Did Duchess Kate wear bum-padding to the ‘Top Gun’ premiere? An investigation.

The thing about the Duchess of Cambridge is that while she’s often inappropriately dressed, she rarely wears body-con styles or anything which could be described as “slinky.” Last night’s Roland Mouret look was a change up for her, yet it fell in the familiar theme of “copykeening.” As for the slinky, body-conscious style… it’s led to speculation that she wore padding on her bum. Her sister Pippa Middleton famously wore padding to Kate’s 2011 wedding, and Pippa’s ass of lies haunted her for years as photographers were constantly on the hunt for “bum shots.” So, I looked through the photos and… I’m not sure? If Kate is wearing something, she went for modest padding, because this just looks like her regular body. It wouldn’t surprise me if she wore appropriate foundation garments, and sometimes those will “lift” a woman’s backside.

I also came across this asinine Daily Mail story, in which a “celebrity stylist” poured sugar and lies all over Kate’s look:

Celebrity stylist Miranda Holder told Femail that the dress was ‘distinctively more sultry’ than the looks we usually see on the mother-of-three. The form-fitting dress highlighted the Duchess’s shape, and her sling back hair and cleverly applied body shimmer brought the attention to her toned arms and chiselled shoulders.

‘It was a bold sartorial move, and the Duchess of Cambridge executed it to perfection,’ Miranda said. ‘Kate knows how to turn up the glamour, but last night’s look was a world away from her previous ensembles and distinctively more sultry. The dress was extremely fitted, highlighting Kate’s enviable curves which looked nothing short of sensational, and the Bardot-esque off the shoulder neckline exposing her décolletage. ‘This, combined with a very modern slicked back hair style, instead of her usual neat “updos”, added a new dimension to the Royal’s fashion repertoire,’ the fashion expert went on.

The Top Gun gown is the most daring look Kate has worn at an event since turning William’s head during a fashion show at St Andrews University where she donned a skimpy see-through dress that shown her underwear.

[From The Daily Mail]

…Are we even looking at the same dress??? This stylist is just out here, saying words. The reason the Mouret dress “works” on Kate is because she’s doesn’t have “enviable curves.” Kate is slender with a small bust and narrow hips, that’s why she can pull off a dress like this. And the whole idea that this is the “most daring” look Kate has worn since college… well, it’s funny how all of Kate’s twirly miniskirts and Marilyn Moments have been completely whitewashed.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid and Instar.

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  1. Jay says:

    I have no idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if KP puts out a statement, just like they did with past articles about Kate wearing hair extensions. Nobody. Must. Question. The. Duchess’s. Bum.

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      Don’t know about bum padding, but something serious is off between her left dimple and the corner of her mouth.

      • Ginni says:

        @Elizabeth Phillips l notice that too! Is most noticeable In the picture where she is wearing a green dress (last tour) Something is wrong with this woman.

  2. K8erade says:

    I will play nice and say that the dress looks good on Kate but I know stress scrawniness when I see it. My gut instinct says no to bum padding but I’m not sure. Why aren’t we talking about her obvious push-up bra and constant slouching?

    William looks absolutely disgusted being near her.

    • Julia K says:

      He’s smiling at her! A rare smile but there it is. Not disgusted imo

      • Duch says:

        If you’re looking at second pic, he’s smiling at someone standing between them. I had to look closer, because at first I thought the same as you. You can see her fluffy hair on the other side of Kate’s face. The dark blue behind Kate is her body (I think).

      • K8erade says:

        Let me say something about this:

        One thing Harry said in the Oprah interview is had in the family how you always had to be “on.” Happy and smiling. Baldy is smiling but the eyes are telling a different story. He looks like he’d rather be at that premiere with anyone but her.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Duch is right, Tom is standing behind Kate and is partially hidden. William is looking at him, not her.

        @K8erade, I’ve thought about that comment often and you can definitely see the emotional dissonance in action. Honestly, both seemed off and she actually seemed more miserable/subdued than him, weirdly enough. Usually Kate’s the one who’s constantly grinning like the Joker and basking in all the red carpet glam and attention. She didn’t do much grinning beyond the obligatory interactions with the actors, and she didn’t seem to enjoy being on the red carpet at all IMO. You’d think they’d try for even the bare minimum of affection after that separation story’s circulation but things seemed pretty damn frosty last night from the car pics to the red carpet walk.

      • Lisa says:

        Tom is being very attentive tho

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        I think there’s a man behind Kate. You can see his hair from her forehead to her nose. Also, look behind her and down, and you’ll see the end of his suit coat. I believe that man and W are talking.

      • Julia K says:

        You are all alert today! Yes, there is someone he is smiling at, Tom? I completely missed it.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yep, that’s Tom between Will & Kate. Will was giving his festive glances to Tom.

    • May Bench says:

      Kate’s face looks haggard. That’s what happens when you starve yourself. Baldy looks like he can’t stand being near her and he failed to help her up the stairs. Bad look for a husband. My husband always held my hand and if I needed help, I didn’t even have to ask. I think Baldy can’t stand being near her. What a pity. He’s just like his cheating father. Why marry women when you don’t love them, or you cheat on them.

      • Nic919 says:

        Looking at Meghan, who is five months older than Kate and Anne Hathaway, who is 10 months younger, you can see how bad lifestyle habits like smoking and tanning in your 20s as well as being excessively thin ages you. (Anne Hathaway is actually very thin too, but she does not give off the eating disorder look).

        But I stopped feeling bad for her once she decided it was fine to smear your own sister in law and keep silent when you knew she was suicidal and seeking help.


  3. Abena Asantewaa says:

    What curves😄 Where are they?

