The BBC & the royal family had ‘peace talks’ ahead of the Jubbly extravaganza

Last November, we were gifted with another public rage-meltdown from Prince William. This one was about the BBC special The Princes and the Press. Amol Rajan did a documentary where he examined how and why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the UK, how the media was hellbent on destroying them, and whether Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and Clarence House all briefed against Harry and Meghan. Rajan barely scratched the surface of what really happened, but his pointed questions and the admissions from royal Rota journalists was enough to send William spiraling. It wasn’t enough that William was largely responsible for the smearing of Harry & Meghan, it was also about how he was too stupid to NOT leave his fingerprints all over the smear campaign.

Anyway, William threw a tantrum about the documentary and, even more specifically, about the BBC and why they dared to even produce it and air it. William was trying to bully the BBC and he threatened to remove all royal associations and royal programming from the Beeb. Hilariously, Kate’s Christmas piano recital was “given” to ITV as punishment and the ratings were terrible for it, making it look like the BBC wisely passed on a half-assed Keen dud. I bring all of this up because the BBC is the official programming partner for all things Platinum Jubbly. William lost this particular battle, and the royals are once again closely aligned with the BBC. I News did a fascinating report about what has gone down behind-the-scenes with the Windsors and the BBC, and it basically sounds like they’re joined together in mutual loathing and need.

High-level talks: The BBC has held high-level talks with the Royal Family to heal a fractured relationship ahead of the Platinum Jubilee. But the broadcaster has been encouraged to ask “tough questions” about the future of the monarchy as it prepares to screen extensive coverage of the celebrations.

There was talk of a boycott: There was talk of the Palace boycotting the BBC over the Jubilee celebrations following the Amol Rajan series The Princes and the Press which is said to have annoyed the Queen by repeating claims about briefing wars between royal households. However after awarding coverage of a carol concert hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to ITV, seen as a snub to its rival, relations are back on an even keel after the BBC shared plans with the Palace to make the Jubilee a central highlight of its own centenary year.

The Queen is fine with the Beeb: The BBC promises that its Platinum Party at the Palace on June 4, featuring stars including Queen, Sir Rod Stewart and Diana Ross, will be a spectacular “once-in-a-lifetime experience”, with Her Majesty granting special permission to site a stage in front of Buckingham Palace’s gates. Home recordings filmed by the Queen, her parents and the Duke of Edinburgh are among a treasure trove of private family footage released by the Royal Household for a BBC documentary Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen, which airs on May 29.

Do not give uncritical coverage?? Yet the BBC has been warned not to give uncritical coverage of an event, certain to feature extensively on its news output across an extended bank holiday weekend running from June 2 to 5. Executives have learnt from the viewer response to its coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, which some found excessive. “The BBC is under huge pressure to get this right. There has to be a certain amount of forelock-tugging. But this isn’t the 1977 Silver Jubilee. There will have to be tough questions asked about the future of the monarchy too,” Mark Borkowski, the leading PR consultant told i. “There will be a lot of empathy for the Queen. The baby boom generation feel very protective of her and feel this is her last hurrah. By its nature the Platinum Jubilee celebrates what has gone but also has to examine what will be the shape of the Commonwealth after the Queen. The BBC has to reflect that too.”

The question of how much to cover Harry & Meghan: This time, the BBC must make an editorial judgement over how much coverage should be given to the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, set to divert attention when they arrive in the UK with their children Archie, three, and Lilibet, who turns one over the Platinum Jubilee weekend. Palace aides are desperate to prevent the Harry and Meghan show “destabilising” the weekend, especially if they decide to go on “ad hoc” walkabouts, generating huge crowds, outside of the official events.

Toxic Tom is flying in: An irritant for the Sussexes will be the arrival of Meghan’s estranged father Thomas, who is flying to Britain to be a Jubilee guest on the late-night GB News show presented by Dan Wootton. ITV delivered its star-studded contribution early, with a Platinum Jubilee Celebration last week, attended by The Queen, staged as part of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. The event, which paired Tom Cruise and Alan Titchmarsh as presenters, was a “carriage crash which showed why the BBC is the natural broadcaster for these productions,” said Mr Borkowski.

