Brown: Prince Harry will unleash a ‘campaign of chaos’ during the Jubbly

Did you think we were done with Tina Brown’s promotional tour for The Palace Papers? Of course not. As someone who covers royal gossip, I actually appreciate the fact that at least Brown is someone different. I get tired of all of the noisy, spiteful pearl-clutchers who make up the royal commentary class. That being said, Brown’s talking points are mostly just an offshoot of the same old bullsh-t. As it turns out, Brown 100% believes that Prince Harry is going to wage a campaign of chaos upon his return to the UK for the Jubbly.

Prince Harry is reported to have sparked fear within Buckingham Palace that the Duke’s return to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations will see a “campaign of chaos” unleashed. Australia’s 60 Minutes recently aired an episode entitled: “Royal family drama threatening to derail the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee” in which royal expert Tina Brown sets out her concerns about what will come from the Duke’s return to the spotlight during his trip home.

Host Liam Bartlett told 60 Minutes Australia: “Tina Brown’ sources tell her the fear in the palace is that there’s a lot of his mother in Prince Harry, and that his trip home will be used as an opportunity to continue his campaign of chaos.

Ms Brown told the programme: “In some ways, I mean, Harry’s taken up the legacy of Diana and seems to kind of lob these grenades at unexpected moments that has everybody completely off form. It’s a tragedy I think that he’s gone so off about his family, his emotions rule Harry’s head, there’s no doubt about it. There’s a deep resentment in Harry for everything that he’s been through in the past. Unfortunately in recent years, it really seems to become directed towards his family, particularly his father. Which is actually very sad, I think for Charles who I think did try to do his best in his own way as well.”

[From The Daily Express]

The thing is, Tina Brown and all of the royal commentators would love nothing more if Harry and Meghan flew in and chaos ensued. They would love it and they would spend the whole summer talking about it. Even if the Sussexes are completely committed to being low-key for the days they’re in town, the royal press machine will turn their every move, gesture, word and look into a five-alarm emergency anyway, so why not actively try to sow chaos? That’s how I feel. As for Brown’s insistence that poor, emotional, resentful Harry is obsessed with “lobbing grenades” at his family… he’s literally coming back to see his grandmother and introduce his children to his family. He is making an effort.

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  1. matthew says:

    I’m praying Harry rains chaos down on London.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I’d kind of *like* to see H&M cut a streak through London while they’re there, just for sh*ts and giggles. But it’s not their style.

      I just have *such* a hard time believing any living person with functioning brain cells believe these tabloid trash mags.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Harry will not be creating any chaos. This story tells me that everyone is running scared that he continues to be more popular than the rest of them despite their many smear campaigns.

      • anotherlily says:


      • Janice Hill says:

        You’re so right. The only chaos is going to be the cheers from fans that drown out the cheers for the other members of the royal family.

    • Moxylady says:

      For leaders supposedly appointed by god, they sure are full of fear over every little thing.

  2. Julia K says:

    What happened to ” a slap in the face to the Queen ” if he doesn’t come for the Jubilee? Now it’s chaos if he does come back. Please make up your collective minds.

    • Mrs.CP says:

      Exactly! 😑

    • HamsterJam says:

      For one thing I will be eternally grateful, there will be no more “slap in the face to the Queen” after she passes. As for “slap in the face to the King”, it will not be used as you would have people lining up for it.

    • kirk says:

      CBE Tabloid Tina’s desperate pitches to hawk Palace Poopers must be falling on deaf ears. That’s why she has to jerk the attention back to herself with CHAOS! So, why you ask yourself doesn’t she credit evil Meghan as the Chaos Creator? Is she trying to hawk more Poopers to American audience by casting the foreign prince as the problem? Or is she just regurgitating the same ol’ tabloid talking points?

      BTW she needs to STFU with her hyperbolic wartime metaphors that were super disgusting and inappropriate during Invictus Games; they’ve since become tired and trite coming from her. The only way the word ‘grenades’ could regain explosive force from her mouth is if she choked on it.