    • nina says:


    • Lemons says:

      Right? If we have to look for the bum in order to find the padding, I don’t think it’s doing its job.

    • Dalek8 says:

      Amen. It’s pure nothingness….but okay I guess…

    • Thelma says:


    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Abena, I said as much on another thread. She shouldn’t go with the form fitting dress, because she simply doesn’t have the figure for it. I wish she would let someone who knows what they’re doing pick her event wear. I think she wanted something very fitted and didn’t give anyone the chance to have her try anything else.

  4. Mia says:

    After lilibet diana , meghan had little bit of ass. I know that copy kate will do the same. Its looks like body con or padding . This not her nature ass. Just like pippa , kate doesnt have any body fat.

    • candy says:

      Without body policing, I just want to say that Meghan looked amazing after Lilibet. She really looks adorable and sexy with her curves.

    • Isabella says:

      I feel naive. I didn’t know Pippa was padded

    • Laur a says:

      I do think she has padding because in some pictures, you can see a waist, and this woman has NEVER had a waist. She is like a pencil.

  5. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Maybe Kate’s arse wanted to match the padding in Tom’s shoe.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I mentioned the other day how many lifts TC would be wearing when this event would take place as we all know he is extremely self conscious about his height. TC looks to be a hobbit next to Baldemort and CopyKeen!!

      • Ms.Krabapple says:

        Tom’s lift still have to be hidden, so he could never hope to match Kate’s 6-in stilettos.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        Which is why it makes no sense at all that he doesn’t insist on his costars being short. They cast tall actresses, then make them stand in holes to not look taller.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      I was focusing on his shoes, too- I thought, man, he is really tiny, bc I bet he has three inches of lift in those shoes.

      • susan says:

        you can tell by the way he tilts forward in the standing shots. heel lifts throw off your balance.

  6. Still In My Robe says:

    The posture!!! Stand up straight! I’m tall, I’m thin, I slouch. But if my only job were to go somewhere and be seen wearing expensive clothing, you better believe I’d have the posture of a ballerina.

    • Lady Esther says:

      ikr? All I can see is the terrible posture, which has ruined more than one look for Kate. And if she did pad her bum, I’d like to know how she hid the seams because that dress hides absolutely nothing, zip, zero. She is absolutely tiny!

    • Crushton says:

      THIS. 10 years of “prep” before marrying into this terrible family. 11 years of “coming into her own.” Yet she can neither stand nor speak properly.

      I’m kind of beginning to suspect she hasn’t been working behind the scenes this whole time…

    • Lucy says:

      The terrible posture makes me crazy!

    • kacy says:

      I think the posture is on purpose. Rose Hanbury has terrible posture as well. Upper class thing…

      • BW says:

        They (tabloids) always describe Rose Hanbury as a former model. I don’t see it. She’s not model pretty, and she has terrible posture. If anything, she looks exactly like Kate, down to the hairdos sometimes.

      • SlipperSlopes says:

        Wait, both of you are a little confused/offtrack here. Firsty, yes, it’s a bit of an upper class thing, you’re right kacy. It’s a “thing” with upper class women. But Kate isn’t upper class: she’s middle class. Her stoop isn’t an inherent body trait, it’s her idiot uselessness on display!

    • Iz_Q says:

      The posture (or lack thereof) drives me NUTS! It makes me grind my teeth I swear. Plus, the horrible posture makes her have a pooch in the front. In this dress, the horrible posture makes the white band on top look weird across her chest area.

      I will say, I love the dress…it is chic, classic and timeless. But I am speaking about the dress on its own merits….not because Kate is wearing it. I have said it before and will say it again…Kate has access to fashion but she is NOT FASHIONABLE. She never knows how to show off the outfit, if that makes sense.

      And please someone blend the contouring! It is too severed! And has she always had mismatched eyebrows? They are also too severe!

  7. RoSco says:

    I’m genuinely concerned if she is, because there’s still nothing there.

    • WHAT says:

      The picture of her in those purple koolax pants with the green top. That she wore with the burgundy heels states she’s wearing something to fill the 👗 out. Kate has a room where she mimiks and plays to every angle so she knows where the 📷 is beforehand
      That’s why she’s bad at off the cuff, or answers that she’s not”prepared”to answer beforehand
      She looks good, sultry no. Kate will never give off sexy or desirable or as the rota calls Meg exotic. Daily fail for Kate, dazzling, elegant, radiant, stunning she’s not but okay. At least they’re putting Meghan verbs for Kate and still failing if you have to Photoshop that much. This is also the person who wore a Madonna cone bra in that green vampire dress when her and will was in Ireland. For the Caribbean the pink cone bra was a smaller one but she still wore a cone bra to fill out the pink vampires dress. So I don’t put it past her to be wearing something to fill out this one.

  8. Noki says:

    I wonder what she does besides tennis. Doesnt she seem ‘longer’ now ,does pilates or yoga do that to your body(i have no clue). Its not a diss i genuinely feel like she is leaner and longer than she has ever been.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Yes, Pilates can give you that “longer, leaner” muscled look.

    • swirlmamad says:

      I think if she did yoga or pilates she’d have much better posture. Maybe she swims or something but girlfriend is an absolute stick.

    • Sandra says:

      As someone gets more slender it makes their body look longer. Over the past 10 years it seems she gets more and more lean.

    • Nic919 says:

      What she does is severe calorie restriction. Athletes have more muscle mass because they would collapse if they didn’t. No tennis player is scrawny.

  9. UNCDancer says:

    Why can’t she just look nice? Why does it have to be “perfection” or “enviable”? She looks fine. But these clown have to dial the hyperbole to 15. It’s just ridiculous at this point. Skinny, rich, white woman wears a somewhat modern, minimalist dress and it’s treated like the most fashion-y thing to ever fashion.