[From i News]

This is honestly a fascinating look at an arrangement which should have much clearer boundaries. The BBC *should* operate independently, without needing to play these stupid games with a bunch of horsey losers. It’s being positioned as “the BBC better get this right” when really, the Windsors are the ones who need to get this right. They’re the ones forcing everyone to “celebrate” the fakakta Jubbly. And I can feel all of the angst from Buckingham Palace about Harry and Meghan too – the Sussexes have not informed the Palace of their plans once they’re on the ground in the UK. The Sussexes know that the Palace will leak against them no matter what, so they’re playing their cards very close to the chest. And the fact that Thomas Markle is still being flown in by Dan Wootton… lmao. How evil, though.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    It’s a delectable mess. I won’t be watching anything that isn’t Sussex related. And even then, I will probably only watch Twitter highlights. This is what happens when people think they’re more important than they are and prop themselves up off the backs off an uneducated public that is slowly getting edumacated. Viva la Revolucion!

  2. Jttrain says:

    Wooten will do anything William tells him. What a bad look.

    • PaulaH says:

      What exactly does Wooten believe Tom will do? It’s a ridiculous stunt that will make both men look so petty, but it’s salty island and pettiness and hate is how they roll.

  3. Colby says:

    Ok so let me get this straight: Meghan BETTER NOT PULL FOCUS OR ELSE!!!! But then they’re inviting her dad, who isn’t an authority in anything royal or queen or Jubby related. Hum gee wiz I wonder what the topic of conversation with him will be?

    The hypocrisy got a platinum eye roll from me.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      He’s also not an authority on Meghan either. He knows zero about her life.

    • Well Wisher says:

      It is being reported that Thomas suffered a stroke that greatly impedes his speech.

      • Truthiness says:

        How does this guy have a serious health scare every time he’s supposed to be flying to London? So far we have an alleged heart attack before the wedding and now a stroke. Fishy as hell. I wonder if Charles wants to rein in Kensington Palace attemps to create problems for the Sussexes.

  4. J. Ferber says:

    What is William clawing in the first pic? Will he now do cat hands as Kate does jazz hands? THAT is embarrassing and degrading, Angela Levine: these idiots are the royals you pretend to respect.

    • India says:

      I love The Egg doing the claw hands. He has got to be the biggest idiot in the world. I wonder in private if Egg and Stick sit around and do claw and jazz at each other to see who they think (if that is at all possible) looks the most impressive. Maybe if Stick would lend Egg some of her wiglets it would improve his whole look.

      • Ginni says:

        @India you got me in stitches with “Egg and Stick sit around and do Claw and jazz hands at each other” 😅😅😅👏

      • Smart&Messy says:

        But who will do the forelock-tugging? (Someone at iNews must have gotten the coin as a gag gift.)

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      William and Kate remind me of Ricky Bobby — “I’m not sure what to do with my hands”

  5. MsIam says:

    I’m sure the Sussexes have to keep things close to the vest to make sure William doesn’t leak things to Wootton. You know he would park Toxic Tom right outside the door waiting in ambush.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Msiam: The good thing about Meghan and Harry’s situation is they’re not obligated to tell the Palace anything.

    • Aiglentine says:

      He found a spider that big in the bath.

  6. Eurydice says:

    Oh, yummy. Add traveling circus to that carriage crash.

    H&M don’t make appearances “ad hoc” – they plan things. And part of those plans is who they decide to inform ahead of time. My hope is that they come out of this relatively happy and satisfied.

    • The Hench says:

      Yep. Given the whole security mess there’s no way the Sussexes are going to be doing ‘ad hoc’ anything.

      Seriously, are these courtiers that dense???

    • Jan90067 says:

      Hope they do decoy events: tell the leakers one thing (where you KNOW they’ll try and have TT set up for a confrontation), but the the Sussexes will “sneak out the back” with their own protection to where they really want to go.

      I’d LOVE for the Cambs to be left with egg all over them and their cohorts (Wooten, TT, R-Rats etc).

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Wouldn’t that be brilliant!! Harry and Meghan providing false information to scupper the RR’s and their insatiable thirst to catch them at any chance!

