Did ‘Bones’ star David Boreanaz cheat on his pregnant wife?

Opening Night Gala for Kooza from Cirque du Soleil in Santa Monica

I have upsetting news for all of us who adore the big, lovable lug named David Boreanaz. According to Star Magazine, David was having an affair with a New York woman named Rachel Uchitel. David has been married to his second wife Jamie Bergman for eight years, since 2001. David and Jamie have two children – 7-year-old Jaden and nearly 2-month-old daughter Bardot. Star claims that David has been having an affair with Rachel Uchitel since the spring, when his wife was pregnant. Star has a photograph of Rachel and David, but it looks like it was taken at a party and doesn’t really prove anything. Here’s Star’s report:

David Boreanaz and his wife of eight years, Jaime Bergman, were all lovey-dovey at the opening night of Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza on Oct. 16. But behind their smiles, the couple is dealing with a dark revelation: David cheated on Jaime throughout her recent pregnancy!

Star has learned exclusively that the Bones star — who welcomed daughter Bardot six weeks ago — was seeing brunette beauty Rachel Uchitel, a NYC events planner, since the spring when he celebrated his 40th birthday at a club she works for, Griffin. “He was attracted to Rachel and asked her for her number,” says an insider. “She gave him her card, and he texted her that night to have a drink with him. She went, and they had a major connection.”

During their relationship, which Rachel ended two weeks after Bardot’s birth, David and Rachel saw each other once a month in NYC or L.A., and spoke on the phone or via text message up to 50 times a day! Even though their romance was long-distance, when together, the chemistry was electric. “David would walk in the door, and they’d have sex right away,” reveals the insider. “He told her, ‘Every time I have sex with you is like the first time.’”

But although David promised to leave his wife, Rachel tired of sharing him with Jaime and their two children (the couple also has a 7-year-old son). The final straw for Rachel came when David was in the delivery room with Jaime for their daughter’s birth on Aug. 31. “He was on the phone with Rachel, giving updates,” says the insider. “That grossed her out, because she felt that should have been private.”

[From Star Magazine]

Ugh. If this has any truth, then I am sorely disappointed. However, I have serious doubts. On Live Journal, someone pointed out that the photo of David and Rachel looked weird, and could possibly be photoshopped. They also pointed out that originally the picture was from September 17th, when David was backstage at the Rock of Ages Broadway show in New York, if that makes any difference.

What’s the verdict? Is David a bad guy who cheated on his pregnant wife? Or is he the victim of nasty tabloid reporting? I have no idea. In every interview I’ve ever seen with him, he seems like one of the sweetest guys in the world. And I know for a fact that he and his Bones costar Emily Deschanel absolutely adore each other – if I were going to believe a “David Boreanaz is a cheater” story, I’d buy him and Emily before this other woman. Speaking of, I’ll leave you with this cute interview from earlier this year with Emily and David… see? They could totally be doing it.

Opening Night Gala for Kooza from Cirque du Soleil in Santa Monica

KOOZA, the big top touring show from Cirque du Soleil

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  1. Firestarter says:

    Didn’t he leave his first wife because of Jaime or am I totally making that up?

  2. Bodhi says:

    Noooo! I love Booth! Say it ain’t so!

  3. MymaJane says:

    Didn’t he cheat on his first wife with Sarah Michelle Gellar? I seem to remember hearing that during the Buffy/Angel years.

  4. Sumodo says:

    Bodhi’s here! Bodhi meet Shecky. Shecky meet Bodhi, and David Boring Ass. David Boring Ass has a family and a nice daddy who’s on TV in Philadelphia who will slap him upside the head. D’oh! That’s David Boring Ass getting whupped upside his head by his daddy, the weatherman on Channel 6. Seeing stars yet, Davy?

  5. sunnysunday says:

    CADN thinks that emily and david might have cheated together too…. or maybe it was michale from dlisted…it was a blind a few months ago.