    • LoryD75 says:

      Because it’s ALL they CAN talk about. She has no personality, no work ethic. They can only talk about her clothes and hair.
      It’s clear she is still trying to copy Megan, but the DM says she is looking like Queen Letitzia 😂.

    • ShazBot says:

      She looks nice, a bit thin. Nothing groundbreaking or overly memorable.
      The story is more about how she’s totally changed her style and why she felt she had to do that?

    • MsIam says:

      My theory is that these are all Kate’s assistants with a bunch of fake accounts. Notice how they all say the same thing, lol. It’s probably why she had to hire a new one recently.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I am actually curious as to how long they have to withhold their laughter after they are instructed for the key talking points to be made when CopyKeen rewards everyone with her presence? And who writes this utter garbage? No stylist in their right mind would attach their name or reputation on this garbage…..

    • Gruey says:

      This is always my issue with coverage of her. It’s like no other woman in the world even exists.

      There are red carpets in Cannes right now with better looks and better aged 50 year olds, but she is the apex of perfection. There are so many women with more accomplishments, but she’s always the perfect pinnacle of working mom. Don’t believe your lying eyes and ears readers!! Forget Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, Sonya Sotomayor, and on and on. When has there ever been a more perfect woman than Kate?

      • Awesome Beloved says:

        For the traditional conservative Western male she is probably the epitome of what they desire. She is ultra thin, quiet, subservient, fertile, pleasant to look at and never steals his thunder…

      • Heiligebimbam says:

        This overhyped reporting about Kate is meant to make Meghan feel small and jealous. Murdoch’s media empire has only this as the purpose of its existence. Wasted exercise, I say. Meghan at this moment has launched another charity and is busy being useful. Besides she is naturally more beautiful.

      • Heiligebimbam says:

        This overhyped reporting about Kate is meant to make Meghan feel small and jealous. Murdoch’s media empire has only this as the purpose of its existence. Wasted exercise, I say. Meghan at this moment has launched another charity and is busy being useful. Besides she is naturally more beautiful. This is my first comment.

    • Lizzie says:

      This is the rr’s end of the contract. Photoshop and praise Keen beyond all reason.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Oh it’s hilarious and pathetic. I saw a tweet thread today from some RSVP magazine waxing poetic with syrupy quotes from unnamed and totally real people at the event saying how perfect and breathtaking Kate was. They even included a poll asking if Kate was the most stylish woman in the world.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Lol. I love it when the unnamed and totally “real” people in my head tell me I’m perfect and breathtaking. Happens a lot. What a joke of a poll. She’s not an original by any means-how could she be the most stylish?

    • Lorelei says:

      @UNCDancer, seriously. I couldn’t sleep last night and was reading the comments about this dress over at WKW (ask Becks, lol) and while some of them *are* actually slightly critical —or least not as gushing as usual—most of them sound like they’re describing the most groundbreaking beauty they’ve ever seen.

      She’s the “epitome of class,” the gown is “not only beautiful, and beautifully sleek– as sleek as the streamlined, aerodynamic design of a fighter plane,” (🙄), it was “next-level perfection,” as usual, she “outshone all of the movie stars,” she’s becoming (or already is) one of the most stylish women on planet earth, she has “unerring sartorial instincts.” More than one commenter was rendered speechless, lmao. Both the BM and her stans always have to be SO OTT that it’s cringeworthy.

      Can they not just say they think she looks good without making it sound as if she’s the second coming? It’s ridiculous. (It’s also my fault for going to that site when I know the comments are only going to annoy me!)

    • Nic919 says:

      They have to exaggerate because the reality is that kate is skinny but old looking and they can’t be real and actually say that. She would be irrelevant if she wasn’t married to the future prince of wales and she would not remotely be considered beautiful on her own.
      She’s super thin and didn’t wear a grandma dress that day. That’s all there is.

    • Heiligebimbam says:

      My reply is the first and only comment I have made today. Please check.This overhyped reporting about Kate is meant to make Meghan feel small and jealous. Murdoch’s media empire has only this as the purpose of its existence. Wasted exercise, I say. Meghan at this moment has launched another charity and is busy being useful. Besides she is naturally more beautiful. This is my first comment.

  10. Summer says:

    “Highlighting her enviable curves” lmao. Kate is the thinnest she has ever been, and it’s aging her rapidly.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      She has recently developed noticeable laxity in her face. Does she still smoke?

  11. KBeth says:

    I think she looks lovely in this dress. Can’t speculate on the “bum padding”, haven’t paid close attention to her ass, lol.

  12. Ginny says:

    Is that the DM throwing a bit of shade in at the end by referencing the uni fashion show? I don’t feel like that’s a moment/an image that the FFQ would necessarily want people to keep bringing up at this point…

    • Jay says:

      I wondered why they would mention that, too. Maybe it’s an attempt to throw it back to a time when she caught William’s eye? Cuz that’s also kind of shady if you consider how cold he appears in most if these.

      And for that matter, why draw attention to her “curves” and “decolletage”? That seems… almost cruel.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Right. First, she doesn’t have ‘decolletage’ and second, this dress is not styled to show off that particular asset. It’s a flat white bandeau top, effectively hiding anything.

    • Stef says:

      Her hair looks really good here.

      That’s all I’ve got…

    • Becks1 says:

      I think its shade. they have a picture of the fashion show dress in the article (that one or a different DM article), nice and big. Its like “remember when she did this???”

    • Belli says:

      Tinfoil tiara time, I wonder if the whole thing is subtle shade.

      Going on about her “curves” draws attention to the fact that she doesn’t have any and has been looking really thin.