        The rabid RR’s are clearly driving the narrative here. They are the ones shamelessly plugging out articles and tweets at every moment. They don’t want to report on Bulliam and CopyKeen as they are useless and no one cares what they are doing.

    • Jay says:

      I think “ad hoc” is how it will be seen by the royal rota, who I’m guessing won’t be updated on Harry and Meghan’s locations. And rightfully so!
      I like @jan90067’s idea of laying a false trail, Wagatha Christie-style. Pssst, Dan, I’ve heard that Meghan has always wanted to visit the tower of London – you should lock yourself inside right now to make sure you are ready to get a big scoop!

      I do find it interesting that they admit the Sussexes might generate huge crowds.

  7. Mslove says:

    Wow, Toxic Tom & Randy Andy. How classy. This jubbly is going downhill fast. Lol.

  8. Becks1 says:

    I find it amusing how everyone is just admitting over and over again that H&M are the interesting ones and they’re the ones people want to see, and they know that anything H&M do – anything at all – will overshadow the other royals.

    • notasugarhere says:

      And William pretending that his Earthsh!t and documentaries weren’t complete ratings flops on the BBC. He’s blaming them for that instead of himself. And the BBC production company still filmed and produced Keen’s flop Carol(E) concert, it was merely shown on ITV.

      The BBC was torn to shreds over the wall to wall Philip coverage. They are taxpayer funded and repeatedly called out by RepublicUK. If they are unendingly sycophantic during the Jubly, heads will roll at the BBC.

      • equality says:

        Apparently, the horse show coverage by ITV was a flop also. Funny that they think if BBC does it instead of ITV there will be more interest. The concert will likely have viewership because of the celebs involved. It’s like PW taking athletes on tour with him to get attention.

      • The Hench says:

        My favourite review of the Windsor show was from the Guardian’s journalist who wrote that it was “a journey through 500 years of British history, seemingly in real time”. LOL.

        The carriage crash wasn’t ITV’s fault – their actual broadcast was fine. It was the crazy-arsed ‘show’ that was the issue. Whoever planned the Cambridges’ royal tour seemed to be in charge of the writing of this historical pageant which was verrrry heavy on ‘glorious victories’ and very thin on the suffering and daylight robbery they actually occasioned. Add a smattering of actors all desperately hamming it up in front of the Queen plus an utterly random Tom Cruise (WTAF?) and it was a MESS. Hahaha.

    • Eurydice says:

      @The Hench – I love the British brand of snarky humor. I remember once hearing – “Two minds with but a single thought…if that…”

  9. Louise177 says:

    I don’t know why they don’t calm down on the Sussex coverage. The media is acting like they expect them to skydive into London for attention. They’re likely just attend a couple of events and visit a few charities. The Sussex’s never have done anything that could be considering a stunt unless just showing up is all it takes.

    • lanne says:

      The Sussex visit is a huge thing because the media and the royals are making it a huge thing. They direct their focus, not the Sussexes, who were invited by the Queen. There are 2 contrary goals here. One is to celebrate the Queen Queening for 70 years. The second is to capitalize on the attention that harry and Meghan bring to the Jubbly. The media won’t admit it, but Harry and Meghan ARE the story. All they had to do was ignore Harry and Meghan after they left, or at least downplay them. They spend hours talking about, moaning and groaning about Meghan and Harry, and they’re surprised that the Sussexes are the focus of the Jubbly? Meghan and Harry spoke publically about the royal family 1 time, over a year ago. meghan hasn’t joined the Real Housewives. They haven’t done a reality TV show. Their public appearances have been few and connected directly to philanthropy.

      The media created the Harry and Meghan show, and Kensington Palace contributed through their jealousy and stupidity. They are all merely reaping what they have sewn. It’s pretty disingenous of them to rend their garments and wail now. (The BBC, ITV, and the tabloids would PAY Meghan and Harry to do walkabouts if they could. Dan Wooten, Poors Morgan, and Angela Levin would do all kinds of unspeakably filthy things if they could be promised such a thing–think “Raunchy Ratchet Nights”).

      • Charm says:

        You said: “All they had to do was ignore Harry and Meghan after they left, or at least downplay them.”