  6. danielle says:

    I choose not to believe that one without better info than that! I’ve liked him since Buffy days-not even sure why, maybe because I never hear to much from him to ruin the illusion, he seems to just work on his tv shows and keeps his head down – doesn’t seem to have famewhore tendencies.

  7. People for sane comments says:

    Sumodo you have failed the mental health pre-screening and are therefore ineligible to participate in further posts.

  8. gungho says:

    What!!? Not another Eddie Cibrian!

    If true we’ll have to change the channel again.

  9. Sumodo says:

    @People For Sane Comments (aside) I worked with Boreanaz’s father and am intro’ing Bodhi’s avatar to mine. You are a late-comer to the threads today. It’s been all about the DOGS. Get it?

  10. Roma says:

    I agree with Bodhi! Not Booth!

    I know he’s an actor. I know he’s not Booth. But when I think of him, I can only ever see the characteristics of Booth and he could just never do this.

    I mean come on. Booth doesn’t even get any and he’s single.

    Plus she has wonky Paris Hilton eyes:

  11. TwinkleToes says:

    Sumodo, I’m going apple picking in CT. this weekend. Where is the nearest u-pick orchard near you? I would like to take you and Schecky to the corn maze and for hayrides! I see that the fall foliage has peaked in your schneck of the woods.

    People for Sane Comments: Shove it. Shove it hard! Ha.

  12. Kimberly says:

    There’s a “Bones” joke somewhere waiting to happen .

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    oh, I HOPE this isn’t true.

    I really like the guy. hunky, sweet, (seemingly) devoted to his family, and a HUGE Grateful Dead fan. Plus, I think he does SUCH a good job with the character of Booth – he makes him SOOOOOO likable. Ditto for Deschanel…they both MAKE the characters.

    Sumodo, what channel is his Dad on? I’ve watched Philly stations forEVER and never noticed that!

  14. e says:

    I think he is really boning bones? Is that what you were looking for Kimberly? Ugh I hate myself.

  15. NIKKI says:

    Hey Firestarter? Where are you?

    Anywhoo. In the Polanski thread there was a convo about Natalie Portman signing the petition and Firestarter and others were shocked that she would. Well, here’s another example of what we see on TV doesn’t necessarily mean we “know” the real person. I love Bones, and Booth is one of my favourite characters, well I also loved Boreanaz on Angel (swoooon), but nothing surprises me anymore about people. I guess I’m growing up :o ) :o P

    Side note: still going to watch Bones!

  16. Firestarter says:

    I am here NIKKI, but my comments are not getting posted. I agree with what you say though.

  17. Sumodo says:

    @TwinkleToes My sister is in CT and could join you. She’ll see this post. Her kids will love it. I live in Travolta Land now, central FL. And, for the record, David Boreanaz is completely capable of cheating. His dad, pushing 70, is a nice man who’s the weather man at ActionNews 6 in Philly, and could still whup his son’s ass. Just sayin.’

  18. Susette says:

    I’m pretty neutral on Boreanaz, but haven’t there been rumors for years about his lovin’ the ladies? And Firestarter, yes, I seem to remember rumors about him leaving his first wife for Jamie, too.

  19. NIKKI says:


    Sorry your posts aren’t posting. curiouser and curiouser…

  20. Jeri says:

    I heard him & Sara MG had a thing & she ended up hating him which caused problems on the show. Didn’t know he was married then. I never really cared for him until “Bones” and now I really like him & Emily & everyone on that show. Pity if it’s true.