      Talking about her new hairstyle giving her a facelift draws attention to how stressed and tired she’s been looking.

  13. Chloe says:

    Personally i don’t think that the emphasis on the shoulders was a smart move… but then i am not a stylist so maybe i am clueless

    • The Hench says:

      Yeah – to me the top of that dress just looks like someone got tired of the endless jazz hand arm waving and tried to strap her arms to her sides…

    • Beach Dreams says:

      No I agree. This dress emphasizes her upper body too much, and looks that center on her shoulders and arms aren’t flattering on her IMO. Same issue with that icy blue gown in the Bahamas and I’d even toss in her wedding gown because I’ve always thought the upper half of it was weirdly designed.

  14. SunnyW says:

    Wait, we *know* that Pippa wore a bum pad in 2011?? I remember being so confused about the so-called amazing bum, squinting for it, and concluding that yes sure maybe it was amazing (power of propaganda). One of my highlights of becoming a proper royal watcher with Meghan’s entrance into the family was discovering that I wasn’t the only who couldn’t see (the fuss about) Pippa’s bum. Looking back, what a weird storyline that was!! It’s even weirder that it was proven she was wearing padding??
    Anyway, I don’t think Kate is wearing bum pads. If anything, mayyyybe hip padding, but even then, she’s a cis woman who has carriedd three children. That will add curves no matter what. In fact, if Kate kept some baby weight she would look better for it, in her face and lower body. More and more I’m seeing that the best face lift is a bit of chub.

    • Noki says:

      I agree. She looked great weight wise at H & Ms wedding,the most youthful and healthy she has looked since her Uni days. This was just a few weeks after Louis, i dont think we would have ever seen her out until she dropped all the weight if it wasnt for the wedding that she obviously had to attend.

      • Becks1 says:

        She’s always looked great in the month or so after birth, before she loses all the weight. She went to an event after George’s birth (maybe a month or so after he was born?) where she wore a gold Jenny Packham and she looked great (I don’t think we have seen that dress again and i didnt love her hair that night, but she looked good.) Being so thin ages her IMO.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Childbirth won’t necessarily add padding to your butt, or width to your hips. My SIL, who’s 5″10 and skinny as a rail, was back in her size 6 jeans just under 2 mos. after giving birth to all three of her kids. Her stomach isn’t taut like it used to be, but those pants fit just as well. That’s just her build/metabolism. She’s pretty much stayed w/in 5 lbs of her pre-wedding weight her entire adult like (she’s now in her late 60s). Her sister is built the same, and has also “snapped back” to pre-baby weight/size within 2-3 mos. after all of her 6 kids. Some women are just like that.

      • Noki says:

        Yes you are correct some women are like that and they are some who absolutely pain stakingly work at it. Its simply not their natural build though over time i am sure its easier to stay that weight. Just to name a few Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham even Nancy Regan are women in the public eye who clearly go through a lot to maintain such tiny frames.

    • Ann says:

      Yeah, I remember the Pippa bum story but this is the first I’ve heard she was wearing padding! Are we sure about that? “Squinting for it” . . . lol

  15. Lizzie says:

    Nice that Martin Short showed up. jk

  16. Chaine says:

    What curves??? I don’t think there is padding. If anything, her booty is concave!

  17. girl_ninja says:

    There are no curves to speak of on this woman but her face is sure lumpy and smile is fake as f*ck.

  18. Zoochy says:

    Yeah in the other post it looked like it was bunching up on the side. Very odd.

  19. ThatsNotOkay says:

    “chiselled shoulders” Who wants “chiselled shoulders,” lol!? That’s a backhanded compliment if I ever heard one.

    Something nice: she looks pretty nice from afar.

    She is wearing underwear with a little padding. It looks a little off and continues to accentuate her long torso. If you’re going to fake a rear anyway, why not get a padded butt lift so it actually looks “enviable” and not…unfortunate?

    • Margaret says:

      I reckon that’s it: underwear with a little padding to give a little roundness to parts that are not round on her. The tight black dress makes her look even thinner than she already is. I think there’s a little padding in the hip area too.

    • Em says:

      Her arms remind me of Popeyes

    • Becks1 says:

      That’s what I think. She’s wearing underwear that has just enough padding and support to give the illusion she’s got a butt. (I don’t have one either, its not even a weight thing, my family is just built that way where we have flat butts, LOL.)

      • Janet DR says:

        Mr. R comes from a family where almost no one has a behind at all. Including him. Keeping their pants up is a full time chore!

  20. Amber says:

    She’s too thin. When you get older if you get too thin you look older. She looks old in these pictures and she’s not. I am 47 and lost 30 pounds three years ago. I was tempted to loose more bc you get on a roll but i reminded myself that no I’m too old for that. This is a great reminder I was right

  21. BayTampaBay says:

    ” It wouldn’t surprise me if she wore appropriate foundation garments, and sometimes those will “lift” a woman’s backside.”

    Kaiser, you are correct in your assumption. One can even buy very expensive pantyhose that “will “lift” a woman’s backside” so you do not have a panty line under form-fitting dresses. I know as I own two pair of these very expensive and very wonderful “lifting” pantyhose.

  22. IForget says:

    Curves??!? Wat. Where.

    Also I agree about her hair, must’ve been a Brazilian blowout or something. Eurovision was last weekend and one of the finalists’ entries is literally a song about how great Meghan markle’s hair is. These sorts of things seem to play on Keen’s mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if that impacted this current hair obsession.

    Content warning below-

    It’s so striking to me, the difference between her body, face, and hair. During my 10 year eating disorder, by the end, my hair would fall out in clumps in the shower. I grew peach fuzz on my cheeks (which I have seen in unedited photos of her). My skin looked like it was falling off the bones, and the big dark circles under my eyes were so pronounced. I see all of these things with her. I don’t know if Anyone could convince me she’s not deep in ED.