        They tried, tho, didnt they? Tried to downplay them, that is. (Ignoring them was a non-starter from jump.)

        I hear that over 900,000 articles hv been written by the britshidtmedia since H&M left shidthole country in 2020. And you and I and everyone else knows that those articles were either outright lie-filled nastiness from the headline on down, or spattered with shade and ridicule in the body of the story, even if the headline wasnt outright lie-filled nastiness.

        So in that regard, they did THE MOST in trying to “downplay them.”

        But they failed. Why? Because H&M are filled with and hv consciously decided to fill their lives with the ever-ascendant phenoms: light and love. Light and love cannot be held down or otherwise contained by darkness/anger/envy/hate.

        Consider: in the darkest of spaces even the tiniest light still shines. And, as only those in-the-know know: “The Power of Love is the Power of Transcendence.” [see: tm-womenDOTorg……..”Transcendental Meditation for Women.”

        PS: Isnt it interesting that the 2 major themes of H&M’s wedding were about Light and Love.
        Translation: you will not be able to contain us and you will not be able to over-power us.

  10. The Duchess says:

    Those puppet strings won’t move themselves. The RF are truly trapped and Harry was right to put that out into the world.

  11. J. Ferber says:

    Kate’s performance at Phillip’s funeral is what a stunt or side show looks like, in case the commentators can’t tell the difference between charismatic, charming philanthropists and thirsty do-nothings.

  12. Cessily says:

    TM being there is unbelievably low, between this and the casing they did of the home next door to Doria that was for sale it is beyond insane, dangerous and definitely stalking. If it was me I would have a detailed restraining order or ppo against these people. As for the firm this is exactly why they are given no information on the Sussex’s itinerary during their stay there. They have no right to know and have been proven completely untrustworthy.

    • aquarius64 says:

      The Newsweek article about casing the house next door to Doria was creepy. TT’s partner in the You Tube channel talked about their getting the house to do the show and TT could see his grandkids. Bad Dad shut that down quick. He’s probably afraid LAPD or the FBI will start investigations on him now.

  13. aquarius64 says:

    Bad Dad is still coming? If anyone is going to be embarrassed is the BRF. TT is going to throw a fit if royal in laws are invited to events and he’s not, any pictures of Lili and Archie with Charles. The sperm donor wants to crash. William is going to be sorry he told the press to weaponize this clown because the world’s media is going to pick up on this mess he created.

    • Mel says:

      Is it bad that I am REALLY excited for the TT Shit Show? Besides the embarrassment it will cause H&M (they have my full sympathy, my father could be TT’s twin, so I understand) I think it will cause huge problems for Wills.

      This is basically it for TT – there are no more events, there is no other chance. If something is going to happen, he’s going to burn it down now. The money is drying up, there are no future appearances…. time’s running out. I hope he outs KP accidentally. Let the KP vs. TT wars begin.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Considering that Toxic Tom is known to go off script, it’s very likely that he will go rogue. This will be a brilliant downfall for Wooten as TOBB will want Wooten to direct the conversations with a focus of Meghan’s penchant for lies and how Meghan has hypnotized Harry.

        This downfall of Wooten will be a thing of beauty!! And Wooten will not be willing to take sole responsibility for this car crash. Wooten will easily give up TOBB to save his own arse! You lay down with dogs, you should expect to get fleas!

      • Mary Woodrow says:

        @mel, my instinct is that anything to do with TT won’t affect Meghan At All. Those days are over and far, far behind her. She’s made it abundantly clear that he’s not part of her life and any embarrassment is going to be on the RR and the courtiers who encouraged him. Anyway she’s too busy to get preoccupied with him. He’s someone that she used to know

      • Gabby says:

        I am stunned that Wootton convinced GBNews to (1) pay for this; and (2) stick their name on it.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      I have visions of Tom standing at the gates of BP, hands entwined around the bars of the gate, shaking it and yelling, ‘Open up, let me in!”

      • BothSidesNow says:

        As he screams that they “owe him”….

        What exactly do they owe him for? I wouldn’t be surprised if Knauf was involved in the circus that TT created before and after the wedding.