  3. Valentina says:

    I think by ‘campaign of chaos’ she means ‘try to get better people around his beloved, very elderly, grandmother’

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Not just that. Someone obviously sat down and created these words. It’s all propaganda which is water off a duck’s back for Harry. Bring it on I say.

  4. Snuffles says:

    The Sussex’s plan is to be low key, visit Gam Gam and mind their own business.

    But I can totally see utter paranoia from The Firm and the Royal Rota because they’ve completely lost control of the Sussex narrative. They don’t know boo about their plans or goals and that terrifies them. The mere fact that Harry COULD lob a grenade at them by merely being honest keeps them up at night. They know they did some horrific things to him and Meghan.

    It’s like Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    It’ll all be about stealing the spotlight, even if all they do is show up. ‘How dare they steal the spotlight from the Queen/Charles/Camilla/William/Kate/corgis (fill in the blank) by being there!’ they scream, frothing at their thin-lipped mouths.

    • Anna says:

      Meg could wear a paper bag and she will still steal their spotlight, so I hope they are prepared.

      • Christine says:

        Every single member of the Salty Isle royal family could be standing right in front of these rats, and they are going to be aiming their cameras to the sides, hoping Harry and Meghan are going to show up. They are so desperate.

    • Green girl says:

      For the RR, it doesn’t actually matter what H&M do:
      -If they show up, they are stealing the spotlight.
      -If they don’t show up, they have snubbed the Queen,
      -If they attend, but stay out of the spotlight, then they have caused riffs in the family.
      -If only Harry shows up, then they are headed for divorce.
      -Attend via Zoom and they have gone Hollywood/can’t be bothered/only do the bare minimum.

      How exhausting!

  6. Polo says:

    Yes they absolutely want drama because it will feed the RRs and BM for months. But as we all know anything Harry and Meghan say will be considered “devastating” to the royal family.

  7. Becks1 says:

    I’m dying. She makes it sound like Harry is a Marvel villain or something. “will unleash a campaign of chaos” LOLOL. The RRs are all SO happy the sussexes are going, it gives them something to write about, even if all their stories are based on fake “royal insider” gossip. They WANT Harry to be chaotic and messy and to cause drama.

    (I don’t think Harry is chaotic and messy etc, I’m just saying that’s what the RRs are hoping for.) And when he’s not causing chaos, they’ll just lie and say he is.

    • damejudi says:

      Wow, talk about flight of fancy.

      They envision Harry on the balcony (or somewhere during the Jubbly), eyes blazing, proclaiming:

      “Release the Chaos Kraken!”

      How silly the “TB sources” make themselves look.

      • Becks1 says:

        LOL we should start calling him the Chaos Kraken from now on (TIC, of course, lol.)

    • Deering24 says:

      “She makes it sound like Harry is a Marvel villain…”

      🤣🤣 🤣Like these folks haven’t already created their own Multiverses Of Madness? They can’t even stick with one version to sound remotely credible.

    • ShazBot says:

      I think the RR is starting to freak out a bit that they actually *won’t* see Harry and Meghan at all when they’re in town. It’s like they’re trying to manifest drama because it seems quite likely that they’ll come to visit, do behind the scenes family stuff, and there won’t be any good pictures of them.
      Maybe they’ll go to the Service of Thanksgiving and the Ascot? Maybe? But I could totally see them doing nothing public at all.

    • Christine says:

      I cackled, it’s just so absurd.

      Burn it down, Harry, burn it allllllll down!

      For a group of people who have followed him around for his entire life, they are absolutely incapable of getting anything about him right.

  8. Scorpion says:


    Brown is so predictable atp

  9. Mslove says:

    Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Agent of Chaos. The RR doing their best to drum up enthusiasm for the jubbly I guess.

  10. Pinkosaurus says:

    How are book sales going? Hopefully so badly this hack will stop getting interviewed about her stale rehash of tabloid stories.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes, please let it be!!! TB is nothing but noise at this point? Why she thinks that she has any knowledge or insight as to the internal machinations in The Firm are delusional, at best.