  21. Cerulean says:

    OMG, honestly, ANYONE honestly believe he would be cheating with this rachel woman???
    Have you checked her out? She FLINGS herself on EVERY creature (male and female alike) that gets in her proximity. Several on the same evening, flaunting her bewbs, crawling into men’s laps. And we need to take this seriously with a woman LIKE THAT?
    The picture Star uses is totally a ‘fan’like picture like this Rachel poses with EVERY man, indeed, probably even photoshopped.
    Seriously, This is the biggest BS EVER!
    This is obviously someone seeking attention and getting some money out of it.
    IF he ever would cheat and get involved with another woman, it would so be Emily. They have the ‘connection’, they have the spark. That BuddyTV interview is THE CUTEST!
    But this story. SO NOT TRUE and NO ONE should believe this. Honestly. THE BIGGEST BS ever.

  22. Nicole says:

    David didn’t leave his first wife for Jaime. It didn’t work out because she couldn’t deal with his fame. He got divorced in 1999. David didn’t meet Jaime until 2001.

    I hate when people think about David and Emily. That’s BS, too. Emily is too classy to be the other woman. Besides, David said Emily is like family.

  23. Laura says:


    I feel your pain.

  24. Firestarter says:

    @People for sane comments- Don’t be mean to Sumodo. You obviously are not a regular or have not followed the threads today. Her comment is perfectly sane and makes sense!

    @NIKKI/Laura- I think I went off topic one day and now I am always in moderation, and my comments take a while to post. : (

  25. Kris says:

    Say it aint so!!!…. :( He seemed like one of the very few genuine men in Hwood. This is so, so upsetting. I have been a fan since Buffy and admired him for keeping his nose clean in his industry. Love, love Bones and will continue to watch.. that show is just too great to miss. I am still so sad over this… UGH.

  26. Squirtle says:

    Actually I’ve done a little research on this topic and although I do loooove David, I think he DID in fact leave his #1 wife (Ingrid Quinn) for wifey #2 (Playmate: Jaime Bergman)
    “it didn’t work out because she couldn’t deal with his fame” Sorry but that’s total B.S., she is the one who encouraged him to audition for the role of Angel on Buffy, which eventually lead to his own spinoff show. He cheated on his first wife with a playgirl model and now it looks like he’s doing it again; SHOCKING!

  27. Susette says:

    Thanks for clearing that up, Nicole.

  28. Firestarter says:

    @Squirtle- I thought that was the case. I remember, vaguely, that there was some controversy regarding his divorce and it WASN’T his “fame”. There was another woman involved, now whether is was Jaime or not, I am not certain, but I do know that he did cheat on his first wife with someone. I am almost positive he cheated!

  29. random says:

    OMG, I will die if it’s true!! Star is NEVER true though. They’re totally trashy and not reliable. I don’t really think it’s true. LOVE David and Emily….love booth and bones!

  30. random says:

    Ok, look at his body language in that interview – I agree with CB – he’d totally do Emily before some random. LOVE them.

  31. Squirtle says:

    Firestarter: Yeah think I remember there was something about it in the tabloids because I have ALWAYS been a huge Boreanez fan ever since he was on Buffy. I still to this day watch Angel; the reruns are still on every morning at 7am and I always watch it while I’m getting ready for work. LOL

  32. Little Hutt says:

    Mmm, someone at Star Magazine has been watching One Tree Hill a bit too much lately…

  33. Firestarter says:

    @Squirtle- Me too! On TNT! I too have loved him since the Buffy days and had a crush on him. I remember being bummed that he got married the first time!

  34. Bodhi says:

    Lovely to meet you, Shecky!

    “Bones” is my latest (massive) addiction & there just ain’t no curing it!