      • lanne says:

        It’s a complete given that Knauf and KP were involved with the wedding circus, even the faked “heart attack”. My guess is that they promised TT would “get his daughter back” and that he was “saving Meghan from the RF”. My guess is that he was also promised money if he could break up the wedding, and he’s pissed off because no money from the RF is forthcoming. (He didn’t stop the wedding, after all). So the RF “owe” him and Meghan “owes” his because he didn’t get the jackpot he believes he deserves.

  14. Merricat says:

    Dan Wootton will be forever linked with Tom Markle. Lol. Was that his goal? A footnote to a footnote?

  15. Amy Bee says:

    I’m not sure Meghan’s father will make it the Jubilee now that she and Harry are going. It will be interesting to see if the BBC cameras will focus on Harry and Meghan. They had a tendency in the past to do that. I mean who can blame them if they did.

    • equality says:

      They can focus in on Kate looking longingly at PH like she did at Phil’s funeral.

    • nunya says:

      Don’t think TT will make it after all – reports are he had a stroke last night!

      • etso says:

        Good. Hope it’s more real than the ‘heart attack’ that prevented his trip last time.

  16. Harla says:

    The British press would have us believe that they report “without fear or favor”. Ha! What a bunch of malarkey.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Isn’t it!!! They are squarely in the BRF’s pocket and they have no one to blame but themselves.

      Though, I wish I had been able to watch the documentary that Rajan created in The Princes and the Press. Why he is backtracking proves that the BRF have full control over what is and isn’t covered by the rabid RR’s and the rest of the looneys on Salty Island.

  17. C-Shell says:

    The Sussexes continue to impress with the way they lock down their plans. The Palaces and RR can’t layout strategies for covering their visit, in advance, so they’ll be scrambling. Can’t wait. If they stay mostly behind the scenes, Wootton and Toxic Tom will be making up a *lot* of sh!t in the absence of body language and lip reading.

    I expect that, after the apparently unretouched pics of Khate’s haggard face at the Top Gun premiere, she’s taking some downtime for refreshing Botox and fillers. Meghan’s already fired a shot across the bow with her glowing and glorious polo pics, whether intended or not, I mean, she wins this superficial contest hands down without even trying.

    • Dee Kay says:

      @C-Shell: “[Meghan] wins this superficial contest hands down without even trying.” EXACTLY. Both the Sussexes win all the time in this stupid competition with William and Kate and Charles and Camilla without even trying. Who is the couple that is legitimately happy, fulfilled, making a positive impact on society, thriving, gorgeous, wealthy, in love, and overjoyed to be living together and supporting one another and raising their kids/dogs/chickens together? Harry and Meghan could literally never show their faces in public again and never say one single word about their lives ever again, and they would have won against the other RF members hands-down. They are winning the game of LIFE. It’s ridiculous that the UK press tries to make it into a rivalry when the winners have been decided unequivocally.

  18. Digital Unicorn says:

    This reads like Meany and Moany were told to suck it up like buttercups – the BBC pretty much always run these types of events; primarily as they have the resources, infrastructure and public funding to do so.

    Also, I will eat my flag if Daddy Dearest actually makes it over to the UK – I suspect there will be another heart attack, blaming it on Meghan and that she has to visit his death bed (alongside Daddy’s film crew).

    • Charm says:

      I agree with you abt toxictom NOT making it to the jubbly. He already used the heart attack excuse to chicken out of the wedding and I believe thats because he couldnt contemplate dragging his big fat lard arse on to a plane.

      But he’s gonna find an excuse to avoid getting on a plane for the jubbly. Con artists like him will always find a way to bamboozle.

    • Lady D says:

      Any lottery ticket numbers looking good to you today, Digital U or Charm?

  19. Snuffles says:

    It’s a battle “royale” between cow towing to The Firm and making a profit. There must be some serious cognitive dissonance going on.

    The fact is, even if everyone in the British media despised Harry and Meghan (which I doubt but it depends on which ones you ask), they know that ANYTHING Harry and Meghan brings the clicks and ratings. That’s why they so pathetically try to work them into every story even if the story has nothing to do with them. They have even stooped to mislabeling pictures on purpose.