    • MF says:

      As someone who had an ED years ago, in college: Same.

      • IForget says:

        I hope you are well and safe now <3 ED are the deadliest of the mental health issues. I'm glad you're still here 🙂

        The other thing is with her posture as well. I used to slouch because I literally didn't have the energy to stand up straight. Wearing heels and walking would be exhausting to me, but I didn't want to show it, so I tried to act as if I had the energy. Looking back now, you could absolutely see it in my face & posture, but yeah. Even just sitting up straight took ab strength that I just didn't have the spare energy for.

    • Sandra says:

      I agree – at first I felt like I was just projecting. everyone saying she looks the same as she did 10 years ago does not make any sense to me.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        People who say that either weren’t paying attention back then or are just flat-out lying. And people who claim that Kate was always naturally thin (I even see it in comments here from time to time) also need a memory refresh. She was never anywhere near the gauntness we’re seeing today.

  23. Marysia says:

    Bold sartorial move??? It’s a black and white long dress…I wore something similar to my prom, which was 20 years ago…
    Also, highlighting curves? How?
    I love the style a lot and a lot of nice things can be said about it so I don’t get why Miranda decided to say something that’s not true ..

    • Christine says:

      Yep, I wore a dress exactly like this to my first formal….in the 80s.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Christine, as soon as I saw it, all I could think of was that infamous Brenda/Kelly dress from 90210, which was in like 1992 (I think), lol

      • Christine says:

        Y.E.S.!!! I feel like I’m in bizarro land, I just had a conversation about “Losing My Religion” with my 12 year old, referencing Dylan dumping Brenda and her listening to the song over and over again for the entire episode, so that’s what I did when I got dumped a few months later, LOL!

        That’s two 90210 conversations in 2 days.

        Donna Martin Graduates!

  24. Twinkle says:

    That is the most boring looking dress. It looks like something one can buy off of Pinterest.

  25. Amy Bee says:

    I said it on the other post that those Pippa vibes the stans were getting last night were because Kate was wearing butt pads and it’s not the first time she’s done it. When cosplayed Meghan a few months ago in the camel coat, skirt and top I thought she was wearing butt pads then as well. And everytime she wears those cigarette pants I believe she wears butt pads to fill out the pants.

  26. C says:

    If either Kate or Pippa bought butt pads, they need to ask the manufacturer for refunds honestly.

  27. Agreatreckoning says:

    1. Love the ‘an investigation’ in the post title.
    2. This Miranda person IS describing someone that is not the Future Future Queen Consort.
    3. Looks like it could be padding/uplift wear or Scientology’s thetans taking up residence in her @ss.

    • Lorelei says:

      @AGreatReckoning, I am absolutely dying at “thetans taking residence up in her ass” ☠️

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Lorelei, I think the way you phrased what I wrote is much better.lol More pointed imo. The whole situation with the Cruise/Cambridges is a What in Xenu h#ll is going on here?. The BM/RR’s are making it like it’s a grand moment in history with the fawning and him helping her up one step from what I saw. Didn’t she make it up the other 4/5 steps herself (regardless of what Will has failed to do for years). Last summer this story was going around (wonder if people have receipts on what different RR’s/derangers had to say back then). It p$sses me off.

        Scientology has that thing about people becoming CLEAR. Maybe he’ll be helping Mumbles become a clear speaker.

  28. Nedsdag says:

    She looks like a new age Morticia Addams and he looks like a Russian oligarch who lost his EPL soccer team.

    Butt pads? What butt pads? If she actually wore butt pads, it would help lift her sagging posterior.

  29. Ameerah says:

    Curves?! WHERE?! Her bum looks tiny – just like Pippa’s did even WITH padding.

  30. Cel2495 says:


    In all seriousness, he skin is not good at all. She looks way older than 40 years. Her posture is terrible and her husband hates her ( the last thing she can’t help).

    Lol to Williams shoes! 😂 I am a shoe designer and that embroidered detail on those slip on suck big time…

    • BeanieBean says:

      It looks cheap, right? It looks like one of the 254 pattern settings you can get on some modern sewing machines where people can then say, ‘I embroidered that for you’, when really, it’s just the machine.

  31. Lucy says:

    It’s giving “Kelly and Brenda wore the same dress to prom”

    • Still In My Robe says:

      @Lucy “Brenda and Kelly”….I love how with our pop culture references, we can identify our own age cohort among anonymous commenters….This is *exactly* that look 😂. (And I had otherwise forgotten that particular plot point of the episode….)

    • Lorelei says:

      @Lucy, I just wrote this above and couldn’t believe no one else had said it yet! That’s all I could see, looking at this dress. Brenda and Kelly made it iconic, even if it’s not *exactly* the same.

  32. Cerys says:

    “Enviable curves” – really? I can’t believe journalists get paid to write sycophantic rubbish like this and a considerable amount of the general public lap it up.
    That said, I think this is a lovely dress. I agree that it’s more daring than usual but I get the feeling it’s an attempt to prove her “desirability” (can’t think of a better word to use, sorry) to William in light of all the separation rumours. I think she is trying a similar tactic to Diana who wore a more daring dress when Charles was giving his disastrous TV interview to Jonathan Dimbleby.

  33. Laura D says:

    Just a thought! Maybe, just maybe Kate is starving herself to being stick thin to be more like Rose! If the rumours are true and William is still seeing Rose then, maybe this is Kate’s way of trying to win him back.

    • Nic919 says:

      Jecca was very thin as well. I think she’s trying to stay “his type” but it’s clear it won’t make a difference at this point. He’s moved on as he shows anytime we see them in public.

