Andreou (Philip Andrew) of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glücksburg, Prince of Greece and Denmark. His name was changed to Mountbatten (an Anglicized version of his mother’s maiden name) in 1947 when he became engaged to Elizabeth, and in order to marry her he also had to renounce his Greek and Danish styles and titles, after which he was given an HRH style by her father and the title Duke of Edinburgh. In 1957 he was given the title Prince of the United Kingdom.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I think it was actually Uncle Dickie (Lord Mountbatten) who Anglicized the family name from Battenberg to Mountbatten during the First World War, even though Kaiser Wilhelm was Queen Victoria’s grandson.

  23. Eggbert says:

    Another reason I think the queen is suffering from dementia is that her demeanor has changed. She’s more smiley and cheery than normal?

    • Maeve says:

      She always looks like this at the Windsor Horse show – it’s her having fun off duty face. she’s much more reserved at her official stuff.

  24. Stef says:

    Nice to see that genuine smile. She’s glowing, almost childlike in her joy. Equestrian sports are her true passion and I’m glad she got some time to see the show and not have to make it an “official” visit. Skipping the dog and pony show, sorta… (there’s a great pun here but I’m too tired to find it today).

    She reminds me so much of my Grandma, it’s uncanny.

  25. Bread and Circuses says:

    The queen is in her nineties and has had COVID twice.

    It’s no surprise she’s having trouble she never had before; that’s something COVID does to people. Given that she seems to have inherited her mother’s genes for longevity, she might well have stayed more active than this for years yet, but this is where she’s at now.

    I hope the people around her are prioritizing helping her do what she can and wants to do, rather than trying to keep up appearances.

  26. Julia K says:

    Only one documented case of Covid for her that I recall.

  27. equality says:

    She might do better to move in Penny; she got Phil to 99.

  28. Duchess of Corolla says:

    This is neither here nor there, but The Queen reminds me of my late grandmother, who was just about The Queen’s age when she passed. I miss my Nana…she was a regal woman, but she always called me “honey bunny” and always had hugs and kisses for me. Grandmothers are special.

    I will stop rambling now.

    • Blueskies says:

      That is so lovely. My maternal grandmother died in her late 60s but one of my enduring memories is that she called all her grandchildren “honey”, it’s how I’m able to remember her voice.

  29. Southern Fried says:

    Honestly not trying to be rude but the Q looks a bit drunk or high. We don’t see that kind of grin from her often. Or ever? I’m thinking elder abuse to prop her up just long enough to get through the celebrations then Charles engineers his reign on the tail of any good will towards her. Then she’s returned to her room medicated up, giving no fks other than coddling her pedo boy.