    They also know that the royals they DO have regular access to, are dull as dirt when doing their traditional duties and do NOT bring in the clicks and ratings. Now matter how much they try to puff them up or generate fake public sentiment with bullshit polls.

    Throw in the fact that they are sitting on a MOUNTAIN of scandals that they are being strong armed into keeping secret in the name of future access.

    I think both sides are desperately hoping this Jubbly will reignite public interest in the royals and bring back the clicks and ratings they were getting when the had access to the Sussex’s. But when it inevitably FAILS, I wonder how long before to British media cracks and says “fuck it” here’s all the DIRT.

    • Mel says:

      I think the landslide is about to happen. They will get such limited access to the Sussex’s and then the well runs dry. There is nothing more to leverage. Once Liz is no longer here, it’s anyone’s game. Their is a huge amount of money in the current secret gossip, and the monarchy probably won’t be around much longer. If you were the RR’s, would you make your millions selling thee vicious stories tomorrow knowing its all about to implode either way, or would you sit on it hoping for a relationship with a failing monarchy that will be far less valuable in the coming years if it doesn’t seize to exist completely? The chance to cash in for these RR’s is really soon.

    • Ace says:

      >>But when it inevitably FAILS, I wonder how long before to British media cracks and says “fuck it” here’s all the DIRT.<<

      This is what interests me the most.

      It's very likely that H&M will keep a tight grip on their stay in the UK, so how is the RR going to react when even during RF events they still get no access to their cash cows? If KP can't deliver when they've got H&M on their turf, what can they use to keep the tabloids off their backs? So far they've used Chuck's shady business but Willie has the same type of friends so it's risky leading them down that path.

  20. ChillinginDC says:

    How are no other RR going after Wooten for that TT shit? It’s so wrong. And I honestly am worried that Meghan is going to end up assaulted because that man keeps fanning the flames against her. Like WTF is the point of this?

    • Eating Popcorn says:

      And here we see the RF has not shut the TT sh$t* down. They could, but they won’t because they want to try and humiliate H&M. It is disgusting and goes back to the reasons why H&M left in the first place, and Still They Rise!

      • sammi says:

        On a positive note it is worth seeing the futility of this attack on Meghan through her ‘father’. Many people have had bad family relationships and abusive parents and tv/film dramas exist on this theme. Therefore, the more they push TT , TT junior and Shammy into the spotlight to show how nasty they are the more sympathy Meghan will get from the Public.

    • Concern Fae says:

      If there aren’t demands for the RF to ice out Wootton for bringing in Bad Dad, you know the whole thing is a farce. It’s just bad faith, shit stirring, attention grabbing garbage. No reason for it.

      Complaining about the attention not being on the Queen? This is pretty low hanging fruit for who to punish over it.

  21. equality says:

    So it’s a problem if H&M get out of their house and actually go somewhere like normal people who aren’t in prison? The Queen is going to air family videos? Like a docudrama or reality show? Thought that was crass.

  22. L4Frimaire says:

    I don’t even care because I’m only checking for Harry and Meghan. The rest of this is a mad house not worth my time. I’ll be in Europe during this thing but doing way better things with my time than seeing sagging faces weighed down by stolen jewels.

  23. The Hench says:

    It’s going to be fascinating to see where the RRs go next for their drama because, sans H&M what they have to report is boring people doing boring things. The ONLY way unveiling a plaque or opening a hospital wing gets to be interesting is if the person doing it is someone the public are eager to see and hear about. Just ask Princess Anne. She’s been out there for decades, 500+ engagements a year, faithfully done in a twenty year old outfit and a hairdo that’s the same age as her. Almost zero coverage from the RR. Zip. No-one cares.

    The only person they have left in the royal family who is still vaguely interesting for the public to look at is Kate and the future’s not looking too bright. She never has had anything to actually say, she never has actually achieved anything and, when it comes to the superficial stuff, her face is melting and her outfits are frequently identical to what she wore last month but in a different colour. And that’s when you can get her to appear at all. The well is drying up and therefore the temptation for the RRs to dip into all that juicy stuff they have locked away must be growing by the hour….