  34. DeluxeDuckling says:

    I thought princess Beatrice was Pippa for ages because in 2011, I heard the butt-hype, glanced at news photos and concluded that Bea had the nicest butt, so that must be her.

    I thought Pippa was Beatrice for YEARS, all because of butts! I started paying proper attention once Meghan came on the scene.

    The wisteria sisters don’t have a butt-cheek between them.

  35. Siobhan says:

    Maybe I’m the only one but I don’t think she’s ever looked like she has an eating disorder or is too thin? She just looks extremely toned to me? Arms, legs, back are very muscular especially the past few years. I think white woman, especially thinner ones simply age faster but I wish if we’re going to criticize any women (not just Kate, but all female celebs) we could pick on something other than physical appearance. There’s so much internalized misogyny in how women tear each other down and critique each other on their physical appearance before all else. And men almost always get a pass, we hardly ever talk about whatever lines they have on their forehead or their hairstyle or their suit or their physique etc. Critique her on anything other than her physical appearance and that’s fair game.

    • Nyro says:

      The palace PR for her 40th birthday revolved around two things: that’s she’s silent and compliant unlike Meghan and that she’s even thinner than she was before she got married, unlike the rest of us cows. We were told that these two things make her great and that we should be trying to emulate that as women. So yeah…no.

    • IForget says:

      This again 🙄

      She has had the palace deny only TWO media reports in her entire nearly 2 decade career as a royal or royal-adjacent. They were for:

      -wearing hair extensions/wiglet
      -receiving botox (and not even botox. It was so- called ‘baby botox’)

      She cried to KP to have them issue denials.

      Things she has stayed silent on:

      -the Meghan making Kate cry story
      -the Meghan bullying KP staff story
      side by side comparisons of headlines criticising Meghan for the same thing that Kate is praised for
      -Meghan suffering from mental ill-health to the point of suicidal ideation whilst she was heavily pregnant

      And now, she is the patron of a Maternal Mental Health organisation.

      This is NOT misogyny or internalised woman-hating. She has opened herself up to this because she continues to allow the press, her husband, and even participate herself, in bullying and smearing her in-laws.

      Spare me with this woman-hating nonsense. Criticising a woman for her horrible life choices is not anti-feminist. I will NOT be gaslit into that frankly patronisingly insulting line of thinking.

      She is clearly only concerned with one thing, which is her appearance. That includes getting credit as a while woman for wearing something a WOC was criticised for wearing.

      • DeluxeDuckling says:

        The female body is always a battleground and a canvas. She uses her body as a showcase of regressive patriarchal values. Personally, I think it’s okay for other women and female bodied people to point that out.

      • Christine says:

        I agree with you both, so much.

    • Becks1 says:

      I dont know how you can look at her and not think she is too thin? she’s been super thin since marrying into the family (this is not her natural body shape/form, look at pictures of her from the dating years) but over the past year or so it has gotten significantly worse.

      We criticize her looks because that’s the thing she gets praised for the most, and I think its worth pointing out when there is an article talking about how “enviable” her body is that her body is not one that we should strive for.

      • IForget says:

        Exactly @Becks1, I wrote further upthread about recognising multiple signs of ED, as I had one for a decade. She was not this thin in her dating years, and she shows multiple signs of ED. Her body is NOT enviable and it is certainly not something to strive for. I hope as a society we stop upholding these near-impossible, and as Deluxe said as well, patriarchal ideals.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks—your last paragraph says it all. I’m sure someone will say I’m “concern trolling,” but I am genuinely worried about Kate and hope someone would try to get her some help (maybe they are, BTS, but somehow I doubt it). I might not be a fan of Kate’s, but I certainly don’t wish illness on her, and it’s so clear that something is not right. It’s actually upsetting to see some photos of her, and it makes me sad for her — even though I will *never* forget her treatment of Meghan, I’m finding myself still feeling sorry for Kate in certain circumstances.

        Unreal how this family learned NOTHING from Diana.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      She likely overexercises and probably can’t get her arms and legs any slimmer than they already are.

    • Nic919 says:

      I mean she’s a horrible person who remained silent while promoting a media smear campaign that caused her pregnant sister in law to be suicidal. Usually people like that are branded despicable human beings, so yes we don’t need to say how skinny she is, but her other actions are pretty evil and she’s never been openly condemned. So maybe start with stating that fact before we go to the “ let’s not body shame” horseshit. Because until that is openly condemned, anything else said to protect this person is hypocritical and meaningless.

  36. candy says:

    I think it’s padded both on the rear and on the sides to give her a slight hip. Her arms look pretty fierce, she is very toned.

  37. Doc says:

    I don’t see any curves but a straight toothpick. LOL! For Kate to be so called ‘athletic’ her body doesn’t show it. Nothing athletic or healthy about that body. She’s doing nothing but binging and purging. I’m sure that’s the only thing she feels that she has control over especially in a loveless marriage. I feel for her children especially her daughter. As the older generation used to say ‘karma is a b**** ‘ and it’s coming for Kate and Willy. LOL

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Kate’s body was athletic when she was in her twenties. That was her natural state: being fit but not skinny. She definitely can’t be considered athletic anymore.

    • FeministYeah says:

      My exact thoughts! And ew i had to look up close but yes, defo padded on the ass and maybe also on the hips.

      Dress is hideous, but who’s surprised by this anymore.

  38. Elsa says:

    Pippa wore bum padding?????? Omg. Her ass put her on the map. What a scam!

  39. BothSidesNow says:

    * sense of style, opposed to taste as I don’t feel like I was conveying that.

  40. C says:

    Nobody called you a Meghan hater. Enjoy your weird crusade.