    • C-Shell says:

      Tina Brown had a heyday, once upon a time, but she’s been irrelevant for years. Either she’s hopped on the 🐀🐀🐀 bandwagon to sell books or she’s really just an old, royalist hack who’s angling for a damehood. Or both. This narrative she’s spewing is just recycled bilge that ALL the RR have been yammering on about for 4-5 years. She doesn’t differentiate herself from them at all, but for her ability to turn a pithy phrase. One wonders why anyone would buy her book of retreads.

      • SomeChick says:

        she’s not even terribly pithy. her breathy, overwrought, tabloidey style is sooo dated.

  11. girl_ninja says:

    Of course, because that’s totally Harry’s style. Come in wreck havoc and leave. Makes total sense. The way this Tina Brown woman is just pulling things out of her a** right now is just tragic.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      LOL @ girl_ninja. You summed up in your 2nd sentence what could be described as Tina’s career life.

      Dear Tina, Harry doesn’t have a ‘campaign of chaos’. Maybe you’re projecting?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Thanks for the link!!! I guess if TB knows what chaos is, as she is certainly a master at it, than it must be true!!!

        Tina Brown, if anyone is the king of chaos, he is already in Britain. I will give you a hint; it’s Harry’s brother!!!

        My gawd woman, learn new tricks. Your lies are as ludicrous as you are!!!

      • Christine says:

        Nice catch, Agreatreckoning! I’ll bet TB has had “Queen of Chaos” echoing around in her brain since 2011, and here it is for all of us to enjoy. About Harry, albeit with a twist.

    • Eurydice says:

      I know, you’d think Tina’s been living alone in a cave for all this time. Harry’s already been back to the UK several times – the final tour with Meghan, Phillip’s funeral, the Diana statue, tea with the Queen and with Meghan. At what time during any of these events did Harry unleash chaos?

  12. K8erade says:

    All Tina Brown is doing is caterwauling and catastrophizing. The only thing I want Harry to do is tell the BM that outside his grandmother, he doesn’t care what happens in that family, he has no intention of getting involved in his father or brother’s reign, and he doesn’t care what people think about how he chooses to live his life. It won’t happen. Harry’s too classy for that. Outside of that my only hope for his book is that he fesses up that his brother and him were never as close as the media made them out to be.

  13. 809Matriarch says:

    Projection, thy name is Tina Brown!

    I mean, Harry recently only said he was concerned about the RIGHT PEOPLE being around his grandmother, and he diplomatically sidestepped questions about his relationship with his father and brother. Who is he going to “lob grenades” at? I mean what platforms? Harry NEVER interacts with the UK media. The only ones lobbing grenades and engaging in tactical aggressive media warfare is the British media, who most of the time are acting on behest of the Firm. I mean, William was quoted in numerous sources as saying he doesn’t WANT Harry on UK soil. They’ve been accusing H&M of trying to bug the proceedings for Netflix. All of the most recent acrimonious rhetoric is coming from TINA BROWN lately.

  14. kelleybelle says:

    This woman is becoming as insufferable as Levin and Piers Morgan. Ugh. She knows Jack Shit about Harry and what he’ll do.

  15. MsIam says:

    They had better have lots of fire trucks stationed nearby because Harry is coming to burn down the palace y’all! Sigh. This is why I wish the Sussexes could have done an under cover visit during the summer instead of this Jubbly mess but I guess it was not meant to be. Well I hope they enjoy their time with the queen and get out of there quickly.

  16. BUBS says:

    All these people need to have frequent blood pressure checks! What is all this? The obsession with Harry and Meg is a LOT!!! Honestly, I don’t even read their opinions when I open stories like these because I know it’s the same tired storyline…I only read Kaiser’s commentary. Take care of your mental health peeps…envy and jealousy kills…literally!

  17. Eurydice says:

    OMG!! Fear! Chaos! Plagues! Pestilence! Locusts! Frogs! Run for your LIVES!!!

    Maybe Tina has forgotten the Revenge Tour? The one where Harry and Meghan showed up smiling and happy, perfectly dressed and composed, and left behind them a series of iconic images that W&K have been trying to copy ever since. Oooooh, fear…

    • BothSidesNow says:

      🤣🤣🤣🤣. Thank you so much @ Eurydice for your commentary!!! I desperately needed that laugh!!