    • Gabby says:

      I think her face melting is pretty interesting 🙂
      It’s different every day.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think the days of royals “listening and learning” is coming to a close and that’s what W&K can’t grapple with. People expect that of Anne or the Gloucesters (when they even think of them at all.) but there are higher expectations for the “most educated married-in” or whatever and it turns out that Kate is just a dud and has always been a dud and you can’t keep polishing her and think she’ll turn into an interesting person – or whats more, an INTERESTED person.

      For some reason FB is starting to push british tabloids into my newsfeed (I’ve been blocking them but today I got a story from My South London, WHYYYYY) and the responses are…..interesting. (that’s prob why I keep getting them, I read the comments sometimes, lol.) But even on the Express the comments are pro H&M and anti W&K – not in a mean way necessarily, but more like “why do they need another house? Why can’t they do what his brother did and buy one with their own money?” kind of comments. Or pointing out the nature of the royals “work” vs H&M’s.

      I just think something is starting to change very slowly and I think the Queen’s death will hasten that change. The “tugging the forelock” days are coming to an end I think.

  24. Laura D says:

    This has to appease William because the Beeb constantly wins the ratings wars for these types of events. Fewer people watch these events on ITV because of the adverts so, if the Royals want to “boycott” the BBC then on their own heads be it! After William’s attempt to censor free speech (with the “Princes and the Press” doc,) as a licence payer I would like the BBC to tell William to get on with his job and let them carry on with theirs. I’ll go further and say if William wants to “cancel” the Beeb he should remember they also broadcast blanket coverage of Wimbledon so, maybe his wife could support his protest and not bother attending this year.

  25. Jaded says:

    Wouldn’t it be marvelous if the Wootton/TT sh*t show was so full of lies and fake, butt-hurt accusations that the Sussexes sued him and GB News for slander.

  26. Over it says:

    Jfc, these people are insufferable delusional, delicate assholes. The bbc and the institution and the Windsors. Who really gives a flying F about this damm Jubbly?

    • Julia K says:

      I do. I give flying F. I’m here reading every last word. This is like a train wreck in slow motion. You know the crash is coming but you just can’t stop watching.

      • Lady D says:

        Yup, what you said, Julia K. Now that I know they can no longer harm clan Sussex, I very much want to watch the upcoming shitshow that will be the Jubbly. It’s time and past time the Royals were entertaining instead of infuriating.

      • Christine says:


  27. Dee Kay says:

    My hope for the Sussex visit to the UK — and I think they might really do it this way — is to announce no events to the press/public beforehand, but to coordinate with charities in secret, show up and do wonderful visits with the orgs and folks they support, and allow those non-profits to post pics to their social media feeds in order to boost their profile and attract donations. They have done this before and I think it’s brilliant. They know who they want to benefit from photos of them, and it is NOT the tabloid media.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      I hope they do something like this too. The tabloids want them on display so badly, but we’ve seen that they limit what they do to benefitting organizations and causes they care about or Archewell related.

  28. nunya says:

    Wootan’s “buddy” won’t be there – reports are that TT had a stroke yesterday

    • Jaded says:

      Here’s what Scammy had to say:

      “My father is recovering in [the] hospital,” Thomas’ 57-year-old daughter, Samantha Markle, later told the Daily Mail in a statement. “We ask for privacy for the family, for his health and wellbeing. He just needs peace and rest,” she continued. “It’s a travesty how much he’s been tortured and how much he’s had to go through thanks to my sister’s disregard the past few years. That is unforgivable.”

      Well how about how you tortured your sister into suicidal ideation by leaking, lying, disregarding HER privacy and generally making a living by being such a disgusting family of grifters Scammy? THAT is the travesty. Leave her the f*ck alone.

      • equality says:

        Amazing. They put themselves out there constantly to make hateful remarks about Meghan. She didn’t force him to do anything, including, attend her wedding.

  29. Digital Unicorn says:

    Breaking news – Toxic Tom has been admitted to hospital with a stroke days before he was due to fly to the UK. Courtesy of Wootton at the Fail.

    Guess who is going to make the Jubbly all about them – the white trash Markles.

    • Rapunzel says:

      I was just about to post thar TT would have a medical event and not fly to the UK. And sure enough.