    @People For Sane Comments: follow along or piss off

  35. Cockysocks says:

    David is one of the few real gentlemen in Hollyweird. Get your facts straight people, David is the one who left his first wife. Google it, I’m sure you’ll find the info somewhere about it. Sometimes 2 people meet and think they are in love but it doesn’t work out. Doesn’t make them bad people, it just doesn’t work out. Apparently she was stalking him on the set of Buffy. And maybe he did and maybe he didn’t have a thing with SMG. That’s their business, not any of yours. And he met and married Jaime in 2001 and maybe his marriage is great and maybe it isn’t. Before you all judge other people, try walking in their shoes. Relationships are meant to teach us something about ourselves. One relationship leads us to another to another and perhaps finally to the one we’re meant to be with. It doesn’t make anyone bad, it just is what it is. But going back to this original rubbish – I don’t believe it for one second. It’s trash. Simple as that. This will not effect David because it’s not true and he’s open minded enough to realize that this stuff happens in HollyWeird. He is a lovable guy and he loves his fans. If he were cold, stiff and unsociable, they wouldn’t want to pose with him. You all need to get your heads out of the sand, take off the blinders and think with a clear mind. Not everything you read is true and not everything you think is true is real. Do some research on this woman and you’ll find her in the same stupid pose with other men. So for those who have at least more than one single brain cell and can analyze and scrutinize and think for themselves will see this story is total rubbish.

  36. HickFromMass says:

    What is wrong with all you women leaving nasty DB comments? Are you even fans of his? Do you even know him or his work? Anything at all? Or do you have your brains in neutral and think all men are scum. Yeah, most are scum but not all. David is a decent guy, one of the few in Hollywood that are. This is crap and anyone who knows of/about DB knows he has nothing but total respect for women, his wife, his fans, etc., You should all be ashamed. :: Looks at you ::

  37. Bob says:

    Like most of the stories in Star Magazine, I’m sure this is completely made up.

    But it’s nice to see that David is getting celebrity trash stories written about him – it means his fame must be on the rise.

  38. Taya says:

    It was a known fact that he cheated on his first wife Ingrid and thats why they got a divorce. He made it big on Buffy and fame went to his head and his penis went to the Playboy mansion. Ingrid got fed up and they split. Once a cheat always a cheat.

  39. Katt says:

    And this goes on my list of things I absolutely refuse to believe. Sorry, Star Magazine, but my David wouldn’t do this. ;3

  40. Pole says:

    I really like him – especially on Bones but I could totally see him cheating.

  41. Paulette says:

    “What is wrong with all you women leaving nasty DB comments?”

    Obviously, anyone who says anything against DB must be in the wrong.

    “Are you even fans of his?”

    As for me, hell no.

    “Do you even know him or his work?”

    Unfortunately, yes, I watched Buffy and was bored by him.

    “Anything at all?”

    I know he’s a dull actor who was briefly pretty on the 1st season of BtVS. Then he hit the donut shop hard and aged 10 years by season 2.

    “Or do you have your brains in neutral and think all men are scum.”

    That’s neutral? I’d hate to see you when you’re pissed off.

    “You should all be ashamed.”

    Um, ok. I guess that’s us told off. Before I go off to deal with my shame, yeah, I can totally believe that an actor who dumped his wife for a porn star would cheat. I’d be surprised if he didn’t.

  42. nick says:

    Whats the problem????

    Brad has duing also

  43. Jazz says:

    “fame went to his head and his penis went to the Playboy mansion” – LOL! :-)

    Not Booth! Angelus maybe, but not Booth!

  44. Firestarter says:

    Cockysocks- Jeez. It’s a gossip site, so I think people can comment with their opinions if they want. If you don’t care for others opinions, questions, comments, then a fan site might be better for you..

  45. Raven says:

    This story falls into the category of the-mag-wishes-it-were-true. Who is this insider who claims to know he says “Every time is like the first time”–someone bugging their room? Highly unlikely to have an insider in that position.

    But the thing that takes the whole story off the rails for me is him texting her from the delivery room. That is so far outside the realm of reality that I’m surprised people weren’t laughing loudly at the absurdity of it.

    Great clip on Deschanel and Boreanaz interacting. I think a big reason the show is a hit is the chemistry between them.

  46. iced opal says:

    ya, “every time is like the first time”?? who the heck says that stuff.

    I don’t believe it yet.