  41. Margaret says:

    DON’T GO THERE. Meghan has been body shamed all the time by Bm.
    Question where were you with that statement. So yes I see hypocrisy in your need to defend one and not the other.

  42. Dizza says:

    @jaded you know we are not talking about the general comments about her bum padding but rather comments like “her booty is concave” “her arms look like popeyes” what curves, where are they”. You can get mad at @Erica for pointing it out but maybe you should direct your comment at those individuals and call them out for these body shaming comments if you really are a feminist who is against misogyny.

    • Jaded says:

      I personally don’t comment on Kate’s fashion choices — not my thing — so don’t lump me in with others who do. What I do comment on is she’s clearly not capable of dealing with the responsibilities of a senior royal role, and in a loveless marriage to a lazy, tempermental philanderer. It shows in her face, her worryingly thin body, and her lack of interest in creating a more fulsome life for herself beyond clothing, makeup, hair extensions and messing with her face.

      Erica’s comments were rude, arrogant and un-called for. There’s a polite way to discuss these issues but as you can see her comments were removed because they were inappropriate.

      • Dizza says:

        @jaded so you dont find the comments that talk about Kate’s about disparagingly? Interesting.

      • Jaded says:

        @Dizza — I’m of the opinion that if someone wants to comment about bum-padding that’s their right IF it’s done politely and not rudely. This is a hill not worth dying on so just stop.

    • HeatherC says:

      “What curves? Where are they?” Is a legitimate question/criticism when her embiggening keeps insisting she has them. She does not. Whether from disorderd eating/ED or over exercising, or just the way her build is naturally, if people keep telling me she has curves and I can’t find them, then I’m questioning it. Since all this embiggening comes from KP/Middleton Manor, it should be questioned as false propaganda bordering sometimes on attempted gaslighting

      • Dizza says:

        Sorry that’s a poor excuse to insult a woman and you know the tone of these comments are negative, if anybody celebrity asked “where are curves” about Angelina this website would light up with comments about how rude and mysognist it is

      • Jaded says:

        @Dizza – it’s not a “poor excuse to insult a woman”. Please stop going on the attack. If you have an opinion to share do it with some maturity and diplomacy, It’s OK to have a negative opinion on this issue because it’s justified. We have also commented on AJ’s weight loss while she was going through her ugly separation and divorce with Brad. The website did not “light up about how rude and misogynistic it was”. Period. You’re reading wayyy too much into this from a very one-sided perspective.

      • Nic919 says:

        When you are silent about her actions in helping smear her pregnant sister in law leading to suicidal ideation, then who cares about pretending that it’s mean to say that she is skinny or whatever. Fashion is irrelevant when you are a despicable human being. It’s like pretending to care about Melania Trump’s fashion. They are both awful people that deserve harsh criticism about their actions. A skin tight dress that isn’t grandma style means nothing until that is acknowledged.

  43. Becks1 says:

    Sorry, Kaiser/CB was faster than me, lol.

  44. Cat says:

    I’ve been a long time reader of Celebitchy. I’m a fan of Meghan and Kate. I see Kate’s shortcomings as a Duchess, but enjoy her style in general, boring and classic as it may be. She may be a lazy, not as prepared Duchess as she should be, not the best public speaker, might even be catty and mean girlish behind the scenes. But the constant, gross analysis of her body? Laughing because she doesn’t have a bum? The costant body judging of her skin and her body is hideous. There’s a fine line between commenting about the fit or cut of a dress or pants or saying that she has a long torso and shorter legs. I understand that: but the nitpicking about the extensions and her hands and her expressions is gross.

    • C says:

      Kate and her husband have colluded with the Mail on stories that photoshopped Meghan’s skin to look worse, racially abused her, made fun of her baby weight and figure, and planted stories about how superior Kate’s English rose beauty is.

      But, ok. Fair enough. She looks fine. She’s a horrible person, though.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Nope. Sorry if it upsets you but Kate has deliberately centered her appearance as her identity throughout her time as a duchess and she’s even weaponized it against other royal women, from the York sisters to Meghan. I said this in the other post, but never forget that Kate chose to wear an obscenely tight green D&G dress when she attended the women’s final with post-partum Meghan in 2019. She has NEVER worn such tight clothing to Wimbledon before that day and she hasn’t worn anything like it since that day. She’s a piece of shit who revels in the obsession with physical appearance.

      • gah says:

        love this comment so much. her soft diplomacy is her clothing, accessory and hair choices and she continually shows us exactly who she is with every god awful choice- a liar, racist, anti-woman, anti-intellectual, pro Brexit colonist.

        I could enumerate all of the sartorial choices that give me that opinion of her…but I think this crowd has it down!

    • Becks1 says:

      So, despite all my criticisms about Kate, and my comments on her thinness (she is WAY too thin), it might be surprising to hear that I don’t like some of the meaner comments about her body either. I’m not even sure what it means to have “popeye arms” or whatever. I know its arbitrary and for everyone its going to be different, but I do have a line in my head of what is appropriate and what isn’t. (like I said though, its my own arbitrary line.)

      That said – this is literally an article about how “enviable” Kate’s body is and how this dress shows off her body etc. So naturally the comments are going to center on her body. You’ll notice the comments between this article and the other one about this event are different in tone.

      Second – Kate’s #1 positive attribute – according to her fans and the press – is her physical appearance. How many times have we seen her praised because she wore a dress and had her hair blown out? That’s all there is to say about her bc that’s all there is. And sometimes, that over the top praise crosses a line, and some of us are going to push back on it. For example, her appearances after having her babies. That’s what she wanted to do and I hope it was her choice. But she was PRAISED extensively for how she looked 11 hours after giving birth, showing up in designer dresses, professionally blown out hair and high heels. I couldn’t walk 11 hours after giving birth (csections.)