      How much you want to bet he’ll be eating McDonald’s in the next couple days. I doubt this stroke is real. Too conveniently timed.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        It’s too convenient, esp that the reason Wootton broke it is because TMZ got wind of it with photo’s. Someone close to Daddy was there to make sure that there was evidence this time.

        Wootton is NOT going to be happy that someone else got the scoop – the Markles are playing him and as we ALL know Daddy has TMZ on speed dial.

        TMZ says he was admitted to the hosp as they FEARED he was having as stroke due to his inability to speak but it could be anything esp as he was able to write.

        Its the wedding ALL over again. And yeah he’ll be out soon enough shooting his mouth off about dying without seeing his beloved grandchildren.

      • Becks1 says:

        Okay props to everyone on here who called this. I’m sure we’ll talk about it tomorrow but for now…..its just too convenient to be true. (meaning that the stroke itself is true, I’m sure he’s in the hospital claiming he had a stroke.)

      • Harper says:

        Wooten had the photographer and TMZ on standby. Wooten doing a much more thorough job than Knauf & Co. did with the pre-wedding medical crisis.

      • Jaded says:

        @Digital Unicorn — if he actually had a stroke that rendered him incapable of speech, he would also not be able to write. It’s called global aphasia and once the part of your brain that controls your speaking/reading/writing skills is impacted all those things would be gone. One of my closest friends went through that and it’s taken him years to regain just a small amount of speaking/reading/writing skills. I call bullshit.

  30. Julia K says:

    Loss of speech is related to a left brain event which also causes right side weakness. It is reported that TM was unable to speak to paramedics but wrote to them about what was happening. If he is right handed, then I question his ability to write if this is indeed a stroke. Could be a TIA, with just the transient loss of speech with no other symptoms. Either way, I remain somewhat skeptical and eagerly await a diagnosis. The timing is interesting.

    • Eurydice says:

      Super interesting timing – although, I have to say that he looked like a walking time bomb. So far, it seems the reports are only from Wootton and some tabloids. Let’s see if some other outlet picks up on it.

      • Jaded says:

        It was in the back of my mind that TT would pull another stunt like this. He chickens out at the last minute because he knows everyone is on Meghan and Harry’s side, and Wootton has the credibility of a wood louse.

  31. booboocita says:

    Bad Dad will NOT be coming. Breaking news: he’s been hospitalized with a stroke. According to the latest, he’s in a hospital in Chula Vista, CA. Why does this sound like Meghan’s wedding all over again? He was hospitalized with a heart attack and couldn’t travel then, either. Does he think that Meghan and Harry will skip the Jubbly to go to his side?

    • Julia K says:

      This will be all neglectful Meghans’ fault along with her idiot husband Harry who is henpecked into ignoring him.

  32. Robin Samuels says:

    The Cambridge separation distraction didn’t work. Now it’s resolving past issues with BBC. Last week it was the hysteria that the Sussex is bringing a Netflix crew. The Royal Family has arranged to have the Jubilee televised through the BBC to be sure it gets more attention because the excitement isn’t in the air.
    Why would Harry and Meghan use this event as an opportunity to do “walkabouts”? Has the RF and Met Police decided for their security to allow them to move about freely?
    The latest news is the Duke of Mexico suffered a stroke; it sounds like a rehash of the May 2018 heart attack. Samantha has conveniently released a statement, blaming Meghan and SussexSquad. I put a wager on staging since TMZ reports the event.
    Another Duke of Cambridge charade falls apart at the seam.

  33. Melissa says:

    Hi, I’m a speech pathologist and want to correct the mistaken statements about aphasia above. There are MULTIPLE types of aphasia (global, Wernecke’s Broca’s, fluent, non fluent, etc etc) and yes, you can write on some of them.

    SLPs even have a handy flow chart to figure out which one it is, which depends entirely on 1) where the stroke is 2) how bad it is.

    That being said, I think Toxic Tom is full of crap because of the timing.

  34. J. Ferber says:

    Don’t despair. Tricky Bill has other nasty little surprises waiting for the Sussexes, I’m sure. I really hope there won’t be any interactions (i.e. cold, freezings from the Cambridges) between the two couples. Trash vs. class. Bald trash. I hope their tour of Wales gets extended for every minute the Sussexes are there.