    I watch Angel too guys!! Just finished watching the 1st season for like the 5th time! LOL

  47. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    No way no way no way. Please make it not be true!

  48. Sider1 says:

    Paulette: Judgmental much? Who stung you, sweetheart? Wanna talk about it sometime? You don’t know your ass from your elbow honey so why don’t you keep your grade 12 comments to yourself and see a shrink about your ‘all men are assholes’ issues. You definitely are in need of some help in that area sweetheart. Just saying.

  49. MyCatAteYourDog says:

    David is indeed one of the few gentlemen in Hollywood. He is devoted to his family and his work. His fame must be on the rise for the absurdity of such a rumor being said about him. This story is so absurd that anybody giving it even a grain of credence needs to learn to not be so gullible. Sure, a lot of men cheat. A lot of famous men cheat but I don’t believe this is the case with David. Just some fame-whore looking to stir up trouble where there is no trouble to otherwise be found. I’m sure both David and his wife are laughing about the absurdity of this story. I’ve had two previous boyfriends cheat on me. Does that make me a man-hater? No. Does that make me believe that all men are foul losers who cheat? No. If it did, perhaps I’d be leaving stupid comments like some of you would. Luckily I understand that not all men cheat and I know David is completely innocent of this allegation.

  50. FOYAonYall says:

    Pole: “I really like him – especially on Bones but I could totally see him cheating.”

    Oh really? Are you blessed with the gift of ‘clear sight?’ If so, what am I wearing right now? Here’s a clue: socks and nothing but honey.

  51. HoleySocks says:

    This story has more holes than my socks! I can’t believe how judgmental some of you are. You don’t even know the guy. Not personally. Heck, I don’t either but I’ll willing to believe that this story is rubbish. There is a two year gap between his first and second marriage so I have no idea why some of you are saying he cheated on his first wife for his second. Sorry, timeline doesn’t fit. Just going by the evidence people. DB is such a classy guy that during the filming of the lovemaking scene between him and Emily he kept a pillow between him and his costar because he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. Now if that isn’t just one example of a classy guy, I don’t know what is. And maybe he did and maybe he didn’t womanize when he was younger. So what? I have 7 nephews and they all go through girlfriends like I go through socks. Does that make them bad men? Cheaters? People outgrow things, they settle down. I believe that David is a good man, a family man and this story is rubbish. Total rubbish. Time to take out the trash, folks. It stinks in here.

  52. pickelhaube says:

    This is that ugly guy from that crappy show with that Skeletor-lookin chick on it, right? I don’t know anything about him except that he LOOKS like a douchebag. Doesn’t make him one, but he definitely has the look.

    Ahh, the Skeletor chick’s name is Emily Deschanel…good Lord, she is UGLY! Poor thing, she might be up there with the ugliest women in Hollywood. Hilary Swank, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts…and Emily Deschanel!

  53. DBisClass says:

    I think some of you may want to read this:


    It’s about that movie he was in, “These Girls”, he plays a 3-time cheating husband.

    * “It’s like you eat peanut butter out of a small jar and you’re getting at it and all of a sudden it’s all over the place,” said the actor.

    * While infidelity is exciting and may seem great at first, there are always consequences, Boreanaz said in an interview last September after a screening at the Toronto film festival.

    * “Living in Hollywood you’re pretty much surrounded by it – the temptation,” said Boreanaz, who now stars in the television series Bones. “There is a solid line that’s drawn and if that line is crossed then you have consequences.”

    * “Thank God my relationship is very solid and heartfelt and that line would never be crossed.”

    I don’t know David. I am a fan of his work. Have been for a long time. I believe what he says because he always sounds sincere. He’s a big joker but he’s not a cheater.

  54. TickleMyPickle says:


    You must be the ugliest person alive. To see ‘ugly’ in others you must first see it in yourself. Emily and David are both gorgeous. Just because you break every mirror in your house doesn’t give you the right to be jealous of others who are hotter than you. Just saying.