      When the praise for her centers on something like her thinness, regardless of how healthy it is, there is going to be push back. and there should be.

      the problem is if we talk about things besides her appearance, what else is there to say? She’s a racist, lazy, garbage person? Yeah that’s the discussion KP wants people to be having.

    • Lady D says:

      “might even be catty and mean girlish behind the scenes.” She took sadistic joy in helping to drive a vulnerable, heavily pregnant woman to the verge of suicide. Kate left the mean girls in the dust.

      • Sera Quill says:

        @Lady D – thank you!!! The comment “catty and mean girlish” is just f*cking gaslighting. I’m recently divorced from an physically and emotionally abusive ex, and I am not going to tolerate any more gaslighting. “catty and mean girlish” – honestly, GTFO.

    • Nic919 says:

      And yet you said not one thing about her evil actions toward her own sister in law. Unless you preface your “don’t body shame” comments with acknowledging that she is an awful person, then what is said has no value.

      I am happy to stick to criticizing her laziness and downright evil behaviour all day and every day and not say a word about her sad fashion. I mean she certainly didn’t flinch when Tom held her hand as opposed to the Minister in Jamaica.

  45. Sarah says:

    I’m sorry what?! She can “pull it off” because she’s so slender?! What happened to the body positivity? She looked great. A women with more curves would look great. It’s a beautiful gown. Different body types have worn similar and looked great.

  46. Kit says:

    Roland Mouret l think works better if your have a bust and hip, curvy l suppose, her makeup is just horrendous and that bust line is surprising for a 40 year old ! Love de dress , looks great on Maxina….

  47. Slippers4life says:

    Wait…are Will and Kate scientologists now? Tom Cruise is running the night!

    • SomeChick says:

      I don’t make it a habit to praise Tom Cruise for anything… (and I’ve actively protested scientology) but I have to admit, he knows how to comport himself at a premier.

  48. Kaykay says:

    Tom and Kate actually look great together. I bet they would be the perfect couple. She’s already used to being part of a cult so her lifestyle wouldn’t really change much. I’d say it’s a match made in heaven. I would divorce that baldy relic and sign a contract with Mr Xenu asap.

    • Slippers4life says:


    • Agreatreckoning says:

      LOL @ Kaykay. You are on to something there. We know from experience that Tom would have no problem presenting Kate as the love to end all loves and he would probably jump on a couch or two declaring his love for her.

    • Nic919 says:

      If Tom had a title there would be a quick divorce. He’s exactly the type she would want and he wouldn’t ignore her like William does.

      • Haylie says:

        Ehh… are we so quick to forget how Tom treated Nicole Kidman, essentially using his cult to ice her out of their kids’ lives because she was non-compliant? Or the secret heist Katie Holmes had to pull off to escape him and Scientology to protect herself and Suri?

        It’s nice that Tom knows how to appear as a gentleman on the red carpet, but dropping Will for Tom is jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

        Not that I’d be over here crying for her if she went from bad to worse. It’s what she deserves.

  49. Mrs. Smith says:

    After seeing Kate in those relentlessly skin tight pants in Belize (?) good heavens, she does not have hips or a bum. Not even a smidge. So I think she had some subtle undergarment help with this look. Otherwise the dress would look like it’s clinging to a broomstick.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I just reviewed those photos of them at the pyramid in Belize. You (all) are absolutely right–she’s wearing something under this dress that gives her a bit of hip & butt.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Even when Kate was always flashing us her butt never looked that way in skin tight pants. And as she’s aged those pants show a bit of a sag. It’s not uncommon to wear shape items in those dresses to smooth out the lines.

        I’ll bet huge she’s padded.

  50. Athena says:

    There’s a picture on social media of Meghan with the dress designer, who is a friend of hers, wearing the same style dress, different color, different length. Kate’s behavior as far as the cosplay of Meghan crossed the line a while back, it’s concerning and dangerous. Harry had no choice but to get his wife out of there and still Kate’s obsession is getting worse. There’s no good ending here.

  51. MY3CENTS says:

    There’s that saying that at a certain age a woman has to choose either her face or her ass, well Kate has chosen ass time and again and no padding is going to hide that.

  52. Joanna says:

    Can you imagine the headlines if Meghan and Harry went to this premiere? So sickening the differences in media coverage between the two couples

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Kate and William LOVE being “Hollywood.” They want it so badly they added a special red carpet event invented just so they could be with any celeb during their honeymoon tour of Canada (that made a stop in Cali).

      They are desperate. They are thirsty. They offer nothing of value. And they are jealous that Harry and Meghan are so embraced by everyone they truly want validation from.

    • Nic919 says:

      They got ripped for attending the Lion King premiere and it’s wasn’t half as Hollywood as this.

  53. Tinydancer says:

    I never understood the Pipa thing. She had a flat butt. Where was the padding?

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Pippa had a bump out that shaped from the small of her back. It’s a lovely silhouette. The dress draped down from there. Weeks later Pippa was seen in bike shorts and her backside did not have the same shape. Her backside was so flat that there was certainly padding at the wedding.

      There was no debate. The silhouette we saw at the wedding and the Silhouette we saw in her every day clothes could not be mistaken as the same.

  54. Violet says:

    Maybe Kate borrowed Pip’s padded panties. Both sisters are flat bottomed girls. ET has a pic where you can
    see a padding-like bulge on one side as Kate lifts her leg on the stair.

  55. Over it says:

    I have an ass, Kate is a Ass.

  56. Tessa says:

    There was a picture of her giving william an adoring look which he ignored