  18. Teddy says:

    These dreary little gossip mongers always speak their deepest wishes.

  19. Leigh_S says:

    What do they think will happen? He and Meghan will yell DRACARYS and a dragon wills sweep down to torch the BRF in the balcony?!

    Honestly, Shakespeare was far less dramatic than this

  20. Concern Fae says:

    This really is seeing someone else’s perfectly reasonable boundaries as abuse.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Seems that way. Already they refused to participate in the balcony farce, they basically have no idea what the Sussexes have planned and have no access to them, so they say chaos. It seems Brown has transferred her Diana obsession to Harry.

  21. Em says:

    How the mighty Tina brown has fallen, reduced to a royal grifting sycophant. Harry and Meghan will be low key and the only chaos agents are the press. People need to understand that it is absolutely not compulsory to be on friendly or speaking terms with your family members. Harry doesn’t strike me as angry, he strikes me as over it.

    • VjTay says:

      Exactly, Harry ain’t got time for TB or RR and their foolishness. Harry just going for his gran to meet her grandchildren, then he done with the lot if them.

  22. Che Che says:

    TB is trying hard to keep her book in the loop before the next Harry/Meghan bashing book hits the stands. Say what works to be relevant to anyone that will listen.

  23. nina says:

    Jeez. Talk about smelling their desperation for any news regarding the Sussexes. Note to Brown desperation is not a good look.

  24. Rapunzel says:

    “Campaign of chaos”?

    Harry doesn’t have to have a campaign. The BRF manufacturers it’s own chaos with its entitlement, sloth, incompetence, and moral/ethical failings.

  25. Blithe says:

    This is really sick —and sickening. I’m starting to think that yellow journalism might be the root of all evil. I agree: they’re just trying to sow chaos so they can have a few grains of truth in the rubbish in order to sell more books and papers.

    I hope Harry and Meghan and their kids can pull off a quiet family visit. Then the press can seethe about that.

  26. Haylie says:

    The guy who doesn’t even want to be in the balcony is going to bring chaos to the jubbly? Sure, Jan. Tina better hope that true chaos agents Will and Cate can pretend they don’t hate being near one another for a week or two and tamp down growing whispers about separation and divorce.

  27. Angela says:

    Harry lives large in all of the British press tiny minds.

  28. Amy Bee says:

    As with Philip’s furneral the chaos will not be started by Harry but with the Palace. Harry and Meghan will be barely seen and that will be a problem in itself. I think they will do some events/visits while they’re there but we will only find out about them after the fact. I do find it interesting that the press only talks about Harry and Meghan attending the Thanksgiving Service. It’s either they already know that this will be only Jubilee event that Harry and Meghan will attend or that they have no idea what’s going to happen. I think the former is quite possible because the Palace has to know who will be attending which events weeks in advance.

  29. twinkle says:

    australian 60 minutes is trash and has been since ray martin chased down teenage britney on a tarmac and asked about her virginity, pointing a microphone to her face and expecting a response. utter garbage.
    it’s no surprise that they’re running with this agenda.

  30. molly says:

    In a lot of ways, Diana DID love some drama and chaos. Partially because she had no other way of telling her side, partially because Charles played dirty too, partially because she was alone and paranoid, and partially because she was straight bored.

    Very little of that applies to Harry (and Meghan). He has no such incentives to go scorched earth.

    • K8erade says:

      @Molly The fact everyone who escapes that family has serious trauma says everything. People who go through long-term periods of trauma, especially the type of complex trauma that Princess Di went through tend to become addicted to it. When it’s over, they seek out situations that give them that same rush as they felt when in the traumatic situation. It’s almost like a drug. In the mid 1990s, we didn’t know the things about trauma that we know now. Most of the trauma research and treatment out there now is pretty new and cutting edge. Diana didn’t have access to the resources and treatment that Harry does today. That is the big difference.