  55. TwinkleToes says:

    Nah, TicklePickle, I don’t get Pickelhaube being physically ugly. After noticing her post about how competitive women friends can be about a week ago, I’m sure we have a genuine beauty on our hands. You can just tell, if you are a beauty yourself. If not, then you will not get it.

  56. TwinkleToes says:

    Oh and BTW, if someone claims Nicole Kidman or Julia Roberts as ugly, then you can be sure they are in the top 10% of attractive in the population.

  57. Demily4Ever says:

    Two words: Bull crap.


  58. MatthewP says:

    This same rag said that Matthew Broderick was cheating on his wife. All lies. Same here with David. All lies.

  59. foreigner says:

    I’ve never been to US, I don’t know the person this gossip is written about. Or the person who has written about it. Someone linked me to this place, saying a laugh would be guaranteed. How right they were!

    How can people believe this? This story is so obviously made up. Everything is pointing to it being made-up (every time like first time, giving updates via txt from the delivery room).

    I believe that DB is not the cheating-type (you can argue). I know nothing about his past marriage and his personal life — who? why? when? Am really not interested either. But I’d like to think that I’m capable of seeing what’s true and what’s not.

    I guess every single one of us is capable of cheating. Maybe. But don’t these readers understand that the way this article is describing it — no way!
    But all the hype is proving that there is a market for this kind of “writing”. I will never understand the need to read these kind of articles. Guess that’s just me. (This will probably be the first & last comment I ever leave to such place)

    Yes, sometimes the gossip is true. But sometimes (read:usually) it’s not.

    These two sayings describe this story (read: joke) and others like it:
    “Where there’s smoke, there’s not always fire.” (yes, sometimes there is, but not in cases like this)
    “Nothing travels as fast as the speed of light. Except for rumours.”

  60. TwinkleToes says:

    Foreigner, because CB didn’t offer me enough to leave my night job. Just kiddin’. I’m too much of a biatch.

  61. GetALife says:

    It’s Star Magazine for God sakes. Oh and did you know that these magazines don’t even research what they print, they hear a tip or a rumor and they print it. The shame isn’t on them for printing it because they already know they are going to hell, the same is on the reader for believing it. Oh and take this in, David wasn’t even in NYC on his freaking Birthday he was in Los Angeles, kinda hard to be in two places at once.

  62. Paulette says:

    @Sider1, I’m gleefully judgmental all the time, and by your post, I’d say you’re the same. BTW, the bit about hating men was a quote from someone else, easily distinguishable by the QUOTE MARKS. Jeez Louise.

    Did this article get posted to some Buffy site? The volume of pearl-clutching, faux shocked outrage, I-can’t-believe-they’re-so-MEAN posts is pretty unusual for this site.

  63. Firestarter says:

    @Paulette-LOL @”pearl-clutching”!

  64. coucou says:

    When I read a story like this, I always think about that SATC line delivered perfectly by Samantha: “Men cheat for the same reason that dogs lick their balls – because they can.”

  65. stacy says:

    He’s hot, maybe he is, maybe he isnt cheating. we’ll know eventually. What i would like to know is, why is everyone being so hateful towards each other on this thread. Im seeing alot of new names, maybe thats it. IDK. This story isn’t even all that titillating. Jeez, people, chill out.

  66. sara says:

    Are you blind that photo does not that he cheat that crazy fan whose trying to get 5min of fame.He loves his wife cazy Rachel.

  67. Hennie says:

    Think about this. Why would this Rachel person, and less likely the “insider”, pull such a stunt if she is really an Event Planner? Wouldn’t she have just screw herself our of a job? Who would trust her now? Well, maybe the Star!

    About that picture. I saw a picture of her alone and wondered how she would have the crust to assume she could get away with passing off such an obvious composite with someone like David. Really lame all the way around. And to utter such words as she said he said is even more lame. ‘Nuff said.

