Kim Kardashian has made Pete ‘grow up in a big way & think about his future’

My evolving thoughts on Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are that they’re having fun and not hurting anyone, that this is probably the easiest and most normal relationship Kim has ever had, and there are also several red flags already popping up. Well, maybe not “red flags” but “Kim needs to keep her eye on that.” Pete’s already getting tattoos for Kim… and her kids? Pete also got branded (as in, with fire) with Kim’s name. It’s clear that this is becoming surprisingly serious for both of them. I’ve believed that Pete’s lowkey energy and “let’s just get high and watch TV” vibe is probably good for Kim. But maybe Kim’s hyper-organized Type-A sh-t is good for Pete too? She’s apparently rubbing off on him. A little.

Inspiring each another for the better. After making their relationship red carpet official, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have continued to grow closer — with the support of their loved ones.

“Everyone in Kim’s family absolutely adores Pete and loves Pete for Kim. He fits in so well with her life and with her family,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly, noting that the reality star’s friends have also offered their stamp of approval on the blossoming romance.

According to the insider, “Kim and Pete are even happier now that they can attend events together and be in public. They love spending as much time together as possible.”

The couple, who started dating after working together on Saturday Night Live in October 2021, have started to prepare for a more long-distance relationship. “Pete has some movies coming up that he’ll be leaving to film, so they really have been spending as much time together as possible before he has to leave,” the source added.

Amid their romance, the insider revealed that Kardashian, 41, has influenced Davidson’s outlook on his future, saying, “Kim has also made Pete grow up in a big way and think about his future and business in a huge way. He’s investing, saving and thinking about longevity for the first time. He goes to Kris [Jenner] for advice.”

[From Us Weekly]

“Kim has also made Pete grow up in a big way” – I would be curious to hear exactly what that evolution was. Was it Kim “making” him, or was Pete influenced by Kim organically? Pete thinks “about his future and business in a huge way. He’s investing, saving and thinking about longevity for the first time. He goes to Kris [Jenner] for advice…” IT’S A TRAP!! Oh God Kris is going to start managing Pete, isn’t she? I mean, maybe he could do worse. I actually don’t believe this is a situation where “the Kardashians have their hooks in Poor Juvenile Pete.” My guess is that Pete has never met anyone like Kim or Kris before. I mean, even Kanye valued Kris’s business sense for a time (Ye does not value her anymore though).

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  1. SquiddusMaximus says:

    I do not believe this relationship is real. Like every other bit of “news” regarding the Klan, I will assume this is a story carefully curated by the Kardashian Industrial Complex, aimed to pull in a slightly new demographic and play into the “Kim is evolving” storyline. But like everything else, this is a lie. Like Kim’s “little bit of Botox”, Kylie’s “over lined lips” and Khloe’s entire life.

  2. Colby says:

    He could do much worse than Kris if he’s looking for business advice. Say what you will (and I say a lot bc I hate everything the Ks represent), but the woman has spun gold from a sex tape.

    • SquidusMaximus says:

      I agree!!! The Kardashian machine maybe evil, but Kris is the evil genius at the controls…

  3. Christine says:

    I don’t see how this relationship survives long term. I think Pete will eventually want to have kids of his own and the whole kardahian machine will become suffocating for him. BUT, I think in this moment the are actually good for each other. They actually do seem happy.

  4. A says:

    When was the last time either of them had a ‘not serious’ relationship? Davidson’s don’t always seem to last long but he’s always going 100 miles an hour in each one of them. And the Kardashians seem to date with an eye towards starting families ASAP.

    Good luck to them, I guess.

  5. Bookie says:

    I did not like either of them three or so years ago, but since then, each has grown on me individually. And as a couple? I’m fine with it (not that they care what I think.) I wish them both the best.

  6. Cj says:

    I think they’ll break up once he’s away filming and they go long distance. He seems like he’s full on with love bombing and the close up infatuation, and he’ll probably end up being infatuated with someone on set and falling out of the love-bombing stage with Kim. Short term it’s been good for them both though so that’s a win.

    • Lens says:

      Yeah I can’t take him seriously for anyone in the least. His M.O. is get with whoever is single and famous or at least a flavor of the month starlet, love bomb them making sure the paps/gossips cover it throughly, break up and on to the next love interest. He’s one of those damaged men women always want to fix. He’s good for a post divorce fling but that’s all.

  7. j says:

    Call me crazy but…I like them together. I think they’re a good match. They have some commonalities, both having lost their fathers. I think Pete is surprisingly self aware about his problems and is a sensitive soul. I didn’t care for his SNL work, but King of Staten Island was profoundly funny and sad and moving. I thought he was remarkably brave for taking on the subject. I think Kim will appreciate a man who says “what’s wrong?” when she’s upset and actually means it. And he’ll do well with the well oiled machine and structure that is the Kardashian brand. I don’t know. I hope they make it, they could actually be happy.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Kim & Pete may be a goodish match and he’ll probably do well with the structure.

      Kris is undeniably one of the GOATs, and her kids are too (at least the girls), as they handled alot of their own dialogue (part of their branding) and social.

      IIRC, Kanye’s most recent comment on Kris was calling her a GOAT as well – something like one of the greatest to ever play the game. So I think he’s acknowledged her value.