      • equality says:

        PH also had a family that he could leave with and Diana didn’t have options with Will and Harry being minors and in the line of succession. She had to stay and fight the best ways she could.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana did get treated for bulimia I think Charles should have had counseling

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Molly, please don’t label Diana as paranoid. It insults her feelings as well as feeds into the whitewashing narrative that the entire BRF are pushing. Diana was tremendously unhappy and she was very much in love with Charles and he betrayed her. The entire BRF were insufferable towards Diana.

      • molly says:

        Paranoid was the wrong word, I take it back. (You’re not paranoid if you’re right!)

        Nearly everyone around Diana was either benefiting from the drama or betraying her in some way. It was really all-consuming, and as @equality said, she had so few options to do anything else but be in it.

    • Tessa says:

      Diana was not paranoid that was gaslighting by Nicholas roamed Charles friend who was not qualified to diagnose people diana was treated by Dr lipsedge and she got the bulimia under control

    • Tessa says:

      Diana was not bored. She could have stayed home and been too upset to do anything.She enjoyed her work and charities very much. and she was a “natural” with the public who took to her. she wanted a real marriage but did not get that with Charles. He wanted someone “suitable” to have royal children and Diana filled the bill.

  31. Harla says:

    I sincerely hope that Meghan brings a can of gasoline and Harry brings a book of matches😁. Burn it all down.

  32. tired says:

    It’s incredible that this woman has been allowed to dine out on blatant hatred and misconceptions of HM for this long. The Palace Papers is also about three other women she doesn’t seem to give a fuck about but who ultimately matter much more to the monarchy and Britain. Harry is what, 6th in line and never acted the way they wanted him to even before getting married. Meghan has been on the scene less than 6 years and yet she just can’t stop spouting this narrative of them as nasty, vindictive, plotting goons even though the actual literal plotting goons are the rest of the British media and RF.

    Tina is a trashy tabloid herself, it’s a shame she’s gone so far up her own ass that she’s using her professional ‘credibility’ to continue this completely unnecessary attack on two people who don’t even live in or deal with the country anymore.

    The interviewer should have reminded her that HM were able to visit Granny without a soul knowing until they were safely on a different continent without making any scene whatsoever, but I guess that wouldn’t sell the fucking book.

  33. equality says:

    I think the campaign to ruin the jubbly started with the Carribbean and continued on into Canada. Maybe Wales will have a few talking points for PW.

  34. Cel2495 says:

    They just dying to get him back and have him in London to keep eating. They have no idea what H&M will do and is clearly killing them 😂

    • K8erade says:

      @Cel2495 This is all about having power and control over the family scapegoat. The fact he decided to no longer play the role of human shield with the media or the family is what has them so bothered. It’s sad when you think about it.

      • Just Me says:

        You are so right. Harry was and still is, along with Meghan, being used as the human shield for all the royals who are vipers trapped in a poison pen conspiracy with rabid tabloid rats!

  35. one of the marys says:

    I want them to have fun with this and troll the press. So he carries an attaché with title ‘campaign of chaos’ visible. Or he’s asked about family life and says, having two little kids there’s a lot of energy it’s a campaign of chaos the moment they wake up. I mean they must absolutely be so sick of it at this point but humour is a good coping mechanism

    • Beverley says:

      Love the customized attache that reads “campaign of chaos”. That’s classic!

  36. teecee says:

    It’s interesting that they keep tying Harry to who is by far the most beloved member of the royal family worldwide (sorry, Liz). Comparing Harry to Diana may work as condemnation in royal Tory circles, but for everyone else, it’s a huge mark in his favor. And once this season of The Crown is released, that feeling will be even greater.

  37. Ace says:

    Well, I for one would love if Harry went to the Jubbly to unleash chaos because that would be entertaining as fuck.

    Alas, I fear Harry is only going to visit his grandmother and make a couple of appearances that, of course, the BM will lose their shit about becuause that’s what they do. Pity, because him unleashing chaos would be way funnier.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      As well as deserving to the entire lot of them, including the men around TQ that kept her in the dark. I wonder if TQ knows any but of the truth or she just cares to stick her head in the sand when it comes to matters of the BRF, as PP was the one that took that lead.