  68. ruth says:

    i think that david boreanaz has cheating with a mystery woman who live in south wales uk so he has cheating again on this wife .

  69. ruth says:

    is it true that david boreanaz got a new lover in uk

  70. kim says:

    i will believe that david is a cheat when i’m the one he is in bed with.

    or if he straight up admits to it,

    but no look at pics of him and jaime, always so loving together,
    i’m calling bs on this.

  71. Hennie says:

    Just read that Rachel the Roach has claimed yet another COUP — named Tiger Woods! Unlike the Roach, both Tiger and David will be famous for the rest of their lives. They will stay famous because they will both do what they do best and to the best of their ability –which is considerable, by the way, and anyone who can’t stand the heat of their fame should stay the hell away from their kitchens! True or not, and I say NOT, these rumors can do nothing but hurt people who have done nothing to deserve it. If you’ve a need to say nasty things about people you don’t know, the least you can do is temper the tone of your comments so they may be given some small amount of credence.

  72. Kate says:

    Now here is what I’m talkin’ about. Tiger Woods was, indeed, in an automobile accident, but he was NOT SERIOUSLY injured. His car was rather badly banged up, and will need some work. He had a few lacerations, but he’s fine. Get the facts, folks. Don’t be a wannabe-Star Magazine! I know Tiger spells news, but get it straight, and I’m sure he will thank you.

  73. Joseph says:

    People are innocent until proven guilty. Some things to mull over: most married people don’t cheat unless they’re in an unhappy relationship, or are by nature, bipolar and sexually unable to control themselves. Show real evidence of either of those things, and yes, I’d believe it. The other side to this: perhaps their relationship was never exclusive from the start, meaning it’s a non-traditional relationship and have agreed on rules different from other marriages.

  74. Meems says:

    Who knows but his second wife he did meet her on the set of angel. If you go to wikipedia it says she was on one episode of angel. Which makes me wonder. But I think him and his first wife were only married for two years. I’m sure if he met his 2nd wife onangel while he was still married he waited till it was over and if he didn’t. We all make mistakes. And even someone as beautiful as David is allowed to mess up. I don’t believe he would cheat on his current hottie and give a play by play of the birth. Maybe they were friends. But I don’t believe any of it. It’s all bull

  75. lola says:

    he is a big cheater yes he cheated on his 1 wife cuz he becamre famous so ingrid wasnt good enough for him anymore instead he replaced her with the naked bunny named jaime .the latedt news is that she forgave him probably cuz she knows that cantdo better

  76. AJ says:

    He said, she said, you said, I said. Gotta love hollywood gossip. Love everyones comments, it gets David’s name out there more and more. His popularity has risen and as we all know Star is lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the juciy stuff, so will you believe, or not? Me, I’m just interested in watching the damn show (Bones) or anything else he stars in, love his acting, followed his career a long time. His private life is his own, how many have done a little cheating of their own? LOL God Bless David and his family.

  77. catnapping says:

    wow. i get sick for few months, and everything goes to hell.

    i don’t see boreanaz cheating. he’s the younger brother of two sisters. i’ve seen him on talk shows interacting with women.

    i think he actually likes women. respects them as whole people. i think he respects his wife, their marriage, and his vows.

    yes. i’m a fan, and that probably makes me biased. but seriously. he seems more playful than predatory when he’s interacting with women.

  78. theotherwoman says:

    Isn’t it fasinating how this same Rachel Uchitel ended up being the other woman to a certain Tiger Woods?


    Did you ever bag him as a cheater? Married ONCE, not twice… with 2 beautiful children!

    Come forth if one of you knows David personally… or even the slightest bit? DIDN’T THINK SO.

    - 2nd wife a playboy model
    -fame going to head
    -traveling w/o wife
    -people to take care of your dirty work

    Men cheat, some men don’t but MANY do.