  38. Miranda says:

    If there were such “deep resentment”, as TB (what a fitting abbreviation for such an infectiously toxic woman) says, Harry would not be going to the damn Jubbly at all, much less bringing Meghan and the kids. He wants his children to spend time with their great-grandmother, and likely wants to soften his relationship with his father a bit. That’s all. THAT’S ALL. Sit your ass down, BM (another fitting abbreviation!).

    • Over it says:

      Lol. Miranda , you have me curious and guessing. Does TB stand for Tiring B—-ch
      Terrible B—ch
      Or Trifling B—-ch?
      Or all or none of the above? Lol
      I am thinking BM = Bowel movement.
      Feel free to correct me. Lol

      • Mimi says:

        I think she’s referencing tuberculosis which is commonly abbreviated in medical jargon as TB.

  39. J. Ferber says:

    Oh, for f—k’s sake. They’re getting themselves in a lather and will go full-on psychotic before the Jubbly. The press is already overshadowing the queen on her special day by fulminating and bloviating about Harry and Meg. Let this be the story: keep your eye on the queen, not on the Sussexes. But they can’t do it.

  40. Jaded says:

    If Tiny Brain is relying on Australia’s 60 Minutes for dirt then she’s just spewing trash TV. She’s got Harry and Meghan living rent-free in her brain and can’t stand it, but she’s taken the wrong side because it’s clear her only focus is to get clicks and eyeballs, and put herself in good stead with the BRF. Nice try Tiny. You’re as irrelevant as all the other old, white, bitter royal commentators.

  41. Mel says:

    I think they’ll come in, mind their own business and it’ll enrage them that they won’t play the game. I hope the kids have plenty of big , floppy hats

  42. tamsin says:

    My thinking is that the visit will be very private- his intention is to spend time with his granny with his whole family for what may be his last opportunity. However, I can’t imagine that they will at least make one public appearnace just to quiet the rabid press.

  43. Amy T says:

    Someone needs to start a Go Fund Me to buy pearls for these sad clutchers.

  44. Tessa says:

    Brown and other writers are the ones taking attention away from the queen

  45. Tessa says:

    The pearl clutches in dm comments talk of booing Harry and Meghan yet it was Will who was booed lol

  46. Tessa says:

    Tina uses Diana to slam harry and is now a c and c person too bad Diana had anything to do with tina

  47. juliajane says:

    Sigh, I can see it now when they come and just smile and politely attend a few events. It’ll either be “tight-lipped hostility, so sad how resentful they are” or “Harry and Meghan are desperate to retain their royal connections.” Or it’ll be “Kate the Peacemaker” again. Whatever they do will be twisted. I am sure they will just focus on their own goals of some quiet family time with key people, maybe visit charities, and ignore the noise.

  48. blunt talker says:

    Harry has said he will not play the games with the UK media-that’s what ‘s keeping them steamed about the Sussex visit-Harry has already stated his intentions so if they have any brains just wait and see-what they will see is nothing more than a family going about their business and ignoring the shitgibbons in the UK media-a little advice-please do not make-up shit that did not happen-Harry and Meghan keep receipts-

  49. Slippers4life says:

    Ugh! Just add Tina Brown to the carnie pile of so called experts!

  50. J. Ferber says:

    Harry doesn’t do chaos and he doesn’t do messy. You know who does? The British media. They are like a swarm of hornets trying to do the utmost damage. Harry and Meghan always do classy, warm and appropriate. His family is a whole other story, as we well know. And that’s why Will and Kate will be in Wales, hopefully for the whole time M and H are there. Enough said.

  51. MikeB says:

    How many people are there in the royal palaces acting as sources to royal experts, royal commentators, and tabloid writers? It’s a wonder anything gets done in the palaces ar all as the staff must be constantly on phones feeding gossip to their contacts. Alternatively there are no sources and each story is made up. Do I believe Tina Browns statements emanating from the palace about the fear surrounding Harry and Meghan’s visit? No, I do not. The UK tabloids will move heaven and earth to obtain photos of them, and especially of the children. The threat to Harry and his family’s safety lies with the tabloids.