    I’ve had the unfortunatey of being the other woman… you would have NEVER guessed my partner would be the cheating type, and neither would I have… until we were in a relationship.

    Take off your rose colored glasses I say to you juvenile people.

    Rachel went through the hardship of losing her fiance. It’s difficult to come back from that… what better than to have a man you care for that you don’t necessarily need to be attached to because he’s someone elses. ARMS LENGTH! You won’t get hurt, will ya Rach?

  79. lindy says:

    i agree, with the author up there if he is going to cheat on Jamie its going to be with Emily

  80. KDV says:

    Well I guess that clears up any questions……

    Still a Bones fan though!!

  81. earl says:

    So unhappy about this news. Last year when he was associated with the Tiger Woods incident I waited for some kind of confirmation which never seemed to surface and now we have confirmation directly from him. Too bad, I really enjoy him as an actor and he appeared to have a moral core but guess he fooled us like many before him. Too bad, total waste what a fool. This seasons BONES has lost its chemistry and seems adrift. Changing channels!!!

  82. Sen says:

    Why so surprised that boreanaz cheated? Guys are most likly to cheat when their wives are pregnant. America needs to wake up and get over spouses cheating on each other. It’s time to reconsider the whole marriage idea. It doesn’t seem to be working for the majority of people. Maybe it’s time to stop entering into a relationship (marriage) that has rules that people cannot live within. I never got married and not because I was scared I would cheat. Marriage just never made any sense to me. It still doesn’t

  83. Chris says:

    Who didn’t Rachel Uchitel sleep with? Jeez, they better all get checked for STD’s, Aids and other VD diseases! Gross! I am sure Tiger thought he was the only one. I guess she got the Tiger by the tail!! LOL! LOL! LOL!

  84. Jon says:

    I don’t condone cheating and never have. That being said, since when it are mistresses entitled to financial settlements? It seems to me that if a woman chooses to commit adultery with a famous married man then she’s going into the situation with her eyes wide open (not to mention other body parts). If a woman meets guy and starts an affair with him and he’s not known to be married and he leads her on, then that’s a different situation, but Uchitel knew Woods was married and, if she’s the one who was having an affair with David Boreanaz, she knew that too. Why is she entitled to a financial settlement? Gloria Alred better hope I’m never on one of her juries.

  85. K says:

    David seems like a very genuinely nice guy. I hope that doesn’t hurt the ratings of Bones. Bones is like my favorite show. Anyway even if he did 99.9% of guys cheat, so I think we need to learn to accept the fact that males always want more. However, it’s not fair because he’s famous it becomes a scandal. Everyone makes mistakes. Best of luck to David!

  86. Me says:

    ok, first off: anyone who stands in the checkout aisle of a grocery store knows that magazines spew crap to get more readers. just because they say it doesnt mean its true. Theres a chance it is true but the point is NONE OF THE PEOPLE COMMENTING ON THIS HAVE ANY WAY TO KNOW THAT

    Stop thinking that because he’s attractive, he’s gona cheat. Also, stop thinking that because he plays good characters, he didn’t cheat.
    I loved buffy and angel and i love bones, that doesnt mean that i understand the actors personal lives.I just choose not to believe this.

    I dont believe this for two reasons:
    1) Rachel Uchitel has claimed to be the mistress to two different celebrities, david and tiger, and that means she’s either a ho or lying because she wants people to know her name. (in case u hadnt noticed, some chicks in hollywood will do anything to be noticed)
    2) i dont believe anything said about celebrities because i wasnt there to witness it. Neither were any of you. the only proof is the picture of her hanging off of him but i’m sure just about any woman who got to pose with david boreanaz would be flirtacious.

  87. Ally says:

    WHHHYY DAVID? Are there no faithful decent men anymore? Put me off.

  88. Jamie says:

    Um, Me – David admitted having affairs himself back in May. I think it’s time you accept he’s a philanderer. It came straight from his mouth.